The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1939
Page 6
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'PAGE-SIX BLYTHEVJLLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Rounds /T'S rri£ SAME IN YANKEE JUNE /..... ONE COMING..,. eo//V6. Coca Cola Snaps Out Of Lethargy; Power Cievv ; Still Hot 'Tile Coca Cola Bottlers came back to life after two slralgli setbacks with a 20 to 7 victory ove Goodyear lait night nt Haley Fielt In a City Softball League game It wns the Bottlers from the start piling up 20 runs nnd 1C liils li the first five innings. Glover's triple nnd double led tin Bottler brigade, with Lcnll am Potter connecting for three hit each, John Tjaynor and Jerr Harwell kept lending tlie Good year hitters with three blows cnch Wurrington pitched slendy ball holding tlie Rubbermen to 13 seal tered blows. The Arkansns Missouri POWCJ Corporation kept up its tcnific pace by. trimming Phillips easily 13 to 5. The Power crew is lending the loop- with two full gmnes Every man for Ark-Mo got at Icasl one hit but Norman Mosley ami Holand; Bishop. John "Wimpy' Buriis hung up his fifth victory agalrist no defeats to lend the loop's pitchers. He allowed cnly seven scattered hits, six coming In the last two innings. First Game A.B R Coca Cola Toft. If' ntuckarJ, sf Glover. Mb Potlfr, c H \YarrinKion, M* 'Godwin,' rl I.MIU. si Whittle",-' cl II NVarrin^lfln, ], TMal< Oobdyear 'lra>nnr, :IU Harwell, r- Kel'tr, Hi Potion. If Mobrp, 2|j Wikoxln, r! ' Mnlsrll rl Vnuifli, sf ,Tolnls Secohil AikMo ' Stosler, rf Taylor, 2li Brogclon, sf It. Iliirnt, II . lliitiou. rt Hires, 0 .1 Hnrn* Totals Phillips Wriflil. Hli .7. Lutcc, '»h V. Mllott. 21, II P.O A B 2 I' 1 0 rf Coleiumi, 3V, Srtmlerson, Hi Mirks, t« Colo, if Wfbli. -.1 11. I.nio, II :i 2 ,> 4 .1 ~> U r, 4 30 A.B 4 4 :i •1 I 4 4 t •t :i 31 3 2 4 ) ) 2 3 0 2 in R i i i 0 (1 0 \ \ I I •> I 1 2 ,1 I 1 .1 2 1 17 H :i u n 3 l 0 i '2 ;» 1 13 2 'i } 1) 0 1 1 t 1 ir, 1>.0 i i) 2 1 li 0 0 1 2 0 15 0 t 0 () 0 II 4 (1 2 r, A O 1 1) 0 0 0 1 1 0 ti s fl 0 I n 2 0 1 01 1 4 Ej 0' 0 2 0 1 1 0 1 0 .fl ."] Qamc A.B 4 4 4 :t .) I •1 l I :l r, A.E i l 2 :i :i i \ :\ u ;l n i i t i i ;l .1 1 n i n n 0 0 i ft 0 0 n n l l 11 n 2 2 2 1 1 2 ft .j 1 .111 11 0 0 2 1 1 0 11 (1 (1 1 P.O 0 1 n 7 .0 2 1 1 •> 0 10 P.O 1 0 7 (1 y .', 0 1 :i 2 A 0 2 (1 1 fl ;! 0 n n 2 s A 0 0 1 (1 2 1) >_j fl 0 0 E 0 1 0 n n B 0 n (i n 1 :i E l 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 o| I) : <i o Tolal« 29 r, ', '.'ft fi I 'Jill lor 1 Slcpliras in 71)1. BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Cnruthersvlllc 14 1 .SKI Newport .....13 9 .591 BE A AT 30 - AMD A /•£ -/HOA/7// MyoFf I] But Shaw Must Split With Owner-Of Ilalian Racing Car INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 31. UP)—Bruised and, weary, Wilbur jlmw, Indianapclis gnrngc niechan- c, receives n check today for $21,00, pail of his profit for outdriving ml outlasting 32 other drivers csterdny In the 2Tlli nimual Me- loilal Dny• sdo-nill'c race. 1C wns Ills second victory—lie won tlie rnce in 1331—and it wns inril earned. U climaxed a day of drama, disappointments and death. Today's Sport Parade By Henry Mcl^moro INDIANAPOLfS, Ind., Mny 31. (UP)—Notes written on the "500" after the .motors were stilled and all the numbers were up: You go quickly at Indianapolis .;. . . One minute Floyd Roberts wns ns alive as the thundering car lie whipped into tlie luin nt better than 100 miles per hour . . . the