Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
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THE LO YOL. XXI. LQGASSPOBT, INDIANA, FRIDAY MORNINfl, JUNE 12 DO YOU WANT ANY? We place on Sale Today and Sat= urday 100 doz. Children's and La= dies' Handkerchiefs, 250 values for 5 cents. This lot consist* of plain white hemstitched Handkerchiefs and. faucy bordered cues for Children and Misses. Fast colors and make, from splendid Sheer cloths. Regular prices are 15 and 25 cents. TODAY AND SATURDAY 5 CENTS. New Shirt Waists are arriving daily and the older ones are being sold out at greatly reduced- prices. Lots of bargains Today and Saturday. See our West Window for the Handkerchiefs now on Sale. Our Big East Window for Shirt Waists. 409-411 BEOADWAT. 306 FOURTH ST; Clothes up to Date . Have been In great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer lin« of woolens and worsteds to select from than onr?. Important^Features . . . in ;the .make-np of our clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailored Draper. 3" Market Street. Thff queen of hearts in all these parts, 1C you can CO by rumors' Ii one who rides a wheel, and glide! About in dainty bloomers, ZINN & COMPANY. We Have Others we Call Them Knights \Ve also have an. assortment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and make an offer. 302 Sixth Street, Invitations. Are always appreciated and espeoially'so when they are f tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty o< .. . , NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, . NOTE HEADS. BILL HEADS,' STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.^ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest arid sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists of New York have appointed B. A. HAUK as agent for their celebrated Spectacle* and »« Glasses, ever?, pair guaranteed, • I>. A. HATTK haa complete assortment and Invites all .to satlsrr ttnanselTes ol ttte great superiorly ot these good* OT«r .any m»nnfaetur«d, at the stare ol D. A. HAUK, Sole agent »r Log&nsportlnd., No Peddlers Supplied. THE MONEY; PL ASK. -Position of the Republican OoiiMen- tion Practically S.eitled, McKinley Delegates \W!n, Every. Contest But One thus':.Far—Candidates for Second-.'Plac'e, Bt Loula, June 11.—Sentiment among tfce (JolegRtes already upon tho,srauiid.apl>ears to bl: strbntsly cryBtalllZlnit;ln. favoi-of thu financial plank promulgated' byl Nrit.onal- Cummltteeman R. O. Kerens, of this city, ana which waa given In. tKese'disnalchcs. Mr. K-erena admits that'h'e is not the i\uthor- bf the proposed plank, and..that*, it ls..lhp' handiwork of "a prominent ropubUcan 1 " 1 Taken in connection with His recent vl.sltg to Canton there hnyo been .SXISRCS- tlons'that the driilt has been submitted to and received the approval of MuJ.-McKlri-- Jcv ' Upon this point, however, Mr. Kerens., ••will-not satisfy his Inquirers, eh her pro or con, '-n-hilo in lino with thoir previous posi-.i ttbn'.that the convention rather than the cdndldtue should make the platform. ..Jltfnnii Tiil>oooH JTinftueJul Toplr. • . Mark'-Manna and his lieutenants continue to'rt-Ktii-'J Uio topic .as tabooed; and will not touch 1 It even In generalities: .-Representative" deluKales o£ the standing-of Senators Pi-octor, of .Vermont; Hansbrough, of North' itiakota; Payne, of Wisconsin, and «x-G'6:w Jailer, of Illinois, arc'very chary In their, wtlvocacy of a clear, .and emphatic decli'r'aUon In favorof a eold standard; and ,Wltn : a nuraoer.ui nocul yi-opncturii, trie following statement >yas given out: ',- "To- tlii Nutlonal Republican Committee: 'In rtimnl to m'tf accommodations for ih 1 ."colored dclegutos to the repuLllcan con• vcntlon, promi»ed.":by 'tho -Busticsa .Men's Icaauii of St.---i:ouls- while in Washington lost- Decem-ber,->tov':be, furnished by the lihotolH o£ St; .Louis,. 