The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK-) COURIER NEWS TIKE. UBintlES INIIIJE LOUIS Once Feared Negro Still Being Hit and Hurt By Jolts Southern xAllnnln xNnslnilte By IIARKV GKAVSON Sports Kdilor, NEA Service POMPTON LAKES, N. J.—Joe Louis no longor lias two strikes on opponents going In there, and found 1 this out nt Dr. Joe Bier's _camp here.. Lowly sparring partners, wlio formerly cowered before a fenrecl Louis, now take liberties with him, us tho Englishman says. And the young Negro heavyweight still Is being hit and 'nun by rlghl- hand head Jolts, even though Hie lists are encased in pillowy gloves In removing ihc cloak ot Invincibility . from Louis, Max Sclimcl- Ing made it necessary Tor the erst- u'liile .Drown Bomber to come back tlic hard wny. And I/nils has oeen to bad In drills that many of those who suspected tlml the venerable Jack Sharkey wouldn't go very far wilVi him ni; Yankee Sladlmn, Aug. IB, row are of the opinion that Itj might not be a bad Idea for the ' Dark Angel to clip tlie gob quickly. The distance is only 10 rounds, and Sharkey,. knowing fiint dusky Joe has,a point' of vulnerability, may u« hard to head olf if lie gets over the early rounds. Because they are on the lookout for this particular weakness. II nmy be t'nat the experts unintentionally exaggerate (he number of rights planted on the Louis goatee, but It does seem that the Detroit Ind 'simply cannot acquire the knack of gelling away from Ihc sucker • rights that, ruined film in the Sclimcling scrap. Lessons to No Avail Jack Blackburn has been schooling Louis In private—trying to gel him lo hold his left guard lilgli- er and (o move away from nnd slip.right-hand shots,-but critical eyes can sec no Improvement. What is worse, is the fact t'nnt Louis shows the ellecls of Ihese punches. Bill Scnrs. a novice with no more llitiiv a dozen fightsXall but sunk dead-panned Joe wifii a •whistling right to the whiskers. .I/nils'.legs buckled for an Instant just as they did when Schmclln: nailed him, but he came back quicker ,• tills trip, and Sears had to be assisted from the premises. Nevertheless, even Ihc more con- Eervalive observers wondered what .would have happened hnd Sharkey's bunch «f fives | n n ,-egula- tion glove & vu i'ed I'ne same kind of n hit. , .-Scars hasn't been the only one to rock IflUls : in workouts. Car Hyde and others have belted him xChnttancogn New Or leu us xLlttlo Roi'k xKnoxvllIc Memphis W. L. Pet 1C •!•! .«:» l» 49 .M5 01 58 58 58 58 00 57 17 •14 .513 .500 .«a .•I'll .10!) .373 St, Tennis .. Chicago ... New York . Pittsburgh Cincinnati . Huston .... Brooklyn ... Plilliidelpliln National League ' W. L. Pel (JO <H U3 58 62 51 42 30 .000 ,4 HI ,472 ,30!) American New York Cleveland .. Shlt'Ugo ... Oclrcll lioston Washington 2t. Louis .. VV. U Pel. 30 .G'J7 •19 .5(J3 .532 .537 .511 40 70 37 T> Norllicasl Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Oscoola •ialcsvtile ... Cainthcrsvllle Jfjiii'sljoro ... Parngoukl ... 20 21 15 15 .788 .017 MS 10 10 ,H45 7 20 ,212 Baseball Results Southern League Now Orleans 10-4, Memphis 4-1 Nlglit panics: Nashville at Atlanta. Little Hock, at HlnntiiRhain. Kncxvillc al Challanai>!{a. National l.racuc New York li, Phlladelpliia 4. Pitisburgh 5. Cincinnati 4. Hcslon at Brooklyn, to be played Inter. Only games. AniL't:c;m League Ctevelnnd 8, Detroit 0. St. Louis 7, Chicago :i. Only ginnes, Northeast .•.rkaiuiui l.ragiie Oseeola 7. 1'arnyould 0. Newport 7, Batesvllle 3. Only games scheduled. PJOTMEI5 FSCt Leaders Meet Their- Jinx; Famous To Baltic Builders Harry Gray so it Baseball good show, turn out for . The Si. I,oi j Cardinals played to 208.135 pco- j pie on their third long roud trip | of the season, . . . The New FRIDAY, AUGUST nill'M) Vork Yankees performed before Pastime nilllard Parlor faces an '216,842 on the western trip, clur- acid It-si tonight. Battling lo maintain their single j* game lead over Tom Little Chev- '•' ] '"» whlc1 ' ll>(f y virtually cllncliul 'the American League pcnnain. Cochrane neviv cocmnnc " CUl ..,,1.1 old i ,. In the th ,. „ , , „ *., , heard o( a' player walking Into a the Commcrclil Softball |tmjol . , a 0 k nm , B nmld e cue arlists clash with od * ' their 1030 Jinx team, 11. D. Hushes . ., . good. park The Detroit ma (tic second oulilo header. Famous Store, just ° f has an Idea that he has one In Pal Mullen, however. .