The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY g, 1944 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uy rate per Un« for consecutive Minimum Charge .............. Mo 1 Ume per Un e .................. j^ I to*** P« line per d*j ......... Mo JUnw.pemn.pwdi, ......... M ^ P«r line per d»y ....... , 70 ? m f Mr to « P« <»»y ....... Bo Month per line ........ , ...... ,»o Ads Bordered for Matt or tiz Um«a »d .stopped before expiration triJl oe charged for the aumber or times «w ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •Ubmltted by persons residing out•Ide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than oue Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale Registered Hereford hull. Old enough for service. J. C. Huchanan, phone 578 or _3335.__ T-T-ck-7 Cood Model A" Ford, Cheap. 309~E ^u~_____ For Rent Warehouse, 70x50, In renr ot USO building. Entrance from alley. See Mr. Hartzog at Hart's Bakery. 7-0-ck-13 Bedroom, adjoining bath. Twin wds. Working girls preferred. Phone 570 after 5:30 p.m. 7-C-pk-10 For Sale 9 room duplex. Call 3280. 7j7-pk-H Electric 1 stove: 2459. oil heater. Phone V-S-pk-9 Bassinette with rubber tires $6 J - S °- Lake - 7i7-plc-H Nice residence on Holly street 5 rooms with bath. Price SSOSO'H C. Campbell, 120 S. 2nd St. Phone 7-0-pk-13 Beautiful 2 piece Living Room Suite Tnble model radio. Phone 3255 Adjoining city limits one 5-room residence, one 3-room residence one 2-room residence located on 1 acre of ground, nice orchard now bearing fruit. .Price $3,600. H. C Campbell, 120 So. Second, Phone 44S - 7-3-pk-ll bred Purebred registered Duroc gilts. Bred to oul- boars for Se P tem - r- Jitters. Prices are reasonable. J. C. Buchanan, farm 2 1-2 miles \V- on Hwy. 18. Phone 578 or 3335. 7-7-ck-7 Tivo large rooms, water and lights Northwest corner C«mp Moiil- trle. See Mrs. Mnitcl B. Edlngton, _from 9 till i. Rooms for men. Atkins. Oj30-pk^30 Parker's Rooms for men. 6|30-pk-6|.%) Office In Ingwm Building. Inquire at the Parkhunt Co. •, 11-30-ck-tf Help Wantei Experienced beaullclnn. Good salary and commission. Short hours Write Box T.A.C., % Courier News 6)28-ck-14 Experienced pressers and seamstresses. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. G-17-ck-17 Experienced cooks and waltrwses Apply Hotel Noble. W-ck-tf 'Jobs Wanted Army wife will care for baby 5 >/, days per week, 8 hours dally Pho rtmjjtay- Service* Army wife with college education desires position us nursemaid Write Box P. G. r Courier News. 7-8-pk-7-12 Wanted Fresh flsh always on sale at Williams Market, next to Jodie Nabers Store on Hwy. 18. 6|14-pk7|14 Three bedroom residence, 75 st frontage, two servant houses No Broadway. Price $5,250, terms. H' G. Campbell, 120 S. 2;id St. R>-!.» 7]6-pk-13 Three used A-C Combines; one . practically new. Write or call E. B Gee Cotton Co. Phone 2020. 7|l-ck-tf Nothing finer than Haviland China for the bride. Planters Hardware Co. 6-28-ch-28 Newly overhauled F-30 Farmall •• tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog disc ; Harrow. Lee Wilson & Co., Armorel. Phone 2088. . 6-22-ck-tf 22 Inch window fan blades Build - your own fan. Blytheville Ma- j|AcnIne Shop. Phone 2828. ' * C]23-ok-tf Spencer corsets for health and style See Mrs. John Long, Registered Corsetiere. 