The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Pictorial Visit to Gary Cooper's-New Home Erect New Gin Will Open Ils Attractivci . . * n i 1 1 New Home Tliis Week to Public The New York store will oiwn »•> «?v,- "home" Friday, across the street from where the owner, \V... ier s. UflEoiUVial, has been in bu"'- U2ss for 2fi years. For many ycare Ui! cundticted n general viry 5J .,.,, tlore but gradually increased hi> ladies' ready to wear sto:k :\ncl decreased other departmenls until for n number' of years ha has devoted all of his time to ladies' ready to wear and mtlUuoi'y. Tile new store, whieh Is Mouse:! in I, I,. Ward's building, rebuilt from two store buildings, is 0112 ol the most modern iti this section. The black glass front, in mbdeni- ,c design with an aluminum trim,' 'is unusually attractive and Ihe interior is equally as up to date iu its striped decorations. The exterior is also featured svH'n the name of the firm in attractive letters ol Arkansas wood in aluminum finish, directly below bands of cream glass. The display windows are shaped so as to give tiivte separate views and these are Ueeciralcd with insulaiion board in iKigs- anil tan wit'n a scallop trim. Tile Moor of the foyer is in Italian | : TCd. The ceiling of the interior is finished like the display windows and the wall paper is in the same lig'.it tones. Tile fixtures for the stock are finished in French ivory shaded Into Old English ivory and t'npi light fixtures are crystal and ivory j with indirect ligliting in the mil- ] llncry department and ready . to wear cnbincls. The balcony, in the rear, will be used for fhs office and for reserve stock. In announcing their opening Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal said they will have a formal opening a short time later when more of their stock arrives. Included in their increased stock will be a department for fur coals. On Highway 18 Near This CUv The living room of the Gary Cooper home at Drcntwood, Cal., do Woifc, is simply but dramatically finished With off-while walls, which has been decorated by Elsie a clear black Door, white rug and .Work has started on n new g'n. owned by Oliver W. Coppsdije mid Ira Cumford, being buiii on llljj',1- way 18 on a purl of the ground toimeily used uy tlie Cmcngo Mill. The new gin Is across tin highway and slightly east from the Mu.H 1 Tiros, corner, T.IC four stand Continental gin will have cc saws vaiiii, \\-hlch will be operated by a Diesel Continental engine lor power. Till' wBi'k is expected to be completed by ih» first week In September when cotton begins Ui'mnvi 1 , Mr. o'rauioril, wlio is well kim'n as a sinner, cotton buyer and for his recent work 111 Ma cotton control priigniin as usslslniit-to tlu- county agricultural agent, \dll be manager, with Jim Webb, who has been employed by tin Osccola gli< for many years, as plant superintendent. MY. Capjcdge will devote Ills time lo Ills Pemiscot count) and Gosncil gins and Ms aosiiet! sawmill. SPflCE IN ITTIC IS IDE USEFUL Utilizing Waste Space touches of brilliant green in the furniture. The fireplace is made entirely of mirror Through the. open doorway there is a glimpse of Ihe dining room. Mil-active > Jess Store Building Is Being Remodele Work lias been slnrlcd on re modeling of the store building occupied by JU-is on West Mitlu street. Tlie improvement;; will include ne«- dlsiilny windows, new fixtures nnil (lie store will lie redecorated l>olh on Die Inluilor and exterior. Mr. Hess, who 1ms occupied ' the for more thim n year, snld he planned to curry 11 complete sleek of iiopulnr priced ready-to-wear clothing. The remodeling work is cx- pcclert to be completed by Sc])- tcmber 1. . " ' Doer and . window frames of mirror and n tall mirror screen arc room where the color scheme is salmon pink, ' cliocolnie brown and ; beige. \vliitc- crushed velvet. Indirect lighting comes from wall pyramid design. '''" unusual ieatures ot the bcd- Tlie all-fabric bcd"'ls fixtures ot • antique minor In Inverted OSCEOLA, Ark. — The building "Jj.'icl rciil estulc fields continue to show unusual activity in Osccola and surrounding territory. S. P. Frazier. of Siler-Frazicr Drug Co., is planning a modern six-room liomc on n lot which lie recently bought from Earl Qiiinn, on Highway 40, facing the high school campus. Leon Sullivan has let the contract to J. U. Scurlock for two four-room houses to be built on lots adjoining his lionie on Elizabeth avenue. A large double garage will serve both houses. A Memphis firm