The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1934 BLYTHEVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE.FIVE ENFORCEMENT OF EIQUOR LAWS IS STILL "Side Glances" Won Fame For Arlist George Clark Repeal Has Brought Changes But Has Not Kntled Troubles This is (he last of three tuininiriK up sl\ months of repeal, drullni; with efforts nt .-.latrs ID duft effirlpi I liquor umlrol Jaws, ta\ prolilims, (lie rL-lni tide ut Imirir atrideiiK .ind tliu HV \VII.LIS TIIOKNTON \i;A Service Staif (,'()rr(-.s|>ondt:nt Tlioush repeal was supposed U> remove the federal government Ircm llio liiinor piclurc 1 , Uncle Sain'.s figin? get.s clearer and clearer us the picture develops. He lias plenty to do with liquor control Mill, and already lie has alrout half as many men trying to stop bootlegging as he had during prohibition. But they're not trying tn stoj: drinking. They're trying to slop lax evu&lon -this is enforcement for revenue only. Thirteen hundred federal agents arc righting the bootlegger— not because he makes whisky, but because lie makes it and sells il without paying license and excise, taxes. There were once 3200 prohibition agents. The number ol revenue men is rising today, and plans arc in the making which if carried oi:t would enlist a greater army of them than there ever were of prohibition agents. HEAL FIGHT IS FACED Since repeal, these federal operatives have seized nearly 1000 Mills. They arc- the Held force of th; lirtuor tax enforcement unit ol the Treasury Department, op- criiliiiy under a deputy commissioner of internal revenue. And the Treasury also lias nearly 700 men on border patrol to block smuggling. 'Ihe Treasury Department, once more in charge ol liquor tax en-, lorccmcnl, iu> it was before this jot) was traasferred to the Justice Department, has no illusions about this being a soft job. "We have a real fight on our hands." says Herbert, E. Oaston, f|:ecial assistant to Treasury Sec- ictiiry Morgcnthau. "BootleRging han not gone out. Make no mistake about that. Bootleggers want llic big profits that now can be made from selling illicit liquor in competition with tax-paid liquor" BEKK KACKET SMASHED But there arc unquestioned bright spots in the bootlegging sil- unlion. In the first place ,thc immensely profitable beer rackets have been .smashed. The lucrative U;!du thai terrorized Chicago and many other great cities has had its death bloiv. I-c'tal beer is so cheap that i! dcx-nn pay to set up the enormous plan!; and lake the transportation rsks required to compete with it. There ii, still, ol coiirw, some home br;witi;Y Smuggling of liquor into the country by sea has fallen off ereatly. Theie is still some evidence of "ruin rows." r-specially oil HELENA WILL BE (U. PI HOST At Least 50 From Here to Attend Meeting Friday and ^Saturday There are 750 members of Bap- llst Young People Unions hi norlh- cssl Arkansas exacted to intend (he annual itistrict meeting at Helena nexi Friday and Saturday, J. I 1 . Friend of Blylhcvlllc, stale president, announced. Of llii-i number 50 will go from here. "He Must Helen" Is subject ol llio two tiny prosrinn which will be featured with addresses by widely known llnptlst ministers and religious workers. On the first day the Rev, Cecil Franks of Rcbtor. (lie Rev. I. R. Pilncc of West Hclenn. Miss Christine nrlster of Blue Mountain college at Blue Mountain. Miss., the Rev. Roy L. Hurst of Hot Springs, J. Ramsey of Niil- chez, Miss,, and the Rev. Edgar 0. Williamson of PnrUjjould, will be the principal speakers. Tlie music will be directed by 3ayle Holcomb, of Hot Springs, lie Rev. L. p. Langlcy of Walnul Ridge will give the devotional In he morning session with J. C Jordan, of Helena, welcoming the ;ucsts nnd with. Dove Batenmn of Rector, giving the J. P. Friend of here. as state prc.sidcnl, will give a demonstration of the E. E. Lee plan for weekly meetings and the seven conferences on B. Y. P. U. work be led by Walter Clark of West Helena, Mrs. Edgar O. Wil- J