The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1966
Page 9
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Blythcvffle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, July I, MM- P«|« Elms JR 10ARDINO HOUSE - With Mat* HoopU OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. William „. .,., ON THOSE CARTS TH6XJ RIPE 10 THE <VCHlMD IN .^ •OfU-POALOTOFWILOPITCH- S.AMPl'MmSVlW'TOaETHE STTLePSpSHE'LtPOALO Of WILP swain*/ tou ear THORNDIKe POKEOTWHBW/ ^ONEWITH A STICK/ / HE SORB -^ PICKED A . POTENT ONE I WASTEt-LINS THEMTMATTf<e ELEPHANT IS THE STRONGEST , EARTH/ NATURE STUPY GROUP WILL NEVER. BELIEVE ME ASAIN7 o LI sreu.' WOMEW CARR.V FOOD, DISHES, LAUNDRY AWP GARBAGE AU »V IOWG! UJE CARKj RASS, MOPS, BROOMS..BOX6S, CAUSAWDJARS1 /. WE CARR.V MEDICIWe, BSDFAWS, BOOTS, sneers; Bi.AMKeTS,TOYS AMD SO FROM WOW OfJ soius TO set A BETTER. DEAL IU HOME.' & \ TO JOIfd TK6 TEAMSTERS, THATS HOW/ by Kate OMIUI \ •ff^-f^ JJB V.V •1i«l, N14.I»T*I. bf.' •fo; 1 "Oh, yes, Philip writes to me every day. Only he waits "That's Harry for you! Back from th» salt mines aird ^ . till Sunday and puts all the letters in one envelope!" off to the sand traps. : ; ^ T«l«vi§ion—T6<iight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 WREC Channel 3 Tun., Jut; 5 6:00 Amn 'N 1 Andy «:3fl Dakt»rl 7:30 The Hippodrome B::30 Petticoat Jtuict. fi:00 CBS News Spec. 9:30 FOCUB on Mem. 10:00 Ten O'clock News 10:10 Weather 10:15 [Ate Uovl« 11:55 Newt & Weather U:on Bies on Wed., July a • :49 A DOT* <jlonoa 7^)0 Qood (nom. Mem. 7:50 CBS News 1:15 Cant. Kankeroo 9:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoyi 10:00 Andy of MaTMerrT 10:30 Dick Van Dyk. 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News 11:30 searcb f or Tom 11:45 Guiding ugh' 12:00 December Brld« 12:30 As tne World T. 1:UO Pauword 1:30 HouBepartl 2:00 To Tell tne T. 2:2! Hews ?.:30 Edge of Nlgni 3:nn Secret Btorm 3:30 Early Movie 5:00 WSEC-TV N;w» 5:25 Weatner 5:30 Walter oromate fi:0ii Amoe B Andy .6:30 Lost In Space 7:30 Bev. HlllblllleB 8:00 Green Acres 8:30 DlcK van uyi» 9:00 John Gary Show iO:00 Ten O-CIOCK News 10:10 Weatner 10:15 Lhte Movie 11:55 News & Wfiavnel i2:tKl Rien Oft WMCT—cnanael S Tues., July S 0:00 News Report 8:10 Tn state Report 0:15 Weotner Report 0:20 Sports Report 6:25 Campra ! ftept 6:30 My Moth., too Oar 7:00 PI. Don't Eit. D. 7:30 Klldare 8:00 Tue. Hlt> UoTla 10:00 News 10:15 Norm. Brewer 10:20 Today In SpOrtl 10:25 Wedth*r 10:30 xonignt snow 12:05 TV Chanel 13:00 News Wed., July 8 . 7:00 Today .7:25 Today In Mld-S. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today With Peg 8:30 TOdtf 9:00 Eye Guess 9:25 NBC News Kpt. 8:30 concentration 10:00 Morning Star 10:30 Paradne Bay 11:00 Jeopardv 11:30 Let's Play P.O. 11:55 MlddH" t«nt 12:00 Lodney Zoo 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:55 NBO News 1:00 Days of our Uvee 1:30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't say 3:00 Route 61 4:00 Miles nougiai 5:30 Huntlev-Hrlsilif o:uo NOWB Beport 6:10 Trl-State Beport 0:15 Weather Beport 6:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camera Rbport 6:30 The Virginian 8:00 Bob Hope Tneat. 