133 W. Kentucky . Phone 3388. 6124-pk-7|24 USED PIANOS nodght and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14-ck-14 An eight-day mntille, striking clock ^2LJ«^^_J±*-w Wante'd lo ~Bug Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of-good nsed furnl- ttrre. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay Zoc per coz. for wire coat bangers. Hudson Gleaners. Wanted To Rent Five dollar reward offered for information leading lo rental of furnished apartment. Call I,t. Culet 232 Army Air Base. 7-7-pk-H Small furnished apartment on West Side. Permanent Mytheviilc "couple.-' Call Mrs. J. C. Roach," 4«1. G-26-ch-tf R*M Oouner niwi waul 325 MISSOnRI 514 LACLEDE These are two nice 4 room homes in a pleasing neighborhood. Inspect and take your choice for $2100, on easy terms. See B. Jledel, 224 Main Street. 6-12-pk-12 Mixed lumber, 3"r-440 per thousand. Phone 3309, So. 21st St Pride Addition. O. S. Rollison 5|29-clc-H LIST YOUR PROPERTY with H C. CAMPBELL, 120 S. Second. Phone 446. We get results. 1-3-pk-4 f iather pillows. 400 E. Davis. 0|30-pk-8 50 gallon oak barrels. Dr PeDDer Bottling Co. Phone 2392. 6-20-ck-20 I*-* ana m-2 Rome* wire. Lamp cords, Iron cords, Extension cords. Hardaway Appliance Co. 6-14ckl4 BI,YTHt.-ILT.E CUHB MARKET , -has FRESH PEACHES, EGGS and the best fruits and produce to ' be found anywhere. . . located at 1 130 E. Main. Phone 973. D. S Hay M BT. 6-21-'pk-2t I "I don't care about my old job.- out is there any law that guar-' v \aniees my same girl back2" ' Guy Gean's SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer Big Tent Now Located Across Prom Nu-Way Laundry Afternoon and NIte Sessions FEED-Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, P°" ltr y °" d d .£ lr y ^eds. Custom 1 feed grinding. Biythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. 6-IO-ck-tf For farm bargains tn Southeast Missouri write or see W. E. GUSTAFSON, Farm Sales, Ciarkton, Mo 6-8-pk-8 Spring and Bummer TUNf-UP I Save Gasoline . . . Save ^Tires. Get All-round Better Performancel I T-1. SEAT MOTOR CO. I Chrjxler Dealer Part* A Strrlw 1121 W. AOs Fh»c« tin Dr. J. L: Guard Opfo/nefrisf of Guard's Jewelry L^: 209 W. Main . 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drat Stif« Main & Lake Phone 2822 I NAVAL AIR UNIT 1 ••.I, ... _i HORIZONTAL 59 Bay '*"' 1 Bepicted is <5) 101 (Romon) 62 Rebuff 63 Abandoned VERTICAL 1 Rapid violion 2 Preposition : insignia 3 Hectoliter ,'12 Any (nbbr.) (ISTnrdlor ''•'- 4 Mariner ;14 Type measure 5 Genus of ot Squad. rori 5 : 8 It is part of ;*,the U. S. •':* i a 15 Negative 30 Pig pen 18 Withdraw •20 Siamese cofn 21 Pedal digits 23 Snakes 27 Fluorine ?J£ (abbr.) V ** T •28 Soul (Egypt) 30 Hebrew letter 31 Measure 32 Pair (abbr.) 34 Out of place 35 Accede 3G Delirium tremens (abbr.) 37 On account (abbr.) 38 Within 39 Size of shot 40 Of the thing 41 French article 42 Tense 45 Shield bearing 49 Let fall 53 Taste 54 Follows 'after 66'Glrl's name 57 Paid notice 58 Symbol for nickel shrubs fi Seines 7 Grasp 8 Born SPait of "be 1 - - _ 10 Poker stake 32 Fondle 11 Land parcels 33 Scalier 17Biblical -.;,. 42Czar pronoun '. 