The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1049 BIATHEVTLLB (AWC.? COURIER NEWS PAGE IftNB Fjre Loss Figure For Nation Down Better Construction Given Credit for First Reduction in 8 Years Better construction methods and intensified fire prevention cam- paisns were- credited today with bringing a decline In the tuition's fire lass lor t!ie first time in eiglit years Reversing the trend tlint has continued since 1911, each of tlio first three month* of 1949 shows less fire damage limn the corresponding month in 1048. Loss dur- 1ns I lie fhvt quarter of 1949 totaled SIBV.Sia.IKO compared with $208.- WOO!) in 1<M8 and S193.862.000 il 1947, This downtrend reported bv l!ie N"iirmal Board of Fire Undrewrit- crs Is the n-siill of building srcat- tr firc-s-'fcly in new structures. nukiru! exist in? home.s and bllild- tnsis fore firc-resi-tanl. and rc- movine [ire hazards wherever f«ymri. it wi's stated today by the (Jl lUtnirlion Research nurenu.. New York clearing house for building information t'olifiiii'iiH'nl nf Fire Stepped-up efforts to niorteniiz Jse of Too Much Paint Not Advisable Too-frequent painting of ft house s not recommended, says the Construction He-s^arch EJureau, New York clearing house for building nformation. If painted oftener than every thvee years H thick paint filtn may build up and this will soon crack and peel. It is necessary, however, to keep the paint film intact slid It Is time to repaint when cracks extend almost through the film or If the paint Is so eroded that the underlying surface is visible in spots Where paint is peeled or blistered repaluline should not be delayed. Projecting Windows Not Always 'Bays' To most home-owners, any window group that projects beyoiu the wall of the house Is a "ba. v>-indo\v." but this is not alwayf the case A t''Uc buy window is supported by a foundation from the ground When projectin 1 windows arc no smi'jnrted bv n foundation but ai 1 ' held up liy brackets or cantileve ••onMrnctlon. they are called orle windows. rire Prevention. Homes Kceclve I'rolecliim Two model building codes dt.i tributcd throughout me natioi durin? the few month'; stre,s this factor and rccouniz" the pies ,,,„ - , eucc of mineral wool thermal In outmoded building codes and to e.s- j sulatlon In walls alld ccilinRs as a tablish codes in communilies where j effective fire-retardant The. Na none exist have focused public attention on the fact the fact that proper construction will reduce fire losses, the Bureau said. Confinement of fire lo the room or area in which It starts h!>s been tional Bureau of standards reporl that R wall filled with natural! fireproof mineral wool -will ho] back flames for a period of an hoi lo an hour and a half. The Construction Research Bl strongly urged during the past two L re au estimates Uial more than tw years by fire , prevention experts j thirds of all new dwellings are b and various agencies sponsoring i ing given this protection with bat liet'cr building colics. Fire barriers anit blankets of mineral wool as the witiiin walls and other hollow ; houses are erected, and thai thous- spaces is a primary means of lire- ' amis of older 5truclures are being venting rapid spread of llamc.s and • made more fire-safe by blowing resulting large-loss fires, according loose nodulated mineral wool into to the Presidents Confi'ionee on ' walls and other Inaccessible spacer. FREE CEILING PAPER Ward to Build r win Elevator '•or Soybeans Construction of a 20,000-buslicl oybean londlne Institution at (lie ed Top Oin on North Highway 61 expected to begin about June 8, . L. Ward, Jr., o*ncr, said yes- Tday. The steel and concrete instnlla- 1011 will have a capacity of 2.000 ushels per hour and permit un- HK of two customer's trucks at ne operation, lie said. It consist of two Butler steel auks, each holding 10,001) bushels f .soybeans, will) elevators for load- and unloaaluft. Three rlectric notors will pov er the elevators. This set-up also will be. used to ond trucks bound lor the mill as veil HS freight cms TII the sin's pur track. J. P. Tipps Engineering Co. Memphis is