The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1966
Page 9
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Myttnflfc (AA) Courier V«n » Thurnhy, .My T. tttl- H» M Omaha Calm By BILL W. DEAN OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - At the city hall, the weary ftayor witched the pounding rSiii and muttered: "Maybe this wlil 6661 things off." And it may have. Two miles iibm city hall on the hear North Side, a tentative peace followed tlift.rain. 'The drenching cooled the ftlack, teafriy pavement of tfofth 24th Street, greened u£ liwns in front of closely spaced old houses, and freshened, flow- iirs that bloomed «long shabby BickstreeU. ^ OBITUARY • •' '• • • ' Mrs. Ado Hunt Rites Saturday Mrs. Ada Hunt,,wife of R. 6. Hunt of Blytheville, died, early this morning at Doctors' Hospital. She was 84. .••.., A riatto of Hufitlrigtori, Term., Mrs. Hunt had jivgd Befe for .about 65 years. She wis a man- Ber of first Baptist Church. She also leaves a. son, Franklin Dean Hunt of Boston, Mass.; Two, Clarence. E. Hawkins 6f Blytheville, ..iftfl A. L.' Hawkins of Dayton, Ohio; Arid. two grandchildren. . Services will B| at 2 p.m. Sat- iirday at First Baptist Church, with Rev. Alvis Carpenter in Burial will be in EimtfSSd Cemetery. Pallbearers will Be deacons of the church. • Cbftb Funeral Home is in Only the wAfk day traffic mAVed In and 6lli (rf a htt|« parking lot Where bottles ana stones flew during three nights of the Fourth of July weekend disorders. Along N6rth 24th Street, Which for sArrie 36 blocks is the ftoFth-sOUth axis of the near NAf th Side, glass from shattered display windows had been swept away. Here and there were store fronts patched with sheets of plywood. But how much heat of resent- ihent and frustration liftgefed beftifid drab ftcidet remained charge. to be seen. "A lot)" said Force veteran. joM and hotter recreation Utilities, they cwnplamed of police briitllity. "We don't know how to talk to them aftfl they don't know hoW to talk to us," said An* ybuth describing relatidns with pAliee. Were the outbreaks completely spontaneous? Yes, said those who met with thfc goverhdr. But James Livirig- stone, 19, watching the 24th Street traffic a couple of days after the disorders, said, "Theft* fellAws were looking fAr a way focus attehtiorl on their de- t« atifaet attentiori" - a way to a young Air "THAM. Hds were just doing what their eld ers wish they had the gilts to ers Not What ail the eldefs ! 'th8se kids *|r**d: hid ,...«, 6ec6me the focal p'oifit df the civil figfits movement In Omaha. It had dfama!i»j& fiemifids arid shocked this city and its suburbs which together eoristi- tute a metropolitan ares of a"b6Ut a half-fnillion people. ' " "initiation is to 46,68. executive The city's Negro j. estimated at 30.69< Douglas Stewart, director of the UfBari League: yses the higher flguf*S artd sajrs 8 per cent of the Negroiis lives ohjhe near .North Side: The huB of Negro activity tfa- ditiAflaiiy has been the interieg- tlon of 24th and Lake Stfeeti Gov. Ffafik MAffisAri flew ffAni the governors' conference iri California to jAln Jiiyor A.;V Soreriseri iri seeking an,,end t* the violence.. Both talked to young Negroes who Said ffi^y spoke for the rioters. the young nien said they Wanted jobs, tfainini for_ better .