Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 22, 1927 · Page 14
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin · Page 14

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1927
Page 14
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Monday Evening, August 22, 1 927 14 OSHKOSH TA KESKIMBERL Y INTO CAMP BY 8 TO 4 SCORE THE GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE Bloomer Girls, Assisted by UmpirePinchayd,HoldBay League Nine to 16-5 Count Capacity Crowd Witnesses Diamond Burlesque, Sunday; Plenty of Fun On Tap lf Nothing Else. ItV CM. Cot the Irsmin; isl.v" Thi't e-ore!ion often used ! Art I .e (Tier lit hit behind pint . hMr. m ,:"lp lifp Sunday afternoon at It'-llr-i tips rk an-! the flay t'VOi i led to tnm-. hts advice Vty rtrfitine the Knt-i nioorcorfiirls 1 tn 5 hi fi !nr!-M!i'- norciirnjYHKDs THE BOX SCORE A B K H T't A I . K. Piio-hard T. 0 0 1 T - the national pastime. The cxhit'iCon drew a crowd that vv! fillf-1 Co prand'tnnd. There is no tellinr "'hat the rnuM have been if fir.-n So sln 1 ' f pit t necessary to be Kind to lad: land their three p-n:ieninn friends! in six out of the-r tlro ' bat. What's more 'Klondike' Pinolmid. who t,y the way has turned out to !,. a rlars umpire when he has to, t a hand in the affair l.y sidintr with 1 In- rirls. Pirn hard had more put oil's mid nsit.ts than anv of the plavcrs and a res'ilt he was a wliol- iw- some itt himseif. And that's the Cay it as , f I pi red. i Miss Waison anil .niic ! The sp"('tatni s pot the first l;!ekj when Miss Wot son and were; announced as the hattery for the vis- ; Itors. The young lady hurlm' s stay on j the slfdi was of short duration because i the Way acted like a hunch of hnntrv ; wolve so far as has hits were r on- j rerned and the pi rl niteher was driven ' to covr before a man was out. She went to third base, while .Tones, one of ; the three men nn the team, tool; up the hi.rluu;. More the inninp rtt.- over, nine rims wre heme and the , first art of the faree was off to a pood start. j For the next six spams the Tiaysi Were rnntent to pet out as qtlir). 1h'v could hut sometimes th hard work. However, T'in hard was dointr some 'pine h hittinc' for th pit'ls ; end he helped a lot. Tn the seventh.! the Bays pot a charity run "hen Miss j Witt's in left field was Winehe.d hy the j istin vien tryinp tn stab Joe SehiHto'sj fly. She pot so mad over dropping the ; liall fiat she nearly tossed her plove over the fence. i Half Dozen Hems ! Tn the eiphth. rinsman must hare lifted th" fine airalnst any! safe hits because the Creep So ! hunched four sound wallops around two free walks and n half dozen runs ! resulted. ! The pirls pot n run in the second j Its v fill. A v. I,. IM 11! ') .Tn', 1! II .M7 t! ."I ! .CI 7 S .417 5 la m 4 ii ::',: " ' f ri ? 