The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1944
Page 8
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f AGE JEIGUT JBLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 10, 19<!4 two Individual Hatches Slate . "Allen Meets Wisbar JAnd Roy Welch Will '..Tackle Buck Lawson ' ' TllK PROGUAM * "; DOUBLE MAIN 1 EVENT Roy Allen (195) is Gils Wisbar (155) Roy. Welch, ( 215 > ^ s Buck l-» w ' so " . Both• Matches SO minute Time - , Minlta • ' Two Host Falls of Three ' Tag matches, which for severs weeks havc tiominaled the wcckl> wrestling shows of Promoter Mike Mcroncy, yield lo a pair of tndl- yldual matches tonight at (he American Legion arena on Nortl Second Street. ' The 'matchmaker has assemble! four of the most popular wrestler ever to appear before local fan dom for his double nulln oven! featuring the indomitable'. 1 no: Welch, a veteran of many ring war and one of the most beloved a" 1 colorful grapplers in Blythovillc ma history. j A'ller an abscnse of severs weeks, during which lie has Unlit ed the packed houses in Florida, Hi elder of the famed Welch brother follows his younger kin in the fea lured role of tonight's card. Hoy faces the colorful and dynamic Buck Lawson, former fleet champion and commando Instructor at the* Norfolk Naval base, Virginia. These two giants, who pack 215 pounds on their massive frames, arc scheduled for the second of the two all-star matches. Wisbar Sleets Allen -Gus Wisbar, the brilliant blond fugitive of Nazi Germany, who Is fast worming his way into the top affections of'the enthusiasts here by' his brilliance, clashes with the kangaroo kick specialist, Roy Allen. In the first match.' Doth affairs ar c down for the usual 90 mhiutevvith two best falls out, of three determining the winner. The well balanced card promises lo . furnish plenty of-'Action, in keeping with the high class type of shows, especially in recent mouths. Matchmaker Meroucy hns attempted, to equalize In the 'rock and sock, along with science nnd skill, and u couple of lighter, faster wrestlers ' who go at a'fist and furious clip. .There is every indication that lie has-succeeded. Close 'Matches Likely ' . Based on. past performances and by comparative mutches, both battles should be close and bitterly fought. Especially is that true of the .opening scrap between Wlsbnr and Allen.-. There appears very little to choose between the two stars. The weights are practically the'-frame.••'•Both have about the same: amount of experience. They arc exactly matched in height, anci there Is practically no difference in [heir ngcs. 1 Both are highly skilled and prefer the scientific to the modern style of wrestling. Allen, featuring the dangerous kangaroo kick, which lie utilizes with tremendous speed and agility, has been a spectacular nri consistent winner since his re- urn nftcr an absence of about .10 oars. His most outstanding riuinph was over Sorgl. Chris ielkas,.Instructor nt the BlytheviHo .i-inv Air Base, which stopped the We lis'vC' plenty of WHISKEY At all times! . CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSEll'S WHISKEY STORK 315 W. Main Thone 2531 oldier's slrcnl: anj gave him the rly blot oil his perfect llivce-fnll nclcli record since arriving at the fUlrt. \Ykliar is Dangerous AlLliouuh bealen last week in a Sweden May Be Next Host For Olympic Games NEW YORK, July 10. (UP)—An American official predicts that If the war cuds In lime for the renewal of the Olympic Games In 104B Ihc games will go to Sweden. Secretary Dan Ferris ol the National Amateur Athletic Union picks Stockholm as the most logical place for the next world sports carnival. And lliat would give the two swift Swedes, Guilder Hagg and Arne Andersson, a chance to win Olympic titles on their home grounds. Yanks Win Two, Gain On Browns New Yorkers Annex Double-Header From Detroit Yesterday By United Tress The New York Yankees were the big winners In the Amcrrlcan League yesterday. ,'Ilie Yankees swept, both games of tliclr doubleheader with Detroit, gaining a full giime on the pace-setting St. Louis Browns. Riuss Derry's plncli single broke a 3 to 3 deadlock 'In the opener and gave the Yanks a 4 to 3 victory. Alley Donald was the winning pitcher. Rookie Emerson Roser won the second game 8 to 2. The Cleveland Indians divided pair with the Boston Hcil Sox, taking the first, 8 