The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
Page 6
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•PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Winner Will Probably Get Shot Al Louis' Crown In Fall . Rf HARRV FERGUSON United Press Sporfs Editor NEW YORK, June 1. (UP)Like a couple of guys pulling and shoving to see who can slick his neck under a guillotine first, Max Baer and Lou Nova fight tonight to determine which one goes against Joe Louis in the fall for the heavyweight championship of the world. It's even money and take your choice. If you like a young, hungry fighter who is smart, ambitions nnd packs a fair punch In cither hand, get aboard Nova. If you prefer a man who cim'l box and is strictly a one-handed puncher, then hove a load of madcap Maxie Baer nnd stake everything on the chance that somewhere along the line he will get across the terrific right that once killed a man in the ring.. The distance is 15 rounds and many persons—including the author of this sparkling essay on pugilism —believe that if Baer is going to win, he'll have to do it before the bell rings for the sixth. The farther it goes, the better Nova's chances should be. He is younger, a belter boxer, lie has more Incentive to win and, unlike Baer, he has left nothing along the primrose path where more championships are Icsl than arc ever lost in the ring. There have Been tall talcs aboul how this is a Jiew Baer who will move out under the burning lights tonight, a serious minded, well conditioned-;Baer who wants lo dispose of Nova and then avenge his honor by-getting another crack at Joe Louis. Open the window and throw all that sort of stuff out. He will be the same old Bacr—a little older, maybe a little slower— but still the same old Maxle who looks like the greatest fighlcr in the world when things arc going his way and the worst in the world wheii the load gets rough. Nova, a Tunney-likc sort of fellow, is easy to figure. Nobody, not even Maxie himself, knows what Eaer will do or say \\hen, the bell sends them out. He may rush out and clout Movn wllli a sledgehammer right and take command of the fight from the first 10 seconds. If Bacr's confidence is sapped by an early reverse, he probably will Iritter away the fight and wind up losing the decision. To the winner goes a shot, at the championship in September. That means, to all practical purposes, n shot at Louis although Joe will go through the formality of sending Signer Tony Oalento back to his beer parlor in New Jersey the last part of this month. Hie crow<! at Baerf training camp, brimming with confidence, has laid 5,000 cold dollars on Ihe line at even money that Maxie wins tonight. Max himself lias contributed ;beiter than one-third of the amount. Nova WBS equally confident. "I'll be disappointed it I don't knock him out," he said. "I know I'm going to outpoint him. If Bacr wants to slug, I'll slug with him. If be wants to box, I'll give him a "licking." Ihe betting has been heavy, but most bookmakers merely say: "Six to five and take your pick." Thai means they consider it an ever money bet and are merely taking the -bulge for their commission. Working in Nova's corner will be James 17. Braddock, the Cinderella Man who won the heavyweight title from Baer four years ago and who now is seeking to bring, about Ma'xle's downfall again. Promoter Mike Jacobs predicts a crowd of 25.000 and a gate cf $200,000. Today's Sport Parade By HcUmon NEW YORK, June 1 (UP) — Make mine Nova, sight unseen. Without ever having laid eyes on the young Cnllfornlim In ft ring, I'm choosing him lo win his fight wHJi Mflxle JJaer under the Yankee Sladiiim lights tonight. My guess is Hint the end will come In the Will round or there- nlwuts, with the referee mercifully stepping In to keep Baer from taking punishment while helpless. It mny seem for n fel- lo\v to pick n fighter he hris never seen, but in this case It isn't, Because I have seen Bacr. Seen him, seen him, seen him, and seen him, iii Tact. I snw him ns n grinning, foolish, helpless clown In his defense