The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1944
Page 6
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BIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK,) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 8, 10<M R. To Meet Lawson Sergeant Jones Leads Hitters Of Local Team Allen Pitted Against Gus'Wisbar In Other Individual Match Sergt. carl ton Jones,- third baseman, is the leaning hitler of the BAAP Baseball Team according to averages computed before the locals' home game with Dyersburg, Teim,, Thursday afternoon. Jones, who lias played In Ji ' Roy Welch senior member of games, has gone to bat 27 times ant - e f the "famous Welch Brothers, re- gotten turns to the ring where he, has |.407. written many spectacular chapters in' local wrestling history ns n Promoter 11 hits for an average of Other lending hitters of Ihe Bly- lieville learn and their nveragcs m- - -• •- M C I Darnell, pltchcy. p Mike Mcroneys weekly grappling who has gotten 14 hits out of rnt 30 s w night at the Amer- trips to the plate f/>r a percentage another 215-pound giant ami favorite along cauliflower vow a s pnlano of 315' Sergt. " ettflelder. 'who has Fliers Overcome Dyersburg, 16-2 Vickers Gets Three Hits To Lead Parade Of Heavy Sluggers The BAAF Baseball Team larrup- pcd two Dycrsburg, Term., pitchers for 1C hits and made them all conn as they won nn easy victory ove the Army Air Field nine from the neighboring stale by a 1C-2 score Ii a home game Thursday nflernoor It was a wild afternoon fur Hi Tennessee hurlers as tlie Blylhcvlll sluggers blasted their offerings a! over the lot, gelling every kind o base hit. Opposed to this staff Scrgt. Francis Hull), lanky BAA righthander, enjoyed a "vacation 1 and' had no trouble whatsoever i favorite aong cau , ettflelder. who has the secondmatch of a double main L |flmmc(t .' ollt ' K B( , f(!UC5 out or a i evcnt ' „ . . i> TJ,™ AH.,, times nt bat for an average of .309; ,ln the first match Roy Alle. , Mr s swoml bascm a,i, the brilliant kicking star, wll l JJM 31 M(f ou|/ 0 , 1Q3 t|mcs al match his wite and skill against L ^ fm &n nvcrng(! 0( 301 . Scrgt . blonde wizard, "»' Dilnny Laanttta, ccntcrflcldcr. who the clever Wisbar. , . Wisbar. has hit 21 times in 85 trips to the Both matches will be over the i,^ fol . R perccntnec O f .247; and usual two-best-out-of-tlnce roule, Scr g t .. stun Wlotko, rlghUlcldcr, with an hour and a halt ti me w ho hns nn average of .203, having limit apiece. gotten " '- 1 - '- "Has Popular ApprM plate. •This show has a popular fan ap- T | lc leading home run hitters peal nnd largely came ns a result I sergeant Sproul, wilh 7, and Sgl. o'l repeated requests from the Bialek, with 4. Sgt. Blalck hns hit rabid fans who like Iheir ring Uric most triples, wilh 5; Set. Mc- warfare a happy combination of whorler lends In doubles, wilh 4; skill and science, together with a and Sgt. Sproul lends In Ihe num literal slice of rough, tough and bcr of runs batled In, with 27. hitler milling, The lending fielder is Sgt. Ln •The initial brawl between Allen Grulln, who has errorless this sea and Wisbar should provide the I son. former and develop Into one of Lefty Parncll lends the pitchers the prettiest matches on local having won 7 games while losliifc wrestling dockets. Weighing about only 2. Records of the oUicr Ely- IS ^s^Igh^sffibrwon'T^d «f B & Sirs^srr ^ ^la-su •& r^ I S J B I HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Og/esby As Told To Menno Duerkaen Knocked Out By Shrapnel x I located iny company commander, told him what we verc up against and asked for instructions. J told him we lad knocked out a bunch of snipers but that 1 still hadn't ordered my men to the town because the first attack sccn\d to have failed and fire was even heavier than before- I told lim the niartar sergeant with me also wanted instructions. Me told me to go hack to my men, hold our positions and Kd™is^l£n,ierrhavelTcch Sgl. Hnlph Nixon, won gS^S^rrSSSI" 11 ^^ "' «"» holding In lensh Die Dycrsburg hit lers. He allowed nine hits but wi never in any danger. Lending hitlers for the locnl teal were Sergl. Mnx Vickers, .shorl-slo who got three nils out of five till to the plalc and scored Uvo run Scrgl. Sinn Wlotko, righinelde who got three