The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, 5LYT|lIiVl|JJi, (AUK) COUJIIKU N13WS and citiilflbhmonu, is n distinction CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate p<>r i|ne (or consccu- ' " ' ...... " c Insertions: ' UBS >r .............. c Two times per line per dai'....OJo Three times per line. per !iay...0§c Six ' limes' per lliie" per i}ay ____ 05J Moii( ji rale ' per ' line.'.' . . . ........ CQc Cards' of Tljaiiks.':. ':.... SQc & 7$c ' Mltjjifj'uin charge 50c Ads qrdijretj f 9 r' 11! r e e or six <im"j;s' and UoPjJcd before expiia- tjoii wlii'be"chargc(t'for Ihe 'nuni- b'cr of'tlnira (he a'ljd appeared and adji|.stme.nt of' l)i}l'made. ' A)) Classil)ed.' 'Ady'erjlsjiig copy submitted' by p.crsons residing out, side of Ui'c city' must be accoin- paiiled by cash. Rafos may be 1 e'ai- ily cojnputed 'froii'j''nbpvd (able. : Afivcrtisini; ordered 'for irregular l> Insertions takes th'e one lime rate. ~ No responsibility will lie taken for hio'r'(f : lhan one Incorrect insertion of any classified'ad. For Rent Unfitrnislieii 4 room a|)iirtmciH. 122 E. Davis. Apply 313 rf. 5th. ' _ ___ Two stovy brick residence, iqis \y. ' Main St. Phone' 383, Mrs: Frank C." Douglas.'" 1 ' : - 3p-ck-lf One or lyvq unfurnished voojiis. Cool.' 516 'Chickasa'wba? 30-i)k-(i 3 ropni furnished apartment anci 3 room unfurnished apartment. Each with.' private entrance.' 127 ' 30-ck-2 '-:'--,">,—~v Duality and service in Palry products, Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best ot physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lower* 002-J, for Hnlscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butler Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders, inspeclioii" cncoiuagcd anytime. • Unlscll's Dairy Promised' Lsfud,' ifoute 2 Personal Aronse Slu K l«h u vf r, work off ihc bile, to rid ypursclf of'cpnsll- patlofi, gns pains and Iliat sour, Take bno box of ' ACTIVE LIVER FIU,S 25e at all kirby stores. Lawn Mowers BARGAINS IN ' 2 furnished rooms. ' Private entrance. " Water furnished. $3.00 P£'r \ycel; or $10.00 per moh'lh. '1221 """" 'St." " ' " 2?-pk-8 2 furnished rooms. ' Ted Green. Phone 8H-J. 27-ck-(f ijoderii ])6iise.-'"'Bul)l-in features. Newly painted. 'Apply 122 W. Cherry. •. 2Y-pk-3 tt'o large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Noleii,' 3JO \y. Walnut, 24ck-tf or 3 rqo infiniiishcd apartment. 7oo "\y." waihit:-'' :: ; ' j 22--11 277- j. bedroom. 625 -,\y. Main ' ' ' • '' Store" btillditig arid ' residence combined. Good location for grocery anri'meal market: t'40 Lake St. See Dr. .7. A. Saliba. : Phone' 410 or 418. 12.-ck-6'-'l2 Attractive front bedroom. Beauly'•' rest mattress. 603'W. Main. Ph. 642. ' : • • • • 10-ck-tt 2 roohi' furnished 'apartment,downstairs.. 1315 W. Main St.' •••.•'•'. • " •• 9-cic-tt One front" bedroom." Twin beds. 1CQO W. Ash. Call 445-W. 3-cktf 1 Furnished room entering into bath. Beautyrest Mattress. Will gjye 1 2 rneWs a day. 'B18"Chlc'ka- sawba; phone 636." " l-fla Office rooms. Sudbury Building. See praham Sudtiury. " '"' 27U For Sale SPJV and pigs. 631 Cjark." 31-pk-12 Cot with wooden frame, wire 'springs 'and: •cotton 'mattress. S3.50. Call 930. ' ' : '30-da 6 II. p. Neptune Outboard Motor, $40. Cc-od coivlitlpn. "At Lhxora Shop Shop, Luxbra, Ark."' 3o'-p'k-2 Shlnncrs i;i"cents each. •Cfajfish 10c dozen. Uilher •fiioiwpson, >k !)ii)e put on East Main'."''" 25-pk-l 1336 cheyrolel Coupe. DeLvixe 'model, in"gqod condition.' Darlio and Ileater. Need (lib''money. Real Bargain: Mrs. Fanny Baker. Phone ' T27. ' ' 27-ck-tf ,Onc 5-room house. Qcorge 41. 