The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
Page 2
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(AUK.) COUIULUI NUVvS .THURSDAY, JUNK 1, 1039 Boss" and Home J endergast, James M. Pcndcrgnst," T . T . o . Jimmy To [lacked Machine |v : ;Try§||Hei^Again > : 'By''.NEA;'Service,i'.'. :'.' . ' : ' 'KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 1.- : - :i Steady," mild r mannered . "Young " 'jimnijK : peMerga'st has ascended i • file Kansas/ Oily Democratic Po!IU?'cal thMie-rif • ony. . : : '-James : MV Peridereast, nephew * arid : right-hand 'bower,, for seven '•years • to his .uncle, T. J. Fender •. gasl- long the Democratic boss of Kansas 'City,' .is the new "boss : Dropping : the nephew at. par Is headquarters,' after he had jus '•.been"-sentenced,to. 15 months ii *• prison faK income '"* evasion, ex ••Boss 'To"* commanded, "Tak V| ;pvor." '..' .' : - -''.'' ;. .' • / MAN-SIZED TASK :; '"•-.'• Although he has been groome< • politically by his imcie for tlie ms several 1 years,, "Young Jim," as I • is K known lliroughqut Jackso "co'tfriiy 'and-Missouri, finds hlmse : in'.'»'' far , bigger lob than lie c\ -••peeled. He "lakes over" an orgai ; izaticn shot through ...with indie '-ment's' and prison .sentences f : manj' 'of its once powerful lleutc To "Young Jim" falls Ihe las of "picking up".inc. pieces ns be • he'can and molding them into t ; = semblance i of the - country's on '.•most, powerful political machine " Til e new leader is. less dyiiam ''• and considerably less aggress , by nature than "T. J." He is m ; ,'ried. : arid has...two children, h X'quietly, "in a .modest home on one • "• of Hie -olcicr•streets of Kansas .Oily. ;~ lie likes : to 1 -'bowl'. anrt frequently eoes on''trips with his team: he is • active' hi ^American Legion nflnirs, • having"served overseas as.lleuten: ant in the 130th' field 'artillery, and vdevotes iiiuch. lime to affairs out, .side" of .politics. 'In : other \vords ''•Young•"' Jiin"J docs not Just live : ^aid eat politics as.his uncle had X-for the last 25 years, ;;• •-T-' J Fendergast had .no othci -vrec>eatiim ! ahan : betting on I", •-'poiiles. in- the-afternoon, after sec ing'tlie politicians and job hunlcr all morning He v>as at hcad<iuar tcrs every day, howcvci, rain o shine Until lie took oscr tlie reins ' Young Jim" showed up al head quarters once a -seek, maybe one every two or three weeks For son j ear's he'was part of a law p*i nership, but more iccennj opcnw his o*n office and began grUn more and more lime to ills pin lice GROOMED IN POLITICS It was just 10 \cars ago thai t Democratic leadei began his po itical career on the death of I James ..Pcndcrgast-, father, Michael J Pendcrgast, in | city's new Democratic 1929, \\ho for jears had been boss of the Eleventh Ward liven though his duties as \vard boss were numerous, "Young Jim" did not relinquish his position as president of the Eleventh Waul Democratic Club He stood by his guns there and built it up to one of the largest political clubi in the fiircl They will visit the.New York!seems thai motorbls arc using If World's Fair! Clarojcc was motor-•'their horns when they cross an In- • ed from his school, Columbia Mill- leisccllon Instead of using their tttiy Institute, Cqlumbla, Tcnn., to brakes and their, better Judgment. Nashville to take the plane by Ills' Grandmother, Mrs. 8. J, Smith, who returned home Tuesday.night. Gold Plate Revealed In Skull of Mummy New Orleans Drivers Warned Against Noise NEW ORLEANS (UP)-OllC city motorist said to another: "Don't blow jour horn. There's a city 'audience' against It." What he referred 16 was Ihe re- Issuance by Superintendent of Police George neyer of a cllywlde ordinance against drivers who apply more pressure lo their horns than to their brakes. The business bustle Is consid ercd enough noise without cres- cendoes from habitual horn-blow ers. Tlie law laid its heavy hand on ECVCH violators the first day. ; The superintendent said : "I PROVIDENCE, fl, rribnlancc 'swerved 1, (UP)— An ui> lo the M .