next he wns over Ihe wall and bound for the-finish line where the checkered flnjr falls for keeps. . . . I Inlked lo Roberts In the pits, just before the rnce started • and his big face was nil smiles. . . . "I hnvc the cnr that cnn do It," lie snid. "Tonight I'll have twenty • i«i L<», viiouj jjjvii i» uiijiiia li i iu iJLnU' j — -----Tiie Irasic side of the rnce was n 8rlm<J '" "V kicS - nml vou three-car siiin.shui) w'htch killed r auy lnore nl)C " l t n driver not Floyd Roberts, last year's' winner 1 1)el " B nblc lo wiu lwo hra 1 ' ow '" mid Injured drivers Cliet Miller'i , e ' s n " lronlc lwlst: b V dying, Detroit, nnd Bob Swanson, Los An- !ls snve(l tlie H1J ' a<K) m -l»'- gelcs. The condition ot Miller nnd' Jeccrtl )lc «'nl>Hslicd last year. Hanson, belli of whom w'eie burned '. ' ' K required 3i minutes lo jonesboro Pnrngould .381 Southern Chattanooga ......... 23 Atlanta .............. 23 Birmingham ......... IS Knoxviile ............ 18 New Orleans ____ . ____ 19 Memphis ..... ____ .... 19 Nashville ... ..... .... 17 W. L. Pet. Little Rock .590 17 ,575 18 • .514 19 .480 21 .475 20 .487 20 .459 16 23 .410 i.e.ifue W. L. Pet. Cincinnati 25 13 .058 st - Louis 22 14 .Gil Chicago 20 18 .526 Pittsburg 19 18 .514 Brooklyn 16 18 .471 New York 17 20 .459 Boston 15 21 .411 Philadelphia 12 24 nnd bruised, wns not serious. :Tlic accident saved Roberts' rcc- rd of U7.2 m.n.h., which lie set in viniilng (he race Insl year. A' pra- ongcrt slow period'wlillc the ivreck- ige wns being cleared from the rnck held doivii the nvcrnge's|>eeds f lite drivers.' Sliiiw might Imvc et a new record but for Hint slow period. Ills average wns 115.035 i.p.h., nnd his lime wns 4:20:47.41. His total earnings were estimated I nti'iiiy $50.000, including the first rize of $20.000, pnid by Ihe Indianapolis Molor Speedway, lap prizes totaling {1,400, also pnid by the Speedway, nnd accessory awards and automotive company prizes. However, Mjfcc Boyle. Chicago sportsman who owns the Imported Italian 'Mnscrnti Shaw drove, will receive n percentage. . . . green Hag been up nil Hie way tlie winner would have hnd lo average better than 120. . . . Urn Meyer had nil the hick of (lie mce— ana it wns nil bad . . A Inp ahead at 455 miles, and with his fourth triumph just around the corner, a plain, common old ordinary flat lire knocked him out of the lend . . . Tlie nal cnme at the worst passible place— in the first turn olf the straightaway and n full two miles from his pit. He was out of it when he (wished bumping around the track on the .333 American W. L. Pet. New York ........... 20 7 .806 Boston ...... ........ 21 12 Cleveland .. ......... 19 15 Chicago ............. 19 is Detroit .............. 16 22 Washington ........ ... H 22 Philadelphia ......... 13 22 St. Louis 030 , 559 543 .421 389 .371 ' 25 297 'Fancy" Name Wanted For Public Landing, Md, PUBLIC LANDING, Md. (UP)—A movement is underway to rename his 150-year-old Worcester coun- Yesterday's Results N'orthcast Arkansas League Newport -5, Paragould 1 Second night game. CanithersvIHe . 