The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1017 Third ol World Faces Starvation Grim Picture Given By Norwegian Before Meeting of Nurses ATI .ANTIC CITY. N. J.. M ly' 15. P) — Moi'O lllllll OIK'-ilttlf of" 111' orNi';; p;ipu]:ition is uMdiTiiourish l ami mere th:m ono-third is f:U"- irlinl starvation, the Ituoinn- l Council of Nurses wus lold tixlUy. "In .sonir countries, otic out o! ever-,- three childtou [ire (l;;iiu within the first year of life." IX 1 Auke OnUn^, :i member of the Noiwe^hm (!i'k";alKm to the United Nations .said. OrdinK. consultant on fund raising to Ilie United Nations, wcirm'il Ihr: delegate;; to (he eoinu.'il'.s ninth f.ol]fiivss. Hint the "w:lr H};uinsl !uuu!rr has only just bi'sun." "•riii- <|iieslion i:; not if the worM h:i'; e.i]>;ie.ily to nu-i". this proble'il. l:ut what aro uoini: to Rive first ])ri<!iilv." lie snicl. .Ordintf outlined a proposal 'ooin^ considered by UNESCO wliiih ciiUsj for conlrilnitin^ one (Jay's pnv by' the \vorkl'.s workers "or similar me:\.'nnemcnts" to avert starvation funonfv children. lAlujther speaker. Dr. Harold Iv Hnyiler. Washington, D. C., director of the Commission on Inicrn; 1 .- lienal FduciUionnl ReconslriUilion, appealed to nurses "not 10 isolate ;l:e community anil tin- wr.rld an;l other educational workers." BLYTHEVIM-E (AUK.) COUUIEK NEWS PACT THEM Brooks Expedition Visits Paris; Later to Hunt Big Game in Africa Red Grange Red-Faced When He Accepts Check For HUni From Dancer CHICAGO, May 15. (UP)—Pan ncer sally Hand save a $1.000 to Red Grange today in the lests of liis;hcr education. . Grange bltisheil and turned the check over to the Illini .Club of Chicago, which will use it to cstab- isli a "l?cd orange Scholarship" at the University or Illinois. By Virginia Walton Hrcolts PAH IS. France. 'Special to Courier News) — The Herry lirooks parly flew here Horn London May 4'ami our route took us ovui 1 Ilast.- Ines wliere William of Normnndy won his famous battle It; lOlJti as the last successful Invader of Enp,- !and. Paris in the Sniiuu is every thillK thnt the poets proclaim il to be. j On the surfnee, parts was as ua.v i and debonair as It was in the days before the war. Unless you ask. | the Parisiens do not Ink about ) thwo fonr dreadful years under the German occupation when they had than nol'.vnt; phui v.v,, 1 a.10*1,11.: domination of ;!,? Nr/.i" The onlv prices tnat are reasoh- ahle are taxis and theali : iicki;K. We attended Die Oper.\ to Ite.ii I.e Cot] d'Or in Europe's M.-.Kt Heautiful Opera House. The Kiris in the Folies Bergcre nre more lullv clothed lllis season. The e:;l:'cm? j cold of the winter brout;h: MI .V:IUM ' costumes with the lavish scenes and Opera Comimie where (he nxriiciuv: was tiie most responsive. The money chanaers of ' Bible times hud nothing on the subi'o.;a money ehaiiuers of the place d' Opera who catch the visitor liolore he reaches the American Expsv.iS to exchange American dollars for fraiies. The exchange is 118 francs lor one American dollar. The ,,id.'walk exchange rahse.1 from !«5 to '20r> francs to the dollar. Onr first luncheon in Pani ce-sl tis S25 in American money. There is no stability of money or prices and products as there is in Enylnnd where rationing | S rigid. Pood is plentiful and superior to any the world over. When we ir 1 - (inirerl of a waiter if CKBS were scarce, he replied, '-Only bread an;! good poitlcs are scarce". We have tread tickets which we present •>'• each meal. The French are bit; bread ealers. George V Hotel is the most swank in Paris near lite Champs Elysces at it's Rreal arch'dc Triomphe. Von Hunstcdt, field marshall of the German army took it. over during the four-year occupation. We hope he didn't occupy our suite. In I'nris thry do it with mii'i'ovs. Tlio Ficnch ttiiuulcm 1 in furnishings :uul nvchl- t U't'tii'.v is vi-ry bt'iuilUiil The 