The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
Page 2
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"PAGE TWO BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY'S EVENTS ... Circles of the Woman's auxiliary • el Ihe First Presbyterian church .- netting at these places: 1, Mrs. O. ..P. Moss; 2, Mrs. O. M. Gray; 3, ..Mrs. George Mulr, at 3 p. m.; clr- • cle 4, Mrs. Lucy McAdains, 7:30 p. m. W. M. S. First Methodist church having program meeting at church 3 p. m. • Woman's council First Christian 'church meeting with Mrs. J. D. ...Smith, on Davis Ave., 2:30 p. in. Circles ol woman's missionary society ol First Baptist church "'Sleeting at these places: 1, Mrs. " .Chester Nirbers; 2, Mrs. W. B Wallace; 3, at the church, all 1 2:30 p. m. . Misses Marie Leggett, Virginia Bomland and Alberta Elliott, on- .'terlalnlne for Miss Innti Laurn Barnes, bride-elect, al the Elliott, home. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Ramsey Duncan presenting piano pupils nt First Melliodlsl • church, 8 p. m. j Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon having j ! Young Matrons Bridge cliil). Mrs. C. H, Hall entertaining at country club for Miss Mary Ellen '" Stevens, bride elect. < Tuesday Contract club mccllny '"with Mrs. J. Nick Thomas. . ': '. • THURSDAY'S EVENTS • U. D. C. meeting with Mis. • James B. Clark and Mrs. S, L, ;_Gladish at Clark, home. i/ DAN THOMAS GEORGE: SCARBO . •"Has a Meeting *;,' Mrs. Roland Green and Mrs. C. _ji>. Redman entertained the Am- Legion uuxlliary In u iiiccl- Friday afternoon at the Green * In the business session reports '.,-irere given ol the rccenl acllvl- jttes Including tlic poppy sale In i>hlch more than »75 was netted. '.The sending of 35 percent of tlwse •proceeds to the state hospital I'made the unit 100 percent In the •rehabilitation requirements. H was reported that the Americanism J award was made to a junior high' ..girl and of the poster contest held -•In connection with tha poppy sale. .; Mrs. C. E. Crlgjer was appolnt- ..«d chairman of a committee to -draft resolutions to be sent the -family of -the late Mrs. Oliver W. JCoppedge. — Plans were announced for the <~A*» C. Rehabilitation conference "JfK the states of Arkansas, Loul- uCluu, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee -•nd Mississippi, to be held in Ltt- 'O* Rock June 18 and n. This will Toe attended by Mrs. Howard Proc- VLLCNM3E HEfiESS OfTSOTH KKKKff. CNIES TO SOC.F1Y UFf, to CHS H PHiCS SAURY TO IN PICTURES TO S£1TLE AtJ AaW-lFJJT 8ETV.SE.M TOD UNiVEOSiTY Of CfcjfC CO-ED UUOW) &RL CCULO CT>vaiTl£ STbOQ ESOFTHE ibV'AEKO " It's Up lo the Women J3Y AIRS. FRANK!,IN D. ROOSEVELT Social Work Thrilling Bits oj Nei£s Mostly Personal SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1034 :HES This Tuna Fish Salad Is Crisp and Cool MKs Mnrjorlc Stcwarl has re- urned from Helena where she was .he guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hone for scvcial days. MLB. J, W. Morse, who has been .n St. Ixnils and CIIIK airardeau. Mo., has arrived for a visit with ner daughter, Mrs. Otlo Kochtllz- ky. and fun illy. Mrs. Walter Cox Jr., and baby, ol Osceola, arc guests of Mrs. Cox's mother, .Mrs. I. B. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. I,. E. Tull and family have returned from Dayton, O., where they visited Mr. Tull's parents who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mrs. C. V. Sabaugh and cluugh Icr, Jeanetta Jean, have gone to Norton, Kan.^ for a visit with relatives. 1'ILGRIM LUTllcRAN CIIUIUJ11 II. J. Kttindk'iu.1, I'jblor Sunday school teachers' meeting, j 8:30 a. m. Ilctiilar Sunday school session,! 