building (he Installation jonslnictlon is expected to lak hree weeks after It is stinted. A bunding permit application for this construction listed the estimated cost at from S10.MOO to $ll>no. Applications for an estimated $1-4.250 in three residential building iicrmits, two for business construction and one for moving a house were placed on file In the office ol City Engineer Joe Carney during the past week Applications were filed by: Davis, for a frame residence at 1023 South Lake; estimated cost. VJ.ODO. Westside Co-Opcrative Gin. for a cinder block cotton seed house at 2341) Rose; estimated cost. $'-.000. Tom Trimin, to add a bathroom to a residence at 111 West Kose; estimated cost, $100. C. H. Whistle, |>ermil to move house. Pbillip Applebnum, for a [ive- rooni brick residence in Country Clnb Addition; estimated cost. SIO.- 000. Charlie Corey, for a frame fruit stand at 346 South Division; estimated cost. $150. Doorway Yes, with every purchase of sidewall and border al our money saving low prices, we will give KKKK the necessary ceiling paper. This special offer is good for just the next 10 days. Come in and see our complete selection of patterns and colors. E.C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" Phone 551 Hlvtheville, Ark. ri Truly Washable 9\l t • There's a high quality Pittsburgh Point "''I for every home need! v ; | SUN-PROOF riORHIDI WATIRSPAB , '_' t!.. Plitibiuth Sun. U" FloDiidc For .1! [NAMIL \'« 3 pr °ofTwo-Co«t Ho,,,. p»lnl on floon »nd OiHcV - rfrjrlnc, touch > 1 p . ' «l»p« of wood, crment »nd «l"illc —Juil th« y «« r<int irnl> thor- or mcl»l Al»ft»uilabte tli(n» to rentw furM- ! ,J"M •"• > $6.00 ' *"° '"(T.'Tj. id?! ^\°^"^ ^ Gal. Sl.oUJ iift-dHmuiti'v.» KVI'JL u illi .1 sn I ill tlnui, Ihf inlruihK-lii>n ol tl.tylif.lit inlu u I E tint cuti-ance liall iiosts no pLLibleiu \vhcn ^luss block panels :ifc iitstalkii mi either side of (tic iloor\v;ty. liiMilux ^lass block li.tnsinils tla\ li^lU ami, l)tH\iu-;c til' Its IransUicoiit IIIILI!- ity, ^ssurvs neiH-s^ii y inivut-y. Real Estate Transfers ICIiltlUBUwbii DKtrUn Olio luid llacluiel Kurlilcr lo R. M. and MAiiglr H. Woodaid, l.ots I, 2, 3, and 5. containing 1W.I* ncres n SB'. NE'i and K'i of the SK'l of Section 3V-ISN-IOE. J36.442. ' James F. »n,i Nadlne Wren lo lluuulct Leo Mullens, part of the SK'l of NK'i of Section I8-15N-1IE. Oak Is Available In Price Ranges For All Budgets Nursery Room Should Grow With the Child Eisler Decision Said Undictated by Leftists LONDON, May 31. <ifi— Home Secretary Chiller Ede said yesterday Communist Gerhart Eislcr'.s release was dictated by British justice and was unfllfected by Leftist pressure. "This matter has proceeded by duo course of law and no other influence wiih safety c:Uch underneath the child cannot open It; oblonn p!av-pen narrow enough to be pushed llnoueh doorwnvs; screen lo shield Ihe crib from dratls; and a combination play - table - and- ehair. Nurf-erv furniture colors arc usually white, ivory or blue. oflr>n decorated with br!r>ht transfers or painted designs. When paint is used, ii should lie only a non-poisonous type. The floor must be easy lo clean, resist weal', and provide color In- leresl. Since asphalt tile combines these properties. HS well as low Installation cost and resistance to fire and moisture ,lhls flooring is widely recommended for nurseries- Plc- luri'S of birds or animals made of of Ihe material are frequently Included in the floor for added interest. ' are f.sprcially ullrac- Prospective home builders Inter- t'sled In cutiliiK the costs oi thvlr homes wlthoul resortlnn to use of Inferior nmtcrlnls ciin find one point of substantial saving In cineful .selection o( their llooriiiK. lumber dealers .say. The dcnk'is explain that onk, Hie Joe H. Onde lo W. C). nnd May- inefeired llooilni; mnteilnl for rcsl- bell Kpymore. Lot fl of IlltK'k 4 tif ^ deuces, can lie nliliitncd In economy the Turk Addition, 1300. i uradc.s \vht h IKIJXCSS nil the wcnr- Chiules K. and Mary liuth Child- ti>B iitiiiUlies of sntlsfneloiy lloor- ers to T. J. nnd Allic .Sinllh. l.ol inn. They suy that No. '2 Common 31 ol liiiick "1!" of the J. 1'. 