The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 7
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THUKSUAY, i\lAV 10, (ARK.) COURIER NRWS 25 Storm VicSimS Mempfi/s Police Crock Down UN Staff Member'^;; 1 , '^Mt'l^M /^_ ^* _„ ' ,^f iA' I • A LJ. i- • f2«*- B-l^,.,'.: !!.\,."' l; .".' ".' «'» s. :••" si. ».'y<itf- Aclt Dorl frnec Air) ^ ^orniyal Midway Attractions AjiVKl/QurUjSAlCl! MEMPHIS, Tcnn., May 15. <UI'>* , PAGE Pcmiscot Disaster Chairman Reports on Relief Activities Charles Wntsnn. disaster cliair- man for Iho I'ciulscot County Chapter of llHMAmericaii Red Cross, an- noucci'd loday that since the o»- i-nii.'j^-jjt the disaster relief office in StoR?, 23 families have made application lor assistance, i "We are pleased to he able to nssisl these families in meeting whatever needs Ihey are imahle to meet thomselvs," Mr. Watson staled. T!ie disaster relief office was on<""<•<! in atreie tMay a following the tornado which left hundreds of people in the Sleele area homeless. Eddie A. Knapp. disaster renresen- l.itii-e of the National Red Cros.i.' »a.s assigned to assist Ihe I'emis- col Cnimtv Chapter in rchabilita- linii families in Iho storm struck Miss Amy Van lloozcr. or the St. I.ouis area office has been assiuned lo duty at Ihe Sleele office.' Mr. Knncii announced today. Miss Van Iloozer is a iraincd case worker anil i r ' v'.nnnir.K with families to help Miss 'Nnncv Ciitiiniins. rcijislered nursp from the SI. Louis area office, is siinndiiiK tills '.voi>k al. Ihe S'role office working wilh persons who were mjm-ed by the storm, he Mr. Knai)|> slated lhat more titan siaro has been sp-mt in aiding the families of (he slorm-ravafced area, supplying them v:ith needs which Ihey have been unable to meet tlipnisplves. The Red Cross will c<m- liniie to meet all needs as they he added. Knapp pointed out that the ice would remain opon un- cfleclp,! family is rcliab- 11 assistance made by the office Ts out right grants, he said, MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Muy 15. —Torrid lainalles left out tin "bump" and the "grind" loday from tile Memphis Col Ion Cariii- vnl Midway as police ordered «h-)!i> show owners to tone down performances to decorous art. Strip teasers wore as cay as artists models and hula i;iil,s did :i waltz lo conform lo I he nu:ilv puiKf. I3nt the customers didn't like it. They screamed last niylii tin- uuire bounce. When Hie Midway opened Hie oilier day observers said thai Hi" ald'aellons resembled Paris simper club presentations on Moni- marire. Now all lhat was left was a pale form of musical comedy with some mild off-color SOUKS and patter ami a few Mimsily-frocki'd uhls who pranced under dimmed lights. Even cry.stal balls, palmistry and lea leaves were? banned bec^us'> 1'olice Commissioner .loe lioyle saiif that "fortune tellers disrupt homes." j "A lot of women put stock in fortune tellers." lioyle said. "They are told a lot of Iliinns that send Iheni home often in (he mooij to question their husbands. Then trouble starts at home." , Despite Hie police crackdown Ihe carnival moved uloiipt for the fourth ilay untlcr the "rei^n" of Kin;: l!m<,:> j Uixon and Queen Belly Crump, ! Wallace Assails Truman Doctrine 20,000 Poy to Hear ( Chicago Address by Fired Cabinet- Member OHICAC.O. M; iy in. (l)|>) i-niivd of ao.nill) pfisoiis p:ild nii.M,ion IIIM