The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. C2. ... •-.'• ; THE D °M1NAOT> NEWSPAPER OP'iitahi&ST AHKANSA* .»„ «,„ >,.„."" "** ^ "" * * O VV . i Ask Court To Enjoin Opposing Group From Using Church Here of deacons or he Pull Gospel Tabernacle Cl nch of * d W an in-oliibilinu the Lilly and Vine streets and from interfering with use of the building by the petitioners. The Intru-churcli strife flare into the open several weeks as when the Rev. Crozler rcslgne "by request" of tlic church boar nnd the district, supervisor of th parent church. A split in th church congregation and member ship resulted with Ciw.ler claim ing that a decisive majority of th congregation was "with him" aiv lhat he coiilempinted the ereatioi of an Independent church. Since then friction between th two elements has grown. The petition for nn injunction was filed by J. L. Musgraves a; district supervisor of the paren church, F. M,' Davis, C. p. Austh and Roy H. Hanley as the purported board of deacons and C. T Davis and Melvin wicker who claim to be the trustees of the 'church. They charge that the Rev. Crozier and lib group have Insisted upon using the church property in defiance, of tlie properly constituted officials of Hie church. Named specifically with the Hev Crozier as co-defendants are: Henry Thompson, Curtis McCain, joe Robinson, Bcrnice Ganii, Pete Lorieo, Charley Halnes and Roy Patterson. Claude F. Cooper as attorney for the petitioners and ZaI B. Harrison and Koy E. Nelson as attorneys, for the Rev. Crozier and his adherents were in Marion to present the issue before Chancellor Gautney. It is probable that the chancellor's action today will be only temporary with final adjudication lo be determined later. Mrs. J. E. Critz' Mother Dies Wednesday Night .+.. , Word was"received of v.lhe deaUrpf Mrs. Robinson, mother of Mrs. ,J. B. Critz formerly of here and now of ..Russellviile. Ark. Mrs. Robinson died last night it the home of another daughter, Mrs John Lee, at Pine Bluff. Funeral services will be held there tomorrow. She spent much time with Mr, and Mrs. Critz when they lived in Blytheville. -L Funeral Rites Held For John F. Wallace COOTEH-, Mo., June 1.—Funeral services were held this afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at the Methodist church for John P. Wallace, who died at the Memphis Veterans hospital yesterday. Pallbearers were World War veterans of this community with whom Mr. Wallace served in the United Stales army. Hpuse Beats TownsemPs Pension Bill SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU —— — , —_ ARKANSAS, THIWSDAY, JUNE 1, l!),'i!l Shar<i-'riterHiisbaiid" Plan Revealed In Martial Rift Paul Finch Asks $50,000 For Alleged Altack Upon His ei'son OSCEOLA, Ark, June l.-Suit mis nied In circuit court here today by Paul Pinch, DW asking s 1 '^ Rl "' nl ?"" nve ein>)loy(;s ="«» ployes for injuries received W | lcn he WBS lllk , gc(U u , 10 nit, cd The vole wns announced as 302 to 87 with two of the members present Jiot voting. House members went on record on the controversial plan which has stirred political activity In states from Maine to California ns Dr. Francis E. Townsend, aged, gray-haired leader of the pension movement, watched proceedings from the house members' gallery The house undertook the record rote after refusing to recommit the measure to the house ways and means committee for reconsideration. Sam Richardson, Richard Dick- uison, jamas Tanta-slcy, Tom "••-iks and Frits Zllei ,dt are nan" defendants along with the i In the suit in seeks $15,000 for and $10,000 ""d physical csnlt of the al- ,, ---. ..