The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1953
Page 10
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MORTWELYB UUilirft Wilson Changes Mind About Stock; Approval Expected (Contlaiicd from. Page 1) with Its first crisis. The brief unnouncement by While House Press Secretary Jamec C. Hagerty said: "The president has sent to the B«nnte tho nomination of Charles B. Wilson as secretary of de- MOORE (Continued from Pag« 1) Dr. Vise, listed four things neces- aary for success in life; work, play, love and worship. Without love and worship, lie said, man's life is incomplete. Love of other humans Is not enough, he added. To have a full life, man also must love God and his church. Speaking of the need for worship and the Importance of man's obligation lo his church, the Rev. Hargle said. "Only in proportion with which we pmy God, we will come out o* this chaos we are in now.' We must overcome the attitude ot today's generation, which doesn't want to work, he snid. A Job one likes which gives tense of accomplishment, can mean more than anything else in living a full Hf«, he snld. Work must not be allowed to prevent play altogether, however the Rev. Hargls continued. MORE more MORE more MORE •If civilization Is to continue In existence, people must Icnrn to relax. A certain amount of recreation if needed, but "not necessarily on Sunday morning," he added. . Lists DSA Criteria .In choosing the D.S.A. winner, ' Mr. Caudill said the committee considered six criteria established by the national Jaycee organization. These Included contributions to community or state welfare, participation In all-around community or state activities, evidence of inst- irig contribution to such activities, exhibition of leadership ability, evidence of personal or business progress and co-operation with Individuals and civic organizations. Mr. Moore, who Is 28 yeara old. was born In Blythevllle niul was graduated from high school here In 1941: He attended the University of Mississippi,' nnd nfter a two-nnd- one-hnlf year Interruption for service In the XL 3. Air Force, received R Bachelor of Arts Degree from that school In August, 1947. ; Upon graduation from college, he was employed ns assistant personnel director by ArknnsasTMIs- touri Fewer Company, nnd remained In that position until last August Since that time he hns cn r gaged. In full-time farming actlvl- - ties. - ' ' He li a member of the First Methodist Clmrifi of Tilylheville where he served on the fund drive to raise money to build the new church. Among his civic activities during the past 'year, Mr. Moore aided In the solicitation of funds for the March of Dimes, Red Cross, Community Chest and tuberculosis sonls: was chairman of the Jnycee scrap metal drive; served on the Jnycee- Klwanis underprivileged children's Christmas Party committee; was eo-chairmnn of the Jaycee social activity committee; was a member of the 1952 National Cotton Picking . Contest committee; safely chairman for the Mississippi County chapter of the American Red Cross; member of the Board of Directors of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association; was organizational and extension director of Bos 1 Scouts for North Misslsslnpl County He's "Colonel," Ton On the state and national level Mr. .Moore, In addition to . being state president at the present time, the first from Blythevllle In 10 years, previously served ns vice president ot the Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce from April, 1951 to April, 1052. I At the National Jaycee Convention In Dallas last year. Mr. Moore, represented Arkansas on the U. S.' Awards Committee. Perhaps his most unusual honor came last November, when he was commissioned an Honorary Kentucky Colonel by the governor of Kentucky in n meeting at Paducah. Special guests honored at last night's banquet were henrls of other organizations in the city: : Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tune (Kiwanlsl, ,Mr. and Mrs. Earl Thomas, (Rotary), Mr. and Mrs. Hay Hall • (Chamber of Commerce), Mr. nnd Mrs. A. S. Harrison (American Lc- fense. Mr. Wilson visited tho President this evening and volunteered his intention to dispose of all his