The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Page 10
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RAGE BLYTHFVILLE (AfrK,)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, 'MAY 14, 1917 5LYTBEVJLLE NEWS . THK H. W. HAINES, PuUtaber JAUKS L VERHOTW, JWUor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertldnc Sole N»tlon»l Advertising RepcwenUtives; W»ll»ce WiUner Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta. Memphis. : Published Every Afternoon Except Sund»y Entered as second class matter at the post- office at plytheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. ' Served by the Unlt«l Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier Hi the city ol .plyWievllIe or nny Bubur^m town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85o per month. ; By mall, within a radius of » miles, MM per vear $200 for six months, »1.00 for three months, by mall outside 50 mile zone, »10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation ' voil we the light, of the world. A city set on a hill cannot IK litd.—MiUlliew 5:14. * * • If is men who make a clly. anil rvcrytlnnK in that city reflects the character of Hi" l>e<>l"« who live there. Stop, You're Breaking Our Heart 11 isn't Ibo ntom, Con:im relations, labor or prices that pot- a coiuri't'ss- nian down, says Kep. Fre.) Rrndlcy of Michigan. H isn't de'oalo, cummiUec work, constituents' demands, or the study of » ow legislation. No, it's the ' endless round of wining and dining nftev hours that kills 'om. Mr. Bradley paints :i pitiful picture of daily invitations to cocktail parties and' dinners—and sevorul on Sunday. Most of them he must turn down for his health's sake. Even so,' he says, - "the strain on us physically and mentally is hardly imaginable to the folks back home." How true. And it muni: he paviicit: larly hard to imagine for veterans \vlio ; wei-3 called upon to risk their lives day after day in combat. They only hud to ... .fight one war, and some of them went reluctantly. Bus Mr. Bradley, whose devotion to public duty makes him heedless of its deadly risks, is now sewing his fifth term in Congress— of his own free will We don't know how lie' stands it. Boy, another crying towel. pensable to that counlry'.s recovery, Such a program wou'd not conflict in any way will) America's campaign against the spread of imposed communism. A clear, detailed explanation of it should serve to dispel imiclt of the disunity which cxjsU: in Congress and the public mind. Thus far the ends of our proposed aid to Greece have beep, emphasised at the expense of the moans This has lent a talking point to those persons who have misunderstood or chosen to misunderstand the aims of the 'IVtiman n»cli'ine. A declaration that a truly democratic Creek jfovcriiiyient is one of those aims might U'.|a> some wind out of opposition sails, all tho way from here to Moscow. VIEWS OF OTHERS More Light on Low Assessments tlian with Let's Be Specific An American conespondeirt in Athens reports that thu Gtjeek.govern- ment is growing more amenable to the idea of strict American control over our proposed aid Uiei"i. Hi: bases his conclusions on talks wiUi two highly placed, but anonymous, Greek citizens. We hope he's right, for earlier indications were not toe encouraging. The consensus of previous stories on the subject was that the Greek government had liltle ir.lenlion of sub' mitlJig to close supervision. Lack of such supervision seoms to have been one of the mistakes in the British at" tempt to stabilize the Greek situation. A setup for controls apparently existed, but never was taken too seriously by either: party. H is doubtful that anyone of open mind would suggest tlint the present Greek government is ar.y prize package. Us reaction, ruthlesHiicss, profit•- coring, and general lack of democracy have lent strength to tho Communists and helped make American intervention necessary. These qualities hav-> robbed the present government oi true popular representation. Many moderate, v.oij- Communist elements have refused to have any part of this political structure. That left them the choice of joining the Communist-dominated opposition or giving the government inactive .