The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX JBLYTHEVJLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Champions Show Everything In Winning Over Boslon Yesterday, 6 lo " BY OCOllGR KIRKSRY , United I'rcss SlaiT Corrrspomlpnl NEW YORK, May 30. (UP)— TJie New York Yankees went Inla a double header with the secoild- plnce Boston Red Sox today in fin effort, to boost their six anil a Imlf game lend in the American League race. Combining lienvy hitting, spmk- ' ling plnys afield RIK! Die three-lilt - pitching of Blimp Hartley and Johnny Murphy, the Ynnks hnd everything yesterday when they won • the first game of the series with the JWcl Sox, 0 to 1. Joe Gordon .contributed a home run. Bill Dickey and Gordcn collnborated In hitting witlr men on base In the fifth Inning fo put the game on ice. The Red Sox gol three hits off ' Hadley In seven innings but when he began throwing wildly In the Silj,. Mifrphy stepped in to how the Sox helpless until the finish. Thirty-one hits sprayed all over the Detroit park as the Tigers scored in the 9th inning lo break a deadlock and defeat the St. Loins Browns, 10 to 9. The Tigers got 16 safeties and St. Louis knocked out 1, with Rudy York's home run scoring three runs for Detroit. In the only other American League game, the Plu'kidelphfa Athletics defeated the Washington Senators, 5 to 4, although they were I out-hit , !3 to 11. A Washington 1 error in the 3th let in the winning run and boosted the Senators' losing sireak to five. In ' the National League race, • Today's Sport Parade By McUinore TNDIANAPOMS, Ind., Mny 30. <UP)—The first hundred miles arc fun, the second hundred okay, the third lough, the fourth hell, and the flflh—well, they're murder. .That's the way H.ibc Stnpp breaks down the 500-jnllc race over Hie bricks and asphalt of the indlnn- apolls Speedway. As you rend this Babe Is probably in ihe first humh'Od miles of today's race—head clear, ' feeling good, getting ITS TORI 10 BUM IBP Crackers and Lookouts Continue Turn About; Travelers Win Hy (hilled I' Clmttnnoogii and' Atlanta cciilln- iied their Inrii-iiljoiit rncc for the Southern Association lead (oduy The number position changed almost daily for t tjL-.^ ukigui, ifi:unii yv«u, gcumg " ».»*,j ,.,* LUC IU*L a tremendous lift from whamming ] wecl! i)PtWD <'» the Lookouts and the into Ihe treacherous turns mid but-1 Crackers, and today, it wns UIIK rtown the stralelilawnvs innoogn's mm. down the .straightaway'!. But his "fun hundred", won't last long. Clipping along i\l 120 miles per hour he'll soon be In the third hundred, where thf strain jejlns to take effect. Eyes will be ilcodshot from studying the road, the tachometer needle, tires, slg- mls from the pit Burs will' row !'"" s ' , c I - oolt o"ls Hetl the ootmi ami throb from constnnl listening „* , "? " vl , c f '" the sccoll(1 • 1 »< l 10 Ihe tlmndw nf hK mnlm- H,« fiV A '» ( " P "'M- ', .Gabby Hartnett, manager of the Chicago Cubs, sflw his team lose to the league-leading Cincinnati .Reds, 6-3, in a game protested by Chicago. • Hartnetl announced the Cubs were flnisliing the contest under protest' because of Umpire George Magcrkurth's ruling in the fifth, when he called Ernie Lombard!, the Reds catcher, safe on a play that Hartnett saw differently. _' Both the New York Giants and ' the Brooklyn Dodgers pushed the Philadelphia and Boston learns a ^imuui-iijiiiu txnu uj^kuii icmua u lull uc^iil lu [Jlll-Miuil \VJini- } Oil til deeper into the cellar. New 'see and hear anil your judgment York, with panning back, scored their third straight victory by defeating lh,c Phils, .7 to 5. The Dodgers also swept their series with the'Bees by scoring In .the 8th inning to take a 1-0 contest in which Pressnell allowed the Boston ; team only two hits. The Dodgers got three off Laimlng. The first triple play of the season was pulled off by the St. Louis Cardinals but it failed to save them from a 1 to 0 defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are crowding the Westerns for second place in the league standings. Bob Klinger let the Cards down with eight hits while his males collected 14 olf Weiland, McGee mid Paul Dean. * • *. Yesterday's hero—Tlie New York Yankees club which showed it "had everything" In taking the first game of a test series with Hie sunoiul place Red Sox nnd stretched their siring to 18 victories out of nit- last 19 starts. Long And Kneilson Winners The disqualification of Carlos Rcdriquezz, Spanish wrestler, gave Tiger Long of Florida the decision )n their jnatch at the Legion arena here last night. Long was on the floor and about out as result of a fierce attack in which Rodriguez neglected to observe most of In rules of the mat and when failed to halt Long was awarded St. Louis 21 the fall and the match lo Ihe thunder of his motor, Ihe whlluc and screech of his llre.s, ihe ro;ir of his 32 competitors. Legs will be hot and burned from splashing oil, and all over he will ache from the cramped confinement of the cockpit and the steady- steady pounding and pull of n little car rollliif; at top speed. II will bc totiijh then, but noth- ng like the fourth hundred. Then lis sun-baked helmet will feel like a stove 11(1 on his head. His eyes, lis ears, his bones, his muscles vlll begin to scream to his mind hat the punishment has gone far enough. And his mind, tlrcrt taa. vlll'try to keep the secret that the vorst is yet to come—that this Is list hell.' and that murder is right wound the corner. "That last hundred miles is a >nre ami.simple killer," Siapp told ne yesterday as he did his final Inkeriiij over his sleek little Alfa ?cmeo. "You feel as if yon were on fire all over. Your eyes are like coals, and your nose blisters from Ihe sting of burning fuel. There isn't a spot that doesn't ache. And your car seems to know you're worn out and trys lo start running you. U fights you In the turns until you curse it, and you wonder If you'll have the strength lo yank It arcimd the bentl coming- up. "Your mind Is so fatigued it nearly ciuils working. You find yourself talking to yourself, Imagining a thousand and one things. You begin to question what you of time and distance goes screwy. This worries the rlcvi! out of you loo, because you've driven long enough to know all the dangers, and just how bad one little silo. one liny, lapse, can be. And the awful part of it is, that you know (hat .the last, hundred is the one you've, got to travel in lo win; ihat it's the last hundred where the money Is won or lost. So you have to drive yourself, beal yourself, nlmosl, lo keep going, keep trying, and fighting. It's a job for the devil himself, those last hundred miles.'" If all goes well—and may Lady Luck take a Iminl at the wheel on these turns—Babe Btapp will be entering Ihat cruel final hundred pretty soon. Keep that foot on the floorboard, flabc, apd bang 'cr in. Then we'll have a beer or two. Memphis moved but In front again by oiie run In Ihc seventh, but Chattanooga nnlshcd strong with two In Die nlnih, The losing Chicks got 15 lilts off Bolen, Prltchctt, Smith, Bass and Lanahan while Chattanooga won wilh 12 olf Stout, Spencer and Vevcrka. Uill Sayles pllched the Little Rock Travelers lo n 2 lo 1 win over Atlanta although he gave up n lilts. It was a tight game all the way, with Robinson holding the winners to eight safeties. Robinson held Liltlc Rock scoreless iiutll the sixth. Now Orleans opened a series in Nashville and had a tough time stopping the Vols, 5 to 'J. New Orleans was outhlt eight to seven, but made the safeties count in the close spots, Redmond went the distance for New Orleans while Collier and Adams hurled far Nashville. Knoxville got an early lead over Birmingham, keeping the Barons under control throughout nnd winning 0 to 2. Knoxville slugged pitcher Julian Tubb for five lilts nnd four runs In the first inning find Ihe Barons never were able to overcome the disadvantage. George —"—- and finished the _ three more hits. Schroctlcr gave up 12 hits for Birmingham, but kept the scattered. The schedule remains unchanged today, Little Rock at Atlanta; Memphis at Chattanooga; New Orleans at Nashville and Birmingham til Knoxvillc. BASEBALL STANDINGS Nnrlhcasl Arkanr.ns League W. 1. Pel, Cariithersville IS 7 .650 Newport 12 C .GOO Joncsboro 8 13 .381 ParagouUI 7 12 .308 Southern l.c.iguo W. L. Pel Atlanta 23 10 xChnttanoogn 22 15 Birmingham 19 xMemwhis 18 .590 .595 New Orleans 19 Knoxville n Nashville 17 Little Rock 15 x—Night game. .528 .480 .415 .-172 .-159 .395 Nillonnl Cincinnati , W. L. Pet. Pittsburgh . ..^o,,,,,^ ............ ,„ Long had won the first in nine Chicago ............. 18 minutes wllh a series of head | Brooklyn ............. 15 scissors which had Carlos running for the ropes. The fat Spamnra scored the second fall in five minutes when he got a back breaker on Long. In the first match, a scheduled whisker pulling contest [between Floyd Byrd of Birmingham and Stocky Kneilscn, Norwegian grappler, Byrd received a neck injury that caused him to fail to return lo the ring for another fall and Kneilsou won by default. New York Boston Philadelphia II 13 17 IB n .691 .018 .514 .500 .409 19 .457 20 .412 23 ,324 American New York W. L. Pet. 28 Boston 20 Chicago is , - ,-,..