* TT*I* «mr*u« Sept) 17 on . ^,. milllAft bind itiut Which the school board lay* will be Used to build fAUf new schoAls ahd expand thre* nlft ichAAli. The b6nd* carry a trail! tti increase, , _ Last ytif VAteft riarfAwiy defeated a |4,4 , mllliori. school iond issue which carried a 2.75 mill tax increase. * * * S-C. H6dg*> 70, a retifid pack; irignAuse worker, said his old errtployer called Kim recently in search of five yAuiig men to fill $l7fcari:fiAuf jABs: He could only find three takers deipite aft aririouricemerit he .made !tt church; said HMg«. Omaha UfBan League off!: dais have estlinated the city'! Mefrip unemployment rite at It to 15 per cent, although Omaji 4 William E. LeWis, tori of Mr and Mrs. Arby W. Lewis of Wisemin (liard County), Ark:, has Been killed iri action Iri Viet Nam, the Defense Department said Wednesday. University flafitSn.a* ecpnA'mist said ''There Lanf no feasAn to Believe tfie Negro ufl- erriploym'e'rit fate is anf diffe£ erit in Omtfia than it is hatiAhal- ly" - 7 to 9,p*f c*nt. Stewart; df tj»e Urban League; says Ottaha has dene i goo^ job in the fields of joBs and edii- cati6fi, But 1ft hoiising "tt hasn't a6fi« jne a umig., ; the North Side-ghetto was expanded, and on its outer limits to the west ahd north are newer hoffles with bigger yards, there are several public housirij p-rAj'Sct* including a 12-story residence f6r the elderly. But iri older areas there .are fiiha6*ft houses. VIET NAM (Continued from Page (Me) sion* - was recorded the day before, *h'eh Ariierlcan jets MM 16 missiles. That Was the highest total .reported for any day of the 17-morith air war The U.S. coriliiiand had announced, earlier that 27 tb 29 SAMS had been fired, but the command said this figure re- Suited from duplications in pi- lots' reports. .... . . The US. command said 115 Americans were killed in battle last week, 4«7 Were wounded arid four were missing in action or captured. This brought to 2,281 the number of Americans reported lulled by erieniy fire since Jan. .1 and to 4,014 the number of U.S. battle dead since the United States Became involved ifl the Vietnamese war on Jan. 1, 1961. the week before there were 131 Americans killed, 755 wounded arid seven iriissing or captured. A Vietnamese spokesman said 251 government troops died in battle arid 58 were missing last week, compared to the previous 'week's total of 286 dead and 61 missing. The Vietnamese do not •report their wouiided. A total of 1,270 enerily dead were reported, with 114 captured. The week before the reported enemy toll was 1,125 killed and 204 captured. Australian, Korean and New Zealander troops reported two battle deaths ahd nine wounded. Haiioi Radio indicate that North Viet Nam may carry out its repeated threat to try captured U.S. airmen as war criminals. The hint cam* in a broadcast describing the parading of a group Of American fliers through angry throngs in Hanbi Wednesday. The South Vietnamese army announced its third major military success in two days, the destruction of a big Viet Cong medical and arms depot in the Mekong DelU. The government «aid 155 Communists were killed in the daylong battle Wednesday Vietnamese officers at the battle scene 80 miles south of Saigon said another 100 of the enemy may have been killed by air and artillery fire as they pulled back into the mangrove swamps and rice lands Wednesday night. Ten guerrillas were captured. With the militant Buddhists back under control, the government has stepped up its operations in the delta riceland* where moit of South Viet Nam'i major crop grow*. Th« military regime appears anxious to show its prowess with a major sue- cess In th* south, when there art as bif U.S. troop conctntra. Hoot. Daily Record Wedthef U. S. Weather Agricujmraj Servie* Reiser, Ark. Shower's edged IritA extreme northeast Arkansas yesterday af- ternson but the -st of the slat* remained rainless. ' stationary front lying east to West through central Missouri riiay be the mechanism for a slight liicfgaie in the thundershower activity in north Arkansas this afterridoW and evening. In the south fair> fall probabilities Will remain very low today increasing sonie- what tonight and Friday. Part of the Bootheel and west Tennessee were visited