The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1984 BLYTHEVJLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE O BILE G E CHEVROLET SEES S!E5 Price Cut F,xpecte<! lo Keep Factories Operating to Capacity DETROIT, Mlch.—Inereas.-(l automotive .sales, prolonging factory employment and proving a potent factor In Ihe national recovriy program, are expected by W. E. Holler, general safes manager of the Chevrolet Motor Company, ns a result of (he prlee reduction unw In effect on nil Chevrolet passenger cars and trucks. The reduction, announced June 1, und effective the following day, not only brines all Chevrolet trucks and Chevrolet Master knce- acilon models to Ihc lowest prices since the Introduction of the 1934 line, but applies also lo Ihe. new .Standard passenger car fonmilly Introduced on June 2 at G2 Oen- ernl Motors exhibits throughout the country. Those models were already the lowest-priced cars of .six or more cylinders on (he market. No changes whatever, Mr. Holter pointed out. have been made either in the product or iii (he equipment included In Its price. The reduc- f.nn reflects Chevrolet's success tr reaching high-volume product ioi with Its 1934 line, nnd maintain Ing It consistently by reason of ; strong public demand. It is. nlv a frnnk hid for r.nnlimuUinn o Hint, ilr-rnand. "The Immediate effect of ihe price reduction." Mr. Holler said, "will naturally be Ihe stimulalion of retail sales which are already at a high peak. This follows as n natural seuence lo the fad thai Cltfvrntot performance, economy, comfort, dependability and safety- are now obtainable at ihe lowest outlay since (lie new cars came out. Thousands of prospective buyers, we confidently believe, will lake advantage of tills opporiunl- t.v. "Soon ihe result will make Itself felt over a very broad front. It will not only stimulate business in ihe local community where each sale Ls made, but, In Ihe afigregaie will lirtu 10 maintain factory employment at a high level, benefiting untold thousands, in factory, field and mine, from which raw malerials come, as well us (he very large number dircelly. engaged in Note* for the *totorl*t« Son Drives I'on I V-8 Now Terra plum: Challenger 4-Door Sedan lor of R general merchandise More In a small western town. In fuel, Ken. really plays lliree 'IPs, for, when In [i light spot In saloon, he lmi>e]soimtc.s one of he enlerlalners In order lo effect- its escape, niondn ami attractive. Cecilia Parker Is Ihe girl, while 'red Kohlrr, one nf the Wrten's .t'Sl known vllllansT Is Ihe lu"ail u banil of outlaws. Like many anoiher man who loves tl;u oj:i-n nil .laim-.s Hnusnelt, llnslcn bii.slnc.sii imui and son of Ihe Prcsidenl. favors motor cars of the s|Knt tyix?. .Mr. m.u.t-velt. is plumed almve with his Ford V-8 dc luxe phaeton. The top is down and ihe car LS ivndy for :. run thu<usii tin 1 New Kui;l,\nd countryside, now tcanliful in the first wann days of .spring. Mr. HonsoveU not only diivcs his l-'oid V-8 de luxe phaeton, but also owns a 1'oid V-8 cabriolet, which can be rimed In win,, the weallu-r Is inUi'inrnl. The Hudson Motor Car Company announces a new 'IV ITU plane Six seih's which will deliver tit |>rice5 from $55 to $UO .less than the cmrcnt Tcrrnpltinc nuxlels. The new car Ls Identical In slv.e and iwwcr will Hie prort'nl •iVrriipliine Sgieclul Series and Ib known us the' ChiilleiiRcr. new model.