The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1939
Page 2
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JJLYTIlliVILLU, (A1|K.) NK\VS WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 193'J *'' coimiEft NpWS 1 COMFMMPNTARY TICKET " "This Ticket' Will Admit T. D. Wilkhii A Companion —to She— FJTZ THEATER —to Bee— Acadeiny Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENT'S Clul) 28 haling danqing pally a Woman's club, 8 30 1>'" Altai. socWly ol Chrch of Jinmac ulate Concepticn having bingo part at social hall, 8 pm Thursday Luncheon club meeting will. Mrs. Charjes digger Jr 'Mrs A. d Little enlerlaimng Thursday Luncheon club Thursday Confrad club meelmg v,i(h' Mrs Carroll Blakemorc Mrs Nor\al Humphrey having Cro-Tat-Ein club 1 Doubji Foui Bridge club meeting with Mrs Theodoie Logan Little Theater inecling, 7 Ofl o'clock', muntelpal courl room of city hall ' FRIDAYS EVENTS Executive Board, Woman's Mlb- sion'riry "Union, nrst B— " chuich, mecllng 230 oclock Mrs Leslie' Moore Mr and Mrs O A Cunningham itertaining Tuesday Night Sup Miss Mury Pl- leii Listen, (Iclt), .daughter of Mr. "I'd Mrs. H. I 1 . Lis- Iqn, mid Miss Marguerite S m e 1 Izer, (right), tin ug li- te r of Mrs. Ethel Smell•011; were graduated from the Holy Angela Academy ol Jonesboro Hist week. per' club Bride Flee). Showered Miss sehna Hardln, whose ma rlage lo Clarepce Palmei of Tupelo Miss, will take place Juno 18, v\a guest of honor at n part) given b Mrs O M Morgan and Mrs J Friend last night The 20 guests v\eie entertain at the Morgan house will! brid and Chinese checkers Mixed bouquets of garden llowe Ciistal bowl filled (o Hill, roses, baby breath,-daisies, larkspur and sweet pciis, Oilier ccloriul garden flowers -.0 dcc'jjralcd the room ere card's were plnyecl during the crnco'n. Mrs, Charles I'enn. a ( est, made hiuh score and Mrs. inter C.'slms, second. Another guest was Mrs. Hodney Banister. °Mrs 'R A. Nelson will onlcrlaln , i guests with a bridge party, hiusdav- aflciiiojii ill compliment o Mrs. George M. Powell of Wash- itrton, D. C., who Is the licusc- ucst of lier jiiircnls. Judge and frs. G. E. Kcck.^ Club M Tp n«*'« Dance Tli'iirsday Dr. and Mis'. L. L. Hubener, Mr. and Mrs. Pat O'Bryant and Mr. ind Mrs P. B. Joyiicr will be icsls and hostesses to Club 28 ( for a dancliig parly T: the Woman's club. g Graduates From ss an dancing parly Thursdny night at decorated the living nom of and Mrs Morgan's new home u there was a more formal airang ment In Hie dining room vthc the bride leeched her misccllanco Her chair was marked with pink and green satin bow fr which streamers led to the din roam table where lhe while-wrap] gills had been piled high in tower'effect'to the large crys chandelier Bowls of pink How m cristal bowls were on the buffet to carry out the pink and green motif and the wedding idea was used m the Udlies In the bridge games, Mrs S Jiedel won high sojie and Miss Mary Sue Wright received the prize in the checker game A salad plate, of the same two shades, was served Will Attcml Osceola Part) 'Mrs P B Joyner and Mrs John r I/Mill will go to Osce-la, Friday afternoon for a bridge pirtv to be given by Mrs Spencer Alexander, who formerly lived here Htt|e Theater Group CJi'angus Meeting jlour TheMiinc of meeting for lhe Little Theater Players will be Thmsdav nbht af, seven o'clock, instead ol 1 30 oclock U vias announced to day " A vcrv. important business nnt- ter Is lo be taken up which vitalh, concerns the future of Little Ihe- ic woiimii ^ ^iii". Dancing will