The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1944
Page 6
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COUBIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY in, 1044 HOME, FROM DIEPPE '.' By Sergt. Everett Oglesby AS Menno Duerksen P Death Of A Gallant Officer ;• "' • xi £s I lay there looking up Into the sky an air baUle was raging right above me. German MessevschhiiUs and 'dive bombers were trying to sink pur landing ships as they attempted to evacuate our wounded men-1 still had my binoculars and used them now to watch the planes. Some of our plaugs'were being fired upon by German nek-nek. When the guns got a hit it looked as though a plane just backed up in the air. Then in a moment you could see a man bail out." A German dive bomber came over* Wilrj a British SpUfire on his lull. The German apparently wns utlerl.v Uimwate of the danger and seemed to be-conccnlrating his bomb when sudd'ehly the Spitfire opened fire and:ciit hl^ wing Iiv^vo. Gerrnan ' field- guns behind the hills had also gotten Hie range .of our landing boats ,as they shuttled I back nnd forth, I trying to evacuate lour wounded. The I firing now liad al- fmost become one IconUnuous roar. JFrom.where.! was Hying I didn't sec | n single' one of lour boats gel [lately away. Scv- • tral nines whrii _ , . the Germans 1 °S lesl) > • made a hit J coulil s«e pieces of boat flying through the air. Sometimes it looked like pieces of men too, but I couldn't be syre. The Navy Comes Back The Navy, gelling word of the slaughter, came back through that murderous nre to protect our uoats. It was a great sight when, the warships showed up. One destroyer cnme running riglil through tlia'. hail of shell to make o mad dash along the shore and lay a dense smoke screen to cover our evacuation oiierallo'ns. H made one want to cheer loudly. An officer cnme up tq where ivas lylnB and askcfl me, If I wanted to Iw evacuated. "No sir," I said, 'Til slay until the last. I am wpundr cd and don't think I have ling to live. There Is no use trying to e vac- untc me. In this pond,ltlpn. Give me . gun, for I cion; i to be taken prisoner if I can help it." He hujrleci away. Mortars Pound the Beach It seemed that now the firing was (rowing still heavier. It' looked us though the Germans had pushed nil our men clear back to the teaches from Dieppe nnd it sounded as though every mortar in Germany was pounding. One boat after another came running in through that niurdcroi|s fire to p|ck up the wounded. The Navy certainly hadn't been lying when they said they'd come back for us or die trying. Medical corpsmen were running around under the hail of bullets, picking up the wounded nud taking thorn to concentration points to be picked up by the boat*. The Gcr mans began 'picking out these places to thi ow their mortar fire onto. I could hear our commanding officer talking over his radio and l<er ing asked 11 he could' carry on she attack. He iinswered Urn 1 , It was "in- possible! Ami It was here that I licai'd nbout the death of Mi]oi Willis. Tl-cj said he had tried 'o carry on Ihe attack even after he had, bcitn wounded several times When lie had 1 BO many wounds ho. could W longer carry pn, hi*"inim md earned Jilm down to th.e be,tc|) .0 be evacuated. It was while down jherc waiting for a boat, a.)l shot to pieces himself and lying 'behjiid a shot out tank, that ho saw another wounded man lying put in tlje open crying for help. He Immediately crepl out after the poor devil and liad nltnost succeeded In ,i!ra([g|tig PIC fellow to safely when he "was struck by a bullet. It was the end of one of the finest soldiers I ever knew, the man who liad brought me the cigar on the parade ground back at Aldershot. Helped By Hangers The final desperate evacuation was now on. Several American Hangers, serving will) the Canadian forces, came by for me. They took me by the arm and began leading me down to the beach. They didn't seem In th? least bit excited. One of them asked If I thought I could walk alone. I tried It and Joand that I could for some of my strength had come back. They set of! for olhei wounded. When we reached the bench there wasn't a boat in sight at the moment, so we lay down, taking cover as near the water's edge ns we amid. There were