The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1934
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Served by tke United Pret» BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUK DGUlN&lVf NBWHPAfFh Itu Kll IO1-H*» u.,i .„„..,„.„ . „„ ' ' " * ™ K_X ARKAN8AB A«D M1BBOUR1 \'01,. XXXI—NO. 72 Dtuy Me«i Blytlievllie OrurUr Valley leader Blytlievtllc Her»]d HI.YTHRVIU.K. ARKANSAS, SATIJKIUY, JUNK p. 1113-1 SINGLE COPIRS PIVF CENTS RUTH DEAN Turns Rich Dnkola l\um Soil lo Dust Heap Use lo Wliicli Money' Will Be Pul Outlined in Mf-asurc to Congress WASHINGTON, June ft. lUPl — A M-Vi-n-ijohi[ probntin loj- droutll n lil-f. ci'illinti for lill appropriation i.l iSJS.ttJu.OOfl. was iKiiiMiutted lo . c'lijinrr.v, K.-day liy l'i<.,idrlll Uoosc'- "I iH'lli-vi' the- pic-.sfni ;merjjency can C'llccllvely \x ini-l by tile appropriation ol S5M.OOO.OBO," 111, iliipf executive wroii' in a s])Pcial iur-:uiiKf. Ihe of siii-li com- m.ti.-ii lo tIK- piv.-.t-nt .-.e.vsiini. The [ji'OpOMtl', a-; uncling! \\eiv: l.—Slil.llMUXJj Ii.r s|XTlal woi-i, :iiiil human ir-hpf. ^.--JVS.llOOjWi.llul) inr ltvn-,1 ncl: puuva.-.e in iiddlllnn lo the fund.-. :.liL-ady auuiab..* i.miei tup JUM,-*- Cumiuliy ui't. :f. Stnn.Gcin.uOO (or .shipping, pro- c-e.-isin;; an<| relief disiiiin.iioii of 4—siCO.rwo.LOO for loans (o fann- ITS to finance ejucr^etiL-y tc'ed pnr- i and f.hipmi'ius. ft.- -SSO.f,(i0.nnu for r-inr-rgo-nry nc- rihisillon 01 sub-marginal farina :uiii ns.slsiaiir-p in iplnratlni; di-s- iilu(:> farm laniilips. i:.—SSO.OW.OOO foi- work camps lo allorcl Finploympiit In thr- drouth i.rea lor yumiij nu-n. principally Irom cities and (owns. 7.-$2fi.Ofln.OOI» for of ;.(id lor 1'jif, planting and for ii.iuis In ui't MV«I into larinr-r.-i hands. Ol the .sun] requested. Mr. Roosevelt explained that "only .such iwrtion, of course, wilt be used as hsc-omes absolutely necessary. "We are dealing with a rapidly changing . probk-m, uiul il. is - im- L\ ix-.ilarjt Hint the.- uuthnriratioji • •' :.iuui!d bf- flexible » UKU fund., i-an If iillQltr-d in (ho several fert- u-al iujriiMes us r.-quli«l." I'olmlii" out that while prompt nnd vigorous action already has tiren taken by the administration 10 meet ihe emergency existing in at least 15 itatf-s of the middle- wfft, the president, observed. "111- tuir rainfall cannot restore more ihan a .smnll part of the dainn-e in crops and liveslrx-k. and an es- l«-c-ially .serious problem has developed because, while there is prosjiecl of .shortage of human lorn!, a shortage of animal fooii ihtc-alpiis over a wide area." •"fills," he said, "is causing losses to tanners and regions dcpend- i-nt upon the livestock industries, l.irge scale assistance by the ic-d- i rat tjovernment is necessary ti_ I rotecl people in the strlckeii re- ^.ons from .sutTerinx. to move fen lo livestock, nnd live.slock Id feed nnd 10 acquire and process surplus cattle to provide meat for relie, distribution." nnflliij; like .snow in a Bale. Hie powrlrrcd soil of nitdwpsl farm'; has pllod liiah ngnlnst houses and farm buildings iunl covered Ilio fields in Hie record drouth lhal lias lield sway for monllis and taken millions' toll. This remarkable picture shows lion- mounds of Ilip windblown dust have Lern henped to the eaves of a barn on u farm near Clrcuory, S. I). The i:resid:nt pxphi .•cvi'n-|>oim program lhat tin was evolv« Observations Why were expressions of outrage mrl indignation so scarce in Am- rii-iin newspapers following Great Piiinin's annoiuicement of her In- ention lo default her June 15 war ic-bt installment? Francis P. Oarvln, president of the Chemical Foundation, Inc..'