1/ee. Phone 'sas. ' .. iO-ck'-ll Recpndjiipned motors. Ford S3D.50, "' Clievroict $57.50, 'with 'exchange of old motor. D. W. Cranford, Dell, Ark':'" '' ' " "' 3-pk-G-3 Ni?e fiiriiishcd home for (he summer. References'. Call 253. ' 30-pfc-3 CASH PAID for good 1035. 1935 and 193T model Fords. Plymouth's and Chevrolet. Phone Howard Burton at 810. Phillips Motor Co! 20-ck-6-29 Lawn Mowers 50MK IN KXC'EM,ENT" CONDITION SH.OUSE-HENRY HAUDWAHK CO. I'liunc 35 •Salesmen Wanted WAN TE D — AMBITIQUS~u'oST^ LEE. gelt Rnwleigh Products. Newled every home. Easily sold. Pleasant work. Should hiake good earnings at start and Increase rapidly. Sales way jip Uii s year. ^Ve teach you how. Rawlefgli's Dept. : ApE-27-50, 'Memphis, ' Teii- neisee. • Minnows For Sale Minnows and fishing canes':~300 E. Main. Phone 800. G. C, Hawks. 24-ck-(i-24 8. F. Brogdon, Goldfish Minnows 310 KINN.OWS & COCK KOACHES . Cor. Railroad Ky. •The poiscn of certain spiders is used as a ciii-p for various' human ailments.' ' • ; ' Read Courier Nca's BqshfulBergdojl l-| |des Behind Book Drafl dodi'er Clover Cleveland Bergdpll's l>aok dots pool jol> of shielding his ficc flora caiyi- eia as iiq jands in New yorlt. is Hi-rested by U S aulhoiilies Juffajo Grass Variety Produced With Seed VVASHINGTO^^ (UP) ._ Millions of acres of Southeui Gieit Plains lanfl p|g\yed foi \Uieit 20 jcars ago may be saved fiom becoming a virtual desert through de\el ji merit of seed producing Uuffalo grass by the Agriculture Dqnrl inent. Biiffalo BI-BSS was the native cpvcrln j of the- loose soil for thousands of years The mlive g'riss did not grow tall enough to permit the harvesting of seed, preventing the reseedih's'cf the hnd Ihc.dc partincnt 1ms developed a gnss which grows Jive Indies high and produces up lo 80 pounds of seed per acre. you A)!|<; I.OOKIW; KOU A KlfM. HUV DON'T KAIL TO SKU Till*; 'CliK/Ul OK rm«; cnoi" IN USKD CAJfS AN1)"THUCKS THIS Specials This Week! '34 Kprd peLuxc Tudor, dltjnncd iijolpr, new Ili-es, iieiy"paliii.... '35 Ford V- Tmlor, • . d'1 70 New (iiotoi 1 . New ilres... «J( 1 I . 1 Billboards on Highways WASIIINO'I'ON (U!').-The bli- •«» of public i-oiHls, in Its report xwiimwidln.; u nalion vvldo n«. (lonal deronse hlKluvny system, look iv ciuck «t Iho billboards and ivadsiUe stiinds. liiljt'liii« them positive inrnni-cs" lo driving'safe- ly whlrh "must |, e C3n (r 0 lleit." "J'lic mere pivsctK-v of these objects PRESCRIPTIONS !' % rcsl)isl Stock (r'uni-imlocd Hail I'l-Icen Kirby Drug Stores t ioA - satil, Seme ol ibem. ijy even 1 cbu cclvubjc device, emieuvoi to nl- trnct (lie ttttcnllon of dilvcis ot vehicles frota (liclr pilnmu \a- siioiislbiiiiy; mast of Ihein contribute lurucly lo ||1B lm/m<ls of Mni'XiurU'cl .sloppily, tmjilnij, mid pinciseiKc uprii ||i c Jilgliwiiy.s of both vehicles and phlestiliiiib. "All iirc positive incnuics and niiist be controlled. and the only probability of matciial linjnovc- 'Courier freWVajit ads,' ('linlim 1,. Ciiiilwcll Iniii'Jiin JHiljf.' HljtlicVillc, .Mt KANSAS TITI.I; 'rrn.i; mul M1SS011HI OPINIONS. )NSt)liAN(!K. '$383 "M Biilck Tudor. Looks and rims like 'a" new <t*)Ti «>i- .' ,-'. , .pO/0 '37 Ford DC Luxe Tudor. Low inllf- iise. A real bargain '38 Ford Tudor. 15,000 miles, Looks like a A j p -, new car <(> c td I '35 Chevrolet 1'i ton, lon|> wheel^k.....:..............$244 '37 Ford !,. W. B. iVi Toil Truck .$371 WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Full Market Prices Rli/theville o R. D. HUGHES tilN CO. EMINENT PLAYWRIGHT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO SKIN CANCER illi £ IValtmt I'liiniu tl|« Now i.