The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Teams Meets In Second Game; Leading Boillcrs Meet Applebaum Store Tlie league leading Coca' Coli Bottlers face Jack ApplebaunV' cellarites In Ihe opening ga:ne o tonight's girls soft ball leaf,u< doubleheader at Haley Field. .In the second game Nu-Wt Cleaners, fresh from a victor; over Applebaum last week, take" on the Blythevlllc Steam Laundry In third place, the team ihri trounced Ihe Bottlers last week Nu-Wa is in second position. Onlj two sets of games remain to bi played alter tonight's double header, • Sadie Stanley entered (lie hall of fame by a no-hit no-run performance ; against Ihc 'IJiiumers lost week. Nu-Wa supporters are expecting her to turn in a sterling performance against, the laundry -club tonight, although they can hardly''anticipate another no- hit exhibition. H would be wall Indeed for Nu-Wa to trim (hi: • Laundry If the Cleaners intend to overcome the Bottlers, But the Blythevlllc Steam Laundry has been .showing steady Improvement and last week's win over the Boi- tleYs gives a very good Indication of what the Cleaners will go un against tonight. Evelyn "Harry" McDanbl »'lll take the mound for the Laundry aggregation and "tinny" is no weakling on the mound—or anywhere else on a girls' ball team. The Bottlers should defcnt Ap- ptebaiun and continue lo ret Ihe Pace In thi! league. All Indication;, point to such a triumph unless Browning or possibly Blackbtnr should return to sensational form and upset the Bottlers. Elincr Is capable of doing me trick If on top of her control. Blackburn pm- bably will nol be available. EuUi Whittle is available for mouiul duly. . ..: ...;. The Bottlers me'certain'to stick by; their starting ace, M. L'. Whittle who has plavcd a big pait in the Coca Cola ^doiies •jo fru. The games start at 8 o clock, Them Was the Days of Real Baseball BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS llnow is high so ii.mj Wlvnleuslj or me wn Yoik KnltU'.bocJcrs rhuct horn. S.M, , m u t, M ,„?!" H " S ? " f llle . Hru ° k1 >» Aaanllcs In the lf,o ball name re-enacted, by the yonli, of Jso ihe CiOlh anniversary celebration of the National League's birthday at 'the. Polo around, j^k White, (ho comic, makes his dcelsion emphatic. The Knickerbockers won the thrw-lnnln» conic t 2 -'- M"«tiicliloc-cl players wore the gay uniforms of "horse and buggy" days ° . MONDAY, AUGUST-, 17 V - .1936 The Standings 'Titanic" Is Cli a r ! i e's Foe; Myers to Meet Way-land and Hi-oaner from nipiey Ten']'I Corinth, Miss., and other pol-i,; is on tonight,'., wrestling menu | • ---UTiw of ' )0 """ to W. U Atlanta 80 45 Nashville 70 5;) Birmingham QI 59 59 01 50 71 W 1G Chattanooga Knoxvllle .. Memphis ... in Ihe opening mam, Leo Mv ci.s, the vctu-iin Texas grnppi,,. iiF M ' t i S l ! lc llp nml Cfllllln B Kdrile waylaiid. late of Knoxvllle'b University of Tennessee. SHikcy is clue lo take a wallo-. Ing from Marrs unless he has ne (liilred a knowledge of wrnsll "fa lore overnight, far surpassing anything he bus shown E0 far il 0 ,.""''• ter <™ the end comes 8 n£v National By Harry Grayson lAngora cats aie the largest of pet cats Inonn Claims Creation of Sex Hormone 1 Chemical reproduction of tliee- ' hn, female sex hormone responsible for secondary character- tics which distinguish women Irotn men, is the disco\cry claimed for Prof. Russell E. Marker, above, of Pennsylvania Stale College. The college announces that tests show thcc- lin can restore the menstrual process to women whose ovaries have been removed East-West Love "Ends in Death ST. LOUIS. Aug. 17.