43 Assistant 19 Rupees (abbr.) 44 Upward 20 Aren measure 45 Eillier Sj »'',?.. «Incursion U Adjusted lo a 47 Row line 48010111 20 Caterpillar ' measures lioirs 50 Symbol [or 27 Fragile 20 Summon 29 Emmet ruthenium 51 At one lime 52 Remunerated 54 Sesame 55 Observe rfl * 58 Compass point CO Transpose tobbr.) Available In Book Form HOME, FROM DIEPPE rtianfii A r , . ot " lc experiences of Sctgt. Everett O»!esbr While they lost—a limited number of special autographed copies, mailed anywhere postpaid Only $j. r SEND ORDERS TO SERGEANT OGLESBY ", Courier News, Blylheville, Ark. NITRATE FERTILIZER For Side Dressing. J. L. TERRELL HIS. Bdwy. Phone 2631 OLIVER FAKM EQUll'MKNT tirtet »rd Berrlct HARRISON ,„ A«TO I'AKTS CO. on >V. Ash phone »»ul I. ._ US THE U ARK NOT USING t,, t^hi • Uber.1 timle-ln «ll*wu M f« f«rnllor»'« •«*. AWn Hfcrdy Fnm. Co. »i K. M»in MJ^, t^ Refrigeration Service F. W. TATUM Pbone 657 Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn! Arrow fr, m Hl(b Bcb**l IMenty of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANDPAOTUR1NQ CO. Phone Mil } VULCARIZinG , Tire * Tube Repair OMtw Belt «JL * «. H»y. II (Fonnerly wlih Entler Am. Pu.) PRESCRIPTIONS Fmhest Stock Gn«r«nt««J Beet Priewi Kirby Drag Stores OPA Ceiling Prices On Used Cars Go Into Effect July 10th WHY WAIT! A Car From Us Now Oh . GUARANTEED OPA JUlY 10th CEILING PRICE Most of the Above Cars Are Equipped With Radios, Heaters, Etc. Many Other Cars—All Makes, All Models LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Blytheville OPEN DAY & NlTE Phone 578 Hnte Fan & Refrigerator Motors Cleaned fat Summer. Naw Location 116 N 1st J. T. (Cbirlie) Stalcop Phone 2093 or 2G9S J. LOUIS CHERRY ..„.. nit NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Blythetllle, Ark. ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for olterarions of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHiC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CAHCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 51« Main BlytheTllte, Ark. Phone 2»21 By V. T- UAMLIN MtPtR SOLOWON'5 IVIVri By MERRILL BLOS8BI IF LARD FfMOS our i. Losr ir HE'LL BE MAD AT ME ' Y£TS,HE WILL!/ WELL, LOST THE /BREAK TUB OTHER /NCWS TO HIM I STRUCK GOLDI STRUCK GOLD!!' - - ILDA SEEMS to HAVE SOMETHING PREYWG ON HER. MIIJD — ME fOK. MV BIRTH D\Y AND HE SAID IF f LOST TilE NEW WHEN HE'S IW A GOOD MOOD ---SOME TIME WHEN HE'S -1 HAPPY ABOUT SOMETHING' COP«. 1844 By UtA MHHCr, INC. T. M. tin. U. S.~«r Off By FRED BARMAN BUT FiR51 \'t\ GEITlrV 01.A5T KNOCKED TVI' FOR 'KEEPS-' WASH TUBES We Specialize In Repairing Ford Cars & Trucks MOTOR: T ""e and Adjust. New Rings, Sleeves and Bearings. CHASSIS.' Rebush Steering and Front System. Repair Brakes. BODY.' Stro/ghten, Refmish and Paint Damaged Metal Parts. Phillips Foremost Ford Protective Repair Service Tel. 453 Walnut at 5th LOOKS BAD. V ICAM'T BELIEVE WE'VE LOST All SOS...THEY'RE \ THREE PLANE&.eASy-CKEWTLy LON6 OVERDUE \WE'UE k«T F EW OAP PUNES m0 J Q» WJSHIRO 151 AMP WKHANKAL FfklWRz MUSHrACCOUNT FOR THEJ.OSS OF ONE SHIP, BUT HOT —'" W ' BY LESLIE TURNER HOOTS QflDIES Action KIDDIN6 OURSELVES WE liOTA HUNCH HERE,F£ILAS. THEIR ) T HOSE BORERS RAM FUEL COULONT HAKE \-WtDJ\mo SOMBWIN6 WE BY EDGAR MARTIN Ht ViFs'b \AOO\M6,of CO I'M

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