The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Buresh To Face George Bennett , Wolfe-Byrd Contest .Also Holds Interest "Of VVresHirtg Fans Stanley (Bushy) Burcsli, the latest wrestling sensation, goes out on Ills own fonlghl tit the American i/e- glon. arena to, feature one-half of Promoter-Mike Meroney's all-star ring card The_clever 195-pound elnnt makes hls:first start in a local ring without* his-tag partner, Bad Buddy Knox, when he faces lugged George Bennett in one of the two Individual matches which are offered to the fans for their weekly mat consumption. In the. other affair Joe Wolfe, Tornier Olilo Stale University fullback; makes hjs bid for victory No. 1 here .ng'altisl : the ; veteran Floyd Byrd,- a local favorite along Blythc- viile's choosy cauliflower row. Both matches arc down for the 90-minutc (line limits, two best falls out' of three determining the victor in each. Boasts Fine Record . Buresh puts his'perfect record on the. chopping block lor Bomiclt (The Biter) to take a crack at, and George has promised to make the most of the chance. In fact, it is said that Bennett • asked for tills match In view of the fact that Stan had been going great guns; against all opponents, Including the' rheiinic pair, Bill Canny and Ked .Roberts, Of .course, he had plenty.\Vf •'. help from his teammate, Knox, but in all three of .the successive triumphs Buresh played a leading role. V- L How Buresh tflll react in an individual match against Bennett is' a moot question which will be-decided only inside the ring. But ol>- seivers who lime seen the two. In action predict one of the hottest ring wars. In legion history. Both are highly skilled, well versed In all phases of Vie modern style of wrestling "Bushy" earned respect from the most critical lost week when he gave the.very tough Canny more than he wanted, kicked him from the ring and put him on the shelf for a few weeks v,lth a badly _wrenched knee. 1 Btnnetl Is Tough The last few years have wrought a tremendous change In this'fellow Bennett Pans can recall not so very long ago that he did everything according to the scientific wrestling rules He MBS described as one of the cleanest pel formers in the ring and piled up a tremendous record of victories Then one night in a bitter brawl one of his eyes was injured by gouging, necessitating-its removal From that time on Bennett has been n far different wrestler. Overnight he changed into a vll- lian, a meanie who tests all the regulations, not to mention actually breaking them, He uses his ability to the test advantage, which makes .him even more formidable. Gels Big Test ' -Making his second appearance in the Legion arena-Wolfe is certain to come in for much trouble from Byrd.'It was only, two weeks ago that Floyd finished off Bennett In a double-rough match that packed plenty' of fireworks into those 65 minutes of milling, and to pull such a stunt over such an opponent as no small matter. The Byrd-Wolfe affair bids. fai BLYTHEVILLE .COURIER NEWS Willis Hudlin Named Pilot Of Travelers LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 5 (U.I 7 .) — Willis Hudlin will manage the Little Rock Traveler during Ihc 1945 baseball season. The Little Hock ba.seb.ill Company Saturday revealed that (he 38-year-old cx-ninjor Irjigm-r will manage the Travelers in addition to serving as club vice president. And he'll also fill In us pllcher- catchcr. 7Iudlln was the Southern Association's second-best pitcher during Ihc 194-1 season, winning 12 and losing three. In 1942, while managing the Pebbles tor the first time, he led the club to a Southern Association pennant, Hudlin tossed for the Cliu'dand Indians for H yenr.5, In ISJO he drifted around four major ball parks. And In 1M1 he joined the Little Rock club. He acted as coach for the Pebbles ditrlna ISM before Joining the St. Louis Browns late In (he season. As for the Travelers' future in 1045, Hudlin has this to say: "We don't know, of course, how things will turn out between now and April 27. Hut II the dub Is as well fixed as it wns when wo returned from tlie minor league meeting at Buffalo we'll be In the race." DOPE BUCKET J. P. Fit I EN I) SET IN MOTION After all these years of patient. Waiting it appears as If Arkansns irep school football funs arc final- y going to realize nil ambition, lhat of scclni; a stale chninplon declared, un honost-lo-yraiulina team which can Ihc title without fear of contrnditlon. One of (he biggest obstacles lo such a program was hurdled last Saturday al Little Rock when the Arkansas Athletic Association, an