-—.j •*\v»uv**i iU| a\f iivi husband could spend aim-Male days with n. widow who had bseii his childhood sweelhearl, puzzled Superior Conn Jmise midoluii Desort uxlny. The husband Is Nelson M. Petersen, 53, a Conner locomotive engineer. Under llie plan his wife worked out he belonged lo her on Ohrtsl- mas D;iy nnd to Mrs. Caroline Hortram, 51, on New Year's Day. In uut you are "Christmas Year's WHS my day nntl Nev, iyS«arr hn a i u i tsx^issr. nnmtera '•• numbers are mine. Wlwt you'll ,10 i JUDGE Iff I HE'S SINGLEi COPIES FIVE'CENTS Mandate Will Be Filed With Motion For Judgment Monday The mniKlntc ! i C '" 1C C0 '"' tl (l ' " Icged beating. Ellis Voles for Bill WASHINGTON, June 1. (UP)_ The Arkansas congressional delegation voted six to one today against >assage of the Townsend bill Vot- ng for the bill was Representative "SHis. Bett5j Grable's Patents In Sq'u'abble Ovei Hci In come HOLLYWOOD, June 1. (UP)_ 'Hie complaint slates that Mr ; 11 ',* 10 l ms TOVCr ","„ „ col-' • , , - "~'v. WLLIJ H onist but who resided ' near Uic colony, was attacked by the five men when he was speaking |,i a Dyess school yard to the colonists who, Pinch charges, were dissatls- «ed with certain conditions at the colony and wanted them chanced Mr. Finch Is said to now live in' Texas, having left Mississippi county several months ago lie became interested In n ir n | r ., O f the on r ,, S ° mC " me ago nll() wns one of Uic first to arouse public interest h, charges of purported conditions at the colony. C A. Fenthei-ston and' Alfred P Fcatherstan of Murfrcesboro Ark are attorneys for Mr. Finch. '' Eviction Suil rciiilini* OSCEOLA, Ark., June j L . rhc suit of Dyess Colony, i,, c vs Harry Meyers ha.-, been set for Tuesday in circuit court at Osccola. • The suit, which Is one of three eviction suits filed by the colony officials against colonists, was filed recently and the defendant tiled " cross complaint. It is suid that the suit is similar m style to tho=t filed moic than a year ago against S B trunk mid Details of Ihe slrnngc arrangement were-revolted yesterday when Petersen and his wife appeared lit court In an altcmnt to make him pay $30 nrrcnrngc she' claims lib owes her tor separate maintenance. Petersen inlreiluocd a. letter his wife wrote to Mrs. Bertram nfler the sharing system started In 1934, In It Mrs. Petersen complained Hint Mrs. Bertram had not played, fair. * "My husband Is going to be home on his birthday (jnn 28) ? the letter saW. "If you want to come for coffee and cake, it Is nil right with me. Dili remember, ybii are not playing fair with me when you keep him the nights he Is tup- posed to be home. "Well,, lie Is going to be home on my nights. If he Isn't, he Is hot eoing to I)c ill your house, either. So both of us will be without him. The Ictli'i- Imid-boiled. was slfiied, "Your pal: Mrs. Petersen, admiUed (he slmr- Inn lilnn but said she had done i on a (in-cut" lo \ m life, she sail «he married Peicrsen in 1C.., Into n divorce from her first husband, then i-emiirrlcd Peicrsen , crsen She was confused as lo the time he decree for her divorce would bo tail so she wiiltcd a year and married Peterson ,i third lime; She clmi-BKl her husband in,,,- ieil Mrs. Bertram at Crown Point, l'||l.. in IMO. She said she was « wliioss to Ihe ceremony. Peterson •w « lie had. motored to Crown obit W !lh Ihc two women but, lhat Iheie linil been no marriage. Judge Desort run n finger nrounil his collar. H was a hoi day „,„, the testimony was confining. ji c suld lie would lake time lo sludy it " n le ,u and I was, sal "June seventh be cooler," he until (hen.' Tlie movie earnings jrable, blonde wife of Belt of Jacki Coogan, became (he chief point o ontenhon today in divorce pro cedings brought by tiie