„ _____ ----- . driver niul Iwo school em- loycs placed Uic paticnl on a >lankGt anil hurriedly carried him o Ilic X-ray rcoin. For Ihe patient was Ncs Min, a <i»S U P n( - Panopolis, Ihe ; 1880s. 'The sclicol acquired the muinmy, LIBERTY CASH GROCERS nuininy Egypt, 'i reccnlly reccn , vhich had a gold plate In Us skull. Rrad Courier News want aus. house Is (lie Kansas Oily home of the new "Boss" lMJNLfl.8 ••I »il ncrn-oul.' 0»l» " <> ut "II OR Hill Oiirri ,,,r i. ioulh"—KUHIH Jl'k. OHinflilJ. Itul. "sTllEx nnuiiu otnnle illmulMI. rtulnia tiem riw orilirl. »Mel> ptPI J«u W AT ONCB; lliot filVit Vniluiiun »5m<J by l"Jln« doftori. Rift. .', ui« iSiSi.0*1 II OSTIIKX Udljr ".lliMerl. nrtil rrtilnili vriet of IUi wrt- Y,J ,l»n : i III* » 0«ivV. Oel M« jculb, t«d»S. sTBty l-T)i« N«wRawOyi»«f Tonic Follow the leaders (loot! cooks choose Price? for liyui and Saturday The Lowest P»«s in Town Prices for Friday and Saturday lOc LOAF MISS LIBERTY BREAD With Each 13 Egg Angel Food Cake — 49c Value for ....... Peaches 12c|Corn TOMATOES Pride of Illinois No. 2 Can Standard No. 2 Can Rite Price k a 11 s a s boss. mrters '. dnily, helping the former boss" straiijhlcn out . n liuiglcd cu of affairs. Some do iiot believe, he will sac- iflcc the lime and energy thut T. J." (lid in the name, of ma- Mr, ami Mis. J. C. Seal, of Ponlploc, Miss., attended Ihe graduation exercises of the Luxora schools last Thursday nlghl. Mr. Seal's sister, Miss Lucille Gallop, .was n member of Uic graduating class. The serious condition of Mrs. \V. W. Cowan, who has been .'confined o her lied siiicc April 1, remains unchanged. . • Mr. mid Mrs. Harliss Reid and daughter, 1 Barbara Jean, of Memphis, were guests of their cousin, Miss Iva Cvabtrce, Tuesday: Miss Frances Heid Dowcn, who has been attending Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, Miss., the past session, relumed home Wednesday. Miss Frances Flemmlng, of Memphis spent the week end with he parents, Ihe Rc\. uric! Mrs. L. P Flemming. Bnbbn Scot!, of Memphis, wsi mingling among Lnxova friend Wednesday while visiting Ills ami Mrs. 1 William ThweatL Miss Maggie Sue Flemming. teacher in the West Memphis-I-ln berl Consolidated - schools, - w spend Hie vacation. .months : wit her parents, the Rqv. ihii'd -Mrs.' ; L. P. Flcnuuiiis. . Mrs. R. T. Ballew and Mrs. Mar- Ilia' Poison left Monday for Jonesboro lo enter Stale college-for the first six weeks tcrtii. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Nichols, who lai-c made their home in Lnxora luring Ihe past school session, will spend the summer vacation months in Union City, Tennessee. Mrs. Nichols leaches Ihe fourth grade in [he Luxora school. Mrs. John Franklin Bowen left (or UUlo Hock Tuesday lo at WRESTLING DISCOUNT I'ASSBS FRKK AT Groceries & Markets Slure Nil. 1 111 E. Main IMione 23-1 )|icn 9 P.M. Quality Merchandise FREE Ticket's iu Sliows 01 in 'Blylhcvillc e Deliver Anywhere Prices for .lime 1st and 2nd Store No. 2 320 W. Mail Phone 7BT Courteous Service Itight Trices Swim I'nol—Ask Details FRESH PORK CAMBRIC FLOUR BRAINS SAUSAGE LIVER Your Choice While SniMJl.V Lasts, Ib. In Beautiful Dress Material liajs—Use Ct't- loii. Knlcr Contest. Ask . for l>clu'ils, $15.00 rasti 12 It). 21 )h. . 18 Ib. . % Ib. Hbl. . RIVER CAT FISH, fresh dressed • ">• SAl/i 1 MEAT, Side ••^- | l BACON, Puritan Y Fancy.- •'-.- •"'• f EGGS, Fresh Country tested •• ••• D"" Quality BEEF K. 0. Sliiniycd Loin or llonnd Steals, Ib... STEW OR 1'OT ROASTS PoundV.,::?..';'... • •• • GUARANTEEI) FI.QUKJ5. libky's Hcsl 21 His. liHc rystal White,:21 Ibs. 59c unshine, 21 Ibs. . . . -Ule mega, 21 Ibs. . .t)3c . . liinc politics.