ppointed organfzatlon of the Ar- ^ansas Education Association, put :heh; stamp of approval on the pro- Icct, clearing tlie way for the vote .coine tills November, That means, of course, lhat Hie championship plnn will have to wall until the Pall of 194C, which Is something ( 0 look forward to, an optimistic view. Details of Ihe dlscti'.slon between Hie executive committee of Die AAA nnd the flvc-tnaa committee of 'the Arkansas Hiyh School Conference were not revealed but Krnest P. Quit-ley, director of athletics at Little Hock High school, spokesman for the group, said lhat "It wns one of the most favorable meetings ever held on tlie subject of the playoff. Our agreement Saturday that there wa, 1 ; a need for a system to decide the state football championship is Just one step, but I believe It will lead to bis Ihtngs. The view of the AAA executive committee is heartening." I'LAYOFF BY DISTRICTS Mr. Qulglcy would not make any comment on the proposed plan but it Is understood to embody th'c playoff on the liasli of the district elinlnallon. Just how many dls- incls, and the rules for such a system also were not mnde public. I "in not n pessimist as a general rule. Quite the contrary, 1 u-ually ciiri'v the torch for 'any progressive idea and ibis Is one I nave plugged for al least a decade. For the last several years there,has-been a lot of lalk and promising plans, only to die for the lack of carry through. Unless trie plan U sold lo the school heads, and i can't see for the life of me why Supl. whoosls should be op- IKvcd io any program to determine a state championship, Ihe planners had better pick up their marbles nntl go home. To me it is like playing a game without keeping score, incentive, tlie desire for suiwriority, excellence, are the blg- Bmt assets that come out of competitive athletics. I'KKSENT COCKEVEJ) REASONS Some die-hards argue lhat it would run the season too far, make Ihc kids play too many games. Then those sniiie school heads will turn school out for basketball, so to .spenk, let them play ail unlimited number of cage games without a thought of their ivelfnrc.,Aml don't let anyone kid you that this basket- bji)l same is child play, a sport for sissies nnd the like. It's really rug- scd, a battle of condition, stamina and endurance. This Is not intended <is n sock at basketball. Far from It. i nm especially fond of Dr. NnlsmUh's brain child. But, why condemn football an ( | plucc it on Ihc deferred list on such flimsey reasons when its fine riunUtlos arc lauded by men who arc in the know as most helpful to a succssful life. Just ask any one who has played Here's hoping Ihe school men see the light and-okay the plan for some'sort of playoff, regardless of the exact type. I believe' they can afford to take the advice of the rising youngster who rates ns ono of the profession's most brilliant comers. It is expected lo be a nifty battle between a flying tackle specialist, and an nil-round star with ninny years of combat to his credit. Wolfe has youth antf speed, plus daring, on his side as compared to experience and ring snvvy on the other. Picking a probable winner appears remote. But it starts ul 8:15. BRONCHIAL IRRITATIONS —of colds (iiiirlcly rc1icv«l by Penctro —GriuHhnn'a olil-liino mutton suet Wen developed 1 >V modern science into n counter- f irritant, vnpominusnlvc.Only 2oc, donblu supply 3oc. Gut /-" P.ENETRD Dangers of Colon Troubles KKKK HOqKl^xpluinB Ue- lalecl Chronic Ailnienls "Learn about Colon troubles, Stomach conditions, Piles and other rectal conditions. Causes, effects and treatment, 122-page book sent FREE. McCleary ..Clinic, HD222 Elms Blvd., Excelsior SpruVgs, Mp. CHEVROLET DEALER in Service" See your Chevrolet dealer today for Ihis famous "Six-Star Service Special"-designcd to give new lifa lo war-worn cars. Lei him help lo keep your car serving dependably for the duration. Remember-all signs indicate: MORE PEOPLE GO TO CHEVR01ET DEALERS FOR SERVICE THAN TO ANY OTHER AUTOMOTIVE DEALER ORGANIZATION. 