The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
Page 8
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>><3E, RI..YTHEVILI..E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bnili to Bitlili Dempsey ,Says Good Logs, Punch ami Flifia Heart : Attributes BY JACK I>KMISKV (As (old to Harry (InyMin) NKW YORK, June 7.-1 Have li'iul snd lieaid Hint Prime Cer- uerii will prove Ujo bli^ i:::d strony fnr Mnx !iae.- In their IS-rnund ivorlil ehnnipioiisliip conlest in Hie (Iflrden I'.owl on June H. Thai Is Ihe liellof of some n-pmalile critics, whose opinloiLs I resjiecl. They mny lie rljlit, but 1 have r. .somewhat different nngle. nnd it <-:ime. through exjierleni-e. I l>elleve Hint a heavyweight wlm .scales elnse to ISO ixrunds, i.s fnrmed prn- pflrllonately. sslth uof«l leys lo carry lilm, a iiofeiu juitich.'a wise defense and n (IxliliiiK !ie:irt, comt-.s close to IH-IUS the ideal 111:111 t,,r (be division. liaer stands <] feet a"'- indieiij. nnd will scale itlioui 2fir. pounds. Carnera towors n ferl .1 :M nn,l will come in at filxiut 2CO. Certainly Buer can hit. He packs a potent punch In bolh hands. I svoiild have disliked to have bumped into thnl sliuboaid svnllop of his when I was defendnn; the tlth-. I'd like lo Sfe Bacr make moi e n.^} of his left, nnd mil iwsillve that you svlll note tlial he has improved In (be use of Hint weapon when he. opens fire on Camera. If a wns shown by Mnx Adelbert In the Mnx Sfhniding .scrap, U was his fidluro to pul bis left into more ixiuvr^'il and buster execution. Tlie former butcher toy lios a speedy nnd Jnrrlng li-fl wlii-n I.e chooses lo usr- It. Aylle Mnx liner skips rope like a school ylrl. Jack ' ' ' I Calllorninii will svelsjh alio:it 2K> ixmnds when hi- I k"In my first arl cle, I prod cted • r-ir,unv mi,, „, ,,, ,, , „ . that Baer would prove hlmscll , ^ h ""' ! ''" ^""' '''• "»" '"»s I""' H>e Ideal I, sironger physically tluui Caniein. ~ " "~ " " " member uf famnaq Missouri fnmlly of iiolfet^i, 17ns ticen secured ILS pro for Ihe club. Morse learned liLs BEfl 1II[ ( animals Slip Inlo Seam. I'liicc; Vilnius Til tinijili I. consider Hie i-hnllenscr one of (lie most powerful men In (he history nf the class. Of course. I did not see Jim Jeffries nl Ills peak',' hut old-timers (ell me liner rivals . the bollermnker In Ills heydey In robustness, endunincc inul nblllly the mute. There have been bigger champ- Ions Hum my Idea of Ihe per- colf nl Ihe Normantlle Club In SI. Ixinls svliere two of his iiro me professionals. Clink .. nne of Ihe brothers, wns open chnmplon of Missouri hisi year. THIELEIS IN 9TH projiortloneil one. weighed 220 pounds. Wlien a (Isjlilor .«rales much more . ---A special exhibition mnteh by ScOVC Two Rlill^ I ntp In U lb '' aIC IO than aoo ixiunrts lie ordinarily pre fenl-s a large nnd ready un-Rct. - .... Jeffries lour leading golfers of Southeast Mfeourl Is to ta pluyed at X3I) tlie allernnmi of the opening liny. Those making tlie foursome will' r-e: Dob local pro: George | Rcnl Pelicans; Chicks Biirons **..iio i. jiiigL- lum iL-nuy miKIM*. . <-• i^u muisf, local pro, ueorgc Generally il is advisable for him ! "-irk, Slkeston; "Sonny"'Lee. lead-' Llu| e Rock funs were treated to fa do something to overcome lids Ing golfer in the Sonllicnst Mis- nn unusual sight Insl night when h<, n ji*.