by substantial showers yesterday while severe weather continued to hammer parts of the west. Yesterday's highs were generally iti the 90s but reached 100 at Batesville, Moffilton and Ozark. Overnight lows were generally in the 70s. Warm nighttime temperatures continued to be favorable for cott6ft growth where sufficient soil ifioistufe '.i available. No important change in this warm temperature regime Is indicated for the rest of the week. The prospects fdf the much-needed general rains are still poor but the probability is much higher today than it has been for many days. Chicago Wheat July Sept. Dec; Yesterday's hith-98 OverAlgBt low— 73 Preclpit*tt6ft preTi«u« 7 a.m. today) — trace gunsil todij— 7:14 le , Mis Date. A J't TMterflay'S BISH- 9> 24 »eu» , . > «»te— 29.3* S4 , i . r *«« World Deaths WASHINGTON (AP) - Rear Adffl. Alexander H. van Keuren (ret.) «S, who a* director of the Naval Research Laboratory helped develop the atomic bomb, died Sunday. Van Keuren received the Legion of Merit for his part in development of the bomb. He served 43 years in the Navy befere retiring in 146.9 i (AP)-Edvie* presi- „. —- Steamship Agency, died Wednesday, apparently of a heart attack, while attempting to escape from a fire at his horn*. HONOLULU (AP) - Edward Fern, 57, • prominent American portrait painter, died Tueiday of ceme to Maul thre* years ago cancer on Maul Island. Ftrn iron CtatiuMtt, OMa, Ma Open fttn Low Last 181% 185% 191% 191% Chicago July Aug. Sept. 365V4 359 325 366 360'A 326 316V4 New York Stocks texts GS 351 316V4 108'A Arkansas Newt firitft Koxanri Hodge, Affe, 15, drAwried near here. Polic* said Wednesday while she arid her sister, Peggyj J7, Were sWiM- rnirtg iri the Mississippi River * vuw oau* thfc .girls were from near LAAAke. EL DORAMj Afk. (AP) *• jAhn Hirrii Joies* said Wedriss- flay if he is elected' 4th D'istficl feonjfessmafi he will WOrk fdr a Dill, to expand the Interstate highway systM iri Arkansas. Arkarisis Highways if* not an inducement to tourists, "' said. .. • . JAries, a DefnAcrat, promised t0 gtyi pfiAfity atteritiAri to U.S. 85, which funs across south Arkansas. EL DORADO; Afk. ( Siciard S. AfriAia of -—. karia, a Democratic candidate fAf 4th District cArigre.ssmari said Wednesday he favAred having AM house of a. stati legislature, based on a iomething After than population. AffiAld said the. U.S. Gonstitu- fiAri shAtid fife amended to en sari that rural areas arid tmai tAwns have fair fepreseritafian iri .state legislatures. .He endorsed the proposid Evefett Di.fkseri amendrflirit Which WAuid modify th* U.S Siiprgnle Court's recifit one- man, one-Vote decisiAri Av§r ieg- isiativ* apportionment. CONWAY, Afk. (AP)- Busi- riisimeri are s^8nspfirig an ap- ' ' dinner hefe tonight •«»*•• ••;>., v, AS«6CIATI:D SE6UL, KorM (AP) - After We yeifs Af Wtermitterit riego- iatlAhi the United States arid S6uth KAfea agreed today 6A a relty governing the status of the 50,006 U.S. tervicemen sta- iri Korei - 6f Slat* fieah ftusk and FAr*igri Minister Lee ting- Won Will si|ri the treaty in Seoul Saturday. The last stumbling block was rehiAVed Wednesday when the United States agreed o give Korea primary jurisdic- iori Aver m»j6r cHMlnai Af- ienies cornittid by U.S. serv- ierrien While Aff duty. GBNEVA (AP. ) - the United totelstys It Will sign the mter; riatiArial cerivehtiAn Ari the elim- iria'tipri of all forrris Af racial discrirniriation. Amhassiaor Afthiif J. GAld- ber; chief U.S. del*gate to the United NatiAhs, told the U.N, 6c6ri6rnic arid Social Council Wednesday he would sign eShveritiori iri 4 (ieremAny New York later this mASth. the onveritiori Was approved by the f:N. iSeftifal AssSmbly last cember arid has been signed by 20 nations. Chrysler ...