The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1953 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1953
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY. JAN. 23. 1953 HEWS AND Smut (the Kind that Bothers Onions) Intrigues Junior Vegetable Growers B} RICIIAItn K1.K1NKR XKA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK INEA)-.Tnlk about •juvenile delln<nicnc.v, how about, this: Some GOO kids have tome lo NCVL' York Jroin nil over the milion. looking for smut. They come right, out and admit It, and. as a matter of fact, they say H rather proudly. Of course, not any old kind of emut, or, sometimes, corn smul Before you go writing your cODyrCfs- nien, rest easy. Thcvie purlic'iiar ; smuts at'e diseases that aifecl onions and corn. And particular 600 Blunt-happy kids are members of _the iVatiotinl Junior Ve«- etaule' Association, in convention assembled. One of the major «venls of the annuaj pea parley Is a complicated contest, called ••vegetable Judging." Thfs involves the obvious business of; picking out the best-looking lo' junto, tmn also includes such things as identifying various diseases and insects that can aiuck vc-Reinbles. .. , Roy Curtis. 18. or Yaphank, N. : V'.. and Airrtlc Shockley, 17, of t'lcr- monl, Ind., pointed out some of the nasty things that can happen to vegetables, * • « IRISH potatoes, for example, art subject to such maladies as ail- crack, blackhearb, blight, rot (soft and dry), hollow heart, pitted scab and even .sunburn. • other vcBclnMes Ket blights, rots and .smuls of various unattractive types. The young Judges must Identify these assorted hurus. by appearance, feel mid smell. "That's freezing Injury," soM POTATO Cl.f.VIO — These ,/tll nnled by an assoi'input of Indiana, New York ami Sou 111 Ca Curtis, picking up nn unfoitmnile Irish potato that wns incinably ill. There was a difference ol opinion', so Curtis sniffed it carefully. "That's freezing Injury," he •repeated, definitely. The others had themselves a smell, too. and anrecil Unit H WHS. Indeed, freezing injury. The Judges get more points identifying the insects that attack vcg- lior Vegetable Growers appear fascl- Is; Tltcy represent Oklahoma, rolina. einWes—such as squash bug. sln'p- F:(| cucumber beetle and lli- spotted cucumber beetle — and the weeds that ditto—such as amanuuh pigweed,- lambs cnmitcrs and purslane. Ami there are inure points in the actual Judging, wherein lhe conltsl- ant Is confronted with 11 plates of vegetables. For some reason, they're lusually onions, crutols or Irish potatoes. The jmigc must mark them excellent, KOMI, ivortliy or unworthy, and tliere really is nothing <iuile s o pitiful as an umvonhy onion. Most of the yonngstcrw who make lhe New York trip are s(iitc winners in various projects. There was pretty Lucia Wlietsell. 18, of uowman, s. c., who is now a secretary, nut she had time to grow string beans on a slice of bind precisely measured as one-seventh of an acre. "I sold (hem lo a supermarket." she said, proudly, "and made Stjo." And there was Hj-ycnr-oUl John For the MuH-lo-mcdiuni farm, or for light. •r work on the larger farm, the Oliver Row Crop "60" is your best bet. Thii 4-cj'Iinder, 2-plow "66" handles all "cliort boy" jobs, wules through, many "big-lraclor" tasks. That's bocmis* the "66" i) packed with Oliver "big. tractor" fc»tur«! Direct Drive I'ower Take- Off, six forward speeds, mctcreit oil lubrication, battery ignition, by-puss thermostat, rubber spring seat. Besides, you have a choice of engines for the fuel you prefer. Row Crop '66' Priced Low! The Kow Croii "(Hi" \v i i h 30-3T Regular' Tires, and Medumical 1'o.ycr Lift is priced It 1 C H T! See it NOW! Trices Gas 1875.00 Diesel 2419.00 515 E. Main !'S IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 8166 O. CLUB. MEMOS ky Mrt. Gertrude B. IloUm;in (Home Demonstntlou Agent) SATURDAY NIGHT AT 9 p. M , STATION WSM I. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Itiiilrtiad & Cherry I'linnc I li) By Gerlrmle B. lloliman Homo Dem. Ajfenl Bob bye Jean Byrd, farmer outstanding 4-H member of North Mls- filppi County, as you may know, is attending the University of Arkansas and staying In the 4-11 House. A letter recently received follows. "Oear Mrs. Holiman and Mississippi County Home Dem. Clubs: 'T r<?nlly haven't forgotten you but school activities keep me busy. Hieht now final exams arc here so you know «}iat tlitit means. "At Cluistrmis a v/umleriul gift was presented to the 4-House ;>y the Home Demonstration Council of Arkansas— iv new baby Brand )>lano— I wish you could see it in our music room. We are nil so proud of It. Evtry girl cried when wo heard the wonderful news that we were Getting it. j feel more each clay what an honor it is lo live here. I renlly love i(. "You will never know how much SVC girls living here owe to you women for'your hard work on the project, of building this house. "The house is beautiful from the front door to the back door. "This year we were also presented a new dish washer, stove, and a Bcndix washer. Certainly. 