The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1949 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 31, 1949
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT NORTHXA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLV—NO. 69 Blytheville Dally Km Blytiuville Courier BlythevUl* Herald Mississippi Valley BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1949 TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPIES PIVB CENTO 'Middle Income' Housing Projects Receive Support $2,500-$4,000 o Year Families 'Neglected' Group in Present Bill WASHINGTON. May 31 W)—A drive of undetermined strength developed today behind legislation for government encouragements to provide housing for middle-income families. Sponsors describe these as families with annual earnings 1ZSOO to M.OOO. Rep. Hugh B. Mitchell (D-Wash) told newsmen that 31 House members are Jointly supporting a bill that, with federal loans, would help this income group to get housing at payments not over $55 a month. "This Is the neglected group in the housing picture," Mitchell said. "It comprLvs over 30 per cent of fRe population. Housing offered by private builders Is beyond their Six Months by fttds WASHINGTON, May SI. Wi— The United States has ordered th* closing of its consulate at Mukden, Manchuria, which the Communists have kept Isolated from the outside world for the Ust six months. The State Department said today orders have been iMued for the recall of Consul General An. gus Ward of Chassell, Mich., Mrs. Ward and the consular staff of nine persons. Ward was deprived of his radio communications when the Chinese Communists captured the city last November. More U.S. Farm Controls Asked Rigid Government Power Over Most Products Sought WA8HINOTON, May 31 (/P) — House Committee Votes Air Policy Probe means. The housing bill now being I g ecre tary ot Agriculture Brannan pressed before Congress neglects sent c onf!re!i5 today a draft of pro- them. too, as it intends to aid the lowest income groups." legislation which would extend rigid government production The West Coast member put in COJ) t ro l powers to most farm pro- plug for middle-income housing ducts. administration Democrats threat- j present laws permit use of such ened to force the administration's powers only on wheat, corn, cot- housing measure out of the House ton. tobacco, rice and peanuts. Contro! measures include KEP. JAMES E. VAN ZANDT— Pennsylvania Republican, demands Congress investigate reports from "sources I cannot disregard" that a "huge aircraft combine" would be formed as soon as the 1950 budget, with more B-36 funds, is approved and that... SECRETARY OF AIR W. STU.\KT SYMINGTON would resign his cabinet job to head the new organization. Symington retorted lhat the charges are "obviously and demonstiably false." Van Zandt aslo said the new combine would be controlled by ... FLOYD H. ODI.UM—who now controls Consolidated - Vullee Alrcrnlt Corp., manufacturer of the B-36 and hearts the fabulous Atlas Corp., also mentioned In connection with alleged irregularities. Van Zandt declared "well-founded reports" say Odium hel»cd ... DKFF.NSF. SECRETARY LOWS JOHNSON — raise caui[i»lKn tuiuls foi the Democrats lust, full. Johnson resinned us u til- rector of Con-solltliUeil-Vultco iMJtoro behiK swown in. Chulr- miMi Vliison of tho House Armed Services Committed, announced a full invoHllijiitloii. Re-Arming of Allies May Be Delayed by Congress Till! 950 WASHINGTON, Miiy 31. (AP)—Congress evidently is goiiijf to pass vip until next year the program for re- iirmiiiff America's Euroiwan allies. Tlio lip-off on Unit came today from the House majority loader, Hep. MeCornwek (D-Mnss). He omitted it from a list of chores ho said tlio liouno will get out of the | way before Congress quits. Influential Senate Democrats also have Indicated (he $1,130.000,000 arms program for partners In the North Atlnnllc Alliance won't bo pushed. nut Ilin North Atlantic Treaty iUelf definitely Is on the Scuff* schedule for action this session. The Sonnlo Foreign Kelalloim Cotn- tlco pinna to start work totnor- w on a "good, strong report," minium Connally (D-Tcx) said. The House has no nay on ratlfy- Big 3 Ministers Plan New Tactics Hules Committee and bring a vote on the House floor. Want Houu Action Tills multi-1>ill!on dolar bil 1 ready pawed 57 to 13 by the Senate, calls for a vast program of