. and one of our extreme economic ' rationnljbts. thinks he knows the !Coal Miner Held for i Sending Postal Bomb Hanced bv "Per- 1 KJll^LU uy I Lf Pa., June Q (DIM — A Wildu-f.od cnal minor was nn- |der arrrsl by postal lns|>ectors Eo- dav ns sender of a bomb which i exploded in the Washington. D. C.. postotfice. May 21. He gave his name us John Ln IB CTEEL ,, . H( , gnv( , nLs | sons Unknown Missis- kas. ,,n ns L ,,i;, lCi 4L • • r ' Sippi (Illy . Miss -' Jlme onswer.' Tn a 300-word telegram 'UP)—The final chapter in an-' Tuesday' and hi 10 the ''Courier News, "\vhich-pre-- ol - h '' r ---Mississippi lynching was | t ht> Riitlcr state The authorities said tho bomb ] i was mailed at the Pittsburgh post- j office lo Lnkas' wile in Czecho- 3 Slovakia. Lukas was arrested last elct four days at "| Withhold Approval Pending Action by Convcn- imabty went simulianeously"to all' written today when *n coroner's! Ihe papers of the country, he li"T returned a verdict that Joe ! arses that the press- of Am- Love and Isaac Thomas, negroes,I erica. Intimidated by Canadian were hanged by "persoas un- control nf a large pnrt of this known." country's paper supply, was afraid "The negroes, who were lynched lo rebuke Britain fo'r fear she fhorllv after 7 p. in. Friday, re- f.'ould bring pressure upon Canada ; malned hanging to the flimsy rail- to put up tire price of paper to|wnv trestle npar Lambert nnlil American consumers. |X)lifC fcnrrackfi. WASHINGTON. June 9. (UP) — Conterenccs among Recovery Administrator Hueh.S. .lohnairL-' and : union lenders lo forpstall Ihe ' threatened tlccl strike, broke up . today with Ihe unionists with| holding action on Ihe government's imuianon Doard proposal until at- union I'onvention In Pllls- Whnt a brainstorm! One can a. in. tortny. A large crowd 'fathered lo view the Inquest. niii IP jinnnjrn biirgh June 14 Kill IS UII Mr INI ''"" ••""^'""Mit ofTer. madr b) {JILL Id nllll! II |||Johnson. anil already nrceplod Ir Mlhib. IU IIUU1 I L» LI : ni ,,,,i n .,.,™, ,,,,,,.1,1 i ,._ „,, ..; 'otivl Has Plcnly of Work 111 Si^ht for Term Which Opens Monday I'irsiinal injury I-HM-.S will iK-cupy ctl'cnil roiill t'O] IIM^I ci[ (he [iVii term of I IIP i-ivll illvl.stcni which (i|«-us lic'ri' Muiidnv \Ulli .liscli'i- Neil Kllliniitli. nt \Vyiiiu\ Krvrral unusual m-ilnus will nlsu he linud. hnwc'vc'i. kju'luilm^ out suit husrd on u charge cir iiialiclnur. prcvecutlon and anolliP]- in which tin 1 ^oiitlnvpslcrn Hell Telephone company is madc> <li>fciulanl for allegedly wrongfully revoullng ilu- prlvale telephone Matnmenl of 1111 individual lo his employer, resulting In hts dismissal. A Uilul of !I2 "live" TLI^PS iirp an tlii" court ciiH-ket bill liy lar tlu> liirgsr niiinUer will her passed lur till- 1C] 111. Sue's rliunr Coinpuuy T. O. Snil. lonner ciilpf engl- ni-i'r fur the ArkuiiFiiii-Mistiniirl i'oiver company, is Ihp plalnillf In the .sull ngiilnst the lulephon.' company. Seal, a.sklni; 5J.!J!i:i, that an olflce employe.' of the company revealril an ilcmu- \'/.n\ accoiinl of hts iivrsonal phane bill lo tin official of the puwri company anil lit- wus Inier discharged far allegedly not bcuit! liilllinil to iidinliiLslriiltn<( oltlcial.s. who based their ucllon on thelr Inlerpretallon of Information iv- relved ivom his 'phone account. Trial of Ihe cusp IIII.H IH-IHI set "or the .second Mnndiiy of tlio term. on Ihe lirsl Wednesday of llie term a malicious prosecution suit, brought by Witllip George, Luxoru