stock In General Motors." Tiierc was some Indirect Indication that Ihc President had n hand In Wilson's decision. A Republican senator who declined to be quoted by name said the former GM pies- dent had. right up to the White [louse conference, maintained his refusal to sell the stock. Worth 525 Million Wilson Is snld to have told the Senate committee, at n hearing ticld before his formnl nomination, that his'GM stock Is worth about Commodity Arid Stock Markets— N«w York Gorton Open High Low 115 Mar 3271 32S1 -3271 3281 May 3310 3333 3318 3332 July 3357 3374 3352 3304 Oct 3361 3308 335« 3366 N«w Orle«m Cotton Open High Low 115 Mar 3270 3284 3266 3230 May 3310 3334 3314 3320 July 3350 Ocl 3364 Chicago Wheat Open High Mch . ., 229 229!i May . .. 232 li 233'/, Chicago Corn Open High Mch ... 161 3368 3304 3346 3358 214 million would lose dollars and as much that he $000,000 Low 221 »i 230 'A 335S 3350 1:15 220 231% May . 164 Soybeans In taxes by selling it now. • Tho announcement that Wilson Mnr would sell Ihe stock he now holds May brought words of prnisc from n Jul .... number of senators. Sept ,.. I think Wilson is a man of integrity :mrt his decision Is right," Byrd said. Sen: Capehiirt (R-Ind)' said lie now has no doubts that Wilson will be confirmed, nnd he ndded: "HlH action stamps him as a great American making u great sacrifice in order lo serve his country." Sen. Hunt (D-Wyo) voiced confidence Wilson would innkc a bona fide sale, not just a transfer to his wife or another relative, mid said lie expects to vole for Wilson "unless something else crops up." I Sen, Ferguson (R-Mich) said he saw "no shadow - of doubt" tbat Wilson will be confirmed. He said Wilson hud previously told tho committee he owns oilier stock, including some in at least one oil company, but lie added: "As I understand it these companies do no business with the government." Sen. Morse (Ind-Ore) said he lias not changed Ills mind that the choice of Wilson is not n good one. He said GM has close fo five billion dollars worth ,of defense contracts and "it is not in tho Interests of good government" to have a former GM preslden have n former GM president Judging details of those contracts. Regardless ol the trend of Wll- osn's testimony today, .some scna- ors said they foresaw Irollblu for ilm abend. They snld some people ire certain to cite his previous leclaratlon, "What.- Is good for General Motors is gootl for the ioutitry and what Is good for the •pimtry is good for General Moors." Democrats made no secret of he fact they cxpeo^, Wilson's re- jinie In the Defense Department provide them with ammunition the 1054 congressional cnm- jaign. The Democratic .National Com- nUlce gave an indication of how t intends to use the Wilson case nn editorial asserting that jiev- er before had "so many men of rent wealth been appointed to osltlons (if 'power in the terlernl Open 204 203 292% 282 1C2 104 14 High 2941/1 204 2M'/ 2 2B2'/, Low 160% 10314 1:15 ion; 10415 EISENHOWER (Continued {row Page 1) message— possibly with Elsenhow- er's views regarding amendment of the Tail-Hartley law. At that session the President planned to see Chairman H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ) of the Senate Labor Committee and Secretary of Labor Durkin. Elsenhower also called in a speech-writing' aide, Emmel J. Hughes, for the meet- Ing. Alt) roil CASKY JONES — The engineer had plenty of help on his run to Osccola yesterday from these second grade students of Central Grade School, Studying a unit on transportation in Miss'Ernes- tlne French's cla-ss, the children got to take, what was for most of them, their first train ride. Accompanying the class of 26 on the trip to Osceola and hnck, were Mrs. Freeman Robinson and Mrs. J. R. Mead. (Courier News I'linto) Low 201% 201'/4 20 0'/ t 280% 1:16 294 2931/2 2021' 2 282 V* ACT UJI N«w York Stocks N Y STOCKS A T and T 159'j Amor Tobacco C8T« Anncondn Copper 43 ; }a Beth Steel 55>/, Chrysler 92>/ 2 Coca-Coin 115 Gen Electric 10'A Gen Motors G7',i Montgomery Ward G2'/« N Y Central , 23^ Tilt Harvester 32 J C Penney C9 Republic Steel W/4 Radio 27'/, Socony Vacuum 30 Studebakcr 41% Standard of N J W/e Texas Corp fi3!' 