The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1945 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 5, 1945
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BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THR rmMfMAM'l' A,I.'II,L,I.. - . '..;»:.. . i^*»^» f r\^ X TUK DOMINAMT VOL. XLI—NO. 272 Biytheville Daily Newi Biytheville Courier Biytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader OP NOliTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAaT M18SOUBI jAlTKANSAs, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 19-15 BIG PUSH COMING COPIES FIVE CENTS Yanks Holding Half o WEST, NAZIS SAY TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Jap Strategy In Philippines Defies Logic By IJAVID WEEKS United Press Stiff Writer The great surprise of the American reconquest of Manila Is the lack of large-scale Japanese re- slslance. ' Manila,is the key to Luzon, and Luzon in turn controls the entire Philippines and Japan's vitnl shipping lanes through the South China Sea. • • Before General MacAithur landed . on Luzon, the highest Allied authorities are believed to have expected a massive Japanese effort to defend Manila.. The enemy's failure to do so Is the number one mystery of the Pacific war lo date. . The wonder and amazement of high American officers inspired this remark by Lieutenant General Robert Eichelbereer: "Those Japs generals must have gone crazy Where in Ihe heck are they going' to fight?" And Eichelbcrycr was' talkhi" about Generals Yamashila and Honimn, the snme Nipponese commanders who carried out the workman-like job of conquering the Philippines in 1841-42. One of the strangest elements of the mystery is radio Tokyo's reaction to our sweep into Manila Tlie Jap station, 23 minutes after General MacArthur hnd announced the entry, said United States forces still were trapped • in the area of Clnrk -Field, 45 miles north of Manila, and had been unable to make any •headway- toward the capital. -.: • ' The enemy station boasted 'of fierce^ Jap attacks' against' our forces ',ne,»r Clark Field, and said the Americans were jjeing gradual.. Jy,' c .ut,pff..,,from;%ip ; r4les,frbm, the Llngayen bridgehead., " .Tlie Japanese tactic of fighting the battle, of Manila with words instead of deeds -is reminiscent of radio Tokyo's fantastic lies, about Jsp : naval victories. But it has maiiy possible explanations. Front dispatches for some days have reported that Jnp defenses before the approaches to Mnniln were not fonhidnblc. Anicricsn tank-led columns had gone far toward smash- Ing; Vwhal.-.inil.Jpiy; defenses .there : Also, Genera)' ^MacArtinir's de^ cisive sea and air superiority enabled the-.Yanks, to .select Ihcir own"'points of attacks, and consistently outflanked Jap troop concentrations by. sea. ..The fall of Manila casts- doubt on the .essential soundness of the entire Japanese military structure. If this number one outpost of Hiro- iiito's empire could succumb so easily, It may be necessary to reexamine the bases of Jap strength on the home Island and in China. This suspicion is heightened by the fantastic efforts of the Jap propagandists (o build up paper victories, and by the same loken it can be expected that Tokyo radio will continue to exert all its efforts to conceal and becloud the real facls. '...'