btorckee|X.r, Haainst J. F. Livinu- lon, Blytlicvillis inerclmnl. will i» icard. Geoigc- s'ecki ti,!WW for hh inest on 11 bad check charge. Tlic •Imrge was dLsinKscd nl n prcllin- nary hearing in municipal court lere but George claims Livingston nallclously instituted the criminal action without grounds. Sc-t for Thursday of the second Alexander Wins Place on Ballot LITTLE HOOK, Jnnp 0 (UPI- The Di'inocralk Slate CVnlrnl uiniinllliH-, im-dlny here today, vnli'd (o ullow only one of Ihn fiuir ciindldati's who prolested. wlwn they were not cerlilled us eligible fur the Auxnsl pi-liiiury, lo run for office. K. E. Alexuniln- at Hlythevllte was ulvvii |H'imission lo run for ronari'ss from the h'lrst congrc.i- sliuml ilLslrlcl, uixin payuicnt o[ Ijiilliu mid protMt. fees. Thivc men. Dr. H. U, Hiirvey. of Ci-ntervlllc. Hurry Holllnusworth u( Hi-ardon. and Joiin U Carter, of Lltllc Hock, m'n- ikMilcd the. I' 1 lit lo be candidates. Their pledges were not received before (lit- ticket closed lusl montli. .In- commiltee. snld. Alexnndcr'.s imme wns excluded from tin- primary ballol when a draft, drawn at his authorization, for his hiillot fee. was returned unhnnored. Alexander annealed on HIP grounds that he was out of the city nl Die lime (he drnll was presented ami lliat arrntiEcmcnl,s which he hail made to have the ilnifl tnXcn up miscarried th no fault of Ills. Restoriillon of Ills nnmo to the unllol will give the first district threp coiiBresslonal candidates, thr others being Conaressmiui W. ,T Doctor Will .Remain a I Liberty Pending Ap|"teal lo Supremo Court Driver of O.sceola and uldu'cll of Manila. Clinton only w.inrtcr if Mr. Oarvan Is fool.'//"'"" w - T - »">'""• from whom j 'Hw prisoners wpre snatched late I Control " enough actunlly to believe such nonsense, or only fool enough to imagine he can make others believe it. oOo He continues with on appeal for support or n project tor the manufacture of newsprint from southern pine, which until recently was ipgarded as unsnited for such use. In that the newspapers of the* country will be in agreement with Friday, said he 'Tailed to recognize anv of the lynchers." The raise is considered closed. OrePk Rice, district ntlorney. said. The negroes, each, about 20 Needs Only Signature o(>" clll " li01 n • i r* i ^ p i employers, would have created an linpiirual lionni of three to arbl- NJ _ ,„ Irale nil dtspiites. Including the 11 u w l controversial Issue of emiiiu>e rc-p- Hi tn collective liarijaln- Prcsident Roosevelt WASHINGTON, June 9. <UP>- Mll:e Tlghe. president of the Amalgamated As.soclatlon ol Iron. Steel nnd Tin Workers, told John- years old and believed to have' Coti"re.i-sional action on the Dli:-' sul1 llc nil<1 fellow unlonLsl.s could come into Mississippi from Mem-. Rayburn commiincltlons control blll : " ot flcl l ""'l niilliorized by ihu' phis, were accused of assaulting a' was completed today with nous: j convention. He said the conveii- whife woman at Sledge, a small i acceptance of the conferpnc" r;- tion uln'ariy had been called. town in Quiiman county. f" on Ihe regulatory measure. He invited Jolnisun lo. nllen-l Garvan. If the American, Man Sentenced for Hayli Theft Paroled riller a conference with membcr.s uf ronjrpss from the alTecled r^- hions. He ncldrtl tliat orxniiiKilions already exist in the department ol iitjricnlitire. the federal eniergtncv iplief and th.' farm credit administration, to carry on the emergency program. thousands who will be required in oner to receive parole was Robert .