hits out of as mm times at tat, one of them a. lion run; and Sergt. Danny IiiiOrull centerfleldcr, who got three for fo nnd scord two runs. Thursday's victory was the four he BAAF tciun 1ms achieved over ,he Tennessee nine this season. Blythevlllc's next game will be ilaycd nt Ihe diamond across from :he Post Chapel nt 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, when the "Capers", n reputedly strong aggregation from Cape Glrardenu, Mo., will Iw the guests of Ihe local team. The "Capers," a group of Kcml- pros and ex-minor leaguers, have lost one game out of nine this season, that n fl-7 defeat by the SI Louis Negro Giants. However, the caliber of the Mlssourlnns' other op position Is not known here. Stars of their lineup Include Let lie would send instructions as soon as possible. Each lime a 'man 'crossed froirn— Ihcse hendnuartcrs lo our,position he had to run Ihe gamut of thai embankment which was'exposed to heavy enemy lire, I dashed across tills open space once more, with three mortar shells landing right behind, me. I wasn't frightened, but was trying to Ihlnk what lo do. I wanted to carry on the attack bul I didn't want to len< I my men to a ccr- I tain death acres: the wall. Casualties had hns Promoter Mcroney o pn ine* — ••• ---™ • „, opposite each other !u a ful-lengt "> ^ , t ,,, scnsoll| i > Individual match. Ant! here it conies. Allen Has Edge Because of his recent triumph the 20 games played this senson, records compiled by Ihc Athletic Dcparlmcnt show. The most runs scored In n single • uvv.>«w>. — •-- - i game by the Blylhevlllc players over the cnpnble Scrgt. Chris Bel- wei . c lllc 1( j tallies they mndc kas, whereby he snapped nn eight- L^inst the Dycrslnirg, Tcnn., Army riintch winning streak and handed Air Field team in n game here the Blythcville Army Air Field Thursday afternoon. They have wrestling Instructor his first dc-1 failed to score In only one game, feat-In an Individual three-fall mint n recent conlesl with the Fielder Eddlcman, balling .445; Firs Baseman Rlley, the properly of th St. Louis Browns; and' Shorlsto Brlnkopf. Scrgt, Oglesby ear P. A.: match, Allen may hold n slight edge. Thanks to his ngile and powerful legs, Allen bowled over Sergeant Belkas in n sensational match that kept the fans in a frenzied state. Wisbar, on Ihe other hnnd, has lost to the curly hatred handmose sergeant. Only )nst week he wns benten in a preliminary lhat went more :than 20 minutes. On Ihc verge of victory, Gus let it slip from his grasp. He had Belkas reeling from Hying- tncklcs but tried: one 1 , too many and the last from across the ring. That split second permitted Chris to recover in : time to gel set, block the attempt nnd fall ou him for Ihe full It was a thriller, however, and who \yas the winner did not paiiiculnr- ly. enter into it from the fans Standpoint, Both are very popular '•'..'..• Giants Have Following .Welch and -Lnwson have been campaigning in other parts for several weeks and their return is : anxiously nwnltcd. Despite tremendous size, both nrc rather fnst and agile. They,' too, are highly skilled and expert showmen, giving much Greenville, Miss., Army Air Field. llu. DOPE BUCKET Ay J. P. FRIEND MISSUS ins lioy Scouts, one of the finest or ganlzations this nation fosters f< ils future citizens, Is considered a color:to the program. Both were winners their last times here. Welch came back for a one night stand to flatten his nrch enemy, Red Roberts, and. leave little doubt as to Ills superiority over the giant sorrel top. Buck, who served ns commando instructor at the Norfolk Navy yard, came from Behind to eke out a win over the powerful Hindu , star. Emir Badui, in n rough and tumble affair that packed every thing into the more than an hour , most indispensable for the welfar of the boys nnd sirls. ... No enough paper is available to rela all the fine deeds that have bee done through Us excellent progra of strong body and ulcrl mind ai slral||l-.t morals. ... If so, the v cnbulnrly does not list enough s pcrlatives to adequately give Jus lice. The Boy couls have been doing their share in the war. . . . While not a great deal of atlcntion Ijas been paid to the movement in the ar effort over here, they have been ctively engaged in various