The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Page 11
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'WEDNESDAY, MAY i<i, I&-i (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Zfelly r»U »«r feu for CMMCBUM i» Mitloni: KJnilmun Oh*ri* __ __ _ _ ___ ftO* 1 ttmi p«r UM __________ J^ ifto 2 tln«i p»r lint v»r A*? __ „ .... lie 3 UaM - _______ 12 tlmti per lin« p*r dtj »_ ______ &c Month per Hn* ------- _ _______ „ »oo Count flT* »T«m* word* to tb« Lint. A<J ordered for ttit** or «tx Um»» »ud ped tttfor* expii»Uo]i »ill b« ch*rg- for th« number of tlmM the ad »p* mil adjustment of bill made, Classified Air ert lain K copy *B*» ;d ty yersoufl res id 1 tig outside of the czCV must tie accompanied by c»«h. Rite* imy be easily commuted from the abor* table, Advertising order for Irregular in*«r- Utma takes tlie one tlxue raia. No r«ij>oDHlt>mty will fc« Uhw for *ior« than on* incorrect laaartlok *f any claaelfled ad. For Safe BAIJY CHICKS QijftJrupla A 113.16 i>lr hu Hrown Hlore. Ired Jim BIS-ck-K KAHY CHICKS Hfi>m ccrim.-.l Hocks. Kn«l crnwlni; «n<t K<ioil l;iyiT3. Cusluiii luitcliiilK. Order imw. lilulock llinrliery. Nnrlh fil Highway. I'lionn 3172. 4|ll-ck-t[ 30, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hard- For So/. PAGE Can doi Also MKKCIIANTS r|v« you ini.ui'UlMi! iMIvorr >ub!e July uirat cases In ntir Ion* on liavu Luvorago cooler^ walk in ri'lri^i-ratorB. mid defji frei'zo cuM- lieu, llutclu'r fii|>|ilii'i. Also Mllli C'om|jrC6sorb. PLuiie Dell Sfolt 21!Sl>. Check Coceidiosis with Cox- itrol in the mash. Costs 1-2 cent a chick. We have Cox- itrol, a Or. }lcss product. Woods Drusj Store. 221 W. Main. Ph. '.S07. 10-ck-l 1 POWER LAWN MOWKRR. See (he last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cutn to any height and under any conditions. lilyfheville Machine Shop. 4-12-ck-tf One five ton ciitcvpillitr tractor. Comph'U'Iv overhauled at selling price. Also one Koine double disc. New. used throe weelts. ((iiiftiin: farming Ibis fall. Call :!27<i. lilytheville,. or .1 :} V 1 '> Sleelc, Mil. 10-pk-17 ware Co. Ask for installed, »-.,\, v nii.-u prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf »l W;ill|i:i].er Kli.ri-, •ilia ck-filio I ..... lirr. All tin.l" of .lini,-i W. f«m|, :,fl«-r it. O S. KoLli^ini. .Moiillriu. riinnv '.S'.WV. FARM LAND ,We have several cash buyers who failed to K et located t fall. Will buy now, subject to possession Jan. 1st, 19-18. If you want to sell or trade your farm, see, write, or call: Rialcs Land Company Phone .'i:J22 Office across from City Hall in Hale Uldg. Blytheville, Ark. —Hrokor— Russell 1C. Rir.lca —Salesmen— Ben D. Hamner & K. M. Beck 29 pk 15 Ifnvtf soruetliini; ynn ilnn't npcil 1 Trail* ur xvll il ill Swart Him]'. 401 K Mam rijcm« 8.19. 4130-ck-t Two cane porcli rockers. In good condition. Call 278G. 5-G dh l£ Complete stock of Softball equiiinicnt, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price ?0--lr,, S(i.!)r>, 9S.!>r>. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck t.f For Rent -ashire for mules, l-liiine SO'.I. uji. Kilclicn (irtvili'cos. K17 31 I X. iiili. I'll. 2:i:i. Help Wanted VKTKRAN" OK YOl'NC I.AIIY. Tir 'iii I.T.IIH. now .