0 ii. m. Morning Service, 10 a. in. Sermon theme: "Christian Slcadfasl-" Evening Worship, 7 |). m. Topic: "Beware o( Evil Companions." This will be Ihc last ot the evening .services mull after the sum- ucr months. The cla-ss on Bible i'lmdaniciiliils will meet prior lo this service, til 0:30 p. The, icKiilar monthly business ; of ihc Wallhei Leasuu will be held Thursday evening al rcven o'clock. The regular meeting of the 1'il- BI-IJII Guild will lake place ihis Tluirsday In place of tho third Thursday at two o'clock. F1KST BAPTIST CIIUKCII Sunday school. 0:15 a. in. There will Ire no preaching service Sunday morning or evening. 11. Y. P. U..'s, 6:30 p. in. Prayer services. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 7:45 • Mrs. R. L. Manning, of Searcy,' 'rcacher's Ark., is the guest of. her daughtcr.l y-i<j ,, ,„ Mrs. Jesse Manes, and Mr. Manes, al their Armorel home. Mrs. Joe Glezen, of Indianapolis, Itijl.. Ls lliu houseguest of Mrs. Green and Mr. and Mis. Borum. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmic Lcdbcttci- mecling, Vtor,, president of the local unit, e hpsTcsse^ sgH with'' Iced lei." t f-- Ttie hosTessrt 9tHtf-?a "siUad Miss Minnie Lee Jones will prc- .fient her piano pupils In a recital over Station KLCN Monday and Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. The program will be composed of piano quartettes, trios, ensembles, solos, vocal trios and solos. T. Have K«iUl - Mrs. Ramsey Duncan will present her piano pupils In n recital Tuesday evening at tiTe First Methodist church, 8 o'clock. Mrs. Duncan boasts tho rccorc 1 of teaching longec than any loca teacher having taught here more than 25 years. She will also render 'several selections. I HltST CIIKISTIAN l~ K. Latimcr, iHlniskr Cliurch scliool, 9:45 a.m. Holy Communion mid heiimni. 11 a.m. Subject: "Straight Thinking lly NKA Service Jellied salads, served on beds of crisp lettuce or curly endive, make perfect main courses for hot weather menus. From Ihc homemaker's |X)int of view, they're simple to prepare and easy to vary. Here's a fine recipe lor jellied tuna f(-,li toUd: Dissolve lone package of lemon-flavored gcl- | atin in one pint of warm waler i lo which lias been added two tablespoons of vinegar and nne When you're ready to serve, un- teaspoon ol salt. Mix thoroughly and set In the ice box until it is cold and slightly thickened. Then put In one cup of flaked tuna fish, one cup of peas (fltlier iicsh or canned), two tablespoons of finely chopped pimento and one-half cup of mayonnaise. Pour the mixture into a fancy mold and set back, in the ice box to liilll until firm. mold the salad and place on a bed of crisp endive. Let caeli peison help himself al ilie table. Of course, you can use salmon Instead of tuna fish sometimes. And, again, you can put in only liesli vegetables or diced meal instead of fish. Fruit salads in gelatin arc fine for parl-y nic-nui, loo. Year by year, what with sjiorls mid cocducalioiial arc finding llicm- less anS less handicapped. nd college oiirsci, girls elves less a nd I believe for that reason that ie day ivlll come when places will c filled by peupie who nre cap- ble of'.filling them <iuilc regarded of'.their sex. This Is the goal or which every woman who is low working should be striving, or no one wants special privileges heso days, bill un equal chance, nd for equal work ctinal wages hould be paid. money, for her usefulness In her chosen prolc.sslon will not continue forever. A regular trained nurse, or course, puts in a good many years of training and in Ihc past there were no regulations as to her hours while on u case. Now I-bc- llcve these Ihlngs arc belter regulated. Ol course, beside private nursing and nursing of private pa- tlenls in hospitals, theic is public health nursing in both city and country. Tills" Is social welfare One of the oilier vocations for work of » V(1 "7 specialized kind ' vomen which has been a held ;>cn to Ihcm from the very be- Inning is that of nursing. Nurs- ng In Ihcsc days has become a very specialized Held. Thcie are "'!". lllcre « r< = »'«> > ' other ad- ininlstrallvc positions—head nurses mid their assistanis hi hospitals positions in schools, in government buildings and In largo business „..