U> 2, and dropping, the second, 4 to 2. Pat Scercy helped clcvclam hurlcr Ed Kllemnn win the open er with a two-run homer In tin second Inning. Joe Bowman pilch ed Boston to victory In the after piece. The league-leading Browns swap ped shutouts with tlic Senators Tli c Browns launched a 15-hlt as snult against a trio of Washlngto; nirlcrs to take the curtain raise 10 to 0. Dutcli Leonard hurled Washing ton to n 4 to 0 victory In the night cap. The Brooklyn Dodgers were save from a complete shutout in the western tour by Pennsylvania Sunday law. A second game with I the Pirates was called after the' eighth Inning with the Bucs ahead 9 to 1. The ninth will be played nl ft later date. The Bues walloped the Dodgers 10 to 1 In the opener, shelling Ed Head and Rube Melton, for eight runs In the first three Innings. <fa Martin Up DOPE BUCKET BY I. P. FBIEND TO INK MOTHKR Many hidden talents, buried under .he hustle ai)d bustle of this busy life, have come to light during tills .crrible struggle. Some have been In song, the crayon, artists brush, verse, and countless other nvemies of expression. Preacher Roc doled out seven-hits for Pittsburgh. The Et Louis Cardinals whitewashed the Boston Braves twice. Big Mort Cooper did the 'first blanking Job. beating Jim Tobin 1 to 0 in a tight pitching duel. Harry Brccbcen scored a lop-sided 9 to 0 victory in tile nightcap. The Cincinnati Reds swept a double bill the Philadelphia irclimimiry by Belkas, Wisbar Is Ferris says Sweden is the logical quite dangerous nt all times when choice for the next Olympic Games nsldc the squared circle. He is Irons, powerful and unusimllyclcv- backcd by a bag crammed full f ring tricks and holds. Welch and Lawson, who have )een rivals for some time, arc ex- ;ccted to furnish n different kind of fireworks and action. Botli are ough and double tough nnd should Hit on a whnle of a battle. If the match were held some months back (lie fans couiri expect i clean affair. But of talc both hav c deviated from the scientific in favor of the him and bam, splash and splatter. They are hard punchers aiw know how to let their fists fly. The battle ma v develop Into a duel between Welch's famous body slam, nnd (he headlock, pet and favorite .hold of Lawson. Welch gels a big kick out of smashing his foes against tho floor, while Buck prefers to squeeze their noggins with ills iwwerful arms. Both weapons have proved unusually effective. Starting time is 8:30. because the Swedes have been neutrals all through the war. T li e y won't havc the reconstruction problems that other European nations will face, and they arc close lo the continental countries. The AAU official thinks that's an Important point. He says that most of the countries now at war will hnve a hard time finding money to send n team to I/is Angeles or Bne- nos Aires, two other spots that havc been suggested. But Ferris says they can all atlord to gel their stars as far as Stockholm, On the other hand, lie points out that many Americans will want to see Europe after the war, as they did after World War I. And Ferris says plenty of American tourists Phillies 9 lo 5, and 1 to 5. Arny Carter won the first game, and Ed leusscr took the second. The Chicago Cubs beat the New York Giants twice. Bob Chipman urned put a seven hit jbo In the to 2 lid-lifter. Dom Dallcsandro provided the punch with a pair of doubles and a pair of singles. Claude Passeau whitewashed the Giants 1 to 0 in the nightcap. There arc no today. The soys partially account for this out- :>msl In that perhaps for the first lime they have stopped loirj enough lo get in some real Uilnklng. . . . Chief In their thoughts Is home. . . The first In that home is mother, of course. One of the most beautiful bits of original verse dedicated to the greatest person on earth—MOTHER —was created by Staff Sergeant Horace C. Walters, a former Bly- thevllle Chick, on the special day set aside for Mother and designated us Mother's Day. . . Stationed in far away New Guinea, where lie lias been for more than two years and now awaits passage back to the States, Horace created the following on May 1, 1944 and mailed It to ills mother, Mrs, J. w. Walters, Route 3, Blythcvlllc: OUIt MOTHER When we were just tiny guys, Laughing, screaming, voices high, When cadi play filled day was ended, n your arms, a contented sigh. '/hen