9:00 I Spy 10:00 Ten o'clock News 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weatnel I0:3u Tomgflt enow 12:00 News 12:05 TV Cnapel WHBO—Channel }3 Tues., July 5 8:30 Maverick 6:30 Combat 7:30 McHale'S N»TJ 8:00 P Troop 8:30 Peyton Place • 8:00 The Fugitive 10:00 MldBOUtB Neve 10:15 Moving Weatnei 10:20 Late Show Wed., Jaly « 7:00 cartoon Time 8:30 Jack LaLanne 9:00 Town & Country 9:30 Where Action It 10:00 SupertnKt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game 11:00 Donna Reed 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 Conf. for Women 1:30 A Time For u» 1:55 News 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 The Nurs-s 3:0u Funnouse 4:30 Adventure Time 5:00 fJ«ws 5:10 Weatbnr 5:15 News 5:3U Mavenc* 6:30 ±iatman 7:00 Patty Duke 7:30 Blue Lletu 8:00 The ale Valley 9:00 Long Hot Sum, 10:00 Mld-dwuth Mew* 10:20 Late Show 10:15 Moving \veathel HERMON JONES BCSINESb MEN'S ASSURANCE CM. 1420 Onion AM . Phone 374-4400 UrmpBli 4, Tennessee • Oali .(or Pre* Consultation, insurance for Astute Planning Key Man, >»rtner«hlp en corporation. Group. Pension. Retirement und Hnspltallzatlnn Midi to Mil for much more. Still GuinntMd at this unbelievable low pita. BIG DISCOUNT STORES Main & Franklin — Bly. & Air Base Highway Vernell Morgan USE VER Ph. RE 8-2617 Free Estimates Senath, Mo. NEW SHIPMENT FOAM SALE 53"x72" $ 1" Thick Ea. 45"x72" $ 1" Thick Ea. 36"x72" 50 00 1" Thick Ea. V Shredded Foam Bag Odd <M Sizes VI &Up GILBERT'S 600 E. Main PO 3-6742 "Cowpoke" WESTERN SHOP SEE US ... For Nocona Boats, Saddles, Tack, Qroomlnf Supplies, & Clothing;, Driftwood Arrangements Sale • South of Blytheville on Hwy. 61 NOW SERVING EVENING MEALS 5-7:30 p.m. Westbrook's Cafeteria PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER ttBen'Meii. - Sat. "1 AH-7iSO PM (Sun, » AM-2:0» PM) GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING Manufacturing and Machine Works BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway PO 2-2911 "HONDA" SUPER-SUMMER SALE Prices Cut From $10 to $30 on All Light Weight Models. Big Discounts for Cash on all Models. Low cost Financing Available. All Models On Display — At BLYTHEVILLE HONDA SALES 607 E. MAIN YOU CAN'T SAY CLEANERS BETTER THAN BEST WAY! WE ALSO DO THE BEST LAUNDRY SHIRT IN TOWN. 2012 W. Main PO 2-2408 AIRPLANE SPRAYING On SMALL GRAIN JOHN BRIGHT Phon. JO 4-2475 HURPOSE UNPaS" HEAVEN." THEY'RE ANXIOUS TO SEE YOU, STUART. THINK YOU'RE WELL ENOUGH TO TAKE A BOW? *ECCUESIA$TES!L:l HES APRAID OP THE DARK/1 THAT'S THE >MAVBE THIRD FLV J( HE NEEDS BALL HE LOST IN THE 'SUN. 1 THf<5 \fy W/NTH00P WaZTLE, THANWN© Y3D fOfi TO BRING Cfy OUR. MAIL .' yOU T WE'RE SITTER ABOUT THAf UfC RSycHOS /SNATCHING McK*Bi..JF HE'S WOT HAVE THE, AND ZOLA WILL BURH FOR THIS! MANlWrtAr ADVICE?, __™_™_^ CAPTAIN EA5V1 TU8B&1 WHV .,. EVICENCE THAT SOREHEAW fRCM WEKE AFTBK McKEEi 90 V0UK ISMf Of , "w Escape m mt IS HERESY CWKEUEP! SAMARITAN WHO PRIVE- ME tl/REO HIM TO POOM! I9fifi fcr HU, IK. T.M. I.B. Uj. fat. OH. ...SEEINS'S HOW I WHAT'S MDU'RE TH 1 BACK- > THW BONE OF THEIR (SOTT'DO LUNCHEOM CLUgV. WITH ENJERTAINMENT V IT? COMMITTEE.' NEXT TIME YOU SENP THEM A / A SPEAKER...SUIP / MICKEY 'EM A MICKEY, SO T'SPEAX WOW WILL VOU V SHOULDN'T PLEASE TEU. ME ( BE TOO HOW I'P GO ABOUTV TOUSH FDR UNSOPHISTICATINa , AND BEFOPE 1WAT, THE WIDOW BROWN. TrlE WIDOW PERKINS.THE BEFORE 30NS, WASN'T SHE1HE WIDOW SMITH? PLAN-ro REMAIN p 3UST (500P FPIENOS. I WITH WIDOW 3QNK10NISHT) —AMP DEDUCT THE RETAIL PRICE OFC*«,, SEUP HIM HIS PAY— 0 IW h NU, hi. T*. tn. U,l, M V

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