4.' .r . -,..t Ml ' - - V S ; , ! a is; aCi. i vk I'll) IM HDV A'l'Tl.i:, Vnli - (U.Pl - Kv-r-ti ' i'ld" I'unly, li-admp Seal t le otillb-hl cr. has hern sold to the CiiiciiuiMli lie, is fur iimiiinoiiii'i'd cash 'unMderii t ion and one player. He Will li ou t heftfie Aup. 111. r;:;:;0NE BIG ROUND WINS FOR CLUSMAN'S NINE OVER STILLERS, 6-2 Kaye Chased Off Mound Under Barrage of Hits; Lewellen . Whiffs Eleven. I NEENAH DROPS BOTH ! ENDS OF TWIN BILL ; TO KAUKAUNA NINE. Menasha Pails Step Into Fourth Place by Whipping Apple-ton, 10 to 7. ; YU.I.F.Y I.KM.l K Kiiulerly I.reen ii-i? (Khkosh Menasha A ppleon e nail l-nuknuna S.I I ill-day's Results Ciecu Ikiv l. Stiller I N'on I .efipuci j Siinil.iy' Hesiills ' Oshkosh . Kiniherlv 4. j Menasha in. Arr'.eton 7, ! Kaukauna 1- !-'. N'eenah J r.. f'.reen Hi'V l'i, Bloomer I'.irls Ii. I I.Vi.n l.e;i;:ne. I liie.-u jt.iV pain' d a hall iipp ill ilie Vuiiey If-.ioe v.iicn Kiniherlv m;i i . ii -t an s m 4 ip versa 1 at lhc: i ml of ot-hkosh. The rr.penuiikers art ed Korlii n-k on the niouinl bin! . sunn pus,. ! to the ancient ! l'...otH diners lieiten ti.ed tlie rub-1 Imt f..i toe apprepation and ens later eitlnhawn from the slab In! laMir of T'.riice Xi.el. N'oel ntlh- pavnil iHf league leaders to their j iiiuiifail vhilo his maim rapped all I he slants that Kneliri. k and I.nmeis' dished out. K.iiil..iiina made a determined eff'a i to pet out of the cellar with Nocnah as the p"at. l,t.s Smith and his hire-; Imps w , N'eenah I? to "J in tlie first paioe and then l ame baclv and J iipped the nii;!ip-,ip by a C to 5 j verdict, .Menasha spacers were too stpoip for the Applcloii twlrh-rs and they j hatted Ihcoisi-hes to a 1 a to 7 w ill, ! Next Sundav Crcen I'.ay will meet; Menasha at the Hav while the leapue- lea. line Kiiohtily nine will attempt to j hand No- u i h a sithack. j COP CAlTiHT THIS CATCIIEIl ' " J NATIONAL AMATEUR GOLF TOURNAMENT UNDER WAY TODAY N. Y. Giants Take Two Frays From Cincy Reds; Brooklyn Is Downed by Pirates, 2 to 1 Nearly 200 Golfers Are Seeking! Title Crown Worn by George j Von Elm. St, T'aul .. Jndlanapolis Louisville .. t 'ohimbiis . . MINNKAl'iil.lS - P) iolMom i en- iteie.l ps attention today on the near j Ij two hundred amateurs gathered at i the Minikahda club for the first oual I ilyiiKC round of the national .intateiirj Amertenn i championship, ami especially on; Jleore 'on Klni i! la Anifeles, title i h','itipas i"iVy" . .' I holder, and Kobbv ,lonen of Atlanta. : M ilwaiike,. :ho lost tlie vrowu to the westerner; .MiiinMn i last year. ! While thew men, neither of whom ! has hem defeated in the event e,-: cent bv the other, are favorites f ir j finals a third cuiiwctiliv time. tii irt of putting a rubber pellet into aj New Yoik wee cup with a crooked stick 1'roiu ! ' 1.e,r'1." I . . , ... - ! HshlUptell lull distances, anples ami situations 1 ! Philadelphia ! not so eact as to puarantee that , rhicapo .... Miiiie oth.-r player reachinp the zenith t'leveland . of his panic will not put ope or both : nt,'',!1" ,',' out ot Hie i iinuinp ill the early rounds of timtch play. There were 171 sterliup players listed to mart the medal round today and amonp them were such names a.-Jimmy Johnston, leader for two rounds in the national open, playing Hosion on his home course. Kranoix Ouiniet; ;rool,lyn AfftM'ltllioll. . 1. . 77 t .; .M 74 i.:t 7 n Macks Swat Three Sox Pitchers Hard and Beat White Sox 8-6; Cleveland Upsets Yankees Again. 