The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1949
Page 11
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, WKT W, 1H* (ARK.y. COURIER KEWS PACK KfNB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Mo j. Hoople Hi, CATCH UP WITH •X3U LATEK--rMGO«l-_ TO "tK RAWG6R STATIOJ AMP CALL UP THE KILLED OFF ALL LIKE A NERVOUS CALL*0 ALL TMT ANP TELL NM ABOUT THOSE TWO P1SAIRIE DO6 HOLES.' PLUMBERS IN TOWN TO STOP TH PLEASANT SOOWO "f, \ ~~ TRYIW' A COMEBACK MAIL, vxrw rtooPt« — I*V MAMfcTl Of ATOKPFICT WHA.T FROM COAST TO COA«>T /—THIS ABODE LlkE VIASUMJ6TOKFS AT MOOJT WE'D STUf P «T Ifi \f , Me HIT A Some fish catch Innseta by shoot- Ing them with a jet of water. Treat Vour Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices THHmP IT KU HtVrCf. IMC By Hugh Lawrence Nelson II IK 5'IX>HYl Vr<4 •Illlwrll. • MA 1 1 M«T|«- »r*Juc*r, mmA t^rrt MYMberx *l hl« «at*f**r m*r «fclp- wrcckcd •• S»*«r* 1»1>B4, whrrc , • lore by hi* t»»l*-nl«r r>llvfAjr (• thr BtorekonMr ml krarh Irvrl. Htm C'unxrovc. ridiKK l» (If cnr, area 1. Illy !• Ill* rar' ^ypraAclklMic lirr. Ml IT U drftd. »fcot tkruHKh <h* head HNd IM lifr lay !• 4h« ••(•- mnllr pl-tel H*a had •MMKRUd •»1* th* tml*. OB tfc» »•»* nf (he Factory-Traintd Experts to Serve You! n R E i F i s Mttt Draifai . . . Wear Diim* (Hi UI.M \l\l\ M All Work Guaranteed $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer Thi* Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. XIV 'l^HE noon sun was hot on the as- 5cmbled Speare Islanders- On the flat top of the veranda rail, Mabftl sat with her arm around MolLie Stark's shoulders. Agnes and Nona McGuire whispered together, and George Bascombe and Fred Sillwell stared straight ahead without apparent consciousness of their surroundings. At a table brought from the main room for the occasion, Harding wrote on a single sheet o paper, while Bea Cosgiove sharpened a pencil in preparation for duty as official Speare Island cour stenographer. He finished his notes, looked up to face the row of people befor him. He rapped gently on the tabl with a claw hammer from th toolroom. "Speare Island Court i now in session," he intoned, Bea poised her pencil over th blank notebook. The words trans formed this sunny veranda int dingy, well remembered courl rooms. "We are here," Harding wen on, "to inquire into the death o Mrt. LJllj Warren. By force o circumstance, the proceedings an subsequent burial of the decease must be expedited. This cou_ though informal, will be complete ly impartial in considering U facts. All present will consid< themselves the jury. Now then, t any of you know anything of th unfortunate occurrence?" Miss Cosgrove finished writing. ie looked up at the silent row. heir blank faces, their expectant ailing, told of their unwilling- ess to venture into words until a attern became clear. Mollie Stark began crying. The inging black of the dress she ore outlined the convulsive ovements of her body, "1 didn't o anything bad," she whimpered, [ don't want to be put on any d jury." "There, there," Harding soothed, Dandoning his official lone of oice, "We all know you wouldn't o anything bad," "Oh brother," Nona murmured. • • * JARDING heard. He scowled, pounded the table with his ammer. "I'll have order in this ourt!" "I'm a good girl," Mollie recited hrough her sobs. "I'm a good rl." "If you'd just tell us in your own words," Harding said kindly. "Tell us what you know of this happening." Mollie looked at Sillwell. then ;hook her head. "But Mollie doesn't know anything," she in: is ted. Nona winked al Miss Cosgrovc. "Thank you/' Henry Harding said. "Mrs. Jones, will you lake Miss Stark in the house? Perhaps •she can get a little rest while we continue." "Of course," Mabel said. "Come, child.". Mollie clung to her, was led away limping. 'We will wait Mrs. Jones'* return," Harding decided. "How much of that conversation do you want in the record?" Bea asked. Harding frowned. "Put down that when questioned Miss Stark had no ( knowledge of the occurrence." Miss Cosgrove crossed out several tines, wrote the sentence as dictated. Nona McGuire kicked her heels against the stone. She whispered something to A^nes. Miss Firth Kigxled. Harding ignored them until Mrs. Joties returned. "She went right U slevp like * sweet child," the womnu »aid. • • • I-TARD1NG beamed at her. He looked down at the pnper before him, cleared his Ihiont harshly, banged on the table. "We will now proceed, I have examined the body carefully and 1 would judge Mrs. Wnrren met her death between eight and nine o'clock. For the record, I must where each of you were during ttmt hour." Sillwell stared as If try ing to lltui a meaning behind the words. "All right. The last time I .s:iw Mrs, Warren was when she flounced into the kitchen. That wns jusl after you left the table." "Did anyone see her after (hat?