- . . Mm- j j| ril , tc Icn, a ll-ycar-old catcher,'' drop-; [J.i WC cn' pcd hi:at Nnvln Field Irom Hal Chase called him the finest first baseman he had ever seen. . . . Both then played In thj Frontier League in the Southwest. . . . But Cohen couldn't lilt, which Is why he now is a left- handed pitcher with Washington. ... He l.s a brother of Andy Cohen, who once looked afler second base for the Giants. . . Kddle Goaselrre, the Detroit scout who dug up Schoolboy ICowc, says that Uic best young catcher that' he has seen this season Is a lail named Early, with Jacksonville.; . . . Early belongs to the Senators. . . . Washington has His < fastest outfield in the American League in lien Chapman, Jesse Hill, and Carl Reynolds ] ,!i I iwiv l .! Mol ' <iKral ^hree-Flngcred) Drown,' m ' lM "°: famous right-hander of' the old iBiini . c |, k .; 1EO cubs, now is the pronrlc- onc m ,,.,. of ., gas , stat | on ln Tcrre . . A third football game, college nil-stars and a ALEX HIT HARD game back of the Chevvies, and a where he worked in an nutomobil couple In the rear ot the pacs plant and caught for D setters, meets tfast Arkansas Build- league lenin. . . . liters (n Ihc opener, beginning at an Impression thai Aloyslus Egmi,:^ 8 !'• "'• i Tiger stout, went to Grindstone, Win Twice i Pn., to obtain the elder Mullen's ' ,[ U. ID. Hughes, living up to the'signature. . . . Mullen will work I" , prc-scasnn prediction by Manager! with the Tigers until school re-!,;. Hobert ,mob) Grimes, have proven opens next month, and will report ,,.' n tmigh nut lo crack nil year.' lo the Deamnonl farm In Marc]'..; ' They arc fourth in Ihc H-anu?;, . . The daily double originated: Day. . . . The Chicago Is will be the money boys. The Detroit Lions combat ns in Chicago, Sept. 1, lie Giants 'forming their In New York one week standing and have, an excellent at the Canadian track, Connouglu • chance to advance at least a-park, . . . Shufflln' Phil Collins,! notch higher before the campaign who formerly pitched for I!K Austialiaiis lielievc • Carroll Unliealable' Leonard Bennett American box-i ig' 86 and who Is In Honolulu en roue smashing out as many hits as they scored ticket, nothing (Serous Lagroiinc WlilUte heading ' than one handle hit in two Wi- December. . . . Mast of the folk down under believe that Carroll is I unbeatable. . . . Arthur Donovan the attack with 3 for 1, Including tings In finishing a game with the! a home run. June 20 Hughes prov-1 Cues, :-epi-cr Martin -.a , ed their first win was no mike by ! Prlsch moro than ever .„, .. hitting safely eight times, six in'chance to pitch. .-. . After an- tirecession, to break a 0-0 lie. nnd oilier two-day trial, Biicky Har- roni]i lo a 10-9 trliunpli In an ris dually Is convinced that Cecil extra Inning contest. j Travis, the Senators' problem Cue. Arllsts Change child, ^wasn't cut out lo be a ^ Manager Wllloligliby Hemphlll! shortstop. . . . A swimalhon l.s 'Tiny" Glover will present nj the .latest, with the swimmers; re- changed lineup for hLs regular mnlnlng In the "water 22 hours a order. Outfielders Herahcl Moslc/ day. . : -. . It is ; being: tried :., 1 threatens to bring suit F.galnst the owners I!B Ui of the Schmellng-Louto As one of the , • . , . r ln .! ls 'f 1 ^^ !'£, P """"""'i?' Chi- ejgo, nnd St. Louis in the Na- lional League was Grover Cleveland Alexander hit ns hard as he was in Kvnnsville, Ind. In dial city to organiza hoys' baseball learns. Old Alex, nflcr leaving n tavern, was either assaulted by gangsters; or Iwltned by a hit-and-run driver, believe police who found him In a downtown gut- three principals' in'the drama, the I"' J 1 . 