1 .am' authorized to say that the 'Southern hotel,, the St. Nlchoia s hotel, the Llndell liptel,.the I^aclecie hotsl will live up to thttX.jiro.rhiHe In spirit and letter, 'and will make -'no- -distinctions whatever, •but will Slant -co all delegates to the republican convention equal rights and privileges. i:e»pectfully,..::W:--R. ALLEN, "President Southern .Hotel Company. ., Convention: N Tht- ip.asrnllicerit auditorium In which tho 'republican imtlohaKeorivrntlon will beheld was formally' dedicated- with enthusiaatic <*cremonies Wednesday nlsrht. The Interior of -the building was'brllllantly- illuminated 'for tlie occasion;, and a crowd of over 10.00H 'persons was fir o-tt'endance. Speeches were J ~tcade by Mayor Walbrldgc, on behalf of 'the 'city of St. Louis, President Samuel M. ''Kennard, ol the Business Men's l^i\s\iu. •'and ex-Gov. K. O. Stanard. An elaborate progmmtne of vocal and Instrumental ;'muslc was carried out, at the conclusion of '•which the'cntii-9 audience ,'olned In slrigins • ; Uiu "Red, White and Blue." The occasion .thoroughly' tested the acoustic properties -W the aiidltoi-lum, and they were pro•- n'ounced perfect. The hall seats 14,123 per- .-•K.ns and the.cluiirs are so arranged as to give every occupant an unobstructed view '•of the chairman's desk. Many of the prominent 'politicians who form' the advance ;ruard of the convention were present at .the ceremonies. THE NATIONAL COMMITTEE. HON. MARK HANNA. _ their' talk and Influence is ' beginning . to have an effect especially,'. among the southern delcgat.es whose' proc|lyitlos .arc toward tho white metal. Thursday morning the national commltteemen/rpm Alabama and Virginia expressed tho belief that the respective delegations will favor a direct declaration tor gold. With the view of avoiding a prolonged debate In • tho committee on resolutions, there is talk ot holding a caucus either' on Saturday or Monday of one representative from caen of the sound''money delegations, whom n Blank will be framed to bo placed before the committee as an Indication o£ the sentiment of ..the majority element of the convention, Hou. Clny Evani Beaches St. Louie. Tho only notable arrival up to nine O'clock Thursday morning was Henry Clay Evans of. Tennessee, who appears to be a, favorite for the posWon'.of permanent chairman and has also been considerably talked of. for the vice presidential nomination. Immediately upon hla appearance. In the rotunda of the Southern he was surrounded by the Alabama delegation, which lias already hoisted the banner"o£ "McK n- ley and Evans," and was also .greeted-with cordiality by scattering .delegates .from "her states Then Mark-; Hupna, who camo up while the impromptu'.reception was In progress, locked arms; w|r.h:,,ihe, Tennessee man- und bora- him asvuy to his private quarters. . jj.. • ;..!•' Rlunley GlVOS TJ\>. The friends of. Speaker Reecl.havc given un tlio tlsht. When, the national'committee tool: a recess at 6 o'clock Wednesday even- Ing Hon Joseph Manley, of Maine/dictated 'to tho press and revised It .prior tojrans- B1 "In'°rny ' judgment, "the . convention will nominate Gov: McKinley on.the llrat ballot -'or the presidency .• It-Is .useless to attempt to deny,.that this-will, tm the .result; •The action of the national .committee in.Iti ovorwhelmlns vote on th'e...Alabama, case, Bottles conclusively 'how.:.aie respective states which, the 'members.ot,tho committee represent will vote ln-:the convention. "Mr Rood's name will be piiesented to the convention, and-he will be-.voti-d ,for, and I Bm authorized to say. that under no conditions or circumstances, can lie,or will he, accept tho nomination for vice president. U It should.be tendered to him. Tho great majority of. tho Now England ^delegates will -be loyal to Mr. Reed, but It l« evident that', the convention Is for Goy,-McKinley and wljl nominate him." •". ' Candidatesfor Vice President. The-, boom for Oen. Edwin A. McAJpIn for the vice presidency will bo formally' launched on Saturday: with -the arrival' ot the Ney» York delegation. The-white but- tons.bearing the names of the.two "Macs are:becbmlng slgnllicantly numerous In the corridor of the Southern, and with the arrival of each raember of the republican national,'league another Is'added; Several McAlpln workers are already' on ' tn«' grouhdii They are doing hard. -work,.for theli-'Obtolce. . , • ;•!' W .'Q i Edens,. state organizer for the re- pubUcRn league in Illinois, is conspicuous, umoris them. : •...' . '•-•. "Gen'.