nip.lil to hi':n- ll A. WillliU'o Cll'lHllllllT "till- 'rril Gets Palestine Commission Job UNITED NATIONS UA1.U Plusll- iiiK. N. Y., May 15. (UP) —Victor llwof China, assistant si'cretnr.v- i'l'iietal in charge of united Nations tii|y|i'e.,hlp iiiinii-s,' will head' tho UN-'staff asslsjiieU to the Paleslino inve.sti^atinj; commission, it was leavncd loday. Selection ol mie of the UN's lil«l' i-oiiim-iiid !o direct I lie -10 or -l!i- inan !:ta[f attached to the 11- nalion commission was made by Kceiclaiy-cicneral Try«ve l,ie. llif (iiulersliined slates :hal IK> I.; n cm/™ ii{ Arkansas, ol BUCK! moral cliaiueler. ibitt he bus never liecn convicl.Hl ,,j u Mow 0| . ull]t;1 , n . inu , iivulvmi- moral turpande. llAil no to sell bcpr by llw nndcr- sifiii'd has been revoked within live year.-, la.i past; ,, m | ( | I|I( t | u! muun ._ Mgni'd has never ben: cumictAl of violnllim (he laws .11 (|-.u .stale or I nil} 1 other slate, reluitiu to Ihe iale of ak-olmlu- l|i|iiors. „ , Will Hun-ell. Subscribed and .wo,n to before me (hi-, if, day uf May. 11)17. ... .. - Nl1 '-'- Mars.iall Ulilc-|;anl Nolarv 1'lllllic. C"iiiMii:,suiu cxpnei March II. !\'oKed wllh- ; and Ihut . never been nvleted ot vtoliitliiK Ihe laws <il or any olhcr state, ii'c- (he side ol alcoholic II- livi 1 ytMi'.s las' mule rs IK ocd 1ms .slate, n i« arise Mr JjranddaiiKhlci 1 of Ed Crump. Hilma seay, 1041 mniil O f cotton was .scheduled to appear in a slr.y", parade today- Meanwhile fnmci] and colorful Benle Street singed Its own carnival with the Negro Cotton Makers Jubilee and a performance or ih-.' daddy of the bines-—W. c. Hand,', liolding forth with his red-hot :rimipet- FOR ITS McNutt Plans to Retire As Envoy to Philippines WASHINOTON, Mav 15. IUP1- Paul V. McNutt said today he did not kno.v when his resignation as U. R. Ambassador lo the Philippines would become effective. It's up to president Tniman to say when he can .step out. McNnll -said afler an hour-Ion^ conference with Secretary of Stale Georjje C. He said Ihci-p were a ''few I ends" lo be laken care of bcfo he gives up his diplainatil: dull. Wallace tol<l them prpsldPnt Truman's foreign pulley was bum of a "bi-uariisan bloc:'- which -.\a-; -playiii!! jiolllir.'i with lb<? ini.srjy ;•! Euroile" UiKleail <if trylnr; |o '-'lea.i the world out of this mess." Wallace Mioke al Cllicai'o Hladl- iini, «hen- he was icjccti',| as a vice-presidentjai caiulidate bv the Ilenmcralle National C-onycnlion in lfl-l-1. He s|)oke under the ansp-ce; «f the p»i;,ressivr ciliwiin of Amelica. In I !»• iindience lasl ni",lil w >re Mime who had b,wed from me '...d! lerie.s when n,at conveiuion pa',;;--., over \Val);n!,. and .selecle<i Sen Harry Trumn M as the tale President Hoo-evr'!l':i nmnins male. When Wallace ni'itinfed the ros- ' triim last niv;ht. ihe crowil lei Inoie I a thunderous ovalion. pimctualedj wilh cries of "We Want Wallaci-" i and "Wallace i,, .