*nimiii> 'iv^ = f : .i;r.. il r.'liirn. IVniinii.-nl wurk wllh :i . ol.t finii.N.i cxiicrii'ii ip.-i-Rsnr> ,'msporlation funnsl.,,1 All ,. M .,.|. ,.• vnnrril. fun earn *7;'. ml «'..,.kK II,.i.-l in i . to ti LI,in OEM ini> l.^aulifiil It rortiu liniis.^ nml 2 ro.nn JLI.II.SI: hi n-:ir. Hcriuliriilly i- S17 IVlilp L !nrj;n t;nvrriiiiiPii( soy lie an Mnyil Htiokor. llollarul. .Mn :\ dosrts '.> ]inrc-]i|..-«. l.cil r.o x 1711. All r.-:ul.~ tn v,- in. s:uxli] Kmilli IMsl. Ai'rn.a fl.o.i M,n,n..Vs (inii'i'rr. S ir CM KTI.,[ Stnilli. l-lm,.,- It'.lli. Biiffalci Bill Relics Aililcrl CODY. Wyo. (UP) — Materiii from the London and Witulso' castle ncrformances of the Buffal< Bill Wild West Show in 1887, 1921 and 1903 has been added to tin Buffalo Bill collection at the mu scum bearing the Indian fighter* name in Co-ly. ii I'funin "JOT2. T.'il Orrpn. I niim'j Ij.iiiM. willi :IITC:II;.. soulli of rilj- I kiive ponii 1 rliniro c<ilorcil |iroi»i-rty \vcll to.'nl.'il :iiul c'lie.M 1 - r > room hous,- l.ntli null lint filler Ur-ntiT wilh l)vo rtn.ifc lols. CBII lie (iimnriiil. •! n.fini Imnsi' ii.'w. ni>u- I'mpty. ^':IOOO. A B..n,l l,uy. KIT w'l'M Main'HI..l-li,in',. SHI', 1 jtf ii!ii±l! f I'll.' ims ivn-iliini." iinirliini- $iri.n!l. i Tnr|il>li:inK fill. Ji. II. All ill ,-rincl''ll. lOfll) W,.?.t Sy'.Miinr.-. WARNING OHl)i:i{ In the Chuiicery Cnurl. «')iicl<;i KawlKi llisCrict, JIissis:^|i|n Cnuii ty. Arkansas. William G. Gipson PlaintifT vs. No. 10,048 Prances Gipson Defpndiui The defendant Frnnces C.ipson i hereby warned' to ap;ic:ir witiii: thirty clays in the comt named r. tlic caption lievcof and answer th complaint of the i>lainlilC \Villiai d. Gipson. Dated this 22 ciay of April, ism HARVEY MOKKIS. C!«'k By Betty Smith. D O. Virgil Greene, Ally, for Pill. Read Courier News Want Ads. .JlJ.lld I..T inonlli. I r i •II ]n<-At|.<l. SlMlln.nn. 'I', rni^ (HI. (in.>.l II-TMII. -I r'.OU) anil l>allt r"»li Iliiiain-"'<•»'«>-. :i '•""' finiis,- will I,..11 i..; 1,1.,ck i.(f K.;i«! Main SI. 1'rii, Jl!i''v.'.'r' - ,,,?M,'i'r.'"l'.arcl" "J;'™o!.'r°" «',',,r',' >v,.|| Inral.'.l. Xir.. hnin,- in nmnnrlinn All livhir.-s in sli.rk nt cnsl. It Inlor- i^l'.l in L-oini: iuln i;r TV l.iisin.-^^ it «•!!! l-ay t<. invosti>!a1«- Ihi.. l-rir'd lo ^..11. (Ton.I trniis. S,-,- or rail. ' I lli.'r (irav. Konllnr. Tiosi.U-nri: f.l?.. or (llfirp 115 K. :lr,i Si'.. I'll. 2731."' Male Help Wanted HAI.KSMAN - M ( \N WITH AMBITION - A£f 21 In nr>. N'o pr«>vi(iii* i.^^.^rn'iii-o nrrfs^nrj-. Covpr lornl [trrilory. Di^w Inv nrconnt. coo.l dinner [or mlv,in.:«i- 57S. <i!o ('i>nrinr N«\vs. 4I2H ck If Wanted: Commercial salesman for well-established local tire firm. Generous salary and commission. Veteran's Training available. Experience necessary. 'I'ell all . first letter. 