actress mather against Conn Grable iroker. Mrs. Lillian arable filed a com ilaint charging her husband will xtreme cruelty. Last Sunday, sh aid, Orable told her he wns re urning to their former Iiome ii it. Louis as soon as "he could ge •hat was coming- to him" fron fiss Orable's income. Miss Grable has been eariilni 500 a week under a contract jus ompleted at Paramount studio am ow is planning a personal appear- ncc tour expected lo pay tier bei twccn 51500 and $2500 n week, siie Burial was made at Mount Zlon ] recently helped Coogan strnighler cemetery. NEW YORK, June 1. (OP)-Cot- toii clased steady. open high low close .. 898 898 887 889 . 830 830 816 817 . 809 out financial relations with his j family. Coogan Hied suit, asklno- for r>~+t i an ncco "»l»>g of the $1000,000 he IsOltOn said he earned ns a child movie j star, and in an out of court settle- ' July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 801 ISt 789 810 801 794 790' 795 794 780 775 795.-G 7S4 781 776 Spots cicsccl nominal at 970, on" II. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 1. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady today, cfT 30 to 60 cents a bale. open high low close .'- 903 903 .. 841 841 .. 818 818 .. 813b ... ..800 iiOO 793 793 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May Spots closed changed. 896 827 '806 791 793 896 828 806 799-801 791 786b-88a dull at. 940. un- Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 1. (UP) — Stocks declined fractious to three points today in moderate trading STOX ., A. T. & T 163 1-2 Anaconda Cop 24 1-8 Associated D. 0 71-2 Beth. Steel 57 1-2 Chrysler 22 3-4 Cittes Service 087-8 Gen. Elect 35 5-8 ! Gen. Motors « 1-4 Int. Harvester 591-2 Montgomery Ward 56 3 -4 N. Y. Central < 15 Packard 31-2 Phillips Petro 35 1-4 Radio g g.g Schenley 13 3.4 Simmons Bed .........'..'. 235-8 Socony , u 5-8 Standard Oil N. J. .....'.'.',' 43 1-2 Texas Corp U. S. incut he was paid' approximate^ $100,000. William Rains, attorney for Mrs. Grable, said lliat the money involved in tlie divorce action wns a fund of "several thousand dollars" in cash and stocks in which Grable claims partial interest. Mrs. Grable contends tlie money was raised entirely from the daughter's paychecks. Rains said arable formerly was wealthy but in recent years had been forced to rely partially upon the earnings of his daughter. Mrs. arable's complaint said that Betty was the sole owner of the family home, and that her husband's claim lo partial ownership «as false. Grable struck her, she charged, and was so "quarrelsome and brutal" that she suffered a nervous breakdown. They had been married 31 years. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., June 1 (UP)—Hogs: 10,000 Top, 6.70 170-230 Ibs., 6.60-G.75 140-160 Ibs., 6.00-6.15. Bulk sows, 5.00-5.75 Catlle: 2,500 Steers, 8.00-10.00 Slaughter steers, 7.50-U.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.00-9.25 Slaughter heifers, 7,25-1000 Beef cows, 5.75-6.50 Cutters nnd low cutters, 4.00-550 j'rfu.^-." vi "• >»"«•'"( the col- oii/-Yirnc.M«i5re> -leklligVto on* them fiom laud, which thej claim to have bought. These suits are slated to be heard in (he June term of chancery court to be held here. Coleman and Fratey, of Lepanlo, are attorneys for Ihe defense.. Kumpe Is Appointed To Work For Blind LITTLE ROCK, June 1. (UP)_ Roy Kunipc, president of the Arkansas Association for Ihc Blind has been appointed to Ihc post of supervisor of Ihe rehabilitation for the blind program of the state welfare department, John R. Thonip- .son, welfare commissioner announced, tcday. The newly created division (or the blind will work to establish concessions for the