2 Scars SO?:', O S Steel 42% Sou Pae 45Hi, Livestock NATIONAL STOKYARDS. III. (/n— <USDA>—Hogs 9,500; fairly active; barrows and gilts mostly steady;, spots 10 higher; sows steady lo 25 lower; bulk choice 180230 Ibs 19.25-65: few loads uniform choice Nos. 1 and 2 around 210 Ibs to shippers 19.75: 240-270 Ibs 18.5010.10; few 2BO-300 Ibs 17.75-1U.25; 150-lTO Ibs 17.75-10.25; 120-MO Ibs 15.25-17.25; sows 400 Ibs down 18.25 17.00; mostly 16.75 down; heavier sows 14.26-16.00; boars 13.50. Cattle 800, calves 500; small -lot, 1 ; and odd head of good to low choice steers ami heifers 20.00-23.00; utility nnd commercial cows 14.00 15.59 Man Fined for Carrying Concealed Weapon The editorial. In the Democratic Digest, was written before the controversy arose over the Wilson appointment, but it said that "some Elsenhower supporters ... appear be n little worried -at the size and depth of big business doni'i'i- Uon of the new administration." Only one cnse vva« listed on the docket In Municipal Court this morning. Rob er t Antic r.son , ch a rged \v It h carrying a concealed weapon, entered a pica of guilty nnd was fined $50 nnd costs, with $25 suspended (hiring gnod behavior; <Conttnucd from Page 1) nature thnt could be misunderstood or would put me Jn a split mental condition — whf/.h I can not hmij;mc— I would step aside and have somebody else make the decision— if necessary the President of the United States.' "Sen. Lcvcrett SnltonstEiU <R- Mass), committee chairman: 'II you were to ne^oftnte contracts with General Motors, would thai embarrass yon?' "Wilson: *t would have nothing to do with that.' "SaHonstall: 'Might some matter come before you that would bother you in any way?* "Wilson: 'No. 1 could not foresee where it could, but if something dW, I will say that r will riot have anything to do with that. Somebody else win have to settle it. 1 " s said the answers to these questions ".seem to have beei completely lost sight of and substantially eclipsed by an unfor- tunnle answer to an ambiguous double question by Sen. Lyndon H. Johnson <D-Tex>" who asked, the article snld: "Do you have any reluctance to" pass on General Motors contracts ns secretary of defense or would you disqualify yourself?" Tho article quoted Wilson as snying: "No. I will not, and I know very much about General Motors p.olloies. General motors Is not trying to make a lot of money out of the defense program or the war. "It rltd not do Hint In World War II and I had w goou bit to <!o with that policy." Johnson then asked, the article ur relation with General Motors is such that in your opinion you would have no hesitancy In passing qn nny mutter that wouid involve you In the future." "I would not," Wilson was quoted as saying, "anymore than I would with Chrysler or Pord or the John Prison Rioters 1 Punishment Pondered BELLEFONTE, Pa. (fl'j —The state's highest officials set out today to determine what, it any, action, to take against 325 rebel convicts who gave In meekly last night and freed six guards hostages, after holding out stubbornly in their barricaded cells at Rockview prison for 72 hours. The defiant prisoners—fewer than half the number that revolted on Monday, avowedly for better food and a more liberal parole policy- surrendered unconditionally in response to "get tough" 'orders of Gov. John S. Fine. The collapse of the insurrection was hastened by an ever tightening ring of heavily armed state police and the unnerving roar of National Guard fighter planes over Rockview. which Is a unit of Western state penitentiary. None of the captives had been harmed. But one was near the stage of exhaustion. The final verdict on any disciplinary course to be pursued rests with Gov. Fine. In his demand for a surrender without strings, the governor told the convicts any action taken against them ' because of the riot "will be In accordance with the due nnd orderly process of law." Elsenhower said during the cam palgn he was against repeal of the controversial Taft-Hartley Act but that he favored amending it. The White House announcement that Wilson, Elsenhower's choice for secretary of defense, had decided to dispose of his GM slock came at 7:25 o'clock last night— after