The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1954 . ' BLYTHEVILLE,- (ARK.) COURIER r NEWS CLASSIFIED SKtlON? USED CARS Whfn B«tler Buys Can Be Had We Will Have Thttu'. '3* FOR l> TOWN SKI)AN. Hum Good, Good Kublwr and New Pair* *319 Milk led FrlYERS tor alt. PICK- 'M F ON II AC Bcal Buy COACH. $13« '29 DODCiK SKUAN. Molor A-l. Looks Kcal Good $155 '32 CHEVROLET COACH. Have lu Sfe and Drive '1'Iils Car lo Appreciate II. A S311 POULTHY * EGGS Jime 13, 193-;, at olllo: of W. A. Gage & Company, fulls llnildlni;. ARD'S 104* 1044 Srll lu your pMillry. We pay I tit prkw lor hew * frywu. B. t. Wotlhy 315 E. Ikk6-14 DOGS, PETS |||'| i> '"''•' LOST For Sale: Toy type, FOX. TERRIER puppies, CHEAl'. Ross Deavers, 123 N. 6th. 8-ck-12 llrown kid 81.1PPKK from Bool- i-ry, 'SuturrlHy nlghl. REWARD, Stella Rct'dy, Cull 830-J. 6-ck-ll PERSONAL WILL 8H ABB EXPENSES to DETROIT or »ixy : ' northern .WATSMURY, Conn. tUP)—By to icorpt bankbooks ot local bank In payment (or merch»nd«, approximately. $30,000 extra trade was re- |x»t«d by local merchants In one FOR KKNT '30 FOKD STATION WAOON. Nc» TUes, Molor A-l. H.-udy for Delivery JIM Kann Use •M nODGr! PANKI- TRUCK. Irkal (or Bakery or Cleaning and I'ressing Shop .. $153 •30 CHEVROLET PICK-DP. CluLtd Cub. Runs tiooil. Almost New 6-p)y Tins $176 Many Others To Choose From PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY L'SE» OAK LOT Corner lit & Walnut His. l-hiui« fell) - 811 Mortem new 4 room FURNISHED apartment, close In. Mrs. II. A. Smith. Call 8-ck-lt . L Room With 'Bath, f.59, I.7i. Jl.OO. Or 52-50 up to (3.J* i week. Peabody Hotel over Ben Franklin Store, Main and Broadway. 8-ck-1-8 FURNISHED 5 room house, servant house, garage. Very COOL, shady yard. Mrs. II. G. Wlckham. Call 280. 7-ck-U FURNISHED Apartment, 108 Wed Kentucky, Phone tKKi.- 5c kl'2 FurnLshed BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1011 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ick-tf MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Kirby Drug'Store. P. Simon. Call 164 30-ck-lH DIKKCTOKY MRS. I,. M. BUHNETTK announces the opcniiiR of summer classes In typing, shorthand, bookko;pli:g. Call H21-W. 2c k7-Z COUNTY WORKERS UNION lor men and women over 16 Due*, tl per year ' 24pk 6-24 Kraily-llaife Slip Covers Approifd by tiood Housekeepint. Choice of »o«d materials. Fit Guaranteed— <i Usual Price JUs. C. U. Gray, agent Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water Iree. 61D W. Mntn. Call 332-J. c UNt'UUNISHED 5 room apartment. 1013 W. Walnut. Call 303. 5-30 c ktl 4 room house with bath. Nicely furnished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call 650 or 968. ZiMt COOL, BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dougan. Phone 810-J. 18c kll Abk us about the lUgen Honey Certer Golf Balls. They're Better. Hubbard Hardware Co. 5c k7-5 FOR SALE 2 room :md FURNISHED aiase. Cool, 1601 W. Ash. Apartment reasonable. lie k6-ll Ladies' Beautiful Siik Hose. Slightly Imperfect, 5 pairs $1.00, Postpaid. Salisiaction fiuarnnteed. Economy Hosiery Co., Ashehoro. N. C. Second" lund iurrjlure bought ami sold, inquire Parkhnnt Co., lOii E. Main, Ulylhevillf, Ark. 4c k7-4 Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs Nolen, 310 Weit Walnut. 30c M-30 WANTF.U TO RENT For Sale—$40 Leonard Refrieera- -• tor, lite new, porcelain lined, for only $15, Parkhursl Co. 109 E. Miiiu. Blytheville, Ark. 4-ck-'!