- support. Establishment of a really representative government in Greece is necessary to check the infiltration of foreign communism. In fait, the latter cannot be accomplished without the former. Perhaps this has been made clear in Washington aiul Athens. But it lias not been spelled out for the world in gentral to read. .IT.-'-•"" ,it seems to us that much mis- L"-,."':' understanding could be cleared up if '-." " Mr. Truman would state, or delegate V '".'.' someone to state, the sner.ifie terms of '//. our proposed aid to Greece. I 1 .;"" If we are to foot the bill of Greek ; ; reconstruction, we should be entitled |,'......' to say something about the form that |" reconstruction should take. It is most • ••• unlikely that the U. .S. intends to im- b derwrile present Greek policies. New J .<i_ elections and.a change to r. democratic, "^•' j representative government/are indis- A study of our properly assessments, by Ihe Arkansas Public Expenditure Council, reveals that In 22 counties 'the real properly nssessmcivU were only 20.4 per cent of 1945 sales prices. About 2,000 property transfers were examined. Worse than that low avcvagc. Is th« slavering inequality of Assessments which ilic study reveals. They ranged from nothing ftl !ill up to more thnn 100 per cent. Such gross unfairness is an outniise on property owncr.i .who try to pay their fair tuxes, or li-ck political pull to i;cl them reduced. Small owners nntl big owners were assessed, with an overage of 28.2 per cent on property selling for under Sl.tlOO. mid 27 per cent on that chunglng hands ;il £10.000 or more. Owners In the $3,000 to $4,000 class (jot olf the lightest—with an nsscssment averayc of only - Iti.2 !>er cent. Urban property was assessed higher rural properly—21.8 per ceil-., compared 17.1 per cent. Personal property made the worst showing, as you would suspect. Livestock got by nt 17 per cent or Its sales value. Only Ihree out of every five cars were assessed at all—and, it is estimated, less thnn three pur cent of stocks, bonds and notes. In that last Hem yon have the elfcct r.l hl^li millaBC rates. They would, In many cases, • virtually confiscate, the earnings Irom u lot of securities. No doubt lilgn rates 1m vo also operated to depress real estate, assessments. The rates have been going up for years, with the adoption of new millaees for various purposes, while assessments lagged far behind the growth in our property wealth. It is a widt'Vv liurltul situation. It has forced our school people In lAttle. Rock to puss the hat fur a $100,00(1 donation to make up the payroll for teachers. It lias crimped many of our county and city governments, compelling them to go to the sf.le for a hand-out from its revenues, thus creating .1 political .pressure for high levies of the state's Kp'-cial taxes. In Liltle nock, we have had to vote bond issue;; for sums ns small us $1,1,000 and $25,000. This moans, as another study made for the APE reminds, that 30 per cont of the money thus raised for fire apparatus, the public library and park improvements goes to pay interest. The property tax situation has bcconu; intolerable. It has degenerated into a competition in under-assesstncnt which injures the schools and local government, and does nobody nny good in the end. There should be a movement to submit an amendment to correct this evil. Meanwhile, there should be concerted efforts to equalize, and rcsonably increase, assessments. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. 'Who's the Defendant Here? Ottoman in Neutral Spirits As Whiskey Ads Get Dry Hearing The DOCTOR SAYS BY WILMAM A. O'»KIEV, M. I). Written for NBA Service The- effect of tobacco varies In different persons niul in the saine Individual from time to time. Most tobacco users recall the time when they were learning to smoke and how sick it made them. Experienced smokers occasionally complain <>f simitar upsets. Clironic effects of tobacco By FXEUKKICK C. OTI1MAN' (United Prelis Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May 14. (UP) — Th.e subject before the senate was whiskey, a brownish fluid with which I, unfortunately, had haul no experience. The 400 prohibitionists pacxod into the caucus room agreed, however, that this liquid coagulnjib the brain, coats the tongue, mincs the nose. They sa'i causes men to leer at women, wo- mcnto make goo-goo eyes. 1ms • bunds to beat their wives and children to hate tliclr fathers. Why advertise, they asked, lha. 1L is •(>ood for people? Why advertise the nasty stuff at all? Sen. Arthur Capper of Kans.. Introduced the bill which , would fine and or jail anybody connect id with liquor advertisement in interstate commerce. Tiic Interstate Commerce Committee called !