• 41 3 /4 RCA Af&t Dow Xerox GM 81H 57'/s 85% fAf Sefl. John L. McCiellafi aftt Rep. WUfiuf Mills, Both Arkansas Demteats. Befofe the dinner* McGlellan arid Mills are scheduled to speak at gfoundbfeakirig ceremonies for the Conway Mu'riici pal Building; HAZEN, Afk. (AP) = Cavin Slaughter, 24, of Stuttgart, diet Wedriesday night when his ligh airplane crashed on a farm near here. Slaughter was flying a ... r dustef Awfied by Carl Fischer Aerial Applicators of Stuttgart PaflAmef 74% Ford 48 He had been spraying fertilizer on a farm. W'hduse S5 US Stel 45 Curtis PUB , WA Comsat 59V4 Airier M6t6fi 11 Sear's •••••• 55 Davis 32« ......... 110 LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Bill Elliott, 17, of near Little Rfick drowned Wednesday while swimming in a baUnte. pi south of here, police said. SAN ward McCormick, dent of Monitor Geti Elect Seth steel s2 3 /< Reynolds toft i... 37^4 Standard NJ 71H HblidayiiiA •• 43^ Ark-La 45 Ark-Mo •-... 13% Divco-Wayne 31% Sen. Byrd in Coma BERRYVlLLE, V*. (AP) Retired Sen. Harry F. Byrd Sr., who built the dominant Democratic party organization in Virginia mat bears his name, hat slipped into a deep coma from which doctors do not expect him to emerge. Th* seriousness of the 79- year-old former senitor'i condition was underlined Wednesday when for the first time the family disclosed ht wtt suffering from a malignant brain tumor. There had been reports ht was serioutly ill, however, since he spent several days in March at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville. Byrd retired from the U.S. Senate last November after SI years and was succeeded by another son, Harry F. Byrd Jr. The younger Byrd is in tht midit of a Democratic primary campaign for the party nomination far tht remaining four years ,«f hie father's term. Renumber Pay Your ttftt Btjr CIVIL RIGHTS (Continued from Page One) ferent fr6in anybody else wield- their political pftwef. j: Y6U are talking also; riot Only in tefffls 6f political p6W«f, but what's implied in this is the whole scope of power or strength whether it's economic or political 6f otherwise? A: Yes. that's correct. When you talk about black people in this country, you talk abou propertyless people. I mean, at a whole we don't have any prop erty. We're still Waiting for OUf 40 acres and a mule, the only power now left to us that we «ai win from is political power. Am maybe using that as t iteppinj stone, we can get to economic power, which U really tht eru cial problem. Q: so, when you boll It down really what you're Miking tbou is political power? . A: That's correct. Q: Do you feel tht black pow er approach will split the civil rights movement? A: Well, it might. I don't know. But I think what the civil rights movement hai to do is to not act as a buffer zone between the black community and the white cemunity, but to express the feeling of th* black community in the tone of th* black cotnunity. That's whit m io SNCC an golif to 4*. •Vilff*tt^,^i A, r?v-ri?v- Zrf &. seen last month it Selvatil. In Misiones Province, horthefh Argentina, a police official said today. Capt. Mario Oscaf Davitb. it sistaftt provincial police chief, told newsmen he has ''evidence" that Guevara apparently was in Misioiits in June. He spent sorAe days iri the area meeting with local C6mmunist leaders arid then disappeared again, Davico said wlthbut giving any details. Misibries Prdvirice is at Argentina's northefri tip; oft tfie Bot der with Bfazii arid Paraguay; Previ6us repor.ts placing fciui- Vafa in various min-Arfieficah c6untries have not been coft- firmed. WARSAW, P6laiid (AP) - A m6veMeht to biiild a memorial in Poland to P6pe J6hn XXlii has Been .started by a pfogov- ernnierit Catholic orginiiatiorij the i&vernmirit - owiiid newspaper Zycie Warszawy - War saw life.