sum., , clearance, low-rent public housing ™ m . e unaer and farm housing aids. Democratic leaders were reported measures include aonage allotments, production ga»ls av.d mar- *«t!ng quota.. They «e alni.d at r ces* ^ wMch Vould the control program Live-stock, Including hogs, cattle, and lambs; poultry, including to have given the rules group until clljcke:ls alld turkeys; whole milk, tomorrow to clear the housing Dill for House action. That group shely butter f a t, e ggs , hops, honey, honey bees gum nava ) stores, corn pro- . ees , ed similar legislation last yenr. It (luce( j ou t s lde the commercial corn has had the new measure for about j &rea barleV| OR ts r ryis , grain sorghums, flax-seed, .soybeans dry edi- two weeks, without acting. The bill—involving a possible to- ble beanSi grass Me d; vegetables, Int»l of from *16.000,000,000 to $19.- c i u ding potatoes, caobage and toma- 000.000,000 in federal loans and toes . arv j fruits, .Including citrus grants over the next 40 years—has I frults , dried fruits and delicious become a target of the House eco- [ fruitfi K%omy group. It is being attacked by *the opposition also as "socialism." Its backers argue it Is vitally needed to assure homes for citizens who cannot get them otherwise. Mitchell said Banking Chairman Spence <D-Ky.l has promised public h'earinpf'on his middle-income housing bU! when-the controversy Under Brannan'» propoaal, the secretary or agriculture would have authority to invoke marketing quotas on individual producer* of all ihrx crops and products whenever h* dwmea them necessary to prevent «ur- pnues. .„,»...., —, "j-^-s ' t < f -I The secretary would have broad over the adrnJ'5Ssi>tio!.'s noli "-? lceway [„ setUug individual quotas. rnen-J-'re r !* ch*red. ^ • '•',«. Products so)d In excess ot a He colRcded, however, that It , arm , s ma rteting quota would be may be too late to obtain passage subject to „ penalty tax equal to this year. "But," he added, "the ha){ tne governrll eiit price sup- ground can be prepared for early 1 t rate tor the commodities, action next year." The measure In , dtil tion, Brannan has said proposes direct low-rate, 60-year jt wou i,i ^ possible under exlst- loans for housing construction by lng law to deny price support aid cooperatives, mutual housing assc- to j armers wno produced in excess ciations and limited dividend corporations. Theater Gets Mammoth Air Cooling System Work on a $30,000 air conditioning unit being installed in the Bite Theater is expected to be completed this week, It was announced today. A theater employee said today that the 80-ton unit was installed to accomodatp. the 1.100 seating capacity of the theater, after an Bullet-Riddled Auto is Sought Missouri Officers Seek Pair Wanted For Arbyrd Robbery Missouri and Arkansas police are today seeking two men, said to be driving a bullet-riddled late model Ford who last night held up the Luther Mays liquor store on Missouri Highway 108 three miles north of Leachville and just across the Missouri-Arkansas state line and escaped In a hail of .38 caliber bullets. Tlie two men escaped wilh a billfold which contained approximately »10 In checks in the hold-up. Following the robbery the two men fled north on Highway 108. At the Dunklln County sheriff's office in Kennett, it was stated today that the store was operated by a man named Barnes, who fired the shots at the bandit pair after Reports Linking Defense Officials With Aircraft Firms to be Checked WASHINGTON, May 31. (*;—The House Armed Services Committee voted today to Investigate the nation's air power policies and plane purchases. It approved unanimously a resolution by Chairman Vlnson (D- Ga) for the Inquiry and decided to ask the House for a WO.OOO expense fund. "Let the chips fall where they will," Vlnson told reporters. "This will be no whitewash Investigation." Vlnson proposed the Investigation by the Armed Services Committee after Rep. Van Zandt (R-Pa) asked the House Insl week to create a special committee to make such an. Inquiry. Van Zandt said he was disturbed by reports Unking high defense officials with aircraft companies tn the past. Vinson told the committlec the Investigation will find out wha lies behind these rumors and 1)1 nuendoes." He said he referred to Van Zandt's statements. Rep. Short of Missouri, ranking lepublicau member of the com- nlttee, supported Vlnson's rcsolul- on. He said "this Is not a witch unit. It is only fair to have these natters clarified." In response to a question from Rep. cole (R-NY), Vln; n said the entire national air policy will scrutinized, and the InvestlgiUloi will look Into procurement of al military aircraft. Vlnson said the Investigation "I" volves big issues" and "deals will the reputation of the entire nation al military establishment. We ar going to find out what Is going on. Vlnson said the Investigation wll be started at once, and lie a committee staff expert to begl assembling information on alroral purchasing forces. He Ihild on Bicycle Victim oi Truck Mother is Witness To Fatal Accident On Street in Osceola plans of the arme< said public hearing Sec AIR PROBE on Page 12 West Considering How to Meet Reds' Rejection of Unity PAllIS, Muy 31. (/PI—The three Western power fore-Inn ministers hold mi unannounced meeting this morning lo consider how to meet Kus-ilu'fi rejection of their plan fo: (i iwllllcal union of East and Wes 1 Germany, Officials British sources reported the Hireling was being held. Secretary of Slnlo IX'iin Achesoti nrillsh Foreign Secretary Ernes IJuvIn nml French Foreign Mlulstc Robert schuman were ticcompunlc< by their top advisors. Tho Western ministers pre.suuiabl wntit to decide well In advance win to ilo next if tho four-power talks Soviet foreign Mlnlslor Audr A four-year-old Luxorn Klrl was V lshliwky was reported by sourec year. project is completed next . The theater expansion is to Include the former location of the Kroger Store between Owens Drug Store and the present theater location. and an annex had to be built at tiic rear of the present theater before the air conditioning unit could be installed. The Ritz Theater was closed for its matinee yesterday and today and the theater will be closed each afternoon this week until Saturday. in order that the work on the new refrigeration air-conditioning system can be completed. The even- Ins schedules are Ihe same, with the theater box office opening at 6:30 and closing at 9:30 p.m. The installation work on the air cnndClontne system is being done by Hen White and Sons, contractors. who will also have the contract for the expansion of the theater, due to start at the first of 1950. O. W. McCutchen is owner of both the Ritz aiifl Roxy theaters. of their quotas. Today's proposal is in line with 1 the new farm program plan the secretary- outlined before Congress last month. At that time, he said the government should have power to regulate production of crops not now civered by control laws. "Farmers have to prepare," he said then, "to moderate production of some Items to less than maximum capacity." There has been no Indication, however, that quotas would be Invoked in the near future on any commodity other than tobacco, peanuts, cotton, wheat and potatoes. Quotas are In effect this year only on major types of tobacco and peanuts. In hts original statement on his new farm plan, Brannan said the time may come when "marketing quotas or similar feasible devices may be desirable for meat animals dairy products, poultry and eggs although the need for Improvlns the diets of consumers would no so dictate at this time." Brannan already has sent Con- they^had entered the car According to Missouri State Police four of the slugs fired are believed to have struck the fleeing auto in the side and rear. It was not learned here who fired the shots. Missouri authorities described the two suspects as being between 30 and 35 years of age, wearing light clothes, one khaki pants and a white short-sleeved sport shirt and the second a light hat. One man was described as being approximately five feet, six inches tall, of slender build and the other as being about five feet eight inches tall. Charter Presented to Dell Kiwqniqns During Session With Blytheville Club Don Duball of St. Louis, district governor for the Ark-Kan-Mo district of Kiwanls Club, last night presented the Dell Klwanls club Ha charter, at a banquet at the Noble Hotel in Blytheville. klllcil almost Instantly yesterday afternoon when she rode her .small jtcyclc- into the path of n moving -on-tind-a-hulf truck on nil O-sceo- n ptrcet. The child was Linda Dlck.son, tlaughler of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell T. Dlckson of Luxom, Tho accident occurctl directly tn front of H Ju\v- clry store opc-ralcd' by the child's uni'cnts on South Poplar Slniol In O.sccola. According to Deputy Sheriff Davn Young who with Chief of Police .lake Throlkclil InvesllKiiti'd the nc- cldcnt. the child .wn.s riding her bicycle out ol an nlloy on the right side of tho street and turned directly Into the path of the Iruck. 