The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1949
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS Kilowatters Win From Motormen In Pitching Duel Ark-Mo Power's Kilo wallers went one KHIHC up on the ftlytheville .\[otor Company AJolormcn in I he finals ol' the City Softball League's championship playoffs last nigliL by'edging the Motormen 3-2 al Walker Pavk. The KilowaUers yave Iheir starting hurler, Hilly Den- Ion, near excellent backing holh at CieUI and al bal whicn enabled him to best curvcfoaller Krwin Jones, ace ol' the .\lolnr- man's mound staff, in Die ti^kl hurling duel, In spile t)l tlie six hits he jjave up. . + Ji was Junes' fii-*t dfl'ent this si-u- ! for., DI^H kms hu- victory siring at 1 14 ,<tr,v?IH same.s in piny | thi.* year Jon fa pitched sooci ball. al U twin* only live hil.s Riiri only one baw nn halls but shabby fielding by his mate? hurt his .cause, I'jpi>!' s n had a shut mil working until the lust hnH of uie ^ovouth Irmrns -.vhfoi the Molorrnen ex plod- ed for ttt'o runs And 'hey hod Ihr lying a'irl winnine runs on base when catcher Mirkev Armstrong poinifrt out to firM ba.^e to end thn game '}\\c thr- s' to bi'f- HOW THEY STAND \ATIO.VAI LKAC.IIK ! Brooklyn . , . Ro.sion ..... ' PbMaurlphin : Nc.v York . J'irt,Mjm'»]i .. fjincinnaii O!nV;ipo ..., frame fnr ill H. a lisht scrrPlrv in! h- > AMMiU AN ili7 dnp 1 Three consecutive tvi*:tnd: 3 eotinlr of boners a'ield lei the Nt-rt' York th'ee r-ins home and 'he le.-ul was • Hcision loo much for !!'<• MnU.rmen. : Cleveland Jones though nnl as -harp as IIP! Philadelphia ha,- be"n cl nthcr.limes this sea-| net roil jon whiffed 11 Ark M:t brd'prs and • Chlraso wa'kPrt nnh '"if- Denton s'nick nut -~^ Louis live Matarrnen and a]N»wrd uo f ree j Vv'a-hmglon passes - | . Ch:ir!,>v Moore. Ark-M< --pcontl ba.semin led l>ot!i team.- in hit- line witi: IRO single* ir Ibree limes at hat The t'.vo 'earn- wiM continue iheh 5pi!p.<; t.imorrow night. Box s,:ore.: i'ct .615 598 521 .513 500! 4tiG 407 .383 I WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24, 1949 L 43 47 4!) 54 50 GH 80 77 n.a I .005 ( .585 ] 542 i .541 I .424 .3:10; .330 SOUrilKK.V l.KACiUE Ark-Mn Chitrnon 1 M,ore 2b Perry I b . Wls'-u f! Brav 3b Denton p Totals BMhevlle M- ArmstroiiB c Carson If Little rf ( '': c- .. .. Williams JF . HMvkms 2i> Jones p Totals Nashville .... Birmingham ! Mobile Xe* C .-ails " Atlanta 1 j Little lock . * M empllis . ., . Chattanooga vV 81 77 72 1)8 fi'2 58 .56 54 Pet .609 588 545 .5.7 .470 .440 .424 THE ARM—Veteran Sid Luclc- nun leaves his Chicago aulo- niohile Agency and television disti-ibutin^ company to put in another season with the professional Bears. Vo/s, Borons Open Crucial Series Tonight New Grid Rules Confusing 26 S 5 i AT.R Hi 21 2 isM rlanrf The huae planet Saturn not only is jioletl for its rings, but -is .remarkable in another way. It is so | Ii5hl in weight that, b'.-lk for blilk.j it weighs ahoot the same as dry walnut wood. Yesterday's Results NATIONAL I.KAC.UK St. Lonis 5-3, Brooklyn 3-4 Chicago 7 New York 5 Boston 5 PHl.fbilrgh 2 Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 3 (13 inningst • A.miKICAN LKAliUE Detroit a, Ne« York 4 St. Louis 5. Boston 4 Washington 4. Cleveland 2 mipht> Philadelphia 4, Chicago 2 uiighti SOUTHKRN l.KACUE Mobile 3. AUantn a New Orleans 3. Birmingham 2 Memphis 3 Nashville 3 uici tOnly games scheduled.) By The Assix-ialril Press Nashville's Vots invaded Dlrming- aain'.s nickwood Park tonight for n crucial four-game scries will) the runner-up Barons, but until the Tina! no one can '.ell whether it will be a victory march or a Mineral dirge for the league-leaders. The Barr.ns did not do .so well at New Orleans last night. Pel third siicker Charlie Cileock socked a tenth-inning double lo bring home ihe winning margin for New Orleans. 