enter- rises designed to speed up pro- ;rcss. . . . Overseas, especially in England, theirs has been a differ- nt kind of .war, one of on-lhe-spol (38509250) Pvt Marshall Ulackard Co. E. Inf. APO 15308 , % P. M., New York City. . . How Is my ol 1 buddy? This letter ids your Boy way over here In oily Old England. Floyd, I have thought a lot about ou and my 'boys'. I really miss the outs, as I was very much attached o.them. The scouts over here arc cully doing a swell job. so ns I was cadlng this enclosed article In the aper my thoughts n«nln turned to on and what a swell Job you arc olng for the scouting movement. All I want to do when I come ack home In a really get back Into he scouting program. I am Icarn- ig things that really will put It ver. Give my sinccrest regards, lo all n v boys nntl tell lliem I fould ccr- alnly like lo hear from some of hem. Tell Mrs. White "bello". Surely hoiw yon' enjoy this." little article as I did, and I nm sure you. vlll. Give all the Legionnaires my regards, especially. Mr. Oates. Write jeeii so heavy among us that I wat sure that if we didn't make a move soon the Germans would attempt n counter attack to drive us back Into Ihe sea. So when I got back to m men I gathered all the ammunltioi f could find nnd distributed It equnl ly among them. I told them to pu Iheir bayonets on their guns, an from then on to waste no ammu nlllon but lo make every shot coun I explained that I believed thing would be getting pretty tough fo us soon. "I Hope They Do Come" My men had been pinned dow behind that wall so long now the welcomed the Idea of n counter a tnck from the Germans. One my men said, "I hope they do com I've been hiding behind this wall long it isn't, funny nny more, they come we'll see who can ta bare steel the longest." About this time nnolher mortar avy fire on the beach. His sqmid id suffered heavy casualties and e wanted to know what to do. Orders slill hadn't come from •Ulallon headquarters so I decided go across once more. We simply id to Imve some sort of orders, called my. second in command, lowed him my map and explained y iwsitlon. I lold him if 1 wasn't ick In 10 mlnules he was lo figure was dead. It would be up to him icn to carry on. "You know your job, so use your end and tnke care of Hie men," I old him. "They'll support you as •ell as they can." Then I called lo lie men and told them what I was oiiiu to do. "If I don't come back, arry on," T knew I lold them. the Germans would squad sergeant showed up In our position, reporting that he had the same trouble as the first. He could not find a spot from which he could fire without exposing his men to Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE ctivity. . of, action. Allen and Wisbar will set the ball' to rolling promptly at 8:30. Phillies Get Rosenthal PHILADELPHIA, July 7 (UP) The .Philadelphia Athletics announced today the acquisition o •Larry Rosenthal, a former New York Yankee outfielder, from Newark of the Internationa League. He was obtained for ar undisclosed amount of cash an outfielder Lew Flick. And they have ac- soon. As ever your buddy, Blackard, The article Is as follows: SCOUTING REVIVED "Another indication of the progress mnde in rehabilitation of liberated areas Is the report that Boy Scout troops are being formed in Italy. More than 50 groups arc. ii operation, the first since Mussolin replaced the movement, wilh hi: mllilarlstlc youth organizations in th E early stages of his regime. "The trend Is worthy of nolc, fo Scouling, with its democratic prln clples and spirit of world brother hood, has always had a high prior Ity on a dictator's list of things ti be banned. The dictators soo learned that the.r needed an en W. L. Birmingham 2 0 Chattanooga 2 0 Atlanta 2 0 Nashville 2 0 Memphis 0 2 Llllle Rock 0 2 cw Orleans 0 2 obile 0 a AMERICAN LEAGUF. W. L. t. Louis 43 33 oston 40 35 cw York 37 34 .ilcaeo 33 35 'nshlngton 37 37 Icvelnnd 36 39 ctroit 35 40 hilndclphla 33 41 Pet 1.000 i.qoo i.oqo i.opo .coo nitteil themselves nobly as the dlg- ing out from under the bomb de- iris got under way during those •ioient, black days that threatened he yery cxislence of Ihe British Isles 'as the Luftwaffe was at Its peak. That Scouling, nnd Ils principles lave a definite place in the