bcsln al 8:30 o'clock. * « * Alaskan Kcsiilcnls Will Visit WCIIy i Mv. and Mrs. S. H. Slcunrl of Dr J. W. Rhodes, of Hayj.1, critically 111 at Iho hprnc'pf his slslcr-jh-law, Mrs.' Mary Phillip* Robinson. '• C j Crane has gone lo Montreal, N. C., for an extended ylsll with n. brother, who Is 111 Ihcref. Dr George M. Powell of Wash- iiv'ton, P. P-will arrive Thursday to visit Judge lind Mrs. Q.'E. Keck, jclning Mrs. Powell and son, Gporge, who came Iwo weeks ago. Mr and Mrs. "A. T. Clpar a|id daughter, Marjprle Rose, returned ycstprdny to' iliclr home in Union City, Tcnn., aflcr art overnight visit with friends here. , ' j ' , 'Mrs.' J.' 'W. Adains Jr. nnd Mrs. 11. A. Nelson arc in Mpinjihis |h|s afiefnaoh. • Mr. and Mrs. II. L.' Slpckctl. and n. Bobby, moved today lo their ew home at '13If| Hcarh street ilch was finished tills week. They avc been residing at 80,0 West Valniit street s'!nc6 they moved I? Is making aii average grade of 'er ninety. ' In the elementary class Estellc 'acl:ard won the highest grade mtf received lhe gold mpdal. Nine ih'is weV* presented In this class or Ihc iilnely'average. Sings Over WMC Miss 'Jcan' r CI"il|ds, accompanied by 'hep |i|0tlie.r, Mfs.. E.'S. Chiles ind JJin|iile Cliljcp, drove to Mem>his 'Saturday wljijrc .Jean sang Over v-V^ic oh the Talent yoimda- FLAPPER FANNY. .COPR.I»»MNt»«tllVICC.lNe. T.M.MO U.S.MT J. Trayhor Jr. Oseepla Society — Personal famiii biicuLi »ii".«* *ifj ,..«.-,- --, ,—.—.—_———— lyllieville : inpre'Irian"a yCnr_ ago, Uosp ii a i jiarly. Mrs. Ellis Snipes and Mrs. PWP- On •'•jinYcTred .; nv |i al i ons w n Smith Jr. arc In Memphis W-l ( Io thc ,, n ' m , a i Hospital l» iy. , ,,„. ,in ami linen shower given by mem Mr. and Mrs. V. p. MHIcr |cfl ™ Qf t , )C ^pifsi: w M . u . fo cslcrday for West Fraiikfort, III., \ ^^ o '{- lh j Baptist Stat aving been, called there because |ta , ju L1 - ulc R0 ck'oii Mpnda f the critical illness of a nephew. nfl '' rnoou al the church. Mrs. Pat O'Bryiint spent .ycster- ^ (nc ••• pvo ,, r aih"aVraneeri b ay in Memphis. - MIS. A. : 'l'. Glascoc, hospital chau Mrs. Louise Ci-nne Hllcr went lo g an(l 1)iallo duct-yn Woodville, near Riplcy, Tcnn.; yes- ' ( , M( . s oilbcl . L M;1 stih an crday where, she Is lo spend lhe j^- mrolti B . Tillman", and <-« summer, will'.' relatives. Mrs. Euinia Burncy' left Ulr.S ILUIUJU u. » solos sung by Mrs, M. E. M' Deaniian." The devotional, give Mrs. Emnia Biirney 11:11. »««("">.' rjcnrman. 1 ' The acvouonai, £•>•. for her home in Mansfield, Mo., M| . s Ti || mani included ver.> ntici- 'liavihs spoilt three weeks ti,mii|'re 'on healing and ,'illi Mr. anil Mrs. P. B. Cqoley. re:u | ing with musical accompan •Mrt Wnri child will leaye Sun- '.•./,.}, n ™ n n. w . . . . re:u Mrs. Vrcd CJillil will leave Sim- mc i,t day ' for' Los Aii^cle's, Cahf., where pla mc i,t- on the organ. uuy .u, w* ,...»—-, —.—- , , rli ,i!5 for lhe "new nurses hou stie will'spend a 'month with her L, 1C cllar |i y W0 rk done by the 11 Jon prpgraiii. Saturday's ,, vr> ... \jice was'Hip tweiitlclh consecutive week Miss Chiles has sung. '. ' »*•''' Miss.Dol|y Gosevylcjt aecpiiipan- ied Miss lldiieiise" Ilbuckes to Memphis Sunday where lhe lalter joined her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. I.ouckes of "thai city for 'a two weeks vacation' and trip lo the New York World Fair. They w'ill also visit a'son in Washington. Mrs. Val B. Campbell and son, Jfiincs \Valjacp, of McClcaiisljbro', ill., accompanied by their nephew, TQmmie ' Nick" 'Jordan 'of Mount Vernon, 111.,' arrived 'last nlghl fp| seyqral clays visit 'with her moth'c'i a'liil sister, Mrs. Vf'. B. Flannlgan aiid M|'.s. John W. Edriiigton. Mrs. Albert H. Behrens anc daughter,' llctty Joe, of Jackson ilo., who formerly lived here lie clown yesterday for two (lay h licr slster-in-lavv, Mrs. S. L idish. Conii).y Agent E, II. Burns, a< npaiiled by F. E. Toinpkins, Co "Selfre's, Eminet Chiles of I'c- ri "Point, Charles Osborne, :inrl land 'Anders of Luxora, were in onesbpro yesterday to attend a slrict' meeting explaining.