~ som | ipngnp for t |,| S JPCnr . nnd uic Travelers rallied in their Imlf "-••'"- I.nmsden, IUM of " 1C "Inlli imilim [o win I rum handicap. Jess WUlard kept most of his opponents nt a safe distance a 'rjood shore of the lime wlllr n long. . Ftiff left Jab. Jeffries adopted Ills famous crouch, and It was this . tliit. made him appear even iin- r-'Inly. ns many oldsters declare he was. | While the crouch made Jeff more difficult to hit. It also mnde It harder .for him lo maneuver around, but Ihe Ohloan got, the most out (Y his crouching style. He was an exccptlonfiHy fust lioxer with n Jlbboom left. • * • Jack Johnson weighed more thnn 200 pounds. The negro was a boxing genius. He wns a master on the defense, a natural fighter who came up from the lower divisions and, through hard work and con- slant study, developed himself Inlo , a tltleholdcr. 1 believe Johnson £ one of the Greatest heavyweight champions we have had. Incidentally, he still Is around Nea- York with thnl Xamotis golden smile, telling folks what a great warrior Baer Is. Johnson saw Baer stop Sclimcllng snd came away with a wholc- v.inr. respect for Ihc curly-hnired clouter's power. i know about Wlllnrd from experience. It was from tile Knnsan that I took the chaaipionship in three rounds under .iliat never-to- be-forgotten blazing sun al Toledo on July 4. 19)0. Wlllard was a huge champion. t)ut- I had had experience with ring giants, and had decided that Bob Fitzslmmons wns right— that the blg?cr they cnmc, the harder they fell. I had knocked out Fred Fulton, another oversized fellow with n single sock. I worked out my own Ideas Bbont boxing redwoods, and put them to use against. Carl Morris Mlssnnrl Golf cimuiplon. ".Nuw Orleans. -I in :i. I Wllh one nway Tirnnoin Plnslc-d, i iWk sei-nnil mi an error and ~cc,\-- j i-il wlii'ii Ktte-n tripled. Siriiss. [> e b- I We Inn In- who bills lor liluiM'll. i drove neros.s Hie wlnnlni' run Three hnrler.s. Has-lnnd, Mi«ei. B ,-r nnd worked for the Pollen IK and allowed but seven lills. Mr. striiss 1 s]irerlb:ill did i-r- ^icllve work ngnlnsi t] lf mnls. civic Rivals ,16 io^ 0cfti ^ L , i rri fi a'!,,r fe '' pi ' Ai " i:! 12 ill ToilVney al Coilll-; Tllc - Ilinnin 5 liam- Barons rallied tvn D,,l, i'" Iile c| n htl1 inning to score live II V l-IUD , i tins and lien t the Memphis Chicks, • j 10 lo 5. Kpps nnd Stiolim led ihe In a golf tofuncy that for vnr-' Uaimilul ns-sanlt. White sv:is Hie letv of piny find performnnccs winnliig pitcher, nrobahly excelled any other here ''"he Knoxvllle Smokies lienl the 'his scrisnn the Lions defeated the N'nshvllle Vols s to -t at Nnshvlllc liolr-s In an Inter-club affair at Srorinx n rim in Ui c ninih on n Ihe niytlievlllt! counliy club yes-. sl "Ble, siifrllliv. wllil plu-ii ,,,id •HIM New Yii/k (SI:.II|K r c ll |H;| ( , M . I"' 1 |)lli-|linn jiin-ji- ,,f ,, m; ,|.i. I'.thtliiinilir ji'-sli-nifiv loi- Ilir- ; ,r : , sv,'.-k l.iil )',.!,! ,.;,,,,;,. |,.,,, | . Jh .. n . j.r.t |,|,, c ,. | , | -,| , i,,..,,.. ,,! m IK.U,',.; luiy i,| ,,„. Wliiii- "Ill I,: '.I'': Illlllll (Jllf'-Siili t| Amen™,, |,,,,p Tlii' C Mams s-.r-i Cult Davis. I'lillly luul.