'ih-lvrr Did Nojf See Child Deputy Younc nuoted tlio driver of thi- truck. Wllllnm Perry. 29, of Osceola, as stiylng lhat he did not see lhc child nml (lid not know that he hud nil her uiilll he felt lh« rear, wheel ol his truck hmnn. He close lo Ills delegation to have coi suited Moscow by telephone In night on the lerms of Iho s] ho Is pliinniiig for today. Earlier, Liuthorllnlive sources sn the West would seek to sulvngo sen form of economic unity for do many from the conference. !>L*rusK Currency The western ministers remain hi session untll shortly after not K the ti'cnty. But tho House would wo lo approve the arms program buck It up. Separata BUN Seen Originally there was talk of hurid- ng up In one big $1,450,000,000 nckugu all the legislation to ttuth- rlze military help to Western Eu- oix> and to continue it- for Greece nil Turkey. Now It looks as II ho Greek-Turkish part might be ushed through separately. Dcmocratlo lenders tn the Senate tul Houso went over the legislative llunllon with President Truman in forenoon conference at tho White louse todny. When they were leaving, Senator Lucas, (D-I11.) told refwrters th« North Atlantic pncl and labor legl- KlnUon wore among the subjecU llscus-scd. nut he would not give Mr, Tru- IID'K po.iUloii on what measures should be considered first. He said he will lay Iho matter before Ihe Senalc Democrnllc committee later lodny aud leave- It lo thcni to decide- on tho Seiinto schedule. Sliidy I^bor Bill Speaker Ilayburn (D-Tcx.) snld ho Informed, tho president the House Labor Committee will report ! an American sourco Kiid the L out as soon as possible "some kind three delegations duvot«d milch of of revision" of the T,ift-Hartley tho talk to tlm Berlin currency ls-1 Act and a bill raking the mlnt^f'-jm It WRS agreed that each of wage. the! .Ho said subcommittees nre workr ' . three would make brief statements | ing on both subjects',- and or Mem, one of the. cold war, and then seek to have flic ilolalls lurlKKl T*rjr did policy on tho currency not know which would be reported f thp bhsto problems uiltlrit, ' '• •'"'••' Both Sennt^nnrt House *lr» show' to a cont- itfifjjn tnoIlhntl6n' L l6 -skip a good in Ims two many of pre.sldent Truman's legls- The charter was accepted by A.»E. Caldwell, who was elected prcsl- . dent of Ihe Del! Club, when was organized of March. about the middle - . ernors ^ attend the meeting were: it Dr p _ A poe 0 , p Brng ould, Grnham The charter presentation to the Dell Club also the Blytheville brought horor to Club as sponsors of the new club. George Kirk of gress a draft of price-support pro visions of the new plan. Thos provisions were included in the leg islative draft submitted today. Werther Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. Scatered thundershowo in north portion this afternoon anc tonight. Not much change In tern perntures. Missouri forecast: Fair and war mcr tonipht and Wednesday excep possibly a few scattered thunder showers ea«t tonight. Low tonigh 69 east to 72 west; high Wcdnesda 90 cast to 95 west. Minimum this morning—*?. Maximum yesterday—8€. Sunset today—7:07. Sunrise tomorrow—4:W. Precipitation 40 hours from 7 a.m today—none. Total since Jan. 1—27.73. Mean temperature fmid^way be Iween high and low—77, Normal mean for May—70.2. Thh Date Lu< Tear Minimum this morning—«Z. M-ximnm yesterday—91. Precipitation Jan. 1 to this da —38.78. Pay Reduction "or Congress f s Suggested WASHINGTON, May 31 (/P) — enator Tydlngs (D-Md) said to«y Congress members ought to be illing to take a five percent pay ut if they order all federal expenses cut by that amount. He expressed lhat view when urg- ng the Senate Expenditures Committee to approve an economy resolution he has Introduced. Unless he lawmakers took a pay cut. he satd. they might be subject to crit- Slkeston, Mo. International, trustee of Klsvanls presented O. E. cLsm. Tydings' resolution would direct •isler Arrives n Prague on Way to Germany PRAGUE. Czechoslovakia, May <«'!