4'" .....47 l.i'llKlle, W. Si! ia; lili . . . ti ii ! :. t 7H MI 8: I'd. .1.11 ..'31 .t:i I'd. .. 7 ' ';,i;'i !aSti .tli- !1 ,3i'S As younp Karl lievormer played iiseba!l in a New York street, a cup told him to iUil, Aionp rame Karl's dad, Al, catcher for the Xew York limits. Al iii-ptHvl with the cop and was arrested but later dismissed. Here are Al and his adininnp younpslrr. Bcrnice Wall Defeated In Title Golf Match 5 and Aitlioluil J.eilKiie. W. Chicago 7n I'itistiurph i;7 St. Louis , I.:. New York .1-7 rincinnati ii , .47 14 of Huston, IVbby (iaritmr and Chick 1'hiladelphU Kvans of t'liicupo. Willium t'. Kownes j and bale llerron of I'lttsburs'h and j Max Marslon of I'hila'delphia, all fur-i mer i hanipiops. some of them twice. There were also a score of state and rcpional title holders. If yesterday's trial round had been for the title Yon Kim would have kept it from Jones; for plavinp lopether in a foursome, tlie ( 'ahfornian scored par 7-, despite two penalty strokes and defeated the Atlanta!! one pp. L 41 4 7 14 .4.'" .41i; .Ol'il CAMP GRAASS LOSES ! TO ASTOR PARK, 5-4; The Astor park baseball team trip- j ji'il Camp Henry flraass' players; Saturday afternoon in a raltlinp pood i ball panic, by the score of a to 4. II tnarkid the first defeat of the camp' nine this season, winch had pt'"v-lotisly won seven straight, pames. A return fracas will be played in the near future. Three of ramp Ornass' four runs came across in th fifth, when Ward i (lape pounded a home run with two men en. The winninp run for the Astor can? came over in the fourth, DETROIT SURRENDERS ITS NATIONAL WHEEL FOOTBALL FRANCHISE Conzelman to Manage Providence; Takes Sonnenberg and Lynch With Him. liii.iKiiN j CHIC.u;o-Pi.lrs. Harry T'n-ss-! lor of Los Alpeles was homeward j bound today MPh another poll'inp j j championship fV- the west, the worn-' ; en western title whiili she captured! ,u J.'iKe liepeva. Mrs. 1'rHs.slcr defeated Bcrnice j W all of ushkosh, .', and 4 in the 06-! hoi" pnal Saturday. Unknown w! touiT.amf nt polf cxi opt in the West, j Mrs.. J're.s.sler played the steady game; of a v eteran all week, she outdrove ; Miss Wall thirty tn sixty yards at. ! each tee and .Miss Wall usually 1 -steady Hhcrt panic deserted her. 4 m DEMPSEY WILL J START HIS FISTIC DRILLS THIS WEEK USTKKtlll 'S hi:m l.'l'S Aiuerlean Akmih-IiiiIoii, Milwaukee, 6; l,oiUvilh.-, 5. St. T'atll.VO; Toledo, a.:'.. .Minneapolis, 7-7; Columbus, li-4 Kansas Cii', 7; Indiauaiudis, 2, Amertenn l.rilKlie. Cleveland, 7; New York, 4. 1'hlladelphia, 8; Chic, to, C. J'etroit, U: W'ashinpton, 4. St, Louis. 1-4; l'.ostoti, 0.. atloniil l.eni(iie. rittshuiKh, Hroolil.wi, 1. ' New York. 9-6: Cincinnati, S-L . Others not scheduled. Former Champion About Ready to Begin Punching His Sparring Mates. 