. ' '._. Titus, the most important * lesson taught by the victory is. the need for a. deep re-examination of the nature of our Japanese enemy. Up to now, the common opinion throughout the world held that Japnn wns as lough and resourceful n foe ns Nazi Germany, tougher in that the Jap soldier'in Ihe field was more of a fanatic and could subsist on less food and fight well with poorer equipment. Most of the American spokesmen, political and military, have emphasized this view. Ambassador Grew, General Stilwell various Marine generals nnd the various congressional leaders who have vts- ilcd Ihe Pacific theater. Only General MacArthur and Admirals Nim- Hz and Halscy nave at times seemed rather optimistic about the war against Japan, and then have gone out and made Ihcir mobt optimistic predictions come true. A minority of observers always has contended that Japan was only a third-rate naval power, has been doomed from the slart to collanse rather suddenly. They have maintained lhat the Jap empire was never any real match for the mighty maritime empires of Britain and America. But these speculations of ultimate events arc probably farthest from the mind of the victorious doughboys who are fighting in the streets of Manila. If they arc thinking of anything aside from Immediate battle problems, it Is probably of the final vindication ot the statement made by General MacAarthur in Melbourne, Australia, on Mnrch 21, 1942: "The President of Ihc United Stales ordered me to break through the Jnnaness lines and proceed from Corregldor to Australia for the purpose, as I understand, of organizing the American offensive apalnst Japan. A primary purpose of this Is relief of the Philippines, 1 came through and I shall return." \ 200 Killed In Mexican Train Wreck i'",r,daynear Ca,edero, Mexico, when inn Juan clc Los Lagos. Mexico. The above photo shows n g~encr a f view o"f the crash"Vhcrrover'zoo we're . hilled while men arc looking through n wrecked coach in .he bottom view. (NBA Tclcpholos.) Court Upholds Rent Reduction Appeal Of Mrs. Wylie Is Dismissed By High Emergency Court Tlie first case t.-ikeu to the Ei(ier- gimcy Court of Appeals from this section hns been settled in favor of the Blythcville rent control. Tho complaint made by Mrs. Charles L. Wylie. who protested nil decisions of other courts, lias been dismissed by Ihe highest court. In returning n decision, the court said: "We are without power to set aside the Regional Artminislrator's order fixing the complaintnnt's rent at S30 per month. A judgment will be cnlercd. dismissing the complaint," The Emergency Court of Appeals wns in sc.-.iion here Jan. 2 in Ihis rcnlal case of an appeal by Mrs. Wylie for the first time Ihe court had sat In Arkansas. The complaint involved renlnl of unfurnisheo 1 apartments at 517 and 519 North Division. Testimony revealed thb properly owner rented the apartments for $50 each in August. 1943, before being ordered by (he local rent control office, cnrly in the Fall, to reduce rent lo $38.50. She appealed the decision lo the regional office where, after an investigation, the office there ruled $30 was a fni r price to be charged and orderej rent reduced lo that amount. Taking an appeal to the national administrator, decision of the regional office ruling of S30 rent was affirmed and Mrs. Wylie brought suit protesting all decisions in the Emergency Court of Appeals. Weather ARKANSAS: Mostly cloudy Ihls afternoon and tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy. Colder- in east and •south portion. Continued cold tonight. Slightly warmer in west portion Tuesday. New York Cotton Mar. . 2170 2195 217!) 2193 2178 May , 2160 2180 2166 2178 2165 July , 2130 2144 2130 2143 2127 Oct. . 2065 2078 2065 2078 2062 Dee, . 2059 2060 2058 2060 2052 Paralysis Fund In Biytheville Totals $2,219 Citizens of Biytheville have donated $2,219 lownrd the Infantile Paralysis campaign, to more than double their quota of $1,100, it was announced today by Leon Oenning, who served as city chnlr- mnn. This figure does not, include the S613 contributed by audience collections r>t the RIlz and Roxy thcntcrs, which also will be credited to Blylhcvillc from motion picture headquarters in Hollywood, where the money was sent, Mr Oenning stated. Tlie total of 52,219 represents only incomplete city re- pprls, with the total expected to be larger. With only partial reports in from all over Mississippi County, $-1 175 of the $6,000 county quota hns been turned In lo Louis Davis of Biytheville, who served as county chairman for ibe drive, sponsored this ycnr for ihc second time by members of the Blythevfllc Junior Chamber of Commerce. Two Motorists Die In Crash Near Benton LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 5. (UP)—The death toll as a result of a head-on collision near Benlon late last night has risen lo two. Mrs. Charles Yarbro. 