- reported today. The report said the nionuriient would, be erected iri Wroclaw, the farmer (JefMari city 6f Breslau. , (AP) - Mi§sirig,Cuh*ti leidef ErriestA (Che) Guevara was r*pAflid KArea (AP) - The last Turkish army cortipariy to serve with the United Nations c6riimand in. Korea l*ft , f6r hbine today, it was replaced By 4 16-roari liaison group. Toe/ay In Washington By f#E ASSSClA*ED WASHINGT6N (AP) P'oSt blflce fiepirtnient is stick * t--ii it:-ill '1A^^ 11 lLi,i4± • wA*i .new Kori- witfi plirii to issu*. a five*eftt ^6stage staffip oring 1,000 years of Christianity in PolSiSd desftte a ttirtit By jraphs. Scientists said the pfe ures gave ri*w evidence ol •global yariatioris in altitude arid derisity- of the aifglAW layer." the PAlish g'Sverrimgnt to feflise all mail Bearing tM stamp.. A gAverrimerit spiifc^ *aid the olesj through tfieif efnbassy in Washingtoft, pfdteited that an eagle **iich i^ipears oh the stamp is a.pfe-Wprld War H lagle instead of ,the Coriirnuriist pdstwaf eagle, fhi eagle on the stamp is White, *.ears a crown and is surmou'nted By a sJinple Christian efoss. . . ..,. the siiifce said, ffis PAlish gAvernmeht eonterids it ohjeets neitfier to the crown nor .16 .the crossj But to the bird itself. The tfeaSUry Department officially jas declared the eAiri stAfage at an end. Assistant Se_creUfy of .the Tfeisufy Robert A. Wallace said sufficient _ triyeiitofles .Of cbiris afe now available — 3.5 Billiofi pieces as of Jiifle 17—tb lefmit a fetUrri to fAofe riArmal niritirig ApefatioriS; .the mint was placed on a fAUrid-the;clAck schedule When the coiri shArtage ifit^risifi«d. At one poirit in the cfasfi jifogMrrij i staniiiing jpf esi Was taken out of a miis_etim to aid pfqaiictipri. stamp's designef, Milwaukee artist Samuftd D. LewindoWslQi said his df awing wa* not toten* ed to depict eitBer tt« prewar of pAstwaf eagle, but father was supposed to Be a stylized version, of the traditional Polish syriibol. WAHINGTON (AP) .— PhO; togfaphs taken by the Gemirii 9 astfqnauts during their three- aay flight last month Have given scientists new clues about one of nature's great puzzles — tfie night-time "aifglow." The U.S. Naval Research,Lafr ofatory reported this in releasing the photographs of the blanket of diniiy illuminated air which surrounds the earth at an altitude Of 45 to 60 miles. Energy for the illumination domes from ultraviolet rays of file siiri which are absorbed by atoms of various chemicals in the atmos 1 phere during the day. The astronauts, Air Force Lt. Col. Thomas P. Stafford and Navy Cmdr EUgerie A. Cernan, used a specially iiifldified camera iri snapping the photo- two KilUd; Nine Injured in Wreck Ark. (AP) - At least twft persons were killed and nine others injured today in a five-vehicle collisidn en U. S. 67, near the Beebe city limit, the White County's cofo- ner's office said today. Identification of the dead and details of the accident were not availalbe. *••••••••• •*•»•••••• lerrleet Br FUNERAL HOME Interrlty MRS. ADA HUNT, 9 p.m., Sit- urday, First fttptltt Church. * * * BOZANN RODOE, 3 pm. Friday. tobb Chaptl. M»8. NOBENI KNTPPU-I Flnt Church 1,298 Arrested During Holiday LittLB ftOCK (AP) - The Arkinsis State Poltfc* arrested IJM ittotofistl dilriflg the 78- ibur F^Urth 6f My hdliday weekend, but the state still had a near-record 21 hignWay deaths during the pefiod. Lt. Col. Carl L. Miller, aisiit- aiit difefctir 6f the St»te Police, today releasid the arrest figures and said the igeAcy did its best during the holiday to keefi Arkaiisai highways safe. Thi all-time record f6r holiday deaths was 27 during Thanksgiving if 1957. "thefie afe more than 12,000 miles 6f state highway? ,1A Arkansas and With , only 206 in.en it was impossible to furnish adequate pitfoi to all of it," Miller said. "thi traffic wai th* heaviest we have ever experienced and we were riot it the righ't pike at th* «ght time to prevent these accidents," Re said. "But there is n6 Mil H6w many mAre might have 6c- ciirred if we .hid hot made this maxjmuM effiirt," Miller rioted that four of the 16 fatal actiderits cam* oh interstate highwaysi calisfig 13 of the deaths. "These fdiites. afe the safest highways eVif.BUllt,. yet this is Where rrtoit of our triuble oc- Bcfritnd Bruini... .