|n- •• | Walhic'R renewetl his a(taek~^ll Mr. Truman's plan [or milit.irv t"Orc»ve ami Turkey.u o eilh-.l for support for his own plan I-ir 11 .s. loans wliich would total $151)- fllHI,(W,ni)0 over a 20-yrar perio.l-- lo al! nations of Buroiie and Asia, including mussia. The only ho]i:' f<i[- peace, h^ id. is a "major effort to reslore the world economy by use of Anu-- JIM BROWN PLANS SALE DRASTIC PRICE CUTS TO BE IN EFFECT FOR 9-DAY EVENT My IOW. C. L mid l-'rank llnrucs lly l-'iinik Han .Subscribed and sworn lo Ijef me ihls Mill day of Muy, 1917. Mrs. Marshall libickar I (SICAL) Notary I'u) My Commission eX]ilre s Maicl 1'J-W. OKDKlt IN Tll>: CIIANt'KKY C'OUHT CIIU'KASA\VBA DISTINCT, SI!S- SISSIITI <.'OI)NTV, AKKAN'HAS. Mavis Asklns rl.ihlllir, No. 1II.I1V5 'Notice UlldciMi' fixed In SiUtll'L' n Hi tell l:i line wilh President Truman's I 'iV Vr'ON', ollJi'ial', of Jim Uiown Ktin-c.':, |nr.. ),av,> ilt'cidcil to j'il'e ic-.iilenls ol lids locality a Him; liaj^r.pprrtHiiHy i,, I,,,..' standard •nnlity ,Iiio llnivvn iiirrchaiidise at the i:reau>Ni .savini:.'.- in the history of the. iH-:,ily six year old nation mail order NOTK'K i. lieu by ijivi'ii ihal thr :i"'d will within the lime law aj.ply Ul I he Colllinis- I HIM inn's ot the .SIale of ' l»r 11 peimil In .ell wiiie nl al l:i!i 1--^ H. Main. Lcai-liviHe, Aikansas. Mississippi County The mul[ r.siijiuxl stales Ihal lie i:^ a citizen ol Arkuusas. ot pood iiHii-al i liaraclci. ihal he has ncvei been cmuu-tcd ol a leloiiy or olhur crime involving moral 'turpilinie; sc lo sell wine by the sse and the families will not be .. cutircd to repay any portion of tlie sum spent in aiding them. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thin Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief M»1T sufferers relievo juiceing hackaclii! quickl y, once Uicy .hscovt r that the real cause of their trouble rnny Iju tired Hiineys . G'hekWnej-s ore Natnct'-a chief wny'of tak- in-- He .said he ha ( [ pained pression American aid \\ nffpi-ed lo France lhat the p.overnmoj (ml support of the French Communists." lie said this was "playin;; politics with misery." was insult-. ins lo France and would "lead to disasler." The "Truman Doctrine" was born, he .said, in the same "spirit of selfishness ami sliorlsii>litc<!iu-ss and lack or confidence and leaf" thai in Ihe last. lew years "killed or buried every rot ward-looking 1110- srain presented by the (Rooscve': > mlmiiiislration.' 1 Paul Koheson. Nertro banto;i n , who .sang Ihe united' Nations sniiR find "Old Man River." lo] ( i his audience Wallace, was "the Jefferson or our lime who one day will lead us as our president or n free country. . . - .'.... . ... ... Three qualities that you de- ir. and in coffee — delicious / flavor, pleasing aroma, luxurious richness — are extra-abundant in "Cup- Tej»fed" ADMIRATION. For < 4 more than thirty years, i ^ safisfiec^sfomeu have ac- claimed those "Cup-Tested" I qualities in ADMIRATION. DUNCAN COFFEE COMPANY MALOHE • Plaster • Stucco • Concrete Phone 2028 efss.-icsnnw.-iacautoficooi. Tlieyhel|im M tpeop]epaB3alioutLl]iinl.-iii(iay' \V hen Jisonicrof kidney function ncrmiu poisonous matter to remain In your blooj it may cause mesins back,cl,e, rhciunaiic rains, leg rams. Josa of iwn nnd enercv ce[ tinK up ^iuhl,. aTCC lli nF :! p'uttocM imlc'r t£ . Don't ivaitl Aak your drajrcist for Doan'rj Tills, atlimulnntilinrctk. uicj silcccssf iliv liy milliona for ever 60 ycnrs. nonn'a rive ImiM.y rolii-f and will I,,],, t |, u lo roi , r , o( fculrier tulics Iliuh out piisoi.ouaiyaateliBiii rour blood. Get Doan'a Tills. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or IrriraHng? Don'l 1« olllbarr.issrd by loose fiilsc teeth .