has completed Hie installation of an air conditioning system in the A. J. Florida home. The Borum store building is being redecorated and the Borum beauty parlor enlarged. The Borum store, operated for over 30 years as an exclusive ladies icady-to-wear shop, will be reopened in the.early fall under the iimiiajjciiieiit of Mrs. J. 0. Schooler. The store building recently occupied by the Jaffe Drygorxis Co. hns> been vented by Ike Miller, ot Blythevtlle. who will open with a complete drygoods stock about September 1. The \vest end of the D.. M. Moore building. Hale avenue anil Highway 61, is being convened inlo two office suites. One will be occupied by G. TJ. \Vadell nnd ll\e otter by the Herron barber shop. es Woodard and Virgil Ashare building new six-room ill the Little River section, rath lo cost about $3,000. II. C. Weathers is building a :iix-rooni home with basement on his farm north of Burdrtte, lo cost about $3,600. A large barn and two new tenant houses are being built on the George Hale plantation near liurdclte. Mr. and Mrs. James Driver have moved to their country home south of town on the levee road, which was built by Mr. Driver's father, the late Jcttic Driver. Ex- lensive repair work and redecorating lias recently been completed. Air. Driver's home in Osceola is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wcathcrsby. The store building owned by Fred Patterson, adjoining the Ben Franklin store, lias been leased lo Arcli B. Smith, who will cany n line of automobile accessories and parts, bicycles and light hardware, under the name of Western Auto Associate store. The Rtorc will open August 22. Famous Actor's House One of Hollywood Show Places By N'EA Service ' HOLLYWOOD, Calif, ^ Suppose you were invited lo Gary Cooper's for tea— It's ten to one that you (and a million others if they were lucky enough) would be wailing, dressed in your best bib and Lucker and with your hair in a ccirl, well before the hour to go. Ten to one, you'd be excited, tco! And -why not? Aside from interest in the handsome screen tnr--of COURSE you saw him making love to Mnrlcne Dietrich in that romantic Spaiiisli picture—and Ills lovely young wife, the new Cooper home fn Brenhvooii is one of the show places of Ihe Him colony. House "Married' 1 To Grounds Built this .summer, just furnished, the low stucco house with its broad, rolling grounds, Is the first real home of their own that Gary and Ills New York debutante bride have known. Mrs. Cnorier. you may remember, cave up society lo enter the films films Sandra Shaw, gave later to -marry. .Gary. Outside, the Cooper's new home is low, rambling,' gleaming white in the sunliglil. The gracefully landscaped lawn, at Ihe rear, .stretches away lo Ihe swimming pool. Inside, where Elsie de Wolfe designed the decorations, the aim was "to marry the surrounding landscape to the interior." . . • To achieve this effect, the three most important rooms—the central living room, dining room and library—were laid out ou one long axis, on the old Fiend chateau plan. • The result is light and spacious and. very largely, "it's al' dene with the aid of mirrors." There are mirrors everywhere in the house—a fireplace made entirely ol black mirror with a mirror mantle and hearth; mirrors outlining doors and windows; mirror screens; mirror furniture; mirrors hanging on the walls. There is glass, too, lhal is not mirrored—-ribbed glass for balusters of Ihe stairway in tlie living room and a large bowed window made ^entirely of. glass from floor to ceiling. • . Sharp Color Contrast The color scheme'-~of',-tlie living" room Is white, "poison green" and black. Ofl-wliltc • walls con- rast' sharply with the • black highly, waxed floor, covered with a while shag rug. The black mirror .• fireplace Is. very large— approximately 80 inches wide Sofas of green damask, a bench are high points of color. Other furniture is while wool, grayish green satin or miule o( mirror. Tlie dining room Is Oriental in tone vdtj, svnlls null celling of •Japanese wood paper, colorful Japanese prints • (matted in mirror) mid a fireplace anrt furniture cf split bamboo. The llooi is black, as In the living room tma the rug 1 is yellow. Light- is supplied by vases on the mantle shelf nnd by hand-wrought wall fixtures in Ihc form of flowering trees with cut crystal blossoms. Tlie master bedroom is n symphony In soft colors—warm salmon., pink with -sharply defined mirror accent and a cool, choco- lat;.' brown Colored floor. .The donr" and window frames are entirely of beveled mirror, and a, tall 'mirror scrcDif,~'hr five *--" lions, covers one wall of the rocm. The furniture is a combination .of natural and painted woods. Tlie fabric bed is covered entirely with white crushed velvet, finished with heavy ball fringe. Brown satin chairs •lixtra Room I'oviclcci at Minimum t r 1 ' ol Lxpcnsc j An iiiilujlshoi] attic spinel line 1 . lU'iuis only a culch-a)l for bro 1 !