'l'ODAVN . U1M Aiiirrteun Atsueliithin, Indlaniipolls at Milwaukee, LotiisvlHu in Kansas City, Toledo at Minnrapolli. Uthers not si heduu d. Amerlenn I.eiiHiie, T4oston at St. Louis. New York at Cleveland. Washington at .Detroit. Philadelphia at. Chiomo, Nntlomil l.rtiKlle, St. Tul ut J'lilladelphla. I'ittshurijh Bt Hrooklyn. I'hieapu at Boston luheia not scheduled. DKTROIT -After two years of failure in attemptinp to establish Detroit when Kern scored on Damon's safn ; permanently In the National Profes- drive tn left field. Kern also made the siona, Koothi) ,r8cno thfi franchise l'unchinjr live of in the llflh stanza Valley h leu- eipbi s the Ciavii 1!a has been abandoned and the players, de- lared free ap'Mits. i, 1 1 ers cinched Iheir , l;im to after Miss AYatSon had h-en hit by a (,hv , Ju, ,,,,,,, ,n , , ,v defeatinp ! pitched ball. Mr. Coles chase, her to ,; Sljnw!, Saturda)- aft.r i third with a double and then Mis' Plot : ,, :, eviii. park before a fair ! stnpipti. For th n-t four Inninps. the .. , j visitfire didn't do nnythirp In the run , MM, hvn jnnjm Si p wasn't RettlnB Ime. ; a lialf bad exhihitinii i,f tlie nalinnalj The evhibition was a lilt lame and ' ,,astime. The i'laiimiien pushed i some or tne speetaiors uepan neaoinp ,l(,i,. , n,)s ,,,, -,n.tll F homeward. However, th- best part of p f. l. , 1 , , a clean the pame was to come. Tn the Hays' p , , (( ,.,tie atiempt- half of the sixth, the pirls pulled two;,,, )lllnt .,,, slft, ,OWfton tieimnpiea.iur's. .uiss ramie, ai him. itiuvw wild to first. .lack Miller j made n brilliant stab nf a throw' ' I dropped .- Texas leapuer back of' fi' lnl an out on iwenm ami uin .a,itstoo. Lc ker didn't rpn liiinkinp Miss T'lut in ripht field made a circus , ,. , , , ,,,., i ..,. ...... catch of a lonp fly by Umnoyo. ,v,en 'Jie horsehido f, 11 safe. Keeker! Show Signs of I .iff tailed for third, Kirknffs throw liad ! This warned to plve the pirls 'ii..w l'n '"-'I'-n a n.hV h"t Clink iiiufl'ed lif"' and they pot to .Toe Sehuette ln .tlu' u'ss- the seventh for two tans and three . Millers Score Twice j hits. Every time one of I he younp lad- j Hew. ii, n attempted a snap to nip, i hi' the Taill. the crowd cheered. Tn i M'Hcr at lirt hut it was a poor pep I the eiphth, Harvey UCcsse, who ha.M M"V Hie Kays unit tossinp tlie lust returned from tlie we.-t. moved In , '"mid H'eker and I.yii,. laid i the row. T last pulout of the pnme. a luatnifitl runninp catch of Ilent's hard drive in tla ninth inninp with two men on ; 'lree rxceptions, have lje,.n bfise.- ! Next Saturday afternoon the flraass j team will play "Red" flarot'.; St. j .lohn's team at St. .Tohn's park, T,iiie- tips: ( amp firaas l) (.") Aslor Talk ' V. Cape. V-s. rs.. Smit: 11. (hPie, p. p.. Cejelski Kildolph. rf-cf. c. W. Keeker C. Dan-, If lh . IMf; N". L::ii7.. rss. d' . C.ittens Maes, cf. rf., Ttuz.y Kaiupo. if. cf.. Kern ; Scovell, 2b. Hie. Selissen j Tlorri.ers'. c, If,, Damon Dent. 31i. Ds., K. T'.e( ker ; ! Walter. Th. I.AKK ClvVKYA, Wis. hist c hance to retain the women's I western ,of championship clipped j away hero Satunlav when I'.einieei u-.,n n, i u ...... i .... ... ',Wltl ' Mine v.'siitvosii M.u. lust III; the finals to Mrs. Harry Dressier, the; hanl-hittinp California!!. T, and 4. ! Though Misn Wall showed flashes; of brilliant form ulo..h . . -. .-.-i . ,.l Iot .ii ue v oii.eimau, w ho ,sereu o.s ; jn; 0 final. manager and coach id tlie Panthers, ; poiient .superior poll' most of lias siu-md in the same capacity with'ihe way. The wo, coast star pla- CHICACci (Pi The tlitid of leather covered lists will replace the thud of; iron shod hoofs at the Lincoln Fields race track this week when .lack i Wisconsin S 11 "V i,ml ' .