The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE! THE NATION TODAY Eisler Now a Living Memorial To West's Priceless Treasure Where Individual Has Freedom By James Marioir WASHINGTON, June 1. TO—Communist Gerhart Eisler Is a living memorial to one of the most priceless treasures of the West: the rights of an Individual in a democratic society, even when he'd like to destroy that society. Twice convicted in the United States, but free on ball, pending f ipeal, lie fled the U. S., was sealed in England, was brought before an igllsh Judge, was freed on a legal technicality, and is now safe In Communist Eastern Euroi>e. +His case was Judged entirely on legal grounds—on what his rights were under the law—and not on political grounds, although a congressional committee had called him America's No. 1 Communist Robot Translator Being Devised By Technicians LOS ANGELES, June 1. (/P) — The U. S. Bureau of standards Is building an electric brain that will translate foreign languages—some- foe ol the Eoviel rejrlme, had com- I tiling that has stumped college and he had. a notorious history of Intrigue. Suppose the situation had been reversed and Communist Eisler \va.s in Russia, was considered the No, 1 milted a crime, fled, and \ caught in another Communist country behind the Iron Curtain. Contrast Oet Emphasis There isn't much doubt he would have been whisked back to Russia, probably without a court hearing at all, and for a reason that illustrates perfectly the difference in the attitude of the East and West toward an individual: Under Communism, an individual exists for the state, not the 5tnte for the individual. It's Just the other way around in a democracy like America's or England's. In Russia when government policy—which means the desires of the ruling group—conflicts with what a particular law calls the "rights" of an individual, the government policy comes first. Under communism a man looked \^-pon as an enemy of the ruling ^ronp, which wants to slay in pow- 1 er, gets short consideration. It's different in the West. There every individual has. certain guaranteed rights and he can appeal to the courts for the protection of those rights if they're in- lerferred with. In this country Eisler was convicted of contempt of Congress and of falsifying a passport- He was sentenced to prison but got oui on bail while he appealed to a higher court. Then he skipped to England Individual Rights Come First In 1870 England and this country signed an agreement to return to one another a person who hac been convicted of perjury in either country. But tile English Judge decide( that Elsler's falsification of a doc ument here couldn't be considered perjury under the meaning of tin treaty, because it didn't cover faV sification of documents. So he re fused to send Eisler back here. Knowing perfectly well that Eis ler once let loose again would he free to continue to. try to destroy Western Democratic' governmen the.judge considered first and on! wha t nis rights were under the " as nn individual. The irony of the whole case, o .^course, Is this: v9 Eisler won his freedom under th laws of the Western democracie which he despises and would de stroy and— If they were destroyed, and re placed by Communism, an Eislt who was an enemy of that new regime and committed a crime here and fled to England, would be bounced back here in a hurry. rf M.K TW Mciwwif ft rito'tt <t«rt 200, 000 H< r*or, tt by •**•' it *M MM M *«•« at,. Mo. mn 3,100,000 gvrtmmtiit vtrkfln, «r MM wofitt fof every 10 familto. There on .o. 6,100,000 goKnimcnt «o<Vers worker lor ertry &u ond o kolf families. freshmen for years. The brain is being built at the University of California at Los Angeles by 20 mathematicians and technicians under the direction of Dr Harry Huskey. It also is expected to be able to compute salary payments, predict the weather and replace minor ex- cutives. Dr. Huskey said at maximum )ced it will perform 16,000 addi- .ons and 4,000 multiplications ner Its low speed memory can store p 60,000 words from the dictionary nd also supply three foreign equiv- l»nts for each English word. Using a cathode tube and mag- letlc tape. Dr. Huskey said it ventually can be used to translate orcign books. BYRD WANTS THIS CUT—Charging that the number of workers In the executive branch has been increasing at the rate of 322 a day for 15 months, Sen. Harry Byrd (D., Va.) called on the Truman administration to lop 500,000 employes off the federal payroll. Claiming that bureacuracy Is out of control, Byrd said "At average civilian pay of more than $3000 a year, every day we are adding more than $750,000 to the animal federal payroll." This newschart shows the cost and number of local, state und federal government workers today and the increase of such employes over 1929. Data from Family Bionomics Bureau of Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. Marriage Licenses The following couples have ob- aincd marriage licenses at the of- ice of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county -lerk: A. A. Fredrickson and Miss Joyce Walls, both ol Blytheville. William Troy Wright and Miss Marie Collins, both of Dell. Ralph Weldon Deavers and Eveyn Joyce Rhoads, both of Blytheville. Thurman Tinker of Blytheville and Miss Margaret Yevby of Birm- "ngham, Ala. Dallas Weaver and Miss Odessa Ballum both of Caruthersville, Mo. Neal Allen Burgess and Mrs. Lela May Kendall, both of St. Louis, Mo. Robert Harrison of Chicago, 111., .nd Miss Joan Sowards of Arkadelphia, Ark. Harry M. Buck of Brazil, Ind., and Mrs. Maud Katherine Topper, of St. Louis, Mo. John G. Jung and Mrs. Alvina Nesbitt, both of Belleville, III. Highway Official Critizes Care Given U.S. Roads WASHINGTON — We know how to design and produce good highways but we're careless about keeping them up, says Public Roads Commissioner Thomas H. McDonald. The excessively heavy truck, he adds, is the major maintenance problem. "We are overloading our highways In their traffic volume capacity and in their structural