1 /eel we owe all of the hume demonstration women of Arkansas iois o! thank you.s. "I will always remember your kindness each of you have shown toward me in my 4-H work and now since I am living in the House. "I will never forget you. May each of you have a wonderful year. Sincerely. Bobbye Byrd" Cuulion IvTr. I.. II. Burton, Extension Ilol'l- ciilturist, calls our attention to the pertinent information given in the last Issue of the "State Plant Board News." Vol. 7 No. C, December. 1932. In this copy, you will find a report on maii order nurseries. Here are the findings: "In addition to the poor rmality stock that, has usually been shipped in mail order purchases, the advertisements are very misleading if yon will read them carefully. Th e following are examples: "1. 'Beautiful red twig dogwood' Is referring to a small red stemmed shmu having'no conspicuous flower whatever and is not the pink flowering dogwood that most people picture when they read this advertisement. "2. 'Beautiful Red Maple' is most likely to be our native red maple which bears nn abundance of red buds in the early spring and is not the sugar maple which bears the beautiful coioi'cd foliage in autumn. "3. 'Dwarf fruit trees hearing .size or will bear /mit the first yenr.' This Is absolutely not the case and disappointment is bound to follow and even the'local nurserymen are mistrusted because of such misrepresentation." It's Time To— 1. Order trees, shrubs, or plants for February delivery. 2. Plant sweet peas — deep. 3. Prepare the garden soil (or planting. •I. Put your garden tools In working order. a. Watch January white sales to buy needed replacements of sheets, towels and window cnrt.-.'.ns. 0. Wax zippers With bee.swax for zipping with ease. V. Plow the garden now to reduce trouble \vith Insects nest spring. The vanilla bean was discovered in Central America nud 16th century Spaniards introduced it into Europe. Perry, of Mnskogce. Okia., who I)rows nil sorts ot vegetables on an eight-acre plot. John is n specialist In boysenbcrries and sueet corn, "We uU-o,' 1 he said, nonchalantly, "have oil." '$ the 1953 clicks stir! e Started In Mq»«V Worth a hundred m the foil than xraricd in Ap It » the old law of supply and demand that makes starling chicks b<fote April 1st mean eilra egg money to you For puiteU that come into production in lime to hit Ihr rarly Ml high Cfg prices arc lhe ones that really pny off. You can figure lhat every month in 1953 Wore April 1st that you start chicks makes each hen worlh about 20 ( more in CfK s 1 hat s a premium return of around 860 ,1 hundred if you sinrt em in January. Why don't you shoot for the top return. 513 East Main Worth abovrt $60 a hundred more in o fall than if arted in April. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO ,v. BEVERLY HILLS IK; — Actress Arlene Judge reported to police thai, ... ,, . . . her home was ransacked' vest-relay J"?"'," 8 ola -"js V?'. lcd woo<kcl lo by five robbers, one a girl, an? n ^ " ls fr.imlchUdren who visit that they took diamonds and jewelry she valued at S10.COO. "Bnl I talked them out of taking $30.000 worth of fms and a Sli.OOO sapphire ring." Miss Judge told officers. "They were very sweet," said the actress, who has been married and divorced six times. "I felt as safe as if I were in the arms of a 10- year-old gorilla. I answered a knock on the lloA, they rushed In and went to work. They seemed to know exactly where to look for what they wanted. "I told the-n I could wear false jewels on my television appearances but I needed the coats and if they took them they'd put me out ol work." B m m m m a B m m sTm GETTING A GLOW ON—The hornet, above, will really be lit up when he finishes his tall drink of honey in the Brookhavcn National Laboratory, at Upton. Long Island. The honey contains a tiny quantity of radioactive substance, and scientists will later expose :i piece of photographic lilm by placing the insect against il. In this way they are able to trace the progress of the fluid through the insect, in their search for more knowledge of life processes j 6 'Sv/eet' Robbers Ransack Home Of Arlene Judge Toy Hobby Now 'Pop's Business Tree Planting; Machines Up RALEIGH. N.C. (/PI—Tree-planting machines on open and fairly level ground can plant from 101)0 to 10.000 seedlings with a two-man crew in an eight-hour day, says John E. Ford, assistant forester fnr the .North-Carolina State Collect extension service. Ford noted the. increase In use of the machines in the last several years by landowners, sawmill operators and other'organizations. He added, however, that handplanlms was the only method possible in many nlaces and that it was doubtful that the planting machines would be efficient in areas smaller than 10 acres. ' NORTH THETFOIID. Vt. tfl'i— A heart attack two years ago put Frauk M. Tiitou Into the big-time toy business. While ill. he began :insj old-fashioned woo'ucd toys lea- Startlings too Much for Courthouse Custodian; They Took the Place Over They and tneir friends liked them so well that lie somi found himself designing them for mass production. Now he has recovered his health and established a "Grandad's Toy Shop" across the roact from his home, but he doesn't make many toys • himself. Instead, his projects keep a couple of v.