-ponies I'Juurn " . ' e, A J'empsey wounu up uis ouei ;im j tion, befuie settlinp down to trainlnp to the theatre Sunday f'Hft'ACO - New tension has been injected Into an Interestinp hase. lult rtiep in thn lensnte TPr. s:C Chicapn Cubs wer in first placn fn--4 .Uv bv n nifirpin of nnlv thren pnmH over the T'ittsburpli Pirates. St, Iyiiils In third plan; was only four and one t-4 half uanjos away from the lenders and the .New York Giants, standinp fourth. .spotted the Bruins a five and one half panin ninrpin. Despite the fact that the schedule favors the inspired Cuhs there are nianv possibilities ahead in the final 4 24. retell. 4io, The (liants and Pirates both gained i on the Cuhs Sunday. New' York took i both ends of a double header from i Cincinnati. The scores were -S and fi-1. DittsbiM ph pulled a pame out of th fire from the l'.rooklyn Dodpers 2-T. : Wripht's timely clout In the ninth sent Kikl Cujler across the plate with Din I winning run. Yanks Acaln i Cleveland made it tvo straight from ' the Yankees. Hurlin rescplnp T4ue.k-i eve jn the fourth Inninp and comlnp j'throiiph for a 7-4 victory, t was tho ! third slraipht defeat for the Yankees, i Pa he Kuth plaed nnlv one Inninp and i after he had singled he retired savins ! he h-,d hurt his back. ; The Detroit Timers strenctheped j their hold on second plao In thu American leapue atandln hy beatlnc I YYaslanpton 11-4. Philadelphia hatted I three White Sox pitchers hard to pain i im decision. St, Uiuis and the Tto'tnn K'1 for met in tlie Mound city In an arpu-; ment over last place. The Prownls pot Into the .4iiil class hy winninp both ends of n double header, S-t, and 4-'. j and chilled P.oston hopes of aver jet- tlng out of the cellar. AMKKIC.VX ASSOflATION' (By The Dnlted Press) Milwaukee opened a new series today with Indianapolis after taking three straight pamns from Iniilsvllle. The final pame was won 6 to 5. Luce starred for the P.rewers. drlvlnc in five of the Milwaukee runs with three hits. Eddleman pltchei himself WILL HONOR LINDY AT MADISON FIGHT CARD ; MADISON, W is.- - (U.PJ Presenta- tlun of a Rilvor cup to Col; Charles out of an eighth Inning rally which Lindherpii Is scheduled as part of a boxlnp propraui to be staped here tunipht. Sailor Larson of Dayton, O will meet Hattlinp Morris of Chlcagv In the main bout of the, evening. Director of Athletics Georpo I.ittlo of the Vniverslty of Wisconsin will present the cup on behalf of Madison sport enthusiusis. the Providence Steam Knilers and will Sake Ld l.wieh, an end, and (Ins Soii-neiiherp, rale, tlie licit tackle in the leapue, with him. Failure to land the services of lien-in l'lii-dman. former Miehipati all-Amera an uu i 1 1 ! i i.h k, who cast his lot witli Cleveland, caused hackers of the Panthers to forfeit tlie franchise. telle Taylor, Tex P.iekard and a small parly vf friends. Dl her first public appearance since her arrival. Mrs. Demiisev seemed to her San Gabriel op- I , . rfirm,,.r, .,' i.,.r