Jackson Daily News from Jackson, Mississippi on October 28, 1908 · Page 3
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Jackson Daily News from Jackson, Mississippi · Page 3

Jackson, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 3
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niUHIHHI TUDRb Ml AHHtSltUL Stephen Noble Must go to Nashville to An- : : . ' J swer a Charge of Seduction. Governor Noel hag honored the requisition of the governor of Tennessee for Stephen Noble, a young traveling salesman who makes headquarters In this clly, and who is wanted at Nashville on the charge of seduc-nion. The requisition was presented by Sheriff Sam H. Borum, of Davidson county, Tenn., who was In Jackson yesterday searching for Noble, and, through the local police department, learned that he was In Meridian, and had given instructions to have his mail forwarded to that place until Oct. noth. Sheriff Rorum at once communicated with the Meridian authorities, and a systematic search was Instituted. The Meridian authorises learned that Noble was at Waynesboro, in company with two women, giving demonstrations of a new brand of coffee being Introduced by a wholesale firm. An THOSE WEEVIL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD ON THE 13TH AND 14TH OF NOVEMBER. Mi. Evans Whites That He Can Be Here on Those Dates, and the Houi cf Speaking Will Be Announced As Soon at Arranged. Gov. Noel has received a letter from Mr. .1. A. Evans, the government bollson ponce iat night caught seven out weevil wen who represents the Vnit-f eleven crippled begtrars in a Mill ! States department of agriculture in ireet boarding house, charged with farmers' co-optative and demonstra- .being drunk and disorderly, and as a tiun work in Louisiana and Texas, but result the seven, as well as the balance Mho has been doing much work iu ( of the eleven left town during the fore-Mississippi this fall, in which he says noon. h wilj be la this state, and ean fill j At the olice station this morning dates on Nov 12th and Jlth. The. the cripples and their crutches were places where Mr. Evans' services have Hrn-a up on a long bench, and about been aked for are Pickens, Canton j half of them entered pleas of guilty and Jackson, and It will be necessary to MnK jruni. The other half were fcr Mr. Kvans to make two speeches in one day 10 accommodate the tnree .Thompson Imposed-wnienres of ten places. The hours will therefore have 1., ett( j,, and gave those who dewir- ?o be arranged later, and these will be; lt tne 0lion Gf petting out of town announced within the next day or w ) Tho fir-f (hut iht n t! U'tiJ iiua an. I . .... .... . .... ..... pen red even In the suburbs of JacUc-n. a !! as In the southern portion r,f tne county, makes it a:i tne more nec-' 'becKed a little." esary that the people in this action J The whole trouble occurred through should get together and get all the i:i-ja ov,.r a pman toy named Dowd formation they caa on this most lra-jPn Mono, whom two of the beggars prri.int subject, and lt is therefore claimed was their brother that is. expected that ih meeting her will be each wanted bhn for his brother, to a very large one in point of attend- ( (he exclusion of the other.' II. develop. ft!W. however, that the boy is not connected While It may be that other peakera!wlth cither of them, being an orphan will bt- frosent at tbee meetings it Is 'hoy from Ixingvlcw, Tex., who ran !! recogniied that Mr. Evar to the away from ,). home of his tme,. He foremost man In the South on this par. j., it-out twelve or fourteen y-ars oid. tteular subject, and his speech will be tbe otn Important part of any meeting when he Is on the program. CUSTOMS OFFICERS ALERT. Trying to Collect High Rate of Duty! on Pearls, New York, Oct. t'H The customs ! authorities here are trying to collect j a high rate of duty on importation for; Morn Guggenheim of 59 matched and pierced pi-arls. The pearls were entered at a low rate of duty as pearl heads, while the government holds ; hat thc i-hould.be listed as a necklace, and therefore dutiable at the rate of firt per cent advalorem. 