-; are now 01 dKplay by J. C. Ap]>leby. local 'IVnuplanc and Hudson tlrulcr. Outlook Is Bright For French Wine Crop I'AHIS (UP)—General condition* iu« favorable for unolltcr wlna crop of high finality. The latter parl ot May was marked by u comparative absence of rain. Earlier In the spring the dnwn|»iir.'i nnd low lein|x>ratnrM cjiuw'd 'fears of mildew. With a normal summer, France Is ex|>ccled to have another "lit'iinde Hiiiwe." .similar to Unit of I9:u, anil, Innrlnn freakish weather which nil production lasl. autumn, u luryer crop. Chevrolet "Knee-Action" Makes It Easy GUI Made Possible by Record Product ion, B o a r c Chairman Declares DETROIT.—Price reductions up to J45 on Plymouth cars were announced this week by B. E. flui chlnson, chairman of the board of the Plymouth Motor Corporation. The ne\v price siructnre nnw elves Plymouth a base price ol Mfl5 at the factory. "Our record production for this year makes it possible for us tc offer IheoG low prices," Mr. Hut- chhison staled, in announcing; tin reduction. -During the first four months ol this Plymouth pio- diietion w;us more than iv.'o and one-half times as many cars a* u. the same period last year, our lasl week's wiles reimrts show a u; c in In retail sales of 26.5 per cent ov(r til esame period of a ynar a^o. "There is still a trcmemlous°un- lappcd market for new cars in America. new low prices will liirlhcr slimnlale huyiiiK. II is estimated that Ihr-rc are more than 1.000.000 people in America . whose livelihood dcjwnds upon the ' manufacture of new cars and the material that goes into (hem. Con- Ihiuailon ol new car .sales on n high level is the createsl contribution to a return of prosperity that any American Industry could make." Mr. Hutchlnson also stated Ihal Ihe Plymouth Six four-door sert-m now priced nl to'OO at the factory! Ls the lowest-priced four-door. cylinrtcr iedan in America. NEXT WEEIV at Blytheville's Theatres 'junior Leagues' New President THE I2ITZ •Murder at ihe Vnnlltcs." (lie; Joan lllomlcll plays the. part of Paramount film adapted from Earl ihe bcaiiliful but spoiled wife who noes from the linns of one husband lo anolher und back a^aln, and Edwnrd the roles of i Chevrolet's "Knee-Action," uhicli -man-rially f.uiH.itrs tin- clmn^ing. makes you rcmemuer the time— 1101 so Ions ago. (ather-wh.n chan-in;; tires was :, t.vk rcquirin,; both aaility and slremstli. This im- you .ver- ihe smipliriiy nnd ea:.e with which n new tin; mi.y ' Carroll's stage hit. nnd which combines, foi the llrst lime, n brll- liaiii imisli-nl show und. murder unMcry. comes on Sunday lo Ihe l!iiv. Theatre for two days. Paramount brought Cnrrull lo j Hollywood to suiK'rvlse the screen production, and he look eleven of hi;, famous New Voik beauties lo Hollywood lo appear in Ihe film. Alter he arrived lie then picked SMx'il Hollywood girls to t>e wilh his eleven, and Ihe eighteen are feiilurcd with Carl brlsson, Victor McLnnlen, .lack Oakle. Kitty Carlisle. Duke Ellington and his fa- IMOII.S oicheslra, Dorothy Ktlcl:ney aiMl Gcilrtule Mlehnel. V/liile r.iil:. aie danclni'. and •Inulni;. unil while the uudlencc l.s In tune with Die Irlvollly of Ihe evening, a invsterlon;_,niiinler lakes place. Victor Mcf.agieti. detective i pal of O.ikie. (he theatre's press | agent. Is called and he is no soon- Ihc theatre tlmii lore jny.^-trlnus mordrr Wurren Wllllni Rverelt. Morton huve Ihe husbands. Others In the Include Frank Mcllimh. Claire Dodtl, Joan Wheeler. Virginia Sale and Leonard Curey. ltolx;rl Ploriiy directed the nrodmulrin from the. snccn play hy Mr. llerliert nnd Carl Kilekson. piovemenl has cham;ed all ihal. ami ahcH-e be put on the whei-l, Nole with Ihis ftalure. HIL- fully i-ncln-.-eil 11 Khi. i -/n-tinii imils. Chrvmii-l Is Hie' only Imv-pruv d car Opera Slar Fonnally Opens Chrysler Motors Fair Exhihit '('he musical show Is pennltled lo proceed, and the Him aiidii-nce sees, out-front, all of the prudiii:- llon numbers, while, backstage, Ihe mystery is solved by the llnnl curtain. New York's smart nl^ht world moves before the camera In a glamorous and dramatic partule In "Manhaltan Melodrama." nuw Mctro-Goldwyn - Mayer three-star feature. 