3 and 2. Ralic Barna banged out a single In the bottom of the ninth to i bring in the tying run as the Vols | battled the Memphis Chicks to a 13-3 tie. The game was called at the I end of the ninth lo allow both clubs to catch their trains. The Mobile Bcar.s blanked the Atlanta Crackers. 3 to 0. for a clean sweep of their- four-game xcries. The loss was trie .sixth for the crackers. The Chattanooga lookouts and the Little Rock Travelers were not scheduled. Better take a rule book along when you attend high school football names this fall. You'll need one i( you want lo keep up with ihe guings- on. This new high school code may be just Hie lliing as officials claim, bul It'll make a came harder lo understand than a woman's intuition. The National Federation of High Schools' rules tends to throw Ihe game wide open and speed u[i play considerably bul there's a lot of confusing differences between it and the National Inier-Collegiale cocte which prevailed last year. • for Instance: an officials red handkerchief (or flag, which Ihcy prefer! which used lo indicate a rule infraction, can mean a number of things this year. II can be ihe signal for a penalty as in Ihe past, the spot where the ball was killed or the "basic enforcement spot." Ihe spot where a p]a> ended. This, according lo Diikie Speck, is done, so that in the event a rule infraction on miming plays occurs immediately before or after Ihe play ends, the penalty can be stepped off from the point where the play ended. In other words, all penalties will not necessarily result in bringing the ball back to the line of .scrimmage, therefore killing the play ami voiding any Ram or loss, even if the penalty is to be against Ihe offensive team. If Ihc rule infraction occurs in front of the line of scrimmage by either an offensive or defensive player, the penally is slepped oil from the point where Ihe play ends, not from the original line of scrimmage or the point of Infraction, as in llir past. The one exception lo Ibis rule is when Ihe rule infraction Is by an oflensivc player behind the original line of scrimmage, then the gain '"' loss ' s nullified, and the penalty is stepped off from Ihc point ol infraction. No Re-Kicks on Kick-Offs On loose ball plays, forward or lateral passes or pums, etc., the penalty is stepped ofl from original line of scrimmage, so says the rule. The same exception as on a running play applies on loose ball plays. Tims, il is possible that turn, five or even n do/.en handkerchiefs can hit the ground and still no penally Should a runner gain five yards, fumble and lose two. regain control of the ball, gain five more, fumble and lose two more before the ball is killed, then a handkerchief will go clown at the point of the first fumble to designate a new "basic enforcement spot." or the spot where he losl control of the ball; ono at the spot where he regained control of the ball: another at Ihe spol where lie fumbled again, etc.. lo designate the points from where penalties will be stepped off if there was an infraction between the lime that he first fumbled and the lime the ball was killed If the infraction should occur between Ihe time he first fumbled and Ihe time he first regained control, the penally would lie stepped off from the spol where he first fumbled because lhal was the spot where he lasl controlled the ball before lire foul was commuted. GRAND CATCH—L. E. Lewis ot liiy/tniiin i-xhibits the foui - - poutul, nine-ounce Loch Levcn which won him a SI000 first prize in the Livingston, Mont., National Truul Derby, held on the Yellov/stnne River, Nearly 2000 competed. Keiser Books 9 Gomes for 1949 Season Sports Roundup Uutb FuilcrUn. It Singers to Meet Sunday The Pemlscot County Singing Convention will be <• ducted at Waidell, Mo., Sunday, ft. E. L. Smith, president, announced today. Guest artists are being Invited to participate In the event, DETROIT, Aug. 24. (AP)— Base!3 chrles were divided today in their opiiilons on whether the New York V?nkees had made a wbe move in their investment