George Clark, who draws "Side .ideas, for he draws nearly all his :cha,raclers directly Jrom life or i Glances," had a tot of sidelines before he made a career of these famous vignettes of human nature. Born in Oklahoma, worked his way through various schools as an advertising artist, sign painter, window trimmer,' and animated (from memory. Says libraries and 'railroad stations are the bes Iplaces to catch and sketch people loff (juard. . Would rathe jvvntch people talk than listen to them. Paints occasionally movie cartoonist. . . . Many arl-ibut linds it too slow. . . . Believe; ists rate George Clark's work as Inany persons are good artists and the highest class illustration appearing in any newspaper today. . . . His fan mail comes from people who know what It's all about . . . college professors, lawyers, doctors, merchants, chiefs. . . . He works furiously, sometimes all night, sometimes rising at 4 a. in. to get an idea on paper. Spends many more hours finding never know It. ... Has remark able physical strength, but aboui all the exercise he gets Is walking with his baby daughter. Yon can avoid missing one i "Side Glances," bjr calling the circulation do.urtrnent, Phtne 306, cd olives, salad drcuuif, shredded of lettuce. Chop eggs coarsely nnd combine with macaroni, celery and olives. Add salad dressing to make moist uid serve 011 a berTof shredded rat lettuce, tarnish wllh hilves of stuffed olives. It's better to use ht olives auffed with pluientocs atlicr than thus? stuffed with rc-li'ry or mils because the red of he pimento makes an attractive ouch of color. MararMU l^nit Salad llamson of Paragould, Miss Luna B. Wilhclm of BlytlKVille, Miss Mary Panneck of Jonesboro, Mrs. T. H. Jordan of Helena, Miss Lillian Tibbies of Black Rock. :mu Miss Mary Alice Crawford of Wynne. The Rev. John L. Rlftcy. of Brlnkley, will give the devotional. The annual district banquet will be given Friday evening before the program in which E. J. Klrk- trlde. of Batesville, will be the chief speaker. Others to speak will be: J. P. Edmunds of Little Rock Miss Edna Simmcrman of Para- goiild, Miss Annette Clawywell of West Helena and Miss Delhi Purtie of Blytheville. Tire Rev. Law- One cup cooked macaroni, 1 cup llccd pineapple, 2,banana* thinly sliced and marinated In lemon liilce, 1 cup whipping cream, 1-4 :up orange Juice, 1-4 cup lemon lulce, 1-3 cup sunar, 2 tank-spoons curiutarch. 1-4 teaspoon tall. It's a Rood Men to dice tho ptnc- »|iplc several hours before you want to make your .wind. Sprln- >le with sugar and If you want o. drain nnd use the Juice In place if orange juice to make the drcss- ng. If you do use pineapple juice bring it to tlw boiling point before you make the dressing. Mix sugar and cornslarch and tli into boiling pineapple juice. Cook, stirring occiislomilly, In double boiler for 20 niTnules. Add Ic- Julce nnd let cool. When ready to use fold In cream whipped until firm with salt. Add macaroni, pineapple and bananas to ilrc.'shiB and serve on tender Ifavus of head Icllucc with « garnish or halves of fresh strawberries or maraschino cherries. A cube of bright jelly will ako serve is nn attractive garnish. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Fresh nprlcols, cereal, cream, baked French loast, i.vrup, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cheese fondue, creamed celery, sliced tomatoes. kiss pudding, milk, tea. DINNER: Planked ham and eggs. spinach with Hollnndalsc sauce, macaroni fruit salad. toasted crackers with cheese, milk, coffee. Scientists Meet in Annual Session of 'Mother Church BOSTON, Muss. —Virtual completion of Hie new Christum Science Publishing House in Boitoii, Massachusetts, and gratitude to the Field for Its loyal t>u|)port which marki this achievement possible, was the keynote at Utc Annual Meellni of Tire Mottwr Church, Scientist, In Boston, Massachusetts, lield here June 4. Better and quicker healing, and closer unity In Its. demonstration, M well as greater consecration to tlw