The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Page 8
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PAO£ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWB t 34, 19'tY ' U.S. to Supervise Hid- Navy •Departments to Send ' Men »o Greece, Turkey By DONALD I. GONZALES (.UfetUd pr»« Staff Corrsspmiil* VASHINQTON, way 14. IUPJ — The State. War and Nftvy Departments plan to send advance guard missions to greeee and Tutkey'. to supervise the $400.000.000 aid pro- f-rani as soon f.s the measure i Is sigifed uy President Trmniui, It was teamed yesterday, . - , • The mission to Greece will oe( composed of around 50 expsrls from: the.three departments. Under present planning, they will • go to Athens In several groups anU will be joined .later, by representatives of other government asoncles. A*23-man groiu tentatively has been selected to travel lo Turkey to make* prellmlnaiV studies on :hat natkm's< niIHl!«y requirements ' r1 '" / Highest Fly ing. Jet Job , *t>31 £?' The Vampire II. British jet-propelled fu new ict-i)tane altitude record by »>nrin|! is nowcied with a Rolls-Koyco "Neno. «* p riurWiic engine, whk-h rem.lly t**** An.i.v * . jn the UniU'd bluits . Id ...... >'s nd Navy tests Treasury Officials Undecided On Tax Slash .Recommendation WIASI11NGTON, May 14. (UP)— will await these developments: Treasury Department officials, con- 1. Senate and House agreement trary lo f ome reports, have not yet, on llie form ot the tax reduc- deciiled whether to recommend that lion bill. • President Truman veto the Hepub-| 2. More definite information on ;iean-s|>onsoi'od personal .income lax t |, 0 Amount of the prospective sur- reduclion bill, it was reliably rc-.|,i us )„ this fiscal year. A surplus purled luday. I o) a i,,, 0 st $I.5CO,COO,COO now appears •legislation to 'cut Income taxes 10 be i" prospect, by from 30 per cent In the lowest 3 crmmvssiomil action on a num- lir.ickels U> 10.5 jicv cent tn the ), (11 (li apiiK'pnalion bills. This will lilf.lii'^t I)nickels hus passed the (, 1V f the treaHiry a butter idea of •House and been approved, by the [ K) , v much inonoy will be spent in B ile Finance Committee. | n,,. 1^43 fiscal year ancl, coiif.e- A hinli-ranklntt Republican said (!m . ( ,uv, ;•. better idea (if how much it was his understanding Treasury ^| X ...; can be c.ut. oIliL-ials IX'foro making a. decision ' " • on v.'hether to recumjnencl a vt'Lo . Plead Courier News Want Ads. Army Air Force Denies Enrollment pi 'Jap Pilots WASHINGTON, May 14. (UP) — The Army"-Alr Corses yesterday denied 'reports'"'published In Muscov.' that former Japanese airmen I'.re being omblJcilVIn the AAP. An A1AP spokesman said there was "not a wprd of truth" in the reports wjilch'.' nujc-avctl In the Communist parly newspupcr, I'ravi da. ' 9 said U. S. occupation authorities paid Hie Japanese filers to train r.t air fields in lokota and sallaina. Garlic, used as a base in certain germ-killing solutions, will destroy sonic germs that even penicillin cannot check. Local * Lout Dfctane* Marine H.lp u4 H' 1 **"* 4! l»«m«d Oottnet Sinu •«• l*rrlco * ••<"•«• Fkomi 2801 Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L.TAMKE 408 K, Davis St., I'. O. Box 431 IMioiie 2187 blytlieville, Ark. The < "plalmms" boa'"- 1 will b.j composed of 12 Army, "seven N-v/y and four Etaic ip«()»f tmen 1 , ..representatives. infonntd iaurc35 , sal:! Mr.. Tru- 'aetM tire, adman ha| iip program. Mark ElhriJij. 1 , Louis' llie. Ky; publisher, who Is serving as American represcnlilivs on the United Nations, nalkan investlrji- ting..commission, .has .been mfn- lioned as a possibV cholt^. Th'ese sources ;OM adininistr-.itwn of -the-«100.000.nfO, Turkish nnn pr4ram probablv woin;t be vei.teci in felwin C. Wilson. U. S. Ambns- adnr to Turkey. Officials familiar .'^ ith . of : tho Greek pro»vsin said abo.ll Short-Term Jobs Offered by Navy To Former Pilots WASHINGTON. May 14 — Tlie Navy put out ji hurry call yesterday 'for "several hundred pilots" to do a job before ISM7 naval np- propyfcitions run out on -July 1. In »• message to reserve pilots, lie navy asked former ferry pilots to volunteer for active duly lo July 1. They, will be used to transport J.OOQ to\4,0(!0 planes from central singing f.ools to operational areas for replnci'mcnls. The navy says It has jusl finished rceoncUtlcmliiK a lot of iilane.i nn<i wants* to gel lliem in .service before thcy^ detcriorutc again.' The leni|>rirary jol>s would last only until July I because the Navy already is over H.H expected budget 10-DAY TIRE OFFER! $15^.000,000 wowW be spcnl fov arms, ammunition, clolh'ng. rations a:»l oilier • equloment to build up the Grfek army. This Is intended to restore Internal order nhct • In t«rn promote economic stability. The £150000,000 civilian program for"'Greece envisages $20.000,000 fov aguciillural purposes, including 1m- portalion-of live slock, "mchlnery antl processing equipment; $50,000.