capacity," McDonald said In an interview. "The only way to proper use of the .highways is to limit axle and wheel loads. "Axle loads in excess of t8,000 pounds should not be authorized,' he said, "and any revision of laws governing gross weight of vehicles should relate that weight to the number and spacing of axles." The 18,000 axle-load limit generally has the support of state highway, motor' vehicle manufacturer and user or- ;anlzations, MacDona.Ild said, and it has been written into the laws of majority of the states. But he said that movements are under way in many states to ease the restrictions. "Today the volume of truck traffic is nearly three times as great as It was in 1930 and even more Is the proportion of trucks that carry heavy loads," MacDonald continued. The result, he said, has been a gradual increase in damage to pavements. MacDonald said "truck operators insist that highway damage is technical matter, that engineers must find a remedy, but that "this is true only to the extent that the design of roads fails to provide for loading wuhin the legal limits." Young of the scorpion are brought forth alive and are carried by the mother lor a short time. Singer Doris Day Wins Divorce from 'Nice Man' LOS ANGELES. June I. (/P) — Singer Doris Day has won a divorce from a husband who left her ••heartbroken" but who otherwise was "a very nice man." But, she testified yesterday, her husband, saxophonist George Weid- !er, deserted her. she said the reason may have been her leavng here for a singing engagement in New York in 1947. She added that Weld- !er met her when she returned and said "It's all over." You'll Enjoy DINING DANCING At Osceola's Newest Kite Spot FRED'S SUPPER CLUB O. C. St. Clair Fred Hendricks Mount Rainier, Washington, Is he fifth oldest U. S. national park, t was established by act of Congress In 1899. Race Betting St/7/ Illegal In Missouri JEFFERSON Or.TY, Mo., Jun« I. </i'l— Betting on the ponies will continue to be illegal In Missouri. The House of Representative* killed yesterday a measure to regulate horse race meetings and legalize ftt-the-track betting. Debate on the hot measure wa« brief. Defeat of the bill was unanimous after Its author requested it because, he said, "It's no earthly good" now. Hep. Anthony Plckrell (D) at Jackson County lost Interest In his bill after the House overwhelmingly approved an amendment whacking out betting at the tracks, Forty-five Republicans and 25 majority Democrats voted for the drastic amendment. Two Republicans joined 29 Democrats In voting against the amendment. Earlier, the House heard assertions that gamblers are pouring across the Mississippi River frorr Illinois and If the pending bill wa passed they "would find a paradise a readymade foundation on whlc (o build their gambling empires." That was the feeling of Rep Richard Webster <R) of Jaspc County. He said he didn't believe the aliened benefits from passage nf tl.e bill would outweigh the bad effects. "If we have reached the point that ive must turn to the world's second greatest vice to provide us with revenue, the time has come for us to take stock and figure out how we can get along with a little less revenue," he said. With the Courts Ctajtftrj: A. L. Richardson et al vs. Burloy Anderson et al, suit for injunction to prohibit building fence on property beginning at the Northeast corner of the Yarbro School District Lot nd running North 2.51 chains to the south line of the gravel road running from Yarbro to Number Nine, hense tast along south line of said oad 206 feet, thence south 208 feet, hence west 208 feet thence north to point of beginning. Evelyn Morton and Roosevelt Mor ton v«. Claudette Llpscom Ellis and Charley Ellis, petition for ammll- ment ol defendants' marriage. vs. Sterling Stores Clrclut: Pearl Green Company, Inc., suit for 150,000, for alleged slander in amount of $25,000 and to collect wages for two weeks when discharged with no notice. Don Wilson, Announcer, To Divorce 3rd Wife LOS ANGELES, June 1. (Jf>— Doo Wilson, Jack Benny's radio announcer, has filed suit for divorce from hts third wife on a charge ol cruelty. The complaint, filed yesterday, claims his wife's conduct ha* been detrimental to hts health and work. She Is the former Manisia Radun- ska, Polish beauty. Remains of stone-age calces, made of coarsely-ground grain, were found tn the Swiss Lake-dweUingi. vs. A. I,. Baughman, suit to collect $705 on a note. Common Pleas: * W. M. Jolhff vs. Bill Jolllff et U, Llllle Camp and Hattle Maloney, suit to collect J196.84 on account. HOW TO SUMMER-IZE YOUR LIVING ROOM . . . Just call (he House of Charm. Our expert will call at your home to exnmiiib your set. and show you a full line of upholstery fabrics and slip cover patterns. No obligation. Our complete decorating service offers you the distinction of custom-built furniture, exquisite lamps, carpeting, and wallpaper. "Patterns tor Better Liwng" House of Charm Deal & Whisenhunr 2021 West Main phone 4621 The bow and arrow was used tty ancient men on every continent except Australia. The American robin Is a member of the thrush family. The true robin redbreast—ilie old world robin- Is a member of the warbler family. SPECIAL SALE of PAINTS TOM SAWYER PAINTS AT COST ROLlTsON LUMBER COMPANY TENTH STREET CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SALE"Si "JUNE!TO j 5 + Paints —Ail Colors INSIDE OR OUT: WOOD, CONCRETE OR METAL ___.__L 4- Best Quality GUARANTEED TO BE AS GOOD AS THE BEST Manufactured at Blytheville by MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc. For a heritage ol fine llvlnr thlt te Mt, richly wrought In a pattern of modern simplicity. Beautiful .adorn - mcnt, smart pi (term accented by t h • soft glow of Ch* Illicit There's Nothing to Match HASPEL TROPICALS For Cool Summer Comfort! Cool as a Breeze Holds a Crease Like Wool Single & Double Breasted Designed by Expert Craftsmen Sir Preme 25.50 Celanese 28.50 Sir Ultra 32.50 HUDSON CLEANER •rytfcrrttU, Ark. 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