^ 'I'hey 'can't . round ilic fact, however, llmt Jim That he lucres politics fiom the ground up is evident fiom Hie fac that he carried poll books and called on e\ery resident in hi ward He made friends on his o\\i hook, in and out of politics, and the sear he became ward boss h was elected president of the Voun Democratic Jefferson Otub of Mis sourl. He look his first big step lowarc the throne of T J Pendergas when he '.. began relieving'his in cle al headquarlers on Monda Wednesday, and Friday, while the boss reduced his working time to the'other three days a week. Slowly tlie young politician gained In anihoiily and in the summer of 1.935, while "T. J." was in .Europe lor three months, he was "kingpin", at the political headquarters. He received long lines ol grceters and job 7 hunters.and helc | "court" three times a week lo mcel I demands of "trench" workers ol the party. DICTATED AT STATE MEETING The next year he was. Missouri's member at the Democratic party's national convention in June in Philadelphia Just a veeV before at the' slate convention in Joplin Mo, with James P Ajlward stall, chair man," Young.Jim" was the real dictator of the paty 5 show About, a montli passec over; lo'Tim Moran, his chief lieu tenant, directorship o the Eleventh Ward which he ha •as been Ilic "boss'" right hand hrouish these years and all the organization jiconle liavc knovvi lie would become SUGAR lend Uic (jradualion exercises of her sister. Miss Frances Reid Dowcu was met in Memphis Wednesday by. her parents. Mv. nml Mrs. Sam Uowen, __ a _.. , _ f _ and sister, blla, upon reluming hat some day he would become home from Biur. Mountain Col heir leader. Icge, Blue Mountain. Miss. To carry Ihe load. Jim will have Mrs. Will MilTlin, of San Ber o live by tlie dnily oillr.c schedule | nardino, California, will arrive f he is going lo satisfy the dc- \iands ol u far-Hung political or- .anizatlou such as the Kansas City machine, they point out. Others declare Jim never nc- Minlly the helm and never had 'a chance to show his strength \nd ability. Out-slate politicians uive regarded him as a "comer.' Anyway. thai falls to '.his stockily built man, about _ eel 10 inches tall, weighing aboil 185 pounds nncl with pcuctrtitinr Jluc eyes lhal 'into nothing, is no one thai excilcd envy in his lieu lenanls. i 'armers Are Guesls Oi Osceola Rolariau OSCEOLA. Alk.. June l.--Mo oe Rcoks, branch manager of t lemphis dlvisi:n of McCormlc Dtering Company, was Ihe princ pal speaker en the Riiral-Urb Acquaintance program of the Osc la Rotary Club. Mr. Roote was introduced l>y '. E. .Tompkius, chairman of the ural-Urban Vrom:llon c:imnlllee. liich notarbn biought a farmer nirscUty lor a Visit iu the home her brother-in-law, J. I. Milllin id family. Numbered among Memphis visors • this week arc Mrs. Phillip eorgc and daughters, Misses Ev: id Mable. accompanied by Cama iahalley. of Bay MhieU'e. Ala. [rs. Thomas P. Hudson, Mrs. B floiick, Mrs. R. W. Butler, an frs. C. B. Wood. Mrs. Charlie Blllingsley. Mrs. Jo lircs, Mrs. Russell Ilowcit, Mrs. S . Smith. Mrs. U. Ij. Houck. an Mrs. Charlie Thomas, were gties of Mrs. Dwighl Blackwoocl. Mr Jcltic Driver, and Mrs. I,. W. Wa ters when they entertained » jridge Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Guy Henderson and chi dren. Martha and Guy Tucker, o Ripley, Tcnn., wcic week en guesls of Mrs. Henderson's siste ,..,. FJIESI.I. PUKE LARD Tin Ciu-toiis, 1' lli '. •• ...10i "2 Ib 4 Ib. . . .;f5c; S II). . .-l>8t 25 ill. $; SO 11). S3.7! LIBBY'S SPECIAL With Cheese DC No. 2 Can " Finest 5 Ibs. 2(ic; 10 Ibs. 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Craw- ns his s\iest. dominated for seven years to giv more lime to his uncle's activitic At the August primary tha same >wr, Jim look over aclu direction ol Ihe Pendergasl o ganizalion, while the leader w 111 In Hew York 1 Carry on the political activities In my absence," wired 'T J." from his sick bed. in December, 1935, he was placed in full charge of the organization. Now W years old, slightly gray at Ihe lemples and a decideo thinning ol brown hair on lop of his head, "Young Jim" Is at head- J. V. Gates. Blythcville. was also BUCil. MOONLIGHT 4 N Tlie size of olives to n't tlie stmidnrd of excellence f:r this relish, bill U. is tlieir lirmncss nnil -H PRESCRIPTIONS 'Safe - - Accurate • Your Prescriplion Druggist t Fowler Drug Co. 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