of the heavyweight title against Jim Braddock. I saw him afraid and halting against Louis. I saw him— but I won't nnnie all the times and nil the places I saw him 1)L'- causc this Is ,1111 nrtlclc, nol fi book. 1 just don't think the man hits It In him to come back. Of course, (here is aluw; the outside chance Hint I may lie wrong, but Baer left too much of himself on the road of life he chose to travel after he won the chmnulonshlu, ever to have time to turn back and galher it n!) up. Six or seven weeks of training haven't given Baer time to return lo the point he was, let vis say, Hie night lie knocked out Sclimel- InB. Because boys, there was a time when the laughing, clowning playboy really cut out a pace. He brought n remnrkntile show of early foot !o the primrose path, and backed It up with stamina lhal kept him going round the clock. There was a spell In his career, when he wns riding high, thai he wns the first to arrive and the last to leave at every party, No one.Is going to convince me, Just by tolling me, that six weeks in the country Is sufficient lo re- pnlr tlmt wear and Irar on (he Bner chassis. I 'sec User right out there under the hot lights, with three strands of rope around him, skin light gloves on his flsls, and faced by a game, young, and tough kid who wants to let him Imvc bolli barrels. ' • if Nova Is linlf the fighter I hear he is. then Bacr's only chance Is lo come out winging that right of his nnd trust it will land in the early rounds. You can throw out those stories you have been rending of how Baer lints developed n remarkable left jab and hook. Remarkable left hooks and jabs aren't developed overnight. You are either born with them or develop them only" through months' arid years of hard, hard work. I wouldn't be surprised (o sec Baer come out jabbing, however. He'll try anyUilng once, even against the best advice. He tried such n style' against Louis, you will remember, and nearly got killed. He tried it against Tommy IVirr, a poor excuse for a fighter at best, nnd barely managed lo win. He tried it against Brnddock and should have been thrown out of the ring. ; <| Nova's greatest assets are youth and ambition. Thai's a rugged combination, in any business. With his mechanical style I expect to -see him wear down and discourage Baer in the first eight or nine rounds and then really go to work on dim. The bout is going to be televised, and if Baer isn'l any belter than he hns been in tils last two or three fights, the television folk had better get Orson Welles to do the announcing. It is likely to be that gruesome. Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League 1, Caruthersville 6 Paragould 6, New-port 2. Southern League Knoxvillc 8, Atlanta 3. Memphis at Birmingham, postponed, rain. Chattanooga at Nashville, postponed, rain. Little Rock at New Orleans, iwst poned, rain. I'ltrasanis U.iiscd at Jail PITTSFIELD. Mass. (UP)—Berk sin re county commissioners have requisitioned (he state conservation department for 1,000-dny-old pheasant.?. They plan to continue raising pheasants at the county jail for release next fall in covers throughout the stale. Coast Clipper \tlonla .. 23 18 Birmingham 10 18 Knoxville 13 10 ilanphls 19 20 Jcw (Menus 19 21 Nnslivllle •'..-..'.-.:. 17 20 Little Hock )0 23 irooklyn •Jew York Boston .............. 16 'hilndciphln ......... 12 In four of Die last five years, the Dominion of Canada lias held first pluce In wheat export. National Brooklyn 7, New York 4, Only game scheduled. American Open dale. 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THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1930 Grayson Says Needs Hitlers- Office Baseball -In Front BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Caruthersvllle H tavuort 13 10 'aragculd fl 13 oncsboro a 14 .036 .591 .•100 .331 Southern League W. i,. Pet. yhattanoogtt S3 10 .590 ny iiAnnv GRAYSON NBA Service Si>orls Editor NEW VORK, June l.