^.. B ^ ............ ,„ Byrd received a neck Injury | Cleveland ......... 17 Detroit 15 Washington n 21 'hiladelphta 12 21 6 .824 11 ,645 15 MS 15 .531 21 "-' mooja': The Lookouu climbed on (op again in n stormy, session wllh .Memphis last night. The fans were limp when Chattanooga finally finished out In front, 14 to 13. Memphis drew first blocd In ihe open- hit' Inning by blasting out seven runs. Tlie lookouts- tied the count TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1939 AND Judicious Planting of Them Beautifies Reside n 1 i a J Grounds Vines, one of Die [east expensive Mild Weather Time To Install Equipment CHATS WITH THE While no definite season' for installation of home-heating equipment, mild spring weather presents fewer difficulties, nct-ord-1 Ing lo Federal Housing Adminls-i (ration officials, Either repair work or the Inslal-1 iation of new central healing plants I may be financed with funds "b-1 ,,A,.», ,, talned by responsible borrowers' , lk " e i \ sfl " t eH? n^r T? n ? 1 from toiling iuslHutlons /mill st ^"rice. But I feel safe . Bullil That New I.awn , ..,.vi.iii£, uttUJUIJly to Federal Housing Administration oillcials. Oioimds may be made more at- Iractlve nml the general llvablliiy of n home increased through Judicious planting of vines, privacy mil shade may be procured through ise of trellises nnd arbor.s, and m>- slghlly views may be screened and >)ank wnlls .softened through such ">e. Some knowledge as to how the various types grow Is needed in the selection of vines for n particular ise. The services of a mirsery- nan nvc recommciulcd where special problems nrlse. Modernization Cuts r rtOm Its expanses of smooth, green turf, your flowers would look, lonely anil forlorn. So, if jour grass lias never got a good start, or If it's full of i weeds, the chances arc you'd better figure on building a new lawn DOW. The danger of loss lo both prop-' I know It Isn't n pleasant, prospect, erty and life from lire can ijc n "' I' m sure It's worth It " Tlie first thing to do, of course, is to spade up the soil and pulverize It properly with line um! rake, /Then, If It's too sandy, spade In peal, moss, or ' " . . - - again until (| Ie g ,. ass ls strongly. Excess Of Unusable Space Is Expensive An economical layout in a home is one which presents the greatest proportion of usable floor area- In relation lo the gross floor arr-a according to Federal Housing Administration officials. An excess or unusable space ••••••-J"UH, aUMCK makes a liouse less deslrabe If the linll area Is larger than is necessary, In view of the uses lo which ; lt will be nut thru <!,„ !„,._ economical. Moreover ,PHA officials point, out! if space is provided which is not I readily and conveniently usable,! economy Is sacrificed because of'l unwarranted additional cost oil construction and maintenance, pliisl the attendant Increased labor in-f volved in Ihe occupancy and use of the homo. _ Large entrance halls, galleries,! and similar spaces are not consicl-f creel necessary and desirable excepil In' dwellings In the hlgher-co : -,[| range, FHA officials say. TJio Montenegro girl sticks her! Iocs out of her shoes as a signal! 7 ;•"*• ""•" »»-• my- • that she is ready lo consider of-f somejlegreeboiiii- fc ,. s of mal ,. ia( , e . ' grcnUy reduced through Ihe proper- modernization of properly. accord- Ing to Federal Housing Administrator Stewart McDonald. Alterations and repairs lo resl- i—-— •..«-«, uj .Miuum- uuiic-rim. ur (lenllal and Income-producing prop- If there's too much clay, mix In crtles will reduce considerably the I some sand or finely sifted ashes. pc&sibilHy of fire frequency. Finan- fjl ' 1 - 1 " «•""»'- —- -- -- .---' <• clal Institutions • qualified under PHA's Property Improvement Credit 1. Vines which cling directly lo .he wall by tiny rootlets Include relieved Tubb game, allowing three more hits. Coca-Cola Faces Goodyear; Ark-Mo ' To Meet Phillips In a doubleheaclcr tonight at Haley Field Ihe Coca Coin Battlers will face Hie Goodyear Rubbermcn in the first game. In the second game (he league leading Power crew will rim n race with the Ford VB's. English ivy, climbing hydrnn's'ea". Japanese creeper (commonly called 3oston Ivy), and Engelmann creeper. These vines arc particularly uiaptcd for use in covering huge blank walls. 