28-year-old wifo of an Army private, died at :i Little Rock hospital this morning of in juries suffered In ihe crash. Seven- year-old Yvonne Elmorc of Holly Creek died at n Little Rock hospital soon after admittance last night. Private Yarbro nnd three others injured In the collision remained In hospitals Ihls afternoon. Mrs. Yarbro and her husband both were from King's Mountain, N. c. Saline County Sheriff Ross McDonald snld llie accident occurcd when Charles Elmore, older brother of Ihc dead Yvonne, atlemptcd to pass another automobile. His automobile swung to the left • of the highway, crashing head-on with the car driven by Private Yarbro. Hospital attendants say the condition of Elmore is critical. Former Gosnell Man Dies Here Services To Be Held Tomorrow Afternoon For Ex-Farmer, 62 nobby Brown, 62-year-old lor, died yesterday morning at Walls Hospital after having undergone an operation a short Umo before. t/ing a farmer at Gosnell. hifi land was confiscate^ by the government for establishment of Blythevillo Army Air Field nnd lie moved to Pride Subdivision, where he slncO hns lived. Uorn at RIplcy, Tcnn., lie moved herc_niorc than 40 years ago. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home by the Rev. E. C. Brown, p.vtor of First Bnplist Church. Qurlal will be at Maple Grove Cemetery. He Is survived by four brothers, John H. Brown of Bono, Ark.. Willie Brown of Cohokce, Pla., and Ben ;ind Edgnr Brown of Flint. Mich.; four sislers. Mrs. J. D. Nccd- ham nnd Misses Minnie and Ruby Brown of Hlythevlllc, and Mrs. Edgar 1'oscy of Dell. 10 Guardsman Of Compahy,'K Are Promote^ Promotions for 10 enlisted members ol Company K. local Arkansas Oiwrrl mill, have been announced by Col. Hcndrix Lnckcy of I.iUle Hock, commanding officer of the Gth Infantry of which Ihc local company Is ,1 part. IM. Garrctt L. Abbott nnd T-5 Cscf.r E. Manner have liccn cle- vnled lo ihc rank of slaff bcr- geant special orders signed by Brig. Gen. H. L. McAlister and Colonel Lackey. Corp. (jeorgc M. Sttiwcll was given (he lAling of sergeant, while T'vb. William E. Young and T-4 Harry U Lutes were raised to cor- porf.l, grade V. "Five privates were made privates first class. They arc George A, Shelby, Otto, Scrape, Harry E. Wccdman, Robert Weedman and Clco C. Pope. ' Japanese Still Hold Southern Part Of Capital 2500 Internees Freed From Jap Camp Today; Battle Continuing WASHINGTON, j-eb. s < -•Manila today is ii city half slave nnd half free. • . . .Late dispatches Indicate the Japs still holdnll the city south of Ihc winding Pn.ilg. river, and enemy minors rcimilnvRcUvo In the northern section where our troops have moved.In; ..;,:.,> But there is no hope: of escape for. the;scvernl 'th'oiualid Jnu marines who arc - using ' their' Inut destroy ntiB bliust Mnnlln's docks nnd military - InsltillnlloiiR south of llie Hvcr. Tile Ainerlcn.ns"linvc scaled Ihe Jnp escape route By sGnclliicslrong mills sweeping around the city to ineol nlrbornc unlls moving ut> from (Jie south. •'•':,' There Is still no clear: Indlcnllon of' (vhellier the' Jiips- Intend lo IlRhl lo the lust mini in '.southern Manila nnd one radio correspondent snys Hint in'-a'plane trip over he capital he .saw no'sign of Jnp •roop moveimjnjfi. ' ' •' •'' Eiiflnccrii Rujjh Work But. the qiics.tlpn • will soon lx> answered. Our onBlnccrs' arc nicliiu to bridge llic deep .water 'barrier and snve the old wnllcd city from enemy destruction. While some Americans, massed to force the Paslg river, nnd other* looked for Jn.o'snlucurMn nortlierii Mnniln.