several retreating , British . tanks on the bench, wau'ing loo, to IK evacuated. I crept behind one of them for shelter/Here I founj our battqllon sergeant, together with EOipe of his men. I still felt tlw It would be n»ly a matter of time until l would iHe BO 1 insdp no effort to creep In lunpp.g them I fell that if I lay <>n the putslde and a shell burst nearby, j mlKht S(.QP spine of the blntt from these other men, A few minutes later Ihe men in- Sid? Kil§ IBM begap trying to move it, leaving us put in the open. I saw another tank n short distance away, so [ Just stood \|p and walked over to |t, The door of this tank was open, pppiireilUy Wnsted by a shell. Only one man was in this tank, Ihe driver, horribly wounded. One ann aji(i leg were nlniQsl blown off. Hp was In the driver's scat mid beyond him I could see the gunner's seat, behind :i Blsa gun. I asked this fellow if the gun was all right and when he said yes, I crawled over him Into the seat, I wasn't familiar with this type of gun, but after looking it over I decided I could make it work. The wounded mnn said if J wanted to use the gun he would move Ihe tank so the gun would point toward the enemy. Tho the jioor devil was so badly •A'punded '.', was a miracle he wns alive nt all, he started up the tank and swung It around so Ihe nose New Theatre M. Manila's Finest Shows' Nightly 8:00 P. Matinees Saturday & SinijUiy Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today SHINE ON HARVEST MOON" Ann Sheridan & Hpiinls FOX NpWS & SHOUT Tuesday, "IN, OLD CHICAGO" '«itll Tyrone Tower SERIAL nnd SHORT CHICKASAW West Main-Near 21st St. Sat starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:*5 Ni£hl shows 5:45 Eiccpt Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous suovs. Sat. and Son. Arkansas Acclaims Its ENERGETIC GOVERNOR on his opening campaign request for advancement to the UNITED STATE SENATE t Thousands of citizens are expressing their gratitude to Governor Adkms for THESE GREAT SERVICES which hove bepefitted all the people of Arkansas: 1 1. -*• : *• EOND REFUNDING— . . * ___,, ^ ./ , • 28 Millions in interest SAVED And rnprla.ges totalling §37,000,000 in Old Road improvement District Bonds forever lifted! 2. EDUCATION— Increased Teachers Salary Avcra- afje from $592 to $850 and increase in length of school terms! 3. INDUSTRIALIZATION- Ilalf Billion Dollars in New Indus- trios for Arkansas! 4. DOUBLED OLD AGE PENSIONS-^ and all Welfare grants! 5. MILITARY STUDENTS for . COLLEGES— 2'/i Mjllions in Extra Revenue for University and Colleges! C. ECONOMY—Sets -n National Record. Financial condition of State improved 75 Million Dollars! Cash ON HAND $30,PP»,OUQ plus $12 r X OQP.POO in Government Bonds! ' With all Gubernatorial Promise; Fulfilled HOMER ADKINS takes his stand on the Senatorial issues vitally affecting the State's People . . . and the Ngtion! HERE THEY ARE: ' ] Homer Adkins opposes n world' wide VTA or World Bank with Uncle Sam "playing Snnla Clans. Last Time Today "HOLIDAY INN" with Bing Crosby 4; Fred Aslaire Universal • • Comedy Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today 'Watch On The Rhine' with He He navis & Paul Lufcas '_Paranionnt News ' X * Short Tuesday PAL NITE Melody, Parqde • with Mary Belli. Hughes and . Kddit Quilllil d Shorts 2, Opposes an International Ed.u- catipn Cpminissiqn fiut)ncc4 largely with United Stntcs tnx money, while Arkansas schools are crying for aid and Teachers are ^yoefllIly underpaid. 3. Opposes bestowing on any international ngcnpy the power lo commit American hoys to future wnrs; this power, he says should remain with the Unilcil States Congress, 4. Demands elimination, of Government competition with private business. Get This Booklet ortd Read— —the proof of an amaz- , ing record. Now available in every county. •,] ] Q Subscrihes to Infcrnationarco- • " ' opcrntion to maintain the ! peace, using onr common 1 sense and making no commitments we cannot fulfill. \ ] ( Advocates helping to feed the absolutely needy of Europe, : hut "I want lo sec (liem help themselves." ; 5. Advocates amortization of the national debt over n long period nnd reduction of income lax rales to stimulate new business. 6. Declares the State-and-Nation's FIRST obligation after Victory is the welfare of ogr returning men and women of the Services. 