'Hmrsday anil Friday nt the Ulii'. Thenire. Clni'lt Clahlc, William Powell and Myrna I»y share ,lanlnf; honors. "Manhattan Melodrama" presents Cjiibte as a powerful and dramatic fiiiiue of (he deml-world of New York, a "hlij-sliol" gambler scrond I who l]ws n()l | iw n, 1(c l() llsc v!n . lence when lie is crossed. He Is In love with Miss I,oy, who l.s the wife of William I'nwell, district attorney and Ciablc's life-loin; Ford Holds First Place I in 1934 Registrations DETROlT-Ford lert nil other makes In sales of passenger cars during the first four months of i "fimarty." the IIOVK s:ory of i : rotailni; wife who furnishes somi of the strangest and most hilarious I martial tansies imaginable, comes '• The sltiialions thnt arise out of liii.s unusual combination of characters make a • story that moves swftly and dramatically lo an unexpected conclusion. 'Hie Mippnrllnij cast munl>er.s many notable players, nmonf' them to the liliv, Thi-alre Tuesday aml !'^ Cnnillo Nat IVndlclon, Oeor E c | Wednesday with Joan lilomtcll and jf' dm:1 '' Iwl "' 1 J<lweU lul(l Mllr1 '-' Warren roles. V/il!him In Ihe lending I Evans. The plot. Imecl oh the play by i T C " C Of Kon Mnyn ' F. Hiujh Herbert, concerns a yoiin" i'.'"' lo wrost ' h o»si»"'ls at dollars j bride, beautiful bill IrrltatlnR who i ' r °'" OIUIalvs - lo redeem the honor lo.U's to be m , s |,«t and mauled i" f , h s l . lvin Yn" 1 lt " d '? , win ** girl he loves, is the powerful theme nf "Honor of the Range," Universal westein slurring Maynard. man I.eola Turner, recent slar of Ihe Chicago Civic Opera Company and pievlously a featured nttlsl \vllh the Ui Scab Opera Company of Milnr.. fonnally o]>.'iit:d the striking Clirvfl»r Motors exhilrit -a the World's ! and beaten up in tntc cave style by her love male, and continues her search for such a he- binu; mull .slic fmtls' him. i Chevrolet Tops FicM in April Registrations DETROIT.— PnsseiiRer cur reals- tratinns for April place Chevrolet in the lead (or (he second consecutive month, according lo Mo! tor Slall?lics released by R. L. . Polk and Company. Chevrolet rcg- ; istered C3.-158 passenger ci'is clrr- In-j April or M 2 per cent of price • class. This April liglne show.; an ! increase ol 12,G« unils over the . March nyKtiation fiuure when I Chevrolet led i\ K entire Indiwry in pnssenser rai-s by reTlsleitni; .-n.lfN; units or :iR..1 i>er 'cent of price class. j Chevrolet, maintained ||] ( . |,, :l( | in the commercial car and truck i field, m.iking an Impressive show• ine by re^lsterins is.oso nnils in April. Total registrations nf Chev- Another dau^hte.r tit the Rouih hfiaria tliu 'ABRoclated' Junior l,eaguen of Ainerlrn. She Is MM I0ll7abetb Tnylnr of I.ttiln Itnck. Ark., fflmwn uhnvo nfier lier election at Hie annual emifer- nnce lu Toronto to succeed Mra. John fl. Pratt of NVw Orknns which has Iwen booked into the nitz thentrc. Saturday. Maynnnl plays p dual role In the prodiicllon. upiienrliiK as a flght- Ini;, honest, Imrcl-woi'khig . shcrlfl and as Ihu weakling twin, opera- EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS B.r Horarr Wakr^lrta Philpi Motor Co. l-'air. when she clip-.Kd Ihe ribbon that baucd the entrance. t.,'fl to rl s l,(. are: J. U. Wn 3 slalf, nir , Advertising. Plymoulh Motor Co!'|»rat:on; Harry M.i;iaf!ey. Clut-ato Distrlei Malinger for tli; I3e Solo ctor of \W 6 \ co " > " 101 ' <l|!l1 '!"•.