„ nurses, obstetrical nurses. B'»"»»l'ons where many, employees ncdlcal nutscs. nurses lor doctors " lak , i; 1L ^"ssary lor the manage- vho specialize In throat and nose, i"":" 1 to lmvc " mil ' se on liand lo etc. As Ihe medical profession j hlkc , c " lc 0( '"'"or illnesses and fpcciallzcd more and more, the I ""'dents In the building: army nurse has spi-r^ii.ed In Ihc same | ;i ." (1 '""'>' m "' ses . "»<<• H> addition, way. I do 1,01 be'.icvc that any!." 10 ™ L ? n bl .& "eld of missionary one who does not really care aboui alleviating the suffering of hu- i Announce Marriage of ! Caruthersville Couple C ARTJTHERS VILLE, Mo.—Co in - ing as a complete surprise to their friends was tho announcement Thursday of the marriage ol Miss Verna McElyea and Dalton Teroy The ' ceremony was performed at Piggott. Arfc., November 22. 1333 but had been kepi a secret. The bride Is the daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McKlyca She came here with her parents some •five years ago. She was a popular member of this year's high school graduating class. • The. groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. w. D. Teroy, has made this cily his home all his life. He was graduated from the local high school with the class of 1933. He is. owner »nd manager of the Teroy Grocery, on Ward Avenue, near the Gallian Studio. 'inanity can become a good nurse. "'•- must be interested in her work where Ihe practical and tangible sidu ol nursing is often more acceptable lhan Ihc .service ol the spiritual preacher Junior Demonstration Club Holds Meeting . The Junior Home Demonstratlor. club met Wednesday right at the .Home Demonstration chib nous- on Highway 61. Miss Vlvial Duton, president, presided at the short biismcss session voted to hold a contest In. bread making this month ; MUs Cor* Lee .Coleman, home demonstration agent, divided the group Into sides, and instructcc toe group led by Miss Dolphine Gunter to make sherbet. Tin group -led by Miss Kulli Burk' made cake, which was scored and then served by the hostess. Tin club will meet with Mrs. Raymond P»yns on Friday, June 15. An expression of thanke wi extended Mrs. J. w. naught, vital, often entertained the club. Fourteen members were prescu wid one vbltor, Mrs. D. Gaitctt president of home demonMratloi club of New Liberty. Read Courier Nem .Wint Ads. •Uients. or she cannot, wilh all^. ic training In the world, Rive icm thai sense of iiersonal devo- lon which makes a nurse beloved [i a household. They can b<: Hie greatest com- oit In the world and many a rtn- raughl household have I seen and goes and minister. whore Ilie spiritual leaching in baud wilh the les- •ons of health nntl hygiene. 'lonrlA Salary. Ke H a ids Not Al ways i..i,i m-n \ A 't hsinhu ?T" fi " .V,'"' 1 b tcl by , Ulll ' caiure bjndlcale. Inc.) Will Play at Memphis aimed by the presence of a really | ood nurse. Then ugatn many a | r\jn • • ^, louseholtl have- 1 seen thrown Into j V DriCn and UrCnCSlra ompletc turmoil by the entrance! f a nurse who demanded more ban she gave. _ lit my own experience, I happen -'"hniiy O'lJricn and liLi nrchcs- 0 have been very, very fortunate. I lr:i wl " leave tonight lor Memphis u fact, I consider that the very | "'here (bey have been engaged for ort'ly Miss Spring who came to j lllc summer frason In play at uc when my lirst baby was bom. • Lilkn Fori'ot. new recreation ccn- ;avc : me in the ensuing years lliul'"' lecently converted fiom the ;aiimis which made me able lo I' OIII1 '-' r Clarence Saunrtcis r.^lale. ope with the vicissitudes ol a! Members of the ordicslia arc aige and active lamily. She was j " r;:|(lM ' Ml '- O'Brien. Billy Hushes always a comfort lo us alt and \ rtec >'Se Gray. ley Norman, lever a burden: she was quite j " ;l "dley Dye. Johnny Urcar and .1 ...........! Call flylrc. - _ „ A swimming pool playground. 