-i, : '|"'"dy lll'llllTI Ill-Ill rin-1,'1- ||| x tills, hall in [Iif-, num. i IK 1'iui 01 a .) u, •, n , m ,. v; " M 'liuinnair* Hcii.-.. si .lo] m,„ 11 lifj, '" ""' <-'«!'•. Mil lialiM Ifi-rinai •'•' -i niiiii.,1 I!:,'.,- ,.,,, ., hi,,,,., I'll t'.'.Cl dl.llhlf... J I-,. ,..;,.-. ||, ( , | u n; I'lic-lur. 'I'm- liriiiil.-lyn . lj,.d;;,-r., wfilKl Vir ""• 1:as i< ; » t'.uu.:, Ill m VH' -iiifikl. n. Vnn Mi u 10. HrooHui c-illialliT. ki-|ii Hi,. Hr:a-:'s iscl ImnJ ishlli- HIP |)ii,|.;,. is |,n ||,. ^erlii!;s of four llnslon iiilcli.'rs The Rl. Louis (.-imliiMls If.ughi. wa y ''iicli lino M-iund pine, '• I'lll.-ibiirah IMrnii-s I wills. Carleton sva:- I'iii-lici. hnlrtlii<< the V '"kin;! lo six hiis sslii!,- llu.. card"'- 1" I'-'VIK'h, 111,-lr i,|,| neilie:.!-: '•r mi l'li:.v Vi III. (iru.'i 1 1-imisJiai. ssn.s nn pn^./u- .'."..' l . 'I,!". 5 "•»""Pl'"o's-e?'chi l T , Whllc •la !l-d oiii ui •mil his siicce:, dr;i. Mrnljeriy"".;'-" '•i' u Inning iiiianiilsnian U'fty <i,;m ••- nilllll .;;!„„. 0] u,,. M .., s()1| . i- Viml^s chlr.,11,,1 ,!„, MniM . . I. on Ohri;; hii his l l ihe :i-i,:.i,,, M,. Marry NKW yonK.-Juck Shm key |ili'/:>. I'liiiiu c.'ir/jcra 10 «iieiv.ssliil- \y ili-li-iii| il,i- in-m-yvs p:on-i..l[, avaliiM M;,,. [\ar-i- In tlif-lr lri-l'l.11,,1 lj:ll|||. n, ||i,. ((;,,-,|,-.,| ni, .l,ll,|. II. "I ilon'i jonk K,,. Oiii-mTu to l,r-lt l!:i.-i- mil. II:- n-lii ssln 01 , .viys tlif 111:1)1 whom Hie Vt-iietl:in lx-i-i:iilmii droppr-d nut, on hi-, nice uuli :, riiflit-: and iippi-md |i .sixth 101,11,1 hsl jiuif. [ ( , .,,.,,],, u, !,i-l : -lil.s. -|] Hi,.,-,. ls ISiti'T svlll .svoiv II. but n,r> elmni-i-.i "f lii.-> iii-rfdiiiiln;: in,. Hli:iil:,-y si.nuiti itnn alnlity bi-itfi- tlian any fitiu-r ••r. as ix was ihe (jent In ,. IKisIn- ,'<inu-i In irir- two ni'Xst ini- lyOrllilll i-l^!l'.:rilli-i)l.s (luv |l;,|l«l| ||| l% had i<> dai;.. 'I'll,- M,||,,,. 1 |, r ,prh-.<l '•iviii ni [in- .ruuitli frnni.-- il Mie tjjj 1'iui of Kjlii-lu f-'.i-ld I,, a ^'UJ•v "JO mouths lulL-r. !(l Vlie St. 1.0111;; I J! Oll'IIS VS-0,1 OVCI iinlnj inliy. The M-'ore wns'V id i. Tli^ liion-ns ii-oiTi! iwk-u In' m.. "l',"".!,.^. 111 "" ''"""bi.; IUT ritiLs li. •Icllni of the Drotvnii lied HJ.V wort:;d Dxtrr, V ,!",° ry ,, ]<n ', C [ ""' W'^Wniiloii s"n- ils si-eon,l t;1 iiui! noui th tiimuor.-. in *j x t |.| iK m,. sill |jj', •n the IL'l.i iL-il-li-tl Ih,: i-a'ilv' ,(„;[ Mill l!",: ,.:, MI ,. d-.m,!,.,. • . . '<ism:i iilu!i..|- I'.riiifili"!,' Sliinki-y l'.:,,-h io I.H-I, W!':!i ever tocame nf Slinrki'yV I was ilrinklm; of that, the citier ••l-iy. nnd (hfiii'iii K ;1 sliamo Dial n co-orful c'inp drop;i^d mil f-n i-oiii!)]"i!>|.,.. with an his faiiil- nd bluster. Hlmrkey manni'ed lo miliilnlh the iiosllhn nr nn oui- innilii.i; t:euvj'v,'tl-lii for sfven years. The lar wasn't n ],a ( | ti.']]n\v and it H [ways is-ill have tn lie said tlint he iies-er sid<\sli-i)|ip<l n'n o]i|ioiienl «:is tlie only one [ O :lc Hie tv/o lllnr-k Menaces, anil bolli 01 them within n |,erir>:l of thive weeks In (he full o f I92fi. 'Mit^nliopliii; Cleoi^o ftodfroy nnd n.rciiijj ol 1 Mnr 1 Wills [o fon'l out. Itovs- tin; Mik-'jiiL'ket loved money 1 l.'ls DIM; rci'ic-l is that lie nevi>r . ; ot won :l ,^' lfl1 "' r "' ll e Tuiiiicy. Shnrkei 1 i-Jlli'L-li'd more thnn n million n'- uni's's. and invested wisely, u |. liijlily lni|u-obabl!