6 , is , sh ° l ™ abovc '" a New York referee claims that-lie i llosp " al be(l recovering from and Ernest Harnes are out of town and will be unable lo play. It Is iiulle likely that Glover will send Andy Bcvll and Clyde Lcd- bettcr lo the outer pastures, insert himself at third and Leon Smith nt first. His younger brother, Emory, who, Incidentally, has the highest butting average for eight gomes In the league, .514. and also the lending hitter In ' tin Marlannn Independent baseball lenin where he is localed, will be favorite Khorlslop post, nnd will add both defense ind offense. Ic is one of the most oulsland- performers In this section. he remainder of the lineup will Due To Be Sunk Monday ofl balance, riser Roy Williams who alwavs wanted to get out of there while serving a s a •human! shock absorber, as Louis prepared for Schmeltng, now seems to enjoy himself. George Hl g5s nml Jimmy Caudweil sail in with both fists flying. ; If the timidity of hired '.land* deprived Louis of needed work for previous slnrts/ lie has had Plenty of it on this occasion. Louis appears physically fit His weight Is okeh at 204. He lias done road work religiously, and Ls obeying orders, which is somethhv he dirt not do at Lakewood. Louis Has Liltle lo Gain Outwardly, Louis' mcnlti condition Is satisfactory, but. loDk- mi( at him closely, you cannot help but wonder how he Is in- what he 'is thinking iglu; Myers Grapples With Wnylnnd '' out. southern light title claimant, will BV J. A "champion" and an ex-lllle holder will grace Ihc weekly wrestling program of . the i American Legion. Monday night. Jchnny Marr, Mobile, Aln,, pies- heavyweight defend his "championship" belt for the third (.onsrcitllvc week when he meets Charles •'Titanic" Sinkuy. thorough nnd tumble artist fio n Ccrinth. Miss.. in Ihe nmtn event. Lee Myers, Dallas. Texas, who has held the welterweight, am' middleweight fifteen years titles during hU of grappling, now side and about. oughly Yankee Stadium the night Sch- A heart-broken and thor- disillusioned boy left entered Ihe rin^ un- mcliiig afraid. Some suspect that Louis Is bo- Ing sent back IOD soon alt-r his unmerciful lacing by Sclunelin-j. but this can be discounted. If anything. his managers have walled too long. No young fighter, should be given time lo brood over ,a decisive reverse. If Louis' managers are open for criticism at, nil, It is because they are sending Ihe' boy against a cagey coot like Sharkey. Louis can't possibly e-itn anything but his purse, ani Ihe "experience, and anjfhing short of a kncck- out on his part will be held ngninst him to some extent. yohn Roxborough and Julian Biack would have been saiarter campaigning in ihc light hcavj class, tackles Eddie Waylaml. th former University of Tenuess:e slmtcnl, and guurd on Ihe biiry (Conn.t Trojans, semi-professional football tram, in the, semi-final. Willis R. Ford and J. E. Ar nold. young locnl mat aspirants are down for a preliminary inatcli The main event will have in lime limit as it is n tille mate!' Myers and Wnylnnd will wor over Ihe 90 mimile limit, wlnl Ihc tuo youngsters will hav hour in which to pin Ihe olhe twice. Marr has successfully prolecl ed his bell in the local ring. O his first appearance he lessee' Myers Iwicc in a hard fought crap. Last Monday night Hoy the same. Holland -In Comeback Hole • Washington, -.. . ..-. Alplionse (Tut is entitled^ lo a full share of Hie large profits. . . . Donovan point:; out that the fighters were well couipcnsated, while no one as much as asked his permission to photograph the contest. . . . Jeff Tesrcau, tile old Giant pitcher now coaching .baseball at 'Dartmouth, will be a candidate for iniuries. Southern League little Dock at Memphis (night game). Nashville at Atlanta. Knnxville at Chattanooga. Only games, lude, and he needed both to at" through. The Rebels, snnr ,Xi under n nine game losing "treVl nicked the league leadi-ig niiche' for 11 solid blows lhat went foi hits, and several others that wens i for outs. Hut Ulnglmm finlshe- j strong and deserved to win n I r> i . ' Carston McDaniel, B ' vn , mr •* USCCOla La t c h e r Sj I'iBhthander with a dandy cTvcJI Smash Comes In Ninth X^S^S ^ *$ the losers with the latter liciniil credited with the lass. MeDaiiiefL gave up. nine hits In G 2-3 frames,! and left the box with the },\.'M dlans out in front, 6-5. But Jim-T my