The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER N&WS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER M/lMf Coffee Marshmailow Cream. Fine Dessert Here's a luscious dessert^Coffee Marshmallow Cream—io serve for a fall dinner or buffet supper party. It's just sweet and light enough to end a company meal and it can be prepared well ahead of time you'll lH:e the way (he marshmallows In this recl)>o pive the Coffee Cream an exlra-smooth texture. If you want to run up some cookie's for latcr-jn-thc-cvcnlitB munching, perhaps when additional guests arc coming, try these Cherry Coconut Crinkles They're easy to make and they're usually a great favorite. Coffee Marshmallow Cream Ingredients; 1'j teaspoons instant coffee. 1 cup boiling water, >s teaspoon sail. Vj pound marshmallows (about 32 marfihmnllow.o, 1 cup heavy cream (whipped), 'i teaspoon sherry extract, slivered toasted almonds lif desired*. Melhoilr Put coffee in a saucepan; add water and stir <o dissolve. Add salt and whole marsh- mnltows; cook over low heat until marshmaliows ore almost dlssoh'crf. stirring constantly. Remove trom hent and continue stirring until marshmallmvs are dissolved. Pour into dessert tray of refrigerator and place in freezing rompsrtment until mixture begins (o thicken. Fold in u'hipj>cd crenin and sherry extract. Freeze until linn. Sprinkle with slivered toasted almonds, if desired. Makes 6 servings. Cherry Coconut Crinkles Ingredients: !•: cup evaporated milk. H pound marshmallows (about 32 marshmallows), 1 cup chopped maraschino cherries (about 40 cherries), 6 cups shredded coconut, 1 tcaspoo'n almond extract. Method: Put evaporated milk and mnrshmallows in a saucepan; place over low heat lyitil marshma]10',vs are almost- dissolved, stirring oc- cassionally. Remove from heat and continue stirring until marshmallows are dissolved. Add cherries, coconut, nnd almond extract; stir untll_ well blended. Chill. Moisten palms of hands; roll about a teaspoonful of cooky mixture between them to form a ball; place on creased cooky sheet and flatten ("lightly. Bake in a slow (300 degrees F.) oven 15 minutes or until they beain to brown. Makes 3 1 ,? dozen small cookies. Budget Saved By Beef Dish Family Will Relish Cheap Liver Menu Garden vegetables, now a bund an t- and succulent, do wonders to beef liver. Your whole family if. going to roll?)) this recipe— and liver is cheap and packed with iron and other nutrients. Beef Liver Julienne (4 servings! STEWED BEEP with hot noodles provide a hwty Beef Stew Makes DeLuxe Meal By CTAVNOK MADDOX j celery, salt and pepper. Cover and XKA Food and Markets Editor j simmer until tender, about 45 min- Stcw heel can produce deluxe j utcs. Serve over a bed of hot broad One pound bee" u'vcr.' sliced. 2 ta- ™ llne »'•. "udect prices. Here's do,- noodles. We.-poons flour, 1 teaspoon salt, ]/g | Dlc I> r ° o1 • ...... . Belsy's Braised Beef teaspoon pepper, !/4 teaspoon curry] Heavenly Herf (6 scr ,.| n) . s ) powder. 3 tablespoons fat. 1/2 cup. <fi serving) One cup apple cider or apple juice, thinly sliced onion, 1 teaspoon kltch- ..««•_,.?•£ J J*",', P °™tJ<^ ! ' tablespoon molasses, 1 large Soup with Body Can Be Main Dish for Lunch A soup with body can be the main j dish for luncheon. Thus one, using non-fat dry milk solids, corn and! mushrooms, is particularly nutri- j lions and delicious. Corn and Mushroom Chowder (4 generous servings) Two tablespoons fat, 1/4 cup finely dlrcd onion, 1-1/2 cups corn off the cob, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon Hour. 2 chicken bouillon cubs, !i- ouncc can chopped broiled mushrooms; 1/8 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk solids. Place fat in saucepan over mode- rale heat. Add onion and let cook about 5 minutes, stirring frequently, Cut enough cooked corn from the cob to cake 1-1/2 cups and add to onion, Combine 1 cup water with the Hour, Arid to corn and onions anri bring to boll, stirring constantly. Arid bouillon cubes, contents of can of mushrooms and pepper. Combine remaining cup of water with the milk -solids, beating until smooth. Add to soup and heat thoroughly. Note: For a gourmet touch, add 1 cup coarsely chopped watercress or young spinach leaves to chowder Just before serving. flcuverily (G servings) Ono and one-half pounds beef en bouquet. 