future world is revealed in an article that appeared in a British' newspaper. . . . Pvt. Marshall Blackard, former scout masior, and a very good one, too, ran across the story and was so Impressed that he clipped It and included It in a letter to Floyd White, another scout leader and enthusiast. Marshall's letter follows: tlrely different type plan to mol the 'youth of their nation to the 1 chosen doctrine of Fascism or N<m ism. "The revival of Scouting presage the return of other Instltutioi designed for community bettermen civic and service clubs whose pro grams take on International aspcc Once again the youth of Italy i getting a chance lo parllclpatc organization whose pvogra epnrcs the individual to think erms of world brotherhood. Pre DON EDWARDS TIM BOYAL, MOTH, CORONA, AND KIMINQTOH PO»TABl» 111 H. tad BTREBT mom I (KTU7 Transaction Mait Bt BktlifutoiT) WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, July 10, 8:75 p. m. Lownt Admission of any WrutUxif Anna in America. Adults, 36e, Tax 9c—Total, 45c. Rcserred Seats, 12c, Tax 3c—To- tol, 15c. Children's Seats Uc, Tai 3c, Total, 15c. Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Erery Monday from 6 p. m. on. Double Main Event (2 90-tnin. Matches) ROY ALLEN vs. GUS WISBAR ROY WELCH vs. BUCK LAWSON NATIONAL IKAGUE W. L. 48 21 t. Louis Inclnnnli . 40 lltsburgh 37 New York 35 irooklyn 33. 'hlladclphin 31 Chicago 27 Boston - 30 .000 .060 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Atlanta 7, Memphis 6. Chnttnnoogn 9. Little Rock 5. Nnshvillo 4, New Orleans I. Only gnmes scheduler!. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 3, Detroit 1. Cleveland 8, Boston 5. Washington 7, St. Louis 0. Philadelphia 4, Chicago 3. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 13, Brooklyn' 2. Philadelphia 3, Cinclnnnti 2. Chicago 3-2, New York 2-6. Boston 10, St. Louis 5. vailing for us to cross that ridge. Vc had been crossing it so often hey were hound to IK watching it. The mortar sergeant and I set out. Hullcts Miss Us No sooner had we started across Hint open slretch when the hullets ialrly l>cgan to slice Hie air. To Ihis day I don't know how we crossed lhat ridge without being killed. The only reason I can give is that the Germans misjudged the range. Their bullets seemed to be passing a few indies above mir heads. Across the rlclgc we found thnl battalion headquarters had been moved to keep out of German mortar fire range. Major Hayhurst was in a position on the wall with a Brcn gun, firing almost constantly. I told my company commander what the situation was, thai I felt to stay bend that wall would just be to in- le the Germans out on us. I told ' in I was going back to my pla- on and Unit I was going lo lead y men right straight lo Ihc town, o matter what the cost. The sit- •Uion was becoming desperale and lelt there was no use in dying ilhout at least trying. He agreed mt I could go, so I started back. I look a deep breath, got set and lade a mad .dash at that ridge just ncc too often. This lime the Ger- wns gol me. I had just reached be crest of the ridge when a nior- nr shell exploded right at my feet. The explosion me, almost nocking me out. It seemed as hough I wns flying through Ihe air, vaving my arms wildly and thai 11 vas hours before I lilt the ground When I hit I landed on my feel, oiipling over backwards. I don'l tnow what made me say it but jnsl is I struck the ground T said, "Oh God, I know 1 am dead." nraBRnI To Safety Almost Immediately Scrgcun Stevenson, from tlie headquarters nnd a company medical corpsman were beside me. He had come fo me right through thai enemy lire Another fellow I didn't recogniz was with him. They hurriedly drag ged me down the hill lo safety. A piece of shrapnel had struck m in the neck and 1 could see a slreni of bloud spurting out from th wound about, two feet. They Inline dlately tied a bandage around il t stop Ihe bleeding. I asked. "Scr geanl. Stevenson, nm I hurt bndly? He said, "No, you'll be all right i a few minutes." At first, although I knew whr vas happening, I was paralyzed ar couldn't move my arms or legs. Se gcant Stevenson rolled me over ai ound that another piece of shra] lei had gone Ihrough my rigi lung, lie bandaged lhat hole loo, to stop the