1 The case is similar to that against the late Win. B. Lrods, which Is famous in custom annals and in which the i'nited States circuit court upheld the government's claim. This case is now before the circuit court of appeals having been carried up on an appeal. The hearing In the Guggenneim case ha been eel for November 10th. The claim involves S 1 2,f'. Many a man has got rich on what he could borrow. Ik 0S V" , v' l tt .its ' ,a1 V V' CW1 H H H m mm w m - i j officer was at once sent to Handsboro. and Noble was arretted and conveyed to Meridian. , The news of the arrest will occasion much surprise In .social circles in Jackson, as Noble is connected with some of the best families in this city. The greater portion of his life has been spent here, and much regret is expressed over the trouble In which he is involved. . Sheriff Borum did not reveal the name of the young lady who filed the charge of seduction. He stated, however, that the girl is only fifteen years of ae, and belongs to a well-to-do farm ily In Nashville. An indictment was returned against Noble by the Davidson county grand jury several days ago, and on, this indictment, accompanied by a wararnt, Governor Noel granted the requisition. It is expected that Noble will be taken back to Nashville within the next day or so. CAUGHT SOME CRIPPLES SEVEN ARE ARRESTED ELEVEN LEAVE THE CITY. A Whole Drove of Beggars Were Holding a Reunion When a Drunken Row Among Them Caused Arrests Four of Them Get Away. With no dice In the crowd, the Jack not guilty, they said, Hut when Judge by noon, every one took advantage of it, and tne entire puncn tiiea out. o i JM.J111' til tl.rm Fdifl Uini iflni lull j was sailing shoestrings. O'hers soldi !rflurt plasters, and some of them Juft and a member of a pood Tcxra family WEATHER FOR THE WEEK. Following is the weather summary fcr the pr-st week: Oencrally clear and pleasant weather with moderate temperature prevailed until Friday, which was partly cloudy. A chance to much cooler set In Friday night accompanied by light showers In the western counties. Sunday was clear and cool when heavy to kill Ing froft formed in the central and eastern counties with temperature be low freczitij at some stations. Iike and Kosciusko reported .10 decrees anri Waynesboro HI degrees. Maximum tempera-urea on the first three days generally ranged between 83 degrees and KS degrees. The mean temperature was about 1 degree above the nor ma! in the western portion of the state and 1 degree below the normal in the eastern portion. Over the greater portion of the state there lias been no precipitation of consequence since September 27th, m,d in some localities th re has not been an Inch of rainfall sitice August 24th. More than the normal amount of aiipishirip wjiq reeelvei. TRY THIS FOR YOUR COUGH. Mix a half-ounce of Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure with two ounces of Glycerine and a half-pint of good Whisky; shake well, and take a tea-rpoonful every four hours. It ia claimed this mixture will break up a cold in twenty-four hours, and cure any cough that Is curable. Being free from opiates and drugs. It Is far preferable to the ordinary cough remedies, and, as it provides a quantity sufficient to last the average family an entire year, la as inexpensive as it Is effective. The necessary Ingredients can be se cured from any good prescription druggist, and the mixture easily pre pared. It is well to remember, when having this formula put up, that the genuine Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure is never sold In bulk, but Is put for dispensing only In half-ounce vials, each vial securely sealed in a round wooden case. Rank Imitations, resembling the genuine only in name and style of package, are sometimes offered, but these are essentially In effective and often cause nausea. It Is better to purchase the Ingredients separately and prepare the mixture at home. Be sure to get the genuine Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure, guaranteed under the Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 13f6, Serial No. 451, prepared only by Leach Chemical Co., Cincinnati, O. DR. ANNA SHAW TELLS UN THE CAUSE BERATES GREAT BODY OF IDLE WOMEN. President cf National Woman's Suffrage Association Explain the Cause of Non-Success of the Movement in an Address at Rally. Chicago. 111.. Oct. 2S. Woman turned upon woman yesterday in the cause of the ballot. And it was no less a person than Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, president of the National Woman Suffrage Association, who did It. Dr. Shaw addressed an enthusiastic rally of Chicago suffragists held In the afternoon in the assembly hall of the fine arts building. Representatives of ten local suffrage organizations were there, and every representative was looking for something interesting. None, as several admitted afterward, expected just what came. "One of the greatest obstacles to woman's suffrage we have in this country today," said Dr. Shaw, "is our great body of idle women. The industries that occupied their grandmothers do not occupy them and this has taken from these