„. . - ihe cutting nnd transportation of Hicks. New Madrid county, serving These wholly tentutlve esli- pnlpwood. mates," he concluded, "have been ir.iidr on tin- basis ol piv.srnt and pro':abli- condilion.s." Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. June 9 (UP)-The flnrk market gave traders n bit of newsprint manufacturing industry, now dying through lack of raw ; materials, can be revived by use j of almost limitless supplies • of | JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.— Isaac southern pine, it will be a splendid i Williams, sentenced to three years thing. For the newspapers it will i from January 20, 1933 for stealing mean a domestic paper supply,] a rifle from a farm home near The spnate already has approv- nntl outline his arbitration ofler. Jed the action of the conferees of Tlie admliiLstruior said he may, I the two houses and the bill now *>"<• '* s Plans are ind •tlnilc. goes to the White House for the I A majority of the unionists wen president's signature. : described a-s unalterably opposed to which they will welcome, and for the South it will mean a .tremendous industry, affording employ- Hayli. Pemiscot county, was among six convicts granted paroles from the Missouri state penitentiary mem for thousands of highly paid j yesterday by Governor Park, •killed workers, and for other Another Southeast Missouri pris- wo years from November 1. 1931, But newspapers, particularly in | !or receiving stolen property. New York Cotton the South, are not going to pn dorse any proposal for tariff pro-1 tectton for such an Industry. They i have a selfish Interest, because a tariff on print paper would mean higher costs for them, but more important than that Is their — -.. „, reccrrnillon lhal the country' as a brill at the opening today with.whotp. and parlicularly the'South. NEW YORK, June 0 (UP)-Cot- prices rising fractions I than a point in volume at the rale nf more than 2.0fK>.flOO shares ior a live hour clay. has much more to gain from the (rimming down of present bar_ ncrs to International trade than j from any encouragement which open high low close Jill I20S 1200 1203 1206 Oct 1228 1233 1226 1230 Dec 12-tO 1244 1238 12« .Ian 124S 1248 1544 1247 Mar 1256 1255 1255 1251 May 1264 1267 1203 1266 As finally passed the bill ere- 1 llle mediation plan, chief among files a new federal agency lu lw!"' em tlle so-called rank and llle known as the federal commiinlca- j committee, which 1ms been trying lions commKsion. which will lake lo cn]lsl President Roosevelt's slipover the regulation of telephone. ' )0rl ' telegram and radio communica-1 Pr °po.scd composition of the tton systems now entrusted to the | boara drciv ll ' e union's fire, interstate commctce and radio' II n 'ould consist ol three mem- commissions and the posloffice de- bcrs lrom "oul-side" the industry partmsnt. Tile radio commission rc Pri J Eentins Ilip Inctuslry, the will le abolished. The senate attached a rider to workers, and the public, but wltii- any. Grants Island Republic Qomplete Sovereign t > (or the First Time WASHINGTON, June 9. (UP)— Ratifications of the new Cuban American treaty, which scraps thi Platt amendment and elves Cubi complete independence, were ex chunked today Secretary .. June U UP)— nr. !3ara Ruth Hean, con- Iclcd of DIP, ixilsou whkky hlgli- ull murder o( her erstsvlille Invcr, )r. John Preston Kennedy, was filled 11 new Irlal by Judge H. V. i' p ls (oduy. Her allorneys announced an 1m- leilliite anneal lo the slate snp- "im> ronrt. Tlin Judge recommended an a'p- ^1 lo the supreme court. "I am of the opinion that