** There were only negatives. "That was about seven-thirty," Harding so id. "It would give her plenty of time to make the 15- minute trip down to the dock b-y way of the trail." "Why should she go?" Fred asked. Harding showed his resentment at the question, but he answered. "Mrs. Warren knew of my decision to send the whiskey to the lower storeroom where it would not be so accessible. She knew Miss Cos- grox-e would be apt to go for the day's supplies at once so she would be discovered. I noticed there was an empty whiskey bottle in the kitchen. 1 am sure you all noticed her extreme intoxication. I offer as a suggestion she might have gone down to wait for the whiskey." "I'll buy that," Sillwel! mid. "It's the sort of thing that'd seem like a good idea to a drunk." "An expert opinion?" Nona asked sweetly. "If it takes IS minute.*; to get down," Bascombe put in, "it'd take longer for anyone to come up. That should make it easier to check." Harding pounded furiously. "1 am unaware of asking for an open dUcusiioa. For the present, limit yourselves to answering questions as to your whereabouts." (To Re Continued) The tropical bread-fruit tree has may uses: Its fruit Is a dietary mainstay; its wood is used for canoes; it's Inner bark, for the manufacture of cloth; and its juice for glue. ; Save i {• Time* Money • Labor! Water delivered to the city of Rome by the great system of aqueducts In the First century A. D. has been estimated at about 92,000,000 gallons a day. "He's learning to talk, Dear . . . Just this morning fit said, 'GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION is a good p/ace to get loans/ " MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 Plant Sinkers ACID-DELINTED Cotton Seed L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. | Cherry & Railroad Fhoni 1493 I _ _ I FOR SALE Concrete cuJverls. 12 Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenforced. 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FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE) Jfckt Needs m Partner "When I crow up I hope I'm not 10 repulsive I hav« to go to nil that trouble!' 1 0*. 1C, TBV _.;(«> IS TRYIMG MIS RA04O- rVJZE AMD voo ootfr L*C WAV HE SINGS "MA I ASK ' ARE LITTLE 71 LIKE "THAT IMPOCTMNT' ENOUGH TD QUARREL OVER? CRISCU.LA'S POP Saved! UY ALVKKMEEU GOOD \l FOR I THEM.' / THE CHILDREN ARE so PROUD; THEV'VE SAVED ENOUGH FOR ANOTHER BONO' THERE'S A BIG DRIVE. ONJ WE'VE BEEN ASKED TO BUY * 1,040, OOQOOO WORTH' I WON'T DO \T.' I CAN'T DO IT/ I'M NOT A ZILLIONAIRE' YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND DEAR; THATS FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY' A Valuable Man 11Y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and HALPH LANE , I was outside the Pond house, looking up. BACK, PEEBLES KNOCK TH£ BLOOMING THING FROM ITS HINGES/ YOU MISHT AS WELl HAVE STOOD IN BED, FO6 CHANNEL / YOUR PRECIOUS DOCUMENT IS OUT THE WINDOW AND SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR.' I THOUGHT I'D CATCH THAT PAPER WHIN IT LANDED, BUT IT'S STUCK UP THERE WASH TUIJIIS Jake Necils s 1'nrtner KY LKSL1E TURNER AFTER ME AM' JESSE TSHUCK.S, THAT'S STUCK UP TH' BueGVWHiPf jus' me BAkJK IN (90S, ME—SW!i Mil KALLIKAK, WHO'S TWS CHICK THAT V UNCLE JAKEl J'Vi HEAEED THATiSWHV VOU BOV3 WA6W T HUUS-. OH; A& i WAS 'i AFTEZ WE SWAPPED LEAD WITH P06SE fOK A SPELL, WE WAS CAPTURED..BUT 7HEV HEVERFCUMD1H MONEV t TH6V FIG GERE D ' ^OLTP BUST DOWN SOMEOAV AIT TELL WOT VOU POME MID PA SWAG 1 J*f« HeHi i NEED THAT UfTLE NE&T EGG HOW. ORVILLE-. BUT 1 OMIT GO WEAC ITr WITH THEM TIH-HORM LAWS STALKIW ME FBOM TH' PEW! V6T IF 1 DOM'T GET IT PRONTO, A OOimECRO&SEC WILLi BUGS BUNNY Come Biiok Tomorrow THAT SCWEWSM.L. WABB1T 6VPP60 ME/ I'M eoiN<&TO 6ET WV MONEV BA.C1C/ INEED X 6ET tM NOW, DOC6. A CAN " " OPENER. WHY DOESN'T "LITTLE ZIPPO" START ZIPPING ? SET 'EM NOW, MEN .' "LITTLE JER.K.O" POTATO PEELERS- G'WAY, DOC- ALLEY OOP Start Over, Bud BY V. T. 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