women the opportunity of being producers cf wealth. "They are consumers, not producers We are depriving them of all incentive to intellect. We are using the state's money in educating them and then throwing them back on the state as dead lumber. We are sending clrls out from our colleges with the desire to serve and are giving them nothing to do. There are not enough professions to go around, and what eise are we offering them?' IVY FROM LEE'S GRAVE. Amoy, Oct. 8 In 1S68 a slip of Ivy from Gen. Lee's grave was planted in tho grounds of the Amoy Club, and this afternoon, a bronze tablet was set in an adjacent room by American residents of Amoy. The tablet is inscribed: "This Ivy was taken from the grave of Robert E. Lee and planted by Vice Consul Carrinston in 1&9S." . SLAUGHTER OF YAQUIS. El Paso, Oct. 28. News reached here teday from various sources of a battle between Papago and Yaqul Indians, which had taken place north of All sr. Sonora and of which forty Ya-quis were kilkd. According to reports, the Mexican government armed some I'apagos, who lured the Yaqul into ambush and slaughtered them. Reports have not been officially confirmed JACKSOX DAILY NEWS: WEDNESDAY, - - SANDY HOOK LIGHT ' OUT OF COMMISSION ENTIRELY NEW LIGHTSHIP WILL TAKE ITS PLACE. For More Than Fifty Years' the Old Name Has Been Known As a Marker for Western End of Atlantic Ocean Vcyagts. New York, Oct. 28. On December 28, the Old Sandy Hook Lightship, which has for half a century marked the western end of the trans-Atlantic voyage, will be put cut of existence, and the name will never again appear on the logs of steamers crossing th ocean. In place of the old ship wilt be an entirely new one, and on its sile will be painted the words "Ambrose Channel." The landmark, or rather- seamark, will disappear, and the name that has for half a century been one of the most prominent hi the annals cf navigation will disappear forever. The original lightship was anchored In it3 place more than fifty years ago and the present vessel was put into commission in 1892. When it was de. cided two years ago that the present ship would not last much longer, a new one was ordered and has now been completed. With the opening of the new Ambrose channel, ships will not approach' within three miles of Sandy Hook and for that reason an unsentimental lighthouse beard has decided to substitute Us name for the old snid honored one of Sandy Hook. The board is prepared fcr all sorts of protests from those who wish to cling to the old name, but has fully decided .that navigators must use the new one. There will he no change ia the lights cr fog signals. WOMEN, LOVELY WOMEN "Fair Tresses Man's Imperial Race Ensnares," Says Pope. -The grandest of feminine attractions is a beautiful head of luxuriant hair. Glorious hair! Great pcets have sung its praises; artists have endeavored to pcrtray it accurately, but have seldom succeeded. Are you a woman Would you crown yourself with glorious hair? Would you add doubly to your present, attractiveness? Then go to the drug store of V. L. Brown Co. and ask for a bottle of Parisian Sage, the great hair tonic and beautifler. A large bottle costs but 50 cents, and in one week's time it will change harsh, lustreless untidy hair Into soft, silky and luxuriant hair. Tarisian Sage is fully guaranteed by W. W Hrown Co. to t,top falling hair, cure dandruff and Itching of the scalp in two weeks, or money hack. lt kills the microbes, that's how It cures dandruff. It is a .pleasant and invigorating hair dressing, does not dye the hair, and is , not sticky or greasy. "I have used Parisian Saee Two weeks only, yet in thjt time I find my hair has wonderfully Increased in beauty, thickness and luxuriance. But wtiat surprised me most was the dtsap- pearance of all dandruff. It pleases tne to recommend suco an emciem remedy to all my friends. Gratefully yours, Mrs. Maud llagar, 617 West 136th St., New York City." For sale by W. L. Brown Co. or by express, all charges prepaid, from Glroux Mfg. Co.. Buffalo, X. . SEARCHIHG FOR LOOT FROM CATHLDHAL NEW YORK POLICE QUIETLY TRACING PLUNDER. French Authorities Believe Stolen Articles From One of Their Great Churches May Be Sold or Pawned in New York. New York, Oct. IS. The police of New York are quietly searching for some trace of the valuable knit taken from the Cathedra! of Linioces. France, last May. The French authorities have received information which leads them to believe that the articles stolen were s-hipped to the U. S. and are now piohably hidden in New York. A list cf the stolen articles was sent to Washington and this list has been