(McAlpln will go Into the conveo- ttbn.wuh 397 votes for second place,." he saJd'' Vlf the members of the league ol whJch; Mr. McAlpln Is national president •baSSltpSelher. TTttiB we fully expect. .ThlR lifO.my'63 votes, short of a majority, and- we'rhave assurances which,-If. carried-out, WJHJStfaoe McAlpln on the ticket wlth.Mc- McAlpln.. besides , the'.. league has the support at. both, tho antl-Platt strength In • ; New •YorM'-i'-uie Is Gov. Morton'«:ista;ffiBdJutBJit Kenerai; .and besides being.:rich, himself, wiU-'ii& nominated, command-,the : -Morton flnaholal strength.' .'. .,.••,,,. ..i)j,-:i. • National Committeeman Garrett A. Ha- /bftrt-wf New Jersey, .was. the object of cbnsl'derable attention In, the,ppenlng ; meet- Jng oit'that body. Wednesday. r The suggestion •"-,& his-name in .cpnnectlRB'.wUh- the vice-presidential nomination has been vej:y , favorably -received, especially sfnce Sen-. '«.r;oi'''Proctor, of Vei-mont, himself rcKarded "• '.--I._,_~_*I..A ^an/^t^tifA fumft mit falf- ,,.._, Buiirar the"pianror l B," where his-, dele- taotii'Wiii OH quartti-ou.-wjicu'ic-rsii-cntti- hereVby special train.on Sunday. V'i : - Colored Bfon Not'Barred..... The question of hotel-.MCcorampdatlons; for the coloredrdclegateii.reacijeH.a crisis Wednesday afternoon, and a speedy solution was demanded .by those •committeemen having tho matter In charge Matiajrer lirnrs C lewis ut the Southern Hotel was »poealod to and after a hasty consultation .ItH Action on Con tests Foreshadows Com,.-- 'plute Victory for McKliiluy. ,': t st. . Louis,- June 11,— Tho friends of MaJ McKlnloy" are In overwhelming control of •-the republican national committee. Thl-. \much' wan demonstrated at l-s moetlnB' •W.edncsdny, Hrst i« the adoption by a practically unanimous vote ror Powell Clayton a reNolutlo.-i to hear tho coniests !n commlt- •.-t-es on tlia whole Instead ot referring '.hem :toisub-con;mlttees appointed In Accordance j-.wltl) pracedent by the national chairman, -,und mialn -In the votes on 'the numerous contests from Alabama. With but a single exception— and this In a case where by a different vote the committee would have l.een compelled -to reverse a decision ren- dored a holt hour before— all the contest- outs of McKinley proclivities were seated, The members of the national committee wore' prompt In getting together in the cjub 'room 'of the 'Southern at ten o clock Thursday morning -for the purpose of resuming consideration of the numerous contuse. -A 'decided disposition In favor of -facilitating, tbis branch of Its work was manlfcsted-by the 'body, several members expresshitriihe £ear tliat, If the unabridged del'-Kati-s and 'discussions that marked the sessions' ol' Wednesday were to continue, tho temporary roH:WoMld -still .bo Sn abeyance, when- the-.conyentloii was ready for business oniTuasda-'yl'ifiorrilnij. The contest' IB the Third district of California was 'first considered, and - af'.or speeches the maUer'was.decldea in favor ot Ell S; •Denison-^and.i'A'. :-<A. Hockhelmer, whose- -cause .wa»i:olia»jpioncd by cx-Cor.- gressman A. 'C:: .Thowtfson. of Ohio In the I5ourtn,.