<:i witnesses. Crowded into one corner of the vast chamber were M lonesome- looking liquor men, waiting to defend their ads. Ignoring them wers the ladies of Hie W. C. T. U.. tlv gentlemen of the Methodist Board of Temperance, and others. The ladies, in my opinion.'wore handsome; mostly they did not feel the need of lipstick. The gentlemen were distinctive, but in dofiv- Author of Pay-as-You-Go Income Tax Plan Offers Ideas on How U.S. Can Avert Depression known, but there Is a difference of opinion ns to their significance, Of all the systems in the body, the circulartory system s ce 'Us t° ue a *" fected most. The respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems also arc affected. There is a sharp drop in the temperature of the fingers and toes after using tobacco. This' is caused by nervous constriction of the arteries as heal loss to the outside is regulated by the amount of blood which llpws through the skin. 'Harmful effects from tobacco in the coronary circulation, blood flow through the muscle of the heart. have been reported. If the records of young victims of coronary heart disease are analyzed, it is found that the majority are heavy smok- once to their opinions of wnis,;y ers. The large number of fatal j advertising, I shall not suggest th;\ cases of this malady in young men they were men of distinction. would suggest that excessive use of Bishop Wilbur E. Hatnmakcr of the Board of Temperance, Denver, mctioned as mnster-of-ccrcmoiurs. e was a large man in a well- lilorecl double-breasted suit; his on-gray hair was parted in the iddle. and his speaking-voice was lagnificent. "Our youth and young -ncoplo cad that men of dlstinclioi^rc al! .cvolccl to this or tlml,/4tond of i iquor," he intoned. "The.Pfcre bc- ng beguiled to become drinkers s a means to social success." He observed that the history of he whisky business has been sordid, shameful, slimy and scrofu- ous; then he started calling his 32 Hy PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspnndciit WASHINGTON, May 14. (NEM — Bcnrclslcy Kuml, the man who thought up the "pay as you more interested in unions than in part of our work and money go™s work. It should take more interest into other less spectacular but pro- in vocational guidance, opening up . ductivc activities, apprenticeship opportunities, get- "The U. S- Employment Service ting young men and women their i has a broad program of assisting tax plan hns n new idea—sjveral first job, finding productive oppor- I in putting people into jobs tha new ideas-on how to docfe a bus!-; Utilities for the handicapped and fit them, increasing opportunities lies'; slump. He thinks tho govern- older people, inent "can and should ctn mcr» to ;i. The Treasury is more Interest- co-operate with business in pie-1 cd in the federal budget surplus •enling a recession of serious sever- ! than it is in prosperity. It should, ity or duration." therefore, work towards reduction WriliiiK in the financial section of taxes, then launch a campaign of n New York newspaper, Ruinl I to sell "peace bonds" to soak up criticized present policies of the : the extra spending power and stave Department of Agriculture, Labor, I off inflation. and the Treasury for not (loin: enough or for doing th: wrong things. When this statement ?'us called to the attention of thn heads'of these departments, they begged to differ, without saying it in so many words, they imply that Mr. Riiml may be not only unfamiliar with "We are now producing a what their deportments are doing,'more than prewar." says Anderson, but nlso that he may not have all "and consuming a sixth more. The his basic facts straight on present present-day market basket con- economic conditions. tains more of the things people Ruml's new plan makes three. want when they have money to Eating \V»n't Cure Surpluses Secretary of Agriculture Anderson in commenting on the Riunl farm plan points out that the real danger of an