The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1949
Page 3
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-vl til) ii''«i' L>i,\ i.Aikik.) »<AUt Pulaski Chancery Decree Affirmed Supreme Court Rules Cost of Labor is not Deductible from Tax Smart Salesman Spots Serious Sightseers By Such Slick Stunts as Staring at Shoes LITTLE ROCK. May 31. f/P) — Labor which adds lo the value ol an .article and makes It salable cannot be deducted from the Arkansas Gross Receipts tax, the Supreme Court said yesterday. It affirmed a decree of the Pulaski Chancery Court in the case of R. P. Ferguson, doing business as the Ferguson monument Works of Morrilton. against Otho Cook as State Revenue Commissioner. The case was tried on a stipulation of facts. His total sales price to the .customer includes necessary labor In erecting the monument, and in the past he has paid the gmv, receipt tax on only half of Ihe total price, the other half rcpre- enting lalwr costs. The Supreme Court noted that the 1941 Gross Receipts Tax Act does not include the furnishing o( rendering of service, but pointed out that another section says receipts means "the total amount of consideration for the sale The court said that language "appears to mean, and we so construe that where one sells an ar- fof JThe ir^ndcd *bor government buildings at Washing FLAGS LOWERED — Flags on the U. S. capltol (background) and other which adds to its value and was rawEsary to make It salable, that iJTmust pay the sales tax on the price received, without deduction for the value o fthe labor performed. in its opinions yesterday, the ! court disposed of two cases which have been under submission for several months. Pulaski Vcrrtlcl Upheld A Pulaski Circuit Court verdict kwarding $2,500 each to two former employes of the Qiis Blass Company, Little Rock department store, (or slander was affirmed. A Prairie Circuit Court judgment fly at half-mast In accord with period of national mourning proclaimed by President Truman In honor ot former Secretary' of Defense James V. Forrestal who plunged 16 stories By Douftu NKA SUM C<MTf»pond«-Bt WASHINGTON INEA1 — Honey- nooners always wear new shoe* and persons who carry umbrellas »r« wr sightseers. Not only that. Washlngtonlans are almost always In a hurry and plpesmokers aren't very good sightseers, either. Those nuggets ol incidental truth come from a highly successful prtus- tltloner of applied psychology, Earl S. Mink. He's a super-sightseeing salesman. Summer and winter, Mink stands on the same busy corner in downtown Washington and sells guided tours of the nation's capital to visitors. An Infallible method of distinguishing visitors from residents, and then properly classllylng them. Is his key lo a very profitable business. His average Is only one-half of one mistake per 100 "approaches." Tills fraction of an error occurs when a resident happens to pass by shepherding two or three out-of-towners. Honeymooriers ore his best customers. He claims he can spot them almost before they turn Ihe corner. When he sees a couple holdlnu hands he immediately looks Ihelr leet. If they tvrc lx>lh wearing new shoes, they're lioneymoon- ers. It's Infallible, he snys. And the chances are they'll take his deluxe $8.50 tour, which Includes a private limousine ride of 50 miles An Illinois Prtachtr Gives Sermon from Bed* JOHN8TON CITY, II, OT—The Rev. R. E. Wnlston refused to stop preachlnc because a bad heart sent him lo bed. The 44-year-old pastor, confined to h!i bed for 10 dayi because ot i heart ailment, church bell with hta A public addreu stalled-from hU bed to the •ton City Christian Church. "It's our own ld*a," old ttn. Walston. "We own UM poblk a4- dress system and > couple of OMM around town fixed It up." BY THEW SHOK8 UK KNOWS THEM ai visitor*, but unmarried. iKeini "salesman" Karl S. Mink <rlfht) prddlrn hl» tour* to two Isltori to WMhlnilon, Kobrrta Smith and Al Metzlcr of New York, an Waihlniton itrret corner. Holding hands Is encouraflni, but new shoes would have ipoUrd them »• lumryniooneri. to his death at Nnval Medical center Sunday. Hylton of the capital police. (AP Wircphoto.) Officer is Sgt. Hurley Two Indian States Near Local Crisis Over Ruling Party NEW DELHI ^r/Ti— Two years of