each busy day was over, You so tired, needing rest, 'irsl, you held us to your bosom, Vc fell asleep, by you were bles't. When we had Koine minor illness, No matter just hnw slight, You were always there beside us. Brought as comfort through the night. When lo yon, all dusty, tear slaincd, With some scratch, or cut, or bruise You Ixmnd our scratches, kissed 'is lightly, Of all nurses, we'd choose. When shopping we went willi Were captivated by some new toys Twas seldom e'er you refused us, You knew the lieu its of little boys games scheduled would probably go over lo wale!' our boys perform in the Olympics and visit Europe at the same time How alxiut the Axis nations? Well Ferris points out that after the las war Germany didn't get back into the Olympics until 1028. And he says that, although the host nalioi can Invite any country it wants to Ihe Swedes might not ask the Alliec alhlclcs to compete against Ger mans. ,Vhy, we had the l»st council ever, When we came to Dad and you. When we'd go out In the evening, Silcnlly returning late at night, I'o your bed, we'd kiss you lightly Ne'er you slept, even though no light Some would say we've grown up, Mo tlicr, Warring weapons, 'instead of toys, But always, to us It will be, You our Mother, we, just your boys. Soon three years since I've seen you, Unpleasant though, slow iiass time, Always, e'er we're looking forward, Our being together, will be sublime. Big brother's righting "Ratnlcs" in Italy, I've twcnty-eiiiht months 'gainst Even now we ait are sweating, Little brother crossing foreign seas When all of this is over, We've put the Axis in their place. We'll foe happiest, when at your table, In our places, hearing you say grace. Once again we are all parted, ~Yoni you, our Mother, on Mother's Day, Ve're Just trying with words to thank you, The LOVELIEST MOTHER In every way. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAUTJK W. L. Birmingham 4 0 ] Atlanta 3 2 Chattanooga 3 2 Nashville 2 2 Memphis 2 3 Little Rock 2 3 New Orleans 2 a Mobile 1 4 AMI-: III CAN LKAGUE W. L. St. Louis 45 34 Boston 42 3G New York 39 35 Washington 38 39 Chicago 34 37 Cleveland 37 41 Detroit 3S 42 Philadelphia 35 42 NATIONAL LKAGUE W. L. .... 51 21 ,...30 30 .... 42 33 .... 37 39 St. lonis . . Pittsburgh . Cincinnati . New York . Philadelphia Brooklyn . . Chicago . .. Boston . 32 33 29 30 41 43 40 46 When we hurried to school cacl morning, Eartli all damp from nightly dew, At your work we'd hear you singing Always ttie sweetest voice we knew When from school we lrudg«l eacl evening, Tired from books, play, from studying You gave us bread, jam and cookies You were superb, our choice of cooks When to the bayou we stole quletlj To fish'ahd dive, and swim about, We'd hear you call, voice full b worry, And gladly answer with a shout. When only a few years later, Adolescent's trials, troubles grew, NIGHT'S RESULTS.. SOUTHERN l.KAGUJ; New Orleans 11, Mobile 5. Atlanta 14, Little Rock 8. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 5, Washington •!. Today's Games SOUTHERN' LEAGUE Chattanooga at Memphis. Atlanta at Memphis. AUanla at Liltle Rock. Mobile at New Orleans. Nashville at Birmingham. AMERICAN LKAGDK Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. Noisy Bcihn:itc CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) When Mrs. Claire dialer, 28, o Norwcll testified at a divorce hear ing that once her husband madi her sleep In the barn, the jurigi was skeptical. '-Was anyone clS 1 in the barn with you?" lie asked "Only a cow," she said reassuring ly, "and she kept me awake al night with her mooing." Outfielder Hcvschet Martin was purchased from Milwaukee Brewers (o put breath of life in Yankees. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Chattanooga 7-1, Memphis 4-2. New Orleans 5-4, Mobile 0-10. Little Rock 8-12, Atlanta G-7. Birmingham 2-6, Nashville 1-1. AMERICAN LKAGUE Cleveland 8-2, Boston 2-4. Chicago 4-2, Philadelphia 3-2. St. Louis 10-0. Washington 0-4. Detroit 3-2, New York 4-8. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 1-0, Boston 0-0 Pittsburgh 10-9, Brooklyn 1-7. Second game called end of eighth. Cincinnati 9-7, Philadelphia 5-5. Chicago 5-1, New York 2-0 From where I sit... fy Joe Marsh Parrot gets Wiii Dudley's Goat Will Dudley never liked liis wife's pet parrot. Claimed Ihe parrot called him "Stinky"-aml ate his pipe lohncco. And the Missus said it served Will right ... she'd lold him not to smoke his pipe indoors. To make her point, (lie Missus jjrahs Will's pipe and throws it tin! Ihe window. So Will grabs the parrot anil throws him out too. Looks like unpleasantness — (Ell in romc.s tlic parrot with Will's ami col) In his mouth. (And whistling "Homo Sweet Home," Will claims.) Well, Will and his wife Doth bust out laughing .. . and made peace over a friendly glass at lieer, allowing how it's pretty silly getting mad at one another's differences. From where. I sit, that's a mighty happy ending. If all of us would live and lei live in a .spirit of (olcrnnco-whclhcrU's tolerance for a parrot or a pipo —we'd ho » whole lot happier and better off. ©1944 BREWING INDUSTRY FOtlNDSTION • flRKANSHS COMMITUE J. HUGH WHflRTON, State Director. 402 PYRAMID BLDG, UTTIE ROCK Read Courier News "Wnnl Ad». ELECT — JUDGE MINOR W. MILLWEE — ASSOCIATE JUSTICE! EXPERIENCE Underlie Our Expert Service We are skilled in how lo handle carefully and cleiin thoroughly your most, valued apparel. NJI-WA PHONE 474 BLYTHEVILLE-.ARK. Minor Millwee DeQueen, Arkansas CANDIDATE FOR Associate Justice Go to Your — of the — Supreme Court ISTLING Legion Hut, Monday, July 10, 8.-J5 p. m. Lowwt Admission of anj Wrcitllnf Artna In Amerk*. Adolts, 36c, Tax 9c-ToUl, 45c. Itemed Scats, IZt, T« 3c-To- Ul, 15c. Children's Scats lie, Tax 3c, Tola!, 15c. Reserved Seals On Sale at (he legion Arena Monday from 6 p. m. on. Double Main Event (2 DO-min. Matches) ROY ALLEN vs. GUS WISBAR ROY WELCH vs. BUCK LAWSON rft. Personal History _of- Judgc Minor W. Millwee, , -*- 1 i A native of Horatio, Sevicr County, Arkansas; 43 years of age, married nnd a father of three chililreiu I Earned his expenses while attending Hcndrix College and University of Arkansas, receiving B. A. nnd Law degrees from the University. I Practiced law for nine years in DeQuccn, serving as City Attorney and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for six years renrc- senling Scvier County in the Legislature in tho 1933-35 sessions. | Fs now serving his eighth year as Juilge ol the Ninth Judical Circuit. | A Methodist and has served as a member o£ his Church Board for the past 14 years. of Arkansas —• p| t Circuit Jurlge Minor W. Millwee of I he rlace: DeQueen is a Candidate for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to fill the unexpired term of the late Justice Ben E. Carter whose home was in Texarkana. —, - There are no issues in the race except The ISSUG; the character, ability, and record ot Uie candidates, which the voters will carefully weigh. , _., _ , Two of tho Candidates for this The Records: placei Judgc Lawrence C. Auten of Little Rock, and Judge Minor W. Millwee of De- Queen, have served their respective circuits as trial judges for the past several years. The Supreme Court hears and determines all appeals from decisions of the trial judges of the State. These appeals are permanently recorded in the Arkansas Reports, and are found in practically every lawyer's library in Arkansas. According to these official reports, the following records have been made in all appeals to the Supreme Court over which these two judges have presided: DEALER EXPERT MECHAKICS Lawrence C. Auten Minor W. Millwee Ycart as Judgo 6 7 _ „ cir. Cases CASCS O f casc s Altirmcd Reversed Affirmed 40 66 23 20 64% 77% J ki'll - invites your careful consideration Judge MlllWee 0 £ his qualifications, and earnestly solicits your vote and support. qn any all makes of cars and trucks! All signs indicate that more people go to Chevrolet dealers for service than to any other dealer organization; and that » means people are convinced that Chevrolet dealers are — RELIABLE ALL MAKES Vote For.. ..Judge Minor Millwee Whose Record Merits Promotion To The Higher Office Of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court I ELECT-JUDGE MINOR W. MILLWEE — ASSOCIATE JUSTICE! j FIRST IN SERVICE" WPW rWFVBOl FT TRUCKS Chevrole! it producing a limiled numbar of new NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS trucks fof essentia| civi , ian uiers . Se9 your FOR ESSENTIAL USERS Chevrolet dealer for complete informolion. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Blylheville, Ark.

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