Llberto, ex-'member of tiuj tribe, slammed out a home run the-eighth'ami guve the game ictl Bill, win or'lose, nnd ae losl if • ' Carulher.svilic- 0011 020 010 - (i a Osccola With Two Down BV J. V. FIUKN'n OSCEOLA, August M. _ Paul Rucker, giant Osccola catcher tore a pag<- from "Casey at lh<> Rat," by hitting a terrific home run in the last half of the ninth inning lo give Ihe Indians a 7-ij victory over Ihe Paragould Rebel's, here yesterday In Ihc first of two game scries. The stage was all s,:t for the! "hero" stuff. Two were down, Ihe score tied at 0-0, no one was on; base and the fans were pleading] for such a blow. Gene Williams' skied to right lo open the ninth ' Jimmy Higdon gobbled Mnbry's hard smash and threw him out. Up slcpped the erstwhile University of Arkansas star athlete. Bill Pavilige's first pitch >vas a breezing fast one Ruclccr missed by a foot. The next ivas a bail. Then tile former Caruthersvilic right handcr made n fatal mistake. He swished another fast ball down toward the plate. There was a resounding crash of the ash on the horschide, and'the small white [)cllet was on it's one way ride to center field. It disappeared from view behind the harirers and brought to a close a nip and tuck, hard fought battle. Ernest Uingham, star righthand- er, who recently became a meni- 3a-cola 000 112 201 - 1 in SI McDaniel, Pavtige and Riixeiill lli'fnre You HIIY Any Oulboard - SM Iht NEPTUNE 2 n. P. nvir Sinslc Cyl. W *«> (Other Sizes ui !C 11. P.) HUH15AKD TIUK & HAITKRY CO. COOLKST SPOT IN TOW Nil er, \vno recently uecainc a mem- T-rrvw*^ ._ bcr of the "Cardinal Chain Gain" i IvI/IlM V PAT by his sale to the Springfield, Mo., 11 1 I /\lj club of the Western Association, | was the winner, No. 21 for the season, and eleventh in succession, but he can thank his lucky stare, and Ids mates for keeping his f string intact. The Birmingham boy didn't have the usual amount of "stuff" on the ball, bill he had determination and intestinal fortl- 2 Adults Admitted for I'riee of l| All Children—lOc take -Theodora 'Rlnnldi of Sligo Park Illlts,;. Md,, 'ai, ,hts ,'brtd^; In October. . i. .' Lce'mniis will 'play with Ihe •. New York' Giants : ;lliii fall. ; . '•' ' : • ,' •'.. ' , ",'• 'Uold Veniurp.. Ilccdveririg ' From 'Bowed ;Teiidori. : ' ' : Cavalcade and Bold Venturgiare headed 'back to the races. . . . Whistling Bob Smith has hope.; that Cavalcade will come to hand in time for the Whitney Stakes at Saratoga, Aug. 22. Bold The .return of John Holland .to ils early season : form has cu- ouraged the followers of Famous Store. The ace redhead pitched nngnillcenUy lasl week In sub: ulng a classy Phillips Motor ompany outllt, an<t broke the vlnnlng streak of Jimmy Smolh- Tinan in heating them, 3-2. When lolland is right, he Is hard l-i< icat. If he can maintain hLs gall j on't sell those proteges of Man-' i'i Harold "Trigger" Wall, nnd: sponsor Joseph Poterplper" Apple- mum short. They might come hrough. v. ' i East Arkansas showed signs of mnpplng out of their lethargy by ! icaling Ark-Mo Power, August 5. \ out slipped back into tnolr losing •lit against R, D. Hughes the next: evening. The team iiossesses scv-! crnl Individual stars, but are shy j at the plule and on Ihe. mound. | Venture, winner of the Kentucky Is recovering from -the bowed tea- Derby and this ; year, don. he suffered while Irnjnlng for the Belm'ont Stakes. . Tins chestnut Is aL Saratoga nnd has been training for five weeks. .,. . Maxle Hirsch has the- $100,001) Santa Anita Handicap of next Febmary In mind. When Sydney. Cohen was n bit youngcv, riff In Grnfton county, New Hampshire.:. . . lied Rolfe of the Yankees will be in charge of the basketball program at the Concord, N, H., y. M . C.. A. next winter. •. -.' . Joiinny Buckley, manager of "Jack Sh.irkey, was restored to .good standing a.s a second by the New York boxing .commission on. the guarantee that'ho will keep quiet. ... B-.ickley was' suspended a few weeks ago for coaching a boy called Honey Melody. It requires a'quarter second for the voice to go around the world by telephone. Nearly CO per cent of the brides in London, during a lucent period of three months, were under tuu age of 25. J 0 H N D E E -R... E' FARM WAGONS AND TRAILERS •"• 3 FALLS TO PAY NO FINANCE CHARGES ELLIS IMPLEMENT CO. "The John Deere Full Line" IJIythavilk', Ark. . phone 640 ENSLAVED BV GANGDOM! The, Ll/CMi* IN HER HAND* !n HUH • LYU -•DICK puatm • Al/SKEAfl V. Sec Hie female lav yeT slip 'thejl criminals out the law's back door,|| Voice of Expcrienre and "Bashful. Kuildti-s" : —Adniission— Matinee—10 & 25c—ivJlll Ic' Night—10 A 35c—With Ic Tav Saturday 'Only,.,, Kigdon Making Good With Paragould Rebels HOLLAND, Mo.