Independence have brought India and Pakistan to a crisis in their Bgainst the Central Flying Service, ] one-party systems. A rcoi Little Rock, for death of a passen- of some kind probably e of the company's rented ger in on planes was reversed. Myrna Amorelli Walthall and Addle Allen brought, suit against the Blass Company and Don Braman, superintendent, alleging that Braman had falsely accused them of stealing, and made slanderous (statements in the presence of other employes. „ The Supreme Court summarily dismissed the company's "novel" contention that the case should have been transferred to the Work- .Bfr W Compensation Commission as the the evi- will have 10 DC made if the ruling parties, the All-India Congress of Indin and the Moslem League in Pakistar arc to survive, The central governments at Nc\\ Delhi and Karachi are sound and table. But in the provinces governments flounder in tangles of per onal f u e d s, maladministration group cleavages and corruption, es- iccially in those near tne border be ,\vcen the two new countries. A -series of failures to form stable ministry in West Punja [orced the Pakistan government t Currency Reform Closes About Half German Theaters By Ilanns F. NfllerbourK FRANKPUnT. Germany l/l'i—An slimmed 5fl per cent of Western Scrmuny's private theaters closed ftcr last year's currency reform. Tncre are even some state-subsidized houses which fear their cur- nins will ne'.'er rise again. Some people feel that the Gcr- nans have lost their interest In cultural things. Balding, bespectacled Erich Otto, president of Western Germany's Players' Association, says no. Germans are as hungry for stage plays as they were fifty years ago." ' Without merit." It also said evidence was a question for Jury and said contradictory dence "does not rise to the dignity nf undisputed physical facts so as to warrant this court In setting aside the verdicts." ' Chief Justice Griffin Smith dls eented and Justice George Ros Smith-did not participate. In the Prairie County Case. Lydi Griper was given judgment o $50,600 against Ed Garbacz and Claude Holbert, operators of Central Flying Service, for death of her son J "w. Crigger, in a plane which had' been rented by Vernon Wilkerson. Little Rock. Wilkerson held a student pilot s license which does not permit carrying passengers. But while attending a fraternity convention at Forrest City, he took Crigger on a flight, which ended in a crash killing both men. Suit was filed by digger's mother, alleging that Wilkerson was known as a reckless flier and that the flying service was liable for renting him the plane. But the Supreme Court held there was not sufficient evidence lo support the verdict and said "no reasonable person could have been retjuired to forsce on March 23, when the plane was rented to him, that the nex day Wilkerson would endanger hi entire aviation career and loss even his student permit, by taking passenger in the plane." One of World's Rarest Books Found in Tokyo TOKYO, May 31—(/Pi—The news paper Asahi said yesterday that 01 of the world's rarest books had bee found in Tokyo's national musem It is a moth-eaten volume publishe In Rome in 1585 and describe. 1 ; tl visit of three young Japanese princ to Italy in that year. It is the on copy known to exist. Postal Workers Ask Withdrawal Of Loyalty Order lo all the points of high Interes and a boat ride up Ihe Potomac. "The young man's pocket will be full of money which his father gav him as a wedding present." Mln explains, "and at that stage of mar rleri life tne spend It." He says that there arc many ob vlo\is si^ns which mark the visllo •They'll amble along. When they come to a corner they will pinwe and look up and down the .street before deciding which way lo go. There's always the cameni nnd map. And they will be scrubbed and freshly |>rcssed." Mink can do better than uner- rlnirly pick out the visitors on a crowded street, he can tell you exactly how many days they have been in town. He proved this ability by picking out a half dozen before they passed, estimating how many days they'd been In town and then stopping them and checking his figure. He didn't ml«s on one. 