thh ase slioulil he reviewed by the "promt; court," lie said. "I would nthpr have them review It. "If Ihe supreme court holds the yliif declaration of Dr. Kennedy "competent. Hint Is the end of he lawsuit," he continued. "And f a new trlnl Is granted we shull right back where we started." In handing down his decision Indue nnvis remarked that "ther« s no Injustice or Inconventencetln in npjx?al to the supreme court. Dr. Dean Is out on $10.000 bond ii»l ! will allow her to remain mil." Dr. Denn, pule and wan, took the decision without a change of countenance. veek is Hie jxr.sonal Injury suit brought liy Charlrs. 11. Mallble igiilnsl W. w. Shaver, lornicr ht'i'llf. Maltble srek.s damages roin Shavi'i lor injuries lie. ctivi'd while Ilw Delia Gin owned )y Shaver, was hiirnlng tnr.t inn! lie claims lip atleinptc-d to save certain equipment on the gin prop- cTlp HI the rcqurat ot a gin em- ploye and mis Injured through de- ' ol gin property. Victim of Mini Fight L. E. Hlitillcl; will probably rench trial at llil.s lerni \ilin nis iiyiinuil Vollinrr nnd Bon. drudging Luntracloi.s. iMWd on n Dig uikcj ••niiKl-slinging" contest. Rldtiick claims injury lo an eye. received while an innocent passenger on a Big Lake work boat. Mud-slinging which caused the injury could have l>en averted by order of a Vollmer foreman, he charges. Earl Magers, Dell planter, plaintiff In u number of suits Slowing directly or Indirectly oin of a Highway 18 accident in which he sustained serious injuries. Ma- ccrs Is seeking damages from llic Malhls Bus Line for alleged negligence of a bus driver, resulting In (he nccldcm. He Is suing the,, . , John Hancock Mutual Life Insur- g trusler, lo appear Mon- Slate Cordcll Hull nnd Cuba Ambassador Kfaro.ue?. Sterling. The ceremonial exchange aiilo malic-ally put Inlo effect the nc tteuly, which .siiperccded the in- strumpnt which for the past 31 years had directed the relation? between the two countries. TUP most Important phase of the new treaty was elimination of the famous Platt amendment, which gave Ihe United Slates ttie authority lo intervene In Cuban affairs atTThy lime the United Stales considered local government to have broken down In (he Island republic. The new treaty has been declared by Iiatin-Ameriran slates- men to hnve elevated Cuba for Ihe first time tn ll.i history lo the lull plane of a sovereign and Independent nation. Calls Tugwell Before Agriculture Committee WASHINGTON', June 9. (UP)— Chairman Ellison D. Smith of the senate agriculture committee today formally invited nexford Guy Tugwell. the administration's lead- Rooievelt May Meet ed company unions. seven may meet n- T • • n 11 i i j • D -f ' Rlver Tnp in Duckboat Jap Leaders in Pacific, F , . , ... . ™ . A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Coper Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank ... Of n. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester Mid-West Ulillllcs Montgomery' Ward give' to partic- .new tariffs might "° , ular Industries. 16 1-8 | oOo aiVo 8 ! T!lc press °' tllls co)ln ' r S', » 10 ?i>nml - llas no{ - Joined In the • ^ 1"2 j political hue and cry over 125 1-2 : debts because It has realized Spolx closed sleadv at 122j. np WASHINGTON. June 9. (UPI- The prospect that President ROO.S Ended by Wet Weather .... ...