bleeding, gave me a shot ol morphine and left. It seemed as though there were quite a number of casualties and he was needed elsewhere. • 1 lay there without moving for about five minutes until my strength I began to come back a bit and feeling began lo come back to my legs. Then I crept back to battalion headquarters again. Everyone there seemed too busy firing to pay any atlcntion to me so I just lay down on the ground, nnd put my helmet over my face. Finally I decided to get up, bul found I couldn't get to my feet Captain McCoikell was near me so I crept over to him and asked liln whether lie would take a message back lo my daughter. "Tell her I dl< the test 1 could," 1 said. He wrote her name and addres, on a curd and said if he got back he'd deliver the message. A lew minutes later I said. "Cap tain, I believe this Is a trap w have Ixjen led Into." "Well, things look pretty bad righ now," he replied, "bul if I get hac I'll deliver your message." I lay buck down again, but now I iKgan to grow thirsty. I asked for water and several men immediately came wilh canteens. All around me the gunfire was becoming more fierce, but there was nothing I could do now for I seemed lo be out of it. MONDAY: 1 fight again. COMSJISSIONKIl'S SAI.K Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance wilh the terms of a' decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District of f July, 1044 and expires on Hie' Olli day o( June, 1045. Crawford M. Noble Permittee, NOTICE OK CHANTING OF LIQUOIl PERMIT Nollce Is hereby given that the of June, 1314 and expires on Hie 30th day of June, 1945. Welch Foster Permittee. . 1\i & 8 NO'l'ICK OF CHANTING OF M QUO It I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given that the rIOllce is miuuy (,ivun urni. uiu i^uun: JD i«,*«-vjr &"v.i vn«u *ui. Commissioner of Revenues of the ] Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a per- I State of Arkansas lias Issued a per- ntt Mn 1<M to Phllln Annlehanm mlt. No. B-22. to Meyers Dlstribut- nlt, No. 109, to Philip Applcbaum to sell and dtspe:isc vinous or spir- luous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 112 N. Second St., Blylhevlllc. This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1944 and expires on the 30 day of June, 1915. Philip Applcbaum Permittee. NOTlt'i: OF fiKANTING OF UQUOK PERMIT Nollce Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas lias issued a permit No. 157, to Armorel Drug Co. (E. C. Williams* to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors tor beverage at retail on Ihe preni- Isfs described as 2 Main St., Armorel, Ark. This permit issued on Ihe 1st day of July, 1944 apd expires on the 30lh day of June, 1945. Armorel Drug Co. (J H Grain Trustee fc E. C. Williams). Permittee. 7|1 & 1|8 mlt, No. B-22, to Meyers Distributing Co. to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for bcvcrenge nt retail on the premises described 1 ns 223 West Ash, Blythevllle, Ark. • This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1044 and expires on Ihe 30 1 day of June, 1045. Meyers Distributing Co. Permittee. 7]1 & 8 l)c New Theatre Manila's Finest Shorts Nighlly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Salunlity & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 27 day of June, 1944, wherein Maggie Eastburn, ct al, were Plaintiffs, No. 80G2, and Pearl Madsan was Defendant, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, foi cash, on a credit of three months at the front door of the Court House between the hours prescribed by law in the City of Blythcville, Arkansas, on the 29 day of July, 1944, the following renl cstalc, to-witi West 108 feel oft of Lot One (1), Block Five (f>) of Hcarn's Addition lo the City of Blythc- ville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute Ixmd with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment, of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 5 day of July, 1044. HARVEY MORRIS Commissioner in chancery. 