-So nil but one American League club . . Boston , , . have- given up already , . . conceded another pennant lo New York. Yankee management, Is forced lo play night baseball against its will . . ' to bolster attendance of weaker outfits with less hustle. :• Falling olf l_u patronage In certain spots In' bolh majors Is alarming. Practically everybody save those financially Interested !ti National League ioni; since have been convinced that something should be done about bringing elder circuit up to standard of American. Now everybody wees that Am- ei-lcim really is two leagues . . . Yankees and other seven. Some suggest that, Yankees be broken up although, generally speaking, it is very young outfit just getting started. They |)0inl to scarcity of tnlent despite Met tlmt this spring brought out finest crop of first- year men In years. Yankees managed ' to come up with Charley Keller, Joe Gallagher and Buddy Rosar, not to-mention Alley. Donald. Red Sox produced Ted Williams, Jim Tabor and Woodrow Rich. Browns bobbed up with Johnny Berardlno nnd Johnny Kramer. Boston Bees gave $50,000 in cnsli nnd players for Eddie Miller. Brooklyn uncovered Pete cos- earn rt. Cardinals backed up veterans with several promising young pitchers. MA'J'KJUAL THERE FOB THOSE H'lIO SEARCH Material is there, but, big league clubs can't get it with front offices cither sitting slill or incompetent. Baseball's crying need is new ownership n;ul directorship. More than hnlf of major league clubs are either handled from the business office as outfits were guided in Pop Alison's time . . . when tilings took care of ihem- liavc lost Bob Feller had not Commissioner Lnndls chosen to avoid opening bidding for free agent of such youth and prominence. What Bradley saved in genera! manager's salary Die club has paid mnny times In mistakes, last of which was launching current campaign without single capable hand on either side second base. Clark Griffith Is content to go alung In Washington just- as long as he makes both ends meet . . . did nothing in direction of replace- Jng run manufacturers of 1938, Zeke liomu'n and Al Simmons, although paid fancy figure for former. TOO MANY MACKS AROUND S1I1I1K PARK In justice to Connie Afack, it must be said that he makes sincere efforts al nil limes in Philadelphia, but there are too mnny Murks nround Bhlbe Park, which Is one reason the Grand Old Man hns lo sell players la keep out of red. Nobody, Including Gerry Nugent, has cared anything about Phillies for years. Lfland Stanford MncPlmll boomed Brooklyn gale with night baseball, but no one attached lo Dodgers' front office, Including Larry MacPlmll, knows a ball player from load of hay. Horace C. Stoneham leaves entire Giant organtenllon in hands of Wlllliim llfi|t>)d Terry, w«o finds it tougher and tougher as he runs out of players assembled by John J. Mcdraw. In Pittsburgh, Bill Benswanger. non-baseljall man, has no baseball connections to speak of ... leans loo heavily on Harold Joseph Trnynor, who can't make up his mind until too late. Organization can't be beaten in any line. Yankees, Reds, Cardinals and ncd Sox furnish additional proof of this in baseball sense. It was more than Ynnkee wealth that found- Charley Keller on campus of University of Maryland . mashic shot Iron) Gviliith Stadium. King Kong Keller starred there for three years and Yankees had lo announce his signing Before Clark Griffith knew young man was in neighborhood. In the first game of n softball doubleheader tonight at Haley Field the Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation will meet Ihe hard hilling Ccca Coin Boitlers, in the second game Qcodyear and Phillips play lo determine who goes to the cellar. In the first game John "Wimpy" Burns .will probably be Manager Harman Taylor's choice to Inir) against the Bsttlers with Hires cnlchlng. Danny Wai-rlngton and Dick Patter will be Ihe ' Bottler battery. The Ford V-8's will probably start off with Leo "Pop" Stephens doing the pitching chores nnd Harlan Davis catching. John Cox will start en the rubber for Gocdyear with Jerry Harwell doing the receiving. Games will gel underway at eight o'clock. .581 .514 .500 .487 ..475 .459 .410 National League lliicimiutl ......... . . 