> Hint a benen' 'vi'i- '-sill l.avc In be held for him riie oin-i- clubby floli now e;indui'l.s .Vlllhiile I'lulrrfs rariK-ni's Jaw- Wi-M, sir, MS I was snylit".' I svas ilnnkLii.; o[ atinrkey ihe other day find j^ol to u-ondering what h." 1 ;,'!:t nf i!-(. Camera-Duel-'sliin- <n :. Hn I wrote him a letti-v. "Biier is a l: o-:<l pmieher ijin won't find ji oa\v to souk earner, on tin- j.iss-." i,-pli;..s slim-key -IVi- mo low-eis .so hi2h thnl even t • •• elongated niu.-i- will have lo punch "|i at his chin. "I espei-t Camera lo outbox uaei- and i-luli him at dnse. (iii'irU-rs' IVimn Ls ,n,,| n I,,,,,.,, '|,., ( ' lf .,: boxr-i [...m | M . ,., (.n-f-n i-i-etlii. i,,i' "Cartii-ra Huiirovf-<| a (jrcjii denl trl-.vei-n ruir two m:-, liiiL'., and n -- JUNE 3, 1934 No Morn Si, Louis III HO La iifer. MAW COO llifi 1115 CARDS IN tie -SUCK OF M'fcCAW SwAFftC, fit ^irsi Round ol' 'IVniiis Toiinioy 'i''i Oen Sntuliiv terday afternoon. lorn; fly produced the winner lor ...,.j utiv* jiuuu. i •*.-•• n ii_> ] ji UIHJI.LU I llC WltllNT If)]" The Mons found opportunity for "»' Smokier.. Ili-usser was the uin- .iwllnnt effort (o fill'the emu! "i"B liurlor. ipen spaces ol the conree •heir irors after tidininisterlng n 1C lo 12 d-fenl lo tlieir clvlt: rivals. Hill Pollnrd led the Lions on 'lielr inarch llimui'li [hn rnnks of the Holes \s'lih t\ cunl of 14 to MM lilistcrlni; par i-qniilling pacn nvn- blistering cnin>p. Pnlliirci ills-' Okay, Say DOC.S; I'lshy. Savs Wiiircr Kin,"- played remarkable conslsiency by turning In a card of 37. par. on cncli of his tsvo rounds. It mis well for Pollard lint lie did no! fnller „.,-. v,.,i,,,,| llul i ,•„,„„ r . howcs-cr as his opponent. IJcrnard unit Clinllen^c-r Max Bnci- Oooch. carded a 70 lo tie wllh I). I nun 1,,-re ne.u Thu-sdnv A. Lynch as (lie notes' medalists.-for HIP woild'r, ho-m- ures in IK even boiler this trip. J e develun dn Insi-ciass hand, nnd lenni'-d how In use his Ire- iendoi|.; srien'.'th in \],f ctlni-luv,. a'k riaer Onc-Tia.-k ri^hter "liner lislils on a slrnlgiit liuej Ife come.s rushing al an opinnent'.: nnd iioes not mnve lo (lie 'left or, ••Unt-r's ctiief assci is his punch-' iny iwiver. lie is likels' (o knock i out nn opponent, wllh elth'-r limi:l,l 'nit I (Ic-n'i liclliMT he wlil lie nb!e j to la^ IVimo. j "Camera lakes a punch well. After I drii]ip:d him wltli n left hook, to the J.iss- in our llrsi. bonl. T 1-i.ik- i e.-l iltnsii ai 111,,, as l:o rested on; Mil- eunvas. His i-yes were cl".ir. i ai)l1 i fell I Inul not Imi-i him! badly. "1 luul F'rimo In a lind v:.iy IP Hie llfti-enih if.unil. I oiviiM up and lulled him iviin n tlo/.^n ri»li;- haiid punches (lush r.n the jaw. They shook up IMJI , ; iain. a ii:l ho loitered u bit. but i-.e m.innsed io keep hj.s feet." Perhaps Kharkey's proph;;y svill gis-e fo-xl for (lionaht io (hose who snsjiecl that al! I :n cocky Uafr has to do to ascend the Ilirone is vs-incl cl fii- uji anil lei u j.n. in YOU'RE in TELLING MEi Jnck Dsmp-ey lins pink eye. . . Dump Hadivy gives Jimmy i.\)xx more iron!)