Ideals set up by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Chilttlan Science, were lmprc.s»- ed upon ihe "army of Christian Science workers," more than 6000 strong, who attended this Annual Meeting. Thc«c workers arc representative! of » Held which extends to xuch remote points is Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, as well as Rutland and many of tbe continental countries. Practically every «l»te in the Union and many purls of Canada also are represented. _ -| Announcement was made of the election of Die following officers: President—Dr. John M. Brewer, of Cambridge, U&ss, Treasurer—Edward L, Rlpley, of BrooklltK, Mass. Clerk — Ezra W. Palmer, of m-ookllne, Mass. The new President of Tho Mother Church, Dr. John W. Brewer, Is a native of Antloch, California. He graduated from the Unlvenlty of California at Berkeley In 1M2. In 1911 he received the Ph, D. degree In education from Harvard Unlvcrllly nnd became an Instructor there. Two year* were spent as head of the Department of Education at tho Los Aniolra State Normal School, after which he was appointed to the position ho now holds, Ajsocl- ale Professor of Education, Graduate School of Educa- llon, Harvard University. Profes- aor Br«w*r la aitUw <* booka on education. IB .. with hla protatoml work.b* __ traveled extenalreir ta Europe.^ Hla first experience with CM*, tlan Science waa thrmvh a heal- '• Ing In IMS. In • 1M» he Joined' The Mother Church. In Fim Church of Chriit, SekBtlat, bfMg«, " Is now a member, be has atm* as< President, Flrat member of IU Exteuiite BoanL He alw beloni* to Chrfctian Science Orianimtlon of Harrart University. MOLLAULA, Ore. (UP>-A catal- cndc of 60 wild hones from th* deserts of Southeastern OKfon la en route to Uolalla for the annual 1 buckeroo" celebration. July 1, 2, I nnd 4. The horses were rounded up In tli« Malheur lake region and "" driven (00 mllea ta northwestern Oregon o»er dirt road* and mountain trail*, avoiding paved ' highways. Twelve ridera are doing the herding. About a month will be required for the journey. ; Elementary Pupils Rank High in Stanford Achievement Tests FliTidu. and the runnins in ol liquor from the Bahamas, especially by plane, has proved hard to Mop, Smugglinc from Canada ha: fallen off tremendously. The new situation has troughl r.-iv piublems. Counterfeiting ol hihcls wa.s a flourishing business and having ihe Courier News mall- rcncc Rllc *'' °' M«*cd Tree, will ed to joo while you are away. B'yo the devotional. The convention will be concluded at the close ol the Saturd.1) morning session. At that time the Rev. J. B. Kincannon, of Marlanna, will conduct the dcvotlona and speakers will be: Mrs. 1. M Prince of West Helena, Mrs. D. C Wines of Helena, Miss Frances Gregson ol Jonesboro and the Rev. T. H. Jordan of Helena. Conferences will be led by Miss Gcral- dine Johnson of Forrest City, Mlw Eunice Jenkins of Blythcvtlle, Miss Frances Swain of Helena. Miss Blanche Hays of Jonesboro, Mrs. The upper four classes of the surplus ol nine points for the city. Blytheville Elementary Schools j The greatest number, of points ranked above the National stand-1 above the standard was made by ards on the Stanford Achievement j the 5A grade at Central which Tests which were given through-1 ranked ten points high- out the third, fourth, fifth and] The following pupils made the SUB-DISTHICT NO. 4 of C1RAS3Y LAKE and TYRONZA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. >, PLAINTIFF, vs. CERTAIN LANDS, mxl II. L. WRAY, ETT AL., DEFENDANTS. DRAINAGE: NOTICE All persons having or claiming an Interest hi any of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit la pending In tlic Chancery Court of the Chlckasawba Mstrkt of Miwlsslppl County, Arkansas, to enforce the collection of certain drainage tuxes due on the subjoined list of lands, each supposed owner having been wt op- ixoltc his or her or Its lands, together with tlie amounts severally due from each, to-wit: Farmers Cotton School Is