The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE FOURTEEN BIATI1EV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 1-1, 1047 Deluxe Planes Into Service bpring Cleaning on the Hoof'_ ; Air Travel Changes t For Better With New • Passenger Comforts " BY CHARLES CORPPKY , tailed Fwss Aviation Kdilor •Air travel soon will imdci'K'i mirked changes for tlic bettor with the Introduction of new pianos. The changes will be in both Ihe long-range. four- engine and medium-haul twin-engine categories. iTlie .post-war speed and comfort,; which thus far hnvc been promised more often than cypc- rltnietj, will become realities, lianrt- tn-h»nd with important advances In safety. iScliedulcd to begin service over United and American airlines routes this week is the 52-passenger ' Douglas DC-6; which distinguished itself in arch by setting n 6 : houf 47 minute 13 second record from Los Angeles lo New York. TCome summer, the two-engine Martjn 2-0-2 will begin to be n familiar sight at airports around tlic country. Its manufacturer says it will cruise at "280 mph at 10.000 Sift, That, is 100 mph belter than the Douglas DC-3, long the stand- aid twin-engine plane, can tto. The utin airliner carries up to 40 passengers compi'.rcd with the DC- Romeo, lavorile elephant In the Ilome, Italy, zoo, welcomes spring cleaning because he loves the back-scvatchlng oRcct of the broom wielded by Keeper Arnnldo. Some New Vestures Some of the features expected to attract travelers to 2-0-2's are: ,1 Hjrdraulically operated steps Ah Integral part of the plane, they •re lowered by pushing a bulto.Tr thus facilitating loading and un- lo,idii>!(. Passengers do not have to wait wliile portable steps are mm'- e ( i up to tlie plane. | '.. specially designed seats. Arranged 18 to 20 on either side of the aisle, dci>cndlni; upon the airline's desires, they hnvo pillow- like lieadrcsls and a 40-dcgrec reclining limit. There Is ample leg room. 3. Heasonnbly roomy, mirrorhn- ed washrooms. 4. Indirect, overlicnd lighlii otHl Individual reading lights, 5. Cii'cul:ir lounges, in soce versions, for four per.son.s In Ihc rear, { with magazine .shelves, card table and radio. NIMI- Luxury Craft Airlines mircha.siiu- 2-0-2's arc Pennsylvania - Central, Northwest, Chicago and Southern, Dranilf, ella and Eastern. • The four-engine DCfl Is a. luxury rcrafl, 100 feet long with 117- lot wlngspan, designed to carry 2 passengers in cohort 2" trans- ontlneninl and long over-water ips, nl 300 mph cruising sliced. United Air Lines is buying 35 of ic planes for service domestically nil on Us west coast-to-Hawall onto which will be Inaugurated lay 1. They feature two passenger com- artincnts, fore and aft of the cn- ry way; separate men's and wo- ncn's lounges, nll-clcctrlc food buf- 'et, Indirect cabin lighting and .pot reading lights at each seat and argo rectangular windows lor 1m- irovcd visibility. 1'asscneers Can 'Phone Arrangement is inade in the ' DC-0 for radio-telephone commu- ' ilcatlons ebtwecn passengers and points on Ihc ground. While on the {round, the plane can be connected with land lines, enabling travelers to place last-minute calls. Both the DC-G and the Martin 2-0-2 have therman anti-icer systems lo prevent the formation of on wings and tall surfaces. Tliese surfaces arc heated by having hot air piped into them when dread icing areas are encountered. Other safety precautions include modern electrical ,an<l radio aids,, latest, developments »i fire prevention, ami improved fire extinguishing equipment. Copyright by Gwon Davenport; Oislribuicd by NBA SERVICE; INC. going to do about UV" he asltcd. The Big Squcrae HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—The larp;- esl sera]) steel press in the wcvrh will go into action here soon, compressing old automobiles into r.V bales, ready to start out again lo reprocessing into new sleel pro duels. Some 25 railroad cars wil be miuircd to haul the 500,03 pound press from 'Ford's Rive IKC plant. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy Gl at Stale Line Phone Ulylhcvillc 714 Dr. W. C. Grice Veterinarian BACK cit Dell, Ark. 