—'James Higdon of Holland, signed recently by tin Paragould club ot the Northeast Arkansas baseball league, Is rap-i Idly gaining a big place in Hie hearUs of I'aragould fans. j In his first game, a double-! header played nt Paragould last; Sunday, Hlgrton polled out twoi homers. Jimmy has played wilh i various semi-pro and Independent' learns in Ihls sccljon. I He will be In the Paragould' line-up Sunday when IHe Rebels' meet Caruthersville In a double- 1 header at Caruthersville. VelcH !ind they selected fellow whom Louis big could slow have gotten a belt at and thus regained confidence and Uic fee of his knockout wallop. But. then, if Louis can't how ever a fellow like Sharkey a this stage of the squire's career he' might as well give up. Now is as good a time as an lo find out whether Louis' ha any hope of carrying out all Ih premise he showed before th :chmelir,3 disaster, or whclhe he was as inflated as he appear ed to be while being punched around by the methodical Oer man. National IxMgue Chicago nl Cincinnati. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Philadelphia at New York. Boston : at Brooklyn. Cailidlain Wildc.Hj. creed Ihe champ lo extend hlm- elf in order to gain the decking fall. During the melee Welch •as sent through the ropes wicc, the champion • once, and he referee made It unanimous by going out of the ring tn n pcctacular match. Wnylnnd his debut ntge success by downing the clever barefoot artist. Doc Poole two falls to one, and did it h most impressive manner. Hi is strcng and clever for hi: limited e.xiwrience, and looks Ilk future great. He will llkel. have his hands full with Mycr the Texan is as tough grandfather's old boot, and th tougher Ihc going is Hie belle he likes it. The open air arena at tl' Legion hut on North Sccou street will be the scene, slarl Ing at 8:30. Mike Meroney, Ir jured two wreks ago, is expecte to be back In the role of tl third man. - . • American League Detroit at Chicago. New .York at 'Philadelphia. • Washington at Boston. Cleveland at St. Louis (two times). Wrccktr Service - Ou OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SXRVICE CENTER Phones 177 - 810 Northeast Arkansas League Paragould at Osccola. Newport at liatesville. Caruthersville at Joncsboro. Drj. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' stor* "WK MAKF 'KM SE«" Phone CM AUC.18 DO YOU NEED A TELEPHONE? » AN EXTRA LISTING? • CHANGE OC ADDRESS? • .IF SO, CALL the Telephone Business Office Tompointing to our Family s Whiskey being sen! over some place CHARLIE EH AN AT THE RACETRACK K E Y E. L U K E HELEN WOOD THOMAS BECK Alan DINEHART GAVIN MUIR Cartoon and Srnal— rli;intu ;il Kldcr" «ill> '>"<' k .Tours Continuous Showing— \ilm.-M.\tincc- & N'ighl—10 With Ic Tax Mississippi County, Arkansas LAND OWNERS ATTENTION This being the year for as.wssing lunds you an hereby notified thai all cleared lands will lie assessed al S20.00 pet' acre and uncleared hinds at §8.00 to ? 10.00 per ncre. If you arc the owner, or represent the owner of lands now assessed, take notice of the adjustment in assessment and meet with equalization board ihr. week of August 17. We would like to have the co-operation of the school board in each district. R. L. GAINES, Assessor. Our own Family'sWhiskey folks are fast finding out how they can enjoy the same whiskey as us distillers! It can't be just how little money everybody is charged for our Family's Whiskey that's making folks so excited over it. You just like what we distillers like in our whiskey. 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