communicated to the local police The list, it is said, has also been sent to the police of the other large cities in the country. The French government has requested that a lookout lie kept to prevent the sale or pawning of any of the articles, all of which are of great value, not only Intrinsically-, but because their great antiquity, most of the articles being l'W years old. The first seven articles on the list are paintings, most of them on enamel plates, and depictim; religious sub jects. The largest of these plates Is 13x19 inches. Among the other articles are: Ewer hi silver gilt with plate bearing the words, "Animan Suam dat pro Ovi!m.;" candlcstick with same coat cf arms as the ewer; censor measuring xt inches; two pyx or ciborlums 1.x2i inches In the center; large church vessels - 41x13 icches, bearing medallions with re ligions scenes. Also two s-nial!er church vessels: two silver chalices 27x12 inches; chalice of gilded silver with cups, and three other chalices; pair of silver vases; two canon crosses and miscellaneous articles of lesser value. ANOTHER CUTTING SCRAPE. Kid Cook Slashed Face of Jim Burns Lat Nigbt. The police department is on the lookout fcr "Kid" Cook,, a yxmng man well known as a rounder here, who last night seriously cut another young man named Jim Burns, formerly a prominent young merchant, but now out of business. Burns u cut on tho OCT. 28, 08. -- That Bathroom ot Yours Bath tub s, bowls, kitchen utensils, etc., are enameled so that their smooth surfaces may be easily kept clean. Scouring bricks and gritty powders ruin the polish Of the enamel, making it rough and hard to clean. sUse Gold Dust for cleaning all sorts of enameled and painted surfaces! Gold Dust simply releases dirt allowing it to wash away easily by rinsing. "Let the Gold Dust Twins do your work." face, and the wound is both deep and long, although not regarded as necessarily of a fatal character. Cook, the man charged wit'a doing the cutting, was seen this morning by members of the police force, but at. the time the matter had not. been reported, and it was not known that he was wanted. Very little is known of the nature of the difficulty, hut it is said the men were drinking at the time of its occurence. Kid Cook, charged with seriously cutting Jim Burns last night, was ar-resttd shortly before noon today ami was admitted to bail in the sum of $250. His bond was promptly signed by Mr. R. O. Edwards and he was released. His trial will probably come up during the week in the city court. LOOT FOUND IN PANAMA. Will Be Sent to Philadelphia for Casting. Washington. Oct. 2. A ton of copper pipe, collected from oid French excavators and locomotives, some bronze bearing taken from cars, locomotives and excavators, and 2,'0 pounds of tin found in one of the French warehouses on the isthmus of Panama, have been collected and will be sent to the Philadelphia mint to be used ia "casting bronze medals which are presented by the president to employes of the Isthmian canal commis sion who nave served two years or j 10re on tne isthmus. It is exacted ; ,he medals will be ready for distrl- pution earlv in lf'W THE WEATHER. tinglon. Oct. IS. Fair and with frost tonight; Thursday Was cooler iair. IS YOUR COAT DUSTY? You.-Probably Have the White Scab of UdUUIUII Uil Ik. If your cent or shoulders have a white dust upon it, the chances are that, it is from dandruff. The only way to permanently cure dandruff is to remove the cans'1,, which is a serin., New-bro's Herpicide kills the germ. Every toilet table should have such a hair- dressing that contain also the destroy er of the dandruff and hair falling germ. It stops all irritation, keeps the scalp sweet, pure and wholesome. Remember that something claimed to be "just, as good will not do tne work of genuine Herpicide. Sol! by leading druggists.. Send Joe in stamps for sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit. Mich. Pot'les jVc and $l.Hl. W. L. Brown Co., two stores. 2S6 W. Capitol street, 41,1 E. Capitol street, spuria! aeents i v. 1 i fV. MA. s.'