—The cur- icnt edition of Ihe St. Louis Caid- Inals Is a striking example of what hustle and fight will do in baseball, . , .1 Shattered remnants of the old Ons House Gang, ranks thinned by Injuries and Illness, once more wreak havoc In the National League. Apparently .slipping Irojn power and tabbed for n quick hideout only a few days ago, the. rollicking ried Hirds once more hold a grip on the league- leader;)>!]) »ml are In 11 fine position to sixth pennant. In 11 A couple of young rccnms, First bag thch U'ors. Uasemap Johnny Mljcc and Pllchcr Jim Wlnford, gave the Cardinals lhat liltle extra shove tluil put hem back on lop. But there, the Red Birds arc, even though Frank Frisch. no. longer a young blade Imsclf, had to other St. Louis rejuvenate anclcnl-s, two ilaines and Flint lihem, to fill In :he gaps In the hurling staff. Even with the addition of Tarzan Parmelec' Ihe Cardinals ap- icarcd shy of pilchlng In the •Wing, but their major problem was locating a second re- ped lo Ihe Cincinnati Itals. Rir- uielce lost control iigaln. In Dizzy to (lie Kescue this situation, Ihe heroic, Dizzy uean again canit lo the, rescue. The splendid right-hund=i. who luincd In his Iflth victory dining , the rout of the champion Cubs, worked on three successive afternoons In the middle of Ins', month, live days alter being struck on (he head and Knocked unconscious by a line drive off (lit- bat of Burgess Wliltchcad. The 43-year-old Ilulncs became a starting pitcher again in tlio emergency, .and Ulckcy reached down Into the couth's baseball boncyard and came up with the venerable Uhcin, wiio hclued no The Cardinals- gave up 'Eddie! Morgan, a very promising out- Ilelder-Ilrsi baseman iiow' with Columbus, In landing another olc-.- tlmer, Beorge Earnsliaw, Iron, Urcoklyif on waivers. Mlze, whose fielding drove him oif llrsl base curly in tile grind, stepped back In with u barrage ot long hits when the ouini showed signs of bogging down. Wlnford, a blond youngster, ho- camc a starting star in tire box. Garibaldi moved Into tlie third basing Job. And so the Cardinals move tin to big tilings again, on the spirit of. Frisch; the power of MI/.C, Mcdwick, and Pepper Miirlln; Ihe. laLnnnt >S " fn°',"! "^ «-,«*«<*"* <" D.'W Dean, Winfod Jlnccmciit or an _ InncMcr .who at land Parmalce, and Ihe fielding skill of Leo Durocber and Terry Blame for nn • Fast meets West' 1 , tragedy in which Midi Takaoka, above, 22. Japanese actress, was slain in Los Angeles, Calif., was placed on Midi herself by her Iwo oclrcss 6islcis They dcscubcd Ray Johnson;' 39,- Midi's American lover suspected of the slaying, as devoted and faithful to his swcelheart Police said Midi lately, had divided her attention belufen Johnson and an Amer. itan trian Hie mH «n * bus, cast could spell Ihe 38-year-old "rlsch satisfactorily. Uurgi'ss iVhitehKid, the Itid whose chore hat was, went (o (lie Gianls for ! 'armelcc. Doubt still existed In regard t.)' 3harlcy GclbeH's leg, shattered n n hunting accident reyDinl 'ears ago. Jack Rothrock ami Ernie Or- iatti, outneldlng slars of Ihe roiis- ng campaign of loai, shunned out of the big show in 1935. Billy DeLanccy, great yoimr catcher and hitter, was in Arizona for his health. Frlseh Carries On With Rothrock gone, it Wlls ]10C _ cssary lo shift the versatile Pep. per Martin to right field. Ills throwing vvns Ion "erratic for a Ihird baseman, anyway. H was expected thai Lylc Judy a speedster from the Western Association, might do as a relief man for Frisch, but lie went o'lt with an arm Injury. Then from out of olxscurily came young Stuart. McGuire Martin a sleepy-looking kid recalled from Ashcville of Ihc Piedmont Lcai-.e Slu Maiiin seemed to be ibe answer lo Ihe fervent prayers of Sam Ilreadon. Branch Rickey, nivl Frircli. He could field like bin?,\s He led Ihc circuit hi liHUri; < Hr a time. Bui Stu. Martin became III in mid-July. n,id when the blokes 1 In the red blazers checked In at' Chicago the other morning they discovered thnt he had •suilerct! a relapse that would keep him nut until Sept. |. This meanl tl"t there would be little or no rtsl for Frisch in the closing wc"ks of his 18th. season. The outfield was perfect with Jcc Mcdwick having his firest season, Pepper