-Cflllforjila, Juseuh S. Speal and iionry'ri Kowalsky were seated and the claims of- W:-'-N\;. Montague and SamueJ M. Shortrldse tKroVn out. This' conclude^ the California cases. Jii the Th.U'd' Alabama district, Samuc-l b. Booth and' John 'Harmon (colored) were 'seated';- thc'contestants failing- to put In an i:' the- contesting McKinley delegates Irora tlie Fifth . Kentucky dis- trlcti'.Gebrge'D/Todd and Charles E. Sapp. were Sustained by: the .committee to the oxelu'sion of E. J. Knoebel and J. vy. Reed'cr, -Bradley ' delegates. At 12:25 n. reccss-was ordered to two p. m. W-h'e'n the committee reassembled at 2:15 «;» Florida contests were given precedence over: tho regular order. In this state the .'soatB of ^four. delegates at large and two *achylm''the;.3Ttrst 'and Second districts iwere-dhanchgod.',;. . " -.' • " ^ T -'. Natlonal'-Coromiueemen John G. Long, iioMbh -Lee,- -Emory F: Skinner and L. w. LWngston (colored), all McK.inlcyR.js, the contestants, were ilnally enrolled, Morton by-this action was- deprived of lour dele- cate'a W »: swoop. The defeated faction will -carry 'increase -to the committee on .crodotitials sdlected by the national- convention. - '. •',-„•_; _ i ; KEB1> SAYS IT IS A LIE. Doei Not Believe That Manley Has Given ; , :-t '.- '• lju the I"is»t. -. i Washington. June ll.-Speaker Reed was •'Been Wednesday night -and Informed -thai i report from 'St. Louis, stated that Mr. Ma-nley had.glVerf up th'e fight. The apeak-. "er'refused to credit the Information, say"?Why should he do that? No, there is a :. mistake.- It is a lie. He has not given up the' fight. But why say anything morti -There 'Is no. use commenting on a lie." ... ! •' ;' Programme or Silver Men. '! Col Isaac Trumbo, national committee-. '.nWh'a-nd delegate at large- from Utah, Is authority for the statement that. the sil- - v'ci-' men, so fir on the ground, have mapped out a programme, tf they are defeated In '• the' convention .they .will -not walk out. but after the close 'of- the convention they will bolt tho nomination.,:;,.. '..;: .. "Our plan,", -B8.1oVC<sL Trumbo, "Is simple. 'We will remalri-'in the convention and take T*rt in the proeecoUng* ^to the end. Then •ft we are beaten we-.will-Joln with the ill- vermeil of the wcufand nominate jHenry M, Teller, of Coloradoi for president." -.: : , Not Muoii-'of,»' Sematlan. Frankfort, Ky.i;^neil:--aov, Bradley. 1 ' ttement Wednes- money queson- he had wr'tten';a lotter to Gov. McKinley last: summer. expreSs'lng free sliver santl- rnents. The ' gtateme^is - mainly Defense nf hla money 1 ' views and- >ls much milder ?han t'ne public.had been Jed to .believe. It doesT.it ol.arge Qov.' -McKinley with being reijponslblo for' the publication, of a part of Go v'-Bradlej-'S letter, and- la in no-respect ' -' '--"- - • •• sens'atlonatfM:,-. .;,-,-.,,,-,, ' .•...- ,. - ~ < "•iBooWlng'Bla'nd'ror President. 1 '•-"kf-iouls.'-'June.ll.-The deinocratic state committee held "a contorence here Thurs' rtail- Gov Stone and Hon Richard P were In attendance The object of tho meeting was to map out a pmn tor me holding of meetings In accordance with the county district scheme. Individually thu members of the committee gave an Impetus to the boom of ex-Congressman Bland for president and a banquet and serenade were tendered to that guntlcmon Thursday night. ' . J{|nrlch»n Nominated for Congrem. Jacksonville, I'll., June 11.—Secretary of State W. il. Hlnrlchscn was nominated for congress Thursday by the democratic convention o£ the Sixteenth district. It was an exciting race between the five candidates but Hlnrlcneen had the Altgeld machine at his back, and on the 172 ballot received the. nomination. Sound Money In Control. St Paul, Minn., June IL—Tlie democratic state convention to select IS delegates to tho Chicago convention was called to order -by Chairman McDeijttiott, of the state central committee, at ,11:30 o'clock Thursday morning. O: M. Hal), a sound money man, was nominated temporary chairman, receiving <f5< votes. against 290 for T. L. Champlln, a free eilycr man. WITHIN'OUR BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana, Smiilivy Sclioo; Worker*. Crawi'ordsville, Ind., June 11.