!? ilinn any oilier pitcher ... A S375.MW l<nnlls:il(ii- h belli 1 * luslnlled nl Roeklnglinm Purl:. Siilnn. N. II. . . Al Mnmanx Tigers Go to Osceola on Sunday Blythcvllle's Timers meet Hie Cte- ccoln Enainceis at Osceola lomor- losv nfternoon at three o'clock In Hie ,sc7cond clash bcuvcen the two teams. The Tisjei-s won the first meet- In; nt Osceoln several weeks nun. „ ., , ...-Ji- sleepins lomorross- liiddins for vlelory with on H lor n leiv nmliLs, not a f,:sv Ihe same pitcher, Joe RIckham, on r „ I^.Th ? r aVC l ' < " 1ChP<1 thc C °"' llle m ° UI1tl - Blfl'im was a puzzle elusion that hrnmy MeKirnln wns lo lh» Osccolans on the occasion shortchanged in his l :0 iit with Rar- of (heir previous moetin- ney R^s . Had Southern Cnli-1 The Rngincers playln/'regiilnrly. foiina Inch .school Hack nnd field | have one of Ihe test learns l, inesi b->«n coniiKling. telegrnp'rlcnl-j Hiis section. ' '' """ '""" """' "' "' ' ' A large crowd of Blytheville fans s expected to make the trip. lv. ssilh Bi.j Ten am! ni/Slx ath le'.es t!ie other day. the coast prcpslcrs would have finished sec- I Read Courier News Want Ads NEW YORK.—The bis right Is, -till on! Cliamnion Piimo Cnrnern ! First round maiches in tlie annual city [i-iuiis loiirnanien! s-ini- roivrl by !!i,- uiythevillc le'nsils cnib will be played next week .-tartliiR iomo:-ruu-. nccordin? t,i iinnnuncement by John Uurnetie, head of ihe innrney committee. The tournament will extend liver a period m wirks and tain Musics and doubles champioii.s will ' be eventually crowned. _ Tlie louriu-y win ix. played on 11 Cliii-knsnwlm avenue court main- liiineil by Hie club. Jack Hnbinsdii. city .sinsles jchiniiplon. will rli-fi-nd ' hi-; line 1 Jturneiti- M-, VS . The Identity of last yi ai-'.s tlouules i.-ii.uii[j.iiu.-, M-ems in IK- iini-ertnln. All players deshini; to ]nr[ici- pate in [he tourney may enter ihe I IMS by conuu'tnij: elihur Burm-iio (.r Wibnn llrnn-. Saturday Only MAT. :inr) Nile—10f - 2. r ir KARLOFF and A BelaLUGOSlin e n SKIMAI, - - CAJJTOON 'olinny tx^nll of Ihe I .Ions also : elininplonship "nisheil in W strokes nnd bid- : 'Hie New York ^ntnlly won over Lynch. , mifslni, decided so yeslerdnv 'even Thc highest card of the lour- though mihsani Dill Brown one lies' .^wcd U8 strokes. The In- or the throe commissioners stuck dividual scores follow: , lo bis njwriion (hat il sva< -U a niyln! Okbhcma's iri.fnifl.OCO acres cropped bus yielded tflllS Of Athletic t-oui-. Hi-ad Ciinrk-r Ni-ns Want AILS. F!ilton. Wlllnrd and No. I do not believ thai Cnr- nera's tremendous size is n fiu-tor" to be set down against IJMT. who •cnrcely could double lor a 1,1)11- "•llan himself. Copyright, 1934,. NBA Ser;ice, Inc. \ NEXT: Camera's rlcvrlon. Jesse Gw'in Will Open Golf Course at Hayti Thursday CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.-The G*-in golf course will be formally opened next Thursday, according lo an announcement by Jesse Owin, proprietor. The course, five miles wtst of this ctly at the Intersection of Highways 61 and St. near H»ytl. is, in the opinion of pnlf eninusiasts and authorities of ~ „, »„,„, this district, one of the best In fully noun a Player •I. F. Ix-nil IV A l.vm-h Pill iv.llnnl Bernard Ooocb 'off nrvlnno n ecll Shniw lius-.ell Piin- Bvron Mor.s, 1 [•liTiiniic Hell lines Trrrv C. W. Afllick I.. Huddli-sinn R. Phillips W. Wunderltch