^fcHHAOE^ (A>) - Tb« &anlih BMlutpth' AifodtUom ituffW ill the biali In %» mark's zoos Wednesday with rt the h6rtey th«y could «w«n&*. About a Hundred of the inl- mil* benefited. Sortie took rtf» eral h6url to ileep otf tht , Miller said; "We just don't Hive enough nie~» t8 tfbl them as they should be patrolled." . The State Police said it assisted 2,167 motorists, arrested Ij2& otherSj warned another 3,3§8 and investigated 210 accidents. NASA Destroys Saturn Satellite CAPE KENNEbY, Fla. -Aniirica's heaviest sa has been reduced by a deliberate explosion to fragmentii orbit- irig about 128 miles aB6Ve the earth. the National AftrSttaiitics and Space Administration reported Wednesday = nibre than 25 hours after it hijipSnea - that engineers had decided .to pressurize th'e.fu'el tanks of the 29' tori orbitirig rAclcet stage to determine how much pressure it could withstand. When'the pressure iri the liquid hydrogen tank reached 38 pounds per square inch"; NASA said, "the sti|e Burst as «pe6ted." At the time the pressure in the adjoining liquid oxygen tank was Faubus Raps Fulbright L6S AMBLES 6rval Fatlbus of Arkansas say* the Viet Nafri war hearirigi conducted by hit state's Seai' i. William FulBright ar«."!n^ ' ... . FauBus, iri a speech Wednesday before the World Affaire Council, said: "Oimonstfatiohs which. . at feriipt to Block troop tf|i«J6 efforts to harass the famillM of servicemen should riot b« tolerated, m nesflrigs Before Senate arid CongreSslbnal com. niittees— tiiat iftcliideg 6'ur and Ather pub'ile debates wf feature th'ose Whose sympatl art more with ouf Sen. Fulhright ffdin than our alliesi are to'.'." 6pirii6ri impftplr." "' '' ; FulhrighHs eTlaifman rfi'ffil FOreigri ilelitions Committee;.'-; Red Peer Swifehei \ MOSC6W (AiP) - Soviet font Yevgeny. Y£viiisheriko publishea a letter in verSe today to American aiitfior John Steiribec.k feH- irig 6n ail Ameriearis, df 'fawl c6nsci*nce to protest the war'fn Viet Narri. ' ','"'":- Y^vtiishenko's lettfc- apipffffrt in the nSwspaper Literary 'Gazette: , ,!"''• Ye>teshenfc6,,oriee tfi* arigry yAiifig niSn of Soviet , ppstry wh6Se oiitsfeoite'n yerse lfiftrta> ed Miicit* khfiishchev, nof ' foliSws the Kreifiita line. four pounds per square Inch. It fag this difference in pressure ths' ciusid the comriibri Biflfe head, bewteen the. two tanks'to break, exploding the stage into aBAiit ItS p'iecesi !iASA said:"' The satellite was, the ((Mflrid stage of a Saturn i rocket. It was put into s^aee so ground stations cAiild rSMtpf. the" b* hayiAr af ip tons of hydrogea carried in the tar4«; You Could Peddle It Yourself. •e* You tan pfoee an fnexpensfye ad in Tht Courier News ctassHiei pages and reach approximately 34,000 reacfen daily. ft would fake a lot of HORSEPOWER to reach that many potential customers. •:• •limn ...... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiii ..... nun ..... IIIIINIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU ........ Hiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiwuii ......... iiniiniiniiiMiiiiiiBni"* „' let The Classified Ads Work For You! ; aiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii»*«««n^ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER

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