1/2 cup \vator, 3 Mips slcw - C1lt in cllbes - !i ™V [l > rtifiGti diced peeled tomatoes. 1/2 cup sliced mazarine, 'i cup minced onion, 1 green pepper ].lAblcsnoon chili sauce, 1 tablespoon Cover liver with boUiiiR water and fUne&ar, 1 cup sour cream, one R- lot stand 5 minutes. Drain well. Blot.l ounce can mushroom pieces, 'i cup dry with paper toweling. Remove I dlced . «lcry, I teaspoon salt, any tubing or shin. Cut in thin fin- gerlenRth strips, place Hour. salt, pepper and curry powder in a paper bap. Add strips of liver. Close end of bag and shake vigorously. Melt fat over moderate heat in 9-lnch frying pan. Add dredped liver anri brown lightly. Add onions anri let cook about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. SUr in kitchen bouquet. Add any flour mixture remaining in bag anri I ion, sliced, bay leaf, J cut clove of garlic, 1 tcasoon ginger, \'\ tea- Frankfurters Help Budget They're Economical, Can Be 'Dressed Up 1 Frankfurters can help [n the battle of the meat budget, And there is a good reason for dressing them up a bit. It makes them more welcome at mealtime. The cookery experts of the American Meat Institute come up with these tricks: Saucy Prank* Serve with a hot sauce, such as cheese, barbecue, mustard, horseradish or tomato. Frankfurter Wrap-Arounds II) Trim crusts from slices of ^>read and spread with butter or fortified margarine. Dip franks In barbecue sauce and place each diagonally on a slice of bread, then roll and fasten with a toothpick. Toast under the broiler- Frankfurter \Vrap-Arounds (2) Slit franks down the center and 111] with a 'little mustard, horseradish and a sliver of cheese. Wrap with a slice of bacon and fasten with toothpicks. Place the franks slit side down under the broiler. Then turn and broil the second side, Tuvfdo Franks Mix some grated American cheese and a little grated onion with mashed potatoes. Slit franks and fill with this mixture. Place in a baking pan and bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.l for 15 minutes or broil until potatoes ate lightly browned. stir into liver mixture. Arid cold water, tomatoes and green pepper. Bring to boil, stirring frequently. Cover and let simmer over low heal until tomatoes and pepper are cooked, about 10 minutes, Serve immediately over hot pre-cooked rice. If sauce is too thin, let stand uncovered over heat until It evaporates to desired consistency. Careful Planning Reduces Waste Cnreful planning of menus well in advance will cut down on food waste. Here are three budget dinner menus you may en j oy : Dinner: Chicken pot pie, boiled new potatoes, peas, sliced tomatoes. bread, butter or fortified margarine, apricot whin, coffee, milk Dinner: Black bean soup, jelller: cottage cheese and tomato salad cole slaw, bread, butter or fortified margarine, fruited custard. coffee, milk. Dfnnrr: Beef heart paUtes. home- fried potatoes, snap beans, chef's salad, bread, butter or fortified margnrine, nutted gingerbread, coffee, milk. Read spoon allspice, 2 pounds beef, cut for stew, 2 tablespoons fortified margarine, 1 '2 tea-spoons flour, '4 teaspoon pepper. teaspoon salt, dash of pepper. Melt margarine in lai'jjc sauce- Mix together cider, molasses, on- pan over low heat. Add meat and '<»>• S a rlic, bay leaf and spices In a brown well. Add onion, chill sauce, shallow bowl. Add thJ meat, cover vtneear, sour cream, mushrooms.] and lot stand in a refrigerator over- nisht. Turn and keep in marinade until ready to start, cooking. Melt margarine In a saucepan over low hent. Remove meat from marinade anri dust with flour, salt and pepper. Brown meat in melted margarine. Remove the garlic clove. Pour the marinade over the meat and cook over medium or low heat for about two hours, or until tender. If deslr ed, thicken the gravy before serving. To serve: Arrange a bed of hot fluffy rice on a platter. Top with the braised beef. Corned Beef Hash Loaf Serves 4 Here's a quick recipe for a corned beet hash loaf that will serve four persons: One 1-pound can corned beef a.h. I tablespoon bacon fat, melted. 