Attracting Interest The farmers' cotton classing school, lo be held in Blytlicvllle from June 11 to 15, Is creating considerable Interusl among individuals who desire (o learn more about the grade mid staple of Mississippi county cotton. The grading and classing of cotton will be by a licensed grader. In order to meet incidental ex- [icnscs in the holding ol the school, there will be a registration fee of 50 cents for the entire five days. J. E. Ciltz. county agent, Is anxious lo yet an many In the school as can be conveniently taken cure. Anyone desiring to enter the school may get in touch with Mr. Crltz, or with Mr. Oliver, local manager of the Mid-South Cotton Growers association. Name I'l. of Sec. H b Wr*y NE SE H L Wray NW SE Ootnmonwealth Furm Loan Lot 2 NW Commonwealth Furiu •Loan Lot 3 NW Commonwealth Farm Loan NE SW Commonwealth Farm Loan NW SW Commonwealth Farm I/>an SE SW Commonwealth Farm S. T. R. 12-14-10 12-iMO Acres 40 40 Tax 13.88 17.34 1-14-11 30.33 1-14-11 30,93 1-H-ll 40 Loan Ijovc 13 Ad aim Love B Adams Love B Adams Love B Adams Louis I^endennlc Ira Crawford Ira Crawford Ira Crawford Ira Crawford First National Bank Lot 2 NE Firal National 3\V SW NE SE NWSE SE SE BW SE NW SE NW NE SW NE NW NE BW NE 1-14-11 i-14-11 1-14-11 2-li-ll 2-14-11 2-14-11 2-14-11 3-14-11 10-14-11 10-14-11 11-14-11 11-14-11 40 (0 40 49 40 (0 40.S3 (0.73 40.73 39.M 39.94 6.30 6.36 11.18 11.78 11,78 11.78 19.20 19. 19.20 19.20 11.65 11.55 16.20 30.W Name pt. of Sec. 8. T. B, Acres Garner A: Christman SE NE t-lS-11 M darner & ClirUt- man SW NE 1-15-13 40 Garner & Christ man NE SE t-15-lJ 40 Leo Wilson It. Co NE SW 8-15-12 40 Lcc Witeon A Co NW SW 1-15-12 40 Lee Wilson & Co SE SW 8-15-12 40 Lee Wilson <t Co SW SW 8-15-12 40 Oarner S: Christman NE NW Onrncr A: Christman NW NW Garner & Chrlst- inan SE NW Oarner A; Christ- 9-15-12 40 9-15-12 49 g-15-12 40 12-14-11 32 Bank Lot 3 NE 12-14-11 Tom Lovclady N',i NW SW 13-14-11 L W Collins sixth grades during the last month : highest score on the tests in each 1 Lawrence Rlley of Marked' Trci; of school. In the eighteen classes! of the classes tested: Miss Martha Ray of Osceoln. Bill' which the tests were given, Lange: 5A—Mary Lynn Jack- nine ranked above the standard son, Harold Wood, R. C. Hawkins; score, three were lied with the! 5B—Philip Bishop. Betty Joe Har- jtandard score and six were below ; gctt, Boneeta Lucus; 4A — Allen it. Taken as a whole, the city av-1 Rice, William Lee Arlington, Leroy Hunt ol Tyronzn and Mrs. J. L. Newsom of Blytheville. Several awards arc to te made. The winner of the intermediate sword drill is to receive a medal. ?ragc composite score was nine! Ross; 4B—Billle Jarrctt, Geraldine a cup will be given the imlori points above the composite stand-j Fisher, Verna Wheat; 3A—Georgel having the most points in attend- .ird score. At Central school each' Wilson, Beulah Elizabeth Mullins.l nnr-e and mllcnge, 'a cup to the if the five sections ranked above! Harold Robertson; 3B-Billy John-'church having the largest number .he standard. At Lange school'son, Wilbur Lesley, Marie Presnell, ;hrec classes ranked above the'Eddie Anderson; Sudbury: 6A— three classes ranked below the I Tom Clint Wheat, Mildred Muir, itandard. At Sudbury one class Billy Woolen; 5A—William Mur- .ankcd above, three were tied with dough, Lucile Russellc, Annie Mae .he standard and three ranked during prohibition: now (he counterfeiting of both labels and rpve- nu= stamps hns become an art. The Treasury recently turned np counterfeit labels that were so £co:l lliiit [he manufacturers themselves couldn't lell the difference tctwccn the imitation and the genuine article. And a ring of bootleggers, be- li?vid lo havo nation-wide connections, is just being broken up by iiirr.