1'rlde .Ri'ude. for rxmnplc. U pa,rllculiuly Subdivision. $7SV j.sidlalile for low-casl lionslnn. Ordl- M. 1,. and l.llla Downing lo Wnl- ! narlly in ample supply. II usually tor W. and Opal caery NV; ol Ixil Is avallnblc nl a much lower Hume :i and ^ In uloek 2 nf Ihr parkview i thun oilier unicles. Addition lo Manila, SU.500. I Anolher economy Rriule wliU-li can A. li. Diillurd nnd Mrs. June Hal- «,• iittll/od lo pare expenses (s No laid lo .1. K. and IVinl Kniiilsh. Lots , (: omm , m . »hl,.|i, ]tk.> No 'J Is Jft and 2ii of the mock "A" of the | ,„ ll( | un , l( Iroin "plaln-.Miwcd HIKV- Soulbslde Addition to Manila. $fi(l[). | Ib j, -^1^. n'malnln^ t\vd Annies nf W. 't". and /.ona Lottin to \Vavne pl;iiii-Mi\\«-:l oid; ure i-la.s Uh'il as and Halph l.oftln nnd Cleraldlne i;| t >tn- ,n u | Sclerl In |iuu lei -MIUI'I! Loftln Markiu. Uil B oi Hlock "IV Mj -|,, t i,eie me liirei- I'.nulc.s-i;ieur, of the Nelson Addition to Leach- sup ou-ar and Select vllle, $1 and oilier consideration. ; -|-i u , ,||[ii'ieiu,. hHwi-en snides Is W. T. mid X.onn l.onu U.ftln in rhlefly In apiienrnnce, dealer* em- Lorene Loflln IVel. 40 niTi'.s In SW'i phasl/.e. I'llnclpal factors cdiiMtl- S\\". ol Seellon SI-1BN-SK. J.I and ,.,.,, ( | ,„ u ,., u || m , ,„.,, K,,,,,, „(,.,.„(„, other consideration. „„,, u(hfr tln(1 ,|. n i v ,,,latlons. Tliesc Max and Annie La\irle l.tiuall to ; elinnieterl.sllcs have little dl.Tl on J. A, and Kalhryn l-'ord. Lot II of ,],,, (nmuiy of Hie flourlnu as far us Bloek II of tin- William l.i-e Walker . s [,ein;IU. iltirublllty niul Kenernl Second Subdivision. $10(1. >en liTubUity nr<- coiu-cl ncd. All Max and Annie I.anrie Lonan to „,.„,!,.., nlr ,„„,.,. than nilci,uato In Otarge. U: and Vein J. Kavatl. U>l n,, )sl , |. ( . s ,,,,,.( s 4 of,, llTock 'J of the William I>ue | Ournlilliiv is one nf tin- imi^tand- \V:i|ki-r Second Huhilivlslon. $700. i i, lh , adviinl'ai!r.i ol onk, nn-cn rca- Kiirl nnd Kll/aheti, Walker lo - sonn i)]i, ,,„,.,,, „,, 0! ,ii u llm w m | lls i Karl K. und Jewell N. llenle Kouth | the llfi- of n IIOII.MV Y 'S nf wear feet ill l^ot-s I and '2 In Illock j wl || not niKlernilmi Us iialmnl henii- ty v . If subjeitfd (o unusually hravy ATTIC FANS HuL \\Y;ilher Is Just Around the Corner. W« have wind*w f;uis iLiitl uitli! f.ins, 18 Inch in 4K." They Will Do the J**. i Nu (limn iiuymi'iit urn! 3G iiiontliK 1u pay if you wtah. BE E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Hume fifil The room set aside for a IUIIMT.V should Krow with the child. Basic furnitiire includes a drop-side crib j 2 of the Miller and Greentee Addl- naR ' been brought to bear upon it." he told the House of Commons. He was replying to a conservative member who asked him to "make absolutely clear that the release of this man was simply a question of British justice and not connected with the emotional outpourings of the extreme left in this country." live lo Ihe child who Is growing out of Ihe toddler static. Tf the room is to grow \vlth (he child, the crib is replaced with a youth-bed after about three years, the playpen discarded and the tab!e.-chair combination replaced with child-sized table, desk anil chairs. In natural maple or birch finish. Him. $1,200. J. T. and Muttli- Hue Syki-s to W. Ci. and Muybcll Scymorr I'lol 190 bv 100 led In Section Itt-liiN- 11B. S2.BOO. M. P. Day. Waller and Mason !•>. Day. Jr.. doing business as Ihe Day [ Amusement Company, und Sarah j H. and Doris H. Day, In IX-wi-y t;. | mid' Willie Mac Ualli'.v. N-l ! :i of] Lots :i and 1 In Illnck '.! of the Marsh Addition. $2.080.63. H. H. and Lucy llouchlns to Mrs. Kdna Earl Hcdninn, l/jt 5 In lilurk I of the Country Club Drive Addition, $2,000. E. 