- ; freed clvlliaiis enjoyed their first hearty-meal In three jenisnnci received the oxpeit tniu ^Aitaj doctors -tps ios'cuvd.%1 tiij SnnS ^-r-— Internment cnmp thh Is a day to icmember the icst of (hen lives. Most of the jnlernces icsaitcd were .described ns henrt-brcnklnjr examples of slnrvntlon at'llic hands of: the Japs,: men nhcl women reduced to skin-and bones. 'Ilio, rescue was n •liomicomliiK for United Press; Corresuondent Frank Hewlett. Ills wife, Virginia^ Wfs among the hundreds who wept with hysteria when the Americans cnme. Hewlett';; wife, wns recovering from a nervous breakdown nnd welshed less than 80 pounds. Tho Unllcd 'Press qorrcsiwndcnt said tlie Inlcrnecs ran through Japanese sniper f(rc to lilt Amcrl- cnn fighting ; mc)i to their' Ihlu shouJdci-s and,carry them through the filthy rooms of - old •'Santo Tomas University.' ; Newsman tells Story . Another .United/ Press 'newsman Koberl. Crabb, was.'among the In- tcrnecs and had .suffered, with hts wife and two children, through three years of .Jnp Inhumanity. • And here Is part of the story he told: "We wept without sunnie today when wp saw our Yanks run ur the Stars nnd Stripes on the university nag eUff, and despite our hysterical happiness, we found II hard to renllzc we were free. "We ate twice as much mush fo hrcnkfasl this morning, nnd for the first time In three years, we know we'll get another menl when we need It. "When we heard the lirst shot nnd realized It, VVR.S fired bv American troops, we rushed from building lo building to shout encouragement to the Yanks." And Cr.ibb went on to .sny: "The first jeep to crash through the university gates carried (hrcc men, Corporal John Hencke ol r/ew York City. Alfonso Trualllo of Salt Lake City and fctcr Dillon of New York City. "The first question we -should at them was. 'Did you bring nns food?' And despite the fnct thcv had marched and ridden for 24 hours, they ignored Jap snipcr.s and broke open their field rations My wife and family wept whci they saw the food from home." Correspondent Hewlett says tin American rescue force found Dr Theodore Stevenson, head of the camp'medical staff, In the camp's jail. Dr. Stevenson said his confinement was ordered when he refused lo testify that anything other than starvation was Ihe cause of recent deaths In the cnmp. As a free man, Dr. Stevenson watched his former jailer, Colonel Hayashi, move out ot the cnmp to the Japanese lines, with 65 ol his troops. The Jap colonel was allowed to take hLs men through American lines after releasing some 225 hostages. But while the liberation of Manila far overshadowed other military events In Ihe Pacific, our alrmcii hit hard ut the Japanese homeland. Reconnaissance photographs taken over the .Tap senirort of Kobe show thnt our bombers yesterday left 34 fires raging, some of them moving toward the center of that city. 12 Known Dead and 80 Injured Allies Opening In Hew York Waterfront Fire As Tankers Collide And Burn N1W YORK, Kol>. n (U.l'.)-A b\ K explosion in Now Wk Harbor set fire lo Uirco ships ami took it licnvy ciis- iwlly toll. Twelve persons wero known to liavo been Idllwl, 20 inj{i 80 injured. .Nflvnl reports, iiitonipk-lo this after-noon, Knhl 0110 tnnk- or nimnuKl into iiMulluir- QUO loaded with high octane Danville Slayer Will Serve Term Marshal Who Killed Soldier Loses Plea To Supremo Court LITTLE ROCK. FL'lj. fl (UP) _ IHic Arkansas 'Supremo Court hnd n busy mornlilif todny. It affirmed Die two year sentence Riven a nonce officer for killing « service upheld which lower court decisions persons icero man, In damages. nii ( | re versed nnd dismissed a third ilinwigu «uli IG-year-old out of the death of u buy. The high court uphold i\ lower court, verdict sentencing Hllcy Moss, nnnvlllc city trmrahnl, lo two yeiir.s lor voluntary mnjwlniishk'r for the death of Prlvnlo Floyd O. Havnor. Hnvncr wns shot lo dentil by Moss at nnnvlllc In 'August. 