-i For Sale — Rcpos:«SEed laiBe size Ma.Mag washing machine, UMH! only about 30 uays, lor balance due $60. Terms. Parkhurst Co.. 10u E. Mam. Blytheville. Ark. 4-ck.-'l-4 Wanted to Rent- •unfurnished 'J or 4 room house or downstairs apartment. "BF" Courier .News, 1-ck-ll WANTED: Servant room within short distance of 1100 Clucka- .* Call 27U-W. • » CLEANERS, TAILORS BARGAINS in good, clean, used ice boxes. Everett B. Gee Sates Co. 22ck6-22 CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near Blytheville, Everett B. Gee. 22ck6-22 For Sale—1 good used Dclco light pit-in, 1 battery radio set, 1 used electric refrigerator, new & used electric fans. Everett B. Gee Sales We clean ana more wtaUr clothes and bed covers. Moth-proof, Hie- piuul vaults. Fay next falL Unique clrarUnj Service WANTED TO BU\ Lincoln and Indian Head Pennies wanted. We pay up to $41-iM- each. Send lOc tor buying caialog CHICAGO NUMISMATIC CO., BOX 121'J, Chicago, ill. UtiAl. ESTATE Co. 22 Ck U-22. WANTED Job Wnnted hy boy just graduated Jrom Wgli school. Not afraid of work. Will dc, anything. Write Box J Care Courier News. 28xxtl REPAIRING Tennis Rackets Kcstrong Overnight sen-ice, 4 grades Hubbard Hardware Co. HOME LOAN—Free estimates on roofs, painting and general repairs. We can arrange TERMS ii desired. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 101). How Mould you like a home your own in the beautiful arks? A 40 acre farm, 10 minutci from (own and 15 miMtes from good fishing ho'ic, good house plenty of fruit trees. Can br ooitght CHEAP. Small cash p*y incut, balance easy terms. Wll consider trading for merchandise stock. J. C. CHAPIN, MANILA, Ark. A GRBAT OPPORTUNITY lo own a nice suburban home G room bungulow, new and moderr one -acre land on gravel highway in cor|»rate limits, very low laxe: fine Burden Browing no'.v, cos near $3000.00. owner is leaving ,vill sell for less than half price take -good used car In deal, som cash, balance on terms. W. M. Bums, Agency. FREE H O I. C Estimates Roofing. Palnlln?, Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-6-10 EXPERT Typcwrl'er snl j Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blankenship, 116 E. Rose. Call 1S5-J. 22ck6-22 rornilnre JtwoniTing—Upholstering Also automobile upholstering. We will be glart to refer you to customers as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS & SON S-ck-6-5 AUTOMOTIVE Save lime .inrt Money by mint; our* complete stock of Auto Replacement Parts Uubbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phone 476 6-ck-1-6 AGENTS WANTED Jiiil- put our free outfit In your pocket and clean up. Sell private brand Chewing Gum to dealers Libeial commissions. National Ad- gum Co.. Cincinnati. STRAYED OK STOLEN Src me for 3, 5, 10 or 15 acre tracl fronting on Franklin Street be ;1nning at Missouri Avenue, norfl E. M. TERRY Phone 617 or 315 SALESMEN WANTED Have GUARANTEED MO ME MAKING 'proposition to olfi MAN to assist in manufacturing staple article. Not rcmiired to sc out should know how to hand sales people. Very small nent required which will be cure. Call at room 9, Golf Hole 8-p-fc- Tf you own a car, have som money (o Invest, had sales ex periencc (not house lo house), can nix you in a business th: l pay yon good income. Horn every night. Handle own mone See by appointment. R. E. Bixylo<*, Blylherllle, Ark FURNITURE LAWN CHAIRS UunpMnted SI. Painted THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 25-ck-6- OK STOLEN From Sec. 34. Twp. 18, R. 10. Mis sl«llipi county, about June 1 BAY HORSE, 16 hands high. 12 years old. Anyone having information please notify J.'B. Stanback, aen. pel., Blythcvlllc. 