The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY. JUNE 17, 1946 (AHK.) COURIER NEWS .abor Legislation Sabath of Illinois Insists Block Seeks Harass Truman WASHINGTON, June 17. <u.l'.> —Hep. AUulpli J. Sabalh, D., Illinois, today protested against "cheap politics and collusion' supporters of the vetoed Kill sought new ways to revive the measure for permanent strike con- .rol, ' Sabatli is chairman of the House •Rules Committee which soinemem- bers say may make it possible for |the House to add the vetoed Army Removes Theft Suspects To Germany WASHINGTON. June 17. <UP> — An Army plane carrying Col. J. W. Durant and his wife, WAC rain, Kathleen Nush Durunt. principals in the theft of $1,800,000 worth of crown jewels from Kronbeig castlo. took off for Europe loiluy a Wai 1 Department spokesman announced. He said the couple was being sent back to the European Theater ol Operations at the request, of the commanding general there, Con. Joseph T. McNarncy. The spokesman did not disclose their specific Mlirder Probe Brings Arrests Two Cab Drivers Questioned in Slaying Of Little Rock Man 20 mid drove to Lukcwoixl. She sold Ctallman, me two ihcn iiiul the second woman got out of tin? car and walked behind the automobile. Gallman fulled to get back in the ear. she said. The two taxi ihlvers and the other woman deny Miy knowledge of the crime. Deputy I'rosmUliiK Attorney Otis Nixon .said (he four are Ix'lng held for further Inve.stiniitlon. PAGfc! destination. The couple Ulll to tho administration's I A - c - Miller ,-as in custody o( Col. it nd Lt. Col. •iciiiiiornry strike control measure |>r to inlniininn wage legislation. liolli bills ure before tlic Rules "ominiUrc nntl probably will bo •given some discussion :it u coni- iiilUco Hireling tomorrow nllhouiili action npiwnrocl vmlikoly |i]i)lil later in the week. Snbalh said Mr. Truman could •not :;ii!ii any bill having Hie major s or tlie Case Bill iH- Itachod to it and that, its cliiel pioponents were trying to '.'harass land unibiuTii.sK tile President. •Siibalh ileclnrcd that "reaction- •ary DemociaU" in the House were Uin<! advice from Sen. Hobert A. Taft, It., Ohio. "They j;o o\'er there and find lout from him what they should Ido." aabath -said. "It's an unholy iaiKL' Mini won't, <!o any of them or anybody any good." Jle said he hopwl that the Case |Bill advocates wotilcl not tlemaml hasly committee rule that would •permit provisions of the mesiiure |to be added to minimum \vage or other legislation. '"Iliis is a mailer of cheap poli- Itic.s jincl collusion," Sabath .said. "If lhi'y'11 just cool off n lilllp lljif we will be able to provide some Chinese Study Arkansas OH Production Methods ' they tnlnlil be able to InshucL ( ciiuntrymun in iuoilei'11 .sliuuUi oil production. Head Courier News W:int Adj I'.l, DOlt ADO. Ark.. Juno n. 'Ul'l | — Chinese students, repLvs^utuiive} of their country's government, weto In the inld:,l of a tliriv-miMilli IrtthiliiK course here today in tlie Lion oil Co. plant. I 1 Jon olflrlnls revealed that three | Clilnese youths were obsi'rviiii niethod.s of mimufai'liu'e, so tlmt SKIN SUCCESS OINTMENT W. pierce of the provost niai'shnll's oficc. A WAC. Sgt. Elizabeth Dey- oiifc'h. was assigned to Mrs. Durant. The transfer of the Durant.s was not announced until nearly two hours after the plane hiul taken off. The transfer was made twi clays after the couple's army usslscd- let'al counsel, dipt. Frank M. Hps- worth, announeed that they were