13, Jonesboro 3. Southern League Memphis S, Chattanooga 0 Llltle Rock 6, Atlanta 3 Knoxvlllc 7, Birmingham 2. New .Orleans at Nashville to b played at later date. N'atlonal League St. Louis 7-8, Puttsburgh 2-14 ' Boston 9-3, Philadelphia 1- Firsl game 10 innings. New York 6-1, Brooklyn 4-3. Chicago 6-2, Cincinnati 0-0. " Ameri:»n League * Cleveland 7-C; St. Louis 2-2 Sec» ond, 12 Innings. Chicago 6-3, Detroit 2-8. \ - Philadelphia 3-4, Washington 1-8. Boston 8-9, New York 4-n, Today's Games Northeast ArRansns League Newport nt Pnrngould. Jonesboro til Cariithersvillc. Southern League Memphis nt Birmingham. Atlanta at Knoxviile. Chattanooga nt Nnsiiville. Little Rock nt New Orleans. gue Brooklyn at New York. American League Open dale. clenr the track after his fatal nc- cMent ami the drivers' were held to slew speeds by the yellow (lag during this time Had tlie puncture It took his crew but 35 seconds to supply htm witli a new wheel and he roared away lo snve second money . . .but Lady Luck hnd It in for Lou . . . On the 197th lap, just 7K mites from hcme, lie went into another spin and hnd to call it units. . . Jimmy Snyder, tlie lovable mad- mnn from Chicago who won second place, is a glutton for punishment. ... A few hours after driving the 500 miles lie jumped into a passenger car nml storied driving t3 Chl- Snyrtcr and Uex Mays the best actual c.igo. nre far and ....„ .... „ „,.,„. drivers of racing cars in the country . . . unlike most of the other chauffeurs, who fight the wheel, Jimmy nnd Rex bullet around with the ense and assurance ol papa taking ; lhe family for a Sunday spin In the two-door sedan. The 500-mtlc race's answer lo the critics who have been lambasting It as n sorry and worthless show was nn attendance of between y community. Cnpt. Jack nnd self-styled 125,000 and 14.000. Wilbur v ..i.. s ,u« vj* i UUIIL, Landing," suggests than an Indian name would be more Appropriate. "One hundred and fifty years igo,' when public Landing was inmcd," he said, "it was a bay )ort for the shipping of crops. Today it Is a nice resort nnd should i.nve a fancy name." ~\ l „ . „ « o cl Pub c ShaTb 01 lu h x ;.,, „,' ,."":. bll!n brcl gt! ' " lc Hock cf European ma- ° nt " Elastic Steel In i.incr LONDON ,<W> _ Passengers aboard the Cunard White Slnr liner Queen Elizabeth now biilldiiig nt Clyilesbank may avoid seasickness Steel that expands and contracts Use elastic Is used In the upper structure. • Wert Optometrist "HE.MAKES 'EM SEP)" Over Joe Isaacs' Store I'hcme 540 . . . They nre reputedly tlie fastest thing 'on wheels. . . . Mrs. Shaw did not give either her husband or his cnr credit for the vic- lory . . . she snid it was all due to tlie Indy bu^ she found in lier corsngc just before the race stnrt-, ed . . . "f .tucked the bug away in my purse, it brought the luck we hnd to have." . . . No sports;event in ihe country produces as" little betting as the '500." . . . There Isn't n single bookie in Ihe town who, handles on the race, and there nre ly any private wtigers between Individuals. . . . Ray Hafroun, who drove the. Mai man Wasp to victory in the first race in 1911, watched the 21th running and said the modern carsj made his time so slaw it embarrassed him to be In- Ciiicirmati Whipped Twice Decisively; Reel Sox, Yanks Split BY OEOItGE K1RKSEY United Press SlalT Correspondent NEW YORK, May 31 (UP)-The mbtd fans of- "Rhlnelnnd," who hnd visions of the Cincinnati Reds becoming the "Yankees' 'of the National League, wondered today what hnd struck their heroes. , A cyclone, a train wreck, and an earthquake couldn't have done more damage than the Chicago Cubs did Decoration Day. They Mastered two .humiliating defeats on the Reds, 0-0 nnd 2-0, before •40,019 stunned .fans in Cincinnati. After reeling off 14 out of IS nnd taking a .commanding led in tlie National League, the Reds ex- Jlodcd In