The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNK 1, 1330 _HI,YTIIKVIUK, (AKK.).COUKIKU NEWS THE WANT-ADS _PAGE SjEVJBS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per lino Two times jier line jier day 08o Three times per line per day...UCc Six times per Ihie per (lay—05o Mdhtli rate per line l!0c Cards of Thanks '.50c & 75c Mlnlnuim clinrgo SOc Ads ordered for three or six (lines and stopped before expiration will Ire charged for the number of Mines the ndd appeared nnc adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copj submitted by persons residing out- Bide of the city must be accompanied by cash.. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken for more lliun one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Unfurnished d room apartment 122 R. Davis. Apply 313 N. 5Ui 31-))k-5 Two story brick residence, 1016 W Main SI. Phono 383. Mrs. Frank C. Douglas. ,10-ck-tf One or two unfurnished rooms. Coo). 51C Chictesawba. 3&-pk-« 3 room furnished apartment, and 3 room inifurtitelied apartment Each with private entrance. 127 Diigan. . 30-ck-2 2 furnished rooms. Private entrance. Water furnished. $3.00 per week or 510.08 per month, 1221 Holly St. ' 20-pk-5 Modern house. Built-in features. Newly painted. Apply 122 W. fcChcrry. 2?-pk-3 Two large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut, 24ck-lf 2 or 3 roo mlurnished apartment, 700 W. Walnut, 22-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. C25 W Main I'honc 277-J. 15-ck-6-15 b'torc building and residence combined, tiood location for grocery anc 1 . meat market. Q40 Lake St. See Dr. j. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or -!18 Attractive front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. C03 W. Main I'h. 6«. • 10-ck-tl 2 room furnished apartment downstairs. 1315 W. Main St. .., , 0-ck-ll One JTr">it .Ijedfapin.i Twiiif beds 1000 1 W. Ash. -Call' 4J5-W,; 3-cktl Furnished room' entering into bath. Bcnutyrest Mattress. Will give 2 meals a day. 818 Chlcka- ( ; sawba, phone 03li. ' '.•' i-fla Office rooms. Sndbury Buildin«. See Graham Sudbury. " 27lf For Sale" Sow and pigs. 631 Mark. ;il-pk-12 Cot with wooden frame, wire springs and coltan mattress. J3.58. Call S30. 30-da 6 H. P., Neptune Outboard Motor, $40. Good condition. At Uixora Shoe Shop, Uixora, Ark. - 30-pk-2 I33fi Chevrolet Coupe. DeLuxe model, in yooil condition. Radio and Heater. Need the money. Real Bargain. Mrs. Fanny Baker. Phone ™- 27-ck-tf One 5-roonr house. George M. Lee. Phone 329. 10-ck-tt Reconditioned motors. Ford $39.50, Chevrolet S5V.50, with exchange 'f old motor. D. W. Cranford, Dell, I"*- 3-pk-5-3 Wan Led Nfcc furnished home for the summer. References. Cnll 2S3. l-pk-5 Nice furnished home for Ihc summer. References. Call 253 _ 30-pk-3 CASH PAID for good ID3S, 1935 ; end l!).T7 model Fords, Plymouth*; : and Chevrolels. Phone llowaid ; Burton at 810. Phillips Motor Co. ; 29-ck-G-2B Los 35G in currency clipped together. REWARD. J. T. Sykes, 502 North "i'" 1 - 30-pk-2 Kcwarrt FOR RETURN OF HUB CAP FOR 1039 PONTIAC CAR LOST SEVERAL NIGHTS AGO. SAMUEL. F. NORRIS, COURIER NEWS. Ice ICE-ECE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ^ Salesmen Wanted f.