2. Vines which twine around vertical supports such as lattices- or .wires. honeysuckle, Chinese wistaria, and American bittersweet are e?.-.mples of this twisting- stemmed piant, that may be trained to grow next to a wood structure on a detachable support which may bo lowered when the building is painted. On n brick wall, this type of plant requires rings and copiwr wires for its support. 3. Some vines produce tendrils which fasten themselves to artificial supports such as /ine-niesh wire fencing. Vlrgin's-bower and Virginia creeper are vines of this classification. 4. The last group consists of those scrambling types'- of vines that have no special method of attachment. Their long slender stems, which run on (lie ground when un- carcd for, must be tied with strings to posts. ,,.„,„„,.„, .. „ , i-itna nujciLy improvement urecnt • "i,ff" eia1 ' lhcre arc four groups j Finn make credit available for 'such Improvements. Faulty wiring -systems, faulty gas and other heating systems, and neglect of attics, nooks, and other recesses where spontaneous combustion may work its hav'oe are considered among the chief causes of fires. Property maintenance of existing structures through animal improvement helps combat Ihe menace of fire, contributing vastly to savings in properly value, and enhancing peace of mind on the part of occupants of the property. ihe .Garden!!. A yard seen by many is thai of Mr. and Mrs. 1L C. Martin, at the corner of Chickasawba and Ninth. The Martins have a hobby of specializing in a few varieties of flowers, nmong which are their tulips which were unusually pretty this year. Daiiny Wnrrlngloh ivlll probably At ltlc !' r(!s enl they have a new start, on the mound for the Bottlers with Taft catching', while Scoggins will pitta and Harwell will catch for Goodyear. In Ihe second game John Burns who has won four straight games will pitch and Hires will catch for Avkmo while "Pop" Stevens ami Davis will be Ihe Phillips batteries The first game will start at eight o'clcck. PREPPING FOR PAR yard swing and are arranging: a planting for the latticed frame under which it has been placed. Flowers have long been prominent in the lives of the Martins who love them so well they are using flowered designs in most of <hc paper they are using in the re- decornling of their house. Then grade your lawn, so that it will carry water away from the house and keep It from collecting in pools. You can lei! if you've succeeded by letting the ground settle for a few days so that future low spots will show vip. Feeding Very Important Next comes the most Important slep of all—feeding. Very likely your troubles with your old lawn were caused by lack of nourishment in (he soil,.Your grass wasn't getting all the fosd elements It needed. It gdt weaker and thinner, nnd lost its ability io keep weeds choked out. So this time don't take chances! Get a plant 'food that supplies in balanced proportions all eleven ot the food elements growing things need. Spread it evenly over your soil, four pounds to every 100 square feet, then rake it in thoroughly. Now you're ready for seeding— with good seed—the kind your garden supply dealer recommends for your soil. Get special seed for shady places. Apply the seed on n knowledge and "skill and~shouT<rbe day - wh f" thE1 ' E ' s little or no willd ' done only by a qualified workman, j ?. OW1I1 S llalf ° nt . one >™V .<"}<> »«l f Home Owner Is Not Often Skilled Worker The majority of. home owners enjoy making small repairs and improvements, but many repair jobs on the home require special As warm weather attracts the! home owner out of doors and lures him into a program of repair he should be careful not to undertake work for which lie Ls unfitted. Every house, even the most carefully built, needs attention and repair occasionally to keep it in good condition, but sometimes the work of an unskilled person will aggravate the trouble instead of cure it. This results usually ill calling in, a workman who must make repairs greater than the original need. Funds for many kinds of improvements and repairs may be obtained from qualified lending institutions under the Property Improvement Credil Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, n . "H f/ h° ', " i dolU bc stl "S>' ' cvcn use five or six pounds of it to each thousand square feet of lawn. Rake your seed in lightly, and if the soil is dry enough, it's a good idea to roll it with a light roller. Then water it gently but thoroughly, and don't let the ground get. dry OWN YOUR OWN HOME Small But Comfortable Homes Can Be Built For $2,590 to $3,000 A cnmforlaljlo home within (he means of the avwjiKc family can ! )c Jitiilt this summer for you. We have already completed many such homes in Klylhcvillc and others are under construction. If you arc interested in owning ;l n i ee little home that ran he i>;iid for in small monthly payments under the KHA terms, let us help you. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Plione 40 Quality Service The gravitational pull of the moon causes a variation of (io feet In the distance between North America and E»ro]>e. Read Cornier Nuws want ads.' Complete I-inc of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second -I'lione 314 Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Jonesboro at Caruthersvlllc. Newport at, ; Paragould. Southern League Memphis at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Nashville. Birmingham at Knoxville. LiUIe . Rock at Atlanta. National I/cagiic Pittsburgh at St. Louis, twc games. Chicago at Cincinnati, two games Boston at Philadelphia, tuo games Brooklyn at New York, two games. , American T/eague New York at Boston, two games. Detroit at Chicago, two games. St. Louis at Cleveland, two , games. ;j .Philadelphia at Washington, Iwo Barnes, .417 .382 t. Louis 11 24 Yesterday's Results N'orllirast Arkansas I.e.ifcuc Paragould 11-4. Jonesboro 0-7. Newport 9-0. Canithersvillc 3-4. Southern LTOCUI- Knoxville 0. Birmingham 2 Night games: Little Rock 2, Atlanta 1. New Orleans 5, Nashville 3. Memphis at Chattanooga. National League Brooklyn 1, Boston 0 New York 7, Philadelphia 5 Cincinnati 6, Chicago 3 Pittsburgh 7, St. Louis 0 American League New York G, Boston 1 Philadelphia 5, Washington 4. Detroit 10, St. Lo m , n. Only Barnes scheduled. ©MEA «Y ART KHKNZ NKA Service C.olf Wriler With left heel replaced, action of club in downswing is started with pull of left, arm toward right. Tills continues tn downward sweeping pull until loft arm has dragged club lo point where wrists lire almost in line with head and bull. , During pull, body' slowly unwinds but. no faster tlian necessary lo keep swing traveling in intended Hue ot play. Guard against whirling body lo left faster than hands can keep clubliead in pace with II. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service VACCINOL " ... Kills ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS We arc plrasert lo .announce that we now have working through our office a factory representative of THE VACCIXOL PRODUCTS CORPORATION of Memphis, Tennessee,:promoting termite control. Find oul fnr certain whether or not termites arc attacking nnil damaging your properly without cost or obligation. ,\ Vacciiiol trained inspector «'!! m.ikp a tlicroiigli examination of the iinilcrslructurc of your home ami render you an accurate detail report on ils conrtition. We feel safe in recoinmcmlins: the Vacclnol treatment to rid your properly of termites. Tins treatment is row-red with a contract. Semi-annual rcinspcctions nilhinil cost. Vaccinol has been used stKTessfnlly over a period of n .vnrs against Ihcse wood-oiling insects. This is n popular price ti'c.Tfnicnl which can he handled O n small monthly payments —no citsh down. l-'OK 'INSPECTION CALL E. 0. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 NOW'S THE BEST TO PAINT.' rsbii -ESS Dries quickly, makes woo U K Water, TIME pose-o $1 .49 *, U an Water, {or walls e sheen hroomi eas . ri ''l'7 .J. * e«& SCREEN EN***'-„.,„,, dec ,,_ "otecis screens Iran »** £&. ffles _ 0 , m c nn reoair D'" b .. _.»„, .rot- C.CLf* n average ' <}' iiut coat, w«" M . $I ?S«.«S-JS colors 85 c AS LITTLE AS $5.26 PER MONTH PAINTS YOUR HOME! Mew dollars per month— aslillle os $5.26 in some use Sherwin-Williams SWP House cases—will pay for everything indudfng paint and labor. You pa/ nol/img down—fiisl payment is due thirty days after pointing is completed on this Sherwin-Williarns Budget Payment Plan. Painti'ng is an investment—especially when you Painl, Ihe long-wearing, wealher- resisling pain! Ihat improves property values, saves on repairs. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS SWP HOUSE PAINT $3.00 • gal. in 5 K ,,i, pails - • » /-- j rw j- nuv/ac r-Hini Ask lor mlormation on paying f or your pai - nf /ob 6y the „,„,,,,,_„„ dowjl paymenl . Shoiise-Henry Hardware Co. "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKE" J. W. Shoiise Phone 35 WHson Henry

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