1 necessary, and there was never • " ancc pavilion and other amuse- ny question ot having other pco- ' '"ent features arc Included In the lie relieve her ol her burden: she nart: .•as the one who took on, as far as and children, formerly of here and now of Helena, arc siKiidins! Ihclr vacallon hi the cily. Mrs. Cary Hamlet, ol St. Louis, hus arrived to be with her brother, W. S. Crowrier, who Is critically 111 at the niytheville hospital. Mrs. C. E. CriLjtjer and Mrs. ChurlfK Crlgyer jr.. me in Memphis today where they will meiu Mr. Crlgfjcr who is returning from Hot Springs where he has spcnl the past, month for_Jiis health. Air. and Mrs. Ray Lowry and daughter. Mary Martin, are spending several days in Brownsville Tenn., visiting MIS. Lowry's mother, Mrs. W. B. Martin. Miss Dorothy Drlnkwater, ol Slkeston. Mo.. Is thc'houseguest ot Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Spaldlng She will return home Tuesday. Mrs. James B. Cark and Mrs. I. L. Reynolds returned last night :rom Little Rock where they attended the meeting ol Ihc Arkan- Democrntic Women's club. Mrs. Clark is chairman of District One and Mrs. Reynolds was a delegate from the Blythevlllc club. Earl Sny.der was stricken suddenly ill yesterday and underwent emergency oiieralion for appendicitis il the Blytheville hospital. His condition today is fair. Mr. and Mrs.. W. M. Williams and son. Dllly. went to Mena, Ark. today where they will attend a reunion ol Mrs. Williams' family at the home of Dr. mid Mrs. L. E. Gore. They plan to be away for a week. Mines. Theodore Logan. M. C. Outlaw, A. C. Dtaylock mid John Hiichanan have returned from Marianna where they attended a district conference of woman's missionary societies ol Baptist "hurchcs. Mrs. W. A. Ilatchett and son. Billy, ot St. Louis, have arrived to Ihe summer with Mrs. Hatchelf.s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wheeler. Mr. Halcltetl will join lliem later for his vacation. Mrs. L. c. Langston. who underwent .1 major oiicralion last Monday at Ilie Memphis Baptist hospital, is improving daily. Her ilaiighLer, Mrs. Cecil Wioten. ot Fort Wayne, Ind., Is witli her and other members of the family spend i part of their time there. Eight Dlytherlllc men, associate members of the Oak Donic club, near Tulol. I'oinsetl county, planned to spend tonight and" tomorrow al Ihc organization's club- •.ouse on Ihc St. Francis river. Those who planned lo make the (up were C. A. CunninghaiLi. w. For Crooked Days." Vesper Service 6:00 p.m. Baptismal rite will be administered. A cordial welcome always. CIIUKCII Or TIIK' NAKAltl-Nli Kuplia II. llcaslry I'j.slur Sunday school, 9:45 bi . m . E. L. Evans, snpi. iMcrning worship. 11:00 a.m. M. Y. l>. S.. (i:4S p.m. Evening service, 7:45 p.m. Sermon subject.: "Where Should Jiiilgnv.'nl First Begin." Al tho eleven o'clock hour, the district superintendent, the 1 J. C. Hcnson. of Lillle Rock, will preach. Special music at Ihc evening, service will be rcndeied. Wt- exlend a cordial welcome lo all who will worship wilh us. CUItlSTIAN SCIENCE HOClKlv! "God (he Only Cause and Cic- ilor" is Hie subject of Ihe Lesson- Scrmun to be read in the. Chrr,- Suiuluy mom- Ciod is my salvation; T will trust/ and not be nlraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation" (Isaiah l'J:2). The Lesson-Sermon will also Include passagi's from (he Christian Science textbook, "Science and Heallii with Key lo Ihc Scrip- tines." by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which reads, "Good is not, cannot be, Ihe author of cx|x?rimcnlal sins. God, good, can no more produce sickness lhan goodness can cause evil and health occasion disease" cpage 230K A Christian Science radiocast will be Given each Wednesday al 10::iO over KLCN. Ecrmon. Big song and testimony meeting. We will have such a service once a month. Don't miss this iir&l one. Everybody invited. Mai! Science ietvicc- ing al 11 o'clock. The Golden Tcsl is, "Blessed be Hie Lord God. the God of Israel, who only doeth wondroLis things" trsalms 72:18). Among (he cilatlons from the Bible following, "Behold, FIRST METHODIST CHURCH W. V. \Vomack, I'ahtor Church School. 