—Gcrhart Eisler landed In rague today, cnroute from Lonon to Germany "I am glad to be in Czcchoslo- akia and not In the United States," e Communist leader told reporters he left the plane. There was no official delegation n hand to greet Eisler. Two Se- urity Police plain clothesmen were the airport and they took him o a special room, where he was lot obliged to comply with ordt- iary customs regulations. Eisler, facing two Jail sentences In he United States, fled aboard the 'ollsh liner Batory and was hauled ff at Southampton, Eng. Later, lowcver, a British court refused a United States request to extradite he man whom a congressional committee called the top Communist agent In America. the President to make an overall cut of 5 per cent in expenditures under the J4I.R58.000.000 budget for the year starting July 1. The president could work out the cut any way he liked, but could not, any agency's funds more than Knudsen. president of the Blythc- vlllo Club, a sponsorship ribbon for the club's work in helping the Dell Klwanlans organize. This is the second sponsorship ribbon to be earned by the Blytheville group They assisted with the organization f the Osceola Kiwanls club several cars ago. Worth D. Holder, district commissioner for the North Mislssippl County District of Boy Scouts, prc- ented the Dell Kiwanls club with he charter for the Scout Troop •Jo 252. which they decided to sponsor as one of their projects Cluh Sponsors Scout Troop In presenting the Scout Charte to Mr Caldwell. Mr. Holder pointcc out that as far as It was known it was the first time a Boy Scou Charter had been presented to th sponsoring organization, at th same time the club received U Initial charter. Miss Sue Thompson of Paragould was featured In accordian solos In medley of popular and semi- Sudbury of Blylhevllle 'and Jack Hague of Jonesboro. The group also recognized B. H. (Pop) Parrlsh of Jonesboro, an 81-year old KI- wanlan who has a perfect attendance record for the past 14 years. The Blythevllle Lions Club was epresented by Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Nqlson, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Huffman, Jr., represent the Rotary 20 per cent. T3'<lings said Club. Officers for the Dell Club, Introduced last night. Include Mr Caldwell, president; John Slovens Jr., vice-president: O. E. Huunl- ciitt. secretary-treasurer: and seven directors. he did not thin the resolution should cover Congress and the courts, but that Congress should do its own cutting on its budget. Congress members receive $12.500 a year. They also get a $2.500 tax-free expense account. Soybeans CHICAGO. May 31. f.'Ti—Soybean quotations: High Low Close July 217!; 2I4 1 ; 216'i-'4 classical songs, and Jinmile Lancashire presented several piano selections. Doyne Bateman of Paragould. Lieutenant-governor for the Ark- Kan-Mo Kiwanls District, was emcee at the banquet last nlghl which \vns attended by about 150 members and guests. There are r.bout 35 charter members for the Dell Club. Wives of the Dell Ki- wanlans. three district lieutenant-governors, and representatives of Blythevllle civic clubs were imong the guests. The three past lleutenant-gov- Nov. Dec 203 203 200 202*1-203 202' = New York Stocks Cofeman Stevens Named State Joyce* Director Coleman Stevens last night was named state director for the Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce by the Jaycee Board of Directors. He succeeds Cecil Graves. As slate director, ^fr. Stevens will represent the Blytheville club on the board of directors ol Ihe Arkansas Junior Chamber ot Com mtro*. Closing stocks: A T and T Amer Tobacco . ... Anaconda Copper . . Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montsomery Zard . N Y Central Int Harvester . North Am Aviation Radio J. C. Penney . .. Standard of N J .. Texas Corp PpcVprd U S Steel 8ou Pacllio HO 3-8 69 l-< 27 7-8 25 1-2 Vt 1-2 130 35 1-8 55 . « 5-8 . 10 1-2 . 23 1-4 9 3-8 . 10 5-8 . 41 1-8 . 64 3-8 1-8 Alger Hiss Trial On Perjury Count Gets Under Way NEW YORK, May 31— </!')—A1& Hiss, former Slate Department, of flcial charged with perjury In a espionage Investigation, goes trial today In federal court. The trial has been postpone six times for various reasons sluu a Red spy-hunting grand Jury re turned Indictments against him la December. The federal grand Jury charge Hiss lied before It in: 1. Denying llial he gave classlflcc government papers to Whittnk Chambers, admitted former courier for a Red spy network. 2. Denying that he talked with Chambers In February'or March. 