- „. . A iwo-weeks trip down the Mls- •velt may meet with high Japa-1 slssl PP i rlvi>r '» P 12-foot open rese officials in the mld-Pactflc duckboat ended in short ocder for| 'his summer In an effort I01 J - w - Cade and Carl Oanske. local strengthen goodwill bonds bctw?cul J'oullus. the two nations appeared tortnv. I Ganske and Cade left Barfield. luncheon I on !hc rlvcr Oll5t of nere ' M °nday, 1 but rains early In the week made ance company for failure to carry out terms of disability clauses on life insurance policies. Trial has teen set for the second Wednesday. W. H. stovall, as administrator of Ihe estate of R. E. Moore, ask^ S20.000 In the fatal Injury of iUoore 18 accident. Wil- day before the committee for questioning in connection with his appointment as undersecretary of agriculture. Batesville Publisher Heads Press Association CLARKSVILLE. Ark., June 9 (UPl-O. E. Jones, publisher of llic Dntesvlllc Guard, was elected president of the Arkansas State Press association Bt the cloitng wsston today. Dcno Id. Murray, publisher-of, the Jonesboro • Tribune,- wu* elected Ihlrd vlce-pr<fMdent,"nfiaking: h}m eligible for thi presidency in l»37,, Jonesboro was selecttd aa • thi 1035 convention city. The press association this mor- nlns adopted a resolution asking ^ Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas to urge delay In action on the WnBner 'labor bill. iThe morning session was featured by much discussion of this controversial measure. The resolution >asscd by a large majority. Pat O'Bryant Acquires Aldridge Jewelry Store The. stock nnd fixtures of the Alcirldge Jewelry Co., have been, purchased by Pot O'Bryont, who. will continue to operate a Jewelry business In the same building at 307 West Main street. The new owner is well known here. He has been connected with the business since it was established eight years ago, and his experience as n jeweler has been over" a period of 20 years. He came here irom Greenwood, Miss., to take charge of the watch repairing department, which he will continue lo operalc. In addition to the stock already In the store, Mr. O'Bryant plans to handle a complete line of popular priced gift goods and Jewelry, some of which will arrive in a short time. The store will also handle Gruen, Bulova, Elgin, and Hainlllon watches in a variety of sizes and styles. Action Postponed in Case Against Moss ..... I-, fl. Nfoss, local undertaker, ac- of Manila is de- cased of violating .state "blue sky' laws uy opcrallng a uurtal assocla- j J. W. Johnson Is suing the Trln- tlon without complying with re- Ityfnrms Const met Ion company as n'Hrcments of the securities div-! fcmlanl N Y Central , . . 31 Pnctnrd ...... .......... 4 " 37 1-2 21 33 5-8 33 5-8 — 3-16 28 5-8 the debls, tn large part are uncollectible, and that wl cnnstitnto an Important barrier to;yesterday such resumption of trade with the debtor nations as would benefit j»| this country and the whole world, oct true pany result of iin injury sustained while working for the company, repairing a dragline machine. Smart Offered Post at Harvard University Robert Smart, son of J. H. Smart, who Is now assistant professor In biology at the University of Richmond, Va., has been offered a position as associate profes- islou of the state banking depart-(for In the biology department at jMany Visit Farm Of "Man Phillips Pet ..."...... 195-8 irorlc y'" Rs Mr. Coolldge once put .Ian Simmons Beds ........... St. 1..-S. F. .............. Sl«ndard of N. J ........ Tesas Co ................ U. S. Sw-cl ............. open high low clow 1202 1210 1202 1201 1227 1231 1224 1226 12<0 12*1 1238 1239 1246 1246 1243 1243 1254 for American Mav 1261 — 1264 pay us back I Spols closed steady at 1222, np 7. Cliicaffo Corn Jul Sop open 58 high 56 3-4 50 low 54 3-4 M 3-4 !,", It. but It is also true that they Mar mi .. ;:"' spent most of " " '—'—- "— — 3 is ?