> . WANTED —AMBITIOUS HUSTLER. Sell Rawlclgh Products. Needed every home. Ea.slly sold. Pleasant work, Should make good earnings at start and Increase rapidly. Sales way tip this year, we teach you how. Rawlelgh's, Dept. AKE-2T-50, Memphis, Tennessee. Dairy FaUstp.ctory quitlll.v and ccnlce In Dairy product. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In b«sl of physical condition, Call Mrs. Grace Lowcry f0r " alwll ' s Oracle" A Raw Cream, Country Butter But- termllfc, extra or holiday orders, 'iispccllon cncouragccl anytime. Halscll's Dairy Promised Land. Roiiie 2 Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off Hie lillc, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pams and that sour, mink feeling. Take one box of KIllBV'S ACTIVE UVKH mi.S 2*o at nil Klrby Stoics. . Lawji Mowers BARGAINSlfT Used Lawn Mowers SOMK IN KXCiaUiN-l' CONDITION SHOUSE-HENRY HAJimVAllK CO. I'lioiic 35 Miiinows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes" 300-" E. Mam. Phone 800. o. c. Hawks. 24-ck-G-24 IN THE COUNTY/ COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, CIUCKASAWUA DIS- the 30lh di.y of June, i.,,., r- • ' r. irescrlbed^jiy Htillvtlii Jl "7 ^CI'VICC I'.XCUSCS '"" ' " All Sccni (o He Weighty of. P,, WIc ,«,,,,, Township Hmrleen, North Kiiugc Nine, East, Chlckasawba District, Mississippi Counly. Arkansas. Notice is hereby given that Ihe iniderslijned will, on the 12lh (lay of June, 1039, present to the County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, a petition for establishing a new raid described us follows: at the Northeast corner of Section One. and (lie Southeast corner of Section Uiirly-.sjx. t'.!G) Township Fourteen North Haiigc Nine, Bust, going due West alone said Section line for u- dis- tnncc of one mile, and ending at the Northwest corner of Section May, One, hutting said levee Given this 20th day of 1039. PARTLOW A BRADLEY, Atonteys for Petllloncrs. 25-1 Goldfish Minnows 8. F. Brogdon, 310 KINNOWS &~COCK~lT6ACjiKS •Hri Damon, Cor. Railroad « Ky. Room and Board Comfortable rooms. ^Reasonable rates. 112 E. Cherry,. phone u02. 8-ck-tf Rcdccoralcd south bedroom Con- Die preferred. Phone 026. 2-cktf Kiret Talkie Sect 1 at 88 LOEAIN, O. lUP)_J 0 lj,, L Corts and his wife, wedded 64 years recently saw their first talkie film and "thought it great,' "r saw a .silent movie, six years ago," said Corts, who is 88. "U was terrible. But I like the s=imd pictures" NOTlCli OF TILING OF APPLICATION KOK LIQUOK I'liKJllT Notice Is hereby given that the timlcrslBiicd ha.s filed wilh the Commissioner ol Revenues of the State of Arkansas tor permit lo sell and dispense vinous or .spirit u- 0115 liquors for beverage at retail on the premises .described as 1H West Main Street, Rlythcvllle Ark. Application is for permit lo be issued for operation beginning on the firs', day of July, 1930, find lo expire on the 30th day of June 19«, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, IfKifl anil Supplemental Retaliation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. BUFORD MARTIN. expire 1910, us pro;. dated January 7, 1938 and Supplemental Rcyulallon No, la effective July 10, 19117. liUFORU MARTIN. It's Here at Long Last, The Electric Toothbrush CUSVELAND. O. lUl>>-An electric Icolhlmish MIS announced Ihc Soplety of here by the sixth mmnal Dies Conferenre of " l>lvlslci), Amprlcnti Mechanical Engineers. Tho new B ndsct was '.lescrilxxt hy Us designer, 0. 