(he de- ails of the AAA Myron Nailling, C. L. Moore, en F. ButlDi; and E. fl. Smith of ils city iiccompanicd 'by Roland rqen 'and W. O. Kcaiiey of Bly- ieyillc,' were in Joriesbpro Monay "night taking the 'Reel Cross, lalta and knight Templar work ireparalory to the Slirinc meeting ere June 8. 'Mrs. Aiillnir Rogers of Jackson, Jlss., is here for two weeks visit ''itli her parents, Mr .and Mrs.'H. J Halp. She lias as her house- Siicst, Mrs.' William King of Palm Jc'ach, Fla.," who is remembered .'s the former Nina 'Oliver of this stic will spi-uu <k ,.,U,.L.. "the ciiariiy wuf. ^^v^ "•» ",. Klstcr, '\U-i. li. E. Burns, and £""': UuiuUon,' and the religious act „.., ..... ... _~. «,,„.,..,.< ()f ' • - - iiv.'She will go by the way of-If:- lics were discussed'by Mrs. I. Mv. and Mrs. S. L. oW 1 "' intcrrsling career lies niicad Louis aii'd'Kaiisas ' City and re- \ B t Mrs . Coy E. Scifres Selavvlk, Alaska will.mlvulta K ^Jf, yn Flsto , ano ,her Uin , the southern route^ after hay- j. T . Rh0 ads, Mrs. B. ™ rn "S ^"^"od b'S Ntr" of thlyear's'Biythevllle gradual t visited «^Sf P^,^,^ Moore gave: a reading F'H^S^s r ^s^Mswtn ur^Tr^o, ' : ! from institutions of higher learn- BM1. Mr aiul Mrs Stcnarl have' ing,' U her plans for 'Ihe future •SSSSSslS/S-^rrfHi: =*J Ens^riisi'S'. s.s r SSVK 3=£?%s?fe="— 38faat?H MirrlK Sic vSs teacher of French' stahcWng work during her thie inarrlen. biic \\.is iLuj.iu.iu . i . imi-slnc school, vva •' \ uji^vi i i\iii*"f ••-••' '•,,. - r j,. . ; * t iviuuii; S" 1 *-• " • ^ " crest including the San Francisco Mrs E jj smith vyas a gu Mrs. Renkcrt Wetcnkanip is visit- AUcnll Soll - s Grailuatlim. it in "Memphis'lor several days. M mrt Mrs . John W. Edini 0 -. j,i,,,,i, t «.,.,... •->••- ?"-.rr .-•; Mrs M A. Isaacs and claughler, accompanied by their nephew. R p te rt Harris nnd MiSjV Bobbie etl'y.'vvenl lo'B-ayeUcvlirc'ycster^L ; Flall i llsl ui, 'have returnee AI1M Harris ;„ Tunica Miss, Mrs ay accompanviiig Mrs. Isaacs' ^ cohl 'mbia. Tenn.. where they U. B . Bimn and daughter, Martha Mher \W1 Gooch? who will spend .° ^idii'y to aUeiicl lhe com- Janer wjll leave Friday for a tvvo t lumlier with relatives tliert. ^ eme nt' aclivities at ColumbraUeeks visit, with J^WJ" 1 ^: They'plaii to be avvay for a week^Ulilitary Academy from which the}' and Mrs. li. A. Bowen in I'aiy „.,, • _^ i»n in^.iV. I'm- l iifllnnnni-1 ::: ' unit;,,,',, nmvl TtrlrhlLlton lll-L.,nin_ Ark. Illlt I1ILM. "J" 1 " ""•• »».--- •--.-.. , and Enslish in the city high school for ei"lil years before her marriage. Shells the only vvlillc vyoman in Sclavvik, where she has a position ns i>:stniaslcr. They jire cnrtmlc from Columbia. Mo., where'Ihcy liiive been visiting relatives ol Mrs.'Slcuart, to Stuttgart Ark., where Mr. Steuart also taught after leaving' Blylhevllle. 