The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1966 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1966
Page 10
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Twelw - Blythevffle (Ark.) Courier Newi - TimJiy, July I, MM Don't Crack Up! gj Van & DEAR ABBY: I have a problem which has confronted me every place I have worked I am a single, rather attractive girl, who always ends up being asked out by a young man from the office. The young man in question is very nice, but I just do. not care for his type, and do not wish to go out with him again. I thought if I went out with him just once and treated him indifferently, he would catch on and give up, but it hasn't worked that way. I had to quit two jobs for that reason, and now it looks like I'll have to quit this one, too. It is so hard to say tactfully, "Please, don't bother me." Any suggestions? HELP WANTED DEAR HELP: Silly girl. Your first mistake was going out with a young man in whom you had no interest He probably mistook your "indifference" for the "hard to-gst" technique, which makes you all the more attractive to him. If you don't want a friendly dog on your lap, don't scratch his neck. 'ufen 9 (McNuijm »yndlcau Inc.) Ullinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllimillllll IWIMIIIIIIB^^ DEAR ABBY: We have been married for 30 years and I have never been the least bit jealous, but lately have been "burned" about the attitude of my husband toward his secretary. On Mother's day he invited her to share the day with us, and it was quite plain that SHE was the guest of honor. . She was seated carefully at the table and helped down the stairs, while I got along the best I could. On Father's day she gave him an antique jar which he put in the den. He said it would make a nice conversation piece. Well, it certainly has! What do I do after I accidentally (?) break the jar? ANOTHER ANTIQUE DEAR ANTIQUE: Married thirty years and this your first attack of jealousy. Don't break the jar — just jar the old man with the news. (He'll be flattered to pieces.) DEAR ABBY: My father had an operation and had part of his stomach removed, so he has to eat several times a day, which is okay with the rest of us. But it seems he is always eating something crunchy like carrots, celery, or potato chips, and he sounds like he has a hollow head. :You can hear him all over the house. When I mention it to him he gets angry and says he is sorry but he can't help it. Mother says I am making too much of it, but it sure, does get on my nerves. What can I do about it? ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD . DEAR ELEVEN: If your ..•father says he can't help.. it, he can't help it. My advice to "eleven-year-old" is learn young to tolerate that which can't be helped. (And I don't recomend bringing It up again or you're apt to learn that neither your father's head nor his hand ii hollow.) CONFIDENTIAL TO "UNHAPPY" IN SARATOGA: You can't MAKE anyone like you, but you can make yourself more likable. DEAR ABBY: Neither my husband nor I wear a wedding ring. He insists that I wear mine all the time, al- tho he hasn't worn his for two years. At the same time he is holding my diamond engage ment ring for "security" reasons, as he claims it is HIS property in case we separate. Is that true? Legally, I mean? I haven't seen that ring in nearly three months now. I would appreciate your opinion. SICK MARRIAGE DEAR SICK: If you want to know whose property the diamond ring is, ring up a lawyer. The important issue here is not whose is whose, but what is what. DEAR ABBY: We four girls work in an office with five men. One of them (the boss) insists on shaving eveiy morning with an electric shaver as sits at his desk which faces all of us. We find this disgusting and crude. He says there is nothing wrong with it. What is your opinion of this practice? DECORUM FORUM DEAR FORUM: I think it's crude, too. But he's the boss, so it would be rather difficult to short circuit his connections. Nou Of Men In Service Airman Stephen R. Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cohen of 1713 Meadow Lane, has been assigned to Self ridge AFB, Mich., after completing Air Force basic training. Cohen, a 1964 graduate of Blytheville High School, will be trained on the job as an air traffic specialist with the Air Defense Command. Airman Johnnie N. Finley son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Finley of 2300 Peabody St., has been selected for technical training at Lowry AFB, Colo., as a U.S. Air Force munitions specialist. Finley is a graduate of Dell High School. William Gene Headrick, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Headrick of Cassville, Mo., has been promoted to Captain in the U.S. Army. He is stationed in Korea with the 2nd Infantry as "C : Company