The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1946
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNK 18, 1910 BLYTOEYILLB OOUEOCB NBWt JAMBS L. VXRHOBFT. Httor THOMAS R. ATKINS. Admttof 1UUCW •ttt. Aitoto. , pubUtkMd KVVT Aftnooa _ M tta* port- office at BlytherUle, Art > MM, oadir Mt at Oa»- «nu, October », If IT. B«T«d hr ttw aUBOOBIFTIOM MATH By carrier ta tbe ctlj o> BtyOmuw «r •ofcurbtc town when cantor ante ta 20c per wwfc, or Me P« Haatt. By iu*U, rtttttii a rmdlua.o* « 'mllw. *4M per I. *2.oo (or iti rnontu, «l.uO for tdn* mooUu , uiui uutctdr Ml mUr maO The "Y" Deserves Support Perhaps one of the reasons for jiivcnilc delinquency is the reluctance of citizens generally to <io something about it at the time when their work can be most effective — before it gains a head start on a community and plunges whole families into grief. • As Kendall Berry, chairman of the Blylheville "Y's" campaign for $10,000 to finaisce. the agency's activities for a yJL'ar, so aptly said in a statement in the Courier News this week, the money for this agency is sought, and will )>c lisocl to' provide a supervised recreational program. . Supervised recreation .can do more than any other activity outside the home, the, school and the church, to prevent juvenile delinquency than any other thing which might be undertaken. -Just talking about causes of delinquency and possible cures will not get" the job' done. . . '••'" ^Blytheyille apparently does not have a/serious juvenile delinquency problem, triit There is no reason to believe that it will not have. And supervised play, sjiJch as the Blytheville Y is sponsoring, can go a long way to prevent a wave of delinquency among juveniles. ;! It cau do more than that. It can provide wholesome recreation for chil- . dren of various agens and tie in effec- tiA'cly with home training and the character Building programs of tho t'chools and the churches. 1' Some 300 contributors have provided about §0,000 of the $10,000 nced- ed.i There are still^some- in Ely theville ••'• who could qualify among the group of larger contributors. There are many who can, and should, join the ranks of • those who have contributed smaller sums. .•'.'. '..'•: \\ A contribution in any amount will be welcomed by the "Y", and those who contribute will have an opportun- ' iiy to share that satisfaction which comes from community co-operation which builds character. No Loss of Faith - On the day after Mr. Justice Jackson-teed off on Mr. Justice Black, by re*. mote control from Germany, one of Washington's many columnists came forth with a mouir.ful piece. His thesis was that the American people, for the first time in our history, had lost faith ill the honor, integrity and general ini- pccciibility of tha Supreme Court of the United States. Wo are inclined to question the validity of this assumption, us well as the accuracy of a public opinion poll, covering more than 150 years, which this columnist obviously hits conducted from the depths of his .swivel chair. We might say, with equal confidence and accuracy, that the American people were diverted for a nay or two by the Supremo Court set-to, 'anil' then prompt|y forgot it. After all, if a lapse of judicial decorum is •'vciiso'n, 1'or loss of faith, then Americans should have given up on the country's highest court M2 years ago. For, in 1804, Associate Justice Samuel Chase was impeached for misconduct in a trial involving the Sedition Law. And tho people have had the opportunity to lose faith in other of our governmental institutions. The Republic was only eight years old when a senator was impeached. There have also been ini]>cachincnls of a President, u Secretary of War, and nine federal judges. Yet somehow the nation has managed to ..retain considerable confidence in' the office of President, in the Congress, the Cabinet, and the judicial branch of the government. . •/ Much has been made of the fact that seven of the present Supreme Court justices were appointed by the late President Roosevelt. The trouble has been traced back to the "court- packing" attempt of 1937. But why should seven met) of the same political party, picked. for a certain political like-inindedness, be less compatible than a court whose appointments stretch over several administrations, and which shows a more even political division? Perhaps the trouble is that the" seven political bedfellows are more politicians than jurists. Or it may be that the American-people were just shocked to find Supreme Court justices giving way to human emotions. Few of ii[j could have been pleased by the pub lib .ajring of the Jackson'•' Bfhck aniftYd.sily and the rumor of other Court 'feuds.