<XHiSl Thc > r m 46 '"".in their goods, if we'were willing; 25 5-8 lo t "' copt lnerr - As long as we arc 42 5-8 not vvc niighl ns well forget about i ! trying to collect, remembering only I lhal finaACing somebody else's war is risky business. When we went 'L l>] into tlie world war stock quota- ^E lions jumped because our action Chicnnn Wheat If arranged, would go far toward; removing grounds of misiuider-j . , -. .. standing between the United stairs j Arkansas Man named and Japan. , T i i n i I to Tax Appeals Board Indiana Governor Won't Bargain With Dillinger WASHINGTON, Jims 9. (UP)- Presldent Roosevelt sent lo the senate todsy for confirmation the appointmeiH to the board of tax line 9. (UPi— A proposal to have John Dllllnger close 54 3-4 56 3 open high M .1-4 101 1-4 101 1-2 102 1-2 99 1-8 99 3-8 &~% ^ P " an i ™S£! j° w c '° se surrender in exchange for -1 98 1-2 "sauare deal" was disapproved to-! to succeed W, S. Lan.sdon. whose term expires. • J Tne governor sald th pro ,xxs a i , Insurance against loss on money to pay debts then due and had not been suggested to him "u « CCOUnto W " h ° Ur fll " cs ' others lo »* incurred, and is still but added, "TOere wl be no d k- u - s - eoveniment put up the holdlnR the sack. erlng with, criminals." Tlow much would you give to keep jour biby from bdnj hun- the Hoe" OREGON CITY, Ore. (UP)—, Eeeker.s of literary shrines fre-j quen:;y visit the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dunagan near here, the of Edwin Markham. author of the "Man with the Hoe." The farm, located on the Abl- qua River, was homesteaded by Samuel and Elizabeth Nfarkham. parents of the poet. Edwin was born there April 23. 1852. Samuel Ma'khnm operated a store in Oregon city for a time. His wife start;d one ol the first nuresrios in Oregon, planting ap ple seeds brought across the plains from Michigan. None of the original buildings on (he Marktam Iwmicstead remain. ment. has been given until Tuesday to show that he has complied or face prosecution. A warrant for Moss' arrest was Issued about 10 days ago. Trial of the criminal case was continued pending an effort on Moss 1 pan to put his association tn a position to comply with the law. Harvard University, Cambridge Mass. Mr. Smart, who with Mrs. Smart, Ihe former Miss Eleanor Ferguson frequently visit here, has been at Richmond University since 1938 He was educated at Mississippi college. Clinton, and Harvard University. He will receive his Doc- lor's degree from Harvard next year having already completed »U requirements except research work. He has not yet decided whethet or not he will accpt the position. WEATHER cloudy, Roseland Infant Is 'Victim of Colitb Earline Milliard Shultz, 11- months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Shultz, died at the family home near Roseland at 9:50 o'clock this morning. Her death was attribute dto colitis. Funeral services will be held to- j fion'TonllhT'and "Sunday" morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Memohls and vlclnitv - Wilkcrson cemetery. The Cobb Un-l ,SClght and'Su ' dertakttig company is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by, be- The maximum temperature here sides her parents, a sister, Mary yesterday WM 89, minimum 70, Martha, and two brothers, Ellts 1 partly cloudy, according to Sunutl 'and Elliott. _.______tL4 p - Nords, officlil ««*th*r ob»ef»et ARKANSAS — Partly showers In

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