The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLITHE VILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Lei's Go, Jo«] PRESCRIPTIONS Kirby Drug Stores Our Boording House with Moj» Hoople ru. *EEP rr AS A& A jmjic* e-MAio ,MA30R/-. THINS VOU BROUGHT j THAT TlK) PAsi ALOW6 SOT "too ALVOAV5 VOERe THE LUCKY klWD THAT COMES UP VWITH A BCOKENJ ARM IfJ \ THE. ROG-BEATIMG I Socceeo,BoT t uwes MUSIC . CHARM HlW VJITWU41S ZITW6R, ME MAV TRACE ME HIS TALKIKJS 6OK\ FOR A FISHING REEL! &^fy%&$!^. •-^ SALVCNINUS FONTINftJJS. WAS MX PASTIME/ 1 N FACT, r vcu ow OVERCOOK THE .2EMIN& LACK Of MODEST/, 1 WAS CO*- SIDEEEO A MA A^LER/ IN YOUC OWN l-AR, MASTED* LARD--WHAT IN HECK ARE WE WAITING FOR' ALWAYS i MISSES frtE BUS "THAT HITS A BORN THIRTy VEAES TOO SOOM By Adelaide Humph Fresh Stwk Guaranteed Best Price* istributed h> NEA SERVICE. INC PRISCII.I.A'S POP BY A I. VER1MEER GRACIOUS' WHAT A MESSY LITTLE GIRL; BETTER LEARM p" 10 BE NEW OR / BUT 1 WON'T NEED A ..WE GOT ONE AT OUR HOUSE ALREADY/ YOU'LL NEVER HAVE A HUSBAND' c.kf. (i».»,I kick I. lkr !.-.«. Ikr >»,, t.klr -H.T» l-Vlr. I, «•!».;•••.. k.l • • »OlhlH( .Tbuul II. A Shady Mission MICHAEL O'AJALLEY and RALPH LANE 'HERE ARE THE TICKETS JO THE ESALL N &AM£,lUCV.ANDHE«f IS THE PACK- A6E I WANT TOO TO REMEMBER, A MAN Will COME K>5lr BESIDE 1OUINWEROX. HE WILL ASK," HAVE VOU THE WVCtAGf FUOM BHCY? V TWA1 WCKAGE WEANS THOUSANDS OF fXXlAR5TOME--BUT WHAT A ! AM TO DRAG MY DAUGHTER INTO THIS/ DON'T SAY ANYTHING. SHOW HIM THE RACK- AGE AND TBADE I! fOC ONE HE Will GIVE VtXJ. BE 5U(?E HOT IO tOSt EITHER What makes you think I was slood up? It might have been my mistake." Was it pride that made her come so fiercely to Harry's defense? "I've a /rightful habit WASH TUBES Sara Steals a March BY LESLIE TURNER MM MftETHR, IT JUSTOCOIEEED IU LOOK R^TER MOST ° F ™ E DEIWLS! ITU.K: U ... S 6EFOK.E \ *P**TV HERE ? TO HftP ) THOUGHTFUL HEe - «*<& FID FACT, WE HAD I LOADS Of- FUM! n»T mi BE UWELY, WSSSAEA BUGS BUNN* TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operators! Use the protection afforded bv the State and demand a licensed operator. Kvperlenced, Reliable. Termites . . . Household Pests. Blytheville's only licensed opera tor. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. 1, Bo* S-W. East Main Si. Phone mz For the Finest Prescription Service Say It ... With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Uleneo* BiyJdini Phone (491 M ^^n We Follow Your Doctor'; Prescription Nichols Drug PHONE «6»l A RMAND'S muslachios quivered. but he clicked his heels and took himself ofl. "There you are!" The young man's grin was triumphant, as he shook hands with himself. "Armand now has me down as the old family restrainer. Or will have, if you tell me quickly, before he attacks us again what I'm to call you, Madome." "I'm Gaynel- Teare." "Funny little name," he commented in such a way that she knew, lor him, it held no further significance. "Fits you, though. Gay tears. I'll wager you are a gay person—if you'd let yourself go. ... So that's where you've been keeping yourself!" He achieved a quick transition, as Armand charged down on them, carrying his tray as though it were a shield and sword. "T-tut! While I was risking my hide, spearing sharks in the wilds of Africa. "That's my good man," beaming condescendingly as Armand made a rite at pouring the drink and "T-tut . . . that will do!" as he spurted soda into the cither glass. "That will do nicely, thank you That will be all." Armand did not agree with him, however. He clicked his heels, bowing from his waist, presented the check. The young man raised pained ''• eyebrows. "Pay-enter service, He gave Armand a whee- ch?" dling grin, but as it brought forth no response, "Ah, well ..." He lug in his pockets, frowning houghtfully; then, his look .irighlening, reached across and plucked the crumpled bill from Gaynel's hand. He placed it on Armand's tray, waved him away with a baronial flourish. "Take it away. Keep it. It's all yours, my good man." Hals, really _ forth a worn, thin wallet—BaTry's was always bulky wilh bills—took out a bunch of cards rather the worse for we;ir. "~ spread them, out 'This one's my driver's li FOR SALE Concrete caJvert*. M Inch (• 41 inch, plain ar reenfareed Ala* Concrete Building Bkx-lu flKxf- tr th»D lumber lot (ana ehkkn haaso pump hi»se*. lenaM honsrs tool shed* W> delrrer Cill as for free ntlmit* Phone Ul OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. composed her fact int* severe expression. "Poor Armand," she said. "He's really a very efficient waiter. Don't you think you rubbed it in a bil thick?" "Armand's thickness must excel the rhino's," the young man returned. "What about my sensitive nature? Practically being evicted on my ear. Hut," he leaned on elbows to give her the benefit of his full regard, "you have me wrong. Waiters are my boon buddies. Did anyone ever you," he added abruptly, no nose for lell ^ _ "what big eyes you have? But of course they have." He shook his head. "I see I must find another method of approach." She said, "Must there be an ap- p ™ cl ; ! " , i «>« advcrtisrngbr'anch.'aslhts will Not unless you insist. Myself, prove, if you'!] be so kind as. to I always prefer to skip the pre- accept it. And you'll find liminaries." complete tag in the lower • beffinninfK ar» aluravx rh* ! hand (v*n nicest,' proving I'm over the three-cor- a full-fledged sheriff in a cer- am county on a certain day. This my press pass, permitting . . ." • • • QAYNEL held up her hand now in protest. "Armand will be suspicious. He's still got an eye on us. So you're a newspaper man. T-tut!" She shook her head in imitation of him. "I might have known," she said. He made a face. "Meaning that you subscribe to the well-worn legend that all newspaper men are habitual drunks and no-accounts. That they have been endowed with only one ambition — lo do The Great American Epic. That Uiey are perpetual borrowers, lousy fabricators, enemies of widows and orphans ..." "I don't!" Gaynel was slightly indignant. "Though I do think they've been allotted their full share of brass." "I deserved that," he said, taking it with a grin. His glance sharpened, as though he felt her gibe had over-lapped the personal. "But give me a chance ... I'm more often temperate than inebriated; I pay the butcher and the baker; I have news. I wouldn't write a book, if I got paid for it." He fished in his pocket again, handed her another card engraved with the name of large newspaper chain. "I'm in 'Yet beginning* an always the hand comer." eat* You admit a beginning, then!" He thrust out his chest, wagged his head. "Don't get ruffed!" He put up a hand in protest. "You're my left- . even prettier when you color up like that. And to think it's the kind that docsn'l come off! Shades of my Great-aunt Sadie Shackes." "By the way." he said, after he had taken a healthy swallow from his glass, "I can present creden- "Why, I'm in advertising, too!" she told him. "Connected with it, at least" "You are?"Frederick Fitr.roy Freyman," she read. "But that's fantastic! "Phenomenal," he corrected gravely. "But remember I gave you permission to call me Fritz. Anrl now that we're properly introduced, are you in love with th« lug?" Neat habit," Fritz corrected, reaching across to give her hand an approving pat. "Keep it up, since the other guy's loss is my winnings. But as 1 tried to tell you before — before 1 was jo rudely interrupted by the management—I wouldn't waste time on a fellow so unreliable, whoever he may be." • • • CHE said, "1 ihink I've passed ^ the advice-to-the-1 o v e 1 o r n stage, thank you. And I assure you I never waste time on anybody." She would have enjoyed seeing this young man's expression, were she to tell him the man he thought she was wasting time on. Barry Bainbridgc was a name known the world over. The name of one of the mnlor kings in this amazing Motor City. "Thank you!" Frilz placed a hand over his heart, inclined his head. "That compliments yours truly. Are you going to marry him?" u Why, I ... I don't know," She- should have been angry at such preposterousness. But Ihis was. a question she had put olt asking herself. "Well, if you'll listen to me again, you'd better not. He doesn't deserve such a break. You deserve something far" better." "Thank you," Gaynel said sweetly. "Imagine taking such an interest in my welfare." She had waited too long for Barry. The more she thought al it, the more certain she was there had been some misunderstanding. But H was his fault he had not made it more definite. Was Barry getting to the point, lately, where h« took her a bit too much for granted? That was one of the questions sh.e had been wanting to take time out to put to herself. If so this would be as good a way *s any to even that score. Maybe to decide some others. . . . <T« Be Continued) Day or Night Call 981 BlytherilU RED TOP CAB CO. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chkkasawbo SWIFTS PREMIU .' BRONOEO BEEF VV« Specialize in Fancy Mean and Groceries We Oliver Phone 2043 of Pxrkirtt Spur* Phenomenal waves ton to 15 feet , Bh;c, black, and «rm. arc the *"• "Deling as much, as 45 milts ! Hire colors used in printing a U. s. .n hour, are formed by the spring sl Di " tidal "bore" in the mouth of the Amazon river, says the Encyclopedia Americana. In our everyday conversation, we use words from about 20 different laiigu»gc.i. In England It's th« Chemist Shop In Franca lt'» tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE «-r\wv» J IVSKC For Expert Prescription Service J)n>p in Any Time HOPE I M*KE A SALE H6RE...THIMSS AIN'T 9SEN SO HOT TDK/I HOW ABOUT BUYIN' ) COME IN/ BY V. T. MAM LIN IT"5ATEN«£ MOMENT /i'/ "' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDCAR MARTIN ..,M(j w r.-,., R OUvKlVi \OOl t v .?>-.

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