agricultural depression comes not from scarcity, but from surpluses. And eating less won't cure the surpluses. main contentions: buy. pour bottles of milk for every 1. The Department of Agriculture J three before the war. Six pounds is more Interested in farmers than of meal in place of five. Four egg.; in food. The department should, i instead of three." therefore, take the lead in a na- | Most of the things which Ruml ion-wide drive for food conserva- : wants the labor Department to do ion with "more meatless days incl j are the very things for which Con- polnto gress has refused to whealless days . more grass has refused to appropriate >ancakcs and fewer noachcd eggs." c more money, lunil says tills would bring down "Tim Labor Department's work on ot>d prices and would help us on industrial relations gets the most BARBS BY I1AI. COCIIRAN Leading \u> lo June, n f;lrl nnn now detect nn cnB(\cc |ncl it. riny in a feUriWs voico. If you ilon't think Ihcsc nro sober rtnys, n^K the man in Uic licjuor storo. • • * A Michigan man Uin]>crt Ijecausc rlioos ho lintl stolen pinched So (lid tx cop. • » • CtRnrct Iniyinj; in London slumped nrnun<\ 50 per cent when now taxoj InUccl Iho |iricc.. II wnsn'l Ihc ciparots Hint wcvo burned up. * • * Opixn-tunlly merely knocKs -tcmptntlon kicks the <loor in! tho way to peacetime prosper tiMcilines." Secretary Lewis Sch- 2. Tile Department of Labor is I \vcllcnbncli ndmits. "Tlie Inrgest for physically handiciipiled, and providing special services for veterans." 1'lan Ignores National Debt While Secretary snyder's office explains that the Treasury do?s not want to make direct comment on Ruml's new fiscal plan, it is pointed out that in recent statements Snyder has touched directly on the points which Huml raises. Ruml's plan gives no consideration to the fact that the u. S. now has a national debt of S258 billion. Testifying before the Senate Finance Committee recently, Secretary Snyder said: "The size of the debt is a strong argument against tax reduction at this time. Under present conditions, I believe it will be sound financial policy lo achieve as large a budget surplus as is possible and apply that surplus against the public debt. When national income is high, ns it is now, it is prudent to reduce the debt." Concerning the proposal to sell more "peace bonds," the Treasury points out that last month it launched its new "Bond a Month" drive. At that time Secretary Snyder reported that for the first 10 weeks of the year, sales had exceeded ifdemptions by about $1 billion—or twice the record of last year. tobacco may be a factor. Another! possibility is that the same ner-: vousness which drives them "" causes them to seek relief from tension through the use of tobacco. UUERGER'S DISEASE Arteries and veins of the arms and legs of persons susceptible to tobacco may develop Buer'gcr's disease. This disorder is more common in nervous individuals who use tobacco to excess. In normal person. 1 ;, the-effect of (ohacco.upon'the circulation is first a -slowing and then an increase in the pulse rate and a rise In blood pressure. This effect is noted in both chronic and occasional users Tobacco is a case of "one man's meat becoming another man's poison." Some persons can use i throughout their lifetime withou permanent harmful effects, whili others definitely are harmed by it * * * QUESTION: Is nn operation 01 the thyroid gland dangerous? ANSWER: Portions of the thy roid "land are removed because P disease or growths. There is great er risk when the patient is not good condition, but surgeons nt tempt to lessen this by speci; treatment before operation. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — Lake Street Methodist Churct Monday when the topic for discus sion was; Prohibition. Mrs. Crigge who heads the W.C.T.U. ill Blythe- villn. talked about the 18th amendment The Rev., E. K. Latimer and ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*••••»••••••••••••••: : IN HOLLYWOOD : KY KRSKIXK .1OIINSON NKA SlnfT Correspondent HOIiL*Y\VOCD. May 14. (NEA) — Hollywood's b:ul boy, Lawrence 'llicnu-y, is in ai^nin. I blrune His studio for his continued troubles \villi i\\u law. The stmlio tried to hint with a raise to $1103 week, a starring roH 1 as n goort ;ny. They thouuht that might straighten him out. T didn't. Movlo stars are like kids. The only \vay yon C.TH really Map down a headstrong .star is to take the camera away from him and st-n him it: a coi'ncv (or a while without a .spotlight. That hurts where it does .some t;ood. ar.d has I He same effect as ;\ hair brush. SO THEY SAY Wc must not compromise on great prtictplcs in order to achieve ngreomcnl lor ngrccmiMHs snke.