The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
Page 3
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>THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1939 BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIEU NEWS PAGE THREE '•"' THIBET WE Submarines Must Avoid Detection Salvation Of Undersea Boat Lies In Keeping Oul 0! Sight • BY MEUT, COMDR. HAItifiV COPE, U. S. N. Veteran Submarine Commander (Written for NBA Service) Even a disaster such as overlook the Squalus is nothing compared to what the crew of ft submarine might experience in wartime. For the Squalus men could at least hope lhat sisler ships would come to the rescue. .Bui a submarine during war is a vessel witli- out friends. I Even friendly ships, upon sight' Ing a "pig-boat," will shoot, first, und Investigate aflcrwardsl SUli'S TROUBLES War on the seas! The. sub's captain has sighted un enemy vessel—so down goes the "pig-boat," as h pholo at top, in preparation for an attack. Bin there's always Ihe dangerous moment before com ; >lcte submersion when (he periscope leaves the telllale fcatlury wake, as In photo below. The cncinj sighting the hated wake, may let go a clinrge lo blow the sub to sniHlicrecns. From the day early in the War when Lieutenant Otto Weddlmlei of the German Navy, with his U-9, startled the world by sinking in quick succession three British cruisers, much in the manner of popping pet ducks on a pond, the dangers and difficulties with which the submarine was confronted grew. The German submarines during one phase ol Ihe war threatened to clear the Allied shipping from Ihe sea and starve England inlo submission. The Allies frantically sought to locate an antidote for the poison that was threatening Iheir very existence. Several things then' began to react unfavorably for the U-boats The' Allies devised large dept! charges, explosives that either lit v erally blew the subs out of the waler or shattered the nerves o the crew. In addition, as a furthe delrlment lo the U-boat, the con voy system was Inaugurated. To defeat Ihe convoy systei was beyond the capacity of th U-boats. To get in a successful at tack the skippers had to overcom several obstacles, failure at nn one meaning death. Convoys were large groups o mercliantment in formation am controlled by a naval officer. Of on the flanks of the convoy were speedy, alert destroyers and cruisers, enger for a glimpse of the telltale feathery wake of the submarine. Sight of the wake was the 'imklin-Pemiscol Co - Op Is To Build 330-Mile Lxlcnsion KROGER PIGGLY WltiGLY nccEfi TII$ iMizmc tumm BUY M/ Kiee«t Ittm, LIKE It M »t)l tr btmr, : OK icimn unused porliofl Ir. original container »nd «• Will KplKl il FREE wiiH tn/ Clint bcuul »« Mil of lh« iinw Hem, r«llidl««i ct pdct. , oduy for the summer, season nn- er the management of Emory Vagcs, it was announced by G. W. Vatson, chairman of the commit- ee on organized athletics and )laygroi'ii(Is. The pool has been recently re- cleaned and painted and new lights nstalled, under the supervision of Ed Wiseman, f o r c m a n. The grounds surrounding the pool are lo be planted with shrubs am Mowers by the P. T, A. of which Mrs. D. S. Lanev Is president Life guards will be on duty at al times. The pool Is' not being operalc< primarily as a money making pro) eel but under the auspices of th Osccola Rotary Club in coopcra tlon with the city solely as a rcc rcatlonal activity. Admission i CAKUTHERSVn.LE, Mo,, Juno .—Officials of the I'emlscol-nunk- n Electric Cooperative, serving Ural residents In Southeast Mis- ourl with eleclilc service, stnted •cslerday lhat work had been or- [ercd to commence Immediately on lie additional 330 miles of power Ines which project had Just last week been approved by the nglon HEA headiiuarlurs olllco. The contract has been let lo the McDomild construction Co., of St. Louis, for $'221,021, which Is to cover all outside materials and labor, and is designed to serve about 981 additional forms. The Pensacolfi Cieosollng Co,, will fur nlsh about 00 carloads of pules the Aluminum Company of America will furnish about 1U5 mile, of wire, and the General ElcctrU. Co, will ship BS2 transformers to be used on the Job. Constructloi of the lines Is expected lo furnist approximately 53,000 mail hours o employment in direct, labor nlone Thts project, when complete; 11 bring Ihe lolnl miles of lines service lo S03, and will represent rvlce to 2,132 farms. About half the system has already been lilt nnd is functioning. The new ] onltacl calls for completion CLOCK BREAD Ovun Fresh l,iii'ft'e 20 oz. Loaf, Only 5c PRIDE ILL. CORN Full No. 2 Can Only Tomatoes s • " LIMA BEANS \vomliilt! flroen, No. 2 Can 3 for Peas Avntnhlc IVlil fills No. 