25 t. Louis . 3htci)EO W. L. Pet. 13 22 14 SO 18 19 IB 1718 17 21 21 24 American York 20 Boston si leveland 19 Chicago 19 Detroit 16 Vnshlngton n Philadelphia 13 it. Louis 11 W. L. .C58 .011 .520 .514 .486 .441 .417 .333 Pel. .800 .030 .559 .543 .421 .380 .371 .'207 ODESSA, Wash. (UP)—The rear vhcel of a truck rolled over the lead of Ihe infant son of fnrmer ?rnnk Marshall, but the child siif- 'cred no injuries other than a cut lip and bruises. selves or engineered stupidly. Chicago White Sox arc n glaring example. Here is one of finest franchises going to pot. ••'.•_ When "Lucious Appling broke leg at outset a year ago, J. Louis Cotnlskey didn't even go to trouble of making gesture toward replacing star siiortstop. Lou Comiskey talked cutting salaries while Yankees, for . whom his array should provide opposition, were giving raises to members of \vhnt already was costliest bond of athletes In dodge.- Detroit's headaches started with death of Frank J. Navin, smart baseball man. In Frank Navin's place is Walter O. Briggs, Jr., son of owner. Tigers started for bottom as young Spike started at top. SLAI'NICKA A GENIUS FOR MAKING MISTAKES Cleveland let Billy Evans go as general manager after old umpire turned in grand job. Alv'n Bradley replaced Evans with Cyril C. Slapnicka, rare genius for doing wrong thing. Cyril Slapnicka, former minor league pitcher who hod been scout, didn't even know how to keep records straight. This cost Indians Tommy Henrich, among otners, and would Gentlemen/ make this experiment in EASE! • Wo bolievo HANES Crotch- Guard Knit Shorla lo be the most comfortable, garment e»er created, A Laslcx band rests lightly on your waist . . . moves as you move. The .scat is as comfortable as your favorite evening chair. The legs lit snugly without binding. And you aio comlorlablo wilh tho gentle athletic support ot the HANESSHIT Crrlch- Guaid —wilh ila convenient, bullonless fly-front. 11 you have nol worn HANES Crotch-Guard Shorts. Iry Ihom out. 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LOUIS (UP)—The municipal zoo has added a pair of hartc- beests of South Africa, the sec:nd to be shown in the United States. lo its collection of antelopes. The animals, ivildest nnd swiftest of the antelopes, are kept penned most of the time because of tiieir wildness. Atlanta Defeats Knoxville In Lone Southern Game Wednesday BAINS HOLD—36 By United I'rcss Southern Association baseball club owners Inspected their cash registers for signs of rust today as wet weather continued to throttle the league schedule. Undaunted by continued forecasts of weather highly unfavorable for baseball, the iDop was lined up for another try today. The Atlanta Crackers 'were particularly anxious for the ether teams in the league to play a few games. Three games were rained out yesterday, but Atlanta played and lost lo Knoxville, 8 to 3. Tlie defeat shoved the Crackers a full game behind the Chattanooga Lookcuts who apparently can use idleness or surprising baseball to strengthen their grip on first place. Clare Bertram, a young Knoxville Junta, confined the Crackers to six hits while Clyde Small, the Alanta lefthander, was peppered for 13. Knoxville blasted two home runs oft Sinoll, one by Richmond in the first with one on, and the other by Kies In the fourth. Atlanta's scoring was confined to the fourth when Mailho homered, sending two men in ahead of him. Today's schedule.: Atlanta at Knoxville (2); 'Chattanooga; at '•Nashville; Little Rock al New'Or- leans and Memphis at Birmingham. Urban Nevada Life Longer CARSON CITY, Nev. CUP)—Live In the city for a long life. The death rate for Nevada in 1937, according lo a report released by Dr. John E. Worden, state health officer, shows that the urban population of Ihe state has a life expectancy of nearly five years greater than that of rural inhabitants. Pitcher Obtained In Deal With Phillies-May Be Big Help BY GKOKGE KIUKSBY United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, June 1. (UF)-One of the Wg questions as the major