<irnti-il :il 101 Norlli' Swon'd ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU W>N lilMVAHDS, l'ri|irlc(or All illahcs of Kcliii(ll.'i'yii 1! ,v|.|i, !rs , A.min,. Mi.dilncs anil '' '••'•!!>'i-«qi;ili-lii)f-l',irls-itt|il,»,i s J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only «r,i( O|i|(iitie- liW in Hljtheillle.' CorjcUly SEED CORN of liybrid ' Cotinly, ft|o., lowu 13 viuiuly, pncod lo close out $3 |ic-r Also .several bushels clcnnod Soybciuw per oi' $1 PAULBYRUM HOW LONG CK YOUR cVn 'BAD AM ' Approved Yqrd Lubrication? 1 VFSI 'flicio (.s a 'dfiTc'ren'ce It Jtiht l?al|ons.' Every 'nW "doei not liav e ' (ho' same ' ptapdaVda. • - .nor can they glve'yovf llw ifcclal ! Ford Lubricants mada especially for Fold cars. GelHliD following: .'. .' ' ., J-UlfKJfJATION AND \VI{KEr/PACKING (J'or 39 l)a>f, Oiily) cp»u'jffB CIJA'SSIS M'BKICA'rrON pun a^eaip In all pies- Special Cficascs In „.,, Joini.s iipcclal lubi leant In ,,. > >. l li>l! gcai and dlstilblltov 'cafn. out hub and bearings, pack wllh siiccial Ford Shoit Fiber Sodium SOnp grease.' 'Ad- Just wheel beailngs, ' •' All Above Service Nought In Coniljinalioh. (July $1.39 PHILMP5 MOTOR CO. Pbonf Sill A Walnut HORIZONTAL T\" ' (*•!•!::' 1 lfli]> century writer. 12 Great lake. 13 Trep,' genus acer; " ' H Courtesy "Mies. 16 Ciirus fruil. 3 7 Assumed name. !8 Price'. 19 To stale by items. ": 21 Moic W«'!POIJS. „ . 23]Vlusical note. 52 Rebel. rreviims Ffipfc 28 Military academy student. 32 To Lost $56 in currency clipped togethr*'. iiEWARD. J. T. Sykcs, 502 North Fiflh. 3Q-pk-2 tlcward FOR RETURN OE HUB CAP FOR 1939 PONTIAC CAR LOST SEVERAL NIGHTS AGO. SAMUEL P. NORRIS, COUBIER NE\VS. I,Cp ICE-ICE J* \f f I '< --V Comfortable ' rponll Reasonable rates. 112 E.'CiVerry, phbiifi 60'i ' ^^ 8-ck-tf Redecorated "south bedroom: covt- ' pie'' preferred.i-Phorie 626: 2-6ktf 31 Builds. ' 37 Piastre/ Paris. -38 Pronoun. 33 Students' '" residences. 44 Revoked. 49 Female of the fallow deer drama, 54 Crucifix. 55To thrive 57 Ho was a grcil English • arid poet l 58 He wrote "—— and Juliet ' .VERTICAL 1 jVrilten document Zlluffoon. " 3 To appcyr. 4 Astonished. 5 Variety gl cabbage. 6 Roof finial, 7To slrikc. 8 Mexican doliir p Spore sac? 10 Public disturbance. 11 Gaelic J2 He befam? famous in SIC ill jt sea 53 Road §6 Grief RE1) RYDER BY FRED HARMAN DEVJL' CAT 5NATCHUM AT.LBY OOP TtfE FJRST GPAV STREAKS OP DAWfJ IN TERMINAL JJY V. T. JHAMLIA COME ON, ' WHAT'S GOT INTO VOU 1 HIS AtORNING? UVHAT-m 1 ...? C ^S r r ~~^ ^**~- C'KAOK CHARLES! 6IPPAP f-1l CPU t»»»>»IAMI|Vlc t life T u HS V f »T Off, WASIf TUBFJS CHEER UP, VOUlt 6IT OVER THIS IOVE AFFAIR IVS TIME. iVt KEVEft GET OVER n LOWE CATOL um\t 1 DIE. SURE,SURE. I KWOW HOW VA FEEU. VJ«V,OMCE UPON A TIME I HAD A LITTLE \M) MVSELF. AH, ^HAT FLAPJACKS 1 -7AW. HOW SHE COULD ^OOK,' ',- ' ' TMEM.UKE A FOOL, I UP AH' LEFT HER'—AU' TO THIS tAV THERE NEVER COMES A TME TO EAT BUT WOT (.SNIFF ) r THIWK.OF ••• AW.WEU! lBtCi£OVS ft) "VMt SAME BOAT, HIS FKIKN'OS The Woods Are Full of '~BnJ BY MERRILL BLOSSBK IT'S'THE-ponce DEPARTMENT' THf>"Ve PlOfBO UR FREOC AND LARD / WHATLL I SAY ? - 1 DOtT KMOW WHAT THIS is ALL ABOUT. BUT we- PICKED UP A GUY DRESSED LIKE AM ANQEL. AND A' GW VJKO IMlMKS THE I3NT OVER / OH, YES.' "S MAO'. EH/ THEM! ) THAT'S -i HlS.NJAME |S WEEN YDu -'- HALO ONE OF , ANTHONY . BUT WHO'S THE OTHER ONE? AMGEU ,-x* ..Queen .tune.' 15 His borne, on Avon. 20 Fury. 22 Laqucr , . ingredient. 25. Blemish. 26 Indian, 27 Dry. 28 Form o( be. 30 Dower " properly. 31 Aurora. 35 bcTinilc •'article, 3G To choose. 37 Pistol. 40 Perfume, 41 Clint •)2To oboi ... 43 Fern seeds Hlo scijtch •15 Being. 45Thcrc[orq. 47 Miciobc

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