'i Only Pickles Knur in- 1)111 2 till. . 25c Fragile as it Is, the submarine requires a "mother ship" to supply "• and minister to its needs. Photo shows U. S. subs nesting near "- set at a minimum; five cents Id a children In the grade school, le cents to those in high school an the submarine tender, Holland. signal for an immediate deluge of huge, death dealing depth feet of periscope has been exposed the Skipper has assured himself that the ocean is free of all ene- mies'except the approaching convoy, taken the range and bearing of the ship he intends to sink, estimated its course and paved the charges To make the problem estimatedI its.course-am, p. even morS difficult for the subnia-1 ay; for/getting its.speed. ... 1. ",.,' ' u.... «.„ „„„ ,»« ™,r_ Before'his next periscop rine seeking a rirey, the convoy, pursued a" zigzagging course while In U-boat waters.; The result waS that toward the latter part of the war the submarine was made practically inelTcc- ' live. \Vith such difficulties lo be expected- during war, we have endeavored to give our personnel real wartime training to overcome the weaknesses that lessened the value of the submarine in 1318. HOW A SUBMARINE MAKES ITS ATTACK What actually happens in a submarine just prior to releasing those speedy weapons of death, the torpedoes? The Captain of the attacking submarine has sighted the masts of his intended prey OH the horizon. Fearful that his presence might be disclosed to aircrnf ahead of the ships, the captain signals for a "quick dive". Soon Ihe Diving Officer nods ti the Captain and reports that tin submerged boat can be handled a low speed. The Captain directs that th submarine be slowed to a spec \ that will not cause the periscope -> when It is lifted, to leave feathen spray in its wake. Swinging th periscope completely around tl horizon lo make sure that nothin else has worked into the plctun the Skipper focuses on one of h prospective victims and calls 01 his estimates to the assistant. In the few seconds that tw Before'"his next periscope obser- •VtipiV thc'skipper '7naps out, with e. aid of his assistant, the method e.will apply to get home liis nt- ack, either firing straight, bow lots or angling his torpedoes. Be,ore lie makes another periscope jservation the sub is placed on le firing course and again slowei" o a minimum "speed. During the second $77,500 In Pemiscot Farm Checks Arrive CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., June 1.— M. D. Ambiirgcy, county agent, announced the arrival here of approximately $77,5(10 in IDSS.'Agri- cultuml-Consefvfltion- • p a y.m e n t checks.'to Pemiscot County farmers.-. This was the third group of checks . to be received, the entire number representing about $300,000. Mr. Amburgey said lhat fee complete total amount, to be distributed in 'this county would be close to $1,000,000 when all checks had been received and dislribulcd. fifteen cents lo all others. Other Rotnrinns serving wit Mr. Watson on Ihe recreation committee arc Roy O. Dawso superintendent of city schools, \ W. Prewilt and C. F. Manley. STARCH A VH ion ;i Hi. llox, Only 19 he 330 miles of additional lines by ate summer. . Rural communities to be served iclude those south of Cardwull nd Arbyrd In Diinklin county; the ural communities around Deer- ig, Dcnton, Stecle, nrnggadoclo, •yler. Cnrulheisvlllc and Kinfolks {Idge in rcnilscot county; nnd In I •tew Madrid coimly, the coninuml- ics In and around Martin's Chap-1 el, Point Pleasant, Portagi "' Gideon, Tnlllpoosn, Rlsco, along Highway G'2 for eight miles. Lines will be erected In the northeast corner ot Diinklin nnd northwest corner of remlscol. comities, making service available lo Ihe- rural residents In and nround | Peach Orchard,,Fi'isbee, While Oak Campbell and HoicimiD, and along Highway 25 for n considerable dls- | tancc. IDEAL DOC FOOD 2 cm. 15 FLY SPRAY 19 DEC BDJllin Mctlillm DLL BilRllU Ucf>. 