7|8 & 7|1 LIQUOR PEHMIT Nollce Is hereby given that tlie Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas lias issued a pcr- nit No. 163 to Hassell's Whisky Store lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at relatl on the premises described as 215 W. Main, Blythcville. This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1944, and expires on the 30th day of June, 1944. Phil Hassell Pei mil tee. , 7[l-8 Saturday "TUCSON RAIDERS" with Bill eilioll SERIAL and SHORT NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a peril, No. 1G4 to roster's Li<uior ore to sell and dispense vinous spirituous liquors for beverage t retail on the premises described s 111 W. Walnut Street, Blythc- llc. This permit issued on the 3Qlh ay of June, 19'M nnd expires 01 ic 30lh day of June, 1945. Welch Poster Permittee. 7|L & i cnt aspects of the post-war worlc place a high premium on such training." YOU WILL 1 LIKE THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE-MONITOR An International Daily Newspaper for these four important differences! NO SENSATIONALISM—NO CRIME—NO ANIMOSITY THOROUGH NEWS ANALYSIS BY EXPERTS MORE EXCLUSIVE FOREIGN &: DOMESTIC COVERAGE CAREFUL CHECK ON NEWS FOR ACCURACY ~~Tht Oin.u.n S<;»M< PuMiihinn SocitlT Ot\«, Nor»>v Sltecl, Uojlon IS, Muudiiutta Price #12.00 a Year, or £1.00 a Moiilti Saturday luue, including Magazine Section, £2.60 « icar Introductory Offer, 6 Saturday luuu 25 Ccnti Name ______»__ . Adticeil : ...--«.» " SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST NOTICE OF GRANTING OF UUOR PERMIT Notice is hereoy given that the ommissioner of Revenues of the tale of Arkansas has issued a peril, No. 153 to Stewart's Drug Store j sell and dispense vinous or splr uous liquors for beverage at retai i the premises described as 220 E vlain St., Blylhevillc. Tliis permit issued on the 1st da; f July, 1041 and expires on the 3 ay of June, 19-15. Harvey Stewart Permittee. HI- LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that til Commissioner of Revenues of th State of Arkansas hns issued a per nit, No. 1G1 to Litlle Shop, Crav ford M. Noble, lo sell and dispen: vinous or spirituous liquors for be' ernge at relail on Ihe premises d> scribed as Walnut and Broadwi Streets, Blylhevillc, Arkansas. This permit issued on the 1st d; NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that th Commissioner of Revenues of Ih State of Arkansas has issued a per nit, No. 105 to Welch Foster Broadway Liquor Store to sell an lispense vinous or spirituous liquor or beverage at retail on the prem- ses described ns 106 N. Broadway, Blylhevillc. This permit issued on the 30th day Saturday OWL SHOW BERMUDA MYSTERY" wilh ^ rcston Foster & Ann Rutherford Seleclecl Shorts Sunday and Monday "SHINE ON HARVEST MOON" wilh ' Ann Sheridan & Dennis Morgan FOX NKWS & SHORT CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st 81. Sat starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Eiccpt Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Son. We have plenty, of WHISKEY At all times! CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL'S WHISKEY 315 W. Main STOKE Phone 2531 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me fo» check-up without cost or obligation. RATS. MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P SW T,. Kentucky Friday and Saturday Double Feature "RIDERS OF THE NORTHLAND" with Charles Starrell "RHYTHM OF THE ISLANDS" with Jane Fraicc & Andy Dcvinc SERIAL: "Adventures of (he Flying Cadets" Comedy Sunday and Monday "HOLIDAY INN" with King Crosby & Fred Aslaire Universal News Comedy to the HORSE SHOW BEFORE MONDAY N!TE 7 July 10th NOW ON SALE AT CEILING PRICES ON USED: CARS > Effective July 10th ••• We will pay up to ceiling price for good used cars now. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 KIRBY DRUG STORES ROBINSON'S DRUG STORE CITY DRUG STORE OLE HICKORY INN Russell Marr Liquor Store Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Friday and Saturday 'Gaucho Serenade' Gene Aulry & Smiley Burnette SERIAL: "KhiR of the Mountles Short BORUM'S DRUG STORE WOOD'S DRUG STORE LOY EICH CHEV. CO. REINMILLER CAFE RUSTIC INN ANY MEMBER OF JR. C. of C. ADVANCE ADMISSION: Both Nights 1.80 Tax Inci. Tuesday Only 90c Tax Incl' Wednesday Only 1.20 Tax Incl. Midnight Show 'Detective Kitty O'Day' witll Jean Parker & Peter Cookson Selected Shorts Sunday & Monday 'Watch On The Rhine' with Beile Davis & Paul Lukas Far.imounl News Short

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