blind In federal nnd other public building! Kiwanians Make Plans For Charter Night Event The Blytheville Kiwanis Club, holding' Its lirst weekly meeting since Us organization meeting last week met at the Noble Hotel last light to make plnns for Its Charter Night, Monday. June 12, when the club charter will be presented by Dr. Charles Holumn of St. Louis on behalf of Kiwanis International Lonnie Stendley of Sikeslon, ieiilenant governor for this division of tlic Mo-Knn-Ark district and George Kirk, district treasurer were he principal . speakers at last light's meeting. It was revealed that probably 225 r 250 persons will attend the Charter Night event, including many roni out of town. Mack Meyers Chosen. President Of State Rural'Let- ter Carriers Mack Meyers of Lcachvlllc seventh national, vice president of the Kuril Letter Carrleis, wns elected pieMdent ol Ihe Arkansas Fedcrn losed yesterday. The st-ite group endorsed the lusher Is To Succeed Galloway As Trustee LITTLE ROCK, June I. (UP)- ?ov. Bailey today appointed Alert Rusher of Brlnkley to the oard of trustees of the Negro A nd M. college at Pine Bluff re- lacing Paul Galloway who rc- ently resigned. -10-hour week for the .rural letter carriers on. (he same,basis as the city letter carriers and oilier postal employes in llie classified civil service. , • Other officers elected were: O B. Carr of Waldron, first vice president; E. L. Cawthon of Camclcn second vice president'; James" L Meal of Springtime, • third vice president; Gentry D. Priest of Waldron, sccrelary and treasurer A. L. Turner of Prescolt, assistant secretary and treasurer. Tlie annual convention was held nt llie Eastman hotel. Mr. Meyers ns a national officer, was Intro-' duced at a joint program of the Stnte Association of City Lcller Carriers, Arkansas Federation of Rural Letter Carriers and auxiliaries of those groups. Mrs. Haines Reviews Book For Rotarians A review of the book "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder, wns given by Mrs. Harry VV. Humes at the luncheon meeting of the Rotary club today nt the Hotel Noble Guests were Dr. Robert F. Smart of Richmond, Va,, who is the guest of relatives here, U. S. Branson Jr., who has arrived home from Stntt- KSSSXXtZ Osccola. en Unable To Signal Seai'chcrs i DOVER PLAINS, N. Y., June 1. (UP)—State police announced lo diy they hid located blonde vlr glnla Doming, 10-year-old' miilc, hundreds searching for ho? Slalc police broadcast a message on -their statewide tclctyiie system shortly.before i p.m., reporting-the girl was alive and apparently well. Virginia WHS found In a field ap- of (he Arkansas '>B the Missis. . . courl, Osccoln (Iht.lct, (o declm-o the nomlnnllon | r '"~ IIU..HJ1U14UU lJL 1 V Cil , tl<Ush nit "» nanoci'iUlo cnmUdntc tor Mississippi county m go at me August primary « m HI y nml lo hold Doyle Itaulcr- son uic legal noinlnee of the pnrty wns jwclvwl this inornlnit by \<f lA'on Smllh, locti] altorney nnii membcY of Henderson's counsel. Smllh said today lie would flli> tliB nmnilfttc in Ihu drcuil court M 11 , C ,n 0 , lA MolKl ' l l>.»'hcn Jininc Nell Kllloueh of Wynne, whose judgment upholding oinOWi's nom- limllon wns reversed by Die high court, rclunw there lo hold a week's lerm «f court. to lie would j w i Bmcnt , on , uie high court's nmiulalc whlcii he Insisted, ncl s 11B , m 0 ,- lslc| . 