'VICKY, running to meet Salty, noticed the gaunt, black figure of Godfrey sharp ill outline against the gray sea. } ^'JleUo, darling,™ she grccicc .Salty. "There's no one in sigh : but Uncle Godfrey. You can kiss ; me," 1 "Hello, Vicky," said Salty, being very sensible. "Let's walk ii the. other direction. 1 don't wan to talk to anybody but you, jus now.' What's he always kan around for, anyway?" "Oh, he has nothing else to do He "thinks he has, though. lie thinks he's busy rs a one-armed postman in Christmas week." ',': "Salty did not smile. They set off along the driveway, awuy from the sea. . '. W I knew you'd bo baclt as soon .as you could," she said h"appily. fKlss me." -. . "Of course I haven't let Mother Mart to shut up the house .so early, pr* any nonsense like that. I've talked her out of it." "Good for you. I knew you •wouldn't let her ga us long as you're in this part o£ the world, you haven't kissed me yet." 'Salty was looking straight ahead, his forehead wrinkled in iparnest thought. "I don't believe : in running away from unpleasant •things," he announced. V . * Vicky stopped walking. "Sally! Look at me." >- He did not turn his head to Iheet her eyes. "Only, a coward," Ke said, "would turn his back on the whole business." She stepped in front of him and held his arms, forcing him to look at her. "Salty—Salty . . . Why, frou'ro really upset, aren't you?" "Certainly I am. What did you •xpect? "Of course," she said slowly. "What should I expect? That's 1(jic \*;ry reason I fell in love Iritij you.' 'You lullicr?" "Ccrlainly I mean grandtnlhcr!" "But what is there lo do?" "If we could only persuade her to tell us \vho he was/' he iniil- lercd. "Why do you care so much who my divindfallier was?" said Vicky, trying lo be reasonable. "Perhaps if we ever found out we'd be sorry, lie mi^hl be someone you wouldn't like at all." "That's betlcr than not knowing." "But why? It still wouldn't clinncc anything. I had another grandfather, you know, and he. was au English solicitor named Jenkins. Very respectable. Won't he do?" "But n person is supposed to have two," Sally objected. They walked nloni; in gloom} silence for some time. Vicky had her emotions under contro after a while, and benan, alioos unconsciously, to use Ihc illogica feminine wiles which uame. to hm like second nature. "Probably we'd just betlcr cal the whole thing off," she said i a low voice, acting a lillle and no expecting to be luken literally, mean—not net married at nil." She was prcr.-arcd for protcsla lions of his love and assurance Hint nothing else really matterct Instead lie demanded rouahly "You love me, don't YOU?" You know I do. But since we seem lo have hit a snag—why, perhaps we'd belter just not try to get married." This should have clinched it and brought on Ihc speech about the world well lost for love and what did Ihc world's o*/:r.^"i'i matter anyhow, but lo her surprise he stopped nnd looked into her lace in utter astonishment. , Vickv r nc," he said c:t?n» estly. i"You couldn't mean that!" "Why not? Everybody doesn't have lo gel married." He gave a long whistle. "Well! This is the first lime I've ever faced just this kind of a situation, don't ciuito know how to handlo it, frankly. Having once asked you lo marry me, I just couldn't— well, I couldn't just have an affair with you." An alTair had been the- furthest thing from Vicky's thoughts, as she was quite well awaro an alUiir was not the shortest cut to the altar. Ills interpretation of her remarks was slow to dawn on her. She stared at him in turn. "Do you mean to say you thought—? Did you think I was making dishonorable advances to you? Well, ttial is really funny!" The impossibility of continuing ueh a futile conversation ovcr- ame her and she wheeled wilh- ut a word, starling back in. the ircclioti of home, lie ran after or, appalled. "Vicky, I'm so sorry. Viclty, lease -" "Don't speak to me," slut wli'.s- icrcd, shaking olT his arm. "Flint lung I know you'll be asking me 0 go oil with you for the week end." Salty \vas genuinely horrified. 