of n bundle of cash for first baseman Johnny Mize. The ex-New York Giants star first baseman joined the Yankees hire vcMcrdi'.v and showed some of his Connor tremendous hitting power In his firs! appearance in battlns practice Ho drove two halls into the Biisgs Stadium stand?, before retiring to the bench where he spent the nft.'inoon. Manager Red Rolfe of the Timers war. an<onf those who 'hought Mize would help the New Yorkers a lot in the'r pennant drive. "Generally it isn't until a player has been around th" circuit twice that the pitrher; can pick out any hittins weakness he may have and a lot of them are not too familiar with Mize's abilities." he said. Yankee Manager Casey Stengel. -iltno'i"h himpy to «et The adrii'ion- •il bntlM'<! i»wer offered by Mi// 1 . was conoptned over two other prob- Icns— one was the shoulder injury 'h.-t sinVlinerl Joe DiMaKRio in the opener of the Tiger series ye-ster- dsv— ili» nlhcr was the sharp m- ciT^se iii the number of passes 3i\vn im b\ his pitchers. "Our piirliei-s are walking too mtny n-en and a tot of those walks !']•'' being lui'ned into runs," wailed Ca.sey. SKY Safety Through a Penalty Under the National Federation code an automatic safety mav be given by virtue of a penalty. Under the "basic spol" rule should an offensive player foul in his own end ?/me when the line of scrimmage is inside his own five or 10-yard line, the infraction would have occurred back, of Ihc line ol scrimmage and must be stepped off from the point of infraction. And should the penally be for 15 yards, carryiiv the end zone, an aulomntfc safely would be ruled. However, an enforcement from outside Ihc offender's one vard line would leave the ball inside that line, the penalty terminating at "the one- yard line. If the enforcement is from on or inside the one-yard line the penally will be half the distance to the goal line, as in lire past On kickoils, (the Fcderalion rules prefer the term "free kick") any kick that goes out of bounds between the goal lines shall nol be kicked over, but instead the receiving team shall put the ball in plav 10 yards behind Its restraining or free kick line (in play at the 30> unless the bafl goes out of bounds between the two 40-yard Irestrainins > lines In this event Ihc ball shall be pu* inlo play by the receiving team miimsitc the point where it went out of bounds. Kicks out of the end ro>t ; malic touchbacks as in the past. Bill Kell. newly-appointed coach of Keiser Hi?!! School, has announced a nine-game schedule for his 1049 Yellow Jacket grid team. Keiser will open its St'-cdule at home Sept. 9 with the Dyess Eagles fiirni T'ing the competition. The Yellow Jackets will end their sea- 011 Nov. 22 at Wilson. Coach Belt w appointed to head Keiser High School's Athletic Dc- oucr into i nartmcnt last spring to replace James Bnlton who resigned to accept a similar position at Stamps. Ark. The 10-19 schedule: /xme are auto- I oday's Games NATIONAL l.h*UUE St. LouLs at Brooklyn Chicago at New York Pittsburgh a I Has ton (Only games .scheduled.) iN I.KAliUE Philadelphia at Chicago Washington at Cleveland (night) New York al UclroLl (Only games .scheduled.! Major League Leaders Angling Lineups Abolished Sept. 9 Sept. IB Sept. 23 Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. M Ocl. 21 Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 11 Some of (he minor changes: A. Ian colored ball shall be used in all day games. White balls with corresponding stripes at night Ba i Nov. ; NOV. Dyes* at Keiser Lepanto at Keiser Osceola at Osceola Shawnee at Joiner Lnxom at Keiser Marion at Marion Hai-risburg at Keiser Open Monette al Keiser Tnima- n at Truman n Oiicn Wilson at Wilson bounding out of bounds on fumbles or dropped kicks/ will be" put back M"? '". ^'"^l™ * 'S e tcam "^ '»' ™l«"l«l Ihetall. not SOAP BOX DKRBV CHAMP — Fred Derke ' above'. 