%1'; in Washington and Ycrk. CIIRATEI) OF MILLIONS New This ring Oiwralcd so widely that iUi wotk I 1 ? hclieved to have COG! Ih? government, literally millions of dollars in lost taxes. The ring had flooded New York with t-.otlcR liquor bearing counterfeit Klow it. In comparison with the composite standard scores Central ranked sixteen points above. Langc one point above and Sud- )ury eight points bcjow, giving a old whisky lo Impart the characteristic mellow flavor to the blends. But as time passes, and every Jislillery puts part of its product away to age in the wood, more Craig; 5B—Claudia Bennett, Marie Hopper, Jerome Daniels. Jack Chbholm, Robert Jran Douglas: 4A—Charles CaldwciiT BUI Morse, Doris Muir; 4B—Emma Jane Webster, Millard Hooper, Janelta Webb; 3A—Billy ^ullison, Paul Sutherland, Sam Outsscock. Central: 6A—Betty Lou Kramer, Russell Farr, Lloyd Ward; 6B—Ben Sanders, Betty Margaret Dugan, Peggy Spencer; 5A-Hunter Sims, nd more aged whisky will 'become i X. iremla Armstrong. Vera Elizabeth ivallable. Reserve stocks aging hus used to run from 250,000,000 .0 3)50,003.000 gallons; il may be cveral years Iwfore such a re Ooodrich. Betty Jean Hill; 4A— Sallie Malhis, Warren KIcban. Margaret Holland; 3A—Lloyd Blo- of points, and the association having the largest number present. i ineyer, Roger Babcoek, Annie rrvenue stamps. Mend of the Federal Alcohol ervc again is built up. but a be- diming is being made. TRICK BOTTLK IS PROBLEM The FACA is now engaged on ,wo troublesome problems: One i. o get in force a system of labeling ihat will tell each whisky pur- Jhascr how much old whisky, ho« nisch raw whisky, antl how much ilcohol and coloring matter he I: jetting in every bottle. The other is an effort to sland- irrliM bottles, to stop tha impon ->l bottles ol trick sizes.and shape; .vhich tend to delude the consumer. This latter has met with slid jpposition, ns some of these fane; packages have been imi»rled for /cars, and American consumers are ."amillar with them, despite their .rick sizes. YIELDS TAX HARVEST ---- -__ About $100.000,000 flowed inu of March compared with S4.903,-K»e federal sovernment's coffor. Wright. Control Administration, which regulates importation, distilling, and wholesaling. Is Joseph H. Clioatc Jr.. who has officially announced he believes there be plenty of good, cheap whisky within a year. Reserve stocks of whisky for aging are gradually being built up as now and bigger stills swing into production, stocks of imported alcoholic drinks have also increased ix-in? worth S18.083.I91 at the end 506 three months before. MOST WHISKY BLENDED Incrcnsins of Import quotas until ir. May and June there were no restrictions at ail was made neces- s.iry ty (he fact that repeal canght Hi" country with small anri Inadequate stocks of aged whisky—not cr.ough even for blending. ^tost whisky on sale today is blrndcd—and always was, so far 33 that goes. A blend is simply a mixture of different whiskies, or of whisky, alcohol, and coloring and flavoring matter. A blend usually consols of a small amount of old, bonded whisky, with either new whisky or with pure grain alcohol and flavoring and coloring matter added There hasn't been enough ot tfce rom liquor, wine, and beer taxc luring the first four months fol- .owing complete repeal. That isn't lull: as much as some of the optimists guessed, tut it runs pretty trite to the best estimates made •n pre-repeal days. At, that rate, liquor should bring -he federal government a quarter billion dollars In the first year- no small change, even in thesu days when anyone who talks In mere mnitons Is a piker. Definite benefits, definite dlsap polntments, both are seen In th Sikeston Layman WAI Speak at Caruthersville CARUTHERSVHXE. Mo.