- But all this is no rcflec- • tion on the r Court ns an institution, nor is it a 'Complete condemnation of -• thtf men who make up the court. . The manners: of the brcthern may not have been of the best, but at least there is a noble tradition to teach them how they should behave. Doubtless they will heed it and get back into line. Tile Jackson-Black imbroglio shocked Washington, but that hotbed of gossip and rumor is scarcely a typical American city. Perhaps our columnist has lived there so long that he has forgotten this. There Seem to Be Two Schools of Thought *. WASHINGTON COLUMN Small-Business Boondoggling General Duty L ; yc Copyright b r Lucy Agwt HoKOck Mtrib»t*4 by NEA SERVICE, LUCY AGNES HANCOCK T1IK STORYi One Klnnur *1*H« tun MI r»(rr Urn* ftlrMHKcrw hrtnjc n luiiUv Injured h«jr In In BftrlrJnf: >Thilc Snlly in on HaCy Tfccf IrT lr» lr»»Te- vrithnnl nny rXpl*n»- <ton hat 1»r. \Villo«BkT.y cnlli* the police. AlivT (!»« MNHpfciovH rl»*r- nctt-rfl»fcavr bvrn Ink en 4« hr*4* «]nnrlcr?> r the lichen In 1»e fc<w pHa! po out. Snlly xnd Mnntitret are' »l**»e In the durkt-Nrrf Hr- Cfivim^ rwom irli«-n tfcrj- hrnr m *fc»t. An vaknovrm M«M enter*, irlrn tKrtM 1o mMafn trhrre Ikry arc if Ihfj- vrixh to HT*ild «rt- lilrnnnnt cumplicntioit*. (hen ittm- nppraTx. Tkc HcktM RO on nicnlfi btil there IM MO trace «f htm. Xnlly nayn nhc'll nrvc-r f*ricr( hi* vnlcc. ]»r. WilinwKhhy •dmitn there proh^bly IB n ronnectlvm fectneea the two Infldenlii, I absolutely sunk. But even I. scared las I was at the time, knew none of those thugs parading before us was the mysterious stranger. I hope to heaven I never do see him. There was something sinister about him—slinky and—and— j well, sinister." Sally laughed. *'I can see you're I not at all inlrigued by mysteries," "A refugee," Margaret mused, j she said. "Well, I am and I hope I | "No wonder the English have thcn> nrt that voice if only to satisfy .idea the United States is peopled)™y curiosity." | almost entirely wilh thugs and had been for months. I wanted lo go back to ] has i. lie was so delermincd, that his foster father has worried for fear ho I might even run away, so a week Doctor Willoughby explained ns he joined them. "After all, there was merely a lapse of a week from tho lime of the robbery md abduction to their capture. Already Dean is beginning lo accept the role of hero. You know they L along because he discov- k crcd them in the Bc t? That kid hc 'failed to •Hough the hour was ap- I ?f pco .l at ?. r l" kfaSt 1"° "TT 1 ;'I actually tried to capture those nroachinz midnieht there was I thou , Eht £ c rn ,? y h " vc * l . arl . cd ' three ruffians single-handed. Great proacmng miamgni mere wasip CrnapS| f 0r Canada. Mr. Winston 1 nothing'.especially weird or dis- got in touch with the authorities turbing about, the Receiving Room I and the border was watched, also tonight. Sally Maynard stood be- J" .^ ° f ^arhation. Ho felt forb a window that laced the val- I thlu °? on was ' ust "'= lad >« tr - v boy!" loy in which -Lmtonville. slum- -. - . bcfcd. It flowed softly' beneath a shl P' brilliant moon and rnyriad stars. P^sed , . *° stow awi1 ">s somo Cars and trucks passed the hospital, slid silently dosvn the long . _ Covered. So, ean until several the robbery was dis-1 if they did believe | it wasn't for "But how did he get so completely smashed up, Doctor?" Margaret wanted to know. "I've heard just scraps of the slory but • has explained that part to • ys • me. They didn't abuse him?" "That happened on the night ha ... was brought here. He had been ,7 . , > . ^ei> |k c pt a prisoner in some sort of 'hill to the city and disappeared lor I lon «'. lm B™* he s ccranlgalo ! 1f; shack near Lintonville and nian- a space to be seen later ascending ?