commander of t h e Medical Services Corps. Headrick, who graduated from Ouachita Baptist College in 1963, is married to the former Miss Bobbye Wilson of Blytheville. Mrs. Headricks and her son Billy are living with her parents in Blytheville until her husband returns in September. Airman Gerald L. Wells, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Wells, of Osceola, has been selected for technical training at Amarillo AFB, Tex., as a U.S. Air Force supply specialist. He recently completed basic train- Ing at Lackland AFB, Tax. Wells Ii a 1960 graduate from Osoeola High School. He re. ceived ,1 B.S. degree from Ar- DEAR ABBY: The lady I babysit for owes me for 44 limes at 35 cents an hour. I usually sit for seven hours at a time. I keep sitting for her because the lady in the apartment below her has me watch her kids, too. (They are older, and all I have to do is look in on them every hour.) The downstairs lady pays me everytime, but the upstairs lady keeps putting me off. Whenever I mention to her how much she owes me she says she is in a big hurry, and then she runs out the door. I am getting the idea that she isn't ever going to pay me. Can you tell me how to get my money, Abby? I need it for Christmas gifts. GYPPED DEAR GYPPED: The next time the lady asks you to babysit, tell her her how much she owes you and ask her for a little down on a big bill. Then tell her that unless she pays you something, you will not sit for her again. (And stand firm!) DEAR ABBY: Last April I entertained a group of women in my home for lunch and bridge. I am from out of state and knew none of these women. The group was set up by a woman who arranges such "clubs" so newcomers can get acquainted. I liked these women, but immediatetly after that luncheon I missed a small glass container which held toothpicks. No great value moneywise, but it belonged to my dear mother, who is now deceased. It meant so much to me, Abby, I've never had anything like this happen before and am praying that the person who took it will mail it back to me. It would take away the hurt and disappointment. Thank you. CLEARWATEB, FLA. Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal,, 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self • addressed envelopee. DOGGED DETERMINATION—He's a border collie and he's three years old. He does tricks which'circus dogs could envy. A couple of his best are jumping rope and the All-American-Dog back-sit, shown above. Corky, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, was trained by his mistress, Jean Earless, 17. would be if the world could do as the song said. I do not know the writer but if I did I would je very thankful to him. We all should try to do what we can to make it come true. So I would like to give it to you to see what you think about it. You all have probably heard it many times before but have you ever thought about it? LAST NIGHT I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before. I By Lines You (EDITOR'S NOTE: This column' Is for use by the readers. Material submitted will not be returned. All material should be typed and double-spaced and is subject to editing. Writers should sign their names and, in the cases of students, should give their age. Names will be withheld on request.) I was looking through an old i plete, Janet Atkinson joined us- hymnal and ran upon this song, she's hard to beat. thought how wonderful it Have I left one out? Oh yes, the leader. Well, with this fine group, do you really need her? My Dad By Shirley Schwarz My Dad - now here's a fine man He'll help you anytime he can So kind and loving and full of spirit I ask you - A Dad like I this - how did I merit? I As I recall while growing up, | I'd run to him like A little pup, sad-eyed and tears running down my cheek So upset I could hardly speak. He'd look down dreamed the world had all with that smile of his an „„ agreed To put an end to war. cheek He , d place a kiss I dreamed there was a mighty | After talking with me in Ms room, And the room was filled ial WaVj soon l was play . with men, And the paper they were signing Said they'd never fight again. And when the paper was all signed, And a million copies made, They all joined hands and circled 'roun And great- ful prayers were made. And the people on the streets below Were dancing 'round and 'round With swords and guns and uniforms All scattered on the ground. Last night I had the strangest dream I ever had before, I dreamed the world had all agreed, To put an end to war. 1 would like you xo think about one thing. Would not it be a nice world if this dream woulc and could come true. Patty Purtle Age 14 Dedicated to the Love Group of First Christian Church by Shirley Schwarz who served as leader this year. My Love Group When I was sick and down and out, hardly able to move about Who was it who brought to our delight, a meal that would whet my appetite? 