leagues opened tiieir third Intersectional series today was "how much will Passcau help the Cubs?" The answer may have considerable effect on determining the National League pennant winner. It Claude I'asseait, obtained by the Cubs from the Phillies for three players and cash (which wasn't mentioned In ihe deal), can pitch winning , tall ihuj Ihe champions cannot be discounted easily. Passcau will gel his first test In n Cub uniform tonight when he faces the Dodgers In the opening of the National League's nocturnal schedule. The first National League night game at Philadelphia also is scheduled tonight between ihe IMralcs and Phils. Despite Dizzy Dean's two winning performances, the Cubs have been losing favor lately because of the failure to generate more punch and Dick kartell's loose play nround shortstop. It's up to Passenu to put new life in Ihe Cubs or Gabby Hnrtnctt's pennant, machine is likely to sputter too much to keep up with the field. One of the big- topics in the American League as the Eastern cliite moved Into the West for their second invasion concerned the Yankees' pitching problem. Joe McCarthy is crying for pitching help, which is a laugh lo everyone else considering the Yanks' C'/ 2 game lead. -But (he Yanks' pitching actually is wavering, and if Red Ruffing's arm daesn't show improvement with the hot weather McCarthy may actually be up against it for hurlcrs. Only one Yankee, rookie Atlcy Donald, lias gone the route In the last five games, Brooklyn walloped the Glanls, 7-4, in Hie only major league game yesterday, making six wins out of the liisi seven for (lie Dodgers. Luke Hamlln held the Glanls to six hits for his fifth victory. Johnny Hudson's single drove in the winning run in the eighth. Al Todd's double added two more for ;ood measure. * * • Yesterday's hero—Brooklyn's hot potato Luke Hamlln, who saw a 1-0 lead go up in thin air but leveled down with a brilliant pitching' jclj to kcejj Ihe Giants in sixth place. Thousands of young saplings fire purchased from farmers by steel companies for use In stirring ladles of molten steel. II A Ererything for your enter lalnment and comfort. If they are scheduled to fly thel following day, pilots on New Zea-'' land airways are forbidden lol drink after 8 -p.m. ' Men rate i 'tlie Graded; •American Wltukey' Old Fashioned Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Dlstrllmtcil T>y UA'ITED I.1QLJOK, Wholesalers Liltlu Roek, I-'orl SiiiHli, West 3k'tn|tM, H T s called "Menu Master" because you can use it for cooking almost everything. It's aluminum —lifiht, easy to handle. Having no ridges or grooves, it's easy to clean. It's really NEW —a revolutionary improvement over conventional broiler pans, designed and built exclusively for Westinghouse Ranges. Come in and sec it. Designed especially For smokeless broiling. Standard equipment with Emperor, Regent, find Dictator ranges. Large capacity—big enough for Remove racV and it's ndccproast- Round,flat bottom fits 8-inch Cor- JJcbopsorconijiletcbroilcdrncal. cr. You can even use it for baking, ox unit. Ideal for making gravy, WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. Second Phone .'(L! MEMPHIS v i H ,0 u i B S , s> W' S ' N <s H o u s * ^ Watch Society Ptfe Of Courier Newt For Free Show Guest* Last Times Today America's Most Tlirillirii Story! DARRYL f. ZANUCK'S produciicn THE STORY OF ALEXANDER, GRAHAM BELL DON 1AMECHE HENRY FONDA LOHEITA 'YOUNG Ccurnopolitan Production Paramount News & Porky Carloon Admission Matinee lOc & 2Cc Admission Nigtil IGR & 3Gc $ $ FRIDAY, June 2 100 GOOD RBASONS Why you should attend the show Matinee or Night Also selected shorts Admission Matinee lOc & 2Cc Admission NIglil IGc & 36c, ROXY Admission always lOo & 26c Matlnc« PH.-Sat.-San. Last Times Today PAL NIGHT Two Admitted for the Price of 1 A JWJIV UNIVERSAL Also selected shorts Friday - Saturday SONG-RUED RANGE SAGA} EREDITH e Som of t!it tionetn A_CJ3U)MBIA Also carloon & serial "Lone Ranir- er Rides Again." Conllnuous show Saturday

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