'Vicky, darling, don't lake it like liis! 1 simply misunderstood you. You said you loved me, but that you wouldn't marry me, so 1—" 'When did I ever say 1 wouldn't marry you?" she shnulcd. 'You certainly gave that impression." She swung to faco him. "If I gave tliat impression, that's just line, because Ihc more I think about it Hie mote I Ihink that's just the impression I waul to give. 1 have sonic yirkle, loo, Salty Basol!" "Arc you turning me dawn?.* lie yelled. "Arc you proposing?" "Yes!" "Then yes! I'm turning down!" She sriuarcd around and loft him standing in Uic middle ol thu road. (To lie Continued) RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo Call for and Dclivei FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co Motorola Radio Sales and Service IOC South First St. Today's free M«M Ilecord Mr. ami Mrs. I,. S. Hartxog "I thought my bald head was conspicuous, but I've had this toupoo tiireo days and nobody.has even mentioned it!" HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS No Treaty MAN-HATING WEEK? \ THE GALS WODUDNT pui-L A SILLV sruwr LIKE THAT ' , ^NOT? By MEH1ULL BLOSSER Yet VVMO GOT LILKED? WE JUST HAPPENED TO LOSE TMC, LAST BATRE / BOATS FOR SALE Made in Blytheville by MIKE MERONEY CYPRESS and PLYWOOD The ideal bunt fur the HiK I.'ikc area. Handmade, sturdj cimstruflioii—only the test materials arc used in these boats. Sec (liein NOW! !s"o\v on Disiiliiy at The Blytheville Motor Company Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon .Announces the Opening of His Office Lynch Building • Ulj tlicvillc, Ark. i 5 For the Gene al Practice of Medicine ! J Office I'hone 2131 Residence 2fi35 ! S" ITS A WASTE OF 7?ME EATTUM& CUE. UPPEE. PLATES WITM THIS FOUL. TIP.' BUT L BETTTE. OBSERVE WE RULES OF WAC AMD AP- VAWCt WITM A WHITE FLAG ' CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Sales STUDEBAKER Service Cars and Trucks of Outslanclin.L' Quality and Economy Skilled craftsmen insure depemlnWc .service;, keep your cars and (rucks in tip-top condition. Brim! your car lo us liir '-'.11 around work anywhere. We specialize in truths, ANY MAKIO, ANY MODEL, Expert Painting and Body Work Complete truck repairs, electric: welding, complete motor overhaul, radios and scat covers, Urea, tubes, butteries, spotlights, To;: lights. We carry a complete line of Sludi'bakcr parts lor cars and trucks, CliiniiUzers, Bumper Guards. Several Good Used Cars for Sale —Cars and Trucks— CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Your Stiuleh.tker I)eiilt;r .. .. "First by Far With n .Postwar Car" .. 15111 Clianiblin Ash St Lex Cliamblin Phono 2195 T?OGEE.I HILDA FOE. A OWE AM EWD TO THESE CHILDISH , RUMORS Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY BY LESLIE TURN KV WASH TUBBS YOU \NERE GOINS TD-HWE \ WVW? FR.CW M15S10K..vm B&HER6 LOWt-H LEW WAUC THRU THE POOR ANDF&CE5TOE COLD ESES OF EH, PFTTIFER? SOU'KE HWSVMSG WUR. JOB ON SCHEDULE- SICVC OR NOT BIG HURIM JUST TO BE "• DEUVIERtNS For Complete Protection CH/VS. R1TTNER HIM, WILSON vlHVLE •&(!=. OUUAVJS WE f'AICHED UP IKS BROKEN) tOE — IbLS DESE RART OF 'US Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie By J. R. Williams ADDITION' START FOR THE A AH— WE PUT A PIG HW OF MILK. IM rr TO on HIM ;KJ... wow HE'S US1M' IT FER A SHIELD ~ HE KEEPS HIS FEET IM IT.' CLEVER WAV OF "I CUTTIM' TIT CAT i- - -=^__ TDE MAILS-- 3LV5TlHMN/,TvilGGS/ IF MRS.^ BCWWlGA-W WODLt> CRACK TH^t T1006 VAS£ DM ACE'S SKULL, X. :o GET PAUGHTE.R BACK 6*,F£lY-' i ALLYOUK5, FLOP 11A OPE^ AG\lt^ ' V•C:r^Cs^G TIME ' E G05DUSTED P,v V. T. T1AML1N TL15X5 OJT TO .'J5T BEMEM3EH YOJ'BE IN IT, TOO.' OP CftPT. VlIDD, 'Z3,'70l = THE WORRY WART BOO'fS AND HER 15Y MICHAKL O\MALLKY anil KALl'H LANE I OIDN T IEIL S HER THAT FLINT V HUNG A MURDER •( BAP ON A ffiltNO I WHY DID YOU CAlL\i|**;-•?' 1HAT MAN IN THE '^ ^ ^ WEDDING PARTY A VVOfSpER," NI r?7riifc 1 WONT CX5ME IN. YOU'VE GOT A DIMMER DATE WITH BAT DFNVER AND THINGS 1 TO "Kit HIM. .< ANYWAY. A P.fASOM- ABIE FACSIMILE OF A COPPER. HE'S A PRIVATE DICK. I DON'T LIKE THE BREED. BEEN TRYING TO PIACE HlftV 5WCE I SAW HIM THE OTHER li'ICHT. UE IS Alt RIGHT, PASUU6. PHONE ME ABOUT

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