Martin roarir.g along as usual, and Terry Moore making up f or his lack of hlltuv with speed and fielding abiWy " Brusie Ogrodowskl. from Coliini- bus. turned out to be a highly Intelligent catcher and n tillable aid to Virgil Davis, allhousrli Me can't smack u, c nin lihc Dc Lancey. v Art Garibaldi was oblaiivxl from the San Francisco cilib lo assure the array of n complete infield at all times. The pitching situation became ncutc when Paul Dean developed trouble In his shoulder. The younger Dean h.i s been useless for weeks. Wild Bill Hallahan was so ineffective that lie was slilo- Neiv Moore. On their liisi visit In Vork, Ford Frick, the league - denl, warned Ihe Hed lilrds Hint, they hull held up no less Ihan lilt contcsls, jawing wlClr umpires, ... , - -- ••-• whlclr Is Eoniethliig in i| 1Q wny of proof that the .umpires .had best call them right when assign- cd to games House Gang. , •ni-in, particularly In Um ,„„,.„,. of lisLs, elbows a.Kl,,f^t wni ' oii"''nts IM ' B "" bly got ' ;wllci '0 ' lie" I; it dOL'SJi't icem so ioiv ae i]'"! Mr. Marrs was n very iouuir- imm br;. hlnucir so BJnfccy X flni his mauling tactics teekfirhig tjmck order. ' As lo the 01 St. Louis ..:.... N<w York Chicago <J5 1'iltsbureh 57 Cincinnati 55 Boston 61 Brooklyn 45 Philadelphia 33 W. I,. C3 44 CO 4G New York , Cleveland ., Detroit .... Chicago ... Washington iloston St. Louis .. Philadelphia American League • . W. L. '74. 38 51 52 5(i 50 57 57 as Pet .492 .41)2 .492 .413 .37 Pel .807 .589 .586 .50 .491 .459 .405 ,'J51 Pet, .861 .557 .544 .513 .504 .504 .:na .:M5 Survey Shows American Man Grows Taller NEW YORK (UP) -Evidence llml Ihe physique of the nvcrare American iimn Is steadily approaching the proportions set by artists for the Ideal figure ii contained In a group of recently completed surveys, for which . f( ,,,. Myers oh | m > gn- I?' 1 ",,! ! !, , t|cy .•*•"*"», ns > „ .' " tl!l ' sl «KHdcrs of ,}„! cxcollegmn. Wayland ' Ls ( . on , 1 alo In fair style, but the — j-~ wui,. LIU- vei- emu Myers is simply • too much wrestler for most'of'the'boy" Now that we've 'made bur prc dictions you can turn out tout-lit ?!!S ™ "S. OI . a ?, 01 » c f»>' y™wu. tlie , ' ie >..v ,,.. measurements of several, hundred i Ployed. Ihou.saiul men were used, proably different Goldfish served in the World War. By placing them in water in which gas masks had been washed, it was possible to delect the nature of the clicnilcnls em- First, .of. tlie surveys, mndc byjmcnt In the figure of the man of I. I'lntl'/. HnnS itlFtiflllH**.,..!!,.>...;.,,,,_ . . »mm ul intcrnatlonnlly middle Dr. Fran/, Bons n'T" r <!! ll !."' 0 ,l" llo 6 lsl " —.— "HVU..BU, mun. uomnwnlir ha a full inch has been addrd i fact, Dr. Raymond Pearl lo the height, of the average '- •— J 1 '- cn " > during the last half century. age' as in . that, of i. Commenting O n . . 'There is no men should put on n 111 (J6 : nut reduce their . .-„ ------- ...^.^^ii^,, mr.i.-u i -ju.-). i jiuv ((0 : HQL rprfiifp f Mpfr ro,n Its records over a period of calory intake in' " nytl 5 g -like i 10 ycni-s, u nationally know,, in- saml) proportion thty vcdncc i'Sf suranee concr suranee concern announces muscular exercise mid lie re it ' Northeast Arkansas League W. L: Pet Newport .30 7 Osccola ., .-....'.* 24 13 Carulhersvillu ,.'-, 17 •• 19 lialesville ;•.••' IG 20 Jonc^boro ............" 13 22' Paragonld .;.... 9 28 • Northeast Arkansas League Paragonld 9. C'nruthersvlltc a Newport 4-3, nalesville 3-0 JOnesboro 2-0, Osccola 0-1. Head Courier News Want Ails. EI.ECTKIO & ACE'im-NE~ WELDING AT BEST PRICES I'EIOMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Today's Games Southern League Knoxvllle lit Little Rock. Chattanooga at New Orleans. Birmingham at Nashville. Only games scheduled. National League Open date. American I.e.isue Detroit at' St. Louis. New York at Washington. -Cleveland at Chicago. Boston at Philadelphia. Northeast Arkansas l.cagu ..Open date. muscuar exercse the proportions of the man of D-lis weight Increase - 1 "" including chest, .hcleli:,'- ..... — ..... • a ... .