'Mostly I can tell by how fast they walk." he explains "The first Cigarettes in Italy Cost Less Bought On Black Market authorize the British govenor, Si Francis Mudie, to run the admlnis traLion himself, even without ad visors. In East Punjab, the Indian gov ernment may be forced into equally drastic move. The main In.pulse of the strength and unity of both the Congress and the Muslem League vanished Aug. 15, 1947, when Britain quit India. The rank and file of party members ought the time had come to com- icte for political spoils. Local riv- ries, personal bickerings, pressure >o1itics and corruption upset pro- nee after province. The first scandal was '.n Sind, in estern Pakistan. A succession of inistries collapsed. One Sind prc- ier, M. A. Khurrho, was tried for rruption and abuse of power, and onvicted. In India a similar situation arose Vlndhya Parahesh. a new union f princely states. The central gov- rnment had to intervene, dismiss ie ministry and ask the prince eading the union government to ake the government in his own tuids. DORTCH'S ARKANSAS GROWN HYBRIQ he added, "but they don't want to ... be di.iillnsioned." Eighty per cei'.t day they poke along. Next day it's of Germany's playhouses were cith- | a little faster, and you can tell by er destroyed or badly damaged when the war ended. New theaters were soon started in barns, cinemas and private nouses. 'But you can't perform an opera of Verdi or a French comedy in a lormer gymnasium. It's too disillusioning. This especially is meant for those depressing ultra-modern plays. If they see a play like this performed on a pastry board, people become bored." He says Carl Zuckmayer. German-born American playwright and how much of the 'lost' look they've lost." He says that practically no visitor wnlks along the street »s fast as the average Washlngtonlan however. For some reason which Mink can't explain, visitors who are carrying umbrellas or who are smoking pipes Just aren't Interested n [ buying a guided tour, even the $2flO one. Unless business Li very slack he doesn't even approach such per sons. MINNEAPOLIS, May 31. M'l—The National Postal Workers Council, United Public Workers. CIO. has adopted a resolution nsklnn Presl- denl Truman lo rescind the executive order on federal employees loyalty. The resolution nsks thnl em- ployes suspended under the order be restored to their Jobs without loss of pny. The council, meeting here over the weekend, claimed operation of the loyalty order dcnlc\s federal cnl- ploves basic constitutional rights. The council ulso said Ihc Fair Employment Practice Hoard h»s failed to end dlscrhntn>'"'in In the federal service. It said discrimination Is widespread at Ihc Durran of Printing and Eucravinj! in Wnsh- inpton. Ihe Lawson Veteran Hospl- al in Atlanta and In the Pannma Canal Zone. Immediate pri.^saRr of Senate Bill 1TT2, the Postal nccluf lon Bill, amended to include a *SSO annual pny Increase for postn workers, was urged In a rcsolutloi adorned by the council. Other adopted resolutions call fo 26 days of vacation. 15 days of sic leave, optional retirement atlcr 2 •ears of service' reRardle.^s of age, elimination of the substitute classification, nnd passaKc of a 30- hour week law. ROMK—(/1'j—A little mini walks In carrying a battered Inside arc 10 cartons of American clKurcltrs. You pay 5,'JOO lire and lake two. "See you next Monday." ho Bays. At the free r.Uc of exchange yon have paid about 19 for two cartons of cigarettes, Hut you got a harguln. For In Itiily. 11)41), It costs you more to buy American clRarcltcs legally than n Ihe blnck nnrket. Reason: the cigarette business In tiily Is a stale monopoly—a «oi«k- he-smoker tux enterprise. It costs on 350 lire (nbout (10 cents) to buy , pnrkiM'.e of American cigarette* cgally In R tobacco shop. That leans $li n carton. Duy It black and you save $1.50. The blnck market operator Isn't losing anything. He Is supplied by GlInK rings who dump loads of American cigarettes in Italy's big nnd litlte ports. Everybody i» happy but the Italian treasury. The black-market-ln-reverse Is a thriving industry. It's a particularly Rood deal for the hotels. The barmen buy them at the going black rule from the operator, then turn around and sell them to the custo- ncrs at more than they cost In .he tobncco stoics, which have long