0 / aladlslt from the olllco ot Mississippi county Judge to whlch'ciliullsh was elected In the November, 1DM Bcncrnl election by virtue of his ctmtllOucy us the Dcinocrnllo noml- " Promises Resurfacing Of Highway No. 61 Iri Mississippi County or T! 01 U. b, 01 u «? n,',i ll)nll M !nll r llie " bacl weather" slippery nature wmiiistiui (imifrei'oiis curves MS exist, nroviilnrl i-i«iif «<• ,„„., Naval Airmen Are Drowned At Pcnsacola . PENSACOU, Tin, j nnf i (up, —Two imvy nMalois diowncd lo- dny when u piano 'In whlth they cinkhcrt Into - I'oln liny. The \lctlms weic Iden- at (he United Stall's iwvnl r es MS exist, provider] right of way >jW furnished wlljiout cost to the s ale, weio made by W. W, Mltcli- ell, diiector of highways for the • ArkBiisin Highway Commission, at "w Hotel Noble here lait night. Mi, Mitchell spoke before a Joint meeting of (he Tilythovlllc Chsm- »ei of Commerce, the Mississippi County Automobile Club nnd the" Hlenvuiy No 01 Association. t.\So & illicit speaker ivna Allnn'Patteson of Jonesboio, mcnibei of the highway commission representing the lint congicssloiial district, which iHclmlcs Mississippi county. Ihc Joint meeting of the ihree "'" ««•> called pilnmilly to ur stiUlon Joseph S. Fox, 3.1, of Scftlllo Ami Aviation Mnclilnhl's Miilti Alficd 'otor ivy, 33, of Noifolk, Vu Hielr ixxlics \seie laovcird ihorlly lifter Ihc crnah; of Ulylliovllle, represented llemlei- son In Hie Illigallon, declined thnl m Ills opinion an appointment by l .'.io govornor would bo necessary to the office'alter the mandate \yas filed and judgment, rendered thereon. lie Insisted thnl In li !C event no appointment was made and Olaillsh proceeded to act us county Judge Olndlsh's legal right, to collect his siilnry as county 'udgc would be doubtful. ' The lilBh court first upheld Judge Plough's Judgment by n Jive lo two decision but Inter, on n motion 'or a - ' 'uled that was the lawful nominee of thci Democratic party. Hit pivotal question Involvcc) In he election "case was whether holders of poll lax receipts .which v/tini issued and slgneil In iii'dcllbli '" Attorney ' General ' Holds lliey Cannot Escape "II <> !]• ' Use tax UTTU3 HOCK, June 1, (gp)_ conlrnctors ion of Ktnlc . in construc- loilay wcie . i held liable by Atlmnoy Ocneial 0 find mciniH of combatting a division or tourist Ualllc from jiieh- wny 01 to Highway 51 B | on? |, le ensl hide of the Mississippi rlvei. Vlsllois, IncliKling Hctljerl Parker of JoiiMboro, secrctmy of the M«le board of pharmacy cxamln- oi s, nnd Mr, Mitchell pointed out tlmt some of Highway No Ol'H IOM of tiafflo nmy be lilgliwny No.' CTs tjnln Instead of nil lost traffic bcliHj diverted over Highway '51 ncjoss (lie river, 'Jhls is due, they suld, lo recent completion of Jitietihcs of pnvemesit on the Hl»li?Hn "I, r °" le ° IJtllo Koch In answer lo n letter from w W Mllc)ioll,<.-stnte lilgliwny dlrcctoi, HoU. wrote that the fnct tin Iraclors hi-e paid wllh fcdoinl fiindb r ' I of the Aikaims Automobile club, who acted as toaslmnsl'er Oinwford Noble, president of Die illiihjvny 01 Association, Harry 'W Halncs, picsldcnt, nnd ' j. Mcli Biookb secrctmy of , the Blythe- villc Chnmbor of Commerce ex- lucswi) (licmselvcs ns v\cll pleased with tlio piomhcs of Highway 01 lni|ii ovciiient made by Mr. Mitchell nnd Mr. Pnllcson and ,picdlcted that completion of such improvement, pnrllctilaily resurfacing of uic pavement lo eliminate' ILs B !lp- iwry condition, would '.sec n' return of nt least n considerable portion of Ihc highway's' Tost tourist traffic. dinner guests of t(ie " Mi. Mitchell,and Mr! Pat- jwn- would .not exempt them from pny- icson nenrd a, jnimber of speakers complnln of, the drop'in "-out ot (ho receipt was payment and that a 'cltlMn made llmcly payment ot his proxlmn.lcly, twp miles from where lftx wns entitled lo vote she last wns'seen. stnlc police said , ° fml , ll( ;, l -' ollcclo , r ' 3 flll i l ' r o to she had numerous scratches on her body from roaming lliroiigh Ihe woods but • otherwise