1 Cncklail ami Dinner i'arty Given fur (Sliest Mr. and Mrs. Alton Jng?etr, cn- lcrlained ten guests last nislit for a cocklall party al their h:me. followed by n dinner parly at . dcuble affair was In coin- Ihc Rustic. Inn. ml °eBi-s"'nt the nursing school, vva vice president of tills class, til nruest ever to be graduated fron -lie Mclhodisl hospital school. Tlic dauBhler of Ihc lale M and Mrs. J. U. Fislicr, she wr gnicUialcd froni lhe city high schop In' 1 '30 and entered llm school o nursing In the fall of ilial year. Sh will reniaiu at lhe hcspilal nut Auglisl. her home Ihls vveck from a fall si received al her home Sunday a tcrhobn. Mr.'and Mrs. T. C. Beaslcy a Sims - Micliie spent yesterday Memphis. I Mr. and Mrs. U. J. Pills pf Shar- "Well, no wonder thai last batch wouldn't rise ! L put in ii whole cup, instead .of n half, of gravel.^ Mr* vandcrvoorl will remain fora'Osceola; HcnryfctU . tonger visit with Mrs. Jackson and Jome., Mi\ Jackson. Ambrose urday fro M'VOOll Will luillitlll lyi " ^.3*...~.~, -- .. RpHv HOrOW I. with Mrs. Jackson and Joiner ^ 1ni ^ ar ^ s ™ 1 , lcD: Flora "'' , , ct Jane'Bofowsk'y.'of Manila! Gene Teuford returned Sat- XI"', 0[ m yti; Roy Schainberg m Louisiana State Uni- L'o-i Astrachan, of Kennctl. and . nt-n \\n l^'.ic o 11 nurlPn «»"•' »J«* ,, -, „..,.,,II in • yerslly vyhere he has 'atleiuled school the past term. He was ac- iix)m .. rl , llll _^ ,„_ .. companic'd by his room mate < xora . j;. vin cioperman and Alvin . ^.»...v., of Caruthersvlllc; iss Four: Frances Liveranl, pf Phillip Dean of Ne Kroll. of caruthersville. and Roberta i mini' ^. l ,.... -- - - . is.ron 01 w<iiun'*-*^'mi-i «••— — r-- will remain for a visit with him. r Flornlan O f Biytheville. Mrs. Susie Kciser and John Kci- : • ^ Mrs -,er, accompanied by her nephew, I Mrs. ^\a ei * .. c Qf HaiTyDunnvantofKclser. w.lre- MF^e. o.aic ^ nf turn today from three clays al Al- the nus _ . poll;lck will 1)C: \ ton, Mo., where —,, ~ Mrs. Keiser's daughter, Mrs. Fred Crockett and Mr. Crockett. fll^rc Ol A I- LI 1C I11«J'^. J "" -"' . . ,1 vsitea Ha^i Hcrman pollack wl " have visiica .. . „,,„.„i ini , hud Mi Education and Modern city. Mr. and Mrs. William Grucne- wald of Jolict. 11!., have returned to their home following a visit with 'tiicr' 'daugher,' Miss Gene- vicye prueinyald. While here th'.'-y drove 'to Hot Springs for Severn 1 days visit.'They were accompanied 'there by Judge S. L. Gladish, who remained for a course of ballis. jimmie Binin is the guest of | "'X most cordial invitation is ex- lend ed ' lo eVcrycnc. ' ^^_ Leachville Society — Personal hey liiin i" uti « v«*j •",- " v ~r~~ I l\lliiun y t\i>"^"*;?~- :•-:::-.,.- till •' • Bill Lee left today lor IndlanapJ- soll ; ' \yimiim Bard Edrmgton Hi v m. c , Ark. ' ., , Mr. and Mrs. 1. S. Burton will is Ind after having been ,.tb ' . imc Mr Lcc, who is a wrestler, ' Mrs." J. paul Baird and two ill suddenly'Tuesday afternoon, i*k',„„,,, Hie Sick. Uaushlers, Barbara and Joan, pi resiing very well at his home today. '-^5 Bess Billiard was taken lo Dycrsburg, Tenn., will arrive ^n- Mrs D Simmons and "Miss'Nell .. Baptist hospital yesterday L^y u, sppiid three weeks with net Harris were in Memphis yesterday. \'^ m ' S ] )C will undergo a major p^-enls, Mr. and Mrs. John K \V. T. Ball of Dallas, Texas, and o, )( , n ,ij 0n ;v ithlu a few days. She I Miller. ,^ ' ' TT ...ii ^Tn^ui, r\r i.Hfip i?o2k.' • ' ". . S..IA.I t,i \tpninhis uV T I MAiiuibis visitors Ihursclay ant plimc'nt' io their housc'gural,, Jvliss roni Tcnn.. arc annomicing the ' Bobbie Ravvls of Havana, Cuba, .. of a baby boy at -'their home concerns the future of Little me- Bobbie nawis ui nu>i>u.