2fic, Nmv 19 25c APPLE SAUCE 0. Club, No. 2 Can, 2 for Spotlight •£- 43c ASPARAGUS S :"S"L GRAPEFRUIT SNOWDRIFT 1 Ib. Ctm IHc ;( lh. Can 50c WESSON OIL Hulk SUGAR Domino Clolli II) hits. 50c Domino Factory Pitched Paper II) Llis. Peaches -"n 14c lonrovia, Africa, was named United Stales President James FLUSH KIDNEYS OF EXCESS ACID AND POISONS-GAIN IN HEALTH ic convoy lias drawn much closer nd Ihe Skipper notes the location f the screen destroyers and he nenlally pictures which ones will lost likely cause interference with lis nllack. After a 'scries of plots of Ihe ocation of Ms target, Us speed is airly well established — and tlic hue for the kill draws near. All orpedoes arc made ready for lii 1 ns. The periscope cannot be left ex- losed too long for fear of betray- il. The alert sound man in Ihe submarine warns the Captain that the target is drawing near the bearing on which Ihe assistant has figured the torpedoes should be loosed to hit. A few seconds later Ihe submarine trembles as each powerful torpedo goes hurtling out of the tubes in pursuit of Us target. The submarine cannot for the time being see for it is at a depth that will'keep it from the eyes that will now be desperately seeking il. observation I He did not indicate when another group of checks Would ar- vc. He said that Individual farmer!, who received checks in this groui would be notified by mail. Osceola's Swimming Pool Opens Today OSCEOLA, Ark.,.June 1. — The Osceola swimming pool'»will open HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry anil Cleaning Service Slop Gelling Up Nigh Is— ' lie Happier—Live Longer 35 CENTS PROVES IT- That dragged, out'feeling may mean thai, your kidneys, arc .inactive and distressed—persistent, backache, nervousness and dto.y spells may niean the same thing'. Good active kidneys relieving the body of excess acid and poisons are what we all should strive to attain and when kidneys an<l bladder arc distressed— . . . '.. . A good safe . cHecilve diuretic such as GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules is called for—so If you hive to get up otleiV'-al/ night—il liassagc is scanty .or dinicnll tint smarting or burning Is in evidence —If you have shifting pains or let twinges or puiry eyes IL may hell your health if you pay attention lo your kidneys. i GOLD MliDAIj Haarlem Oil Cup sulca Is a gram! diuretic—for score of years it Iras lieen used by pcopl all over Anicrlcii and In other coun Irics—il can't harm you'. Tn every GOLD MEDAL Capsul you get the genuine—tlic pure—til original Haarlem Oil right fioi Hnnrlem In Holland. So don't lie an EASY MARK and accept u suli- slllnte—Look for the Gold Medal on the nox. 35 cents. Adv. Apricots A« a 15c FRUIT COCKTAIL 11f <). dull No. 1 Tnll Can, Only * D1ITTED DU I I fclf £• Chlb rrcsl '. ; "'• : • - 2r> Katmoru Oloo . .2 His 26 in i A UCiLLV 14 ./IViiilde Jell, -i for It) APPLE JELLY IMire 2 II). '.liir CHUM SALMON 2 .;„.,. 19 Qtinrl Yi I SALAD DRESSING EMBASSY Q,H 22 C COUNTRY CLUB COUNTRY CLUB 29 MIRACLE WHIP MIRACLE WHIP Qls. 36° M * ..... WESCO TEA 1/2 11). H Only 25' Mutches, Mac. or Spaghetti Cc Tomnto 1'astc, 2 For v SCOTT Toilet Tissue OAc ;) Rolls ••¥ Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Genuine Ethyl 80 Octane, (jnl. Anti-Knock Gas 73-j- Octane, Gul. 13.Sc 14.3c (All Taxes Paid) SPECIAL LOW PRICK—100% PlIKR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OH—TAX PAU) 2 GAL. CAN • •• !l!lc Highest Qnalily Products a I SAVEON GAS CO, 4 Miles From Stale Line Holland, Mo. Green Corn — 5c P&G. l.ifchuny 3 for 17c • 7 Bars . Beets * Fresh Home drown, 3 llflis.. lOc BEANS Frcsli, II). LEMONS Sunkisl li For ^[WATERMELONS ^ 59 in MIANS Ycll n, 10 PEACHES Fr( itJ asly CHERRIES Cnlif. I'lHIIlll 15 LETTUCE Firm Heads EC Much V CARROTS VHknniktf Punnil ««*_. VMHMW.W CftHTALOUPES , „ 151 PINEAPPLE Fresh ' 3 Rchs. 10° F'cy Mex. 171 C Ex. L K c. Rch. 112 ' Read Courier Nuws want ads Armour's Star RIB ROAST . , , . . - Ib. Me i\i M irnr >| SHOULDER CLOD .... ib.25c K K I- f ROUND STEAK Ib. 33c CLUB STEAKS lb.29c PORK CHOPS BACON First Cuts Pound Kwick Krisu Riiull^ss Hi. •iw^^^"«^^"«^—^— 25c Reg. Sliced, ••Ib. Fresh River Cattish •» 22c PURE LARD i^n^Bi^HH^^i^i^i^i^i^iVHHHHWI SIDE MEAT LOOSE No Limit, Ib. liesl Grade Slrcak-o'-Lean, U). 7|c lOc

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