newsmen had been alerted to expect an important development. The controversy which arose over the President's plans fo ap point Wilson centered around law which makes H lltegal for any $50,000 Token By Bank Robbers In Birmingham BIRMINGHAM W)—Four armed, unmasked bandits robbed a west- side branch bank of an estimated $50,000 In midmornitig today. A customer was struck on the head with a pistol and Injured slightly. Another customer was roughed up but not Injured. Scores of police officers sped to the area and set up road blocks throughout the western section v of the city. Two of the bandits were described as about 35 years old. One was listed as a large man of about' 200 pounds and the other weighing about 160. No description v, r as available immediately on the other two. officer of the government to hole an interest In 41 private firm whicli profits from dealings with his de partment. General Motors Is the nation's biggest defense contract or. MOTHERS' (Continued from Page 1) v ers asked to bring their own decks. Admission will be $10 per person and tickets are being handled by the Duplicate Bridge Jim Roleson and Mr.' members of League, MIS. Johnson. Refreshments of sandwiches and coffee are being donated by the League and use of the Mirror Room is being donated by the hotel. On Jan. 31, a dance from 9 p.m. •ntil 1 a.m. will be sponsored by the Hotel Noble. Tickets, at 50 cents per person, will be sold at the door. Decora'tions, recorded music and the Mirror Room are being donated by the hotel. Martin Moore and Polly Turner will be in charge of decorations. Similar dances are held througlii^ out the nation each Jan. 31, the- birthday of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, to raise funds for the March of Dimes. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Due Company. I mean they are nil point: "So complete was Wilson's disclosures about his own holdings, his bonus,'his pension and even his wife's holdings, that senators frequently tried to cut off his responses and indicated that they did not wish to pursue the matter further. Several senators expressed their acknowledgement of the candor o( his revelations. "Meanwhile, he has been damned by such reports as have escaped from the secret proceedings, by what looks like the downright mischievous construction put on some going to be on their merits nnd of his utterances, by ambiguity In with the people on down In the other cases, and by an unfortunate outfit, too." ' tendency to tell the committee Tho Post article said nt, another more than it wished to know." Wool Shipments Increase RED DEliR, Canada (;P) — The Central Alberta Wool Growers* As- | sociatlon reports it shipped almost' 05,000 pounds of wool during 1952, an increase of more than 2.100 pounds over 1051. glon). Otho Stnhflcld and Bill Wyatt, former DSA winners, Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill (Lions Club), Dr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Vise (Ministerial Alliance), Mayor nnd Mr£. Dan Blodgett, Clyde Knpp, nnd Erf r Wade, member of the Jonesboro Jaycecs. -*W6«cillCB have GOLD MISERIES YOU OWff TO YOURSIir J i TO TRY *65— IT'S OUKRErrt /**/* ;> /*f- COO •YQtfK HOTNM.Y THtATOE '£ ntcrtainment At Its Best" SUNDAY & MONDAY Continuous Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. ^^WN.-^. . ' toy Cinj«f ^br Charles Manlyn GRANHQGERS-COBURN-MONROE}' '"NURD HAWKS' - srvermc Open eves, to New FACTORY t. TEI.EVISTON CENTER- Slucco hung. 1 blk- Holly'd. & Vine. Ideal for office, business living Adj 10 NBC. CBS $75 mohlh. Mr. DeSure. HM11S BEAUT. 2ND FL. OFFICES ON .LY'D BLVD & IN HUNT- N'OTON PARK. REAS RENT. IP real esl. public Plcnly of Ajds placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 'NEWS HART SCHAFFNER &MARX Famous Trumpeter Dccsfcan Leads The Way For Spring . I , It's different . . , sheen gaberdine that's richer, silkier, with the new look of Spring. Tall, trim athletic lines. Exclusive to Hart Schaffner and Marx, Trumpeter Doeshecn is loomed with finer yarns, closer weave. Stop in toddy, see and feel the difference for yourself. ,_! ,. T. ^*" -"•* .J**" MAIM JTRIIT

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