1). Schimller, University of Plllslmrsb Km \ m . who said It was "the ultimate re- fmemenl of civilization." Its tenures. Sdilmllcr .said include a scientific brushing mnll-n away from (lie sums at 400 revolutions a minute; a sealccl-ln, \v:u»r- proof mctor in the liumllp; <le- lachable brushes so the whole family cnn use the machine, and nn estimated cost of {a ID 510, AKHON, o. UJI'i _. c.oorfi- W. Grouse ,ir. minks' ho has some, I'.ord rciistms i 0 r m ,t ( | 0 i| 1( , i m ,.. service. iirin;; iiofcrc Clerk ot Courts lli'iuh'i-.' Criiusc |i«l it tills ".. '!'. way: "I'm M-civlar,' of i( n Cleik lU'nilci'. n fnrmm- lti,.*..,.ir " I * aii,-- ^JL^^^^^^^^^^^* . _ 1*1* cnnipany, MI iUlonit-ys new lull mo, hcno on daiimb'C- cases, and I Slock Heul was Clerk llcmlcr, « (nrmer himself, said liq thought Grouse's dlsu'lssnl might bf ainmucd. IIUNKMUIK, Gill. <Uf> -. tt-ti-rl Coltlmrf, Khun InsUuclor of Die •will high school, wlillu iioiil fish- li'S m the middle of ilio strew hud UK- d;iil)iru) llnlll of seeing u LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory nictliod, adjusted oiled-Picked up & delivered ?1 ATKINS Rliichin? Shop & •HO S. Zint Kirby Drug Stores . Culihvell ln«v:ini llhlu. lilylh,<vllle, AUKA.VSAS ami MISSODHI TITI.K OI'INttlNS. Tl'l'l.i: INHUUANCli. NOTICE OF FILING OK APPLICATION FOK. LIQUOR I'KKMIT Notice Is hereby given thai the undersigned lias filed with the Commissioner ot Revenues of Ihc State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on (he premises described as 420 West Ash Street, Blvtlicvillc Ark. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first (lay of July, 1939, and to WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Bring lo Our Blijthcville or Gosndl Gin R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. MAP OF EMERALD ISLE Injured Youth Brings Classroom to Bedside ST. PAUL-. Neb. (UI')-A- leg Injury kept Robert Hnnlsdi nu'ay from the school room ihLs spring but not away from school, A two-way telephone lend speaker system linking Robert's bedroom with his classrooms enabled him to keep up with his lessons. A >.'.pcclnl wire was run from Ihe school to (he telephone -nice, tlmn to tlii! Hanlsch home. Whine was Installed In each classroom where Robert .limited. As classes convene (he -speaker nppitrnlus .Is imivi'd from one room to nuolhcr. The anther of "Little Women" Louisa May Aicoll, iiscd to write 14 hours steadily without stopping oven (o, cat until her dally 5 Unl was done. iVuw Located at lot North 'Smmil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON J:mVAHI>S, l'r (1 |.rlet<ir All aiufcrs of Itt'luiill T.vprwrlti'rs, Adilhig itlurliliu-g, :i,,,| ifi—r>irls—ltll)|i[iii,j J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only (irailiialo Oplomo. (rht In lI'lj'llicvlllK. jlassci Filled Correctly SEED CORN Sovcrul luisliols of liybrid «ecil corn t'i'owii in N«w RliKlritl Counly, Mo., lown .13 vuricly, priml nt U> otil S3 litisliel Also Kc.vei'al liiiHlic'l.s of cloiiiicd Soyhcana ro- ller htislic) $1 PAUL BYRUM HOW LONG SINCK VOUK CAH IFAI) AV Approud Tonl LubrkjlionV 