>, ^.,,-.., av nvai 01 a uwuy uyj ^ mv.. ., u ..,^ atcr aclivities In Blvtlieville, il who lived in Memphis before she g mKln y mDrnln'g. Mrs. Pitts was 'went lo Cuba Uvo yesiis agD. befarc her marriage Miss Alma The Jagjers residence was duco- waters. Her mother', Mrs. F. K. was said The meeting will be at the citj hall ' Plan Biiijo l' ar ty Mrs Ralph Caudle and Mrs qiyde Robinson will be in charge of lhe bingo party to be given bv the altar sccicty ol the Church of Lhe Immaculate Conception Thnrs- daj night, eight orlo-k at lhe hall * • * Club Has I'arly At Country Home Mrs. j.' c; Ellis used Ihc sun porch cf her country home at Barfield for the weekly party, of lhe recently organized ruesdnj Osn- tract club. Flowers from the hostess' garden added a gay note to the' a Hair with mixed bouquets in both the living r:pm and on the porch. Mrs." V. G. Hclland won hlsli and Mrs. John F. Reiumlllcr. second, in the bridge ganier : Refreshments were served in the late'altemoon' lo lhe eigbt players who Included Mrs. Norwood Hcdje. * * * Has GuesU At Club Party When Miss Ruth Butt was hostess to the Tuesday Aftenioon club she also cnlcrlained Mrs. W. A. Afflick. Mrs. Louis' Applebaum, Mrs. Roy Nelson, Mrs. • R. A. Nelson and Mrs. George M. Powell ol Washington, D C, houseguest cf Jadge and Mrs G E Keck The three tables for bridge were arranged in the large living riom which' had ; been decorated with :colotlul bovyls of mixed dowel's in which coreopsis, cornflowers and baby Jireatfi predominated 'A frozen fruil salad course was served, at the conclusion of the game in which Mrs tilts Snipes -won high club award, Mrs. i Oon Smith, second, and Mrs. At ilicfc iW guesV prize Club Has Final Of Season rated In "sweet peas, roses and larkspur and garden flowers were also used "at the Rustic Inn vyhprc ^j^ "^ hcrc Mcm |.i y visltin; dinner was served in Ihc private motllo| , ^ s jjnnlc Brooks. dining room. • - •• -' -•- -' Slecle-Cooler Society—Pcisonal Walcrs. is'with her. -Mrs. Buddie Anderson of Blythe vlllo wa.s hcrc .other, Ivlr.s jjj,,my ^1^^..^. Jack Travis of Flint. Mich., lias arrived in Cooler for a visit will ills sister, Mrs. Velmcr Campbcl Afrs. iiyda Nesbil of Little Ho:k have arrived here to spend two weeks in charge of lhe local Western Union olflcc while Mr. and Mrs. E. Hcnclryx are on their vaca- licn 'Mr. and Mrs. Hcnclryx plan o leave ' soon to visit rclallvcs n Oklahoma and oilier points. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers returned Saturday from a Uvo weeks vacation with Mr. Myers' mollier, Mrs Clara Myers, and other relatives and friends in Clay Center anil Topcka, Kan., Kansas City. St. Louis and Springfield', Mo. Miss Florine 'Smith and her mother. Mrs. Aniitc Smith, of Ber- iilc'.'Mo., vvere gu'estk cf Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Rylec yesterday. QlJCMlliuii \\ivi> |LL LV •«-•• — * • • .*,....--' accompanied lo Memphis by Meiiiphis visitors Goraltlinc Lislon. Friday vyere NIrs. C. H. Weatjier^ Starr is confined | ^ v " MJ,^ Qcraldinc Listen, Mrs. •' ! Miss" Ma"gie Starr is couiineu tVi M,,^ ucraicunc ijisiuu, i>t.