all places nt once. They ind made IDS runs.In 30 games, averaging 5 1-2 per gnme. Their ngest. previous rimless streak WHS Innings April 25 and 20. Larry French and Vance Page )ltched the Cubs' twin triumph. Whitey Moore's wiidness set up the Cubs' Important runs in the inching game witnessed by 21,744. Jimmy Glecson's homer off Bucky Wallers was enough lo win Die Afternoon game, but Walters tossed n an extra run for Chicago with i -wild pitch which allowed Gabby to score from second, 'fe must have tossed tlie ball over '.he grandstand, unless Hnrtnett is ."tinning bases on a motorcycle this senson. The Reds still hold a two-game end because the Cardinals could jet only an even brenk with the ?lrates. Lon Warneke allowed only live hits in giving the Cards a 7-2 .riumph in the opener in which Jimmy Brown made four hits, two )f them doubles. Johnny Rizzo's :errific clouting featured Pitls- buigh's 14-8 victory in the nightcap. Rizzo drove In nine runs with '.wo homers, two doubles, nnd a !ingle to enable the pirates to overrule n 7-1 deficit. Before 58,396, largest New York :rov, f d this season, the Giants and Dodgers, battling to get out of second division, got a standoff. !Iiff Melton halted n dodger rally troiluced to folks Hnrroun wen at an average speed of 74.59 miles fin hour arid'some 1 .statistician figured out that had Jtyrroun been running today Shaw • could have taken In n double feature Jmovie and a Mickey Mouse after lie hnd finished and still hnve been back at the track in time to see ..Har- roim rnttle around the last lap . . . Jim Is To Advise Lou In Bout Wilh Maxie Baci' NEW YORK, May 31 IUP) — Former Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Braddock announced to- dtiy that he will be one ol the seconds for Lou Nova tomorrow night when the young Californian shuffles out of his corner in Yankee stadium to fight Max Baer, the nan from whim Brnddock won the title almost four years ago. Brnddock. who wanted nil within earshot to know he had nothing personally agninst Bacr, snid he would do nil within his power to have the 15-round fight end but one way—with Baer stretched out cold snd the words "ten nnd out" echoing into tlie bleachers. "Don't get me wrong," jimmy said—nnd it seemed he was talking with his tongue in his check. "I got nothing against Bacr. But Nova is a young, typical American boy, and a victor}' for him would do boxing a lot of good. And I'd like to help." There nre many secrets along fabled cauliflower nliey, but the boys don't speak in hushed tones or go Into telephone booths to discuss the love—or rather, Inck ot it —between a pair of buys named Baer and Braddock. It goes back lo --.---, , . , 11 iiMut *-*m,i u^u »-*^ n\iMW\,r», Iv (JULV> Uat-K. IU blinws victory in a foreign car that night of June 13, 1935 w hen (Italian Mnsernti) is expected to Jimmy—the "Cinderella Man" the rCKIIll.. Ill II flfV»V fit f. im», n n u -l^_1_ ..._ll .„.. . , .. dock walloper who a few months before didn't know where his next = .ti,.,> m HIM. was coming from—neatly llft- nii Import Job hadn't won since cd the title from Max's curly Howdy Wllcox's Peugeot in ISIS, blnck locks. . . . The otflcials would like to see ._ Germany send an auto union over R«nd Courier NEWS want ads Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gus Cemiinc Ktliyl 73-i- Oclanc, G;il. SO Ocliinc, (,'iil 13.5c 14.3c __ (All Taxes Paid) SPECrAL LOW v SY1.VAN1A MOTOR OH—TAX 1'AU) _ — 2 OAT,. CAN ............ ................ r, Mc Highest Quality Products at SAVEON GAS CO. .. 4 M»ra Prom State Li, lc Holland, Mo. HOijOjyERYTHING . By Clyde Lewis S WEDNESDAY,-'MAY 31, IflS'l "Every so often I gel to Iliinkin' wlmi Hint prosecutor culled me :m' I g«l so despondent 1 feel I can't go on" on fo\ir hits off the Veiie7.iielan Alexandra. Ken Chase pitched the victory despite- the fact that he was tapped for 13 hits. George Case stole three bases, niaklng his season's total 19. Travelers won, 0 to 3. Stein held Little Rock hitless until the fourth, then hit a batter and walked three others before Manager Paul Richards could. nod •Yesterday's hero—Johnny Rizzo Pittsburgh outfielder who hit two i 00 )!ue „„., T homers, two doubles,'nnd a single ' in six times at bat, drove in nine I 1VC ™ ns in f runs, nnd scored four as the pir-l wcn( ' fouv inn ates beat the Cards, 14-8, in the "" , -. second gume of a doubleheader. Travelers Beat Crackers; Knoxville Smokies Trim Barons Max West's honier witii one on n the 10th gave the Bees a S-7 victory in the first game but Syl Johnson's eight-hit pitching gave the Phils a- 5-3 win in tlie nightcap. Red Ruffing received the first blnck mnrk of the season on his litching record when tlie Red Sox conquered the Ynnks, 8-4. But Boston couldn't stand prosperity, ind the Ynnks cuffed the Sox around, lf-9. in the second game and mnlnlaineil their 61-2 game engue lead, nulling was the vlc- Im of homers by Ted Williams, Joe Cronln and Jimmy Poxx and astcd only 3 1-3 frames. The Yanks murdered four Sox pitchers or 17 hits in the second game. Cleveland bent the Browns, 1-2 nd 3-2, to take over third plnce. 3ob Feller scored his eighth vic- ory in the opener, yielding only even hits and fanning seven. Snice Campbell scored all three ndian runs as Cleveland won the econd game in I2 innings. He rlpled nnd scored the winning ally on Ben Chapman's fly. Ted Lyons bested Schoolboy towc ns the White Sox rtefented he Tigers, 8-3. It wns the Id veteran's fifth victory and ourth straight. Detroit cnme back o win the nightcap, 8-3, with Gehringer, Htggins and Tebbctts, citing three hits each In a. 16-hit! ssnull. ! After losing to the Athletics, 3-1, Vnshlngton won the second gnme, -4, to brenk Its six-game losing treak. The A's icon the first game . - perating for he league-leaders and I Memphis added-insi;lt to injury by shutting out the Lookouts last night, 5 to 0. Herman Besse worked the full distance on the mound for Memphis, holding Chattanooga to nine scattered 'hits. Besse also pitched seven strikeouts. Memphis scored once in the sixth, then made the win decisive by clubbing pitcher Lucas to the showers with four runs in the eighth. Lucas gave up 10 hits in 1 2-3 innings. Despite the Chattanooga loss, Atlanta remained in second place, thanks to a lapse in the pitching talent of Pete Stein in the Crackers' game with Little Rock. The . him toward the clubhouse Luman Harris came in for Stein nnd tried to repair ihe damage, but it was too late and Little Rock ran up that frame. Harris nings, then turned over to Bobby Durham who finished the game. Little Rock got only six hits off Stein and Harris, but those six were deadly. Atlanta got eight off Krausse. Knoxville, with the pitching of Prank Lamanski, made it two straight over Birmingham by licking the Barons, 1 to 2. Lamanski Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP UO S. Second ._ I'hone :iU FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers S80 Each Delta Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 802 QUALITY PlllS ECONOMY Firestone Convoy Tires Any way you flfriirc, Firestone Convoy Tires give you (lie greatest value for (he money. Built wilh all Firestone patented construction features. Remember you can buy on our BUDGET n,AN. SET 'OF 4 FOR LITTLE AS AS PER WEEK Cl Cfl «jll>vU PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. 