The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY. JUNE 18, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION (AMLX COURIER «ilr rmU pu ilDl lo arlluni: liuunuia Ch»rf l!m« p«r LI D ll 1 1 __ _ p«r 1U< i«r 4<r ___ •• p«r lin« i» r d*y ---- 1, il" lio« ptr 4»r ___ 6< ft, HM ___ 1 ___ ~i; to* Uouu< li>« ».rx> wotdi to tti lini. Adi ozdered for Lhr«« or •!* llBM ao4 uppul tw(or« uplrilioB will >r l«< i turn bar at ttmM ih r.J mdjiminen; O f Mil 13.. All Oluilried AdverlUinie eopr lib- lt«d l>y person. reining ounld. at tk< y inuhl liu »cconi|i*iiied l>y eMh Haiti y be ewil/ compiuea from tbi ibox AiJTertlilng ord«f for br«cuUi ImMr )|* Ubei tK« on* Urn* r«t« No r«..|>»njilljiJily will Ije I. ken tor Kon nn one incorrect imeriioB of ««J clu- led «d. For Safe ..Kl.KM \Vtij- rut your j.rofils !.v "X motor I,JK lhal KIJIJMII. v'Jiir ynr <<i|iii|iiii .—ii Cl.EANSKS is it l.rt'.KK-A'J'KS—<ir;uis»-> y<mr ,.„. It's Illf firu-M oil miii'i..y ',•:,*,'"£,', j- >vi ,o;is ^ nnly 7Ic • t-al. in ;,-,,-,!. MOXTCOMKHV tt'Ai't'ri.' iB-»-),-:i I A.r,- f:mii. lluiriilo Cr.vk' [anil- T "' '!«.•»!„.,. ;„„[ ,,.,„,„, „„„„.,. H;,, •"' a"'' I"'-"' l:ir«c luirii. I'lirr flL'. Airi-i Mhli r, ilwrllinj; liouses noil liiifti- .-Ion' luiilcliin; will, 7-rnunt I,,' • i|;i:,,l,.|,. (>„ ,, r ,,:i,l • <.|,.flrl- .. ',' ..... I litiil.lini.-s. Kli-.-lrU-ily. ,\n ' Services PAGE SEVEN House moving, leveling, repair ot foundations. 12 years experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, Phone IS292. 6-18-pl(-7-lS GI LOANS If you want "a \7- Gl Loan (o buy a home, sec MAX! LOGAN, LYNCH HLDG.' Phone 203-1 or 502. 6-M-ck-tr: inovpj to new <nl,lr#*s. \Ylllfe Jk'II , fit. Acru»i from Davis Hion- II 12 Babj- siitJin. (117 nl»hl. KefiTciici-9 LI5c [,LT liour. Call li4J9 or 4Ciy. K1-JU.U \Vien you oil stove ni-ciU cloiuiii r.]i«iiin t o«ll a'JSl. All work 'ftwn mowert ikftrpflncil And reiicin All lyjii-i «ud Itinili. We iii.'clillr,, in ixiwer mower tbftrpeuiny tnd motor overkiiiliiiK. Vei, we pick up «nj ' deliver. lllythuvlUt Uncbliie Kbup. I Tractor repairs and service.. Electric and acetylene; welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 8-15-ck-tf IW fir>l class ccwiu^ or filli-ialiijns =.-.Mis-. Slu-i-ro.l at Mi>or*-'s ll.iU'l I',- H,IJ .ur. 23lili.. 17-|il,--J.I . .Manila |>rii-<Ml . r. I'uAiTN 1 ..... s['i;.\VKU'x .IKWKI.HV S'rOUK, IXJX 2SH, .Manila, Ark. nr Sal<- nr Trailp: 111 10 1'lyinoiilli Jic- itnn. l-hon,. :!:,l'J. lS-|.k-2J 2 inch attic fan. Call George (iish. phone 3357 between (i and 7 p. m. (>-17-ck-2() ty. l>nys hike, clil'M>. riinno -^n». fjr 18-|ik-'2l Acres l:iml lornlt-il on urAVPl ro.nil in li»issii>l'> fciiinly. Srli.n.l hns. clc.- ir Liiu>^ Mnil r'jn(i> lEuod ricli linyou nil. If iK.ntrlit ],,ri. .Inly 1. luiyr •is i-r.i|i ri'nl. I'riro $11.000. ;.'. .'in liiins^ witli !.:itli; -L rnotii liiius^- ilh linlli. nn ^^n]c lulf. 1'rii-e $l.J!:"tO. I'rnns. [lu-r Trr.iy, stiltr aKcnl, |ihnni! 5K!, nl; K-r> >'i-ii-];ini; ninlnr; Tni-kli l...v : .1 fisliinr |...].-: l,n:it |.ml.II,' C.intarl lluyli C.-nlry nt l.'ty Kiel- n Mf. Hon^iiu nfti'r fi o\-lin-k.' ifi-pk-^'- L-:I_ .\l:.ilin I'limp Gn,I .1ii,1 4 l,n slu'lls. Cnrlii- I'rilclnn). I'anilliorsvilli-. Mi>: 111. 1. lf.-|,k-10 icveriil W:ilkinj, r Cultivators, . like new. Ohlondorf Farms, Osceola, Ark. (>-l, r )-tk-22 >ne. ,'!0 H. I'. Upright Steam Boiler. New tubes with au- Ummtic oil burner. Oheln- dorf Gin Company, Osceola Ark. (i-15-ck-22 ce Cold Watermelons. City Ice Co. North Highway 61. G-15-ck-19 ^IvhiK R few new pinnis. K in .•il wrihi Otis Jones. 