* and liuc'is - — - --- ____ 1334, according to official tabula- 1 M° lor Corporation; Miss Turner: IXivid R. French. Chrysler Motors exhibit manacer: Harry ; XloocJ- Gen-! Registration figure.'; for key pninis thnrisho'.u country. lions of molor vehicle registrations throughout the United Slnte.s Just Issued by R. L. Polk ,t company. lolal Ford registrations of new passenger cars In the four month period aggregated 102,788 units out. of a totnl of 552.31G new cars ofiDnrlpT Prirp Sla«ViP« all makes registered in the Unit-' gC rnCC ;>lasnes Hi StalM ui this ix-riod. The Ford total of registrations of pasEtncer cars, commercial cars Sales Manager. Plymoulh Mo'.or Corporal inn and nin-h C5:fr.|i?. Dirrclor ol Advertising. Saks Corporalioii. and trucks during the same four month period was also in the lead. iip to $4.1 and make ilu- liw prici ol ihe company's popular 117- -u-h whetObase line SIMS. In announrins (hi; nf the DiKip,- ivitc schedule. Ihe > i >ri • iir 1 ' milmif: !CHne]s iwint out that Ihe Announced IhlS WCCKlp^e cm is the wile rlum^e in: volvcd-lhat ronr-truction details DETROIT—A series of aulomo- Quality, appointments, ami the ad- •trlised Ililrty-lwo extrn Icalnres .ire continued without my aid ration whatever. -_. March jantl April definitely establish Chev| rolet as America's fastest selling | car and foicciust another year 01 j Chevrolet dominaiu-e In the auto- Dodge molive industry. Chevrolet ha.'; led Ihe industry In Mies during five <if Hie Inst seven years. bile, price reductions, coming as a i surprise to the trade were an- Ford's percentage of the total inoiinced nW"this"w«\ business In May was increasing ac- Brothers Corporation •" ' **" C ° m ' Thc 1 , C ° m ' Thc ncw quotations, in effect. by Polk In 106 leading cities Immediately, reduce former Meures J Head Courier News Want; Ads, Local Ulan Pleased With V-8 Kconomii ami Performance JOYNER & BONIFIELD filylheville, Arkansas May nisi. ISW4 Mr. RiL'sell Phillips. Phillips Nfolor Company. Rlythevllte. Ark. Deal 1 Sir: 1 wish lo let] yon that since buying my Ford V-8 liom >ou that f am mou- linn pieasi-d with Us iwr- fnriniiiice and also Ihe. service Hint ycair riniipiniy Is [;lv- im Mir. The uasolinc mlleaje Ls one of Ihe mo;l remarkable features of Ihe car es my car has au'nn;ed from 18 to 22.2 milrs per gallon of gas. On May '2. IDIH. I filled the l!:i.*oline tnnk at a s)>cedometer rcadini; of exactly 2.^^0 and drove from 10 to M miles an hour over gravel nnd concrete roads. On May 3, 19:14. it look exactly seven gallons of gas to fill It al a speedometer reading of 2.59."i. or an average of 22.2 miles por Ballon. Another fealure Ihal. has pleased me is the oil consumption. I have S.OOO niile.s on the car nnd have never addrd any oil. The only thins done was to make the five oil changes os suggested by your company. I ha>'0 driven at a speed or from zero lo VS miles nn hour. I,as< bin not teasl. I think the Pord 1ms moie free rervlcc than any car on the maiket. I wish to thank you (or Ihe attention and advice that you and your or- GanlKition have given to my c.u and I hope lo be able to be a customer for n long lime. Very truly yours, W. n. FORESTER. A BLOW-OUT/ THIS TIRE SAVES LIVES EVERY DAYi No Extra Cost for "Golden Ply" Blow-out Protection rniHS new Goodrich Silvertown 1 with the (iolilen Ply may save l-oiir life. The Golden I'ly mUtain- ternal heit—thasreil, unseen came of blow-outs. Kiivcrtowm with thii kamhig invention lasted 3 tiriw* ailoiiK in gruelling tu'tli-siiKdtwU. A nd i t will cerlaialy save you money with its months of extra rnilei. Kxtra aafety! Extra mileage! Yet Kilvertownsdon'tcosla penny more tiian other standard tires. Look — MONEY-SAVING PRICES 4.SO x 20 4.79 X 19 £.00 x 19 5.25x18 5.50x19 SUhct W. J. ' MAIN SERVICE STATION Phone 711

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