'Ufa. Venus tie Milo ami Victory of SLimolhrncv huvr reiunuHl to the- Louvre with many other treasures re moved for suh-ly (hiring the war and oeeupiUitm. The Oci'inuns took many art Irt'n- Mirt's which have not bi-rn fouiut nor iTlurm-d, KflK 1 Town 1 :uul Cnv- vin Wax Miisuuin do a landslide bu.sinoss. Therp is Ft'nffoldiMt! on Not IT Oann 1 c.Mthc'dr:i]. thr IMn- tliniu and Ai'ch de Trkirnplu* lo U*vo tlieni a face liftinn for spring;. Landinnrks to recall uoMsiUtla to thase wlio hnve visite<l I'arj.s are, 'I ho AladeloiiK 1 . Sacred Hi'iirt on Mcnlinarlo Hih", the Invalklfs, with thr tomb of Najniloon. I.r Hois. TiilU'rip; Oard<?ns, plucc 11 . I/ etoilc. IM:«'p do In Hnstillp nn<l I'luor Ven- domc wilii the column to N:ij)ol (t on, We vlsilo<i ihe d'H where M;tr!r Antionefte vins l.cld prisoner until .••'he wns Ijfhcaded In Pl;u;o do CJi.-u- forfle. Versa iHey 1'nlnco. Uio Gardens uiid the Villa.s ol the, Trinuons are. Ihr lovt'licsl iii all TCurooe. ly.iuH XTV built the 1'aluce. 'T.onls XV onjoyrtl it nnd r.ouis XVI paid for il \vHli liis head. Tito C»iderif? ties CdiKT.s. t)r Hall ,0f Girths, ts historically famous' for the Pence Treaty was .stanerl here In 191!), 1/mls XIV built !he Grjind Trianon for Madame dr Mainlennn. who became his .^rcoml wife. ThLs was of Interest to UK been use he.r fat her was rur tl'Aul)iRne (Dabneyl fiiicestor- Tbe Polile Trianon, originally ereet- e^j for Madame du B;m'y, \vr»s the delitfenl of Marie-Anlkymti' 1 . Her Hamlet of rustic houses were chcmmng, Tin; Gardens of Versailles defy description. One must FCC Iliem to enjoy them. The.v r.rc lovely in suite of (ho neglect during thi- ocrti[)n(ion. Twenty fountiiin.s play in ]inols :uno">' let'i'aee,s. statuary, Ihe Grand Canul. Royal Walks, nn'd (*ai*dens. The Ihre.e Louis Kin^s lived beautifully among their treasures. The French honor our American great for Paris has llic Franklin Delano Roosevelt place. Rnc.s Wash- Deadline Tomght, Officers Kill Snyder Given Medal of Merit By President For Levy on UTTI, KKOCK, Ai'k.. May UJP) The Arkansas Kevcnue do- putlinent today \MIS expectluc » last-minute fUiml of )msinc:>s, as many Ai'kimsas citizens in uiKtei 1 the midi>i^ht de.acHine. 10- nislu for payment of state Income tuxes. Kevemie Commissioner Olho A. Cook estimated yesterday that more than {S.OM.IKIO 'would V,e p:«ld !u this year, compared with only $3.750 300 in ItHli. Couk also hiiKod ai a pi'obable I'lirly court lest of Hie reused I!)I7 im'iisure ijovernitij; the payment of the stnlc ineome tax. 'Die bill ft'us MIC of four passed Ijy Ihe 55Hh neneiftl .Assembly, reeomtneiuled by Oov. Hen I.aney ns a mciins Oil raisins addlticnal revenue, The commissioned snUI that muny. coriinralions liad filed slulo inrnme lax relunr; under Ihe old statute, i'onlcndhv. thrd the new measure is unconstitutional. CnvpornllaiVInw-! yors have insisted that Ihe rercnt measure does nut ii'inv-n-ni :. lev 0:1 net profits only, bill that It also ei;!bracc, s i;res.s (irofils, In warm weather, muslard | will rllni! !o an ai'ea for dnys;, in, cold wcallier ,it slay for weeks. ' i felon Tennessee I'l'I.ASKi, 'I'eiin., May 15. u;!') ^;tti -fi LH'kei' John i.'uil'er's U.:asl Ural -I'M nei-er l >r tans,'' WHS <,n!y u i:i'iMi)i ni eniiKy vvu;ds unliiy as '»:• li'iily lay hi a l,uvv:'. i :iu'el)iu\> 1'iin- nlHe tileit tn a UospH.l! l>ei'e •!i.- liloriilli)-. lie 'lad been .silot ll»K'!i With II »lll»i1L( lllilr t!»» -lenl:iy near [Hit Oll'Vl.av,'- 'ininty line \vlie:t he lell inlu i trap to end r.u 1'HcnslVv! .v search lur I lie in.ui sus- o! M!it- rtiljb'.'ik">, inr Uu'llH •ither lublJei'iiy Ir. nine 'len- •>::il Alatlania eltles. WASHINGTON, May 15. President Truman, in a I'Ori'mony. yesterday ixmlcrrcd i!ic Medul (or Merit on Siwei.iry of Treasury John \V. Snyder l»i- service.