320 W -SI., 1'nrntsonlil, Ark. ,12-].fc-li) li.p. Klntionary pi:}iine in gnoil con ilitLini; I lii", ll il unilcr, ulso in (;oo million, llc.lli (or s^le clirap. -Vu-Wn l.auiulry OLt'nnor.s, j.honu 4T4. l?c liox in csri-Hi'nt rondition. M >i.i: unler. l.r^uil ni'w. I'lmnu 98i ftr eon Ini'li K. A. Mauniiif. llnrloni <'iifi' 417 W. .\ili ll-Iik.21 5uy your Gould's Electric Pump now before they be come scarce a^ain: Plant ers Hardware Company. 5-28-ck t ''or Fine Portraits It's O'STEKN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-t For Kent -•'Ironiii neur lovvti. Attic fan Call '..'O.S7 l;ljik.-J.| .'<]r»oinii close in. Altiu fun nil) W. Wnljiul. li iik-olSi ilroora. 311 N. Nintli. I'liono 23 Wan fed to Buy ill [ijiy rn<h f,i r »;,ioa r, or r.-ronrn inoilorn niyllipvlllp lionii- In uruul tn- (•.iliiui. .Musi B ,.| pncsi.Kni,,,, | IV A li*l 1. I'll'IIH- SltS.12 I'llr^-nuM'. Arli., wrilc ]!ov 277. Itoiilo :]. I'arim DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. C-3-ck-tf Bring Your truck HEADQUARTERS We Service Trucks of Any Make or Model • Truck-Trained Mechanics • Truck Tooli • Genuine Ford Truck Porti lil kodihn >nd e» O Steen't Stuilio. . 4[T-ck-tf *e P«T «lh for med fnmtlnr» o-« piece or « IIOUHP fnlf. C»ll 2:102. £l- TIB I!«riT7 Furniture Co. 4110-ck-tf Wanted to Borrow 1.000. poor! security. \\ T rilt> On\- K.C.K I'nurli-r No\v-5. ' 17-iil;-' 1 ! For Trade for new nntiilni.bilc. H. K. l.illli-. I Personal '«vin(T fnr l.i» An B cli;5 thie Would likp two to clrivo ami sli J>rn>|.«. Call 2212. 1 Goldfish imporlcir before t'hcwnr from Japnn intrcxlucetl n ncu parnsite which American breeder; me having trouble exterminntlnj; The parasite is n small worm which fastens itself into the body of a fish. "icture frames made to ordci O'Stccn Studio. 4-24-ck-t rorcry etore with living 4nart«ra, tn- — ••- with 4 rental lionses. Approx- r 2 »rrcji of I.iml. Frnntg »^ .. 61. lionlcra on Cntton Belt I R.K.. icit-nl Inmtion for IncluEtry. 8co 1 ItncliAnan's Gorcery. N Hwy 01 _ 4-!.k-7|I • iH'il ^-itli iiinf'rs|irinp in.ilti air: toilot elixir. 1' 2:IH H) f.-rtllon \Vcstiii|:lifins<! ph'rtrir lint j lii'Mrr. Call 2DS7. i:i-]>k-i7 | I WARNING ORDER In the Chuncery Court, Chick;i sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Evelyn Kirk Langrton Plaintiff vs. No. 9fi09 James Henry Langdon.. .Defendant. The defendant James Henry Lnngdon Is hereby warnpcl to appcni within thirty clays ill the caurl named in the cajition hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Evelyn Kirk Lnngdon. Dated this 27 day of May 1<)4G HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. H. G. Partlow, Atty. for Plf. 5!.2a-G|4-ll-18 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 at State Line 1'hon: Blythcville 714 leafing plant for home. American Red Flash Itoil- cr Hot Water Sys'tem, complete with Carrier Stoker, Fire Timer and two thermostats. Priced to sell quick. Now in use. Phone 284-1 or 2182. 6-13-ck-tf )o you need a place ti> go in business? Ideal two story building in splendid location in Osceola. For sale, nol for lease. Price, ?20,000. Call Robert M. Graves Agency, phone 2796, for appointment to see. G-13-ck-27 Wonted to Trade ( ill trade 41-42 model cars for iiS or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., _ f>th and Walnut. C-3-ck-tf P \\Tinl ymi have nrnl don't want fi>r wliai we Tiivc you Jo want. Satisfaction £iiar AM feed. KH'ort Huffman Snap Shop, -101 Knsl Main Rlreol. Phone 859. 3-cJc-tf Help Wanted iirl for cook and general housework. Good pay, liv ing quarters with bath. Mrs. A. Conway, 801 W. Main, phone 2317. 6-17-ck-lf FOR SALE Fresh River Catfish. Special prices to Cafes and fish fries. Cafe and large orders delivered. MACK'' FISH MARKE T Phone 673 OsceoU, Ark. Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches CURB MARKET 130 East Main Street PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. T«L 453—454 HOT'S BODY SHOP Body and. Fender SiimalKt. Wrecks rebuilt. Guaranteed Work. Reasonable Prices. Free Intimates. 12 E. Main St. Day or Night i>h on c 3.150 Land Owners— If you ore troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Gel a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone 515 726 West Main St. Political Announcements TO* dear! atborteM to _ lot c*ndld»U». Democratic •Jiuurr "AND COUCOTOB JACK ratwr ROBINSON WILLIAM BEKRYMAN COCWTT jmot QKNS r.. BRAOUCT ROLAND ORKKN FOR TAX AHHEBMOB DOYUS HKNDERSOK W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CIMMM. HARVEY MORRU COUNTY COURT CLERK ELIZABETH BLYT11UI COUNTY TMABUUa DEIJ^A PURTIJI •TATE KKPREHKNTATITB ALENE WORD E. O. FLKEMAN UflLIE "DUKIE" 8PEOK L. H. AUTHT W. J. WUNDBRUOH (For re-flection) BTATK SENATOR J. LEE BEARDKN JEFFERSON W. SPECK Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Hroadway Buick Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 553 K. O. WARD I. M. OHEER licfore you start out on that summer vacation trip... let our mechanics check and double check your car. Test Halt cries! Change Oil! Reset engine" timing! lune-up motor! Adjust carburetor! You're assured »f smooth traveling with our final "ok." Langston-Wrolen Co. Rich Port The port, of NOW Oileims is said to l»> IT:S|H.ILSI!)|(>. cither directly or Indirectly, for TO cnnls of «vi>ry dollar clinil!illii B in llml city's trade. * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Eldg. % NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE • Friendly • Faster • Better CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blylheville" Phonographs —'Records and _ Accessories. Itattery and M Klectric Radios i\9 W Main Phone &! Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Texaco Gas & Oils Phone 578 LOCH! & Lane IlLilanr« Moving aompitoit Help >ud «niilpm»nt. AOl- «u»l«lf Inior.d Uontr.ct U>ulm« •nd ICIlc. ft*rric«i. Home Bnrloc A 8tora(« Co. Pbcn* 2R01 Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S ' JEWELRY ' 209 W. Main Perfect rcp*lrtiif for toda/n tt- qahlte faatw»r •;\urrd when rebuilt la ««r iMdcra »h«p. H-fl LT ?u«uirv SMOG SHOP lit' W M H I N ST. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAIi, SMITH, CORONA Fad REMINGTON PORTAHLK no N. SB:COND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Kills Rats- Fresh Stock RnstfliAc Oniiruntee.l liest Prices l\WJCneS Kirby Drug Stores Bfddlc Exterminators Member N»l% Pert Cvniral 115 8. Third Bl See ui about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-iips and lubrication makes your car function properly . and more economically. Hove your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton tires for cars and | trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stotkj of F«rta r«r Chnrnlcr Prodncte BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nothing to II G-O-S-Hl THINK OP HftMlMG OPftV. TO HtLP ME I _J •scT ins:[" -vs "ss-l BY EDGAR MARTIN UtR. TO VOU I WHftT VtNDlr-SS IS OOtOE YJ\U_ Bt V)HtU eHt \.t«O^ VOU NOUR feftav ». FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nice Going BY MERRILL BLOSSEB FlFTEEW MORE iBWS.VOU OFJDtRS.MCS. J SlMPLV ^ ALLEY OOP Heliincl the Scenes S ALLEO BV S TRICKY CEC IKI THE RRST ROUMO. AUIEV OOP BORES (N BY V. T. HAMILTON i PCKiT KT HA! TrT KILLECS - KUK INTO POS1TIOW-- &x. FOR THIS M 6OUU* t PETE'S

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