1B44. Mass contended, imuamiful- ly. that lie killed Huvticr In self defense. Kelly pnrmnn, n Sntinc County resident, wiw denied llic ^2000 Judgment granted him by a lower court the Missouri 1'nclflc There wns n tcrrldo explosion Flaming jjnsollno set flr c lo the oil (linker. Thnt Incendiary mixture of oil and ci'.-olinc spread through Ihc Icy harbor, tw a time, It threatened the conslllnc of the Urooklyn port of embarkation, It covered the harbor with a thick' pall of smoke as flames licked high Into the nlr. . . , Tlie two lankcrs hnvc been tcn- tnMvolv Identified as the Spring Hill. That's the one that exploded, rho olhcr, the foreign-owned tank- cV Vivl. A third ship, a Liberty shi|i, wns abiindoncd by its crew but suffered Hide dnma K e, Tho flro raged nil hour and a half before it was brouijhl uiidor control. And the Sprint) Hill iny ndrlft on the harbor wnlcro, lu hull blnckeiicd nnd flnnlly wns towed lo ix>rt. mo Vlvl also livrncd from stem •.' lo titcrn. Us llfobonls ciuinht (iro. Crewmen luul to Icnp Into bliuln wnlci's mid nwlin lo rcscuo which I'tiuldn'l ijci loo uen i ship. May Withhold Bill Changing Dates Of Court Whether n bill will he introduced In llic slnle Icidisliitiirc. asking Hi i-uuii. iigiiiiisi inc Missouri 1'nclflc al " LU " ; »"s"i"irc. asKiiij; llin| finllrond for the death of his 1C- ,''"'" " { clv " Co1 "' 1 ' ° r "'Is dlslrlci ycnr-oUl son. The 'youth, Eddio R' n nll( ^ wc ? k ! nlcr in ll >c ycnr Fnrninn, ivns killed uy H pns.sliiB lns n ' nl I|L ' C " decided, 11 wns nu^ froliiht train nenr Uenton. • llo » llc (;d lodny by Miss Aline Wor-i . Koue\ci, the hl«h court upheld u ..un>.ii;i, mu ui i( a conn upneu n .,."•' Clmk ^Cliouil TCoiiH JudGinont u »' Ulc '' m -- nmi**Jt~J. *«JMA *_* ^. . ... . ^mnnullln,. J3900 to* 71-1 cm old ol .1 uiii MM. Onposltlnn to the hill by members n Springs "'^o Oi'iillilienil County llnr Asso- Jtcl on a Mi.woiu'l cln ' lol > l"Sy.,lnfliience.m;Qnoiionls p{ feijnn Hopper of Ul ? h>casiirc not lo;i)i-csciH |t'-nlllits is allowed to c'ol- tcl ' m i-'( Wfts-ionrned.'-i.- ' \- . f \\ n Icct his- $110 for dnmniies lo his truck when struck ,liy. a' Missouri 1'nclflc trnln nt,Sylninorc,. Ark. House Would Boost Aid For Vets WASHINGTON, Fch. 5 <U.I>...~ It's bl]|-pttillii(; time in Coiiijress again.' nnd there's one bill that's mounting fast, oven though other wnr KnmdhiR Is tapcrtiiH off lh« nenrer we conic to victory. 'Hint hill is the cost of cnrlng for A(iicricnl) wnr vctcrniis. lllus- tnillng Just how rnpldly It Is sonr- Ing, the Hoiifc Ai>j)roprlnllons Committee hns recommended more Ihnn two nnd n hnlf billion dollars for Ihc Vclcrnns 1 Administration In the 1946 fiscal ycnr, n 113 per cent Increase over what we're spending on veterans now. , The Vclcrnns Adiulnislralion Is one of a .score of government agencies tor which the House Committee voted over three billion dollars In Ihc 1046 Independent Office Bill, That's roundly 7C million under what the Adminlstrittlon risked for 1ml more than five billion less than what llie snme ngencfes involved got during Ihe current fiscal year. The reason why Ihc big cut Is possible is llmt Ihe Maritime Commission (toosn'l want- nny new funds now for building ships. Ship building cost tho nation well over six nnd n hnlf billion dollnrs this year. Admiral anory Land told a House Appropriations subcommittee thnt the nation's active past war merchant fleet l.s expected to total 15 to 20 million deadweight Ions. And Hint menus, says Lnnd, that work should slart ns soon ns military demands permit on new, modern commercial ships, pnrlicu- l.irlv na.wengcr vessels. That work-or-clsc bill Is snagged aR.iin in Itie legislative machinery. •Hie Senate Military Affairs Committee lias voted hearings on the to hold closed measure. And . that'll delay Senate action on the disputed bill at least a week. Democratic Senator Thomas, the , committee chairman, hays llic hearings will start tomorrow. 