.r V;. V 1 s It "it ' i 2 ! l 14 A i a t f . .... cv.. .. ; 0 v p ' i r- it w - f-v? -fe :t w A. pjano Excitement at a JACKSON SHOPPERS CAUGHT THE PIANO FEVER YESTERDAY GOOD AND STRONG. A Big Scramble Was Made For the Special Advertised Bargains Many Out of Town Buyers Were Early to the Scene But the City Trade Seemed to Get Onto the Real Happenings and Simply Crowded Our Store. A special sale at a ten cent store lured mahogany will now sell for $298-could not have drawn larger crowds If you are after a fine Piano ask for nor created more excitement than i the bargains. Another prize getter was found at the special Red Tag Cut Price Sale now going on at E. E. Forbes' Piano Store. Many Pianos were sold at less than cost to manufacturer, and the crowds knew that it was a once in a lifetime chance to se- ! cure your own choice in make, style and case at such cut price bargains. You simply say what you want to pay out, we sell you on your own terms. DO YOU NEED A PIANO? If you do, you are indeed fortunate, for never was tUere such a chance in the history of Piano selling to buy the very best makes at the cost of a cheap one. The large number of Pianos we are selling daily is the best, evidence that this is indeed a Piano opportunity. ON YESTERDAY Our sales were the largest ever kn' wn. . A president cf one of our State's largest schools buys five for practice use, another buys a Grand for concert purposes. Mail orders are coming in from all sections of the State. We shipped four Uprights, one Square and three Organs in one day. Could we do it at regular prices? We should say not. It's prices, kind reader. It's the Red Tag Cut Price. SPECIAL PRICE SUGGESTIONS. A Standard Upright in fancy fig- r- r- r- c. l. r omes nano CAPITOL STREET, OPFOS TE POST OFPICE C. J. ROBERTS, Manager - - Jackson, Miss. EMMA GOLDMAN tQUELCHED. Not Allowed to Make Addresses in Indianapolis. Chicaco, Oct. II A dispatch to the Record-Herald from Indianapolis. Intl., says: Emma Goldman was led from the Piopylemn uers last night when she was. about to address a large audience that had assembled at the fashionable club house to hear her. Twenty p icemen were on hand when she arrived and as she stepped into the hal: she was told that she would not be permitted to speak in this city. She demurred at first, but the officers gathered around and she was informed that she would have to go to the police station if she persisted. She did not make any further resistance. Ben L. Rettmau, who was with her, attempted to speak on a corner near the Propyleum, but the police forced him t resist, under threats of locking him up. TAKE YOUR CHOICE. Some days he cau not write "ponies" His mind, it seems, is haz;-; Pc-haps the bard is overworked. Perhaps th, bard is lazy. "The S. J. JOHNSON COfV Jackson's Largest New Arrivals in Our. Great Ladies' ReadytoWear Department If you seek n-li;ili!ity in tit, in stylo, in lasting quality and true irmminy in Imyinu:, then we say by all means come in and see our exquisite $25.00 TAILORED SUITS We are nlieriu' the cxaet repiodu'-tion as illustrated liv cut, and we guarantee tint you could not duplicate tiieni in Jackson at fOO.OO; in addition we show the largest assortment of Dressy Ctuwns, Tailored Suits, Capes and Cloaks Priced at $17.50, $18.50, $20.00, $25.00 up to $125.00 VMih THREE nign ritcn is a burl walnut of one of the finer grades. It is full size, has a rich mellow tone and cheap at $."50, but some wise, judicious purchaser secures it at the Red Tag Pric, $:il6. Just, arrived yesterday, a shipment of stray Pianos three in number made by a well known New York manufacturer, a make that every school child is familiar with, and they sell for $2fiS each. SQUARE PIANOS. Selling at, $17, $20, $10 to $ST. at $1.00 down and $1.00 per week taken back inside of three years in exchange for Upright at the price paid us during this sale. EVERYTHING SELLS. In this Big Sale every instrument sells, Electric Pianos, Inside Player Pianos, Players. Orchestrions, etc.. I and the list, includes the world's fa mous makes. ACT QUICKLY. Don't delay Come today Pay while you play Your price practically j am k,rnlii s0 reasonable that you never miss the money invested. PRICE LIST. Write or 'Phone for Big Descriptive Pamphlet, ghing prices, terms, and full information about the Biggest Sale ever held in the South. A BAD PAIR. Two fiends of a desperate character, And hateful as hateful can be; Who when there is trouble stand ready to stir. Are euvy and jealousy. They'll keep jou awake while tho night wears on And sadly embitter the day: They've harried poor mortals through years that are gone And swept oil life's sweetness away. Just when you're not looking they'll capture your heart And soon turn its h.'iiey to gall: For tricks that are shrewd and t-msich'evrxs art These two are the subtlest of a!!! A TRYING FATE. "If a prune can think, what do yo; v.ppeso it I hicks?" "Siiinething like 'Darn it!' probably, low would you like to be a prune?'' ASTHMA Intftnt rvllaf And fntflf cur. Trtal ?raiment mna frt-e. Tozloo Laboratory, 1133 Broadway. New York. Style Store." Store Alway s Reliable Co IPANY

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