*.«.., .. 1.1^11,, thighs and arms, arc a per cent nearer those of the Ideal ninn than they were a decade ago. i Conducted by Charles Atlns, au- 1 lliorlly on physical culture, a third survey reveals that in 19215 chrai, measurements of ihe man between 25 and -10 averaged 34.9 Inches Today. Ihc average Is 36.2, or a gain of a little more than an inch'. At (he same time it was found that where the average w.Ustlmi 1 in 1S2G \yas-. :tl,3 inches,- today It ' . , ,Is 30.1 inches, or a decrease of l.'i I .'Read Courier Neivs Want Atls. We Pay Cash Fpi 2nd Hand Furniture . Phone 10,'il Hiiblbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store • Nrar fioff Before You Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 H. P. <g.4(- Slnjlc Cjl. W lO (Other Sizes lo 16 H. P.) HUIiHAKD TIRE & . HATTKItY CO. closed the same ratio of Improve-: She neglected to mention those Prize Crop Tobaccos Of course it's wonderful that you can now gel strictly fresh cigarettes anywhere in the U. S. A. Thanks to those two jackets of moisture-proof Cellophane on every pack of Double-Mellow Old Golds. But the real charm of "Double-Mellows" is their prize crop tobaccos ... the very pick of home-grown and imported leaf. With a flavor you've never met before in a cigarette ... and one you'll never want to leave! RiZE CROP TOBACCOS make them riAIIDl r i 2 JACKETS, DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," DOUBLE-MELLOW keep tlwl " FACTORY-FRESH Baseball Result* Southern League Memphis 18-3, Atlanta 4.5 . Little l?ock 7-3, Knoxvillc 2-5. New Orleans 3-8, Chattanooga Birmingham 8-2, Nashville :!-•> (second six Inning tie, darkness). National League Brooklyn 5-2, Boston 2-2 (sec- mid game 9 inning tie, darkness). • St. Louis 4-7, iMiisbun-h a-'> Cincinnati 4-5, Chicago 3-4" New York C, Philadelphia. ' American Lta^ue 2 _Newr York 10-1,, Philadelphia Washington 7-3. Boston B-2 Detroit 0-8, Chicago 4-Q ' SL Louis a, Cleveland 2. Tin cans really are Wad f , t , Eleel, with a thin ">g of Codfish spawn as rnanu <„, 000.000 eggs in a sh.gto season H'wlw Service - « M OI'KN ALL NIGHT iTinujps SXRVflCK CENTER Phorcs 777 - 810 Drs. Wert & Wert O'^rOMETRISTS Over ' Joe Isaacs' Stort "WE MAKF 'KM SEK" Phone SW LUMBER FOR SALE I'lant Closed Down i'trnu- i neiitly Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber^ Company Ulytheville, ,\rk. Phone 800 i/Uetcan telephone user \ \ A '. -flbrand new customer used the telephone today. Betty Sua called the little girl around the corner. \ '' • f'Sally!" she gasped, a tit breatlilcss at the wonder of itj i'Sally, come over 'n let's have a ten party." Then she listened in round-eycd delight;; t - Every day, thousands of Tlctly Sues everywhere thus lisp their first sentences into llic telephone. It is Ihe privilege of the men and ivoinen who work for this company to lee that ihe calls of these new users arc as fast and as clear, in every way, as those of the most veteran subscriber. It is likewise the part of certain oilier people in the Bell System to ace that their service grows hotter year by year; Experts at work on American Telephone and Telegraph Company's headquarters staff. . , research v scientists atBellTelcphoneLahoratorics...workmen In tlie factories and shops of Western Electric, the Bell system supply organization.; . Day in and day out these people are busy making tomorrow's telephone service better than today's. To Betty Sue, telephone calls may soon sink iulo ihe commonplace Yet she will benefit, now and in years tocome.from this never-ending search for ways to make her service fastcr.clcnrcr and better, at prices that are reasonable to telephone users everywhere, SOUTHWESTERN SEU TELEPHONE COMPANY f

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