15ox "A" c-tV^ourier News. Our ern ployees know of this ad. O-ck-15 Vi-stiTieli^n^i> '-U-rtrir rnnV M.wi' man lifnlinbr ^1ovi* in^lnllctl .vi'Ti 1 \vinrlo«- fin. Srvrral nthor n Tor '•Hi'' t>iH \vcok. 01 :t V', ( M. E Wilev 13 l.ntp lyp^ 2 rn\v rnllivnlor for II nr Pirninll. Koo IT. K, Hlnntoinhiii ll« Ark. 5IU-|)k- a You're CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND OUR OPEN HOUSE" Featuring Today's FINER All of This Week PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blythcville, Ark.—Tel. 4G3—3715 Services TKKMITKS. Llci' fivlco llnv,' !.«u I,..,,,,.,.,! l a , uoiill.U, hi- ttl| "l ..... . 'rrvmiin'iil K'i;irntiti'«-«l. "Ito inriiric.i ».|iii vKiirini'iD". w»u.' l':lili.,l 'IVrmiti, S.'lvU'i'. I7U1 llrarn. MONKY 'IX) LOAN Do you need m loan tc repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red t»[>«. PHA approved rate 5' r ". Aslt fo/ detalte. M«s l.«Kan, Realtor, phone 2084. I.yncli Hide., BlythcTiile. 9-28-ck-tC I .el us sliat'iien nrjd repair yinir lawn mower, regardless of kind or size. (let yours ready now, nnd avoid (he rush. We pick up and deliver. Ulythoville Aliii-ltino Shop, 2! I H. 2nd Sf., phone HS2H. J.;{-ck-lf I'AIN'I'INO K>i.-iii>r anil Inti-rlnr mirny nr liriiih. ^•>t'-f:ii- I L-niirn«li,..l. Munllil,- l,-,,n, i' .loh.'l. Cull M;| l,,r Ir...' ,^ti'n:Ml.>n. •l|l!.| -Lili-lii'M WAItXlNd <)Kl)i:it In I lie Clianci'r.v Courl, OiiliKu- KavsUn Dislrii'l, Mlss[s.'>iiii>) Cuuii* n'liso d. C'olli-y i..I'lnint!!T, vs. No. 10.017 obi-rt Cultey l/rfen-liin!. 'I'lu- defendant Hobcil oilli-y Is .•reby wiirned lo ,ii|>i>i'r''.- williin thlitj' days in the court uiiimMl in tin 1 cLiptlon lit-ri'ot' nnd tinswc-r ilu^ I'oiniJlutnt of Iho pliilntilt Cl, Collcy. Diiled tilts '.VI diiy of Apill. 11)17 HAHVKV NIOK111M. Ciork liy lii'tty Hinlth. 1). ('„ Vll'Rll CilTl'll", ACinincy hi-' 1'llf. Curi-lrr News Want Aihls i CLUB 6S Wanted to Rent or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 350'). 4-23-dlrtl Wanted to Runt or . i,n.iii NM.I-. I'lii.iii' L'OS'i. ll'-iik 10 _ r.lll-i.k-17 Wanted to Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Iliway (H Phone :i785. 3 27 pk 5 27 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. CHIROPRACTOR "Hcnllh is someUiini! Ihnc comes from within. The crsnlor i>ul within your bnrty niul mine :ill (.he clGincMU-; of lie.Vltl). When yam 1 IILMA'OHS system i:; in tune with nature's forces, you wiH IJL' well. Consult a chiropractor about your health in-ooieins." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist Gunrd RldR. Hlythcvillc, Ark. louse Moving. 1 : ! yours t'x- IH'ririuT. I'lonly of oiiuip- iiu'iil. Itoforoiicos. l.evol- lMnilo Inn) THUS. .AM) VlilllAV On-liVslra Nit his OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ONLY.' Virgil Foloy, phone I12!):i* fi 2 pk (i 2 •• rini-fc InunUry. \V;i-,l. HnM .milf :i"'l M.HI!., Is. living 1i> VOSI Cl.u-1. {cnl a I'loor SaiUlcr AT WAKDS. •!:iv« minii'y li.v ynur own I'loods, Add? yeai's of life and .nivos IbcLii new heiuily. It's lo do. lool iVJONTCOMKUY \VAUn ,Vr CO., 102 Alain I'liinu- r>!)l 2-1:!