1 tablespoon catsup or prepared mustard- Remove both ends from can of; using one enri push hash out in one piece. Cut hash in half lengthwise; place each half, cut side down, in a shallow baking dish or pie plate. Combine bacon fat and catsup or mustard; brush hash wjth this mixture. Bake In a moderate oven <350 degrees F.) 20 to 25 minutes. Prisoners Approve Antwerp Sentences .ANTWERP i&>— "Hearty thanks, Mr. Judge." the prisoner said as he was being sentenced to six months' jail for stealing goods in railway station in Antwerp. He had already totalled about fifteen years' prison for various thefts. Another man seemed also to approve the sentence of six months' prison and $52 fine given to him by another Antwerp erp co a com ourt for steal- pany he was ing $4.000 from working for. "This small sentence will enable me to reimburse the money," he said quietly bowing to the court president. Cold sliced tongue makes a delicious main dish when served with a casserole of scalloped potatoes. Add a salad of cooked green peas, tiny crescents of raw celery, romaine, and mayonnaise to the menu. B&B SAUSAGE Pure Whole Hog Sausage Seasoned Just Right! A BLYTHEVILLE PRODUCT YOU JUST/M7 BEAT OUR SPRKES OR OUR QUALITY, Rice Spoon Bread Good Hot Dish For that "something hot" In otherwise cold meal try rice ?poon 1 bread. ' '• K i c n S p f>o n Br ra d (4 sen-ings) One nnd one-hnlf cups water. 1 tex-poon salt. 12 cup granulated rice cereal. 1 i rup butter or margarine, 2 cg?5. 1-12 cup? milk, t teaspoon bakinc pmvd?i. Brir.s w.iioi anri salt to boil in saucepan. in crrral so boil- inz riop?n*t top. Conk, .^Hiring ron- siar.tly. until Onrketieri, afocmt 1 inln- u'e. And butter and until melted. Beat c-;?;. miik unri bakinc together until r-monrh. Gradually ario to ricf mixture, stirring con- t sirtnrly to kf r-p mixture smooth. F~< irto cic^-rd one-quart- cJirh. B?.-:e in mnrifrntely hot oven. 37r? degrees F.. until of custard ron- fi=rencv, about 45 minutes. Serve nor. For mealtime pleasure . serve (gv&iaocd SUNNY MORN—FRESH GROUND COFFEE LB. 69 C YUMMY VIENNA It tastes better because it's sliced just right—not too thick, not too Ihin! Enjoy that delicious, hickory-smoted flavor often Serve Evcrgood Bacon lor breaklast. lunch or supper H $1 SAUSAGE--can15c Mrs. Bell's—Pure STRAWBERRY PRESERVES "r 85c Monarch Pic-L-Joy SWEET PICKLES 4 Kraft's Old Fashioned HOOP CHEESE ib.49c| FRESH MEATY PORK RIBS - ib. 34c FRESH MEATY Neck Bones - ib. 15c Coca-Cola 89* Cose Sunkisr Lemons 33* Dozen Grade A FRYERS MEAT FOR A TREAT BOLOGNA - - ib. 34c HENS Lb. 49c Yellow BEST FOR DISHWASHING TREND--giant size 51C ONIONS 10c 3 Lbt. MAYS' IGA Super Market Plenty of Parking Space 421 S. 21st Remember, II Pays To Shop With Mays' DUMMIES HELP SPREAD THE WORD-Dr- E D. Janzen, Geneseo Kan., Baptist •£'"><!*»• has put a new twist to preaching the gospel, With tour wooden dummies and his art of venlrlloqiusm. Dr Janzen teaches religion to young and old alike. The dummies, all possible relative,i of ven- triloquisl Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy, are (left to right) Karl Kraut. Effie Miller, Nellie Lou Yokum and Joe Screwball. Dr. Janzen's sermons are so popular that he is booked up.far in advance for revival meetings I FbrATrue Meal- cr SERVE 'emlogether DELICIOUS, \IOW-CQST; EASy-TO-FIX MAIN COURSE WATCH TOM FAVOtlTE MOCil'S FOB tty POWER FtATMNS •ACM A WSTtHCTTVe CREATION TOftCTHW A TOf-MOTCH POWER 3ETTMK Ste

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