illness. A steadv .stream of visi'ors at e,l with machme-hke steadiness nd ; ,,. ,unBalw on the Morrison continiioiisuiy outdrme and oiilputled i,ot,, ,.,,( )las interrupted all hisilhe Krs-lne county tournament over the, hllle lladper pal. .Mrs. Iiwlw,,.iw, pX,v,,t his daily auto riden with S the .; yard Brown'H Lake golf made every ulioke count. Not more ; ,s wife, but Heuipsey is about ready ' course Sunday, Irvinjf Peterson of than three or lour Imas was she in : ln withdraw into the seebismii of hls Kaclne set a new course record, haif-troiild,. durum tin eiiiue M-hole ! Lincoln lields camp now and pel down i nip nine birdies for , ( omit of fill. Sins LINKS KKCOIil) MlLWAl'lvKK -- iP) PlayhiK in Graass Astor , inn o?.n nnn 01" 1iin ndx rt. ii. e. 4 S 4 -5 9 5 from center fie!, to ! iinciiul an.) l'l; the pirls greeted him w ih a couple of runs. The vi-Mins laid ! ba-es load, e.l in the ninth but Ti Co-se is, ap d without anv runs. Mi-s pohle 1(ed nn to advance notice" as a first Kft.-v-r while Mis Tnmau. t'ie enter f o I ler had a p- r-foct rijv a' bit. pridnp four w'alks and a tw o b.ipper in five ti Ips to the plate. Miss Walsnn was pretty llvelv at third base after beinp , based off tli mounl and at times, l.-.nked like a rea' ba'1 er. CroMd: 'Warnie;l' I'p The ,t..,.-,! t.,t iviianr.i ii,, a b't in the olt 'it h when a voiiiiu fire ibs. underneath tlie pram Island hot the blae was put nut a w hole h,i faster than the -y, ;n t),. fast and eiehth inninp. D-ii, !i Pa inier. tn Pas' oaciie.!' at fi In the e'ehth and his aulas arcasc. ;p.e. 11.1,-irs who vn-. vatel.ins yotmt'ter T' p'obahb- 'ia-.- i. B t"'ll of tlie iu life Sen-e p.- inn,r.:s- to ti, Me (he aild the lea-lot of sa !-,.., . I lied dow n Villiesso w hi, A. "PL I s seelhed fans, p., Hi. up,! 1;.- a few 'r v.ele a I.irp.. for a io jabs. Lewellen tipht- d tanned A Collard and Kaye popped lo Clark, The I lays didn't do ruiirh In Kayo dllrillp the !i'--! imiituM but tlieV ' ri ve him i lepiv in ii,,, lift 1 1 . A. j lie, ker t an ed the Ilia-works by walk- ! inc. Kitl-oT fanned. Hoelini was hit j by a pitched lull and they hoi It ad- ! vaneed a nee ; ,. iM vu h. F. j l' eker siupl, , Jut,, , t , i.!h i.ise riiniiers, and la- tool; tliircl haiiself wl-.ii his broila-r 'Tape' ,. to i ,, I,.,.,,, MINNETONKA CRAFT CLASS A. CHAMPION OF NEENAH RACES Red Raven Awarded Title by Split Point Margin Over Neenah Sailboat. MKXASII.V SCOKKS WIN' i MENASHA. Wis.- Menasha defeated Appleton in a Fox Liver Yalh y ; ' leapue pame at Menasha. Four home ; I runs featured. I.ewandoski made a : home run in tlie lasi innins' Willi tw I on to thm h the panic. pi ind and only on, e, on the seeond to hard work. it'lh. did site lad to extricate herself; Je planned to take his first look at Ihe first attempt. Mrs, Ptessh-r's liYmtmued on Pape l.'i, Column 1) pl.ninp Saturday did credit to the in-; 1 ' t-n-oYo ins! in, tion which she ha,-i had; The i nurse liar is 74 nnd the former record held by Kddio Loos of (.Tilcapo was muted tho Colonels threa runs. Tim Mjlwaukeeiin.s are now onlv threa and one-half pames behind th leapue-leedlnp Mudhens. Toledo and St. Paul