appeared imhnrmcd. She wns luinblc to nml her way back' to a private school for children of defective speech. with the rcmilreniciil (lint the receipt be signed'In pen nnd. Ink, A number'of votes cast nt Wilson were held legal by the court's fhia Irullng. They hud previously been ruled out. Receipts had been Issued (o holders by a special collector and signed In Indelible pencil. Walker Park Postponed A Cnmp-o-Rce, which was lo have been held this weekend for Boy Scouls of DlyllicMllc and Manila, has been postponed. It wns announced today by mcmbm of the committee In charge, Tlie dny mid night camp wns to have been held Filday night and Saturday nt Walker Park. Sheri/'s Office Goes Modem In War On, Cri une In the future Mississippi County will not be n fertile territory for Ihc activities of criminals if the plnns of Sheriff Hale Jackson and hb staff of deputies work out. Professional criminals as well as pelly lawbreakers are going lo encounter some of the latest methods in the science of crime detection through llie county's new idenUflcatloii bureau which is headed by Deputy Leo j. Schrelck of Osceola. Although the bureau has been In Ihe -process of organization since ''w. the proper cqulp- ; efficient operation been acquired. The bu o: rcau Is now equipped with a special .-camera with an attachment for photographing fingerprints directly Government To Issue IM.*^ X' 3&N8Si Refunding Notes Soon' cruSnaf " r ' nl 1>ns bcen Thc.camcra, equipped with a flash also exacted to In obtaining pic- Chicaf/o Wheat Washington U. Loses Student Government ST. LOUIS ("upT- The student ouncl) of Washington University ere has been dissolved by a vote f Is members as tlie result of . feeling on the part of the councilors that it did not have the power " open high July 18 5-8 19 1-4 Sept. 78 5-8 79 low V7 5 77 3 close Chicago Corn , . - - « v»uv students believed its existence warranted The action was taken at a special -8 78 (meeting after members expressed -4 77 3-4 dissatisfaction with HIP C+.H.,.. «f the council - - ? - status of Secretary of the Treasury Hemy • prove valuable Morgenthaii jr.. announced today-tures at the SCL !^l>* l 0 ™" 1 ™"' 1 * June «.'«<•-1 accident. These ' pictures' rti" provide nn exact record of details pcruinlng to a case. The flash synchronizer enables pictures lo be made at' night or Inside buildings where there is not suitable light for photographic purposes, thus the bureau will be able to obtain pictures under practically any conditions without delay. In addition lo these uses. Deputy Schrelck plans to use the camera for "mugging" or photographing prisoners and' suspects. These photographs will be attached to the back ol n special Identification form kept by Ihc bureau on which l.s also contained the prisoner's fingerprints and other Information of use 1° the officers records. Already the bureau lias en flic' approximately 1.000 fingcrprinls of county prisoners, and also 5,000 'wanted cards" from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These ler nnanclng will be confined lo refunding $427,000,000 in nole^ n-hlch were to come due In September. He said (he treasury had .... ample supply of funds available W carry it at least to September without, new money borrowing in li'-e inteiim. He said that the September 13 8 per ccnl note holders .would be nlfercd on Monday nn opportunity lo exchange their holdings f'ir a new five-year note. The Interest rate will be announced later tint Morgenlhau said II probably would be the lowest ever put on a five year note. Former Poinsett County Sheriff Is Arrested a " d wlth state 8 * , i r . - numb « f s "re being constantly In- In the course of B —Courier Deputy ShrrilT l.rn .). Srliwlck ami his ran News photo of ,.