-lippinj;, droppini: or wnbbllns when you pat. talk or !ai,ch. Just sprinkle a little ^AS- TEETH on your plates. Tills pleasant powder (jives a remarkable sense of ntldefl comfort and semritv by holding plate.s mote firmly. No eiimmy. yoocy. pasty tnsti; or feel- Ing. It's alkaline (non-ncld). Get, PASTKETH nt any dm:; store. dairy ha ril- nd kilch- \vill ' r :o on sale. Thursday sale. Thursday. May Ifilh for a sale thai will last Ihrounh Saturday, May 2Uh. Cc.miiany offi(;ials predict that liiis will lie the KIT: buviiu: op]:orliinity tlie-,- will bn able to i;i\'e their friends and cus- Ir.mcrs Eor some limp lo come, and ^pst thai i^vcryone anlu-i[iaU^ •ir future needs nnd lake ad- ila«e of '.liia meal siivini;.'. Ihey ill 1>" t iblr to realize. Ton' Driuiuvrit'.hl, manai^er ol llle Jim Hi'o\vn SUne bus cx;n'essed his i-'hl at having Hie opprirliinity thank his friends and customers in the realistic WHY afforded by thl.: sale. Al the pale, customers will inqel Ihe Hlyihevillc .Jim 'Brown- Store's j(ivi:-.l .ii'.d eflicienl assistant ulfin- ai;er. Mr. Don .st-.iff. consislin kisr,n ailfl Mr. llrown.- Oo hand to help customers arrange their Time Payment Ac- oomus. will be 'Miss Charlenc Prnitl, dnnvlitcr of Elmer pruitt. T. C Hawkins, wliose responsible job. is lo sec Hint ..lim Brown's stock is maintained and kept in, order, will assisl ciiiUomers in lliciri p.reblcm <if loading and transporl- iny Iheir cmloails uf from the store. While this sale, custn- ,niers will be al forded tlio w r arin' hearty welcome and per.sonali/.ed service, ror which the Jim Brown cri;aui,:alioii has been noted, Ihioni'hoiit Us nearly sixty years service lo Ihn American larm hoiue. (Advert iscment) Uis. and his sales el, Mr. Jack At- and NOTHX Notice is iieveby eivpu Uial the nndcrshjned will williin Ihe lime fixed by law apply In !!i? Comniis- i See the Barksdale Flame Cultivator BARKSDME MFG. CO. South Broadway Street Blythevillc, Ark. John (i. A.slilns, D. The defcndiml John G. Asklrs Is hereby win-nod lo Hj>|!enr within thily iiuys in the coiirl named In the cainiou herof and aiiswer tlie ci)in])laint ot the plaintiff Muvls A.sklns. Daluil lids IJIM day of May, ID-n. UARV15Y MOIUilS, ClOlk. Vli-gll fireene, AMiirney lor Plain!Iff. 1'. C. UoiiBlai;, AUdincy ad litem. . t r wiini l«j.|y Is nnk.-cM |«t «l<u iiUiiik'Uii'liUAf cild»«, inln H,; A miililie.jmal toei iiiil It-ill.- ; ;eqk JL u '• ii'irai'Hvw. "i" Ot • . y Irjr out* 3.5c. Try O*l/»s 10 lit! • '''."""J'tW I»I."M/I r-i Kill: al all Orilg Jlolll«Y*C t-« VM«- Udl*! '•» . _ifiti win TM4t TftbMf DONEDWAR D S The r rj>iifi»rJ(«r M»n' : HOVA1,. HM1TI«, COKONA ptiirt KhMINGTON rOBTA#L* IK' N. HIICONU ST. ' PHONK (Kvery -lYunsfictlon MUrJT UK BATrrJFACTORY), I THAN ANV SOAP IN HISTORV! v o • In cfty after city, Chiffon became a leader almost overnight! v\ No purer soap , • j) 'k - R was ever made 1. Fabrics, colors are s$fer~(Jish>... wasliiny's foster — hands stay- softer with PURE SOAP I CliiMbn Soap Flakes, are ppre,- completely pure soap! No.purer sosip wus ever made. That's why you'll find Chiffon much better—for all your lovely things, the dishes — and your hunds stay soft and lovely. THE OLD HAT MADE NEW Take your ha! troubles BETTER CLEANING With the Hudson Finish In 8 Hours For the Asking HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 32Q West Main St. Blvthcvillc, Ark. Phone 2612

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