0:45 a.m. Morning Worship. 10:55. Subjfct, "The Curse of Useless ness." All league services, 7:15 p.m. Evening worship. 8:00. Subject, "A Forgotten Vow." Strangers welcome. and visitors alwayf LAKE STKKET METHODIST CHURCH Sunday school, 3:45 a.m. Communion .Service. 10:50 a.m. "For everyone who will come." I-cagurs 6:45 and 7:15 p.m. Preaching Services 8:00 p.m. N FIRST PRKSBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. Stuart Salmon, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45' a.m. Young Peoples Conference. 6:45 p.m. The pastor will preach at the regular church services at 11 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. cncol at Ktioxvillc, Tenn.. tiK(~ )as lerm, returned to her home lere Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Miller jr., and Miss Anna Fay Heddick ot Jooter were here Wedne«lny af- ernoon. Mr. ami Mrs. Smith Brackin -ind heir son, Busier, have gone to Memphis to visit Mr. and Mrs. Fred White and Mr. and Mrs. Henry While fo la few days. H unman News Mr. and Mrs. A. ij. Beavers and family have gone to Hipley, Miss., for the vacation period. They were accompanied by Mrs. Mary Merrill, whose mother is very ill there. Misses Mabel and Alberta Brackin arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred White of Memphis. They will return home about Tuesday ol next week. Mrs. Tennie Brackin has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Braekin this week. A. S. Miller and Arch Pollard, with lib little sranddaughler. Bettie Joe Rice, of Cooler, were here Sunday for a short visit with friends and relatives. Miss Billic Loflin. who attended Head Courier News Want Ads. Special Vacation Accident Policy Principal sum $5,000 Medical and hospital attention up to ?1,000 COSTS ONLY ?a Phone 797 for full details Caudill's Agency . . J. WmiiFcrllch. Floyd Acton. W. W. .Shaver. Clarence Wilson, Mdie B. David, lljiold Siernberg. and E. II. Lyumn. W. Ixon Sinlth, nintli local member ol the orpani&ilion, was unable lo go. she vllllng lo go down and prepare icr patient's food or her own. icr duties would allow, ihc burdens ot everybody clr-e In the house. This \3 a field in which women •vho care lor UiSs type ot work can find utter and complete sat- sfactlon, but 11 is also a field in which a woman should remember hnt she wlM wear out and there- ore should mahe every effort to ay aside a certain amount of Two of our present U. S. ten- llicy spend two ators are blind, winter as enter- ! — Factory Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigldalre Paris Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Day 61 -Phone- Night 4H Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 401 Main St., BlytherlUe There arc butterflies In the Arctic, and. because of the short cummers (here, llicy summers and pillars, and another winter in (he l"ipal stage. The rouglH cc.ily skin of"file i shark was used for sanding wood ! until cheap sandpaper came on the market. V | Summer Session for Junior High Grades Summer school for pupils of the seventh and eighth grades of junior high school hns been slarlcd with Miss Mary Emma Hood and James A. Puckett in charge. Classes arc being held each morning from 7:30 to 12 o'clock wilh ail .objects taught. .DRUGS And Carefully Compounded —|Vrcscrlplioii5 are Our Specialties. I—Ask Your Doc (or. Fowler Drug Co. R.' N. Hill - J. M. Fowler Kciistcred Pharmacists •A Fire May Wipe Out Your Life Savings INSURE TODAY First National Insurance Agency ( Insurance Tlionc 12 TERRY SERVICE STATION New Gas Prices Effective Now ACTO BLUE GAS R Gal. ESSOLENE Gai. ESSO Gal. TERRY SERVICE STATION Located On Highway 61 At Curve, State Line

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