—Sccretary of State Mnrsliall. • * • Internationalization ot ;iv Lilian and the great waterways would give the UntM Nnuona immense power without nr.mos or navies or violence.—Emiiy Green Bnlch, Ncbla Peace FrUc winner Tor 1940. • • • If the United Stales Senate can set u national wage Tor employes In industry, It can readily support a nahonal minimum for its teachers.—Sen. Claude Pcppc. 1 (D) oi Floridn. • • • Every American has a personal stake in the pxiKtnslon ot world trade. Exports |)rovule ctt- rei;ili r about one out of every 12 joos in me United Slates. Ava Gardner and Orson Welles lurticd up at Hie I>cl alar Turf and Surf hotel on Ihc same day. Coincidence? . . . Krx Harrison anil f.illi 1'alrncr sail (nr Kiigland August 0. I.illl ami llmcl llrnoks. tlu- "15oil> and Suul" of .lolrn (iar- fiolil's new. flicker, aren't speaking sinre roiuplolinn of the- picture. Thr-re was a Irig liattlo nvcr Ha7.- rl setting most of the mil'licity- * * • Jane Powell and Lou McCalliste wlia played Vanessa Brown's fath er in • The Late Oeorr.o Ap'ey." i >layin;: her fiance now in '"Th Poses of Harrow." . . . Hurl 1 brills his guitar b;uk to I''o lor tin- rule of a ranch fcirema in "Green Grans of Wyoming." KXCAVATING FOU A STAIt Errol Khun lost a St. Christopher medal on location with "Silver Hiver." The studio hired a fellow with a land mine detector and found it. It reminded me of the lime Shirley Temple was at the peak of her fame as a kid star. There was a steam shovel digging a bit; hole opposite the I-\>x studio Someone said, "What's (joint; on?" "Shirley Toa-.pUV said someone else gravely, "just lost her ball." I-ana Tinner is pitching for girls' haseliall team when Spencer Tracy meets her in "f'ass Timlieilnnr." . _ . Henry Fonda. pricsi. clashes over religion Hi Pedro Arnieiidarlx. :i 11011- Catlmiic h in "TliR Fngllivc." Fonda is the I'rolc-stuut, Pedro the ite- vnut Cat hull c off the, .screen. Rita Hayworlh's independent mo•Io. when she returns from Eu- •opr. will net her SG5DO a week UK'. 50 nor cent of the profit. 'kywnters have been putting Greg Perk and "The Macomber \ffnir" in the Hollywood skies for local theaters, much to the dis- aiuy of pur amount's "Whispering Smith" company shooting outdoors on the backlot," They had to wait For Pi'rk to drift away before Alan Ladd could play his scenes. * « • DON'T CRY WOLF! Comic Jack Parr will Rrt a star buildup al RKO after he takes o\vr the J;uk Benny summer show . Cabot and Dresden, the Bill more Howl dance loam, will be in "Babes in Tovlnnd." • • « Bob Welch, who will produce the Kol> Hope film. "PalcEace." Is the same pen! ivho wntte and pnitlue^d those top Command I'erfurmance shows during the \\-ar. . . . Overheard: "She cried \vtdf so often she finally pot one." McKENNEY ON BRIDGE tfK J) I Defense's 'Echo' Lets In 4 Spades BY WILMAM K. McKENNEY America's Card Authority Written for NI'.A Service It will not be long now before tile cast again will invade the west Last year we chartered a speci.i plane "and flew out to Californi: tor Bridge Week. An equally largf crowd from the Atlantic coast expected to participate in the event this year in San Francisco May 28 to June 1. and moving down to Los Angeles June 4-8. Last year the easterners were able to capture only one major sr lie had not signaled to show his partner that he held the king oi diamonds, because Mrs. Bailey, who never misses a trick, took full advantage of it. East won the first club trick and continued with the ace of clubs, on which West played the eight of diamonds, telling hi s partner that he held something good in that suit. East continued with a club, West ruffed and returned a spade. Mrs. 'Eailey (South) won and proceeded 10 run all - of her trumps. On the second to last trump West dropped the four of dian]onds to complete his diamond echo, but on squeezed. If ho let go a heart, all the last trump he found himself of dummy's hearts would be good so he drew the five of diamonds blanking down to the king. Mrs. 