3D minutes for each witness. Coming up first will be War Secretary stitn- £on. Ills undersecretary, Robert Patterson and then pfavy Secro- lary Forrestnl. Other witnesses to be Invited have not been determined. Dut Thomas says he doubts that they can all be herad this week. N. Y. Stocks AT&T ' 162 American Tobacco 70 Anaconda Copper 311-2 Bethlehem Steel TO Chrysler 98 7-8 Coca Coin 136 1-4 General Electric 33 1-4 General Motors GS 3-8 Montgomery Ward .... 61 (if Osc'eoln, representative, who drew • . Uechuse the -Civil Courl term of Circull- Court' opcnS; in , Osccolii Ilio first Monthly. In Jniiilnry, It Is ncccs- snry for altovheys Interested In discs lo spend Christmas week pi-opnrlng for 'he wises. Ir Hie, term WHS postponed one week rincl oilier terms of tlie dlslrlct |]»sl]ioncd one week, It would give fittorticys of South Mississippi Coun- ly the first week in tho ycnr for prcpnnitlan, it was pointed- out. The extra week "lost" would-be tnkcn from the Joncsboro court, which luis three Weeks Instead of the customary two, and this is -objected lo by attorneys of that county, it wns snld. They maintain Hint while Ihcy do not now use the three weeks, time allocated for court there that after (lie war there might be a time when It wns needed. With Artillery, Berlin Reports Enemy Expects Thrust Toward Rhine Timed With Red Offensive „, LONDON, Feb. 5 (UP) -,- Berlin' claims the Allies Jiow have begun ft big two-way squeeze on Gorrrm'r" Nnzl reporti today told of n pow- erlul Russian'offensive,beyond Ihb Oder river In Silesia and of a big arllllcry preparation assault on MID western, front.; the /overture to a filll-Mnle drive tor the Rhine Thou 1 , 11 »»s emphasized are German reports There was no Ah lied confirmation from clthei front But that news coming from the Nnzli, must make pretty glum listening fo( the German homc,- front. , The Nads wld that Marshal Konov's Soviet Army lu Sllwla Is- boring westward from bridgeheads across tho Oder.. river In n drive which appears to bo aimed ut a wldo encirclement'"of Berlin from Iho south one, Nazi commentatoi finjti the Soviet* already have advanced 12 mile 1 ; bcjond the Oder M»y Be Confirmed Although Russian, reports do not mention this a British broadcast llils morning snld thnt .Moscow mriy linVc an important announce'- UK'nl Inter In tho day concerning Knuov's front Thflts a hint (hat tthnt the Germans are saving may lie tiuo. and that Masco* will confirm It In n ;few hours, .Moscow did have •something to •say, hovHYcr, about other sectors of the ens-tern front, which emphasize how desperate the German slt- uiUlon really to Soviet broadcasts place advance Red Ami} forces about 30 miles from the Nazi capital, Tlicj also snj that the two cities of Kustriri nnd I'rankfuil arc closely Invested, lhat homy fighting h under nay 1" the .eastern 1 ' suburbs of; Frankfurt. One ;\}o;co« broadcast savs the RuKftinhs ha\e crashed into Ciprmn- iij along n front of 380 miles but. It miih a tempering nolc llv tiondcnst points- out thnt stcnd'ly mounting resistance and a thaw, which hss sbftcned the giouml, hns ,-lowetl do\\n the Red Arm\ advance. Red Ami} W.irncd The ni|iij nciistmpei Red Stai lodny warned Us lioops to ucvinic nttemnls j It Gosnell Woman Dies Yesterday; Funeral Tuesday iMrs. Idn Bell • Smith of Gosnell died yesterday noon nl the- home of her daughter, Mr«. Essie Loller, with whom she resided. She was 60. Death followed a brief Illness. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning, 10 o'clock, at Cobl> PunernI Home, by the Rev. Mitchell Houston, pastor of the Daptbt church ncnr Gosnell. The body will be taken to Ken- nctl, Mo., for burinl. Uorn In Warm Springs, Ark., she had lived here a number of years. She also is survived by another daughter, Mrs. Lcsslc Holder of Mountain View, Mo., a son, Wcan- cr Smith of Kcnnctt, Mo.; two sisters, Mrs. Rena Hand of Hommold, Ark., and Mrs. Alice Vcrmciye of Warm Springs and two brothers, •/onn nnd Conn Andrew's of Scmln- ole, okla. Resident O/ Missouri Is Fatally Stricken 1). S. McGce, stepfather ot Mrs. Vclnia Sample, died Saturday noon at Advance, Mo., at the age of 82. Mrs. Sample and daughters, \fisses Floy Ann, Juanlta and Genevie, returned today noon from Advance, afler having been called Ihero by his death, Mrs. Sample will return later lodny to attend the funeral services tomorrow. A high ranking Mason, rites of lhat order will be carried out at the services with burial at McGee, Mo., established by his family. Mr. McGcc. who had visited the Sample family here n number of times, is also survived by his wife, Mrs. Annie McGee, nnd five daughr ters. Firemen Answer Alarm Firemen were called to the Jerry Hcum residence, 401 East Missouri, at 11:45 a. m. today but the- fire had gone out immediately and no water was used. The flames started from un overheated stove. '.'•.'.••. ••'•..• of .. told of German '••civilians-'. In .the conquered nrcn?, flying while flags, wearing white arm bnndsjsmllin,; nnd solf-humlllatlng, mxl profes-- Ing , their, submission.. The newspaper cnlls these,Qermnns "dLwrmcd murderers" nnd "-Jackals"-who • were vicious and cruel-with weaker people nnd 'disgustingly cowardly v,;ce:-. facing real:strength.. • ',-"••" On [he"wcslern front, Hie Ger- maii reports > say .the. American Ninth and:. British Second Armies have launched n,terrific bombardment across, the, Rocr river. And Berlin Insists.It Is the .overture of n how *aiid mighty; Allied offensive .toward, tho Rhine. ^ '>-." , Although we have no confirma? tton of thlf, we'do have reports from the.front that the American First Army has extended the Roer river battle line 15 miles south of Durdn. " -... "• •"• '•'.' Dispatches frorn Allied headquar- tera say,the First Army 'columns have cracked Into .the second wall or the Siegfried line fortifications below Aachen.' '"•' • " " •"•"• . TtUf. ot BreakUiroush ' And art < American radio correspondent f»y's our' troops have broken through the Siegfried line at all Important points- east of Mons- chtiu. T|ie correspondent says the battle of .the Rocr river now has been wott.; ',' r :; •• ' There was other encouraging news from-the Allied 12th Army front In Alsace. French and American troops have split the German pocket around Colmar by joining forces In the center. Half of the. enemy pocket now Is trapped, and the other; half fc straining -every muscle'in' an effort to get back across the Rhine'. .' •• There was no report of Allied air activity . today. Sut during the night, the heaviest bombers of ths RAP pounded the Rhlrieland roll and'industrial, city of Bonn, pther bombers hit enemy, benzol planl-s In the Ruhr, arid Mosquitoes attacked four big Geiman elites including Cologne and Hannover. Course Planned For Farm .Census Takers ; . A now school for agricultural census enumerators in Mississippi County is to begin here tomorrow in an" effort; to speed iip'th'e, gathering of Infonnation for' federal statistics. Of the 25 .workers needed for the county, only two are at work. The government pajs 40 cents per i'fanvilyy.for compiling of Information frorh 3 list of 300 questions, some of which are not applicable to this section. Taking ot thp farm census stari- cd scvctal neeKs ago Chicago Wheat , opeli high low close prcl May 1625V163H 162" 1 * 163H 162'< July . 164)4 135« 1S4H 155 151%

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