-!!'I For Hire City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 I'ur Ivvprii l.:isl Millll SI. Felix A. Carney, l liy Ou'lUiiI iV Opi <ii-tH';;i' I'm i\ uiul . \V. A. "Itril" Ui..,(i-.t;i(V Free Delivery i • Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20-1,\ I (I'M Chirknsnwlw "Do You Install Electric Cigarette Lightenff' >»-. '••*'' Th« nlc« old lady with the ancient car h/w th« right idea. We give up-to-dat* • service. Wise motorisU drive In here for! quick, dependable, friendly attention.) Day ai)d night, our men equip your c«HP.j for ctnoother, »*{er,. economical driving 1. . . for modern motoring satisfaction.! "i — ^ ^« LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 'i. Wreckers Phono 578 21 Mr. Srrvlce Ri'lMrllnf: Tires. tor itnichu-rr; n innl iiiii of njiproxt • mutely lUiiO inili's .in linur. I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Giiiininleecl litst 1'rici's Kiftby Drug Stores Coolair .. . Plus Cooling You flick a switch and a coollnt; breeze comes flooding through every room in your home! Fresh, healthful oulside air is drawn in through doors and windows and up through an attractive ceilini; jjrille or automatic shutter into a suction box in the attic. The COOT-.ATR FAN, mounted in the box, blows the air outdoors again through attic exhaust openings. Sec the COOLAIR FAN in onr store; you'll want it for your home. Terms can be nriaiiucd. But don't wait, Viet weather Is just around the corner! Coolair. .. Made in the South" , Total niutibor of deaths from cancel- in 1829 wns 111,569. For Southern Climate! Going Somewhere? Consult our free reliable tourist service when you stop at our service station . . . Let us put your car on tlu: road to safety and you on Iho rk';iit road to your destination. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Get Ready! . . . for that weekend i'isliinK jaunt in a well-primed car . . . one lliat K p ls you there easily, comfortably nnd safely! Kor <le comfortably an:! safely! For dependable, low cost, efficient, service call on us to'lay! Dial 555 For Real Service! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL BLADDER IRRJTATBON Tlimisamls lluvc Found Itclii'f In (lu- Natural MouiHain \'alley mineral Water . from famou;; Hut Sininiis. Arknns:i.-i. A pmv. soolhlin; iiid in n-lieviiii; Irritation of Ilicisi' di!llc:il<> <n;;;i:>s, lulp- ful in stinniialiiii; kidney Million mul cllinliuitliii: svsliMiiU: waste's. Uocloi-fi h:u't! prt'si'ilbcd Uiii; pluisunt, water lor over fifty years. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division IllyUicvIllD, Ark. T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Butteries Tires and Tubes , Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 DITCH BANK LEELING S. j: COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTREVimEARK;,, ' * Save 50% Chopping Expense | I • . .. i v Plant Chemically Delinlcel, Ftr/./.-Frce COTTON SEED $ >• . ' :»: v Save Mnnov—!i to 10 Mis. per Acre. Any com, pen orj; >; ' :< J Ucan planler will plan! these smooth, slick cotton seed. £ *< '''.->; f Can he plowed r> to (i days after planting. >; >! HOWIJKN -IIH — RTONKVIM.K 2C — D I 1 & L 14 V >: >: . >• >; For Sale 15y x IBLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.1 Phones 856-857 'UIGII.I.A'S POP Gv AT, VERMEFSI

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