8-pk-15 FOR SALE OR TRADE GARAGE doing good business, well equipped. Easy monthly payments. J. C. CHAPINrMonila. Arfc. C-p-12 NOTICE Annual -.nceting ot stockholders, of Blytheville cotton Oil Mill »'U'| be heki at 10:30 A. M., Tuesday, \^_ Memphis, Tcnn. Aniuiii; oilier iniil- WANT l.ADV. 20 to 'J consUleml will be pru DARK CANAIIY Birm. Retuin to l.'uinliT N"ivb tor the puUlk' uiul lias in-r.-ajiKillty. Prefer Olio r oflkv r.\p : .-i-tcni:c atul dnyt. tin. Kendenou'O. Hill, elhnlnutlnu thorotroni nece.-i.sUy [or five to li-.ivi'l aflir \vurklnt; law. HOYS WANTED: Tu do pleasant, prupusrii W. K, tws*. Call oi 1 aildu'M loom 9, Goff Hotel. I'Vi'nch ulrplnni' and rocket uflcrmwnc, unit AgC3 prc« Well-to-do Chlnete iiuke Iioin shark flna. la to M. Apply by klter i tlinht la the moon wiilmi the next The bell of Big Ben weighs M tons. to J. T, curu Cotirler News Read Courier Nevi Want Ad>. Jicnil Courier NUV.-S V.'uni. A(U, OUR BOARD ING I SOUSE A THRILL FOR ALLEY I FINEST ^ -x ^-., FOOZV, on OF . ; LtwiAN WIPEDOUXlNIH'BM OF AH Ef E / I HEREBY NOU VJARLORO, Of MOO.' ,WU- THAT, COM1N 1 THIS WAV FROM LEK? / BOV ' , I HOWPV' 7&-TOOT TO GO INTO THE VMWE.—AMD "\ N CH" °Nl>C PUT. "rHE SIMPLKTQN \T UP OUTSIDE . CONSTRUCTION COMPM^Y/ TH' rv^\NE,"BUT S IRECTtO IT OUTSIDE / ITS BO FEET "THE MINE 1 SHOULD HAVE •BEEN HERE WHEN THEY STARTED TO TO TV\ JUST . , ^-INS f LOOKS A, "BEAR CAVE, TO ME.THNM I CANT IT COT. VJC BETTER GO < TELL N.UY OOP I IT- TtLU YA.KINS. I REPEPiT, BRWJS IS 1H' THISG 1HM CWT \ WCAPONS, S NOW- , SOUTH ENTRANCE TO TH 1HESE iewr\7uEUTENfW OOP- 5TORT COWN'10,/S THERE'S SUMPIN ' OWC 'Fr-\ A BOOT i' f COMIKV OOTA 1H 1 FOR TH' KING, ( ( HILLS,FROM ttM- x .^Or MOO.' ,) ( I THOUGHT MAVBE VEZ-\~-; S \VOU'D V - X ^ ^ HAVE A UWfc A •£>\T OF- '' : ' PAT-VAEAD WOPX, Bool's AND HKU KUDDIKS HOOTS IS (iOOD AND SORE! W1SKJO OP <bUC\\ V CAM UWW.R- AUOUKSO IWb WAV 1 DO y*TH\MVt VOU ARE ? AGMttA HNVb VA ! 1 OF AMOM6 PROPtW 9B3P1.U WOOVO WASH Til BBS COINCIDENCE? By Cra» , 1 wHArf you r>5»a'T\ /NONE ww^TSoevtR— UNLESS^ COURSE, SOME EkJEMV INTMEB«Mt LETS KEASOriHiS Our, BOYS. SIWCE WAS SHOT WITH A.12, IT'S HOI LIKELY THE LAPKOMI MOB KD IT. , IT'S A _ J.J. I ftWK V.V.S SHOT DOWH IW tOLi BLODft 1THINK IHERES; A PERHAPS EV6K1 BEFORE THE HO(-V-iJP. VcONNECTlOJ BtTWffN -I/-— • -f THE HOCDUP AMD / V THE KILLIN6? USE A.33 ?AV, MA-/BI? Vlb" COMMITreo suiciuc. HIP THE DROPPIMQ DEAD, A HOLD-UP WAS JW PROGRKs ASO HOPING THE OANasTEfB SVXJUJ BE BLAMED, HASTILV CHOSE THAT _ VERV MCMEKfT FOR HIS CRIME.. SAI.KSMAN SAM AND rM)URLK VISION, TOO! IT'S RIGHT NERR <3lMU='T's~% GV.Ml B^T I'LL STORE, soj<e'E}> V6R eve sot^is MORE OWE 3ftOQ6 crpj EACH OP TH 1 SroF.E5-ANO Pi OOU6LE-BARRELED GUM» , CHIEF, I'M STILL DM CC- N°U>,CHIEF?/ -r HflROWORE STORE- UJHV? ON BOTH t'-ACESf IF I'M GONWA DO DOUBLB FRECKLES AN1> HIS TRIENDS AKE THEY ,'ll//LED?!! VJHY, FRECkLE?.., THAT'S MR.DIRK ^BYCOLLX rrsNoeooY ELSE BUT DIRK !! BUT, IF I HAVE 70 LOOk AT THAT GUYS FACE MUCH MORE, I'LL BE IF I POMT CO OUT PAY, so* i CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TEU US WHY DIRK RECEIVED SOME THEATRE PASSES FROM MR.DIRK, SO HE AND TAG ARE USING THEM.,.. ROLAND WE'NTWORTH ROLW.'D ViWTWCRJH JlMf-fY 1 SWEENEY CHECk.? ANP WHAT9 HE DOING 'IN : _ PICTURES?

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