divided a double-header, the Paints winning the first pame C to 5 and Toledo second, 3 to 0, Tn Ihe first enme Gaston hit a home run to win the pnme for the Saints in the eleventh Inninp, drlvinp In two men. In the second, Speere pitched a brilliant g-nme, holdlnir the Saints fo two hits. By taklnp both pames of the double-header, 7 to 3 nnd 7 f 4. Minneapolis tinfde it five (draipht ill Its series with Columbus, Smith of the Millers socked nut his eighteenth home run In the second' irame. Dohne. Millet (Continued on Tape 15, Ooluinn 4) n the last tun j.-.its from her hus- pio al Ihe San Gabriel club. Miss WaH Off Color M'ss Wall's usually faultless ap-iCom nine,! on Pape Column 111 the ball oi aibli d e, -11111 ilip ed one ,e fol 11 i:. i ,! t; h- 4li thr on. I. e slab. Innli -..lien Id lie I' i lk e Mallei ,a be ! 11. t ki.-iuaii snao k. i e itt i iph( rente,-eftler donhleil and Dave Zilidiniildei- 18 dliMeS o- (1 in, , I t K. p,., ker Oped !r inp to ; ,, , K. Peek,,- . x. 1! ir i: tdoona r ,;tU . r,K i'h.ii :,;o ;, ia -, G v en Pay .... afta ma ,; 17 Patterns; ninnmer c. rls. Watson, .bie? i'ns and Delnve-c; rp-ren Sriois-'e, i-,..e 1 i )Vfo,-,,.. ym. , re P iv-;tnrd. WOMAN MAY TRY TO SWIM DEATH'S DOOR STi'Ki;-i iX PAY. Y - ''an M YVhitnev Curti- pi-..', s-ional .-unn-nier, , on, pier 1l,e waters , f Death's Door1 Th s ,s th,. naeftain be:np ask-e. ab-ait the p,rtO of t"-e l.laer Cut,, tv t c 1 - la anri YYa.iarpt, n Dh.n 1. M'Ss ClJatis w i a' CaP.ip Is:..;,r.. on. in the non in m pa it of the ioi;n-t. has be, n tra, ttins f.v a switnm'n:-.-! at Toronto. Canaia, this fall a: d has Veti snimnvnp a dsaan.-o ,,; ahei.t f'e niaes fr.,-h ,i!, , She is of the brlaf that she rn swim from W.s, on n Pay to Wasp., tne'oit L and, n d.-iance nf about eicht liui.-s an! arcoi'lirp to presrnt v-tans , :i nia' e the atf.rrp p.inte-'ime m ti e n,nr '. . b : , . k,, ,,,. for 1 ,i: a. The wai.-rs of Gf.n b.iv and Take M r:-a , ' wVa! ,s known as Jf-"i t Door and fv coti-i,er. ,l n, n!ln Of the m. t'-.-.eherni:s pla, e on th" lake Jf M ss 1 ',;'- s Mac. stf-i! .h U!i tv M e op v e,,-!. ,u it ni,r l,pn'.v! in 1 1 via; hi mi Ti-.e 1 ti le I IV I Minwc, N. v..t fj- A i y:r- cin -.v ;n ' - zp. h jjhfSc' nt. a ?o 4 va Msdt.'r. Flues sndw f elder, ard th? ral'i l.,ne left ,1;, lo,,k up the -iilh i s. 1,, Hid Loell!...- io lieid 0,1 1 I "ii Ud to Onlv lint Mil im bm. Tvs ..,.,!..,! ,!,.. ,,, ,-,.. ,, Kiy. Ziii-iliiiilder ii,.; ., Pi ihe Mx'ii ,. 11, 1 ' .l,, went re f.u 'la r m C... Dae was h- nd-.i p '. k' "no 1,1,,-a oif him. 'I' on! see tl.-s; l . . ; '.!' a hole ; al,!,,! but j lib. W hile ; P. S OTI'V ;':l!ers ,., s;!ii an, NilFNAII, A is--'Pi--lied Raven. ; Hill brothers' Miimetonka boat, was j adjiidued 'be TP.S class A champion 1 !r the Inland Lakes Y'aehtinp asoei:i. . tion, at the close of the recatta saile,! on Lake W'inneb apu. Tiie awaid ias based upon the; "race horse" s'slem of piarkiiip, it; I avinp first been announced that the award would po to Shadow, J, ek KimlierlV-i .Neenah, Nodaway Ya, lit , bib craft. mly a fraction of a point separated the two yacht in the final compilation of points. Sh..dov was awaided second p'ace; ' '. p'"ice. St;t'Uey Mees' Pew ui! ee p.ttinu" third pl-o-f -nvi Two sal!',?, sailed bv ,1am, s Hell. Mimic loiilui, was awarded fourth. Tlie class K 'championship went to Dora 3, sailed by Henry .Meyer, of Pewaukee, while class C horors weni lo Fan. Winf.rld Craven's I.,k, t'enea Iwaa t. II ill! ii' ,i on P T'i I'ONKY M leWlK !l D'" T.V. Wi- - i P, - A "1' f.. :.J drii-e it) ;!;n , ,rvcn'. hv N;,-Hi'k". s.