------ - —-,.„ u ...u 411 me vwui >w wi u the arrest at Lepanlo year or two will probably provide *ll. fflYTMnT 1 nnttXrrttt n ,i*^l .... - -* i . .. ^ ' fingerprints of a new prisoner are on record either among tho county's flics or the FBI cards. Mr. Schrelck, who has been a Mississippi County deputy ' positive identification since those of no two persons are exactly alike, and that fingerprints arc accepted as evidence In court. 6H r^n rr^fe, L?£~^^&T;^ -« since this eludes ™', ° f tlle bur8a " facilities for making and was formed more county sheriff, on a cWo7*-l The^u, ^Toricer, '^ records H^M, S ° VCral "'"'I r ~* ™* « •ndY™ to represent the playing a gamins device. A™ «A i.,L^ .1. r „ V. " c ^.. s ? e "as con.pletcd three courses In nulle ncsslble iw «m» rf<,^ «,; playing a gaming device.' at-' Arrested with Smith of Lcpauto, aevlce. are so Indexed that It Is possible flnocrorlnU w unrt u « . T, ? U11G pcss Wc lhat some'.day an Hoolen was Bob for Deputy Schrelck to deK^lfta^SpSte ShJST ,t% '^* ni , co » rt ««« *«« W 'within nve minutes whether the) that tgcf^^^i^l ^'SAffi^&g <* Melvin Downing of Manila anil a Mr. Jordan of Oilt- tciKicn county.' Fred Heirln, who h in charge of n fct ernl ngeney making a check of highway tiafflc In this state spoke of activities, ofJhls group and said (hat such an exhaustive check is necessary to plan Intelligently foi tho stale's highway expansion and maintenance, Mr Mllchell revealed lhal sur-' veyj, had shown lhat Highway No Cl, from the Aiknnsas-Missourt slJilo lino four miles noith of Dlylheville, to Turrcll, in Orlt'- ' tended coiinly, carried 4lie heaviest out of slate traffic of any high-way In the stale nnd that the same stretch of highway also was the most heavily traveled highway In llie state. ' Mi. Hutnes stressed the discrepancy between the amounts Mississippi county conlilbutes in various' ' tnves lo Ihc .slate highway fund and Ihc amount expended on high- «i>ys In the county nnd urged *a more equitable expenditure on county highways In relation to such tax payments! Mi P.itteson spoke of the ch'm- cullle-i ol the highway commission In attempting to satisfy the various sections of the state He reminded his listeners that the state has only n limited 'amount ot money to expend on hlylnvny maintenance and bulld'iig, He referred to the action of the recent legts-~ Inline In passing a bill'providing ,. llwt Ihc -state take oper bond • mntmll) and Interest payments on farm to market roads for the ne\t two years nnd said Missis-" sippi county, particularly the Os- ceoln district, would be' the principal beneficiary of this measure. Mr. Noble (old of n more or less common move on the pait of automobile clubs at strategic centers, such ns Chicago, Memphis and other points to direct their members and others to travel the High- • way No 51 route in pieference. to the Highway No Gl route In noith- south travel. He said vigorous efforts to combat this tendency «ould be made and predicted that the assurance of Highway No. 61 improvement would be a turning point in recapturing for the latter route Its former tourist traffic. Imbiber son Bread, Water LORAI.V, O <rjp)_cily Prosecutor Austin OToole prosecuted 25 men on intoxication charges in nve days, decided something should be (tone about it. Now Ihose convicted of drunkenness are put on a bread and water diet. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight,' Friday cloudy, occasional showers. Memphis and * vicinity — Pailly cloudy tonight and Friday'with ocal showers Friday; not much' change in temperature. ,

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