'Twas my Love Group I'd like to tell you about. I think that I shall never see group of friends more loyal than these. There's Lois and 3etty, tried and true, cheerful and helpful all year through. And Pat and Marge who did my phoning no matter how of:en, did you hear them moaning? In charge of our worship was Virginia, the dear. With her in charge, I had nothing to fear. Although our Dorothy had to drive from the base, she was always there with a smile on her face. There was sweet Naomi and Carmen Lowe, what we'd do without them, I just don't know. Two of our ladies brought our group more joy. I mean Evelyn's baby girl and Juanita's boy. Then Ut make my year com- ing happy and gay. Another thing I admire about Dad is the philosophy of life He's always had - just smile and the world smiles with you, He'd say. His advice I've heeded, even to this day. Then came time for me to date and with the man I married did Dad ever rate. Now he's a grandpa and still full of charm With our four chilren holding onto his arm. He's patient And thoughtful and always finds time to read to them a nursery rhyme. Dearest Dad, I know there are millions more but none could Be more loved and adored. MY BIG BROTHER My name is Gary and I have a big brother. And I wouldn't trade him for no other, for you see he is a soldier So brave and true. Fighting for his country Keeping it free for me and you. And I love him so much for he is so fine and just think folks he is all mine. So when you pray to God Say a prayer lor my brother because for me there is no other. Can take the place of my big brother. By Garry Lynn Holifield Age 10 years Carl Zeiss of Oberkochen, Germany, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its inauguration of photographic lens production. GASOLINE Price Reduction ETHYL 31" Reg. Gas Priced LESS Eastside MFA East Hwy. 18 Blytheville, Arkansas Men's Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS.4for $5 S, M, L, $2.49 Value Men's Gray Twill Work SHIRTS & PANTS That Never Need Ironing Pants-Reg. 4.99... Now $3.77 Shirts-Reg. 3.99. . Now $2.77 Men's SWIM TRUNKS.. $2.77 Assorted Styles, Reg. 3.99 Boys' SHORT SETS..... $1.47 Assorted Colors, Sizes 3 - 6x Reg. 1.99 Selection of Girls' BLOUSES ..$1.67 Assorted Styles and Colors, Sizes 7 to 14 Reg. 1.99 to 2.99 Girls' SUN SUITS ....... 66c Assorted Styles & Colors, Sizes 2 - 6x Reg. $1.00 Selection of Women's Dress and Stack HEELS... $4.99 Reg. 6.99 Toddlers SUN SUITS.. .47c Each No Iron Seersucker, Assorted Colors, Sizes 2-3-4 Girls' SHOES . $2.97 Assorted Styles, Reg. 3.99 to 5.99 Entire Stock of Spring and Summer HANDBAGS . . . $1.97 Straws, Vinyls, Fabrics Reduced $2.00 Reg. 5.99 $3.97 Reg. 4.99 $2.97 Reg.2.99. . . $1.97 WOMEN'S Swinsuits REDUCED! Entire Stock of Women's One & Two Piece Swimsuits. Asst. Sizes, Colors and Materials. Spring and Summer PIECE GOODS Price Terrycloth, Pongee, Whipped Crepe, Plma Cotton, Duck & Others. Reg. 59c to 51.98 per yd. Entire Stock of Spring and Summer MILLINERY Reg, 3.99 to 4.99. . . Now $2,97 Reg.2.99 Now $K97 Reg 1.99 Now 97c Assorted Styles BEACH HATS. . .$1.67 Reg. 1.99 and 2.99 Entire stock of $1.00 SCARVES Now 47c Squares or Oblongs, Prints or Solids Blytheville Arkansas Souvenirs - Novelty BEACH TOWELS. $1.77 Reg. 2.99 5 pc. Danish Modern Sectional Group. . .$119 Consists of 2-pc. Sectional, club chair, occasional chair, corner table. Reg. $199.95 SIGNATURE 15 LB. Washer 6 Cycle, 4 Speed Reg. 239.95 NOW 30" Signature Reg. 269.95 ELEC. RANGE Now $199 Deluxe Model—Only one at this low price. Signature Deluxe Built In DISHWASHER. . .$148 3 Cycle, only two, Reg. 199.95 Signature 2 Speed Rug Cleaning - FLOOR POLISHER. . . .$29.88 Reg. 39.95 BRASS FIREPLACE SET Reg. 10.95 £5.47 BRASS FIREPLACE SET Reg. 13.95 ...... $5.97 BENCH PLANE . 6.99 $347 Assorted WOOD CHISELS. $1.47 Sizes V 2 " to 2" Reg. 2.09 to 3.19 STAPLE GUN... $2.47 With Staples Reg. 4.95 12 ft. Automatic STEEL TAPE $1.97 Reg. $3.29 Ye" DRILL or Dual Action SANDER . . . $17.99 Reg. 29.99 Combination TOOLSETS. . .$27.47 With Boxes Reg. 54.95 180 Amp ARC WELDER. . $69.88 Reg. 105.00 Safety AIR HORNS.Now $3.97 For Boats. Reg. 5.29 'VACATIONER" Camper With Zip-on Add-a- room tent extension. Sleeps 8 Adults. Reg. $588 $ Spin Casting ROD N'REEL. . .$5.97 Reg. 10.99 Assorted FISHING LURES and TACKLES . .25% OFF BASEBALL EQUIPMENT (Gloves,, Bats, Shoes & Balls) As Low As >J PRICE Target Arrows.. . . 19c Reg. 29e ea. LIFE PRESERVERS and SKI BELTS $2.67 Reg. $3.49 "Traveler" CAMP TRAILER. .$419 Sleeps 6 Adults, 105 ft. of living area. Save $100 Reg. 519.00 406 W. Main, Bly., Ark. PO 3-4591; Hours: Mon.Tiie. Wed. Fri. 9 to 5; Thurs. Sat. 9 to 81

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