1 ' VFSI Th«B ii a dlffejcnce li lubilcatlons Fvciy place doe/ not Invo Die snme standards • • . nor cnn they give you th« siK-elal Foul i,uiiricants nudo especially for foul cars Get lha following: SI'KCIAI, CHASSIS Ai\J) \\UKKI, PACKING (For 30 D.tjs Onl)) - - - -J CHASSIS UMJKICATION c «»» Oicaic In all pies- smc Gun ntlln E s Springs, Hoocl Utcliius, uooi Striker PJa',os «ii\ctl Dooi lllngc-, LubrlcnU'd, tpcclnl Gieasci, In • Unlvcisal Ooiuts, hptclal lul>ilt,ii!t jn 5 i(. cl -- «mr and dWiibiitor 0.1111. J'ACK I-'KONT WHEELS Wash out. hub mid bcailng^, luck with special 1'ord short Flboi Kridlum Sojp ercnsc, Adjust wheel bearings. All Aljovw Service Itouglit Jn Comljinalion. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phorui «1(J "OKIZONTAI, 1 Pictured is the map of 7 It has a hirgo center table-Kind, 13 Auto body . M [Monkey. 16 Waterfalls. 17 Cover. )8To emil vapor. 20 Unit of work. 21 Crime. •J2 Anliqu'alc'd. 'a Diirlcrctl. 25 Parl of a drama. 26 Sou I h America. 28 Kicld. 20 Pcrclicrl. 3D Preposition 32 To ejci-t. 35 Lights. 38 Opposed to wholesale. •10 To habilii II Devoured. •12 Ancient Kgypliau [Icily. Ans\vcr (o I'rcvious Pmile 43 Sun. •11 Loss. •10 Pays onc'3 part. 51 Constellation. 5^ Lul:ewHrm. 55 Not common. SB Condiliop. 58 To increase i" price. 5» H has a mild ; ' GO This land's chief river. VKRTICAL 1 Exists. 2 Small memorial 3 Decree. -ITo drain. 5 Form ol "a.' 10 Myself. 21 This country's prime minister 2-1 Maiden.' 26 Ironies. 27 Prominent, 'i!> Mineral spring. 31 Light brown. 33 Pertaining lo the velina. 34 Indian. 36 Gonus of rodenls. 37 Conditional stipulation. 30 Upright shaft. •1! To opine. To value. var. 7 tiny vegetables 8 Dyo. 0 Cravats. 10 To rcgislcr. 11 Nook. 12 You and me. 15 Foollikc parl. 18 Gaiter. 46 Qull. 10 Circle part, 50 Three. 5-1 Metal (oslencr 51 Man's reading room. 56Slrcct (abbr.). 57 Sound of inquiry. RED RYDEl TtY FRRD HARniAN HOME FROM A 6UCCE55FOL , __. IDEAS, UTTLE B6AWER, OUT OUST TH'SAME f-W FATHER'S JUST RANCH UP Tite 1 REftlW DIDN'T r-MEKN To TRESPASS.' ^CRVICE. INC. T.^< ( tier \J, fi, r^f) rirp ^ AU,F,Y OOP WHOA, CHARLEY WHAT THE: PiCKEN MAS GOT INTO YOU"? KV V. T. HAMLIJS KEY, THERE, PARPNf (?"\VEH..!ivr. GOTTA KETCH THAT KbRSE?OAN6ED IF I CAM UNDERSTAND WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH 'IM,' VVELL,rLLB HECK'S Bl OKA.V, WE'LU KETCH 'IM! LET'S &OI 5AWSOMAMV CRAZY PEOPLE HOOTS AND HfiK MUOD1KS WtRt'-b DOKlT MftUV AU/JWp ? Stt WV\\7.T. OP Ml MO WV\\CV\ WASH TUHHS THl'uGS ALOMG TWS Ee^^ POWECFUU III! Craves V;mcl CWFISHJ BAH1 AU DAV LOK1Q WE < WWItf FIELDS OF COBU AW CACKUUSHEHS, BUt AIL WE GOT TO EAT >S CATFISH. 1 ! I EXPECT I GOT IIJTFI TROUBLE HERE OWCE Bun , POU'T (JUITU RECOLLECT ) 60MUV BOV. WHAT STATE ARE WE IM BUT \ I COM'T WRE WHUT WE DOHT\»IE ARE,SDWW.ICA.VfT DARE BUV \ SAW THIS HOHORV AVWTHIUG, &W«witf AW LOWES WERE- ll'M «ftill' RECKL.ES ANJ)'HIS FRIENDS UY MERRILL'.BLOSSEK W6V6 LET THIS THING GO FAR EfJOU6H GANG .' WE BETTER GET F'RECK AMD LARD OUT OF HOCK BEFORE- THE? COPS GET SORIi I WAITING WORD FROM GEORGE WASHINeTOM AND IF HE OOESN r SIT DOWN IN THE ROWBOAT HE'LL NfiVER CROSS THE DgLAWARE I,. we LET THIS THINS GO TOO FAR POLIC6MEX WERE

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