- illi'r' 1 rtnd rfiuipmcnt, discarded elolhiii}: whlc'l\ invite) moths, nnd old untwines und Looks lhal .serve merely us dus> edli't'lors, A place of this kind mav |ivc- cnt n tiro linriml, and In any event II represents space which with a little thought, am! stiiiill expense lie cmu'iitcd Into room nirnnlltii! comfort und convenience- to one or nil members of the household. T-'iom the pictures Displayed liardlv seems possible that Ihe unsightly n'ttlo space conM b; changed into the attractive room altering use for many purposes. but |t was accomplished successfully ond at a nominal cost. IJy Ihe clever use of wall board Ihe 'walls ami 'celling were iil- Iracllvely covered. A co/y llrc- ptace was Introduced In the side wall with tile tormina a base for the burning logs. uulK-iu bcok rases : were added on Ihe opjio- sllc wall and undei' the window. The floor was varnished In a in allied clfect, although paint, linoleum, cork or any of the applied lloor coverings might be n^ed with equally yood ic.sulLs. Around the stnlnvay enliance was built a cannier effect, lo hold ornaments or magazines. Bright cretonne curtains added a -cheerful note lo the window and the coloring was carried- out In the washable rugs. Electric cutlets were Installed for the use of lamps and ulhi;r electric equipment. Chairs and tables not needed iu other room.' in the-house were revarnlshcd or painted to . harmpnl'/c with tin cc.loring used and placed aboul llie room. A reconstrucled room of thii kind may answer many purposes By IhQ addition (>,' 0. studl' couch or day bed a plcasan occasional guest room may b acquired., ft could meet fhe requirements for a sewing room. ilever use of wallboard, plus several pieces of reconditioned furniture combined with a little Ingenuity, resulted In Ihe change from the uninviting waste space Illustrated lii the first picture to the charming practical room below. Uiues be cm at, or be used rooi 11 can at all tractive silling as n ami room, stu ly, work room or ))tace of yenerj recreation. UeRt of ult' it ojircseuts the creation of a ch rnilng usable apartment from an uninviting wastwl space. Number of Houses Here Are Undergoing Repairs . •.: I ,,-Several Houses are being'Improv- ed by general repairs. Mrs. Edwin Robinson is having her house, at 101 Chlcktisivwba Ave., reroofed and painted while and several changes will be made in the Interior. Tlie l-'red Child residence, at 633 ' W. Main St., is getting new oak.' doors in the downstairs rooms. This house is owned by C. W. Rainey. Not until the allied aimles overthrow ; Napoleon did champagne i become widely -known. - ^ have of green - leather - and zebra rugs j Here, contrasting beige binding too, there is a fireplace. n.KCTIiJO ACKTVl.ENE AT BEST PBICES PROMPT SERVICE Karksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 GIVES YOU THE EXCLUSIVE "EMDE SPINNER" TUNING METHOD GETS AHI STATION WITH THE FLICK OF A FINGER . . . . . . anil your house will always be good ant) comfortable regardless of weather WINTER OR SUMMER Phone 40 The Arkmo Lumber Co. JUST ONE OF A SCORE OF BRILLIANT NEW FEATURES..., The "feel" of tuning a Zenilh Is entirely different from ordinary radio. Just try tuning any other radio—f/ien come in and tune with the fast finger-tip Lightning Station Finder. There is no comparison! . . , Jusl as there is no comparison between a 2enith . . . and other radio. We invite you to find this oul for yourself. Models from $29.93 up. Easy Terms. •ffmetica'l Molt (Copied A IWA YS A oaie, A H e A o Hardaway Appliance Co Phone 233 Glcncoc liliij Don't Let YOUR House Beg for Repairs If (7s a financial problem, Uncle Sow /i«s taken care of that through the FIIA — low interest and three years to "Buy a little Shcetvock And a pair ot! new French Doors Some of oui 1 Hardwood Flooring And a bunch of two by fours and let's fix up the old home." IT PAYS! Phone 100 for Estimate and Information LUMBER •UdO E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER -100 OLYTHEVILLE PHONE 1OO We Do The Rest ARKANSAS

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