° nlcts 'y' ine y arc 'aKing mm | a g c< j to cscapc . They discovered the winding incline on the oppo- "°ra as soon as he can he moved. his abscncc and tracked him down sit* side. The sight always fas- T *««« >J> to «<* h |™ , af ,! cr 'home five miles out the River cinated Sally. She loved to walch n ° 6n - Hc s a S 1 * 71 * 1 ytlungstcr - Turnpike. They swear he was those speeding monsters on their I "So Willoughby • was right," hying in the road when they fonnd journey into the unknown. Margaret said thoughtfully, mure I him. That's their story and they "I don't suppose we shall,ever interested in the perpetrators than n u agree on it. The two men who know who that stranger was," the victim. "That was the first lime brought him here declare they Margaret Adams said almost re- I was ever in a police station andh, a d nothing to do with it—that gretfully now that time had sub- the only time I've eVer been ques- u, C y W ere merely members of the dued her terror o{ two nights ago. \ tioned. Scared me to death." (searching party and didn't even "I nonder who he was and what "But Sergeant Trimble was very j know the other three. I don't know it'i. all about"- : ' kind, Margaret," Sally pointed out. —I can't believe, they are entirely Sally turned from the window I "And do you knoW 1 was almost innocent. And, what is more, shook his head. "I still think relieved when none of the men I neither does Sergeant Trimble!" he's someone local—perhaps the who appeared in line proved lo be "Then the case Isn't seltlcd?" front—this end of the fane ol j our midnight visitor. They were Sally asked. "I have been wonder- thieves Oh well, anyway I'm glad such an ugly, uninteresting lot. 1 ing. It didn't seem to me the po- thejr discovered that boy's family Our caller was at least thoughtful lice could be so gullible." — -<a thos^. who are acting in his I and polite—" ('••"< * I "Don't worry. They'll ferret It family's place. The police mad* . "Thc*>jhtful, my eye!" Mar-1 out," the resident assured her \vltlj fhort work «* thai «S«ir, • didn't' jartt scoRsd. "Took top years Irom -quiet confidence, 'thtyt" '"'< : '.".••';" : ".'• :.V' v v-• .' <.'.p'linym*. I think I *«*^n**"*i: >o| (To Be Continued) BY PETER EDSON NEA WashinRton Corresiioiident WASHINQTON. June 18. (NEA) —A new probe into Ihe growth ot business monopolies in the Unlti:tl States Is scheduled to get under way within a month before a special House subcommittee on , MIIIIII business. Bui If this inveslifaUoi: doesn't do more for small business than the numerous wartime efforuf In this direction dtd, it iniuht nx veil fold before il gels K°ln:. Of all the sacred causes thought up by Congress and the cconotnib ilnnncrc, this riid to sinnll busuie*^ was the most abused. -KoL that tne need for aiding small business dm not exist. It was just that noijotiy came up with even a halt-way riltai answer on whut to do about It. The excuse for Ihls newest congressional investigation is lhat during the war the concentration or economic power in the hands jt 1 " few firms Increased alarminglyVOr course it did. Half a million filling stations and similar small businesses had to shut up shop becaus» they couldn't jjn ( [ anything to se!t At the same lime, a ';lot or DIE businesses got bigger because was impossible to build 75.000 Airplanes a year out behind anybody's barn. But the war is over now. Mus: of the big war industries aren't tic- tng as big a business as tney were doing a year ago. Most of the surplus war plants aren't, yec soul And any economist who will taK-. the trouble to walk mound 11 blui?" in any business community \vU see thai plenty , o! war-suspcndec. and new small , businesses huv opened their doors. ' In that situation, nobody know how much economic concentrar;oi there Is or how.'much sinall bus ness Ihere is. ^Nobody will - hiiov 1 .' until the Department o( CbinnicuM- gcl.s through', with Us -next census of Industry, sometime next vcar. SENATE KKPOKT O1TKS ":.'.', DANGER TO SMAU, IIVI.SINIISS On this same subject, the Scniui- Stnall Business Committee h^vs HIM issued a new ropori on "Economic Concenlratimi and World War II." 11 was prepared under the direction of John Blair and Ihe st;ul ot the now defunct Smulli-t War Plants Corporation, it is n ^5u- page nSfnlr filled \\lth charts ami tables and gniphs and a rehiuh •-. earlier studies on monopolies by the Tet«l>orary National Kcon;i:ni-" Conimlttcc. Ihe National Resource? Committee, the War Piodue'-ion Board, and other dead ducks. Many of Ihe statistics cUeci ur- cnrricci through the fall o! 1341 and arc 1 , therefore, meaningless in- day bei-ausc thcv doii*!. chiuery, chemicals, drugs, transnor- mcrgcrs is similar to what hap cned in the 1920-21 and 1S25-W booms after World War I. talicn equipment, wines and liquors. This trend towards more and more; 1 Knowledge of tiolicc rjroccdur and the local geography won't 1: much help in landing a job as cop In Miami. The emphasis no is on intelligence and physical li Used See Refrigerators - 50-75-100 Good Used Singer Sewing Machine—sews like new NEW CEDAR CHESTS—New Perfect Sleeper Inncrspring Mattresses — Box Springs Aivin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main Phone 2302 AH our Employees are ,War Veterans. Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! • .1' One call to ua will arrange to have your ' •- remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. FLOWER SHOP ..J.I) SerTioe . 4»J Itln. 1. M. We Hcitmr IM»«) William*, •w^er OldWM BMs FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances • 324 E. Main St. *• Phone 2407 We Hove Moved! Riales Land Co. lhonc Now Located in •}•)«>•> The Hale Building Across from City Hall Call <n -sec KUSSBU, K. R1ALKS if you have a Kami fur Siile or Trade in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. full picture of what Happened rtuv- 1"B Hie war and alter." To Ret the mcfts\irc of concentration. Dr. lilntr summarizes '!<•' reports ol the 63 U. S. corirarntlonr. which have assets of over $IOO.':-o;,- 000 each. He [inrts Uwl from .Iv.nv. 1933. to June 1945, the loial assets of thes? cov(X>ratlons were r:v,,i.' limn doubted —Increasing train six to H billion dollars. These 6:! lirms are rilscMscM i: have SIO.OOO.OOO.OQO In workin; cai- Ual with which they can r^ouv.- and take on new postwar product.-. \ W 'nils Is considered a re^l tiirc;i- ' '• towards more concentration i:i ;,ie ndtistry. .7 j A ttend towards more mer^T.- and greater concentration o[ ::iu l - agcmcnt is noted. One-prodiiri :I;H: one-line companios arc ic.ic:ir.i,- j °"t lor diversification now' markets. In 1043 there were n:i i I;a . ]or mergers recorded. In 19u i, was ^07. and tn 1045 It was 33j. I Thcte nicrEcrs covered lh,. w!i >""Se of U. S. industry—fo.\i !): .... dVKts, textllos, Ifon and steel, r-u- COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE IN ONE AGENCY AT Ixtwer Cost United Insurance Agency A. F. Dietrich, Manager Hlylheville's Only Exclusive Direct Writing Ag-.'ncy of Leading Companies 209'/ 2 West Main St. Phone 510 Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs .Short haul — Less shrinkage and no .commission means more money for ' ; your livestock. LEO SWIFT BUTCHER'S ABATTOIR Phone 3458 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Studcbaker Service WE BUY AND SELL GOOD USED CARS Lex Chamblin Bill Chamblin Phone 2195. Railroad & Ash Sis. Moslem Leader i HORIZONTAL : 1,4 Pictured Indian leader, ', Mohammed ; 9 Drachm lOlIalf-em 11 Above 13 Hawaiian ; wreath 14 irritate. !l7 Falsehood 19 Couches '21 Cease 22 Footless f animal .23 Note in ' Guide's scale .25 Parcel post (ab.) 26 Storehouse ^ 29 Separated • 33 Kind ot tide (Pi.) ;34Tree - . , ',i35 Playing card i 36 Facilitates 37 Rupees (ab.) 38 Senior (ab.) 39 Dray 42 Wound mark 46 Adjective 50 Native metal El Rang 63 Entangle 54 Crate 5 6 Measure 57 Norse god 59 He is leader ol India's ; League 1 60 Rodent VERTICAL 1 Dry 2 Music note 3 Little demon 4 Joke D To the inside I! Neither 7 Average (ab.) 8 Assist 9 English river 12 River (Sp.) 13 Pound (ah.) 15 Electrical unit 10 Epistle (ab.) 18 Diminutive of Edgar 20 Prop 22 Seems 24Tiies 25 Steps 26 Entomology (ab.) 27 Beverage 28 Swiss river 30 Paid notices 31 Girl's name. 32 Transposes (ab.) 39S>mbol lor cobalt 40 Circle part 41 Paper measure 42 Symbol lor selenium <n Solicilude 41 Religious teacher 45 O£ the thing 47 Leave out 43 Male 49 And (Latin) 51 Koollike part 52 Drone bee 55 Therefore 50 Ambary , 11 ' t -y, Out Our Wov Bv J R. Williams ' GIT ALOW6. /LOOK, STIFFS / LOOK—OL' I SUSAC. VJA& \ \A80UT TO / DESERT HER I BUT i THIMK: V HE'LL BE A > CL1MGIM' VINE '• \ NOW--WHAT TOO MUCH SET Tit JMOKE TO KEEP / OFF TVT *• SKEE7EES r Boarding House with Maj. HoopSe N0TICE TO CAR OWNERS 24-Hour "Rain Insurance"—25c ruins within 21 hours afler you have had your ;jca(r washed at our station and you-are a holder of our Card, just present Card within 48 hours and w« will wash it again— FREE! SPECIAL! WASH AND GREASE JOB $1.50. MARK'S AUTO SERVICE YOUR ONE STOP Phone 2611 STATION ASH & SECOND OLD 6OV UE J \S SOLID GOT A /-4.I. WE'D W£\JER HP\\J& (AE:I9>TED Hi \.V \KJTO THIS Wft&C^ IP IT f,., \VA&t-5 v T FOR. IW.V TAXf'^r V PlftMO G-? ymv, DRW IT, Mft'rt.THWS F A.K5TAST 1C .'-^-' D OVM W WROU6H TH6 VEAR.S HOOPLES 8EEM &MDOVOED BOMES L\ti6 STSEU ortnii* C. '

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