The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1945
Page 3
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m FKH11UARY C, 19 BLYTJIEVILLE COUIUKH NEWS uicte, TO Recreation Room At Phillips Home Being Enlarged Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips ure •eniadellng and cnlnrglng the Oasc- "enl, playroom of their home, 1000 CJitcknsawbii. The recreation room has boon icreased In size aim (he stairway Hinged to this room with a tire- ice ;it (lie end. Walls nre being pniiitcd a Sim- liiir 1 yellou', Hie celling a cream •olor and rcct and yellow linotile ised on the floor. * Red leather furniture, in modor'j lesign, ivji) )je featured in Ihe Johns' Confectionery Undergoes Improvements John's Confectionery, -303 West Main, has been remodeled and redecorated. The restaurant unit of the store lias been discontinued and so the Ftore wns rearranged with new inlaid linoleum on the floor, the walls painted red and cream and a red and black color design med In tile tables ant) booths. Elliott, Johns, owner, will continue to operate the business as a confectionery, lie said. Read Courier News Want Ads. equipment there. No PASTS! f$o TOOLS! No Mvss! mi ITS tui n nut rttt m MOM win tn»r-niTi» wii nut JUST WET and ; HANG IT Readyteted WITH EO«DfS.../| So easy it's fun! Anyone can do it! Just wet-apply to the wall- \{ and smooth with a sponge. Trimz / is guaranteed washable-fade- proof-style tested-top quality. :«, $1.9& and (2.19 per *, fncludlna border. M Wei do Ihe ovei- TIER'S RE CO., Inc. 126 \V. Main Phone 515 Housing Agency Expfains Paper No Attack Intended On Building Industry, Official Declares Vigorous denial that, the National Housing Agency's recent controversial Bulletin No. 2 entitled "Komms Costs" was intended as an attack on Ihe building industry, or (lint it was intended us a "political document" to encourage ICRlslntion seeking to set up a $25.000,000 Rovcriuncnt research agency on housing, is made by John B. niaudford. Jr.. head of NHA, In a tetter received by the trade magazine Practical Builder, and made public loday. Mr. Blanford says the government bulletin was Issued primarily for the building and liomc- flnnnclng industry, and was "an earnest effort to state a problem." Soon after the printed .pamphlets were distributed, however, newspapers used the bulletin as the basis for stories indicating n pessimistic or frustrated attitude toward future housing programs he says. Mr. Blandford's letter was Iris reply to a widely discussed bulletin-by Practical liuildcr. nclim? as spokesman for the building Industry, sharply culling NHA to tusk for the charges in i[.s "Housinr Costs" pamphlet and proclaiming that the dollars spent on housing today buy the best uiicl most, substantial values that American dollars can buy anywhere. In his reply. Mr. Blandford says: 'There fc n i;real deal of difference between saying thai hiis- ing 'costs too much 1 in a manner which can be construed as an argument, against, home building nnd on the other hand, pointing out thr.t housing 'costs loo much- to enable private building enterprise to serve the great mass market to its own benefit and the benefit of all those able to pay' for .shelter produced within certain price brackets." "ft 1 seems to me that arguments as to whether building costs nre high in relation to • the over-all cost ol living or the cost of autos, etc., are relatively unimportant. The Important thing is that until the cost of owning or renting new homes is lowered, millions of American families can't lAve them nnrt the building industry can't supply them. " 'Housing Costs' was Issued primarily as a bulletin for the Inilld- nnd liome-finaiicin industry. It was an earnest effort to state-a LINCOLN NEVER DIED... UK'S sfill mining us— (he same long, angular figuro, the sorrowful f; IC e, Kiiunt-dicchcd,. hollow-eyed, brooding, lined by cares and suffering above and beyond his own. HK will live as long as free'people cherish a free nation. He will live a.s long it s there rt-niiiiiis one man who will fight, (o free another. JIK will live as Jonir as iicoplc remember and live by wlfal he said. Til 1C whole world remembers his phrases, and he tillered (hem over eighly years ago. They are as apt and as Irue now as they were when the Great ICmandpator .was slniKfflin K lo hold together a split nation. H is Fonicluiw typical of all that Lincoln thought and said and did ihnl the shortest and mosl widely known speech in our history should he his. TUB <;cll.vslmr tf Address is hounded neither by years nor by nations. It remains for us,, (he living, to prove our devotion- <o the cause of free men by pMing «„,- physical efforts in war work and our financial efforts •j,n$'ar Bonds. We should again resolve that our .dead shall not have died in vain-n«r even have lost their Jives needlessly because we here at home did m>( help with all our resources. IF we do (hat, the faith in freedom thai was Lincoln's can never die. Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" Apartment Appearance Desired In Bedrooms, Designers Agree lledronm.s Hint luck (hut "bed- I'ooni hlooin" and take on tho us|n;c.l of apartments are featured "I the I'Vliruafy ls . sl]( , or Bet . tcr Homes A oarden magazine. Convinced that bedroom/; needn't look like bedrooms, and that llm- lli'K (licit- us,, (o isleeping and lel- llnn them uiiif Hi hours was wimton wislt'. tlic editors put their prob- eni (o .several of the nation's Irjidini; designers. "Make It lm iiparliiiciit," they iiskrd, "ivlk-iv a cuiipie can rein); «' >IU' the kids mul their gans whoop it up in |), 0 living room M'«ke it, in fad, a second living- room for (jrmi'iiiijv." . 'I'lmt is exactly W |i, lt . M(1IT | S Sanders did b, l,i s design. Clothes .nut linens ston- away In built-in wimlrolH'.s und ,| nlWL .,. s; , v | ()c „,. tlows with viMietlun shades for privacy open ,,„(„ „ famcc. ,)„,„.,„ fiinil s l,iti BS win, a function 'do nwiiy with all need for wJf-con- fi'lous dressers, vanities and becl- tiim> pnrnphenuillii. Carefully For Furnishings Prospective Builder Should Make Budget, Writer Reminds •Jod.-.y l!,nrc' 4 a !niildl, 1( . boom »i fill swing thai has Uncle &« i.s hmrty , ; p, )ln val. U - s (h . eam homes being built In fnncv with Wii(.,,i-i,it s , i: 1I( i e d..s and n,ag- Ss C '" l> " i " ys ' bilckc(l "V war Thi., wailhl( , !lm , pi,,,,,,,, nod Klves an opijo-vttinity (o mnkc >«ii okcs on pupcr instead of U ru- |)«e ,011, ami , 10 «.' S a good time to Icok your budget In the eve AecordlDi: i<> Elsie Stnpleton writ-' ing in Better Homra & Gardens Magazine, you shouldn't figure on loss than one-fourth the price' of your Dome. (SJ.5CO should furnish n SC.OflO lirinic guidnusly; that will include same Ihlntss from your previous domicile.) Miss Staplcton hns beJDCd n, <HC Ilia,, so.OOO families make the most of their income dollars. Here's a biHlge'tlnc plan for you m rom- easy steps: 1. Think of your new home ns a house .plus rurjimhiDss, and decido accordlmj- .V upon (he totnl price of the House. 2. KJIIHV from (|, e sini t ([ ^ A fiill-lciiulli mirror on the bcil- ooin side of (lie bntliroum door v n "ni, U '°" wl>) ' hel|> fl ' om " '"'V' 1 « H y mirror brelrtc It, (Aim t'vln '"ntoilos In |],c talliroom « R . » uoon ~ tho oi|ly sniic solution to I jc iiroblcm of Bclllnn » nioWc.w hmi Vl> " illK tllp lllor » li n! nish i l . B ivp s n doeorallv.t «i r in wh cli no cUiylimo , lcll vii y wo ,,|,j seen our of place or n\vkiviir<l. lie; ovli os (or scwlne. wrllln Sl mu i. nil,, KmiiRlng, U nis| u nDproi'luUmi "' "7'ly, iinythlns else tniy'ollHT 100111 In (he house mluljl offer, for exnn,,, ,,. „ (lrsk , tl)c W , |1(1(|W . n I< C011ra|il « 1 I»IO II sowlDlf mnchliie. Tlio , n ,i c hhic porllon un- foklb niul hlnut-s OH I to nfford wlilu workhiB S p a( . c . wll | ]e „ . sl0t , V( , , )0nul ccl plinel '""" W """ lllc lllll!J '?'"' (lcml »'<lc .the sa-iip. uroljlem and was so received un" f pul) " "Soon afterward. Chic'ago -ncws- iwpers started jin unprecedented crusade against the city's •housing conditions and 'Housing Costs' was M-izcd upon, by -one writer so far ns I know, to Indicate a pessimistic or fruttrnlcd attitude lo- ivnrri any future , iio,isiuj> .program* It seems lo me that this: siluatibil m Chicago has raised tears lout of all proportion , lo the Jnct.v that (lie American home-seeking pub: lie is being adversely Influenced m regard to home building "Let me reiterate that I regret than any statements in 'Housing Costs cnn be Interpreted in that manner and wp welcome constructive criticism. At the same lime. I feel strongly that we should fni-e the challenge of rcnl- CommeiUing upon Mr. Blancl- ford'-s