5lh & Walnut . Phone 810 TOBACCO THAT POURS RIGHT, ROLLS PASTER. H ERE'S "makin's" tobacco that's a real joy to roll — Prince Albert! The magnifying glass shows you a close-up of P.A.'s famous "crimp cut." You can see how each bit of tobacco is cut right-* to roll up fast, even and smoke cool with an easy draw. Try Prince Albert for "makin's" smokes that arc rich, full-bodied, yet extra mild. P. A. is better tobacco, ">io-[ii(«" (rented/ P. A. is one swell t*am>mate (n your pipes too! 70 fine roll-your- own cigarette* in every handy pocket tin of Prince Albert PRINCfW IS THE W0fa> FOR PRINCE ALBERT 'MAKIN'S 1 STOKES. Birmingham- 'to 1 eight h»l while the Smokies blasted Sheiii Bloke, the Barons' mound ve.loriif ' ' , for everything m the book'. • Blake pitched the full nine it' ings and gave lip n hits. The shilling scene today dm Atlanta at Knoxville; Clmttanoo at Nashville; LItlle Rock ot Orleans and Memphis nt Bin, h!i;n. Pet Skunk Plays Role Of "Persuader" Efficient)] WILMINGTON, Del. (UP)-, well-dressed man riding in an ml tomobile driven by n chauffeil stopped nt a gasoline station. I 5le offered a $50 bill In pnymcil for $3.10 worth of gasoline and cl and ordered his chauffeur to drill ojf when the attendant said If didn't hnvc clmnge. "Wait a minute, t can fix thlsl the attendant said. He went to 111 station, picked up his pet skuiil returned to .the machine anl Ihrust the skunk in the window. ~ "I want my money, and If yd don't pay I'll drop Uiis skunk,/ your Jap," he said. ' '1 The chauffeur hurriedly paid til bill for his boss. Gas ni|iens Fruit JOHANNESBURG, South A(ri| (UP)—Acetylene gas Is now belli used In South Africa for ripeninl Peaches, oranges nnd other friiil nre ripened rapidly nnd lomatcl have been ripened completely days before the normal date. KILL WORRY 6 to 8 Glasses or MOUNTAIN VAl&SY, WATER May Do It | Not onjinnrj- lap Ipr —• Inn Mom Valley Writer, Hie litiul tested, sightly alkalin.j wiler used t,y imllimiJ !he_ past 50 years! I'n'iii^s of sliurp rhful liintir, urlliritic neuritis llains star! worry-—and Ffniulil.-i't- they * V EiiK sfh'ns a're .:..«.. Toxins nnd wastes iiil Hie Ijotly pan Ije n'asli-T sit au-ay." Try tlilfl Jjoine IreatrjiPnt i loilay. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shopl 109 S. Division St. ' IT/Jl Eferything for your <nte| tainment and comfort. Watcb Society Of Courier Newt F«r Free Show Gnesb Weds. - Thurs. America's Most TKrittint Story! DARRYL F. ZANUCK'S proJu cl ion THE STORY OF ALEXANDER. GRAftAMBELL AMECHE HENRY FONDA LORETTA YOUNG Production Pnraiiiounl News & Porky Cjrloo.l Admission Msidnce lOc & 2Gc. [;| Admission Night JGc & 3Gr, FRIDAY, June 2 100 GOOD REASONS || Why you should attend tl show Matinee nr ' Night fj ROXY Admission always lOc &-2SC Hallnces Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Weds, - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! Two Admitted tor thr Trirc ol love OR MONEY A MEW UNIVERSAL PICTUJuT Also selected shorts

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