demanding that the Army file specific charges or release them. The jewels—belonging t o Princess Sophie, granddaughter of 'he late Kaiser Wilhelm—were found in the castle near Frankfurt, Germany, last November, by an Army corporal. According to the Army, the corporal turned them over to Mrs. Durnnt. who then' was Capt. Kathleen Nash. The corporal has been absuved of any built In cor.ncc'.lra with the theft. It later was discovered that '.he jewels were im'sMiiy from the cas- le. Col. Durant and Mrs. Nash returned to this country and were nanied in Chicago May 28. Army Investigators meantime were hunt'"« for the couple. LITTLK HOCK. Ark., June 17. (UP>—Four persons, two IIKTI and two women ,nn> belny held in the Pulaski Cuunty jail today in connection with the killing of 1M1. Gallman, capital city cun;r:iclor, last March 20. Clailmau's body was fount! alonsa lonely road near North Little Hock. Bitter he was struck down wilh a blackjack awl robbed of :no"e than $200. The women and one of thf men — Ixitli of whom are cab dtivv-r^ — were questioned previously abniit I hi' staying and Sheriff CSus Capl<> mid yesterday lhal one woman mad" a sworn statement that she was in the parly the nli;hl C'.allman was killed. She told the sheriff I hat the utlic r three, tvlons; with GiiUmau. |ilcl<nl her up In a cab the ni<;ht ni '.March |J(e]i. Francis Case, I?.. South ~ckola. author of I he bill vetoed Iby Mr. Truman, said he would not. Insl: to have the measure lacked |on (o the President's labor bill. Other members, however, said Ian attempt may he made in the iRutes Committee to yet its pro- Ivisions added to the adminislra- l*ion-rr<!U''st<Hl bill raising from 140 If) 05 cents an hour the mini- Inuim wages of persons engaged I Industry affecting inlevstnte coin- Case Bill proponents were not • ready to say what strategy they (would Iry. but indicated they 1 will seek some method of sending | it back to Mr. Truman in the hope Jtliat lie will be forced to sign it I In order to get other legislation he Ihn:; recommended. WEAK TO On 'CERTAIN DAYS' Of Month? This (jrcat iiu'tUrlui! Is fiimtnm to relieve jxUnMil (LlstM'SS un<) iln-il, nervous, InltublL- rim'ln^fi, of siicli (Juys — wlii'ii dm- tu fcinnli' innc- 1)0 uu I monthly iHsuiiU:uiix'£! urs MAKE A Call us tip soon, and let's sot a day tor overhauling your tnictor autl other fiirni equipment. Waiting 'til tho last minute is nuylily husiness that might lend to dulaytj Now's the time to get your name on service schedule. McCORMICK PARTS DEER1NG MACHINES AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BlythevilU, Ark. Birds have three eyelids. Jury Cdhvitis Communist on Spying Charge MONTREAL, June 17. (U.P.) — Fred nose, Canada's onlv- Communist, member of Parliament, faced a possible sentence of seven years imprisonment today for his iwrt. in n Soviet espionage ring that sought. Canadian and American military .secrets. The 38-year-old Rose, a native of Poland, was found guilty' late Saturday. A .jury deliberated only 3f> minutes before returning .the unanimous verdict. Justice Wilford' I.a'r.urc said he would sentence Rose Thursday. * FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 Jack Tipfon Says . . . What The American Legion Means t o the United States lnmr'Ktj-. for sinrrrily of Inlrrnliiin. u-.-irinili of fr]lmvsl,i|. ninl f.. .-,r, n l.«,!a1.> li^ml Inr :1 l,.»niii..i 1.1,. .^i-1,•!!(.• of nn IIII--A niiTimi :i,;,.i.ri|.::. I lip AiniTirnn l.i'cinn lias IKI [.arnlU'l. h:i« l.i'.