—J. N. loss. Sikeston. Is to speak here In he Methodist church Sunday in bservance of Layman Day hroughout the St. Louis Confcr- noc, of which this church is a Tiember. Ross is one of the lead- ng laymen of the conference. H« will speak at the morning hour. "Daymen of this church will go to Hayti. Slcele, Holland, and several other places to make addresses Sunday. Will Take Weil Point Examination This Month __ CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — Joe Sannon Jr., son of Capt. and Mrs '- M. Cannon, will go to West ?omt Military Academy June 21 -o take an examination for en- •rance into that Institution. Joe >nd Capl. Cannon will leave here June 17. The first of this week Joe pass id certain preliminary examina tions at Jefferson Barracks, S Louis at which time his hljr BV MARY E. DAGUK NEA Service Staff Writer A brand-new use for macaroni is in salad. One of my Italian friends groans at the idea but that is because he Is loo stcc|)Cd in tradition to be able to' support the thought of his favorite paste served anyway except hot and dripping with sauces of one kind or another. For spring. I'm sure you'll really like macaroni salad— so fftiuld my Italian friend If he ould be induced to try It! Perhaps Ihe most Important step n the making of successful mac- ronl salads lies in the cooking Each piece must be firm and mooth. tender but not soft or tlcky. The best way to cook macron I is to drop it into plenty of ooiling water—3 quarts of water and 1 tablespoon salt to 2 cujis macaroni arc good proportions— and boll until tender, about 20 minutes. Drain well and rinse with New Polish Airport One Of Most Modern WARSAW. (UP)— Tlw opening here of the new airport, one of the most complete and largest in Europe, his established Poland as one of the leaders in commercial aviation. The airport Is equipped with several ultra modern features new to European aviation. Poland has made rapid advance in aviation. Tlw building up of her air force •since the war largely has been due to the work of a group of American filers known as the Kosclu.szko Squadron, headed by U. 8. Anny officers . Air travel in Poland Is extremely popular, aiKl the Polish people probably are more air minded than any other in Europe. One reason for the popularity Is tlw remarkable safely of the air service n which there has not been a sin- Sic fatal accident. The. cast of flying Ls extremely low. The new airport marks the geographical center of Europe ami Is within short flights of London, Moscow. Trieste. PraKue and Riga. Connection Is made with sailings and arrivals of steamers at Gydnin so that American tourisls can reach the prlncl- nal cities of the continent, in a few- hours from OydnU. L W Collins L W Collins L W Collins L W Collins L W Coll in* Dr P L Tipton Or P L Tiploii Dr P L Tiplon Dr I' L Tipton Dr P L Tipton Dr P L 'Upton Dr P L Tipton Dr P L Tipton H P Liston H P Lisbon H P Union H P Uiton NW NE SW NE NE NW NW NW SB NW SW NW NE NE NW NE SE NE 3W NE NE SE NW SE SE SE SW SE NE SW NW SW SE SW SW SW school credits were accepted. Th r-...™......,, ^ui «,c ocm in u» -'*? "<i u l"d extminattons at Wes first six months of repeil. But the I ™ nt " e in Algebra and English - - - « he passes j n thtse, it is ex one thing that stands out 1s the thing which the wisest have sten ail along—there Is no one nrul answer to the liquor problem, (THE END) tot P«cttd Joe will be accepted Uw military tcuSemy at once, pc* ttbly reraauunt there; and not r* W H & Waller Anderson SE NE M H Robinson NW SE Bankers M'gacc Co NESW Bankers Mtg Co NW SW Bankers Mtg Co SE SW Bankers Mtg Co SW SW M H Robinson NE xcpt 2 A SW cor E',4 E 90 A Bankers Mort Co NE SE Bankers Mort Co SE SE C A Rogers Lot 1 At J NE Helen Prances Buchanan E of L Frl NE C A Roffers Lots 3*4 NW Robert Connelly NW SW W M Taylor Est NE NW W M Taylor Eat NW NW W M Taylor Est BE NW W M Taylor Est SW NW I O West brook Esl E of B SW Mary Catherine Rccco 15-H-ll 15-H-lt 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 15-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-11 17-14-U n-u-n 17-14-11 17-H-I1 17-14-11 18-14-11 18-14-11 18-14-11 18-14-11 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 4-14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 5-14-12 8-14-12 6-14-12 6-14-12 6-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 7-14-12 32 20 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 47.47 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 43 40 40 ^ 40.64 38.93 107.48 40 40 40 40 40 man SW NW 9-15-12 Lcc Wilson Si CO NW SB J-1S-15 Lee Wilson t Co 8W SE 8-15-12 Joe R Baker NE SW »-!»