1938. Hiss, who Is 44, has denied the perjury charges and has sworn he was never a member ol the Communist Party. Chambers has charged before the House On-American Activities Committee that Hiss at one time was in a prewar Soviet spy underground In Washington. id' officer.! that nflcr he felt tho nip he saw the Blrl lying in tho rcct through his rear view mirror. Deputy Youn« slated lhat there ere several witnesses t.o Iho uccl- ent nnd all .snld that the accident unavoidable. However. Deputy IK said. Perry Is being licit! on a chntail charge of manslaughter Ith his hearing probably to be held omorrow. The truck was owned by DcWItt Drnvlcv of Oscoolu. Mother WltnMSM Arrlilenl Both the front mid rear whirls f the truck passed over the child's ody. The child's mother, who wit- •ssed the nccttlcnt from her place f business, rushed to her daughter's klc and wns one of the flnst to e-rh the scene. Following lhc accident the child vos taken to the office of Dr. Dnvc SllverblaU where she died a nlnntrs Inter. In addition to her parents. Linda s survived by two brother*. Clots id Livon Dlckson. bolh of Luxora Funeral services arc Incomplete but probably will bo conducted to morrow at Ihe Assembly of O« Church In Biirclctto wlllt nurlnl In Ermen Cemetery In Osceola. Th National Funeral Home of Mcmphl is lu charge. Linda's death Is lhc fourth trafd fatality tor Mississippi County thl year. inltteO'Of expert*. Berlin _ _ . _ . _ ciirrcnclra—the Western deutschc lutlve proposals for this session, mark mid tho Russlaii-siioiisorod "I CKi>cct we'll adjourn sometime East mark, worth n quarter as much. In August," MeCormnck told rc- As Iho eighth meeting of the Big porters. "The only thing that holds Four Council got under way Inter, us up will bfl the Senate." wns reported winding up The Democratic leader predicted for nnolher utlnck on tho Joint Iho House will put through "a" Western power proposal! for poll- labor bill, long-range housing, a tlcal un'.ty, and it was doubtful tho measure to let more homeless Eu- Bcrlln Issue could Iw reached todny. rbjieniis come to America, nntl- Vlshlusky yesterday snrcastlcnlly lynching and anti-poll tax bills, opposed the western proposal tn Its and u measure to entirely, with sweeping comlcmnn-1 minimum wage, lion. Burlqar Suspects 473 Are Killed To Be Questioned \Q Y er Memorial n CaruthersviHe D Blytheville Plans Mammoth Welcome For Equestrians from Herrin, III. A reception for the Herrin. Hi- Riding Club members will be conducted at the Hotel Noble, Thursday night, and additional members of the club and wives ol those here arc scheduled to arrive lit Blytheville Friday. lor the horse sale at the C. G. Smith farm. The Chamber of Commerce previously announced plans to meet the riders at the State Line Thursday afternoon to welcome the group to Arkansas and to Blylhevllle. Representatives of the Junior Chamber ol Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and the civic and service cluos In Blythtvllle are scheduled to meet the Illinois delegation. Several members of the club lelt by tomorrow night. Present plans call for the riders to reach' Ihe Slate Line at about 3 p.m. Thursday There are about 40 or W members of club, with about half of them making the trip by horseback. The others will drive down and join the horseback riders hero on Friday. H has been reported that a "Life" Magazine phologrnph- er would make the Irlp with the rklers lo obtain Information foi thai publication. The Blylhevllle committee lr charge of receiving the riders, am plans for the reception at the ho tel arc: Jimmtc Sanders, represent ing the Kiwanls Cluh; Alvln Huff man. Jr.. Rotary Club: R. A. Ncl son. Lions Club: Roland Bishop Deputies In lhc sheriff's office In firtilher.s-vilJc plrmned to qiic.stlon its afternoon three Blythevllle u'.pn, ho are held In the Pcmlscot CounV -y .lull in connection with thefts mm the O. B. Samford liquor and ry poods stores in Holland. Mo, Formal chnrgcs of burglary and rnnd larceny worn to be filed in Pcmlsnol County Circuit Court lo- lay Involving the brenk-ln which ed lo lhc caplurc of two men in he liquor store Saturday night, nnd ho nrresl here Sunday of a third Highway Official Asks Check on -fazardous Bride An Investigation of tho traffic •y.ird at Krutz brtclpe on U.S. flghwny 61 Just north of Blythe- Illc has been authorized by J. C. Baker, director