* us executive vice inem of the Deft-use Plant Corp. Horn i 1!HO to 1!M3. . | Snyder. one ol Mr. Tinman's nld-i ewl friends and political ns,v>ri,iU 1 :;,' wus tnken by surmise as he'rl Iroin the 'J'reasury to I he l';v i ;l(lent's Office In response t i a Mimmons. lie found n laiy.e eronp Including his own family, mem- bers of llic ralilnct, anrt Die Wlilto llou.'.e .slitlf awaiting hhn. Mr. Truman uslii'i'fit.the assembly Into the Wlilte House rose (jar- don. There lie clt«d Snyder lor liavhn: "effectively" .directed llic 'tor. l>unts!.tfl<m of DPO "to provide for , me imaiielnK imcl construction 01 {Hcllitle.s rcqn'.rcil for the succe'is- fnl proscetillon of the wiuV •As i lu> President pinned the nu'diil on Suyder's lu])el tile secretary said he was, deeply touched tmd hoped award. th»t the THESE BETTER BEANS ^oo tote to Classify for Sale Help Wanted Iniiton. Prrsldeiil Wilson. 1 inenln, General Perishing and de Herri, fur the Dukes de Herri from whom your Adventurous Uerry Brooks Is descended. His Excellency. Ilaliilh Al Kadi, Klielk of ))ai;hdad. lias ra<lloi>rnmed us the hospitality ol" his villa If we u-ill eooie to Baghdad. Iraci- c^ur plans are Indefinite after we ['each Cairo. We may £o to Jerusalem, Damascus, or Baghdad Now we are off for Rome. My next dLspalL'h uill come from there. *.,. ,'V|,,'It,•!,,'.. II,'.', ^,111) (,ll •. All .J,..I,--. ..,,,-,i :fi:, on .v.'.l.lj ,,,,1 \,,l I.. )l,i,.|. | 0 1,, n ,,.,,! Mi:, ill. u> D* Yowr Wash AntommtieaHy. . AmJSove! Dry \y«i(,'ht . We Famish Soap Bleach & H1«I"K ~ THE Washerette Oo*stflwi^—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Fluc« clolltiiitf in Bendix 'i. Add noap, wail or shop ;t. Take ciitthfs home in :tr" minuter. O))en (iH 9 .p. M. on Monday, Tuesday, Frldaj !TCiH«G, fcrt Umt ]mrl? Nu Ilirtcml. t:il:o 10 <"l:jl ilti't [ur Ll|...,r, T.'Llcr, DRUG STORE </. 129.95 foty T«rmi r -?<• << = ST' *fr 89.95 j 41 75 A We»k IV* / « '?"/ ^v ,s ^ :s, y ^-.: Nondi. fvo<y Re»oll Pioducf I, fond nnd A.p f ,avi4 iy Dm l,'e»nH Dt|jnilm»n) of Rtiiaiifi ond Conlral b«(o(« iiti.irj |)liK«il on rh mn/lnr. you buy wM <«nfid«n<« w/ion you buy RcxafJ. BABY NEEDS 27' Uii ( (naftf t 'Ulijtalc :*?t:*-f- •ruvf * 79" REXALL BABY LAXATIVE llic (gentle laxalive for baby'i d«rica|« >y|1*m. Mildly onlailil for laolhlng I r«a<tloh. 3 01... IM Only Al l>»oll Oil* SIMM ANTISEPTIC BABY OIL Soollilnfi Soxull Anlileptlc Boby Oil h«lpi k»«i boby', >lin loll, imootli. Rtllcvti luilal^n from chaf. Ing and rtnh. Full plnl 5oM Only Al K.xoll D«* $M»t HALL'S BORATED BABY TALC A iu|)cr-fm« powdpr that wolTiei-omf^bbtt the iklrt, ComforU cliafinQ, trrUalion and )ita't >oih. RCQ. 35c pound. 5o/d Only Al Rtxntt Divg jtfttt • REXALL STIRIUZEft NURSING ftOTTLf. Popular nurrov/ neck. 8 or ;. ,'. ..3 fcf 10« REXALL STORK IATIX NIP PI I. Durable.' Ea.ll/ lfciili " d ;.:.:.......'..•.;. .3 for ao< BEXAU STORK GLASS NURSING BOTTtt CAM. Proled conlont* 6'for 4f$ REXALL GOODFOAM APRON §*»$, Lprg* 151V x 13V'i »iie 29 C 1U FROM GREAT KLENZO VALUE! '» Anlh~pt!< UN, wlion uted l«ll Iln-n 0 ll> Ott p Full pinl, plui a | ( 3'A ti. lulio ol Klcnio To c! r K,cnl clcon oolh Toilo on,J PQc .DolK 09 Open o Charge Account No interest, no carrying Charges VOUR CHOICE ^SK^ OF PATTERNS. AV DREIFUS Riit Until us . . . Wnar llianmnHg :i!R WEfiT \\\\\ ST. STORES IN WLTTHEVILLE, MEMPHIS AND DYERCBURC CHDDSE., * i THE SOLID SILVER WHOSE utAUTY IG IMPCRIGHADLE: for AC'HJ IndrgMfon Th« fourfold action of Binna-Hex (1) quickly neulratixei irrTloling ocidt; (?) onitti In removal cf gen; (3) MdhTrtfl fo o t«nd«r llomoch fining; (4) r*)!cv*t Wort- burn dv» t6 fermtnfotion of food* in IK* itamach. CkQC Urge Powr>d Economy 5JK...1.49 WSMA-REX MATES Biima-Rtx for owoy from CflC I-om«. 50', UU ON THf AIR fOK REXAUI ""tViKT Oarry NIG" MOORC COIOmtiA BROAUCASTIHO STSIIM Jimmy. DURANTE OWENS DRUG STORE

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