=- to'iier beef al the hqiiic of her Na i ha ii Weinberg and ^spn Wai-niece Mrs O N. Pace. rcii. Mrs. Roy D Hard, Mrs Autliui "jc«se Clinlo... who has been a W cbb'. Mrs. Talmarigc Tongalc, patient at the Baptist hospital in Uirs. purell Dallas Mrs. C 1, Mcmuhis for "the greater part oMbiiesby and Mrs. John it. .vuiiei. '[. nasl six months, is still se-1 " Mr. and Mrs. Ben Green left Saturday afternoon ''for ' Chicago riouslv ill Saturday aflernooii ior ^ "-« B " "ROT Dillard. who underwent nn w | iere th cy will be the guests of onci-ation at '(lie Baptist hospital Mrs Gfeell - s urothcr, George Dun- Vast Friday.' is improving and is la j, ali[ i Mrs. Dunlap. From Chi- blpccted to come'home lhe latter L a ' go u , cy w , m go lo Seattle ( to rar'l of' lliis week. spend'tlie summer with her sister, John Douglas was taken to tAieK, rs L c . Dcntou and Mr. Den- \Uti.odist hospital on Friday jo; jjjj 1 . They will also visit the San observation and treatment. He is Francisco World's Hostess al Hriilgr Mrs. Sidney Miller Jr. was hosl- c:s to her Tuesday Hrldgetccrs yesterday aflcrnoon when Mrs. Floyd ' anil other relatives. He will go lo Reeves today for a visit .vyith Ills I parents. Mr." and Mrs. C. D. Travis. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Albert- Kclley .spent ' last, weekend in Jsne.sboro with . Iheir son, Tnlbcrl Kclley. and Mrs. ! Kelley. i Miss Clco VaiiBhn of Memphis arrive:! yesterday for a visil with friends In Cooler. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis and Mrs. I'M ward Davis of llocllcn. Tenn., spent Friday here with lhe lallcr's . . . Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Miller left yesterday for their home'in Princeton. Intl., after having visited Mrs. Milter's sister, Mrs. Tom W. Jackson, and Mr. Jackson. . Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sinavl and son. Bobbie, of Richmond. Va. arrived last night for a ten days slay with "relatives. They are a Ihe home of Mrs. Smart's parents Mr. and Mrs. E. D! Ferguson WagsterWas a Biier.t. sister, Mrs. Arch Jordan and family. The high score prize went loj Mrs. John Parks Jr. and Mrs Mrs. Vclmcr Campbell, low score Miisclicll Hanira spent Friday in and bridgco lo Mrs. Hugh MichiC Memphis. Rriik-^lccl Uonorcil. ""Miss ' Naiiella ' Staudcniiiaycir, -.vhosc engagement to J. D. Hodges jr has been announcecl, was com- plimeiited" with' a linen shower Tuesday night when Mjss Billie Rlggs' and Miss pJcll Rose Pace ..verb hostesses at llie Riggs honM- •iiie' 20 guests were entcrlainect. . in rooms which had been decora'- j 'A with a 'profusion' pf garden •. fiowc'rs.' ' - ' • j Rerrpsluncnts were served after an evening of gaincs and coil; tests. Temple Israel Sunctay . School Closes June 4 The closing exercises of lhe Sunday School of Temple Israel. Bly- ihcville, to be held this Sunday afternoon at three o'clock will can- elude the services for the season. Students have prepared their own parts for the occasion, covering a three-cycle period cf history: Biblical post-Biblical, and modern times. Prizes will be awarded for meritorious work. Those participating arc: Class One: Benjamin and Coleman Borovvsky. of Manila, and Lionel Silverficld, of Osceola; Class Two: Inna Sue and Sonny Kohn, of Hayti; Jacqueline Silvcrfield. of OF A PRICE! mnroving. r Fair before returning home in the fall. Double At Leachville Friday Niglil and Robert Mclhorn the. wedding of Miss Mar to James AhH. which will oceur tomorrow night at the home pi pridc-clccl's graiidpareul "'" went \o Memphis for them Sal- lirday and accqmpaniecl them back Sunday aftcrnoc.u. Jr.. and traveling high honors to| Mrs. Tom Hopper. ,.,..,. .,. VV. McUanu returned Sunday nlghl from the Memphis MIS' J. L. Halscll. in LBACIIVILLB. Ark., May 31.-j t^' *«£**. | ^} d ^ B A double wedding of. much inter-1 by the lev. Harold B. st In Western Missi-slppl county j pastor 01 w 111 be solemnized Friday iii!lit at PTOj"; OVlll". -*" lllIIULib i'"""- "• vl "r , .. Mr= Sarah Lynn, mother of Mrs. MissMarjorie Shlblcy and Ui. Talmacte Tbngatc. who has beni charlcs King of Memphis were ill for several weeks. Is able to lie wcckcm | guests of Mr. and Mrs. un'somc each day nnd take OCCR- Yott E W intmore. Mr. Whitmore 1 • 1 . . ' I * V«~.....i.:.