'M. and Maggie Woodard to Dell Special School District No. W. a plot :iir> by 710 feel In Sccllon 5-HN.IOE. $1.500. A. J. and Ixirna W. Humor to Evelyn Horn'ei Wright. NK'i of the NE!i alld SE'.i of NE'i In Section '.!4-l5-N-HK, and SK'S RE", of fiec- tlon 30-15N-9B, $1 and enchange of prnncrly. Evelyn Horncr Wright lo A. .1. limner. SW', NF. 1 1 of Section 'H- 15N-8E. S'i of the S'i of SW'i of Section 1B-15N-9I!:, SI and exchange of properly. C. H. and Irene Whistle lo Roy and Effte Dairies, in acres In Scc- i lion 17-15N-I1E. In exohnnge of trafiic for n long period or II neglected. It can be ii'Morrd to It.s url- Rlluil condition by sjindlMK atld re- [inlshliiK. A new oak floor properly flnl.she<l anil ir.alntahKHi will retain Its braiity tor many years without requiring refinlshlng. HOMEMAK.K FEATURES properly. Max and Aunic l.uutli' l.cignn to I.eland I,, and Kosaltc Wcllt, l.ul I or Illock 2 in (\\i- William Wulk- cr Kcrimd Sulxllvlsion, JflOO. Max and Annie I.nurle l.onan lo .1. n. and fios'e Wl<lncr. l.ol li ol Illock 'i o( the William Walker .Second Subdivision, $700. E. H. and novcne C. David. U Thomas D. nnd Mary Flldcr. Ixit. of Hlock 4 of the David Acres Addition. SP.OO V.. II. and Rovene C. Duvld U Albert P. aiui Jewell Jolloy. 1(1 of Blnck :i of the David Acre .Subdivision. $1100. ForYourflome.. . a Crone HOMEMAKER Sink I : i',ttnn'f ilun utter die tumosi hi convenience ... fofn/nt(tnrsi in |>ci init Ih-xikiiliiy I" kiuhtMi |)1itnniiiK . . . It.tuly ui ciilumtc llic ti|t[KMr- jtnct nf (he iiiuit nuiilvin Lililicn .. . s(nn/iri(lt tliDi \vtll Co i / 'I''i //n' l!i,ntrrri.rl ( -r . , , Oune's top-line, \iit)tlc-k>;isUi, siiiKlL-ili .linln^n J sink. Mililu of vineous iliinu ui) C.IM iron. SpnrkliiiK while, ucitl-resiiiin^ surface. Sturtly sucl cuMiici. Ovt'iiiU AI/C: -1-2 x 25'/4 n i<J inches viih H-iiuli tk'cp Imisiti. Let \i\ irll you more nhoui (lie Crane I Ionic- niuker for iluii new Mulicn you iirc pLiiininp. "PETE" The P 10!) Nil. To* R«I«H fw/rrt»r»i JM ttf*jort, J) rnt ttt te*f- /.«! lotto/ ik**i. umber Phone 213* WATER IS FREE! ZI3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 201=; Wherever you find it, writer is free, Deep in n well or otit of the sea. Gel all you want wherever you go,— Head the simple dircclions below. Put a barrel under Ihe spout, Collect, the rain Ihe clouds pive out; But watcli for wi^glev and bndllus,— Some bugs are almost sure lo kill us. Welt yourself a pan of snow! (It's a crystal form of 1120) Or just apply a little heal To frost or ice or hnil or sleet 1 Dig a hole both deep and round, That's where lots oC water's found. Pumps are needed, so are tanks,— You pay for them with more Uian thanks 1 Put muddy water In a keltic, Leave il for the mud to settle. Even the water in the sewer Is ninety-nine one hundrcdths pure! Build • dam across a creek And do it well so it won't leak. Then lay a pipe. (The cost ain't hay: Be sure lo get a right of way.) Wring the water from a blanket of fog! Strain the tadpoles out of a bog! Gel up early and gather dew! Sprinkle a cloud with CO2! With a bucket you can bring All you want from pond or spring. Two hundred trips or so a day Are really fun when you don't pay! Your water works adds this last line: Delivery is where we shine 1 We can't sell waler because it's free,— We sell only PRESSURE and PURITY I BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" SPECIAL SALE PRICE! FAMOUS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SCREEN ENAMEL SAVES YOUR SCREENS! KEEPS 'EM KEEPING OUT PESTS1 M.ike jour olil screens ancfTvciiic t> neivl liolh wire and frames for tlie average . One easily applied coil of S-W Screen liuusc. You'll find iliat S-W Screen Enamel cloej the trick. ..pretties them up Jin.imcl I.AS1S ALL SEASON... AND REALLY ...shuts out rust. It's never sticky... doesn't lin.F'S Hi .IP our THE FLYING !>£STS! Order clog the nicili... dries to n hard, glossy lod.iy . . . licfure llie big pest invision finish. One quart is nil yon need lu <Ii> scans ... while the price is so low! f SHERWIN-WILLIAMS GIVES YOUR HOME OF BEAUTY I 85 C*L FREE! SHERW/N-WJLLMMS HOME DECORATOR Ask for >our FREE copy of the N L\V HOMP DECORATOR -41 pages in color Utusiniing up-to-the- minute ideal in home painting, decanting. PHONE US! * WE DELIVER1 * CHARGE * C.O.D.^ASY MY PLAN SHERWIH WILLIAMS RAIHTS BUILDER'S SUPPLY, INC. W. H. Pease fil South J. Wilson Henry Phoiw 2862

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