-oiicp Sum, Fund i- taniinais to Vin f,-m w ....... . .M..u(.inn, 4 to ... m an eastPrn Wis. cciis'ri o.irie At th" en i of ii,,, n;n-h ii.r f,..Tt. was tie,! three ail. WIN i T ,.u , it'i.i.i'ii. (1. i,,pj .-rnr i'ft. !.' An-ih's, w,,., Ih 'hn trr-ci; antn race i,,-.,,; mhi it..,. F,.,;r (lf ,;. tuf,u. a,n lu M ADS HOHMMIOK 'IT( llKliS : Ml I-WAI KKI-:. Wis. 1U.R1 With eu-ven w ins and only one setback. M - rs is adin? the Milwaukee r Aihbtie rlub horseshoe pilchers. YYal-1 ter Iinpe. with nine wins and one loss Port is a close .second. J ,iv I, led md in 77 ' s'at-!.-! Made in Knpland in 17'.1. th bell wl; eli w as to become on July S, 177.. our famous Liberty TV!!, had to he twice reo.-is' lefare It could be lump In the new ntatehouse in Philadelphia. The vocal cords of women beinp shorter than those of m-n. vw enrrpy i srefinlred for a woman to talk. inn.ep guv ,ry c er t:,fl '.!!. r'.ph'. -:'h a home 1 PLA Y BILLIARDS! Everybody Prefers The Congress VAN OSS & HOLZKNECHT Come In and Hear the Baseball Scorei Our Fountain Service Is Second to None I (Continued on Pape 1:,, Column 111 EL PROMJCTO ' I MM,. , , ,- , . wt ft ? ifl&- s 1 : fi fi 1 1 A if va I TTT TTTTTTw WW like an arrowfrom a baw- j.'imjrs y s . if I3c or 2 for 25c A COMPANION that c!ve Lx real enjoyment all day long-mild, agreeable, diptinc tive company! Make friendi w ith El Producto it will give you real enjoyment. Prices start at 10c H. I'. ( icar to, Tw, rhila, Ts, Milwaukee Branch 127 6th St. Milwaukee, Wis L 7 BUICKl M 928 f Buick for 1928 gets away in traffic like an arrow from a bow! Watch the Buicks next time you drive downtown. Sec how easily they step out in front when the signal changes. And note how they give other cars the slip in the friendly rivalry of traffic. Truly amazing performance! But amazing only in comparison with other cars. For in every phase of performance Buick for 1928 is equally adept in the ease with which it attains, and maintains, the highest speeds in the way it breasts the steepest hills and in the way it ignores sand, deep mud and rough going. Every day, in every city in the land, Buick for 1928 is demonstrating the superiority of the famous Buick Valvc-ift-Head engine the engine that is vibra-tionlcss beyond belief. You cannot say you know the full meaning of "performance" until you've driven a Buick for 1928. The nearest Buick dealer will gladly arrange a trial, BUICK, MOTOR COMPANY FLINT, MICHIGAN McGEEHAN BUICK CO. Salesroom nnd Senlc Slntlon iin North Jefferson Street Ttm Artfimi 53!4 GKFENLEAF GATJAGF, Tireenleaf UROAMVAY GAKAGE, P Tfrf CKI.I KM F. MOTOK TAU CO, Tlellem DE.NMAKK GARAGE, DennmrU 1 I

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