- 00olor"fbreign exchange costs, and $80,000,000 for purchase of consnm- Cl $° oi the $100.000,000 Turkish program Kill ^be used'to eoulp the i Turkish army'and to- renal reiflted nr'ojccts such- as the trvls railway system. ~Tiwki*h. ^President. Ismcl. inonu said yesterday in-a telegraphic 1«- tcK-fb' 'i W- 11 " VJrgil M. Phik-ley. United Frew vice president for Europe, that his country would seek' a loan from the world bank for economic 'development. of personnel Sm fiscal 1!MB. \ Leg/ess Youth Who Wants To Play Baseball Thrilled By Visit'of Diamond Star jjAUiEN. Mass!.'May 14. (UP)!*. Xeglesf Olenny Branri, 11. llstlc .^ 1( . - atJiis.tuiepitaUroom door said soft' < ' '> Then his cscs sparkted. It u' 115 ••The -Wd" himself— Ted Williams. Ifomc'-run king of the Red Sox. Behind him was PHclicr Joe Dan- sou. • - -* In his hands Williams hnd "• "linme. ran bat."' nntogranhed, too. Dnbson hud un nutogrnphctl bruse- ball for tlie lad who still doesn't know his legs have been nuiputnt- cd lo save his life after he wns accidehtally "burned at tlie stake" while playing Indians with two friends. it was great talking bnseUal! for tlie boy, who— not knowing he's " cripple—plans to play baseball soon with his grammar school team. J3ut Williams nnd Dobson couldn't stny long because tlie nurses said Glenny wasn't feeling too well. They promised they'd come back and left .at.ter the boy assured them he'd accept; their invitation td watch -them 'plaj?. Junkman's Nat/ Puffs A Phalanx and Finishes On Top—an 1 1 8-Foot Roof ST. LOUIS. May M. (UP)—Joe. the Junkman's hoi'tv, is bud: on the ground loduy-- but \ he'll never l)e \K same. Lodie iSmus left Joe hitched to is llRhl junk wagon in 'ft down- own alley. A ear went by ami tlie river bluw tlie horn.. Joe was off nmeiliately. irginp into tlie street, lie ashed a couple of blot-ks before a raffle standard caught,- llie. front vheol of the WEIKOII. It stepped, lull oc went on. Crossing the sideAV.Uk unimpeded by liis usual burden. Joe leaped lo lie four-fool roof of the Dinner Bel: Food Co. lie ran tho entire 183-foot IcnKtli of the building to the other end. Surveying the ID- foot drop lo the street lit that point, .loe backed up and. prnncoi about nervously. Employes-said It soumk'd'UKtf UK building was falling apart. Evans grabbed Joe ' uu'd "tc'd him off the low end of the sloping roof. Buzz'.cd police, going back lo the '90's for a charge, booked Evans for leaving a horse-dra\vn vehicle unattended. PHILLIPS 66 IS CONTROLLED* TO GIVE YOU SMOOTH, EVEN POWER! • Milking n. tough split or building uniform performance into n gnsolinu both tako control I Ancl Pliillipa GG can RIVO you Hint control because Pliillips GG blende its bigb-quulity (jnsoline compoiicnta to Biiit your climate! 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"Look what's back of HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE!" American , NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within tlie time iixeTPKy law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of- Arkansas for n permit to sell be'er at retail at Highway IB West. BiytheviUe, 'Arkansas, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good m^ral character, that he lias never been convicted ot a tulony or other ciime involving Amoral turpitude; trial no license:lo seli'bcer^by i!ie undersigned lia-vbeen-rcvoked with- ii! five yearsrlast past; -and that tl^e \ has never been. . cdnvictcd of violating the laws of this state, of any other stale, re- laCmrTD'ttie- sale of alcoholic liquors. . _ _ E. B. CWtwood Subscribed and sworn to before mfe this 13th day of May, 1917. I • W. M Williams t<SEA£»~. ,..,. Notary P.ublic ?My Commission expires July H ' ' " I GENERAL I MOTORS; * Saves 50'< on Kood Bills V.. -> •.--•v•k Provides'Tastie? . . . 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And wlen o— P-rt pt. ttxbd fooi m»y f.a to GM Ilytlra-M.ilic Drive is America's fully promf, fnlly 'niifoiiKilic drive. Proml in tlic liniuls of over 300,000 owner*, ('roi'oi ii\ literally liillious of miles of driving. /VotcrJ in combat use on Army lanks and oilier military veliielc*. And Hydra-Malic Drive—Imilt and hacked liy General Motors, with all its vast Hieililics for (iroductiou and researcli —is more admnml than any oilier drive on llie market. Only Hydra-Malic Drive shifts gears aulomatically throiigli fo<ir forward speeds. Only liydra-Matic Drive eliminates the clutch pcd al entirely! The foi«*r-/>rr'c«? ear to offer CM Hydra-Malic Orivc* is^thc smart new 1917 Oldsmnhilc. Sec it at yout Olilsmnlrilc dealer's. It's as Tar aliead oi the times wilh its ultra-modem styling aa it is vilh llydru-Malic Drivel look what's back of every Oldsmobile car! 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