letter. Herbert V. Kaeppcl, executive editor of Practical Uullcl- er. snfd: "Wliile builders generally are certainly oacn-mlndccl about Mr. Hlr.ndfoid'.s viewpoint, nevertheless it must lie remembered that the recent bulletin issued under his direction is only one in a long list or uncalled for and unprovable criticism of the building industry KHA'.s criticism lias been based on broad generalities about the alleged high cost of housing and on Die Bcncrnl theory that, new houses cost ton much 'because not everybody cnn afford to buv them. "J'n no economy that we know of, not exception socialism or com- iminism, e.iti all the people afford t» buy all the tilings that arc "i.innfntlurcil. but nowhere In the world have home builders given to buyers sudi fine homes, with fro much comfort, convenience and t.volcal American, living, for so little money, as In this country" We Have A few AUTOMATIC OIL BURNING TER HEATERS Get Yours Now/ klti-licti mul liiriikfn.'.l ii InrUidluK iiinjor iipplliincc'.. Now iiinki' ii of nil n cw Imntshlngs you liopi> (o haw for riicli mom. II you niiihi (llsti'liiudi your buylni; over tluve ' rhi-i'k i)ff wlinl yini cuii IHv foiliibly wit limit, (lieu buy cmc- fully wlnil J S li>[i „„ ii| ( . n sl Don't piuxtinse anylhln.i jusl lic- .ciniso K'.s clir;i|). Study your Income mid onl|>o, TlHTe 1 ]) lie imyiiieiils on die hiMiKi', Insiii'HiKp, IlKhls, |.n, Si ( am ^ clollilns, Judy's ninsli' Iwwons' Blll'is siininu'i- ciniip, !f wluu'.s left' wiui't covei' y»iii' fiirnlsliln,; \ >u< (, Bel, imikc H Ihree-yenr-pliin mul liny iH'CunlliiRlv. Mny);v you ,. ull ipi-iid $HOf) ll»i ycur,'$-151) Ihe sceoiiil niul WO ilii 1 ' llili'd. wind you'll Iniy first mill \vlml win come liili'r l.s TOiiicthliiK lor you »n<l the fiuullv lo lU'ddr. 6111- word of wiiriiiiix—VTnrllnn blind.; limy look Mimrl. fiom liu' slelcwnlk, but they'rp no sub.stitiili' f«i n BOlll. nr. m ™» U ,, mi(1 ll)c ""' tl to jwiof (he room Itself. timount you cnn nffovd lo isp..,,ii oil funilslilngs. 1111,1 ns you phm 'or your rooms divide the.' tot',1 lone the furnlshliiK.s ;„,. B1(e i,, J. bliek to your budget pbm from ' Here onl \, BUI nothlii R ihiif.s not quiillly. Start by dividing your rurnlsli- "iKs sum between the rooms to be furnished—perhaps In nboiit I his proportion: or. ncr cent for llvln» room niul (lining room; 20 \m- coil for bedrooms; is per cent, tor I'cPlici 1 . In [uiiMeiit. 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It yon WMIII M uay mir , W4r llnudi HEM, UH TUB KUHN1TURE VOJJ ARK N'OT USING, for cuht Abo liberal Irude-ln lUowtnce tot old lilrnHore on new, Alvln Hardy Knrn. Co. J E. Mttlu , Phone MM 410 W. Main Phone 2492 lo Feel Young This Is a messngo for men who Kivc known life bul no longer llnd H thrilling bccauso of the lack ol certain vltnmlru, and hormones. Tromone, n recent medical discovery combining vitamins mid hormones inny multiply the vim and zest ami enjoyment you once knew. Your «1iolo approach, your whole nltltmtc toward lite, may Improve wliMi you begin ( 0 use Tromone. Now It may be possible for middle "BC<i men lo njjaln enjoy Iho B nmo spirit, vitality and pleasures that wnilc lliclr yoiilli it tiling to re- incmber, Added years may not sub- Irnct frpm your plciuurcs when you use Tromono, Iho new medical formula combining vitamins mid hormones. L-'ollow directions on label Iromonc for Bale by nobliwon Drug to. mid druggists overywhcrc. ROOFS AREN'T RATIONED! Get on the Dry Side— Certain-teed Never \\m il more important lo keep your Iminc in ;;<iod"repmr — lo protect yuurprojierlyiuii! yinirfumily's liciilllit So jjcl on the ilry side willi G'crlnin- tccil llniMiiij; 1'rodiicls. Ccrlnin-lccil Asplralt Sliiiigtlos cnn lie laid rijihl over Hit! old roof. And Fnnn Iltiililiujts vim bu made wcnlhcr-liglil \vilh Corrupted Asplmlt Sidinj; or Cerliiin. Iced Gypsum Interior Wnlllionril. All • ure numey-saviuj!, n o,,. cr lltc«l materials you Ban fiol ttorv . . . frmn Hj! E. I NH AtlvHiice Over I'rc-Wm' Prices ROBINSON CO. Friendly Building Service ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc." '• *"» oo» bit >urpriM «ft»r uiottMf •ft** I. |M( *• taw IkMH mi wUk IWhkW A* TM *• wfcoW rtotr rf walli pxiy b. BAM M I I y Wo*h»<l with mild ondwmtw. AM WWTt PAINTS HUBBARD HARDWARE CO.

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