15. of Akron, Ohio, holds the winner's Trophy after capturing the Soap Box Derby F.I Akron. Derke won over 148 con- tes!anls. bealinc I>ona!d Klepsch of Detroit, seconci. and Charles P. Muhl of Cleveland. O.. who finished third. in the Una] heal of the event. lAP \Vuephotoi. SOUTHLKN I Night games: Mobile at Memphis. New Orleans al Liltle Hock 12) Nashville at !lirr..ingham. cOnly games.! State's Metal Strike Is Doomed to Continue LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 23. on—Indefinite continuance of the strike of 1.600 CIO United SleeKvorkerK at Arkansas plants of Ihc Reynolds Metals Company was in prospect today. Negoliations between the company and the imion were recessed indefinitely by Federal Mediator C. V. Emory. Tnlsa, okla.. yeslerday. "Both parties are hopelessly deadlocked ano 1 there is no reason for further meetings al this time," Emory said. Workers at Reynolds' Arkansas bauxite mines and aluminum plants struck Anc. 1 when negotiations for a nev contact failed. Talks were resumed Anc 15 and con- tinred until vcsterdav. By tin- AsMK'iaterl Press National I.rat;ur Butting — Robinson. Brooklyn.! .353: Slailf-liter. SI. Louis, 331 | Runs—Reese. Brooklyn, 1(M; noh- in?on. Rrocklyn. 9s • Rurs7.fcatlcd in—Robinson. Brook- ' lyi 99; Killer, Pitlshlli'sh, 89 j PiiU—Robinson, Brooklyn, Ifi4; Thomson, New York, 152 j Doubles — Robinson. Brooklyn, i arnl Eiiils, Philadelphia SO I Triplr.-—Robinson. Brooklyn, 9; i six pluvcrs tied with eight Home run 1 :—Kiner, Pittsburgh. :M- Govdoti. New York and Saucr. Chicago 24 Stolen bases—Robinson. Brooklyn 28' Reese. Brooklyn. 20 ritehi:if:— Wilks. St. Louis. 10-3 .76!); H-inlzelman, Philadelphia 15- r> -uid Chambers. Pittsburgh, 9-3 .ISO Strikeouts—Spahn, oDston. 105: Newconibe, Brooklyn. B9 American Ix-asllr Batting—Williams, Boston, .3iifi; Kell, Dell-oil. .346 Runs — Williams. . Boslon, 121: Joost. Philadelphia, 103 rums balled In—Stephens. Boston. I3R. Wil'i'iiv.s. Boston, 123 Hit.s—Williams. Boslon. 155; Roll, i O'troit. 153 by the team that last touched it, as in the past penalties can be Inflicted and no rule infraction of the ball. US i Armorel Tigers to Meet Red Birds at Caraway No more than (wo substitutions can he made between downs and ! suhslitutes will have 2.V seconds in which to get on and ofT the iVIrt i Uun.iR a inne out, or dead ball, no hmii , 0 substitutions Ki-hl in e out,, per game (four per half, instead of flve. Any number o foiwuc' passes may be thrown from behind the line of scrimmage uaral?el'w!!h 0( hr» l ""T C P] ^ C " """" ^ H ' 1Pd '"> wi >h°lh<* shoulders pa allel with the line of scrimmage and their heads 12 inches from the ^^"^^Suo.l^tc" 11 " " nil * ° P ^ 3 " """" *» h thC *»""- AHlomailc camnlctinns on forward pas.-: Interference nre out Unrirr the Federation rules this carries n 15-yard penalty nnd automatic f»Vt flown with the penally .stepped off from the line of scrimmage Only five and 15-vard can result in the 'loss' Tllc Armorel Tigers will ^ tncjr 5ccond co , lsc( ; utivc n '6 ht ' go after to _ en they play the Caraway Red Birds at Caraway. Manager Marion Dyer said Ih.U he probably will pilch lefthander uriHTvbacrk wanted — Wl'C-tVier tlv: Uirve-slty of Michigan's foot- oall team v ill inarch on to its third pjqlit Western Conference title, depend- o: how successful the Wolverine coaches are in «. in cove: ing a first $ trills nunrlcrbnck Head Conch Hen nip o^lprbann makes no secret of the r icl that his No. 1 headaohc finding n rr-placement for Michigan's "real quarterback Pete El- UoU who v. as graduated in'June. Sltrons men wanted—If you like to paddii* yaur o\vn canoe, the Mich]aan Canr«e Championships Com- nittee would like to interest you in takins nar*. in the grueUing 24' 1 -mile race on Hi- 1 An Sable River Sept. If- 18. . . Six power, dams require portaging m different stages of the race. . . . If you feel up to a non-stop 20 hour »rmd step up ;<nd regUter. mnnn HEATRE OSCEOLA 'OUR FRIENDLY THEATRE JCITV Red' Dean of