— Nearly 15,000 strangers .delegnlcs and visitors to the state Sunday school convention flooded CrawJordsvil'i? Wednesday and assisted in making the convention a (Treat- success. Over S.OOO people, headed by bunds and bankers, marched iu the street parade to the fair grounds, where a free dinner was served to nil and where the morning- nud afternoon exercises were conducted. ' ;' The'state superintendent's annual report' showe'l a total of 61S.313 Sunday school scholars in Indiana, with an in- cYease oi 250 new schools since the last convention. This year 65 per eent. of tine Sunday .schools have made reports, where only 37 per eent reported last year. ' TheYs are G37 township i-ssocia- tions now org-uni'/.ed and not a school or association has become inactive during the last. year. T?nrduc UnlvcrKlty. Lafayette, Ind., -June 11. -The 22d annual commencement exereitfes of Fur- due university were held Wednesday. A tent was smiled on the inmpus tone-' cowmoclate the audience.. Benjamin Harrison, a member of the Ijoard of trustees of the university, and his wife were on tho platform with the graduates -and -.vere;;g-'ven a cordial reception.- Diplomas were conferred upon 62 graduates, the largest cliis*. in the history oi ,Mie instmition. The closing feature was a -brief address to the graduates by Gen. Harrison. Dlm-uKftlnB t,'" 5 - >'lcliolion I-aw- Indianapolis, lud., June 11.— The decision of the supreme court in the Nicholson temperance law cases which have now been in tlie court for tlie -past three months, embracing- every possible form of obfcii.tJo.r... that. the liquor clement has to the law, -was expected Wednesday, but for some reason did not come. The judges, >vere in consultation during the entire m'prning, nnd it is supposed that there was some difference of opinion on questions embraced in the decision, which -has already -been ng-reed upon, ^/."j _ .Woman Dies of Fright. 'Greensbnrg, Ind., June. 11. — Mrs. Jacob Pickett is dead, the result of a fright. Mr. and Mrs. Pickett, moved a few 'days ago into an old cottage south ol.thts 1 city which had been vacant for some '-time. On the 'first right some fishermen, not knowing the hut wns occupied,. -tried to get in. The woman, having -heard that the house waa haunted, went into hysterics, from which she never recovered. Emlliam'* turnout Clns«. Kichmond, Ind.. June 11.— At the 37th nnnmil commencement exercises of. Earlharn college, held Wednesday moin- morning, the largest class in the history of the institution was graduated. The two scholarships. awarded by tie col- lece one lo-Hirverfovd and one to Bryn Mawr, ivent to W...O. Beal, of Quaker, Mich., and Miss Ethel Grimes', of Bloomington, V-'".V \ IX>O|M Dark for llnult. Crawfordsville, Ind., June 11.— After two days of wrangling a jury hnsbcen secured in the case against Philip Ha uk, charged with being criminally connected with, the death ofGnice McCIam- rock, and the taking of tlie evidence begun, So far the testimony is damaging to the defendant. , _ Editor* In Convention. Fort Wayne, Ind., June 11.— The Northern Indiana Editorial association is holding its 27th annual meeting in this city. The meeting was opened with an address by J. B. Stoll, president, followed by general discussion on a method of. obtaining subscriptions in advance. . ^ ' • - AVant tho Boad Sold. . Eockport,. Ind., JxmC U.-S^t wag filed in the circuit court by S. B. Welmon and ''other*, asking that a receiver be appointed for the Chiougo, Indian- irpolis & Chattanooga Southern railway. They ask that the road be sold to pay constructors. ''-'.- Charged with EmbcKlemfet- Indianapolis, Ind., June l^l-W.. H. Colemnn, general inanoger of tl® American Tailors, of this city, was ^turned here on a requisition from Cincinnati, alleging embezzlement. He is reported .to be $1,500 short in his accounts. . . Boys Driiwoed. • Toronto, Ont.i Juna 11.— Two young -sons of Mrs. John 'Morton, who livea in Baldwin village, York county, were bathing in. the mill pond when one ol them..g'ot,beyond l his,depth. His broth- his assistance and both, were FBEE ONCE MOBE. Reform Prisoners Let Go with Fine*, of £25,000 Each, Must Pay OP Suffer Banishment- State Department Receives the News. ? Washington, June 11.