stestrns and are closed «t night. author, keeps open German theater.? with his "The Devil's General". jtures the end of man Luftwaffe Gen. Ernst Udet, whose conscience conflicted with his sense of military obedience to the Nazis] He ended his struggle by laving his own life. The play had all-time high attendances throughout Western Germany. If there were no Zuckmayer," Otto said, "we would have been in desperate straits." Next lo honeymooners his best se t of customers are family groups- are coming from Cunada. Business falls off only slightly in the winter, but the type of visitor changes. "The winter visitors are employers — employes take vacations In the summer— and people who .ircd." Mink explains. 'ope to Moke Important ladio Address June 2 VATICAN CITY. May 31— l/Tl— An nformed Vatican source said yes- erday Pope Pius XII will make a pcech of major Importance June 2. The source said the Pontiff's This olav features the end of Ger- • --- - - _ . ini» pioj i=n i _ nj _ v | mBIJima poppa and the kids. But it's the sightseeing families who worry Mink ths most. too. He says that they will invariably start running out of money before the trip is over. •Tlie parents have probably been saving up for years to bring junior and his slstor here to see the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, only to discover that they haven't saved up quite enough It's pretty tough to get by for less than $10 a day per person. And that's staying in the average hotels, and skipping night clubs and expensive restaurants." Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois supply the great bulk of all he visitors to Washington, Mink las discovered. Increasing numbers situation of the world." June 2 Is the feast of Saint Eugene, who Is the Pontiff's patron saint. The Pope will be speaking to Cardinals present in Rome. Each year, on St. Eugene's Day the Cardinals present the Pope the good wishes. The speech will be broadcast over Vatican radio and the Italian Broadcasting System. Time and wave lengths of the broadcast have not are re- The name "Thule" was applied at different times In antiquity to Norway and to Iceland. Old Grey Mare KENILWOnTH. Australia—«T)— At Ynbba Ynhlm ncnr here there's a pony inn re whose known age 38 years. Her actual .ngc no one knows. Her head and mane have gone grey with age, but otherwise she's nearly as good as she Used to be. Read Courier News Want Ad». speech will "examine the general yet been annoucned. Seed Corn & Registered SOYBEANS Dortch's Soybeans No. 2 Sold By Mrs. Howard Bo wen Blytheville, Highway 61 So THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH DO For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone «t*l Nichols Drug Send your clothes to the Blyfheville Laundry and they'll come back to you cleaner, brighter than ever before. But that's not all. Your clothes will last longer because they're treated carefully, gently ... an important consideration today when it's so expensive to replace them. Next time call Blytheville Laundry and you'll discover what we mean by really "good laundry Blytheville Laundry & Cleaners Phone 4418 You'll Enjoy DINING DANCING At Osceola's Newest Nile Spot FRED'S SUPPER CLUB 0. C. St. Clair Fred Hendricks Special Fabric Clearance A timely clearance of fabrics, all taken from our regular sfock and reduced in time for summer and vacation sewing. Clcnrnnce includes Rayons and Cottons in beautiful patterns on light and dark backgrounds. S«e our large table of fabrics at important reductions. Formerly to 1.95 $|39 Per Yd. Formerly to 1.29 89 Per Yd. Department Store Acrosi the Street Irom tht Riti Theatre 105-307 W«t Main j**-*,, PKoiw 3149 At DRE1FUS Pr*^ I * monos USE YOUR CREDIT No Extra Charge m Spring Glory will 1« your p.illrrn at first sight! Kor here is a design fresh, different, wonderfully graceful. Its exquisite clarity of detail and delicate openwork arc signs of fine workmanship every woman recognizes. They're signs of the century-old skill of Ihe world's largest silverware maker. Let ui ihow you the lovely silver itself! A slx-pi«» place setting In any of th« patterns shown U ...... $22.63 fJncl. Fed. Tax) Pay $1.00 Down— $1.00 Weekly

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