-» Joe R Baker NW SW 9-15-12 Joe R Baker SE SW 9-15-12 Joe R Baker SW SW 8-15-12 Lee Wilson A; Co SW 3W 14-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co NW NW 15-15-12 I/cc Wilson i Co NW SE 15-15-12 Lcc Wilson & Co SE SE 1S-15-12 Lee Wilson k Co SW SE 16-15-12 Lee Wilton .t Co NE SW 15-15-1Z L»e Wilson & Co Orlg Sur NW SW Lee Wilson Is Co Orlg Sur SE SW Lee Wilson & Co Orig Sur SW SW 15-15-12 Joe R Baker Eli NE NE 17-16-12 Joe R Baker E 4A W'.i NE NE 17-15-12 14 fa Joe R Baker E15 8E NX ri-15-12 oe R Baker E * A WH SE NE 17-15-12 cc Wilson Ac CO NE SE 17-15-12 M Wilson id co NW SE 17-15-13 Lcc Wilson A: Co 8E SE 17-15-13 Lee Wilson & Co SW SE 17-15-U x:c Wilson & Co NE NE 20-15-12 Lcc Wilson ti Co NW NE 20-15-12 tc Wilson A Co SE NE 20-15-1J Wilson & Co SW NE 20-15-J1 Lcc Wilson «£ Co NE SE 20-15-13 Lee Wilson & Co NW SK 20-15-1* Lee Wilton & Co SE SE 20-15-12 Lee Wilson & Co SW SB 20-15-12 C E Crlgper Frl EK NW 21-15-12 E Crlggcr NW NW 21-15-12 C E Crlgger SW NW 21-15-12 C E Crlggcr NE SW 21-15-12 Louise chapman S « A SW SE 25-15-12 lurtls J Uttlc N of R E 7.50 A SE SW 25-15-12 Louise chapman S of R SE SW 23-15-12 Louisa Chapman S of R E 5 A of 8 A SW SW 25-15-12 Louise Chapman NW NE 26-15-12 Louise Chapman Frl SW SE 28-15-11 Louise Chapman NE NW 26-15-12 Louise Chapman NW NW 28-15-12 Louise Chapman SE NW 28-15-13 40 40 4* 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 TM 14.94 14.04 11.52 1.43 t.41 ».43 14.M :»*•* 14.4* 13.M- 14.11 14.13 14. U 14. IS i:il. 12.00 | 1.3S 5.53 7. ad 3.30 15-15-12 29,81 4.41 15-15-12 39. M 7.17 8.30 D.30 5.55 32.10 31. 3« 24.24 24.24 24.24 24.24 11.48 11.48 11.48 11.48 14.72 14.72 14.72 14.72 12.70 n. 18 12.73 12.79 .B4 .15 13.29 18.00 .48 12.60 6.45 11.66 11.66 8.40 14.37 5.22 6.00 6.94 5.8' 5.R4 5.9 Read Courier News Want Ads. WARNING ORDER George R. Crockelt, Mary F. 34-15-10 54.04 34-15-10 Frl SW SW J T Fargason Co NE NE 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co NW NE 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co SE NE 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co SW NE '30-15-11 J T Fargason NE NW 30-15-U J T Fargason J T Fargason NW NW 30-15-11 SE NW 30-15-U cold water. Drain thoroughly and chill. Have all the other materials cold. Macaroni Ham Salad Tills salad Is particularly good served on a bed of shredded cabbage. One cup cooked and chilled macaroni. 1 cup chopped cold boiled ham, 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish. 2 pimcnloes, 1 cup salad dressing (mayonnaise or cooked dressing), shredded cabbage. Mix horseradish and ham thoroughly and combine lightly with macaroni and ptmentoes which have been cut In shreds. Moisten with dressing and serve on a bed of shredded crisp cabbage. C'rockclt, Mrs. M. E. Cox and Charles J. Cox are warned to np- Pcar in (he Chancery Court for the ChJckasawba District of Mh- siMlppI County. Arkansas, within three months after the date hereof, to answer a complaint filed against them by Peoples Building it Loan Association, of Litllc Rock. Arkansas. Dated this 8th dav of June. 1934. R. L. GAINES, Clerk By Elliott Sartain. D. C. Reid. Evrard &" Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. J T Fargason SW NW 30-15-11 Bankers Mort CO NE SE 3B-15-U Nora McKinncy NW SE 30-15-U Bankers Mort Co SE SE 30-15-U Bankers Mort Co SW SE 30-15-U 3 T Fargason Co NE SW 30-15-U J T Fargason Co NW SW 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co SE SW 30-15-11 J T Fargason Co SW SW 30-15-11 Gus Crow SE NE Lee Wilson & Co NE SW Micaroai Salad This is another substantial salad. On* cup cooked icacirtml. 2 hard cooked eggs, 1-2 cup diced, turning borne with Cspt. Cannon celery, 4 tablespoons sliced stuff- N THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CmCKASAWBA DISTRICT O P MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Ollie Albright. Oscar Byrum. Flossie Blackburn. Daisy Malone. and Ada Harris. Plaintiffs, vs. A. G. Byrum, nnd Mark Byrnm. By- Juanlta Byrum and Pearl rum. Minors. Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendants. Marie Byrum and Pearl Byrum, Juanlla Byrum. are warned to tppeir in this Court within thirty (30) days to answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, Ol- Ile Albright, Oscar Byrum, Flossie Black turn, Daisy Mi lone ir.d Ada Hurls. R. b. OABitt. Clerk . Cilott Sartain, D. C. 9-16-53-30 Lcc Wilson & C» NW SW Lcc Wilson & Co SE SW Lee Wilson <t Co SW SW Lee Wilson & Co NE SE 9-16-23-301 L« Wilson & Co NW SE 1 Lcc Wilson & Co SE SE Lee Wilson & Co SW SE Lee Wilson k Co NE SE L« Wilson & Co NW SE Lee Wilson «: Co SE SE Lee Wilson &. Co SW SE Lee Wilson fc Co NE SW Lcc Wilson & Co SE SW Lee Wilson & Co Frl all WH SW Lcc Wilson & Co NE NE Lee Wilson & Co NW NE Lee Wilson 4; Co SE NE L<« Wilson & CO SW NE Lee Wilson & Co NE NW Lee Wilson & Co SE NW 34-15-11 4-15-12 4-15-12 4-15-12 4-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-12 5-15-15 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 6-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-12 7-15-13 7-15-13 35 40 40 40 40 40.40 50.71 40.40 50.71 40 40 40 40 40 50 40 50 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 59. SS 40 40 40 40 (0.39 (0.39 13.86 2.6 2.6 2.61 2.6 15.93 is.o; 15.9; 15.9: 20.5 20.5 20.7 20.7 23.0' 23.0 23.0 23.0 13. 14.1 14.1 14.1 14.1 18.3 18.1 18.38 18.38 11.73 11.73 11.73 11.73 19.68 19.88 29.61 11.85 11.85 11.85 11.85 30.81 30.81 3S.94 20 4 20 40 40 40 (0 40 (0 (0 40 40 4« 40 40 70.M M.9S 40 •7.17 6.M 1.14 «.M J.lf 14.13 14.13 1(.}S 14.11 . l«-» 14-1?, 14 13 i*.l» 14.11 14.13 2t.*i 14 5t 14. M n.a -1 7.50 ,1.35 Louise Chapman SW NW M-15-12 John M Taylor All W of L SE 2€-l>12 E L & Ruth Hale NE NW 27-J5-I3 E L & Ruth Hate NW NW 37-15-12 E L & Ruth Hale SE NW 27-15-12 E L A; Ruth Hate SW NW 27-15-12 Henry Nipper WW NE NE 30-15-12 Thas E Thompson Bst Lot 5 SE SE 31-15-12 Tlws E Thompson Est Lot 4 SW SE 31-15-12 Edith Halo Howton NENE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton E 35 A NW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros W 5 A NW NE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton SENE 33-15-12 Edith Hale Howton E 35 A SW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros W 5 A SW NE 33-15-12 Wiley Bros NE NW 33-15-12 Wiley Bros NW NW 33-15-12 Wltey Bros Wiley Bros Edith Hale Howton NESE 33-15-13 Edllh Halo H'lon NW SE 33-15-12 Orlcna Hires Orlena Hires Orlena Hires 5.93 23.09 40 SE NW 33-15-12 SW NW 33-15-12 L« Wilson A Co Frl all W« NW Garner ii ChrktBU NE NE owner Si Christ, msn NW 7-15-13 61. (3 48.90 8-15-12 40 I-1V12 49 14.M 11.04 SE SE 33-15-12 40 2 SW SE 33-15-12 (0 1 NE SW 33-15-12 49 '2 Orlena Hires NW SW 33-15-12 W J Orlen» Hires SE SW 33-15-12 4» 3 Orlcna Hires SW SW 33-15-13 49 2 J N Thompson NE NI 34-15-13 « ' 1 J N Thompson NW NE 34-1S-12 « 1 J N Thompson SK NE S4-15-1J M ' 1 J N Thompson Frl SW NE 34-15-12 13 ' 1 J T Johnson NW Cor NW NW 35-15-13 W ' St Louis & San Francisco R R main lira from the East and West Quarter Section UDB':«<. Section 27, Township 15 North, Range' Beren East, to south line ol Section 33. Ttown- chip Fourteen North, Range Eleven East .'.. JoneSooro. Lake City & Eastern R-R (St Loots & San Francisco R R) rrutin line eatt of Blytheville from east section line of Section 15. Township 15 North, Range Eleven East, to the east section line of Section IS, T»wa- -; ship 15 North, Range 12 Eact ............. ll.n All persons and corporations Interested in aitk lands are hereby notified that they are by law to appear wlUUn four weeks and defense to said suit, or tbe aame will be takea .H* confessed, and final judgment will be entend dtrwt In; the sale of said Saudi tor*, tlw pwpeM. ot collecting said Una, toj»thtr tritfc tbi of Interut, penalty and tMU unrmK by This 19t6 day o! May, 1934. it i.

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