J. A. Uech .'er-v Taylor C. Cunningham Mnx Reid Matt Scrusgs C. L. Berlin R. P. Klrshnr-r O'ni In Tl. 1,. n. : «sindie." •11 •12 :i'f •U •(.'i IS Vi Ifl 2 :« 11) :n 7i 2 38 70 •fS !K) ^ •17 K •17 92 0 43 41) 80 .13 41 85 2 48 45 93 -17 40 87 2 « 47 92 45 52 97 1 48 49 97 51 51 102 0 40 46 92 48 S5 103 2 SI 52 103 Cl SO 111 2 GO 58 118 43 lldili ii;,rr and Camera were' 11 omul in cond pii yMC:11 ( - (1 ,i,|in rm \ by llnve dwioif who eximuiu-,1' 0 them fnr i!:,. ,-rmiiilxslon nft-i „- '• n for UK., maii'li. nrown svas \i,>- cruuslv in f;uor <,f a monthV IKS.I-! 3 imnemenl nr i-ancelln'llon. Said Hip dynamic commissioner: i 1 'Tlint's n life Insurance examination. That doesn't tell yon the '< 1 condition of u pn/c flglne;-. I'm! •••'ickina to my ordinal opinion 1 i hat Baer has no right in there] Thursday night. It's nothing bnti 3 a swindle on Ihc public. The forthcoming fight, has such 0 a ••fishy .smell thnl New York's i lending betting commissioner has'i 0 clofcrt shop ns far as the bout Is 1 Sunday - Monday liMATIN'RK & N1TE—IOc-35< I ^^^™"™^^^^™^^^^^^^>™««^^^^ — MURDER STAUS' IN THE MIDST OF BEAUTYI Totals Rarn-cman Ilnill AI.ANRRRD. Te\as 40 8!) 0 concerned for the time being. 45 Rl 3 sn!d Jnck Doyle. Ihe IwttliiB! ini-- pressario.: ' There Is too much j IG 12 doubt over what Ibis fight Is all' about. The public doesn't know Airiilir.i : nnd Ihe beltliiR commissioners nrr- (UPI-R. O 'ilkeivlsc up a tree. We hope the XON-S1U1) SPOT 1'AD The Verfect Rupture Holders! SKK 0|'[{ l-'nTKR NOW CcllsiiH.,;in M allrt Ads-Ice Fr«. *Vc liavc u special type for you) Roliinson nrtij; Co., Inr. ,v Main SI *.la bid out and superX-lsed, ha,? n [op tp^. In. 1 ? construction: bj- Oeorfr W.'an hour and k DO-, Kirk, of Stknton, president of the Ford motor ' SouthMu* Mtoogrl.Golfers «ssocl-. , . atlon Bob.Mont, <X W: tout*,' Uead Courier N«w$ want Ails up to 16 places. Ihe ~.,.« uk nimuu su rcacn ine with a highest possible flijiirc. If yon adrt- ed one nt n time and punched the 'ev 100 times n minute, night and Caudill's Agency General Insurance I'lmnr 751 1'araniniinl News C'nmody - A Technicolor Short "Business Is a Pleasure" THE OLD ADAGE, "Man toils from sun to suri, but woman's wovk is never done'.' is only partially true today. .Science has taken an interest in the home oL' late years, and has done miir-h to lighten the burdens of household tasks. . Scionce has harnessed electricity to make it per- J'orm a sort of "Aladdin magic." Tt works for us, •twenty-four hours a day—and its pay is low considering the labors it accomplishes. Tt furnishes light and heal. It sweeps the carpets and polishes the floors. It runs the sewing machine and washes the dishes. It toasts the bread and percolates the morning cup of coffee. It beats the, eggs; it stirs the dough and bakes the bread; and last, but not'least, it furnishes the power for the radio to entertain day and night. You learn of these, and many other time and labor saving devices through the advertisements. They keep you informed of new things and give you dependable facts on which to base a purchase. These arc good reasons for believing a product is "better because it's advertised." Its/..

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