- frt,. Hiom Sal.- Will All'nd Wcddinir. IOIHIU.V •»•"-••—••• .... Miss 'Marlha Jane CnrlvvriEht. . - A(jc , |c H(|oki Bc tty Ann Whit- Mlss Clcmnillne Bqwcn. Miss Pearl 1 ^ ••. ^ Icky ^ ichcr drove lo Carlwrnhl. Miss Barbara Bank.,. w)lson • Friday nlghl Id attend the " " "' gru'diiation exercises of Iho Wilson !0l. „ , , , ,,.J(Igc S. L. Gladish is in Hot ,mc of the ,, • f a coursc of bil ii ls . ; - Ml '-.,, and 'John Douglas is a patient In vlhcvilie. |... Mclhod i sl hospital' l" Mem- nitivjui Lt. »• the Osceola • Baptist. The hostess served pimento cheese. Me || 10 ;it S (. htspilal where .she lias sandwiches, jello willi whipped 1]Cell (l patient Hie past wock. Mr. cream, ccokies and Iced tea. I-- •- . ... . ...... Elhcrt Lawhoii, who bcm McCnnn and their daughters. Helen and Mary Anna, wcnl home. returned lo , |U1( | accompanied her home. a student al Gulf Park Military: Mrs Uris l>lv „ Academy. Gullport. Miss., has re-' )lcr lloln j. - m j> a rma Tuesday after turned here lo spend the summer (| visit i, cr( , w |,|, ] lcr s | s (er. Mrs vacation with his ni:ther. Mrs. velmer Uampbeli and other rcla- P.ulh Lawhon. * ' Mr. and Mis. II. B. Spence and children, Herbert and Bertie Mc- ride. spent Sunday In Memphis s lhe ' ' "" " "'" will be solemnized Friday 1151.1 ^^'"^ h , hcir mar riagc and a he Methodist church of his "<** 1°"°$-? v . lth Mrs . Ahlfs par- vhcn Miss Nanella _Btaudcnn. B y« .hort V'rt «? ' & coui , le will become the onde pf J. ''• c f} * " ." ;.„ 'itrvillc vvliere bol.h Modnes Jr.. and Miss Olive 110,1?= w, E» ,1" F ^ Jttev Ue Jl ^ SrrB^,^,, 0 ' "° yrt hl - ^"MV-fr --eru, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Itcvcll dredge .. . Announcement of the cngiigc- mciil of Miss Slaudenmayrr and Mr Hodge was made yesterday by Cr. and Mrs. M. E. Stauilciimaver, ot l*acliville, vylien Mr. and Mrs. i. D. Hodge Sr., of Leachville. an- The Tuesday Bridge club, th oldest bridge Club In 'the cllv, hat Ils final weekly luncheon party c lhe summer season this week \yh hostess;' : LVll. illlU IMia. l»llv:il 1\^V5;J, 111,11 , j. |_j_ mniyt; Ol., *J* »-*.n^....n-. .... children ot Greenway, Ark., spent nounced the engagement o! their - •--- -•'"• '••— J - daughter to Boyd Eldredgc. Miss Btaudenmaycr, who war. lent Sunday In Mcnipnis " ••-•- ,- u , ,| d Slices of MJ». Spencc's \^\^ O:rinc c . nmol . c olher. Mis. J. S. J^Pagc. . U uml! , y from Memphis where she Mrs. Christine Watson and Miss L, , , he , wct>k wltll , lct Tlicliiui Biigance. ol oycisburg, | , .mlm Wallace, who i.s scri- eim, spent last weekend here as, „ (lu , Vctcro ,, s | losp ||,,i ucsts of Mrs. Eva Lossuig and ','..,__ ....... ,,„ i.. >t r > < ^r-,.,,. MISS Gliiuui;iinu>)'-' , «,i^ "„-> ... i-,y" " r--- • . gvadualc of this year's class of is the third year Bessie aughter. Miss Juanlta, Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Taylor. Mr. nd Mrs. Bcnnle lister. Rodie Veeks and Miss Nellie Lester IcH Mrs Fred,,Chlld \vas I i "*A summer {luncheon menu .was i WCCN »nci <» no>v i^.c ,»«n ..^ \* served at Uie 'dining' room-'table parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hopper ' ' " ' as deecraWd with a Urge Mrs. E. H. Hcrrell Is confined It menu w hey will Iransact business. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McCaim and children of Matthews suenl last weekend hcrc vvlUi relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jordan and Mr.' and 'Mrs. Arch Jordan were visitors In Haytl Sunday aflernocn Herman Hopper returned lo Flint, Mich., the latter part'of the week after a visit here with his and also with Mrs. E. W. McCann al the Mclhodisl. hospllnl. James L. Cassidy, Marcus l,lm- lia'.igh, Jack Hushing. Misses lorcnc id Uorls ...... , > attend summer ternvcf college at A. & M Mrs. John Parks Jr. and Mrs Muschell Hamra visited Mrs. E. W McCann at the Mcmiihls Methodisl hospital Friday. Elder I. LawUon silent last vvcck- ciid al Stutlgart, Ark., in the home o! Miss Arllc Wells. i Jack McClure of Greenway, Ark., spent last weekend here with his i mother, Mrs. Minnie -McClurn. Wins SJuilc Medal 'Bessie Lou Rw.e. ciglilli grade pupil and^ dai^hlcr^ol ^J-^ the gold medal for making tin highest yearly average among W' senior class of Miss Catherine Har well's music pupils this year. Thi he 'Leachville high school. *fis | reared in Leachvillo. ^ir. IIo<li;-:,| wlio received his laler cdiicallon at Arkansas Blalc college. .Jonrsboro, is a member of the school laculty at Ilpcky. ' Miss Hodge was a sludcnt at Arkansas Stair Ihls year where she inel her flame who was also a Eludcni there. He Is preparing lor Ihc 'ministry. Miss Emily Mason returned Sat- ,,tlay from Alcoa. Tenn., where he has been a member of lhe pubic school faculty in that city. Mrs. Hale Jackson, accompanied iy her parcnls. Mr. and Mrs. U L. Vandcrvoorl of Chicago, relurncd ycslcrday from El' Paso, Tex., where they had been the gucsls of another daughter, Mrs. Epstein and Dr Epstein. Mr. Vandcrvoort will return lo Chicago this week but Strawberry Ice Cream You can conveniently :i«: .economically make Frost Strawberry Ice Cream home. All that, i.s required fresh strawberries, milk ant cream, and a package o "JUNKKT" 1010 ORE/ " MIX."This can be rnadc hand freezer or in pleclrica ""JUNKET" ICE CHEAl 4IIX is split by your groce ul lOc per package. Try th delicious fresh (le'ssert today. i JUDGE FOR YOURSELF WHftT CAR GiVES YOU MOST FJJR THE MONEY! Y OU don'l pay a penny extra for air the wonderful new ideas Dodge offers this year!... New gearshift al the steering wheel!.'.'.New' Individual-Action Front Wheel Sp'ringiiij; with famous'Aniola Steel §prings!... New 'headlights in fciidcrs for s'afer n'jgh.t drivjngl the great Dodgo "Scptch Dynaiiiilo" Engine, famous, for sensational savings oil gas and oil! See your Dodge dealer now! won the highest Eleven pins were prcscnlcci -PRESCRIPTIONS- Safe - - Accurate Your Prcscvipllnn Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main rhone 111 ANNOUNCING Summer Classes Book-kecpiiig Sjiprlliaiuj typing Tikes Rcss'oiulilc MRS. L M. lO'JO llcarn Rt- ri.i.if Send MflUON USERS SftY JBOUT ELE WATEIf "" lho THE ATLAN'J'IC MONTHLY Mskc lhe uiosl el your reading hours. Enjoy .lie f\\. lhe wisdom. Ihs comiunlonsWis lhe charm trial h"« inido Iho Allanllc, IT ?T» r sevenlj- five "ytars, 1 AmcrJcVs mnsl quolni ,nd ino'sl cherished ifi»8"ip». Send \\ The (i"t«l" > ^ u8 " lls '"" lo MoniMy.SAiltaglouSt, Boston TAKE A Lpplji!. Dodge ''Scoich Dyiiamile-li'ngirie-powcilul.dercj 1 ^ economy foaiutes,'plus ncw'adysinccs fot even more efficient operalionl ARK-MO POWER CORP. BlytheyjUe IWptor Co. '"m-llJ East Maiii'si. . ' ' rhonc 888 Ldiiis George Motor Co., r sceola, Arkl tree Motor Co. Marked tree, Ark. p, \V'. While Auto Sales Kcnnett, Mo.

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