-ootl- ivorking mills making and assembling parts. Tilton paints them. No Directions For Drinkinq u 1 HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (.<»>,—A man told the Judge that he "forgot to read the directions" on the bottle from which he had been drinking when he was arrested on a drnnk- onness charge recently. ' "What kind of medicine were you taking?" asked (he judge. "Liquor," was the reply. "Thirty days," the judge said. "I don't recall ever seeing directions for taking liquor printed on a bot- I tie." LOVINOTON, N. M.; l«— Jesse Benson figures he'll just have to gel- B grip on ills fratleuce and v, r alt until the horde of starlings leaves. The normally mild-mannered Courthouse custod.ian has Just had Ills annual go-round with the Lea County Commission about the pests. He'll have to bear with the raucous screams of the small, speckled birds until they decide they like some place else bettor. The session witli the commission stalled quietly enough. "Jesse," asked Commissioner Carl Denson, "what have you done about those starlings?" Jesse rose from his chair, staring at the commission with a glare usually reserved for those who walk on public lawns. "I've thought about them. Pve dreamed about them. And I've called to the Lord aboul them;" Jesse declared. "Every morning at daylight they leave those trees ami I take hope. Then, every evening they return and bring back a lot of friends from West Texas. "I have come to think that stur- lings were Just created lo co-oper- .itc with county commissioners in driving custodians crazy. "We tried shooting them with u shotgun, but you shoot IB and tip '" the air go 899.982 live ones. Most logical places to find minerals are where two different types of rock formations come to-i gether. | IS THE H£W rn power, economy and comiorl you got more wilh the Mosney- Harris 33. The big 201-inch overhead valve engine handles your toughest 2-3 plow jobs easier ... and it's economical on luel and upkeep. Wide platform, comiorloblo Velvet-Hide scat and convenient finger-tip controls crive you a smoother ride . . . leaa Irjlitjuo after a day in Iho fiftld. You can order the 33 in Rev/ Crop. Single front Wheel, , Standard or Hi-Arch design —wilh ncv; Live P.T.O., for smoother, fasler h< Sfop in joon and lei us show you all lhe aJvantayai at owning lhe new Massey-Harrit 33 Co. N. Highway 61 Phong 2M2 "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" fit lo kill. Long after (lie last shotjjun shell in Lea County is fired, we still will have plenty of starlings In those mulberry trees. "Lnst year we tried Roman candles. They got used to them, and now 1 think they bring; their friends n)> - from old Mexico to see the fireworks." "How about putting aluminums owls In lhe trees," Denson asketff "These birds of ours wouldn't be afraid of stainless steel owls," opined Jesse. "I think they got crossed wilh eagles. They, just plain ain't afraid of anything. "Vou and I'll Just Imve to wait until they leave in March." "Where do they go?" asked Denson. "Back to Caplstiano?" Jesse " turned indignantly to leave. "I know wnere i wish they'd go! he tossed over his shoulder. ' Egypt Makes Planes CAIRO M';—Egypt is planning the production of planes for sale lo neighboring Arab states, the undersecretary /or aviation affairs announced recently. Tile second "traiiilng plane" matte in Egypt has been highly successful in tests, German cxpetrs have been advising the. Egyptian government on lhe manufacture of aircraft. MUDi/DO'ESM'T STOP US" Says G. R. Mills ' Hur' Ail ° VerSCCT f ° r lhe Kell °gK-Hughey Farm, Hughes, Arkansas. . He's sold on hov/.his CalerpiUar Diesel D-l Tractor does everything he wants it to do in any place ' ' ' a " y ° ther tractor on the Mills reports that his D r 4 burns only 20 sallons at Diesel iuel in a 10-hour day. while-his wheel iraciors each burn 35 gallons of Iracior fus] during Ihe s=me da r . . . an d the D-4 does as much work as Ihree wheel tractors combined. Among the many jobs done wilh- their Caterpillar Die-rel Tractor, the Kellogg-Hughey Farm uses the D-4 with four 12-inch busters in third gear lor laying out rows, because the I driver can hold the tractor perfectly straight. It a j so pl ,lls a Rome 16-24 bush and bog disc wilh ease. A Caterpillar Diesel Iractor is .the answer to your farm'< power problem. Let a Kiees representative give vou full details on the low operating and maintenance costs of a Caterpillar Diesel. Free Booklet The J. A. Higgs Traclor Company offers you free, a new, inlcrcsling cailoon booklet on "Power' Farming." ]! tells you exactly why a crawler Iracior IS moani for the farm. V/e offer it l o you because wo know you'll enjoy seeing it. u se t he coupon below and send lor il today. J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR COMPANY <Z< l.'.ll TliUd Li i n<! Hock Arkan53 , u«iAi»f;w:8; v/rar MKMPJIIS. MCGEHEE, CAMDEM, rout SMITH I, A. WGCIS TIIACTOH CO. '•""' «'">. W< I ! Dtttt.) li l~l Htmt ' ' helov/i n Faimer Q Sludenl he "CalorpiUar-,--. * ll&Yv vmir ''Caterpillar" salesman explain how llic r>'-'f 'ID wive my (arm prohlc-ms . . No Hitllgitl'tn, Hi rrfine. i* Mt<i Fit? li'X.fclel on "Power Farming"

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