Birds. Joiner against the Doubles— Kell. !i:riis. P.oston 31 1'ripUs— Mitchell. Detroit. M; Wil- Season Tickets For Grid Games Placed on Sale j C. G. Redman, president or the i Chldmsan 1 Athletic Club, said yesterday thnt orders for reserved and j box seat tickets at Haley Field I for the 1049 football season are • now being received. The price of the tickets will be the samr as last year, Mr. Rcd- |inan said. Se-son tickets for seats ] in the reserved section of the stad- | inin. directly in front of the press ; box, are being sold for S10 per \ seat which will include admission to in sanies. four junior high that are now on the schedules, m ihe event cither tenin should fill any or all of ; thfir open dates, reserved sent tick- el holders can retain their .-eats for these extra games by puvehas- j inp a general admission ticket. The same will apply to any playoff game here. Mr. Redman said. More Russian Books Due For Publication in 7950 MOSCOW — (iP>— A big increase in the number of books published in the Soviet Union is planned for 1950. The edilorial council of the State Publishing House of literature said in the last pre-war year they published 178 book titles to- talling 3.1QO.CO copies. In 1950 it is proposed to publish 3SI title.-, tolaling 37.ltO.OCO copies. Box Offict Opens at 7 Week Nights Show Starts at 7:30 Matinee Saturday & Sunday at 'i p.m. H'ith r.untinuous showing Wednesday & Thursday "HE WALKED BY NIGHT" Richard Rascliart Scott "Canon CHy" Brady r The .reserved seat tickeUs will be „, ' good lor six high school games and Cleveland. 19; St Louis. 12 adrlphla. 11 Home runs — Stephens. TVvston. l'ilc!nn [ :—Wynn. Cleveland. 1(1-3 U: Williams. Boston. 30 ! THI: H'ltchmson. Detroit. 13-4 .765 Stoler base-s—Riz/.lllo. Mpw York.! Strikeout*-Trucks. Detroit. 124; Diliinger. St. Louis and Valo. Phil-' Nruhouscr. Detroit. 111. You'll Like Ory Beer IT'S NOT SWEET! • Dry beer has not even a trace of sweetness. It's beer as beer should taste —clean, cool and full- bodied, it's so refreshing! GrtaWmk WeUcr* ftrewcry C*. lellnHI*, HIM* $1. L*ws, MiiMvri VETCH VETCH VETCH 98.3% PURITY HAIRY VETCH Plant Now while you hove time. Call us or come by for your seed. MANN & WILSON FEED and SEED STORE Osceola Phone 925 Andy Konjier here 5iir« find* oiir recipe lo hi* liking! SO FLAVORY you won't hardly believe your old taster when you take your first nip of it! It's the selfsame whiskey us old-timers enjoy amongst our- sehps and we've been dis- tillin^ some 60 years! FAMIU BLENDED WHISKEY to . imiKcmimt INO DON'T MISS •THIS FREE DEMONSTRATION Light CAKES . . . Yummy ROLLS . . Delicious ROASTS . . . Flaky PIES . . or Vitamin-Cooked VEGETABLES OWE BAKING: FISH — CAKE - ONIONS FLAVORS DO NOT MIX LOW DOWN PAYMENT BALANCE ON EASY TERMS LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER a Miles North pi Box Office Opens at 6:45 Show Starts 'l:30 l,iisl Time Today "ANGEL IN EXILE" with .lulni Carroll anil Adcle .Mara Also ShurU Thtin-day & Kriday 'IF YOU KNEW SUSIE' will: Hrtdie Cantnr and Joan Davis Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "BRIDE OF VENGEANCE" with Paulelle Onddard and John l.und News and Short 313 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5 Bos Office Opens at 3:00 Show Starts al 7:30 Wednesday &- Thursday "DESIRE ME" Orcer CJarsnn Kohcrl .Mitehum NEW B..X Opens \Vcek Days 7:00 p m. Matinee Saturday & Siiwlavs Mat.- bun. 1 p., n . Colll- S! ,,; winl Manila, Ark. Sliows KVKKV MGIIT ' ' Wednesday & Thursday "THE LADY GAMBLES" with Barbara Stanvv and Robert Trcstu Alsn Shnrls BLYTMEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THtATR£ .. iaturda) and Sunil.iy: rnntinoo shoKing fron 1:011 p.m. Wednesday S Thursday (l)OUBI.K KK.MUKK) "SONG OF THE WASTELAND" "ilh Jimmy Wakcly »nd l.ce "I.asscs" While ~FIGHTING FATHER DUNNE" ivilh Tat O'Brien Serial: "G-Mrn Never Foreet" Chapter 12

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