—Secretary 01- ney Thursday morning received a cablegram from Consul General Knight at Cape Town, saying that John Hay» Hammond and the other reform leaders had been released. They were fined • £25,000 vitli no banishment. Pretoria. June 11.—It is announced that the terms imposed upon the four leaders of (lie Johannesburg reform committee., John Hays Hammond, Li- 07iel Phillips, Col. Francis Rhodes and George Farrar, whose release has been. decided upon by the Transvaal execu- ~'\W- drowned jj HATS HAM:.:OND. live council, require thai in default of the payment of a fin.: of £25,000 each they shall suffer banishment from the territory of^the South African republic. The conditions nf their release upon payment of their fines are the same as those required to be observed by the other members of the re- • form comniiltcc, who were recently set •At, liberty, namely, that they shall abstain from interference m the politic* of the South African republic. JAMESON TRIAL, RESUMED. FreHldcnt Krngcr's Grnnd»on Appear! and Te»t.iflc» Acalmt the Raider*. London. June 11.—The trial of Dr. Jameson and his companions in the Transvaal raid last December was-resumed in the Bow Street police court before Magistrate Sir John Bridge . Thursday morning:. Lieut. Kloffi, grandson of .President Krug-er, who arrived hero last-week no give .'ttotijnouy against Dr. Jameson and his fellow officers in the Transvaal raid, was called to the stand. Lieut. Eloff described arresting and disarming him prior. ID the fight at Jvrugersdorp. Letters found in Jameson's baggage, which was seined after the battle at Krug-ersdorp, showed, he said, that tho saddles and ammunition used by the raiders had been .forwarded them from the Cape.. Town office of the British South. Africa company. , ' 1'llcrlmuKO ol Ml»lot«r«. London. June 11. — The steamer Columbia, from New York June -J foi Hamburg, which, arrived at Plymouth Thursday morning, landed 50 American Congregational ministers, vcho aifl making a pilgrimage to England and later to Holland. A deputation ot West of England Congregational ministers, headed by the mayor of Plymouth, went on board the Columbia and wen presented to their American brethren, welcoming them to the town from which the pilgrim fathers set sail in the Mayflower. The address was responded to by Kev. A. B. Dunning,' of Boston. The visiting clergymen spent.the day in visiting spots about Plymouth connected with the pilg-rinifathers. Minuter Taylor Not Sertonrty III. Paris. 'June 11.—Hon. Hannis Taylor, United States minister to Spain, who is in this city on his way back ta Madrid from London, is not seriously ill as has been reported. Mr. Taylor- is merely suffering from the effects ot overwork, and a short rest in ^ Paris will speedily restore his he>.lth. Hi» indisposition gives no cause for alarm. Mke'n PB»K Clothed In Fire. Colorado Springs, Col., June 11.—An extensive forest fire is prevailing on the northwestern slope of Plke'i Peak The smoke rises a mile high, and mingling with the. rnin clouds forming over the peak, its broad, column is livid with the glare of a seaot fire fiercely burning in the'pine tops. The spectacle is most imposing. Ullllnery Store Dmnaged by Fire. Allentown, Pa., June 11.—Eight thousand dollars' damage was done Thursday morning in Mrs. William P. Field'! millinery store by a fire of unknown origin. Eleven persons, had narrow escapes from suffocation. Loss on building-, $1,000; covered by insurance . Loss on stock, $7,000: insurance, $3,5«V, '' Muny Indictment* Found. Camden, 3SV J-, June ll.-The grand, jury Thursday . found 13 indictmenti against ex^City Treasurer IT FM' Ch d Ion, who is alleged lo be shortin hh accounts to the city $10,700. SixoftiM • indictments are for the embezzlement, of .various sums and the rcmnJiider «r« for roal feasnnce in office. Washiiifftoj'rJOTe lir-The First na- - ticmal bank of Lamed, TJan.. capiUL fi.' closed its doors Thursday. •^ * l

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