7. Advocates abolition of OPA, ODT ami sini'ir lar emergency agencies aflcr the war. , 8. Advocates expansion of flood control and soil conservation practices at the federal government's expense. 9. Advocates organized cooperation rather than organized conflict between capital and labor, agriculjure and government! 12. Advocates n Constitutional Convention, if Congress does not remedy the situation, for the purpose of clarifying once nnd for all the sovereignty of the stales. * * , * * * LET'S ELECT HOMER ADKINS United States Senator faced the Germans. T1)C tank's radio was still running so I took a wrench from the floor tp .smash nnd silence it. I didn't want any Germans listening to anything from Headquarters. Gathering up a bunch of nm|)s fill-own on the Door, I set Hie to them nnd tossed them out. TOMOKUOW: Captured. Airman Rclurns Lost Bond KANSAS CITY, Kan. (UP) When Thomas Larkln lost a war bond at the bomber plant In whlcli he works here, he searched inside planes and out but couldn't find 'it. Sometime Inter, Larkln received :i letter from an American soldier In Africa with the t>ond enclosed. The soldier, a boy from Michigan, was a member of a ground crew In the -lilr corps. He had loiind the bond \Uu!c working Inside (ne of the planes. According lo Qreek mythology, the mountain on which the gods dwelt was .Moant Olympus. Four-fifths of Greenland is covered by an iee caj) many thousands of feet thick. VIM vn\ BIIili Uift! She'i • disease-carrying DEMON! SKIN ERUPTIONS %rllll V (externally cimed) ' RELIEVE" ITCHING PROMOTE HEALING Enso fiorencag—-burning lyitli antiseptic IJEsclt and Wliito Ointment, Use only us directed. Oloanw will Illack uiul While Skin Soap. BLACK and WHITE OINTMENT Qulckl Get th« PUT. Save yourself Irom th« » bili that b'tingj burniitg-chilling miseriei of malaria, Yes! F1U kill] Anophek), tho inularin motcjuiio, ai surely at it mows down common JipuMhold mosquilocs. So why taVo o clmnce? H«'P prptoct your family from tins winged fcpurg* . . . buy a big lupply of Flit, todsyt kills files, ants, ''' ~*'( moths, bedbugs and 'all mosquitoes. FLIT BE SURE IT'S FLIT! «« 101 1HI KltOtt CONUlNtlt Vtllll IHl «IACK BANG; STUDY THE RECORDS HOMER ADKINS CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE OF THE CANDIDATES FOR GET THE FACTS As one of Sims' opponents lins said: The candidates for Governor "have records, examine llicm closely." The supporters of J. Bryan Sims invile your careful inspection of his record—both public and private^— Sims' record is an open book. In it you will discover many fine things about the candidate he would never tell about himself. SIMS [s A Man of Decision Unlike the candidate who couldn't make up his miiicl what office he wanted to run for—Sims is a man of decision—you always know exactly where he stands. His word is good, he is absolutely honest and straight-forward in all his dealings. SIMS Is Unfettered by Political Obligations Since 1322, SEVEN Governors have found Sims' ability too valuable for the state to lose. No man couhl have served so long under so many different • administrations because of political influence. Sims is under no obligation to anyone, politically or personally. He is free to servo the people of 'Arkansas to the limit of his ability. SIMS Is Seeking Office to Serve the People Sims wants to be Governor of Arkansas because of a sincere belief that he can give the people of Arkansas an efficient, honest, economical administration of our state government. This belief has been shared by those best qualified to .judge. Sims' comprehensive and detailed knowledge of coimty and state fiscal affairs has been praised by governors, stale legislators and state publications. SIMS' Qualifications are Fact —Not Fiction Sims claims to be qualified to serve as Governor because of 22 years of actual experience in the operation of our state government under seven governors. His personal qualifications arc: honesty, fearlessness, and administrative ability. These are matters of public record—not political propaganda. Help Swell the Majority! ELECT J. BRYAN SI s Governor of Arkansas Simt'/or-Gorcrnor Campaign Committee

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