301 W. Wfthnt Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Baseball'Czar' Will Be Named Frick and Farley Two Likely Successors To Judgo Landis The NEW YORK, Feb. 5 (UP) successor lo l))e Inle Judge ^MIUJO ns hf^li comniLwloncr of baseball Is exucclcd to be named-in die next 10 days. ••' A special meolljiB al-iMia major lengiie club owners, will have to lie called by Leslie'O'Ciimfor to elect tho new "c?.ar". O'Coiutor, former "private scere- tnry to Landis, Is the chairman of n three-man commission now ruling llic game. > Tlie majors concluded a tliree- tiay joint meeting niglit by attending York last banquet put on by baseball sport writers. Yesterday the club owncrji agreed that a successor lo Landis shonltl Ihc season gol be named before underway. Here's Hie way that special meeting will be called. (;hicf G-man J. Etltja"' Hoover Is one dark horse posslbllily. « No matter who nets llic high commi-sloncr post he will find his executive powers ahnrply curbed In Comparison to the "Iron hand" wielded so skillfully by the late Judge Landis. At tlie week-end meeting a new amendment was agreed upon by whleh the club owners themselves are ito figure prominently on any final decisions of Important ca,scs. In other words, Landis' successor will enforce rules made by club owners. When the Judge was in office he not only enforced rules, but lie also made them. ; AAU Basketball • Meef Scheduled ;. Af'Oitle Rock I LITTLE, ROCK, Feb. 5; (UP)—The Arkansas 'Atlilctlc Union has decided to hold its 1945 .men's, basketball championship tournament at Little Jlock Mnrcli 3rd through Die Oth. ' At Its annual mid-winter meeting at Little Hock yesterday, the AAU voted to hold the cage tourney at Hie LIUlc Reck Boys Club, with the finals lo be played in the Municipal Auditorium. Some club owner, In cither the The annual boxing Lourimment American or National League, will was again given to the Fort Smith "" ---•—• Boys Club. Preliminary dates for the meet are March 16th and nth, with the finals set for March 26th. Tlie girls' basketball tournaments, Including high school, Junior nnd .senior Independents, will be held at Little nock March 18th through the 24th, and the stale' Indoor swimming meet will be held at Arkansas State Teachers College (it:Conway some lime in April.'The'outdoor swim- ask the president of his°loop' call a meeting. to The retiur.-t will be forwarded to O'Connor, who In turn will notify all club 1 owners where and when the meeting will take place. Most of the club owners differ on the dale of the coming meeting but all agree that it will be In the near future. : Two leading candidates for the commissioner's |x>st arc Ford Prick and James A. Parley. Prick Is the president, of the National League and Parley, of course. h.lhe former postmaster general. No other names have been mentioned prominently although some darkhorse Is likely lo pop up on the eve of the election meeting. men to whom they have entrusted this business of athletics. It's • a slap In the face If they don't. MONDAY, KKHKUAKY 5, 19,15 FOK BAtE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge lumber Oscebfa Tile & Culvert Co. , Fhone 691 OsctoU, Ark. If It's HARDWARE We Hare It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" VULCANIZING All Recapping StiicUvtGuaiatitted Quick seivice Jn Any Sue Passenger Car Tire Our Molds Will . Handle Up to Sire 700x16 Tires. 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The .men, selected for this specialized training on the basis of their recruit training aptitude lests, upon graduation are sent to .sea, to shore stations, or lo advanced schools for further study. . Mr. Atkins, a gunner's mate, is Ihe son of A. T. Atkins of 1719 Wcsl Chlcksawba Avc., while Mr. McClure is the son of Mr. and Mrs. McClure Si:, of 409 East Kentucky, and was trained in a basic engineering school. «• • « . Pvt, Theodore W. Wahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. W; W. Wall! of 227 Douaan St., Blythcville, has arrived at Ke- esler I eld, Miss., where he is taking stationed will) a WAC Detachment Uasiu training as a ' cadet In the nl Rono Army Air Base. Reno Nev Army Air Forces. recently was promoted to Um'rank" flo left Jiin, 16 (o begin his duties •• with the Army. Pfc. Joe D. Igleharl, youngest son i of Mr. and Mrs. W. U Iglenart of 1 Dell, Is in the A. A. A., and recently was transferred from France to Bel- glum. His sister, Pfc. Marie iglelmrt, mlng event is set for sometime in the summer at Little Rock. US oltol.ol-Pko.oat iberty flavor. B, lortilieii lo/ (hot WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday; Feb. 5th, 8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Arena in America. Adglts, S6c, Tax 9c—Total, 45c. Reserved Seats, 12c, Tax 3e—To- Ul, 15e. Children's Seats I2c, Tix Sv, Tolal, 15c. Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on Double Main Event 2 90-min. 2 out of 3 fall Matches STAN BURESH VS. GEORGE BENNETT JOE WOLFE FLOYD BYRD BUYING LOGS Oak— Pecan — Cypress — Coitonwood — Tupelo BARKSDALE MFG. GO. BlythevUle, Ark Phone 2911 New Theater! 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