ot the State Highway Department, it, wa.s disclosed odtiv In a communication to Floyd A. White of Blytheville The bridRC ha s been the scene of several serious accidents, some of hem fatal .in recent years. The fatality was the accident July 14 Inst year which resulted in the rlcnth o'f Nolan Lambert of Blytheville. Jfr. Bnker informed Mr. While yesterday that he had Instructed Guy Cobb. maintenance engineer lor the 10th District of the highway department, to Investigate the hazard and take steps to correct- the condition. The bridge is located a t a curve In the highway and Is extremely hazardous lor motorists who arc not familiar willr the highway. Ry lhc Associated Press At lenst 413 persons were killed in accidents over the three-day Memorial Day weekend, traditional opening of the summer resort and travel season. The score: 253 killed In traffic crashes. 87 tlrownlngs. 73 defilhs In fire.?, falls, airplane mishaps nnd oilier accidents. period surveyed was from 6 p.m. In all time zones Friday until lost midnight. ? toll on the hlzhwiiys—jam- med with some 30.000.000 automobiles over Ihe extended holiday per- 1—exceeded tho estimate of 215 aths by the National Safely Council. Sunny sktes lured millions to outings.In the first long weekend The men In custntly nrc: Waller David Vnslbindcr. Kennclh Young, nnd Malcolm O'Bannon. Mr Sam- I ford reported finding two men in (lie s'.nre. after he had been nolHIcd by n Hnllnnd clllzcn that his nlnce was tidne burolnrizcd The third. believe,! by officers lo have been H ™™"^' l "^; n " O'tlnnnon. fled as Mr .Samford np- ot lhc sprl " B * cason - prnnched Ihe slore. This year's necldentla death Mr. Samford snid tlml his two loll compared with an unofl clal • stores had been burplnrlrecl 14 or over the three-day 94SJ- 1 ™ 0 ™ IS limes wllhln the past 18 months. Day holiday and to 504 violent A truck was bncked up to the rear rtcnths over n similar period In 1947. taar to the liquor store when the burglars were nrreslecl Saturrlny nleht. II Is being held by Ihe officers. Unlicensed Beer Sales Bring Mexican's Arrest it' l-o \J^.*\.I«\I ml-illuvlo *r\ *..*. ~..i.* ••.*... i r ^ 3 T-fl Hcrri-i last week, end arc duo lo be ; .J-ycf <-i: .1. L O i ?i>'< W-rth D- Drc. 65 3-< . in Tiptonville, Tcnn.. tomorrow, i Holder. Blythevllle Chamber 01 j M;h » 1-1 »aid lo r«*ch C*rulhersville, Mo., 1 Commerce. »»y N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 31. M") — Closing cotton quotations: Hiph Low Closo 3228 3210 3210-11 2f»4 2860 78CO-62 2"C1 '!810 'J840 2855 2830 2830 S8.39 3825 Sol5-B Jly. Oct. Hearing charge of for Joe Caseas on selling beer without Jccnsc was continued until tomorrow In Municipal Court this morn- n g- Cnsens was arrested Sunday by sheriff deputies at a Mexican night club near the Flat Lake commun- C. J. Speck forfeited a $15.25 cash bond on a charge ot Illegal parking on the highway nnd Russell Carter forfeited a $10.25 cash bond on » charge ol speeding. Fire in Store on Main Damages Refrigerator Firemen were called to the Adams Appliance Company, 206 West Main Street at S:10 a.m. today where a motor In an electric refrigerator hart short-circuited. Damage was confined to the refrigerator, which had been left In the store for repairs, except for smoke whlrh spread throughout the building. Fire Chief Roy Head reported this morning. The 1SM6 count was 232. Cnllfonila's 47 violent deaths led the nation. Illinois ranked second with 36 fatalities, while Ohio was third with 26. Arkansas counted five violent deaths over the Memorial Day weekend. Automobile mishaps producer four of the fatalities. The other victim, a pedestrian, was struck by a train. Four-year-old Linda Dickson was Injured fatally at Osceola Monday when the small bicycle she was riding was hit by a truck. First Cotton Squares For 1949 Displayed; Seed Planted on April 13 What ere believed to be tho first cotton squares of the county's 1949 season were displayed yesterday by N. J. Jones, farmer of the Half Moon Community. Mr. Jones, who farms 400 acres near Half Moon brought to the Courier News two cotton stalks with each bearing two tiny squares. Th« stalks were approximately 1J Inch** Mr. Jones said th»t V planted his cotton April 13 »nd th»t tb« field from which Ihe two stalk* were taken was chopped tar UM first time U*y 4. I S/<? ' \ if .1

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