-i tlir of nil TwriitY-tSirci' ji'nrs (nmv 27 ypar=1 npo n h.iriil of |.nlrtr»Tir i..l .icli.|,l<-il |.rnr<irrs Irr mi nrri.|.h'«l iir.-.imljl,.. ih,. iirnlrrl.vlni: ,. il,;, .1,,•,.-.. Hi.. |.iin. i|.].'i t . llu'V n.i.l ilirir'. Mrnt- l.'il nnit rui^lil for in U'orM \Vnr F. tiy Ijruliil w:kr. FRAZER 0«AH»M-PAIOI PtODUCT America's First 1947 Motor Cars! ' "' Well Have r rhem Here to Show You lln< (-I'ncvl'tifn of K;ilhrrlioo,l nf doit nnil ,, K j,,s! ilulnl lo nil Iliis vvorlil of -in anil ss. ju*l so wns (he Amrrrrnn l.t-^iiui. \vilh il* poll.'!,'*, roll. ,'ivr,l niifl tlf.lirnlrd In n nnily of fiovcrnlnrn* f,.r Am.'ricjui |>o,.],l,' v n n, ...... rrilir fr,-,'ilnm. iii^n rould |iriK-lniiu :o Ihv niiiviTx- n |,r..lilrrli..n For n l:iuil « lirr,- III,, v "!•!' f- ••""* rir.i; for.-v. r. oYi-|.ly rlrhit in lln- lirarls niul^ of .1 fr.'i- Tli.-y uill ,li... tricsi- inriiihiTs of thp Amprirnn l.rcinn. jnsl ni.-n rich or poor, njlriol ur Ir.iilor. mini ,to. KAISER—With Front-Wheel Drive! Modern, perfected front-wheel drive. War-proved Torsione'Dc Suspension for all-load, all-road smoothness of ride. Wheelbase U7 inches. Overall length 203 Inches, Six-cylinder 92 hp. engine. Widest seati in any mass-produclioncor. Unexcelled driver-vision- FRAZER-World's Smartest Car! Unrivaled luxury, maximum roominess, exquisilA beauty, effortless power! Wheelbase 123'/2 inches. Overall length 203 inches. Box-section frame. Rear-wheel dt've. Six-cylinder 100 hp. engine. Semi-elliptical springs in rear, coils in front. Smartly loilored two-tone upholstery. T HE AMAZING new KAISER and the sensational now FRAZER— America's first 1947 motor cars—will lie here in our showrooms— surprisingly soon! You'll have your choice of the front-wheel-drive KAISEK, or the more powerful and luxurious rear-wheel- drive FRAZEK—both built at famous Willow Run! And always at your service, remember, will be our specially- trained maintenance servicestaff, with factory-approved parts, tools and accessories. You'll want to see these beautiful new postwar cars at your very first opportunity—so keep watching the news for the annoimccmcnt of our first showing. 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Abstracts of Title — Lands— Loans 213 W. Walnut Phono 2381 Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M D. TULLOS Telephone 22(>0 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Type* Kirtpt Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic 5H IMiln. BlythfTll)*, Ar)i, rb.M Z*Z1.... Itnrri. niul wlio so \villin K ly clioos!'. a f Iliu Anivrii-a y fimshl nn.l livnl niif ll,ir>i! wn. ,,f t!,o livinjr an- r.rafiilo,,! of, is tint ll.cir | , nl vnyvri slinll nut 1:0 nn»nswprp<t in n lan.l wlu-ro fr loin i, s in.-riiins ns 11,^ ({n.l-^-ivoii MiNsliirio. This .irllclo was wrilt'n i>y Jack Tlplon. lh«n civilian. Since, then, he served Uncte Sam, now Is * active Legionnaire living at Manila, Ark. Vim, who h.ivc rcceiit!> bc^ti fliscb.irjrit —read and digest every word of lh.! uljnvo nipssngo. You will be iiroud to be n iiirniher of Ihc AMKRICAN I.KCiION. Join Dud Cason Post 24 Pay Your Legiw; Dues Now Courtesy—Floyd A. White. 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Oldsmoliilc East Main St. GMC Trucks Phone 519 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANV EXCAVATION S>#£ Estimates S.J.COHEN Oontractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEViUE ARK

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