'Bailey then played a hearl and cashed dummy's ace, king am queen of hearts, then led a diamond. Without batting an eye, shc wcnt right up with her ace. Kac not West said, "I hold the kin:; o diamonds"? It was not hard fo Mrs. Bailey to count out that a the present moment it was blank vitnesses. Outstanding amonf: hese, perhaps, was Henry M. Johnson. Louisville. Ky.. attorney and >rcsidcnt of the Kentucky Sunday School Association. He wore h[f eyeglasses on a black ribbon; he .old of the ininds of boys and The night before he started to Washington he warned his 10-year-old grandson against a liquor advertisement in full color which hr was packing as evidence to present the senate. "He examined this ad." Johnsnr tcstified, " and he looked up inU , my face and said, 'grandy. if I was- . n't ynurnll's little boy I'd want tc try some of that, myself.' " The ladies in the rear applauded , this caused • Sen. - Clyde Reed o ; Kans, the chairman, lo threatei them. If they clapped another hand ; he'd consider shooing them out The ladies subsided. ^ I regret that lack of ^ force, : me to ignore many of the argu ••; ments against the dangerous tluio but I must close with the cvidencr • of Samuel Reid, a Philadclphi manufacturer of tape (red on spe cial order) and an ardent, white goateed prohibitionist. He wrote his favorite mapcimn i letter of protest when he noticu it an advertisement of winf 'They replied courteously Hirst sine vine was an ingredient in rooker\ hey saw no reason to bar the ad :ie lestificd. "A pretty good answer, wnsn it?" asked Sen. Reed. "Not to me." snapped thr w'Lt ness with the chin-whiskers. The same calendar is xised sou of the equator that we u.~e. bi they 'nave summer during our wn ter." l,t. James Percy, Marine Con pilot, fell 2CCO feet into the Pacif oeen when his parachute failed I open, and lived. George Cross attended tlii fct-it Conference of the Christian Chnrc held yesterday at Jonesboro. L. L,. Ward motored yestrrciny t Carrsville. Ky , amir's accompr nied by his brother-in-law who hi been visiting here while undergoir treatment at a Memphis clinic. 'Comedian A07G3 108-13 K 8 5 -1 Clem Mr&irthy lolls tills little known Will Rogers s'.ory. Rogers went to W;i?hinslon to see a Senate i committee. The boys lud taken i the weekend off and were inli;iHi-| championship, the national A 10854 V A K Q 7 N W E s Dealer 4k None V JD2 • J 10G2 4, A K J 8 53 Mrs. Bailey A A K Q J 'I » AQ3 *Q104 Tournament—N-S vnl. South West North East I A Pass 2 » 3 + Double Pass 4 A Pass Opening—* 2 1 more lor the Prcakness. Will went down there nnd was inlrodnfed to the crowd by Clem. Said Will: "I guess I'm the only man in America who ever hart to go to a race track lo confer with a senate committee." The Reeky Mountain states contain about one-fourth of all the big game In the United Slates. pairs, won by Mrs. Paula Bacher of East Orange, N. J.. and Harry .T. Fishbein of New York. I would like to predict that the easterners will come away with more titles this year, but we can expect to find good bridge played out there. Today's hart wi> s 1'laycd by Mrs. Mar.rccn Bailey, one of California's outstanding -~i, wor players. West would have been much better off HORIZONTAL J.5 PkUircd ' acloi "ll Alliance ' 13 Makes certain 15 Pokev stake 1G Visage 18 Prong If) Kxislccl 20 Scnllcrs 22 Burmese demon 23 Nilon (symbol) 2-1 Pi cposilion 25 Opera (nb ) 27 Italian i ivei '28 Wise men 30 Compare :{2 Ignited 33 Mnhitmmodan name 34 Apart 3fillc plays parts 3D Down «10 Type measure 41 Dimiiuili\ e suffix 42 Sun god 43 Globe 45 Firm masses 50 In favor ol 51 Shoal 53 Companion 54 Sensible 55 Occupied 57 Puffs up l 59 Natural fata 60 Imitated _; VERTICAL I Lau -mnliitii; • body y Make:- lace 3 Er.-i <J Greek lellei 5 Vcvniin fi Again 7 Pronoun 8 Groove U Ireland 10 Algnnquian 11 Grassy yards 12 N'cwl 11-Surgical tin cad 21 Crimlm-l-. 24 Ne\v wile M Stt-ci 20 Hii!h pncsl 31 Ki])lini; ch;u';lciei 31 Wnv.^jip 35 Calm 37 Piessed 17 Area measure 38 UospmiMbili 2(1 Methcids iie> •11 Pleads 4K llrbrevi •l~ Hoys 4'.! Scotiish river "if) Oi-sliuy M Obese 54 E-'nci vnle 50 Karth qcxides:- 58 iX'ivte of scale

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